Samuel W., dysentery, Sept.16,1848, a.27y.

PAGE (Paige)

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, July22,1830. [a.1y.PR1]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, Aug.7,1832. [a.17m.PR53]

Samuel P., Apr.13,1838. [a.37y.PR1]

Susan Maria, d.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, May末,1838. [bur. May22, a.20m.PR1]

William B., only, s.Capt. Willam and Lucy B., Mar.7,1843.GR2

William, typhus fever, Sept.9,1844, a.47y.

PAIGE (Page)

Green, s.Green and Patience G., 15:7m:1832.CR1

Hannah Maria, d.Green and Patience G., 25:12m:1835.CR1

Charles G., d.Green and Patience G., 7:5m:1842.CR1

PAINE (Payne)

Dorcas G., w.William, consumption, Feb.18,1848, a.38y.

Frances Ellen Adaline, d.William, typhus fever, Jan.11,1849, a.8y.4m.

PALFRAY (Palfrey)

Mary, consumption, May15,1847, a.57y.

PALFREY (Palfray)

Mary E., d.Warwick and Maria C., July16,1844, a.3y.5m.

Caroline, unm., b. Salem, d.George, consumption, bur. at Salem, d.Mar.15,1849, a.23y.


Jeremiah, Apr.8,1825.

Eliza Jackson, d.Stephen and Frances D., Dec.25,1837, a.3y.9m.GR1

Charles Otis, s.James P. and Mercy M.,末蔓末,1838.

末末, ch.George, bur. Mar.7,1840.PR1

Frances Ann, d.Stephen and Frances D., June20,1842, a.7y.8m.GR1

Emeline, d.George L., June3,1843. [a.11y.PR1]

Frances, d.Stephen and Sally, June22,1843. [a.7y.9m.PR1]

Susan Harriett, d.George L. and Mary, inflammation of the bowels, Dec.26,1844, a.1y.6m.

George R., cordwainer, inflammation of the stomach, Mar.26,1847, a.32y.

PAPOON (Pappoon)

Eunice, consumption, Apr.29,1798, a.30y.CR5

Louis, consumption, Aug.14,1801, a.32y.CR5

PAPPOON (Papoon)

Joseph, s.Richard and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1740.

Joseph, s.Richard and Elizabeth, May6,1744. [?]

Mary, d.Richard and Elizabeth, May6,1744.

Richard, abt. 5:4m:1751.PR5 [a.44y.GR1]

[Elizabeth, w.Richard.GR1], Aug.3,1754.PR5 [a.46y.4m.GR1]


Nicholas, s.Samuell and Martha, July23,1714.

Ephraim, s.Samuell and Martha, July31,1714.

Martha, w.Samuel, Dec.2,1727.

Elisabeth, wid., "after some lingring Indisposition," Oct.28,1768, in her 75th y.CR2

Elisha, July24,1817.

William Hersey, s.Ezekiel H. [and Sarah.GR1], June17,1833. [a.6y.8m.GR1]

Ann Maria, d.Ezekiel H. [and Sarah.GR1], Jan.24,1836. [June24, a.5y.6m.GR1]

Mary Jane, w.David E., Oct.10,1843.

Ebenezer C., s.Ebenezer G. and Abigail C., consumption, June13,1844, a.3y.

Ezekiel H., housewright, rheumatism, Aug.2,1844, a.61y.

Sarah D., d.Ezekiel H. [deceased.PR1] and Sarah, consumption, Sept.16,1847, a.19y.

Susan H., d.[" the late. "PR1] Ezekiel H. and Sarah, consumption, Feb.24,1848, a.13y.

Charles F., s.Ebenezer G. and Abigail, dysentery, Aug.18,1848, a.1y.10m.

Eliza Jane, d.William F. and Eliza, scarletina, June21,1849, a.4y.8m.

Margaret, b. Ireland [w.Michael.PR1; "a native of Fermoy, Co. Cork. "GR1], childbed, Sept.29,1849, a.26y.


Charles Edward, s.Augustus R. and Harriet, inflammation of the lungs, Jan.31,1848, a.10m.


Hewson, Nov.28,1836.

PARROT (Parrott)

Daniel, Aug.5,1810.

Lois, w.Elezer, Mar.7,1841. [a.68y.PR1]

PARROTT (Parrot)

Archelus, s.Joseph, July2,1800.

Sukey, d.Joseph, Oct.23,1801.

Harrison Brown, s.James, jr. and Rachel, Sept.18,1811.

Benjamin, "by a fall from his Cart, Died Instantly," Sept.30,1811.

James, Jan.31,1816.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Nov.12,1821.

末末,, June2,1822. [a.2w.CR5]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Jan.28,1823.

Theodore Augustus, s.Daniel and Harriett, Dec.18,1825.GR9

[Rebeca.PR53], w.Daniel, May28,1828. [a.86y.PR53]

Elizabeth, wid.Benjamin, Dec.7,1828.

Hepzibah, w.Benjamin, Dec.7,1828, a.71y.GR2

Blaney, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, May30,1830. [a.26y.GR2]

Harriet, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Sept.4,1830.

Nathaniel, jr. [at the Navy Yard, Charlestown.PR53], Mar.3,1832. [a.37y.PR197]

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Apr.26,1832.

John, Aug.13,1832.

Benjamin, Aug.22,1832, a.63y.GR2

Micajah Theodore, s.Daniel and Harriett, June20,1835.GR9

Theodore, s.Daniel and Harriett, Oct.1,1836.GR9

Sarah L, d.Isaiah H. and Harriet, Sept.28,1837.

Harriett, w.Isaiah H., Nov.12,1837. [a.28y.GR2]

末末,, bur. Feb.4,1838.PR1

Nancy, w.Otis, Aug.8,1838.

Elizabeth J., w.Isaiah H., May10,1840. [a.25y.GR1]

Catharine Augusta, d.Joseph, jr., Sept.15,1841.

Hannah, w.Nathaniel, June14,1842, a.68y.

Adaline A., d.Samuell, Oct.6,1843. [a.22y.GR9]

Elizabeth B., d.Archelaus and Huldah, canker, Sept.30,1845, a.3m.16d.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Oliver, scarletfever, Feb.4,1846, a.8y.

Rufus, dropsy, Mar.17,1846, a.74y.

Charles T., s.Isaiah H. and Martha Ann, canker, Aug.19,1846, a.4m.9d.

Nathaniel W., s.Loring and Mary, bilious fever, Sept.22,1847, a.19y.

George, s.Francis and Lucy Ann, disease of the lungs, May1,1848, a.7d.

William, dysentery, Aug.21,1848, a.61y.

William, consumption, Aug.27,1848, a.44y.

Deborah, wid., dysentery, Sept.23,1848, a.60y.

Nathaniel, dysentery, Sept.26,1848, a.66y.

Samuel, consumption, Oct.9,1848, a.67y.

Harriett, w.Daniel, consumption, Nov.23,1848, a.45y.

Hepzibath, wid.Benjamin, Mar.2,1849, a.82y.

Joseph M., unm., cordwainer, s.Joseph, jr., inflammation of the throat, Mar.6,1849, a.17y.


Sally Coffin, d.Obadiah and Sally, Aug.14,1777, a.9w.GR1

William, s.Obadiah and Sally, Mar.16,1778, a.3w.GR1

Sally Coffin, s.Obadiah and Sally, Aug.2,1793, a.13y.GR1

Harriot, d.Obadiah and Sally, Aug.3,1793, a.8y.GR1

Obadiah, fits, May9,1811, a.29y.CR5

Sarah, wid.Rev. Obadiah, at Gloucester, Mar.6,1819.

末末, ch.Roswell, bur. Sept.23,1835.PR1

Sarah Eliza, d.Ebenezer and Sarah H., at Boston, "bur. in a tomb on Boston Common," Aug.24,1839.


Francis, "on passage from London to America," Aug.20,1807, a.45y.GR2

末末, d.Mrs., bur. Jan.27,1828, a.20m.PR1

末末,, bur. Sept.7,1836.PR1

[Lydia.PR1], wid.[Francis.GR2], Sept.29,1838. [a.75y.PR1]

Susan, d.Thomas and Susen, Aug.16,1841. [Aug.8. dup.;, a.3y.5m.GR2]

Susan, w.Thomas, dysentery, Sept.2,1848, a.54y.

PATTEN (Pattin)

Samuel Thompson, s.John R. [and Sarah.GR1], Sept.6,1837. [a.22m.GR1]

Mary Blair, d.John B. and Lucy Ann, dropsy in the head, Apr.15,1846, a.9m.4d.

John, fisherman, drowned, Sept.30,1846, a.52y.

Edward S., cordwainer, consumption, Apr.16,1847, a.25y.


David Henry, s.David and Mary, diarrhoea, Sept.5,1849, a.1y.5m.14d.

John Francis, s.David and Mary, dysentery, Sept.19,1849., a.3y.6m.

PATTIN (Patten)

末末, J.R., bur. Oct.23,1837.PR1

末末, J.R., bur. Jan.11,1839.PR1


Jeremiah, s.Amasa and Mary, Oct.4,1830. [a.2y.3m.PR1]

末末, inf.s.Amasa, Sept.27,1833.CR5

末末, w.Amasa, bur. Mar.27,1838, a.43y.PR1

PAYNE (Paine)

Betsey, w.Ezra, July1,1823.

Sarah, w.Ebenezer, bur. July4,1828, a.32y.PR1

Rachel Holmes, d.William, Mar.21,1838.

Harriett Holmes, d.William, Mar.24,1838.

Ambrose G[ale.GR2], Jan.19,1840. [a.34y.GR2]

Susanna, Oct.1,1841.CR4

末末, s.Ebenezer, of Charlestown, bur. Apr.11,1844.PR1


末末, Rev., bur. Oct.14,1839.PR1

Sanford Osgood, s.Osgood, Oct.2,1843. [a.3w.PR1]

William Osgood, s.Osgood and Fanny M., bowel complaint, Oct.14,1845, a.5m.26d.

Ruth Effe, d.William and Ruth E., dysentery, Aug.25,1848, a.1m.12d.

Emma Frances, d.William and Ruth E, dysentery, Aug.31,1848, a.1m.19d.


John, truckman, "drowned near South Bridge, Salem, by falling through the ice while in pursuit of a hat," Jan.29,1830.PR53

PEARLEY (Perley)

Hemy, June9,1833.

PEARSON (Person)

Abigaill, d.Lt. John and Tabatha, Apr.17,1701.

Elizabeth, w.John, jr., Aug.8,1710.

Tabatha, Mrs., July17,1711.

John, jr., Oct.7,1711.

Kendel, s.Kendall and Lidia, Feb.10,1714-15.

Sarah, d.Kendall and Lidia, Mar.24,1716-17.

John, Dea., June21,1728, a.78y.GR6

Elizabeth, w.John [d.James Nourse.PR53], Apr.12,1822. [a.25y.GR2]


Abner D., at sea, 1832.GR9


James, 8:7m:1834.CR1

[Elizabeth, w.James.CR1], May24,1841.

Timothy, 10:8m:1846.CR1


末末, wid., Jan.26,1759.PR5

Marshall Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.29,1833.

Nathaniel Marshall, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb.8,1839.


Abigail, w.John D., May1,1838. [a.50y.GR1]

Horace, s.John D. and Abigail, Sept.8,1843. [a.25y.5m.GR1]

Hannah J., w.John, consumption, Nov.12,1845, a.27y.


Mary Jane, d.William and Lydia, May1,1839, a.2y.3m.GR2

Mary Annis, d.Alexander and Mary J., dropsy, Aug.17,1846, a.1y.10m.

John Forster, s.William and Lydia A., whooping cough, Sept.11,1846, a.11m.


末末,, bur. July3,1837.PR1

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Sarah Ann, w.John B., Mar.9,1845.GR9


John, Jan.12,1711-12.

Anna, Dec.1,1717.

Sarah, w.William, July16,1751.

William, consumption, Dec.27,1759, a.54y.CR2

William, "bred at Harvard College, and commenced Master of Arts in ye year 1761," fever, Oct.9,1765, in his 28th y.GR1

John, Dr., Jan.23,1781, in his 84th y.GR6

Ezra, s.Israel and Hannah, Apr.22,1815.

Edward, Dec.2,1817.

Joseph, s.John H., Jan.27,1825.

末末, s.Israel and Hannah, Oct.25,1825.

Polley, w.Jonathan. Aug.27,1826.

Alfred Warren, s.Israel and Hannah, June6,1827. [a.4ス m.PR1]

John, s.Abraham and Mary, July31,1830.

末末,, bur. Nov.8,1831.PR1

John H., Dec.24,1832.

Israel Augustus, s.Israel and Hannah, drowned, June1,1837. [July1, a.14y.GR1]

Hannah, w.Israel, Dec.8,1838. [a.48y.GR1]

Andrew, cordwainer, lung fever, Mar.14,1846, a.61y.

PERLEY (Pearley)

末末, Mrs., mother, Joseph G., bur. Mar.30,1843, a.73y.PR1


末末, ch.George, bur. Oct.12,1842, a.3y.3m.PR1

George L., painter, typhus fever, Nov.26,1844, a.31y.

George W., s.William, of New Hampshire, brain fever, Oct.29,1845, a.12y.

Rebecca A., b. Marblehead, w.Edward, consumption, July18,1849, a.51y.

PERSON (Pearson)

Jerimiah, s.James and Hepsebah, Sept.2,1708.

Hepsebah, w.James, Jan.28,1723-4.

John, June21,1728.

Ebenezer, abt. 18:2m:1734.PR5


末末, ch.末末, June24,1838.

末末, ch.末末, June26,1838.


末末, Mr., of Boston, bur. May23,1842.PR1

PETTINGELL (Pettingill)

Samuel, s.Samuel and Matilda, scarletina maligna, May6,1849, a.11y.6m.

John Quincy, s.Samuel and Matilda, scarletina maligna, May12,1849, a.2y.

PETTINGILL (Pettingell)

末末, ch.Mr., bur. Oct.13,1836, a.10m.PR1

末末,, bur. Aug.7,1839.PR1


Fanny Hardy, w.Daniel,末蔓末,1815.GR9


Mary Ann, w.Burnham, Aug.28,1840.PR29


David, s.Charles, 16:6m:1656.CTR

John, s.Charles, Nov.末,1661.CTR

John, Sept.29,1694.

末末, ch.twin, Walter:10:10m:1728.PR5

Walter, "Uncle," 2:6m:1733.PR5

末末, two chn. Walter, bur. 25:1m:1737-8.PR5

Richard, s.Walter, bur. 16:12m:1737-8.PR5

Ruth, "Aunt," 8:3m:1738.PR5

Lydia, w.Stephen, Oct.21,1742, in her 22d y.GR1

Walter, Feb.28,1754.PR5

Jonathan, father, James, 8:9m:1757, a.60y.CR1

John, s.John, Sept.27,1764, a.abt. 11y.PR5

Gideon, s.twin, Gideon and Rebecca, Mar.19,1773.

Mary, w.Jonathan, 19:3m:1773, a.73y.CR1

William, s.twin, Gideon and Rebecca, Mar.26,1773.

Eunice, d.Gideon and Rebecca, Mar.5,1780.

末末, inf.s.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.22,1789.

Abigail, w.William, Mar.5,1793.

Nathan, s.Benjamin Hood and Elizabeth, 5:3m:1795.CR1

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Sept.27,1795.

Gideon, 16:10m:1797.CR1

Mary, d.Zacheus and Sarah.June15,1798.

James, sr., Aug.25,1798.


Walter, s.Walter and Content, 末:3m:1800.CR1

Nathan, 2d, 末:8m:1801.CR1

Alice, d.James and Alice, 23:8m:1801.CR1

Amos, s.twin, Zacheus and Sarah, Mar.3,1803.

Henry, s.twin, John and Judith, Mar.1,1805.

Content, w.Walter, 17:8m:1805.CR1

Rebecca, w.Gideon, June28,1806.

William, sr., Feb.2,1808.

Benjamin, sr. [s.Walter and Content.CR1], Oct.14,1809. [a.52y.8m.11d.CR1]

Betsey, w.Jacob, Feb.21,1810.

Walter, s.William and Abigail, 19:8m:1813.CR1

Walter, s.Benjamin and Mary, "on the Labradore Coast" [1815.CR1]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.21,1815. [a.29y.7m.13d.CR1]

Sarah, w.Zacheus, Sept.5,1817. [a.23y.GR1]

Zacheus, s.James and Alice, Oct.11,1817. [a.52y.CR1]

Stephen, s.John and Judith, Nov.7,1817.

William, Apr.14,1818.

Eunice, d.Benjamin Hood and Elizabeth, 9:10m:1818.CR1

Alice, Jan.31,1819.PR66

Mary Ann, w.Gideon, Feb.1,1820.

Elizabeth,., w.Richard, jr., Mar.10,1821.

Harriot Allen, d.Jonathan D., Oct.21,1822.

Rebekah, d.Gideon and Rebekah, 11:2m:1823.CR1

Jonathan [s.Gideon and Rebekah.CR1], Feb.20,1823.

John, Hon., May29,1823.PR53

Mary, w.Benjamin, Sept.25,1823.

Benojah, s.twin, Zacheus and Sarah [at Durham.PR53], July19,1825.

Elizabeth, d.Gideon and Rebekah, 末:5m:1826.CR1

William Wallace, s.twin, Enoch, Oct.21,1826.

George Derwin, s.Gideon and Content Maria, Oct.18,1827.

Joseph Orvis, s.Benaiah and Nabby, Apr.7,1830.

William, s.William and Betsey, May13,1831.

Abraham Dow, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.26,1831.

Caroline Woodbury, d.Jonathan D., Apr.20,1833.

George Everett, s.Jonathan D., May5,1833.

[Nancy F.GR10], w.Jonathan D. [and d.Capt. Henry and Hannah Lee.GR10], May25,1833. [a.36y.7m.GR10]

John [s.Walter and Content.CR1], Nov.19,1835.

末末, ch.末末, lung fever,末蔓末,1837, a.3m.CR5

Benjamin H. [s.Gideon and Rebekah.CR1], Apr.5,1837.

George Hood, s.Gideon and Content Maria, Apr.17,1838.

Eliza M., Jan.20,1840.PR49

William Henry Harrison, s.Jonathan D. and Lucinda, Sept.26,1840.

James, Jan.28,1841.PR15

Daniel, s.Jacob and Rebecca, Aug.30,1841, a.25y.GR2

Mary C.P., Oct.1,1842.PR49

Cornelia, d.John D. and Lucinda C., dropsy of the brain, Dec.6,1844, a.3y.2m.

Rebecca, w.Jacob, consumption, Sept.4,1845, a.54y.

Jonathan [s.James and Alice.CR1], consumption, Sept.11,1845, a.76y.

Nancy Maria, d.Ebenezer B. and Maria, measles, Aug.13,1846, a.1y.7m.

Edward N., s.George and Elizabeth, lung fever, Dec.25,1846, a.2y.10m.

Nancy, June2,1847, a.86y.

Elizabeth [w.Nathan.CR1], dysentery, Aug.27,1848, a.81y.

Edward, s.George and Elizabeth, dysentery, Sept.5,1848, a.9m.

Hannah [w.Jacob.GR4] old age, Jan.19,1849, a.82y.

Mary B., w.Walter, 4th, consumption, June9,1849, a.43y.

Gilman C., b. Marblehead, s.John, scarlet fever, at Marblehead, Aug.8,1849, a.2y.6m.

Elizabeth L., unm., d.John, desentery, at Marblehead, Sept.7,1849, a.18y.


末末, and Harriet, May31,1819.

Harriet, w.James, Apr.14,1821.

Eliza, w.William, May25,1834. [a.25y.PR1]


Abigail, w.William, dropsy, Oct.20,1844, a.38y.

PIERCE (Peirce)

末末, wid., "of a mortification," Nov.20,1766, in her 81st y.CR2

Caroline E., d.John, Mar.13,1838, a.3w.GR1 [bur. Mar.3.PR1]

John H., s.John, Sept.13,1843, a.21m.GR1

Jemima, w.Rev. Thomas C., Dec.19,1843. [a.40y.GR1]

John, sailmaker [at Charlestown.PR1], Sept.22,1845, a.34y.

Charles, B., s.Charles H., lung fever [at Boston.PR1], May24,1846, a.1y.7m.15d.

Irene, consumption, Jan.11,1847, a.46y.

Esther H., d.Rev. Thomas C., consumption, Mar.15,1847, a.37y.

John, Nov.10,1848.GR9


Noah, s.Ivory H. and Prudence, May5,1827.

Joseph, s.Winneford, bowel complaint, Sept.11,1846, a.6y.24m.

Noah, consumption, Mar.28,1847, a.73y.


Mary, Apr.8,1833.

Susan A., d.James N., scarlet fever, Aug.22,1849, a.4y.6m.


Mary, w.Isaac, Aug.30,1842, a.28y.GR1

Mary Adaline, d.Isaac, Sept.24,1842. [a.6w.PR1]

Sarah Emily, d.Thomas J. and Emily, cholera infantum, Aug.6,1847, a.16m.

Daniel Rogers, s.Isaac and Lydia, cholera infantum, Aug.27,1847, a.1y.2m.


John, consumption,末蔓末,1803, a.25y.CR5

Robert, May7,1822.


Joseph Edwards, s.Joseph A. and Maria [influenza.CR5], Jan.31,1832. [a.9m.PR53]

末末, C., Feb.19,1849.


Campbell Ripley, s.Robert and Elizabeth, dysentery, Sept.29,1848, a.2y.6m.


末末, s.Mr., bur. Sept.4,1837, a.7y.PR1


Judith, w.Hiram, Nov.7,1835.

POOL (Poole)

John, Nov.21,1721.

John, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, May1,1798.PR146

Thomas, s.Isaac and Eliza, Dec.5,1809.

Isaac, Feb.12,1814.

Lavinia, d.James and Dorkis, July15,1820.

Dorcas Mansfield, d.James and Dorkis, Apr.27,1828. [a.10d.PR1]

Clarisa, d.James [jr.GR1] and Mary [Downing.GR1], Jan.17,1832. [a.3m.GR1]

Mary, w.James [jr., and d.Elijah Downing.PR53]. Feb.26,1832. [a.5y.GR1]

James, s.James, jr. and Eliza, Aug.5,1836. [a.1y.GR9]

Dorcas, w.James, Mar.28,1843. [a.59y.PR1]

POOLE (Pool)

Timothy, s.John and Mary, Apr.17,1697.

Bethiah, w.Benjamin, of Reading, Nov.9,1720, a.abt. 25y.GR1

Elizabeth, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Jan.7,1728-9.

末末, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, May18,1729.PR146

Timothy, s.Capt. Timothy and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1736, a.3y.2m.4d.GR6

Timothy, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1738.PR146

Timothy, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, Aug.3,1746.PR146

Timothy, Capt., Esq., Dea., Feb.28,1753, a.50y.GR6



Elizabeth, wid.Lemuel, apoplexy [at Foxboro.PR1], June4,1846, a.65y.


Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 22:7m:1745.CR1

Robert, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 11:8m:1747.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 16:2m:1749.CR1

Ebenezer, s.John and Mary, fever, Oct.21,1755, in his 19th y.CR2

John, consumption, June15,1756, in his 43d y.CR2

Lucretia, d.Ebenezer, throat distemper, May31,1759, a.abt. 4y.CR2

Sarah, wid.Benjamin, "sort of fit", July29,1760, a.78y.CR2

Ruth, Jan.30,1764.PR5

Sarah, d.Samuell, Apr.4,1768.PR5

Benjamin, s.John and Hannah, of Boston, 24:8m:1774.CR1

Robert, at Falmouth, Casco Bay, 22:2m:1776.CR1

PORTER (Portor)

Eunice, Feb.23,1836.

Almina, d.Samuel and Eliza Ann, Feb.2,1842.

Eugene Ann, d.Rev. James, Sept.14,1843.

PORTOR (Porter)

James, s., Thomas and Eunice, Oct.25,1805.


Emma Elizabeth, d.Elisha and Emma, dysentery, Sept.27,1848, a.1y.11m.


Ruth, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Feb.26,1688-9.

Sarah, d.Nicolas, father of Robert, Sept.29,1688.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Aug.6,1697.

Mary, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, May26,1700.

Robert,末蔓末,1702, a.41y.GR1

Ruth, Mar.18,1704.

Robert, Mar.21,1709-10.

Martha, w.Robert, July7,1709, a.49y.GR1

Martha, d.Robert and Martha, May17,1710, a.25y.GR1

Anna, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Feb.16,1719-20. [a.4y.4m.GR1]

Robert [consumption.PR5], Jan.20,1732-3. [in his 39th y.GR1]

末末, d.David, bur. 26:12m:1735-6.PR5

Mary, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Dec.8,1738.

Benjamin, Capt., Apr.25,1745, a.65y.GR1

Ephraim, s.Robert and Mercy, Nov.25,1745, a.13y.GR1

Mercy, w.Robert, June6,1750, a.49y.GR1

Mercy, bur. Aug.14,1755.PR6

Mercy, d.Robert and Mercy, Sept.11,1755, a.27y.GR1

Mary, d.Robert and Mercy, Oct.12,1758, a.33y.GR1

John, s.Benjamin, bur. Oct.5,1760.PR6

Joseph, bur. July16,1768.PR6

末末, ch.Benjamin, bur. Dec.31,1768.PR6

Benjamin, bur. Apr.8,1771.PR6

Ruth, wid., bur. Oct.23,1771.PR6

Susanna, consumption, Jan.7,1798, a.28y.CR5

Benjamin Burrill, s.Benjamin and Hanah, Nov.19,1811.

Burrill, consumption, Nov.20,1811, a.53y.CR5

Susannah, Aug.20,1848.PR49


Zebiah, w.Joshua, June17,1723, a.21y.6m.GR1

末末, w.Joshua, abt. 18:6m:1741.PR5

Joshua, 9:10m:1748.PR5

William, sr., Oct.23,1755.PR6

末末, s.Richard and Rebecca, Nov.23,1769.PR6

Tabitha, June23,1770.PR6

Nathanael, s.Richard, bur. Oct.1,1773.PR6

Grover, Jan.14,1790.PR6

Tacy, d.Richard, jr. and Theodate, 23:9m:1797.CR1

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Nov.20,1798.

John G., s.Nathan G. and Polley, Oct.13,1804.

Rebecca, w.Richard, Sept.27,1806.PR6

Ann Maria, d.James and Ruth, Sept.15,1813.

Tacy, d.Richard, jr. and Theodate, 7:5m:1814.CR1

Richard, Apr.25,1816. [a.87y.PR6]

Ann Maria, d.James and Ruth, Sept.23,1817.

Rebekah, w.Richard, Jan.10,1819.

James Franklin, s.James and Ruth, Jan.20,1819.

James Warren, s.James and Ruth, Feb.7,1821.

James Warren, s.James and Ruth, Feb.3,1822.

Lydia, w.John, formerly wife of Jabez Breed, 26:2m:1823.CR1

Betsey Paine, d.Ezra and Betsey, July5,1823.PR200

末末, ch.Micajah C. and Theodate B., May17,1824.

Amos, Oct.15,1826, a.17y.PR53

末末, ch.Micajah C. and Theodate B., Oct.27,1826.

Amos, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.15,1828.

[Theodate.CR1], w.Richard [jr.CR1], Jan.12,1829.

James, Mar.20,1829. [bur. Mar.16, a.69y.PR1]

George Ingraham, inf.s.Nehemiah I., Nov.4,1831. [a.5m.PR1]

Mary, w.Joseph, Apr.19,1832. [a.59y.GR1]

James, Oct.12,1832.

John, 29:6m:1833.CR1

John Irvin, s.John, jr., Sept.17,1833.

Jane Mansfield, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.14,1833. [a.24y.PR1]

Raphael Mansfield, s.Raphael W. and Harriet, May10,1834.

Richard, Mar.22,1836.

Joseph, Mar.14,1838. [a.65y.PR1]

Almira, w.Joseph L., Oct.17,1840. [a.42y.PR1]

Betsey, May14,1841. [a.83y.PR1]

Hannah, Mrs., at the almshouse, June23,1843.

Ellen E. [w.Lewis.PR1], Mar.13,1844.CR4

Henry B., s.Alfred A. and Mary H., scarlet fever, Sept.3,1846, a.3y.

Eliza Stetson, w.Andrew J., Dec.30,1846, a.27y.GR1

Warren, s.Andrew J. and Eliza, throat distemper [at Saugus.PR1], Jan.11,1849, a.8y.

Edward R., consumption, Jan.16,1849, a.25y.

Charles Alexander, s.Andrew J. and Eliza, scarlet fever [at Saugus.PR1], Jan.25,1849, a.9y.


Charles Frederick, s.Abraham, Sept.1,1841, a.20m.GR2

Abraham, typhus fever, Feb.4,1845, a.32y.

Alice Ingalls, d.wid.Sally P., bilious fever, Dec.21,1845, a.3y.8m.


Humphrey M., s.H.P. and S.W., Aug.1,1841, a.2y.7m.21d.GR9


John, s.William and Nancy [of Boston.PR1], consumption, Aug.6,1847, a.4y.

Nancy F., w.William F., consumption, Sept.20,1847, a.38y.


Roger, 20:11m:1665.CTR


James, consumption, Aug.11,1846, a.37y.


Joseph, bur. May16,1774.PR6

Mary Ann., d.John B. and Adaline, dysentery, Sept.1,1848, a.4y.


末末,, bur. Sept.26,1839.PR1

PROCKTER (Proctor)

William, 21:9m:1750.PR5

Jemima, "a young woman," July7,1760.PR5

Elisabeth, bur. Oct.22,1761.PR5

末末, w.William, Oct.4,1767.PR5

PROCTER (Proctor)

Albert, s.Isaac, Nov.19,1843.

PROCTOR (Prockter, Procter)

末末, w.William, bur. Oct.6,1767.PR6

Hannah, Jan.12,1834.

末末,, bur. Nov.4,1836.PR1

Joseph Warren, s.Joseph A. and Lucy Ann, Mar.20,1837. [a.18m.PR1]

末末,, bur. Sept.22,1837.PR1

Benjamin Francis, s.Francis L. and Lucy N., Aug.28,1838. [a 2y.10m.PR1]

末末,, bur. Sept.11,1838.PR1

James, wid., Feb.5,1839.

末末,, bur. July20,1839.PR1

末末,, bur. July27,1841.PR1

James L., Feb.28,1842.GR9

末末, ch.Jonathan, bur. Mar.2,1842, a.3ス y.PR1

末末,, bur. Sept.29,1842.PR1

末末, w.Benjamin, bur. Jan.3,1843.PR1

末末, ch.Benjamin, bur. Jan.3,1843.PR1

Isaac, July17,1843, a.72y.

Mary, d Benjamin and Margarett, Mar.3,1845, a.5d.

Ann, d.John and Hannah, consumption, Mar.16,1848, a.25y.

May, d.Benjamin and Adaline [debility.PR1], Jan.17,1849, a.13d.


Ann Maria, d.Elias T. and Mary S., inflammation of the brain, Aug.15,1846, a.1y.2m.


Rebecca L, w.Jessie S., and d.Edmund and Rebecca Lewis, Oct.1,1842, a.23y.8m.GR2

Olive, d., d.Jesse and Olive, d., fits, Apr.18,1845, a.1m.

Olive, d., d.Jesse I. and Olive S., lung fever, May6,1847, a.11m.


Prissilla Wilson, d.Oliver, Oct.21,1671.

Sarah, w.Oliver, Oct.21,1671.

PURINTON (Purintun)

Theodate, w.John, abt. 16:10m:1738.PR5

James, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, July4,1774.

Peace, d.Jedediah and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1778.

Deliverance, d.James and Ann, 8:5m:1785.CR1

Content, w.Pelatiah, Apr.7,1792.

James, 28:10m:1801.CR1

Ann, w.James, 28:11m:1802.CR1

Abijah, s.Pelatiah and Kezia, 2d w., Aug.24,1803.

Benjamin Alley, s.Enoch and Elizebeth, Apr.2,1809.

Peace, d.Pelatiah and Peace [Content.CR1], Jan.末,1817.

Elizabeth, 3:1m:1817, a.83y.9m.PR212

Jonathan, 9:2m:1818, a.85y.PR212

Huldah, d.James and Ann, 22:10m:1825.CR1

Elizabeth, w.Jedediah, 21:6m:1826.CR1

Kezia, w.Pelatiah, Oct.10,1831. [a.66y.GR10]

Jedediah, May15,1835.

Theodate, d.James and Ann, 21:9m:1836.CR1

Mary Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Huldah, July21,1837. [a.6y.3m.29d.CR1]

Mary, w.David, 10:10m:1839, a.39y.5m.16d.CR1

Betsey, Oct.30,1839.

Miriam, d.James and Ann, 13:3m:1840.CR1

Pelatiah, at Cincinnati, OH, Aug.16,1841.

Mary Ellen, d.David and Mary, typhus fever, Nov.22,1846, a.22y.

Matthew, July17,1848, a.85y.11m.

PURINTUN (Purinton)

末末, d.James and Ann, Mar.25,1762.

James, s.James and Ann, Sept.25,1763.

末末, w.Amos, bur. Apr.18,1765.PR5

Beulah, w.Abijah, 3:9m:1801.CR1


James, s.Dr. Samuell, quinsy, Oct.1,1776, in his 4th y.CR2

Levi, Feb.7,1824.

Francis S., s.Benjamin, w., consumption, Apr.29,1849, a.14y.

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