SANBORN (Sanburn)

Sarah Emily, d.Ira and Sarah Ann, Sept.24,1836.

Sarah Ann., w.Ira, July22,1838. [a.25y.8m.GR2]

Mary, w.Benjamin R., Jan.30,1839. [a.39y.PR1]

A., bur. Mar.21,1842.PR1

SANBURN (Sanborn)

Horatio Jonas, s.Benjamin R. and Mary, Jan.15,1826.

SANDERSON (Saunderson)

David Orlando, s.John C. and Sarah, Feb.4,1839.


Elizabeth, bur. Aug.5,1840, a.62y.PR1


Charles E.,末蔓末,1841.GR9

Emeline A.,末蔓末,1844.GR9

SARGANT (Sargent)

末末, ch.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.10,1790.

Holmes, s.Samuel and Anna, Nov.27,1801, a.19y.GR7

SARGENT (Sargant)

Elizabeth, consumption, Mar.29,1798, a.33y.CR5

John Jenks, s.Nathan, May1,1798, a.4y.CR5

Nathaniel, Sept.23,1798. [a.38y.CR5]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Aug.11,1805.

Lydia B., w.Joseph [d.Nehemiah Breed.PR53], Jan.2,1824. [a.27y.GR1]

Daniel Collins, s.John J. and Eliza L.,. May20,1824.

Sally Hawkes, d.Benjamin, Aug.28,1825, a.abt. 11y.PR53

Joseph, Dec.6,1825. [a.28y.PR53]

Samuel, consumption, Apr.9,1826, a.77y.CR5

John Luther, s.Samuel, jr., Dec.6,1826.

末末, ch.Benjamin, quinsy, Dec.7,1826, a.2y.CR5

Samuel, Nov.9,1830. [a.53y.GR1]

William Jenks, s.John J. and Eliza L., June30,1832.

末末, w.Benjamin, bur. May23,1833.PR1

Sarah, wid.Nathaniel, Aug.14,1833.

Ann, wid., Apr.27,1834, a.78y.CR5

末末, Mrs.[wid.PR1], Apr.28,1834. [a.79y.PR1]

末末, s.Leonard, bur. Nov.20,1837, a.3y.6m.PR1

末末, w.Samuel, June7,1839.

末末, ch.Phineas, bur. Aug.4,1842, a.1y.PR1

Susan, d.Benjamin and Ezebell, Oct.12,1842.

Sarah, w.Elias, Nov.27,1842., a.30y.

Jacob N., s.Samuel, jr., at Taunton, Dec.末,1843.

末末, ch.Phineas, bur. Dec.9,1843, a.4w.PR1

Benjamin [quick consumption.PR1], Aug.9,1845, a.58y.

Mary J., consumption, Dec.25,1846, a.28y.

Elizabeth M., d.Benjamin and Elizabeth [Isabella.PR1], consumption [at Lynnfield.PR1], Feb.8,1847, a.24y.4m.

Emily, d.Phineas and Caroline, consumption [at Haverhill.PR1], Jan.28,1848, a.8y.6m.

Moses M., s.Ephraim and Mary Ellen, bowel complaint, Sept.17,1848, a.1y.3m.26d.

William Henry, s.Benjamin and Janett, lung fever, May28,1849, a.5y.

Mary Isabella, d.Benjamin and Janet, remittent fever, Aug.14,1849, a.3y.8m.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Janett, bowel complaint, Sept.29,1849, a.1y.10m.


William Henry, s.William P. [S.PR1], of Detroit, June30,1838. [a.9m.PR1]

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)

末末, w.J., June11,1826.

Susannah, wid., paralysis, Dec.12,1846, a.79y.7m.


Mary Jane, d.John and Hanoriah, lung fever, Aug.30,1849, a.1y.1m.


Henry Eugene, s.Leonard and Dolly Jane, lung fever, Mar.22,1846, a.4m.17d.

Dolly J., w.Leonard, consumption, Feb.11,1848, a.27y.


Martha, fever, Nov.21,1762, in her 73d y.CR2


Mary Jane, w.William, typhus fever, Dec.23,1846, a.35y.


Abraham M., Oct.1,1843. [a.29y.PR1]

SCIDMORE (Skidmore)


末末, w.Joseph, Apr.6,1838.


Charles Hoag, s.Benjamin and Mary, 13:9m:1841.CR1

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary, 4:3m:1842.CR1


Sarah, d.James and Betsey, May14,1828.

末末, Miss, bur. June14,1828, a.25y.PR1

Betsey, d.James and Betsey, July10,1832.

Hannah, d.James and Betsey, Apr.4,1834.

Elizabeth, wid.James, old age, July14,1848, a.78y.


Elizabeth, w.Anthony, Feb.10,1726, a.51y.GR1


末末, wid., abt. 31:3m:1739.PR5

SEGAR (Seger)

William, s.Henry and Hannah, Mar.6,1821.

[Elizabeth, of Newton.GR1], wid., July18,1827. [a.79y.GR1]

Henery, Apr.12,1838.

Richard Linsey, s.Henry, jr. and Mary H., Nov.2,1840. [a.7w.GR2]

Edward B., s.Henry, consumption, Oct.24,1845, a.25y.

Rebecca E., d.John H. and Mary H., fits, Sept.2,1848, a.9m.9d.

SEGER (Segar)

John L., s.John and Sally, Apr.14,1821, a.1y.6m.9d.PR89

Henry, Apr.12,1838, a.55y.PR89

Hannah, fit, Sept.30,1847, a.70y.


Joseph, s.John and Elizabeth, Dec.12,1692.


William F., b. Boston, s.William, scarlet fever, at Boston, Nov.25,1849, a.5m.

SHARMAN (Sherman)

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Docus, Feb.9,1728-9.


末末, ch.John, of Saugus, bur. Sept.22,1827.PR1

Jonathan, "whose remains are deposited in Danvers," Nov.3,1829, a.42y.GR9

Abigail, w.James [d.Daniel and Abigail Haddock.GR9]. Sept.7,1835. [a.30y.GR9]

末末, ch.Joseph, bur. Aug.30,1842, a.31m.PR1

Benjamin W., Dec.1,1843, a.19y.

Warren, Dec.1,1843, a.19y.GR9

George, s.John, at Puebla, Mexico, Nov.10,1847.

末末, F., June19,1848.

SHEARMAN (Sherman)

Susanna, w.Nathaniell, consumption, Oct.3,1768, in her 33d y.CR2


Thomas, laborer, b. Ireland Asiatic cholera, Aug.13,1849, a.40y.

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Amos, consumption, Sept.2,1758, in his 31st y.CR2

Amos, s.the late Amos, "of a sudden great Cold," Dec.9,1765, a.7y.CR2

SHELDON (Shelden)

Nancy P., w.Edwin, consumption, Apr.9,1847, a.34y.


Margaret, d.Rev. Jeremiah and Mary,末蔓末,1688.GR1

Mehetabel, d.Rev. Jeremiah and Mary,末蔓末,1688.GR1

Francis, s.Rev. Jeremiah and Mary,末蔓末,1692.GR1

Jeremiah, s.Rev. Jeremiah and Mary,末蔓末,1700, a.23y.GR1

Thomas, s.Rev. Jeremiah and Mary,末蔓末,1709, a.29y.GR1

Mary, Mrs.[w.Rev. Jeremiah.PR2], Mar.28,1710. [a.53y.GR1]

Jerimiah, Rev., June3,1720. [a.72y.GR1]

Susan, wid.Isaac [of Portsmouth, NH.PR1], dropsy, Oct.11,1847, a.77y.

SHERMAN (Sharman, Shearman)

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Sarah, Nov.26,1697.

末末, ch.Mr., bur. Nov.8,1843, a.21m.PR1


Love, w.Miles, "Killed by Lightning, in an Instant. " July10,1803.

Miles, "Killed by Lightning, in an Instant. " July10,1803. [a.29y.CR5]

Mary Ada, d.John L. and Sarah B., dysentery, Aug.16,1848, a.1y.10m.

Albert L., s.Joseph G., lung fever, Mar.22,1849, a.3m.


末末, and Mary, June6,1828.

Rebecca Todd, d.Barnes and Mary, scarlet fever, May27,1844, a.3y.


末末, ch.Mark, bur. Oct.12,1839, a.6m.PR1


Thomas, s.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Aug.18,1791.

Sarah, w.Richard, jr., June18,1792.

Polley, d.Richard, jr. and Sarah, Aug.15,1792.


Elizabeth, bur. Apr.7,1759.PR6


Mary, b. in England d.Isaac and Elizabeth, smallpox, Mar.4,1849, a.5m.


Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Eliza, at Mobile, Jan.24,1839.

末末, Mrs., bur. June18,1843, a.50y.PR1

SILLSBE (Silsbee)

Sarrah, 18:10m:1726.PR5

Epheram, 19:9m:1728.PR5

Sampson, s.Henry, at Boston, 7:8m:1739.PR5

末末, w.Daniel, 13:12m:1749-50.PR5

Henry, Nov.18,1761.PR5

Abner, s.Daniel, Oct.14,1766.PR5

Abigail, Dec.28,1767.PR5

SILSBE (Silsbee)

末末, d.Henry, bur. 11:7m:1740, a.abt. 6y.PR5

Abigail, d.Henry and Hannah, 5:7m:1812.CR1

Henry, s.Henry, jr. and Mary.26:8m:1842.CR1

SILSBEE (Sillsbe, Silsbe, Silsbey, Silsby)

Hannah, w.Henry, Nov.5,1781.

Samuel, 27:7m:1798.CR1

Henry, sr., Aug.末,1803.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Sarah, 末:1m:1806.CR1

Sarah, w.Samuel, 9:12m:1809.CR1

Lydia, w.Daniel, 26:11m:1812.CR1

Henry, Aug.5,1821.

[Lydia.CR1], 2d, w.Daniel, Nov.5,1822.

[Sally.CR1], 3d, w.Daniel, Sept.14,1831. [a.43y.8m.27d.PR180]

Nehemiah, May3,1832.

Sarah, w.Henry, Feb.6,1835.

Lydia Maria, d.Daniel and 2d w., Mar.22,1835. [a.18y.PR1]

Hannah F., d.Daniel and Lydia, 2d w., 24:5m:1836.CR1

Daniel, Jan.24,1840.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Sarah, 7:8m:1842.CR1

Henry, b. Leominster, farmer, consumption, July30,1844, a.69y.

Henry B., fit, Dec.23,1846, a.46y.

James Albert, s.Abner and Abigail S., dropsy, Apr.17,1848, a.8y.

Maria C. [d.Henry, jr. and Miriam, 2d, w.CR1], consumption, Apr.17,1848, a.29y.

Abigail, old age, Dec.30,1848, a.78y.

Alden B., s.Abner, scarlet fever, Mar.22,1849, a.3y.8m.

Sylvester, s.Abner, scarlet fever, Apr.12,1849, a.1y.2m.

SILSBEY (Silsbee)

Samuell, bur. Oct.18,1687.

SILSBY (Silsbee)

Dorrity, w.Henery, Sept.27,1676.

末末, ch.Jonathan, 16:12m:1676.CTR

Bathiah, d.Jonathan and Bathiah, May16,1681.

Samuell, Oct.15,1687.CTR

SIMOND (Symonds)

末末, ch.末末,末蔓末,1844, a.2y.CR5

SIMONDS (Symonds)

末末, Mr., Oct.10,1832.

末末, d.Charles, bur. Oct.6,1838, a.3ス y.PR1

SIMONS (Symonds)

Samuell, July26,1675.


末末, ch.George, at Cambridgeport [removed to and bur. at Lynn in 1845.PR1],末蔓末,1843, a.3y.PR1

Nancy, w.Robert, Feb.18,1843, a.30y.GR1

Mary Ann, eldest ch.George H. and Mary Ann, Mar.1,1844, a.4y.17d.CR9

Mary Eliza, d.Robert and Eliza Ann, diarrhoea., Aug.11,1845, a.3m.16d.

George F[rederick.PR1]., s.George H. and Mary Ann, lung fever, July24,1847, a.1y.4m.16d.


Henry, abt. 6:5m:1729.PR5

SKELTON (Skilton)

末末, ch.William, bur. July22,1838, a.5m.PR1

William, cordwainer, b. Charlestown, Asiatic cholera, Aug.13,1849, a."supposed to be" 46y.


Martha, Mar.21,1843, a.59y.

Henry, s.Henry and Abigail W., Jan.14,1844.


末末,, bur. Jan.19,1843.PR1

Mary, w.Henry, inflammation, Mar.13,1848, a.38y.

Herbert Ramsdell, s.Henry and Mary, fits, at Salem, Apr.10,1849, a.1y.2m.

SKILTON (Skelton)

Sarah D., d.William and Sally, Oct.5,1825.

Hannah Wirt, d.William and Sally, Oct.8,1832.

Betsey Newhall, d.William and Sally, Sept.15,1835, [bur. Sept.12, a.9m.PR1]


William, "cancer in his head," 28:12m:1745-6.PR5

Joseph, bur. Dec.2,1758.PR6

Priscilla, bur. Feb.24,1760.PR6

William, [consumption.CR5], Dec.24,1800. [a.44y.CR5]

Peggy, wid.William, Feb.27,1806.

Samuel, at the poorhouse, Jan.23,1807.

Susanna, at the poorhouse, July6,1807.

Benjamin, s.William, "in the Army," July22,1809.

Edwin, s.Jacob and Clarisse, Sept.7,1819.

Lois, Aug.5,1822PR53 [a.abt. 70y.CR5]

George Edwin, s.Jacob and Clarisse, Apr.14,1823.

Eurana, d.Jacob and Clarisse, Oct.11,1825.

末末,, bur. Jan.22,1828.PR1

末末,, bur. Nov.3,1828.PR1

Charles, s.John and Tameson, Mar.11,1830. [a.3m.GR1]

Eurana Ann, d.Jacob and Clarisse, Jan.31,1832. [a.4y.3m.GR1]

末末, ch.John, jr., bur. Aug.27,1837, a.3m.PR1

Susan Jane, d.John and Tameson, Sept.4,1838. [a.3y.10m.GR1]

Oliver Lyman, s.John and Tameson, Sept.10,1838, a.16d.GR1

John, Oct.5,1839. [a.47y.7m.9d.GR1]

Clarissa, w.Jacob, Dec.7,1840. [a.44y.PR1]

末末,, bur. Apr.20,1842.PR1

George Edwin, s.Elisha C. and Eleanor, Sept.3,1842. [a.1y.PR1]

末末, s.Jonathan G., bur. Mar.6,1844, a.2y.12d.PR1

末末, ch.stillborn, Benjamin, May末,1845.PR1

Eleanor, w.Elisha, consumption, June16,1845, a.28y.

Sarah A., d.Jacob and Clarissa, consumption [at Middleboro.PR1], July17,1845, a.22y.

Abigail, w.William C., jr. [d.the late Joseph and Mary Breed.GR1], consumption, Sept.14,1845, a.40y.

Augustine, s.Joseph B. and Eunice L, quinsy, Dec.11,1845, a.1y.10m.

Clarissa Ellen, d.Jacob and Clarissa, consumption, Apr.8,1846, a.11y.25d.

John, s.Jonathan G. and Sarah, Sept.20,1846, a.4d.

Lydia A[ugusta.PR1], d.Joseph B. and Eunice, inflammation of the lungs, Aug.19,1847, a.4m.7d.

Urania, d.Joseph B. and Eunice L., fits, Oct.20,1847, a.2y.3m.

Abba Angeline, d.William C. and Abigail, croup [at Hamilton.PR1], Sept.29,1849, a.4y.4m.


Catharine Shackford, d.J.F., quinsy, Jan.8,1802, a.3y.6m.CR5

Dustin, bleeding at the lungs, Feb.16,1847, a.27y.6m.

Sherburne L., s.John G., cholera infantum, Aug.27,1849, a.1y.5m.14d.


Sarah, d.William and Hannah, Oct.4,1676.

Sarah, d.William and Hannah, Mar.28,1679.

William, s.Thomas and Mary, June27,1694.

Thomas, Oct.30,1694.

Hanah, Mar.1,1703-4.

Hannah, abt. 21:6m:1732.PR5

James, Capt., abt. 14:2m:1738.PR5

George, "old," bur. 11:10m:1745.PR5

Sarah, d.Amos, whooping cough, Dec.1,1770, a.7w.CR2

Rebakah, d.Abraham and Mary, Apr.28,1773.

Saley, d.Fransis and Lois, May12,1799.

Lydia, d.Fransis and Lois, Feb.2,1807.

Susan, d.Fransis and Lois, Oct.12,1814.

John, s.John and Mary, Feb.15,1818.

Samuel, in Maine, Sept.17,1822, a.3y.3m.GR9

Ellen, d.Stephen, jr. and Theodate, Nov.11,1822.

Lois, wid., Aug.23,1827. [a.75y.PR1]

Sarah, w.Stephen, Dec.3,1829.

Stephen, Dec.12,1832.

末末, Mrs., bur. Oct.29,1833.PR1

Adeline Agusta, d.William R. and Charlotte, Sept.5,1834, a.3y.GR9

Merritt, s.Simeon and Timnah, Sept.19,1838. [a.2w.PR1]

Daniel [s.Stephen and Sarah.CR1], Mar.24,1840.

末末, ch.Lydia, bur. Sept.28,1840, a.5w.PR1

末末, Mrs., bur. Apr.20,1841, a.63y.PR1

Sarah Elizebeth, d.Bartholomew B. and Mary B., Sept.27,1842.

Theodate, w.Stephen, jr., Jan.27,1843.

Hannah Ellen, d.Daniel and Lydia, 10:11m:1843.CR1

Timnah [Tufts.GR1], w.Simeon, Feb.12,1844, a.34y.

James, laborer, May3,1844, a.57y.

末末,, bur. May20,1844.PR1

William F., s.Samuel and Rebecca, cholera infantum, Sept.25,1844, a.8m.

Sarah Timnah, d.Simeon and Timnah, consumption, Dec.6,1844, a.1y.4m.

Henry G., s.John and Lucinda A., fits, Sept.27,1845, a.1y.7m.

Frances Ellen, d.George W. and Ellen Maria, throat distemper, [at Boston.PR1], Apr.22,1846, a.6m.15d.

Elias, Dr. [Thompsonian physician.PR1], June29,1846, a.77y.

Lucy Anna, d.John H. and Lydia Ann, consumption, Aug.25,1846, a.7m.

Lydia, wid.Daniel, cancer, Nov.25,1846, a.57y.

James Edward, s.William H. and Sarah E., canker, Jan.23,1847, a.1y.4m.

末末, ch.Charles H. and Eliza H., heart disease, Apr.1,1847, a.3d.

Elias, Dr., bur. at Providence, RI, d.Apr.13,1847.

Rebecca F., d.Samuel and Rebecca, dysentery, Sept.10,1847, a.5m.

Charles D., s.William H.P. and Sarah E., dysentery, Aug.24,1848, a.2y.1m.17d.

Margarett Ann, d.William and Catharine, cholera infantum, Sept.26,1848, a.24d.

Hannah Ellen, d.Stephen and Ann C., inflammation of the brain, Oct.2,1848, a.4y.11m.

Edward, s.Patrick and Bridget, disease of the bowels, June29,1849, a.1m.7d.

Andrew J., s.Joseph W.P. [and Cynthia B.GR2], scarlet fever, Aug.26,1849, a.3y.

Patrick, s.James and Rose Ann, dysentery, Sept.29,1849, a.2y.


Mary I., b. Marblehead, d.William, scarlet fever, bur. at Marblehead, d.Nov.18,1849, a.1y.2m.


Ann Maria, d.Joseph W. and Hannah B., Sept.26,1832.

Hannah B., w.Joseph W., Dec.3,1839. [a.26y.GR2]

Sarah Josephine, d.Joseph W. and Mary Ann, dysentery, Sept.26,1848, a.9m.

Mary Webster, d.Joseph W. and Mary A., scarlet fever, Jan.5,1849, a.7y.3m.


Mary, wid., bur. Aug.17,1762.PR6


Adoniram Jedson, s.Enoch and Lydia, July14,1829. [a.2y.PR1]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Martha Ann, July6,1838, a.7m.GR1

Lydia Lincoln, d.Enoch and Lydia, Feb.20,1843. [a.14y.PR1]

末末, d.Enoch and Lydia, Apr.15,1843. [a.10y.PR1]

Martha A., w.Samuel, consumption, Dec.11,1846, a.35y.

Jane, w.Samuel, consumption, Aug.8,1848, a.43y.


Daniel, 27:11m:1732-3.PR5

末末, mother of Esther, bur. 4:2m:1739.PR5

末末, wid., Apr.3,1826.

Edward, 23:1m:1836.CR1

Hannah Emeline, d.Joseph A. and Mary, measles, Sept.22,1846, a.2y.6m.


Luther, Jan.31,1814.GR2

Harriett E., d.James M. and Harriet A., inflammation of bowels, Aug.3,1844, a.3m.

Mary E., d.Addison and Ruth B., lung fever, Nov.14,1848, a.1y.3m.


Nathaniel, s.Nathanael and Elizabeth, Dec.11,1728. [in his 4th y.GR6]

SPARHAWK (Sparahawke)

Nathaniel, Rev., May7,1732, in his 38th y.GR6

Elizabeth, wid.Rev. Nathaniel, May12,1768, in her 68th y.GR6


Miranda, d.Samuel V. and Betsey M., May24,1837.

Nathaniel L., s.Samuel V. and Betsey M., Feb.8,1843.

Samuel P., s.Samuel V. and Betsey M., Jan.3,1844.

Morenda, d.Samuel V. and Betsey, cholera infantum, Sept.21,1844, a.4m.

Abraham M., cordwainer, lung fever [bur. at Charlestown. dup.], Feb.1,1847, a.30y.

William H., s.Samuel V., scarlet fever, June13,1849, a.1y.


末末, ch.Mrs., bur. July7,1836, a.5w.PR1

John B., s.Joseph and Sophrona S.,末蔓末,1841.GR9

末末, ch.Joseph, bur. June17,1841, a.4y.PR1

末末,, bur. Dec.23,1844.PR1


末末, and Betsey, Jan.28,1805.

Susan B., w.Francis [d.James Newhall.PR53], July13,1830.

末末, ch.Francis, bur. Oct.5,1830, a.3m.PR1

末末, ch.Thomas, bur. Aug.17,1833.PR1

Adaline William, w.William N., May24,1838.GR9

Sarah, w.Thomas, Nov.16,1842.

Henry W., s.John and Betsey, measles, Aug.23,1844, a.2y.7m.

Ellery Channing, s.William N. and Charlotte M., Sept.30,1848.GR9

Charlotte Olivia, d.William N. and Charlotte M., Oct.18,1848.GR9

Betsey, W. John, consumption, Oct.24,1848, a.50y.

Elizabeth, unm., b. at Taunton, d.John and Betsey, consumption, Feb.20,1849, a.20y.[a.26y.PR1]

Edwin M., S. Charles E. and Rebecca, dropsy of the brain, May26,1849, a.3y.2m.


Mercy, wid., Nov.5,1835.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Susan E., Jan.15,1844, a.1 mGR9

Mary E., d.Benjamin and Susan E., Jan.26,1844. [a.2y.9m.GR9]

Sarah Eliza [Sarah Maria.GR9], d.Benjamin and Sarah [Susan.GR9] E., cholera infantum, Sept.7,1846, a.10m.

Joanna, w.Preserved, desentery, Sept.18,1848, a.61y.10m.

Preserved, consumption, Dec.18,1848, a.71y.

Martha E., s.Benjamin [and Susan E.GR9], scarlet fever, June16,1849, a.1y.10m.

STACEY (Stacy)

Elizabeth Ann, d.David and Mary, cholera infantum, Aug.12,1848, a.1y.2m.

Sarah Maria, w.Thomas, dropsy, Feb.25,1849., a.31y.

Mary B., d.Oliver M., scarlet fever, May20,1849, a.3y.8 mo.

Martha W., d.Oliver M., scarlet fever, May22,1849, a.6y.1m.21d.


Betsey, w.Samuel [fever.CR5], Nov.29,1813. [a.19y.CR5]

STACY (Stacey)

John, s.Henery and Hannah, Nov.5,1682.

Hannah, w.Henery, "last of" June, 1684.

末末, w.Ephraim, 22:2m:1744.PR5

Rebecca, d.George, Oct.31,1817.

Benjamin, Dec.28,1827.

STANDLEY (Stanley, Deborah, July ,)

Thomas [at Marblehead farms.PR53], May13,1823. [a.51y.GR1]

Mary, w.Thomas, Jan.13,1837, a.65y.GR1


Nancy, w.Ebenezer, consumption,末蔓末,1800.CR5

Ebenezer, Apr.24,1806.


Jeremiah, Sept.30,1832.

STANLEY (Standley)

末末,, bur. Mar.29,1836.PR1

末末, ch.Mr., bur. Aug.16,1836, a.2y.PR1

末末, ch.Thomas, bur. July1,1838, a.3m.PR1

末末, ch.Thomas, bur. Oct.13,1839, a.2m.PR1

Arvilla L, w.Benjamin O., accouchement and general debility, Oct.30,1844, a.24y.


末末, w.Henry, bur. 12:9m:1735.PR5


Mary Ann, d.William M. and Mary Ann, Aug.4,1830. [a.1w.PR1]

Mary Ann, d.William M. and Mary Ann, Sept.19,1837. [a.21m.PR1]

STARNS (Stearns)

Sarah, w.Samuel, Aug.6,1724.

Thomas, S. Thomas and Lydia, Aug.26,1746.

Lydia, d.Thomas and Lydia, Aug.30,1746.


William, 6:12m:1665.CTR

STEARNS (Starns)

Tabbitha, w.Samuel, suddenly, Dec.13,1758.CR2

Samuel, suddenly, Dec.20,1759, in his 74th y.CR2

Jane L., d.Samuel, Mar.30,1839.

末末, s.Mrs., bur. Apr.22,1841, a.22y.PR1

Julia A.,末蔓末,1842.CR6

Elmina E., d.Samuel D. and Grace, scarlet fever, Nov.21,1844, a.3y.



末末, ch.Andrew, bur. July30,1838.PR1

末末, ch.Andrew, bur. Aug.1,1839, a.3w.PR1

Lydia, w.Robert, Mar.30,1847.GR9

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Benjamin Walker, s.Benjamin and Clarisa J., Oct.8,1837. [a.11m.6d.GR1]


Sophia M., at sea, Mar.12,1839.GR9

Lucy Ann, d.William and Lucy Ann, canker in the bowels, Aug.28,1848, a.3m.PR1

Prince, Sept.14,1848, a.64y.6m.14d.GR9

STEVENS (Stephens)

Abigail, 31:11m:1739.PR5

Polly, Aug.23,1833.CR6

Joseph Warren, s.William H. and Sarah, canker, Aug.30,1845.

Frances Maria, d.Otis and Maria, dropsy of the brain, Aug.8,1849, a.1y.9m.

Joseph Wallace, s.twin, Benjamin and Clarissa J., Sept.27,1849.PR196


Nathaniel [late of Boston.GR1], Mar.2,1839. [a.51y.GR1]

Maria C., consumption [at Scituate.PR1], June15,1846, a.64y.

STEWART (Stuart)


William P., s.Enoch and Hannah, Mar.20,1797.

William P., s.Enoch and Hannah, Sept.23,1802.

Lydia, d.Enoch and Hannah, Oct.26,1806.

Mary C., d.Enoch and Hannah, Mar.10,1829.

末末,, bur. July9,1838.PR1


George W., laborer, consumption, June3,1847, a.22y.


Sarah, w.William, fever, Nov.7,1794,., a.24y.CR5

末末,, bur. Oct.30,1827.PR1

Mary Eliza, d.Cyrus M. and Susannah S., dysentery, Aug.28,1848, a.9m.21d.


Sarah, d.Ebinezur and Sarah, Dec.17,1679.

Ebinezur, s.Ebinezur and Sarah, Dec.29,1702.

Ebinezur, sr., Nov.2,1704.

Hannah, w.John [d.Crispus Richards.PR5], Mar.25,1740.

末末, w.Thomas, abt. Dec.13,1752.PR5

Thomas, "old" abt. Jan.27,1753.PR5

Samuel, Lt., bur. Feb.9,1755.PR6

Elijah, s.Thomas, bur. Apr.8,1755.PR6

Daniel, s.Thomas, bur. July末,1756.PR6

Sarah, d.Ephraim, bur. Oct.28,1756.PR6

Lydia, d.Ephraim, bur. Feb.7,1757.PR6

Hannah, wid., bur. Dec.18,1760.PR6

John, bur. May18,1762.PR6

末末, ch.Thomas, bur. Sept.19,1763.PR6

Thomas, Sept.19,1770, in his 62d y.GR1

Thomas, bur. Dec.21,1770.PR6

Thomas, s.Thomas and Susanna, Nov.16,1785.PR49

Mehetable, w.Capt. Joseph, June9,1793, in her 38th y.GR1

Joseph, consumption, Mar.8,1795, a.49y.CR5

Samuel, pleurisy fever, Feb.19,1796, a.52y.CR5

Polley, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Oct.18,1796.

Patty, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Dec.19,1796.

Thomas, Apr.20,1798, in his 57th y.PR49

Martha, consumption, May10,1801, a.57y.CR5

Joseph, consumption, Jan.9,1803, a.24y.CR5

Sally Lewis, d.Amos and Rebakah, Feb.14,1806.

Ebenezer, Jan.16,1807.

Mary, wid.Ebenezer, Nov.29,1807.

Amos, Feb.4,1810.

John, Aug.7,1810.

John, s.John, jr. and Betsey, Nov.19,1810.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Feb.16,1812.

Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Dec.22,1813.

Ruth, wid., Jan.2,1814, a.95y.CR5

Augustus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Sept.20,1814.

John, consumption, Sept.2,1815, a.32y.CR5

Erestus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Mar.13,1819.

Sarah, wid Amos, June2,1819.

Harrison Pickering, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Oct.5,1819.

Susanna, w.Thomas, Mar.12,1822.

Henry Franklin, s.Ebenezer and Ann S., Mar.15,1829. [Mar.12,1828.PR71]

末末, wid., bur. May6,1830.PR1 [a.76y.PR53]

Mary Ann, d.Ebenezer and Ann S., Aug.25,1830. [a.2w.PR1]

末末, ch.Ebenezer, jr., bur. Sept.2,1835, a.15m.PR1

Henry Kingman, s.Ebenezer and Ann S., Sept.3,1835.

末末, ch.Ebenezer and Ann S., Feb.19,1838. [a.2m.PR1]

George Blaney, s.Ebenezer and Ann S., Mar.1,1838.PR71

Ebenezer, suicide, Jan.24,1844. [a.56y.PR1]

Caroline Augusta, d.Erastus and Caroline, fits, May18,1845, a.14d.

Caroline M., d.Erastus [consumption.PR1], Apr.21,1847, a.23y.


末末, ch.Silas, Sept.16,1815, a.8w.CR5

末末, ch.Silas, Apr.5,1818, a.11m.CR5


James, s.Caleb and Anna.Mar.27,1806.

Hannah, w.James, Mar.25,1809.

Henry Francis, s.John and Sally, Nov.28,1810.

Benjamin, s.John and Sally, June5,1812.

Henry, s.Caleb and Anna, Sept.22,1817.

Caleb, Jan.29,1818.

末末, w.Asa, consumption, Jan.末,1819.CR5

Lucy, w.Asa L., Jan.21,1819.

Catharine Childs, d.James and Eunice, Dec.19,1821.

Lydia Ann, d.James and Eunice, Oct.3,1824.

Williams, s.Williams and Mary H., Sept.12,1826.

Hannah, w.Nehemiah H., Mar.22,1831. [a.22y.PR53]

James, s.Thomas and Polly, June29,1832.

William, s.James and Eunice, Mar.26,1833. [a.19y.7m.GR1]

Lydia Ann, d.James and Eunice, May22,1833, a.8y.4m.GR1

Anna, wid.Caleb, Aug.25,1833, a.78y.GR9

Lucy Ellen, d.Jonathan and Nancy, June7,1835.

Elizabeth, w.Nehemiah H., July21,1836.

Sally, w.[Capt.GR1] John, Apr.5,1837. [a.54y.GR1]

Mary Ann, w.Edward, July22,1837. [a.21y.PR1]

William Henry, s.William and Elizabeth, at Ashburnham, Feb.4,1838, a.1y.9m.GR2

Margarett, d William and Elizabeth, at Ashburnham, Feb.21,1838, a.3y.11m.GR2

Sarah Maria.d James, jr. and Sarah, May12,1838., a.[12d.PR1]

末末, Mrs., July21,1838.

末末, Mrs., mother, James, bur. at Salem, July31,1838, a.82y.PR1

末末, Mrs., at Nahant, Aug.25,1838.

Jonathan, July30,1839.

Nathaniel King, s.William and Elizabeth, drowned at Marlboro, Nov.30,1839., a.8y.GR2

Abraham, s.James and Eunice, Dec.19,1840. [a.25y.GR1]

Osaphia, d.Jonathan and Nancy, Jan.5,1842.

末末, ch.Abraham and Mary Ann, May19,1842. [a.16m.PR1]

Benjamin, jr., Nov.24,1842, a.24y.

James, Dec.4,1843, a.62y.

James Wilber, s.James and Sarah, croup, Oct.10,1844, a.5y.4m.

Hannah Elizabeth, d.William R. and Elizebeth, at Dedham, Nov.8,1846, a.17y.GR2

末末,, Jan.8,1847.

Oliver Perry, s.Benjamin J. and Mary C., inflammation of the heart, Feb.6,1847, a.1y.2m.

Sarah A., d.Charles S. and Sarah A., canker, Oct.27,1848, a.2m.

Benjamin, consumption, Nov.21,1848, a.58y.

Benjamin Francis, s.George and Elizabeth, consumption, Feb.23,1849, a.3m.

Sarah A., w.Charles S., canker, Oct.5,1849, a.23y.5m.

Sarah A., d.Charles S., canker, Oct.12,1849, a.1m.19d.

STOREY (Story)

Charles H., s.John and Lois, dropsy on the brain, Sept.27,1847, a.8m.


Catharine G., b. Boston, d.Charles S., consumption, bur. at Mt. Auburn, d.Aug.20,1849, a.1y.9m.

STORY (Storey)

Eliza White, d.Isaac and Sally M., Oct.8,1825.

末末,, bur. June14,1828.PR1

末末, ch.Isaac, bur. Oct.15,1834.PR1

Joshua Foster, s.John and Lois B., Mar.10,1842.

Herbert A., s.George and Abigail G., quincy, Sept.22,1846, a.3y.

John, consumption, Nov.1,1846, a.77y.


Jesse C., of Hopkinton, July18,1840.


William, Mar.18,1663.CTR


末末,, bur. Oct.7,1837.PR1

Cornelius, unm., laborer, b. Ireland fits, Sept.7,1849, a.26y.

Bridget, d.Michael and Mary, scarlet fever, Nov.15,1849, a.2y.4m.


末末, ch.Harrison G., bur. Sept.21,1837, a.1y.PR1

Sarah B., d.James S. and Eliza W., scarlet fever, Nov.27,1847, a.9y.


David H., s.Asa and Nancy, scarlet fever, Feb.23,1846, a.6y.4m.

Catherine M., d.Edward C. and Fanny B., consumption, Oct.7,1847, a.3m.15d.

Martin H., consumption, Sept.10,1848, a.28y.

Clarra H., d.Thomas L. and Sarah M., dysentery, Sept.16,1848, a.8m.19d.

SWEET (Swett)

末末, "the miller," bur. 16:10m:1749.PR5

末末, s.B.H., dropsy in the head,末蔓末,1844, a.12y.CR5

SWEETSER (Sweetzer, Switzer)

Salley, d.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.11,1791.

Mary, w.Ephraim, Oct.6,1802, a.20y.GR1

Thomas, s.Asa and Anna, July19,1804.

Thomas, s.Asa and Anna, Sept.16,1805.

Anna, d.Asa and Anna, July29,1807.

William, Mar.19,1811, a.87y.GR7

William Harrison, s.Ephraim and Mary, May23,1818, a.8m.GR1

Ivory Tufts, s.Joseph, jr. and Eliza, Sept.30,1820.

Ephraim, Feb.26,1830. [a.53y.GR1]

Lydia Ann, d.Ephraim [and Mary.GR1], Apr.2,1834. [a.14y.GR1]

William, s.John, Apr.29,1834. [a.2ス y.PR1]

Lydia Ann, d.Ephraim and Nancy, Sept.15,1836. [a.8m.19d.GR1]

Nancy S., w.Benjamin, Dec.1,1836. [a.23y.PR1]

Mary, d.Ephraim [and Mary.GR1], Jan.25,1837. [a.29y.GR1]

末末,, bur. Aug.20,1844.PR1

Peace B., w.David S., consumption, June25,1847, a.36y.

Abby W., w.Benjamin, confinement, Aug.17,1848, a.36y.

Abby Frances, d.Benjamin and Abby W., Aug.21,1848, a.7d.

Sarah, wid.Joseph, Asiatic cholera, Aug.15,1849, a.83y.

Francis E., s.Edwin and Clementine, dysentery, Aug.29,1849, a.11m.14d.

SWEETZER (Sweetser)


SWETT (Sweet)

Mary E., d.Benjamin H. and Mehitable, typhus fever, Jan.3,1847, a.20y.7m.

William A., s.Benjamin H. and Mehitable, scarlet fever, Feb.9,1849, a.5y.

Daniel M., unm., cordwainer, b. Concord, NH, s.Benjamin H., typhoid fever, Oct.27,1849, a.24y.10m.

SWITZER (Sweetser)

末末, ch.John, bur. Aug.25,1842, a 6m.PR1

Alfred, s.John and Eliza, Dec.15,1844, a.4d.

SYMONDS (Simond, Simonds, Simons)

末末, Mr., Sept.14,1824.

Mary Jane, d.Charles and Ann P., Nov.2,1838.

[Elizabeth.PR1], Mrs., July26,1843.

William J., s.Daniel and Mary B., consumption, Oct.29,1844, a.1y.9m.13d.

Sarah Jane, d.Sarah Ann, dysentery, Sept.1,1845, a.5m.

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