PAGE (Paige)

Ann, d.William and Deborah, July14,1825.

Nathan Collins, s.Enoch, Aug.25,1827.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, July11,1829.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, Apr.4,1831.

William, s.Moodey, July2,1831.

Nathan Warren, s.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, Nov.26,1833.PR104

Susan Maria, d.Samuel P. and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1836.PR104

Susan Ella, d.Green, butcher, and Patience G., Oct.10,1844.

Lydia A., d.Green, butcher [and Patience G.CR1], Sept.29,1846.

PAIGE (Page)

Green, s.Green and Patience G., 15:7m:1832.CR1

Hannah Maria, d.Green and Patience G., 29:11m:1835.CR1

Charles G., s.Green and Patience G., 3:7m:1837.CR1

Moses F., s.Green and Patience G., 17:4m:1841.CR1

PAINE (Payne)


John, s.John F., labourer, and Theta, Jan.17,1845.

Charles Warwick, s.Warwick, cordwainer, and Maria.C., Apr.10,1845.

Mary Cheever, d.Warwick, cordwainer, b. Salem, and Maria C., Oct.27,1849.


James, s.Jeremiah, Sept.7,1810.

James Henry, s.James P. and Mercy M, Nov.3,1830.

Ellen Otis, d.George L., at Saugus, Jan.10,1831.

Emeline, d.George L., at Charlestown, Feb.9,1833.

George Warren, s.George L., Feb.16,1840.

Harriett Susan, d.George R., cordwainer, Aug.28,1843.

Mary, d.George R., cordwainer, and Mary, Feb.26,1845.

Emeline, d.George L., cordwainer, and Sarah A., July3,1845.

Edward L., s.James, cordwainer, Aug.8,1845.

Anna Howard, d.Stephen, carpenter, and Frances D., Aug.27,1847.

Mary Woodbury, d.Asahel C., carpenter, b. Candia, NH, and Maria, b. Antrim, NH, Aug.28,1849.

Charles Francis, s.George L., cordwainer, b. Salem, and Sarah A., b. Marblehead, Oct.15,1849.

Sarah Trevett, d.Stephen, housewright b. Effingham, NH, and Francis D., b. Salem, Nov.20,1849.


Richard, s.Richard and Elizabeth, Sept.17,1736.

Joseph, s.Richard and Elizabeth, Aug.16,1738.

Mary, d.Richard and Elizabeth, July20,1741.

Joseph, s.Richard and Elizabeth, Apr.19,1745.

Elizabeth, d.Richard and Elizabeth, Apr.3,1748.


Samuell, s.Samuell and Martha, Jan.10,1690.

Martha, d.Samuell and Martha, Dec.29,1693.

Neccolas, s.Samuell and Martha, July16,1697.

Ephram, s.Samuell and Martha, Mar.17,1699-70.

Hepzebah, d.Samuell and Martha, Apr.27,1706.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Martha, Dec.5,1707.

Zerviah, d.Joshua, bp. Sept.11,1763.CR2

Sarah, d.Joshua, bp. Oct.9,1763.CR2

Elizabeth, d.David, Esq., Sept.16,1765.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Sarah, May20,1766.

David, s.David, Esq., Nov.24,1767.

Rhoda, d.Joshua, bp. July7,1768.CR2

William, s.David, Esq., Apr.2,1771.

Mary, d.David, Esq., Aug.19,1773.

Richard Hunewell, s.David, Esq. and Mary, Dec.14,1778.

Ebenezer, s.David, Esq. and Mary, Jan.29,1779.

Sarah, d.David, Esq. and Mary, May31,1781.

Susannah, d.David, Esq. and Mary, May22,1783.

William, Nov.16,1787.PR7

Timothy, Apr.2,1791.PR8

William, s.William and Hannah, Dec.3,1812.

David, s.Elisha and Anna, Nov.23,1813.

William Freeman, s.Elisha and Anna, Oct.10,1815.

Lydia Ann, d.Elisha and Anna, Oct.1,1817.

William Hersey, s.Ezekiel H., Oct.20,1826.

Sarah Davis, d.Ezekiel H., Apr.2,1828.

Ann Maria, d.Ezekiel H., Nov.13,1830.

George Washington., s.Anselm, Oct.11,1831.

Mary Ellen, d.Ezekiel H., June16,1833.

Susan Hersey, d.Ezekiel H., May18,1835キ

William Henry, s.Ezekiel H., May18,1837.

Charles Franklin, s.Charles F. and Mary T., June25,1837.

William Edward, s.William F., Aug.5,1840.

Mary Jane, d.David E. and Mary Jane, Oct.8,1840.

Charles Fredrick, s.David E. and Mary Jane,末蔓末,1842.

John Henry, s.Ebenezer G., cordwainer, and Abigail, Feb.4,1844.

Eliza Jane, d.William F., cordwainer, and Eliza, Nov.2,1844.

Samuel P., s.Jacob, cordwainer, and Sarah E., July11,1846.

Hellen M., d.Michael, laborer, and Margarett F., June1,1847.

Anna Breed, d.William F., cordwainer, and Eliza, May26,1848.

Bridget, d.Michael, laborer. and Margaret, both b. Ireland Sept.1,1848.

Lucy Jane, d.Benjamin F., cordwainer, b. Danvers, and Lucy, July2,1849.

Anna Eunice, d.Ebenezer G., cordwainer, b. Danvers, and Abigail, July12,1849.


Sophronia Jennett, d.Augustus R., cordwainer, b. Exeter, NH, and Harriet, Feb.21,1849.


Charles Hewson, s.Hewson and Emeline, July3,1832.

PARROT (Parrott)

James, s.James and Hannah, Sept.22,1789.

Sarah, d.James and Hannah, Jan.16,1792.

Hannah, d.James and Hannah, Oct.10,1794.

Burrill, s.Rufus, Aug.4,1796.

Mary, d.Elezer and Lois, Jan.12,1797.

Nathaniell, s.James and Hannah, Sept.6,1798.

Forster, s.Rufus, Jan.23,1800.

Eliza, d.Elezer and Lois, Oct.10,1800.

Willard, s.James and Hannah, Apr.4,1801.

George, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Jan.14,1803.

Hannah, d.James and Hannah, Mar.3,1803.

Martha, d.Elezer and Lois, Mar.5,1803.

William, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Aug.16,1804.

Elizabeth, d.James and Hannah, Oct.3,1804.

Susen, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, June7,1806.

Sally, d.Elezer and Lois, Aug.12,1806.

Veranes, s.James and Hannah, Nov.11,1806.

Lorin, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Oct.24,1807キ

Sally, d.Rufus, June28,1808.

Isaiah Hitchings, s.Elezer and Lois, Apr.26,1809.

Benjamin, s.James and Hannah, Sept.2,1809.

Marstin, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, July21,1810.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, June21,1814.

Lucinda, d.Elezer and Lois, Sept.28,1815.

PARROTT (Parrot)

James, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Nov.7,1767.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Apr.28,1770.

Rufus, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Feb.2,1772.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, July10,1778.

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1782.

William, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Sept.26,1787.

Lydia, d.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Oct.15,1791.

Rebecca, d.Joseph, Feb.21,1793.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Dec.22,1793.

Joseph, s.Joseph, Apr.18,1795.

Nathaniel, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Dec.10,1795.

Archelus, s.Joseph, June8,1797.

Elizebeth, d.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Sept.29,1797.

Suckey, d.Joseph, Aug.23,1799.

Rebeckah, d.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Dec.24,1799.

Collins Ingalls, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Apr.末,1802.

Sally, d.Samuell, Apr.4,1802.

Archelus, s.Joseph, July31,1802.

Daniel, s.Samuell, Aug.2,1804.

Blaney, s.Benjamin, Jr. and Hipzebeth, Aug.9,1804.

Mary, d.Benjamin. jr. and Hipzebeth, Sept.29,1806.

Lucy, d.Samuell, Feb.24,1807.

Oliver, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Dec.22,1808.

Jane, d.James, jr. and Rachel, Oct.7,1809.

Harrison Brown, s.James, jr. and Rachel, Nov.5,1810.

Lydia, d.William and Deborah, Feb.2,1811.

Harrison Brown, s.James, jr. and Rachel, Dec.8,1811.

Otis, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Dec.24,1811.

Micajah, s.Samuell, Mar.20,1812.

James Silver, s.Joseph, Nov.8,1812.

Harriet, d.James, jr. and Rachel, Feb.18,1813.

John Ingalls., s.Benjamin, jr. and Hipzebeth, Apr.24,1813.

Lydia, d.Benjamin, jr. and Lydia, Oct.21,1813.

Mary Ann, d.Samuell, May27,1814.

Marshall Stocker, s.James, jr. and Rachel, Aug.28,1814.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell, Jan.15,1817.

Elizabeth Brown, d.James, jr. and Rachel Feb.23,1817.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Abigail, July24,1818.

John Richards, s.Nathaniel, 3d and Catharine, Dec.25,1818.

Rachell, d.James, jr. and Rachel, June4,1819.

Adaline A., d.Samuell, Jan.2,1820.

Elmira, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Abigail, Feb.28,1820.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, June29,1820.

Joseph Warren, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Abigail, Oct.28,1821.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Feb.27,1822.

Hephzebah, d.Archelaus, Mar.20,1822.

末末, ch.Samuell, May30,1822.

Rufus, s.Burrill and Abigail, Jan.26,1823.

Sarah Maria, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Abigail, Oct.26,1823.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, May15,1824.

Rebecca, d.Archelaus, Aug.1,1824.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Abigail Nov.16,1825.

Hannah Maria, d.James, jr, and Rachel, Dec.17,1825.

Rachel Alley, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Apr.17,1826.

George, s.Archelaus, Aug.16,1826.

George Warren, s.George and Lydia, Sept.10,1826.

Daniel Fillmore, s.Daniel and Harriet, Dec.8,1826.

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Apr.1,1828.

Aroline, d.James, jr. and Rachel, Sept.26,1828.

Horace Spaulding, s.Daniel and Harriet, Oct.16,1828.

Jacob Putnam, s.Archelaus, Nov.16,1828.

Nathaniel Westley, s.Loring and Mary, Nov.29,1828.

Lucy Jane, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Abigail, Apr.7,1829.

Benjamin, s.George and Lydia, Aug.17,1829.

Hannah Maria, d.Collins I. and Lydia, Nov.30,182[9?]

Benjamin Russ, s.Collins I. and Lydia, Jan.8,1830.

Harriet, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Aug.14,1830.

William, s.Oliver and Sarah, June15,1831,

Harriet Collins, d.Isaiah H. and Harriet, July9,1831.

Sophia Bacheller, d.Archelaus, Sept.18,1831.

Joseph Merrill, s.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Dec.3,1831.

Micajah Thedodore, s.Daniel and Harriet, Dec.29,1832.

Sylvester, s.Archelaus, Jan.10,1834.

Sarah Ann, d.George and Lydia, June末,1834.PR86

Catharine Augusta, d.Joseph, jr., Nov.1,1834.

George Johnson, s.James S, July24,1835.

Herbert, s.Archelaus, Apr.14,1836.

Joseph Alonzo, s.James S., Sept.17,1836.

Sarah L., d.Isaiah H. and Harriet, Apr.2,1837.

Adelaide, d.Marshall S. and Nancy, Aug.20,1837.PR116

Sarah Alden, d.Loring and Mary, Sept.20,1837.

Sarah Ann, d.Joseph, jr. and Catharine, Jan.3,1838.

William N., s.George and Lydia, Sept.22,1838.PR86

Ann Maria., d.Archelaus, Oct.6,1838.

Mary Olive, d.James S., Jan.2,1839.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer, Aug.31,1839.

Edward, s.Marshall S. and Nancy, Feb.14,1840.PR116

Almira, d.Archelaus, Apr.9,1841.

Peter Silver, s.James S., Aug.21,1842.

Osmond, s.Marshall S. and Nancy, Sept.18,1842.PR116

Charles Edwin, s., Tyler, cordwainer, and Catharine, June6,1843.

Herbert Willard, s.Archelaus, cordwainer, and Huldah, Sept.17,1843.

Charles Augustus, s.Edwin, cordwainer, Dec.22,1843.

Charles Augustus, s.Ebenezer and Mary, Dec.27,1843.

William Augustus, s.Ebenezer, Dec.27,1843.

Hannah Atwill, d.William, cordwainer, and Mary, Feb.25,1844.

Esmeralda, d.Marshall, cordwainer, and Nancy, Mar.7,1844.

Abbott Benjamin, s.Benjamin, cordwainer, and Lydia, Mar.30,1844.

Lydia, d.Veranus, cordwainer, and Lois, Oct.14,1844,

Josephine, d.Loren, cordwainer, and Mary, June1,1845.

Henry Burrill, s.Rufus, farmer, and Lucy Ann, Nov.7,1845.

[Alonzo.PR116], s.M[arshall] S., cordwainer, Mar.21,1846.

Isaiah H., s.Isaiah H., cordwainer, and Martha Ann, Apr.10,1846.

Mary E., d.Haarrison, cordwainer, July20,1846.

Abby Ann, d.Warren, cordwainer, and Eliza, Sept.11,1846.

Emeline, d.Benjamin, teamster, and Lydia, Dec.25,1846.

Samuel Pitman, s.Rufus, farmer, and Lucy A., Mar.22,1847.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.James S., cordwainer, and Olive, May2,1847.

Orin Archelaus, s.Archelaus, cordwainer. and Huldah, May21,1847.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Isaiah H., shoe cutter, and Martha A., Sept.15,1847キ

末末, s.Francis, cordwainer, and Lucy Ann, Apr.25,1848.

William Wesley, s.Marston, cordwainer, and Jane, Sept.16,1848.

Eliza Ellen, d.Joseph W., cordwainer, and Eliza, Sept.29,1848.

Jane Amanda, d.James S., cordwainer, and Olive, b. Guilford, NH, Oct.24,1848.

Martha Elizabeth., d.Marshall S., cordwainer, and Nancy, b. Townsend, Dec.21,1848.

末末, d.George B., cordwainer, and Mary E., Mar.17,1849.

Charles Nestor, s.Harrison, cordwainer, and Dorcas, b. Danvers, July8,1849.

Amos Dustin, s.Daniel F., cordwainer, and Adaline, b. Sandwich, NH, Dec.9,1849.


Elizabeth Wigglesworth, d.Rev. Obadiah and Elizabeth, Dec.31,1770.

William, s.Rev. Obadiah and Sarah.2d w., Oct.23,1778.

Sally Coffen, d.Rev. Obadiah and Sarah, 2d w., Aug.30,1780.

Obadiah, s.Rev. Obadiah and Sarah, 2d w., Oct.10,1782.

Polly, d.Rev. Obadiah and Sarah, 2d w, Apr.9,1784.

Harriot, d.Rev. Obadiah and Sarah, 2d w., Sept.22,1785.

John Francis, s.Ebenezer and Sarah H., at Boston, Mar.7,1834.

Eben, jr., s.Ebenezer and Sarah H., at Boston, Mar.24,1836.

Sarah Eliza, d.Ebinezer and Sarah H., at Boston, Sept.2,1838.

Albert, s.Ebenezer and Sarah H., at Boston, Nov.10,1840.

Charles Edward, s.Ebenezer and Sarah, at Boston, Aug.1,1842.


Lydia Potter, d.Thomas and Susen, Apr.14,1818.

Thomas Francis, s.Thomas and Susen, Apr.23,1826.

Francis, s.Thomas and Susen, Dec.13,1828.

Susan, d.Thomas and Susen, Mar.4,1838.

Lucy Susannah, d.Thomas, cordwainer, b. Eng., and Mary, b. ME, July11,1849.


William, s.Richard E., wheelwright, Nov.10,1848.


Charles Fredrick, s.Joshua, housewright, and Elizabeth, Mar.23,1845.

Mary Jane, d.Charles, cordwainer, b. Hopkinton, NH, and Mary Jane, Mar.16,1849.


Mary Blair, d.John B., cordwainer, Aug.11,1845.

Mary Blair, d.John B., cordwainer, and Lucy N., Feb.27,1847.

Sarah Rice, d.William, soldier, and Sarah, Aug.2,1847.

Frank, s.John B., cordwainer, and Lucy Ann, both b. Marblehead, Feb.14,1849.


David H., s.David, block printer, and Mary, Mar.18,1848.


Mary, d.Amasa and Mary, Oct.6,1817.

William, s.Amasa and Mary, Dec.20,1819

John Nourse, s.Amasa and Mary, Mar.23,1822.

Amasa, s.Amasa and Mary, Dec.26,1823.

Alfred Nelson, s.Amasa and Mary, May1,1826.

Jeremiah, s.Amasa and Mary, June27,1828.

Jeremiah, s.Amasa and Mary, Aug.3,1830.

Lucy Ellen, d.William, tin plate worker, and Lucy Jane, b. Newburyport, Apr.20,1849.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John N., stove dealer, and Elizabeth, b. Newburyport, Dec.24,1849.


Eunice Hawkes, d.Ebenezer and Sally, Mar.31,1816.

Henry Harrison, s.Ezra and Betsey, Sept.8,1817.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Sally, Nov.20,1817.

Ebenezer Merry, s.Ebenezer and Sally, Jan.15,1819.

Joseph Wheeler, s.Ezra and Betsey, Aug.16,1819.

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Sally, July10,1821.

Eliza Hall, d.Ebenezer and Sally, May22,1823.

George Wilson, s.Ezra and Betsey, June14,1823.

Anna Gertrude, d.Joseph W., cordwainer, and Louisa A., Aug.5,1847.


Charles Edward Ingalls, s.Charles Eben, cordwainer, b. Jamaica Plain, and Elvia A., b. Fairhaven, CT, Nov.26,1848.


末末, s.Osgood, cordwainer. and Fanny, Apr.18,1845.

Ella Frances, d.Osgood, cordwainer, and Fanny, Oct.9,1847.

Emma Frances, d.twin, William, b. Topsfield, and Ruth E., July13,1848.

Ruth Effie, d.twin, William, b. Topsfield, and Ruth E., July13,1848.

Ida Fanny Osgood, s.Osgood, brewer, b. Salem, and Fanny, b. Sharon, Oct.9,1848.


William S., s.Thomas and Rebecca, Nov.12,1802.

Rebecca, d.Thomas and Sarah, May2,1805.

John, s.Thomas and Sarah, Dec.6,1806.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.12,1808.

Ebinezer, s.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.24,1810.

Sally, d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.21,1813.

John Henry., s.John and Mary, Nov.14,1813.

Lot, s.Thomas and Sarah, June4,1815.

Francis, s.John and Mary, Jan.17,1821.

PEARCE (Pierce)

Laura Maria, d.John P., fisherman, and Sophia, Apr.23,1845.

PEARSON (Person)

Abigaill, d.Lt. John and Tabitha, Feb.16,1701-2.

Elizabeth, d.Lt. John and Tabatha, May4,1704.

Thomas, s.Kendall and Lidia, Dec.25,1709.

Lidia, d.Kendall and Lidia, June3,1712.

Kendel, s.Kendall and Lidia, Dec.3,1714.

Sarah, d.Kendall and Lidia, July9,1716.

Kendal, s.Kendall and Lidia, Aug.3,1717.

Sarah, d.Kendall and Lida, Oct.4,1719.

William, s.Kendall and Lidia, Mar.15,1721-2.

Harriett E., s.Feb.15,1829.PR173

Thomas S., Sept.5,1830.PR173

John, Jan.18,1832.PR173

Ann Maria, d.twin, John, Nov.20,1834. [Nov.18,1835.PR173]

James White, s.twin, John, Nov.20,1834. [Nov.18,1835.PR173]

Oliver Gerry., s.Elbridge G. and Mary P., Oct.29,1836.

Augusta 0., Nov.12,1838.PR173

Elbridge, s.Elbridge G. and Mary P., Apr.1,1840.


Sarah Ellen, d.Calvin, cordwainer, June7,1845.

PEASLEE (Peasley)

Eunice, d.Timothy, 3:11m:1764.CR1

PEASLEY (Peaslee)

James Edward, s.James [and Elizabeth.CR1], Sept.22,1831.


Marshall H., see Henry Wilbur.

Lucius Herbert, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Apr.8,1822.

Sarah Johnson, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.28,1824.

Samuel Horace, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb.1,1827.

Urana Ellen, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, May12,1830.

Marshall Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Aug.26,1832.

Nathaniel Marshall, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.3,1835.

Henry Wilbur (changed to Marshall H.), s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec.10,1838.

Helen Eliza, d.Lucius H., wheelwright, and Eliza A., July19,1846.


John D., Sept.2,1784.GR1

Dalton, s.John D. and Abigail, Jan.7,1810.

Otis, s.John D. and Abigail, Apr.24,1812.

John, s.John D. and Abigail, Nov.9,1814.

Horis, s.John D. and Abigail, Apr.1,1818.

Lucy, d.John D. and Abigail, Feb.24,1820.

Abigail Alley, d.John D. and Abigail, May6,1822.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Dalton and Sarah H., Nov.6,1833

Otis Herbert, s.Otis and Mary Ann, Sept.27,1834.

Lucy Maria, d.John and Hannah J., Apr.12,1836.

Ann Alley, d.Dalton and Sarah H., July9,1836.

George, s.John D. and Abigail, Feb.7,1840.

Mary Ellen, d.Dalton and Sarah H., Feb.23,1841.

William Henry, s.John and Hannah J., July31,1841.

Lydia Ann, d.John, cordwainer and Hannah, Oct.17,1844.

Martha F., d.Dalton, cordwainer, and Sarah J., Jan.16,1847.

Charles Horace, s.John, cordwainer, and Eliza G., Apr.4,1849.


John F., s.William, cordwainer, and Mary Ann, at Salem, Oct.2,1845.

Sarah E., d.Alexander, baker, and Mary J., Dec.16,1847.

George Dallas, s.William, cordwainer, b. Boston, and Lydia A., b. Salem, June5,1848.


Mary, d.John, 5th and Mary, July25,1812.

Jacob Gallucia, s.John, 5th and Mary, Dec.18,1814.

PELLET (Pellett)

Francis Gurdon, s.Dr. Gurdon and Susan Lucy, Mar.31,1830.

PELLETT (Pellet)

Anne Phillips, d.Gurdon and Susan Lucy, bp. June3,1832.CR5


Samuell, s.Samuell and Mary, Sept.17,1676.

Mary, d.Samuell and Mary, Oct.24,1678.


Elizebeth Theis, d.Thomas, silk printer, and Elizabeth, b. on voyage from Scotland Sept.29,1846.


Benjamin, 28:2m:1810-11.PR51

George F., s.Benjamin and Ann, 9:5m:1836.PR51

Emma B, d.Benjamin and Ann, 4:12m:1842.PR51

Benjamin, jr., s.Benjamin and Ann, 5:4m:1848.PR51

PERKINS (Pirkens, Pirkiens, Purkins)

Anna, d.John and Anna, Dec.28,1696.

John, s.John and Anna, Mar.9,1697-8.

Elizabeth, d.John and Anna, Mar.9,1699-1700.

Mary, d.John and Anna, Aug.20,1702.

William, s.John and Anna, Aug.10,1704.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Oct.29,1735.

William, s.William and Sarah, Feb.18,1737-8.

John, s.William and Sarah, May10,1740.

Anna, d.William and Sarah, Sept.29,1742.

Benjamin, s.William and Sarah, June11,1749.

Priscilla, d.Peter and Jenney, Oct.26,1758.

Elizabeth, d.Peter and Jenney, Jan.10,1761.

Daniel, s.Peter and Jenney, June19,1763.

Sarah, d.Peter and Jenney, Nov.27,1765.

Judeth, d.Peter and Jenney, Feb.24,1766.

Sarah, d.John, Nov.2,1767.

Samuel, s.Peter and Jenney, Sept.5,1768.

Phebe, d.Peter and Jenney, Dec.30,1770.

Anna, d.John, bp. Nov.10,1771.CR2

Eunice, d.John, bp., Nov.10,1771.CR2

Sarah, d.John, bp. Nov.10,1771.CR2

John, s.John, bp. May23,1773.CR2

Jenney, d.Peter and Jenney, Aug.19,1773.

William, s.John, bp. July9,1775.CR2

Ezra, s.Israel and Hannah, Aug.17,1814.

George Phillips, s.twin, Jonathan [and Polley.dup.], June13,1815.

Henry Phillips, s.twin, Jonathan [and Polley.dup.], June13,1815.

Hannah, d.Israel and Hannah, Feb.22,1816.

Henry, s.Edward and Sally, Feb.15,1817.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Polley, Aug.28,1817. [1818. dup.]

Martha Mudge, d.Israel and Hannah, Oct.3,1818.

John, s.Jonathan, Nov.28,1819.

Mary Jane, d.Israel and Hannah, Feb.4,1821.

Israel Augustus, s.Israel and Hannah, May2,1823.

Shipley Wilson, s.Abraham and Mary, Oct.6,1823.

Foster, s.Abraham and Mary, Oct.26,1824.

Joseph, s.John H. and Martha, Jan.27,1825.

末末, s.Israel and Hannah, Sept.19,1825.

Theodore, s.Abraham and Mary, Sept.16,1826.

Alfred Warren, s.Israel and Hannah, Jan.24,1827.

Caroline Mudge, d.Israel and Hannah, Feb.8,1827. [1828.PR141]

Margaret Maria, d.Abraham and Mary, Mar.1,1828.

John, s.Abraham and Mary, Sept.7,1829.

John, s.Abraham and Mary, June1,1831.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Mary, Oct.6,1837.

Hannah Maria, d.Abraham and Mary, July1,1839.

Edward Augustus, s.Abraham and Mary, Sept.10,1842.

Sylvester, s.Abraham, cordwainer, and Mary, Aug.12,1844.

Rebecca M., d.Samuel B., butcher, and Rebecca, May1,1846.

Waldo, s.Abraham, cordwainer, and Mary, Sept.26,1846.

Joseph, s.Joseph, block printer, and Augusta, Aug.8,1847.

Francis Maria, d.Edward H., cordwainer, and Mary A., Jan.1,1848.

Mary Abigail, d.Samuel B., cordwainer. b. Salem, and Rebecca, b. Holderness, NH, May1,1848.

Samuel, s.Samuel, cordwainer, and Belinda, b. Baldwin, ME, Aug.14,1848.


Howard, s.Dr. Daniel, May21,1838.

Charles S., s.Dr. Daniel, May15,1840.

Mary, d.Daniel, physician, and Caroline G., May3,1847.


Enoch Allen, s.Enoch H., tanner, and Lydia M., July13,1847.

William H., s.William H., cordwainer, and Elmira, Oct.24,1847.

Maria Josephine, d.Enoch, currier, b. Malden, and Lydia, Apr.15,1849.

PERSON (Pearson)

James, s.John and Tabatha, Nov.28,1680.

Tabatha, d.John and Tabatha, Oct.16,1681.

John, s.John and Tabatha, Feb.17,1684.

Rebeckah, d.John and Tabatha, Apr.12,1686.

Kendall, s.John and Tabatha, May3,1688.

Susanah, d.John and Tabatha, Aug.10,1690.

Mary, d.John and Tabatha, Nov.10,1692.

Thomas, s.John and Tabatha, Nov.3,1694.

Ebenezer, s.John and Tabitha, Dec.29,1696.

Sarah, d.John and Tabatha, Feb.26,1698-9.

Hepsebah, d.James and Hepsebah, Apr.3,1699.

Abigail, d.John and Tabatha, Dec.30,1700.

James, s.James and Hepsebah, Nov.14,1701.

Jonathon, s.James and Hebsebah, Mar.13,1704-5.

Jerrimiah, s.James and Hepsebah, Sept.19,1707.

John, s.James and Hepsebah, Mar.10,1709-10.

Tabathy, d.James and Hepsebah, Mar.25,1712.

Jerimiah, s.James and Hepsebah, Dec.20,1715.

Benjamin, s.James and Hepsebah, Oct.3,1720.

Mary, d.James and Hepsabe, May28,1722.

Hannah, d.Ebineazer and Hanah, July23,1722.

Moodey, s.Ebineazer and Hanah, Mar.19,1724-5.

Ruth, d.Ebineazer and Hanah, Mar.19,1726-7.

Mary, d.James, bp. Jan.21,1728.CR2

Ebenezer, s.Ebineazer and Hanah, Dec.29,1728.

Thomas, s.Ebenezer, bp. Apr.4,1731.CR2

Elizabeth, d.James and Hepsabe, Nov.29,1731.

PERVEAR (Pevear)

Henry Theodore, s.Henry A., morocco dresser, b. Tewksbury, and Sarah E., b. Ashburnham, July6,1849.


Lydia, d.Mary Rhodes, Sept.11,1823.

PETTENGILL (Pettingell)

Samuel Durkee, s.Samuel, bp. July末,1838.CR5

PETTINGALE (Pettingell)

Vesta Ann, d.David N., trader, b. Salisbury, NH, and Miranda P., b. Paris, ME, May5,1848.

Lucy Ellen, d.Samuel, carpenter, b. Salisbury, and Matilda, b. Salem, June4,1849.

PETTINGELL (Pettingill, Pettingale, Pettingill)

Mary Matilda, d.Samuel and Matilda, June17,1841.

PETTINGILL (Pettingell)

John Quincy, s.Samuel, carpenter, and Matilda, Apr.18,1847.


George William, s.Perkins, cordwainer, and Alvira., Oct.13,1847.

PEVEAR (Pervear)

Caroline Hanscom, d.Edward, jeweller, b. Amherst, and Olive, b. Readfield, ME, June26,1848.


Amelia, Nov.12,1806.PR11

Mary Jane, d.Albert, Jan.3,1842.

Annah Frances, d.Albert, shoe manufacturer, and Nancy Jane, Aug.2,1843.

Hannah Frances, d.Albert, Aug.2,1843.

William H., s.Ebenezer, cordwainer, and Rachel, Nov.13,1847.

George Otis, s.Ebenezer, cordwainer, b. Nashua, NH, and Rachel, Aug.20,1849.


David, s.Charles, 17:1m:1655-6.CTR

Abygall or Alce, d.Charles, 29:8m:1655.CTR

John, s.Charles, 15:6m:1658.CTR

George, s.Charles, 20:10m:1663.CTR

John, s.Charles, June27,1667.CTR

John, s.John and Hannah, Dec.3,1689.

Hanah, d.John and Hannah, June6,1694.

Lidia, d.Walter and.Lidia, Nov.5,1714.

William, s.Walter and Lidia, Jan.14,1715.

John, s.Walter and Lidia, Oct.8,1718.

Content, w.John, 21:8m:1719.CR1

Abigail, w.William, 4:12m:1722.CR1

Richard, s.Walter and Lidia, Mar.29,1723.

Walter, 18:9m:1726.CR1

Walter, s.Walter and Lidia, Oct.18,1729.

Rebekah, w.Gideon, 18:8m:1732.CR1

Content, w.Walter, 4:9m:1732.CR1

Gideon, 26:11m:1733.CR1

Jane, d.Thomas and Sarah, June2,1737.

James, 2:10m:1737.CR1

Alexander, s.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.15,1739.

Abigail, d.William and Abigail, May11,1740.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Sarah, Jan.19,1741.

Walter, s.William and Abigail, Apr.12,1742.

Ezra, s.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.3,1743.

William, s.William and Abigail, July12,1744.

Alice, w.James, 15:9m:1745.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, Sept.24,1745.

Elizabeth, d.William and Abigail, Jan.16,1746.

Anna, d.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.10,1748.

Ruth, d.William and Abigail, June12,1751.

Solomon, s.Thomas and Sarah, Sept.3,1751.

Richard, s.William and Abigail, Apr.11,1754.

Hannah, d.Walter and Content, 15:10m:1754.CR1

Benjamin, s.Walter and Content, 1:2m:1757.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Gideon and Rebecca, Aug.30,1758.

Jonathan, s.Walter and Content, 22:4m:1759.CR1

Jacob, s.William and Abigail, June15,1759.

Jonathan, s.Gideon and Rebecca, Sept.3,1760.

John, s.Walter and Content, 30:12m:1760.CR1

Benjamin Hood, s.Gideon and Rebecca, July27,1762.

Elizabeth, d.Walter and Content, 15:4m:1763.CR1

Lydia, d.William and Abigail, Sept.15,1763.

Rebecca, d.Gideon and Rebecca, May26,1764.

Sarah, d.Walter and Content, 30:12m:1764.CR1

Zacheus, s.James and Alice, Oct.1,1765. [1766.PR156]

Walter, d.Walter and Content, 24:8m:1766.CR1

Anne, d.Gideon and Rebecca, Nov.19,1766.

Content, d.William and Abigail, Apr.11,1767.

Mary, d.James and Alice. Nov.15,1767.

Abigail, d.Walter and Content, 20:11m:1768.CR1

Mary, d.Gideon and Rebecca, Feb.8,1769.

Abigail, d.Walter and Hannah, 15:3m:1769.CR1

Jonathan, s.James and Alice, June16,1769.

Sarah, d.Gideon and Rebecca, Nov.14,1770.

James, s.James and Alice, June6,1771.

Gideon, s.twin, Gideon and Rebecca, Jan.27,1773.

William, s.twin, Gideon and Rebecca, Jan.27,1773.

Alice, d.James and Alice, Nov.27,1773.

Eunice, d.Gideon and Rebecca, Nov.30,1775.

Amos, s.James and Alice, Apr.5,1776.

Anna, d.James and Alice, Nov.21,1777.

Walter, s.Walter and Hannah, 13:10m:1779.CR1

Elizabeth, d.James and Alice, Mar.2,1780.

Ruth, d.James and Alice, May24,1782.

Walter, s.Benjamin and Mary, July7,1783.

Eunice, d.Benjamin H. and Elizabeth, Mar.13,1784.

Benaiah, s.James and Alice, Oct.21,1784.

Content, d.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.23,1784.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.8,1786.

Sarah, d.Benjamin H. and Elizabeth, Aug.12,1787.

Abraham Dow, s.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.22,1788.

末末, ch, Benjamin and Mary, Oct.22,1789.

John, s.John and Judith, Nov.29,1789.

James, s.Zacheus and Sarah, May5,1790.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Nov.11,1790.

Jonathan Dow, s.John and Judith, Mar.3,1791.

Gideon, s.Benjamin H. and Elizabeth, Apr.18,1791.

Alice, d.Zacheus and Sarah, Feb.22,1792.

Stephen, s.John and Judith, Nov.19,1792.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.17,1793.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Mary, July22,1793.

Abba, d.Zacheus and Sarah, July27,1794.

Anna Dow, d.John and Judith, Aug.22,1794.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.11,1794.

Nathan, s.Benjamin H. and Elizabeth, Jan.23,1795.

Lewis, s.Ceasor and Ann. Feb.20,1795.

Thomas, s.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.29,1795.

Nancy, d.twin, Benjamin Hood and Elizabeth, 14:3m:1796.CR1

Nathan, s.twin, Benjamin Hood and Elizabeth, 14:3m:1796.CR1

Walter, s.John and Judith, Oct.13,1796.

Mary, d.Zacheus and Sarah, Nov.24,1796.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.4,1797.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.3,1798.

Judith, d.John and Judith, Mar.8,1798.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.4,1798.

Mary, d.Zacheus and Sarah, Apr.24,1799.

Hannah, d.John and Judith, June23,1799.

Abby Mariah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Jan.12,1800.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Mary, July12,1800.

Enoch, s.Benjamin Hood and Elizabeth, 18:5m:1802.CR1

Amos, s.twin, Zacheus and Sarah, Dec.25,1802.

Benoiah, s.twin, Zacheus and Sarah, Dec.25,1802.

Mary Green, d.John and Judith, Feb.27,1803.

Lydia Chase, d.Zacheus and Sarah, Dec.23,1804.

George, s.twin, John and Judith, Feb.27,1805.

Henry, s.twin, John and Judith, Feb.27,1805.

Mary, d.James and Mary, Jan.29,1806.

James, s.James and Mary, Jan.31,1807.

Louisa, d.John, Sept.7,1807.

Ebenezer Burrill, s.James and Mary, July15,1808.

Walter, s.Jacob and Betsey.Aug.15,1808.

Hannah, d.William and Betsey, Dec.4,1808.

John, s.Jacob and Betsey, Feb.11,1810.

William, s.William and Betsey, Jan.18,1811.

Elizabeth (Silsbee), 27:2m:1811.CR1

Jonathan Farmer, s.James and Mary, Mar.4,1811.

Nathan Mower, s.Jonathan and Mary, June3,1811.

Amos, s.Benaiah and Nabby, Jan.10,1813.

Sarah, d.James and Mary, Oct.3,1813.

Henry, s.Benaiah and Nabby, Feb.1,1815.

Harriet, d.William and Betsey, Apr.28,1815.

Daniel, s.Jacob and Rebecca, Oct.21,1815.

Martha Jane, d.Gideon and Mary Ann, Sept.14,1816.

Eliza Jackson, d.James, jr. and Hannah, Jan.19,1817.

Zachariah, s.Benaiah and Nabby, Sept.15,1817.

Abigail, d.James and Mary, Apr.27,1818.

John, s.Jonathan D., Feb.22,1820.

Mary, d.Enoch, Apr.29,1820.

Benaiah, s.Benaiah and Nabby, Apr.30,1820.

John Ingalls, s.Richard, jr. and Elizabeth, Feb.28,1821.

Susan Matilda, d.Jonathan, jr. and Susan, Mar.13,1821.

Harriott Allen, d.Jonathan D., May16,1821.

Martha, d.James and Mary, July25,1822.

Sally Ann, d.James.jr. and Hannah, July25,1822.

Nathan Henry, s.Enoch, Dec.9,1822.

Alice, d.Jonathan, jr. and Susan, Feb.4,1823.

Betsey, d.Jacob and Rebecca, Apr.2,1823.

Henry Lee, s.Jonathan D., Sept.4,1823.

Charles Amery, s.Gideon and Content Maria, Oct.3,1823.

William Wallace, s.twin, Enoch, Nov.22,1823.

Erasmus Desideras Rotteradamus, s.Thomas and Hannah L., Oct.24,1824.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Susan, Dec.18,1824.

William Badger, s.James, jr. and Hannah, Feb.28,1825.

Stephen Dow, s.Jonathan D., Sept.11,1825.

George Derwin, s.Gideon and Content Maria, Mar.9,1826.

Abigail Maria, d.Benaiah and Nabby, Sept.11,1826.

Abigail Sewell, d.William and Desire, Sept.24,1826

Irene Smith, d.Enoch, Feb.6,1827.

Ann Hubbard, d.Benjamin J. and Catharine C., Oct.17,1827.

Hannah Maria, d.James, jr. and Hannah, Jan.9,1828.

Mary Ann, d.Jonathan D., Jan.21,1828.

Mary Ann, d.Gideon and Content Maria, Nov.21,1828.

Joseph Orvis, s.Benaiah and Nabby, Apr.8,1829.

Mary Jane, d.William and Desire, Apr.15,1829.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin J. and Catherine C., June23,1829.

Caroline Woodberry, d.Jonathan D., Mar.22,1830.

Sarah Ann, d.Enoch, Jan.22,1831.

Susan M., Sept.10,1831.PR49

George Everett, s.Jonathan D., Feb.6,1832.

Lucella Augusta, d.Gideon and Content Maria, Apr.21,1832.

Elizabeth Sargent, d.Jonathan, jr., and Susan, Aug.23,1832.

Eliza M., July8,1834.PR49

George Hood, s.Gideon and Content Maria, Mar.20,1835.

Augustus Orvus, s.Amos and Abigail M., Nov.19,1835.

Edward Kent, s.Catherine, bp.末蔓末,1837.CR5

Caroline Augusta, d.Amos and Abigail M., Apr.16,1837.

Daniel, s.Walter, 4th and Mary A., Mar.23,1840.

Rozanna, d.William.2d, July15,1840.

Mary C.P., Aug.20,1841.PR49

Emma Frances, d.Zacheus and Hannah L., Feb.8,1842.

William Webb, s.Walter, 4th and Mary A., Oct.4,1842.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Amos and Abigail M., Jan.24,1843.

T.W.D., July10,1843.PR49

末末, s.Thomas and Hannah.L., July11,1843.

Van Buren, s.Thomas, cordwainer, and Hannah L., July12,1843.

James Everett, s.James, fisherman, and Augusta, Aug.25,1843.

末末, s.twin, stillborn, Enoch, Nov.22,1843.

Rienzi, s.Walter, jr., farmer, and Cynthia L, Jan.5,1844.

Edward Nehemiah, s.George, farmer, and Elizabeth, Feb.17,1844.

John L., s.Walter, 4th, cordwainer, and Mary B., Oct.18,1844.

Mary, d.James B., fisherman, and Augusta, Nov.24,1844.

Jane Maria, d.Ebenezer B., trader, and Maria, Feb.11,1845.

Warren Winthrop, s.Ebenezer B. and Maria, Mar.6,1845.

Aristide Goodwin, s.Joshua, carpenter, and Mary Jane, Mar.16,1845.

Mary E., d.Ebenezer, cordwainer, Feb.18,1846.

末末, ch.George, farmer, and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [1847 or 1848.]

Lavina Jane, d.Joshua, carpenter, and Mary Jane, Oct.10,1847.

Clara Wilson, d.Zacheus, fisherman, and Hannah L., Oct.14,1847.

Gage, s.Ebenezer B, and Maria, Oct.20,1847.

Abby Jane, d.James B., fisherman, and Augusta, Feb.5,1849.

Mary Ella, d.Benajah, teamster, and Harriet, b. Ipswich, Nov.5,1849.


Mary Lummus, d.Rev. George and Eliza, Apr.23,1828.


Harriet, d.James and Harriet, Aug.7,1817.

末末, ch.James and Harriet, May31,1819.

Elvira T., d.Benjamin, cordwainer, and Sarah, Apr.10,1848.

PICKET (Pickett)

Hannah Maria, d.William and Abigail, May5,1879.

PICKETT (Picket)

Mary Augusta, d.William, cordwainer, and Abigail, May30,1843.


Sara, d.Samuel and Lydea, 7:12m:1661.CTR

PIERCE (Pearce)

Sarah, d.Rev, Thomas C., Apr.26,1838.

Susan Isabella, d.John, fisherman, and Sophia, Apr.11,1847.


Edwin Hurd, s.Ivory H. and Prudence, July5,1824.

Charles Henry, s.Ivory H. and Prudence, Mar.15,1826.

Noah, s.Ivory H. and Prudence, Mar.4,1827.

Elizabeth, d.Thomas, cordwainer, and Winifred, Dec.7,1844.

Josiah, s.Thomas, pauper, and Winneford, Nov.6,1845.

Herbert W., s.William Q., b. Bridgton, ME, and Mary A., b. Kennebunk, ME, July12,1846.

Sophia, d.Charles, carpenter, and Sophia, Jan.25,1847キ

Randolph A., s.Theophilus S., carpenter, and Mary, Aug.13,1847.

Ethflindh Eliza, d.Theophilus S., trader, and Mercy, both b. ME, Dec.9,1848.


Susan Adelaide, d.James N., housewright, and Lydia B., Mar.8,1845.

Emma Green, d.James M., housewright, b. NH, and Lydia B., June4,1849.


Charles H., s.Isaac, shoe manufacturer, and Lydia Dec.23,1844.

Sarah E., d.Thomas J., cordwainer, Mar.30,1846.

Daniel R., s.Isaac, laborer, and Lydia, July7,1846.

Sarah C., d.Thomas J., cordwainer, and Emily, Sept.24,1847.

Daniel Rogers, s.Isaac, trader, b. Portsmouth, NH, and Lydia E., Nov.19,1848.

Susan Abby, d.Thomas J., shoe manufacturer, b. NH, and Emily, b. ME, May8,1849.

PIRKENS (Perkins)

Eliseabeth, d.Capt. John, bp. Sept.21,1777.CR2

PIRKIENS (Perkins)

William, s.Capt. John, bp. June25,1780.CR2


末末, w.John, Nov.11,1705.

John, s.John, Nov.22,1725.

Mary, d.John, Oct.18,1730.

Lois, d.twin, John, Feb.15,1735-7.

Eunis, d.twin, John, Feb.15,1736-7.

James P.M., s.Samuel C., farmer, and Caroline, May26,1844.


Joseph Augustus, s.John and Matilda, Mar.31,1834.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Matilda, Oct.26,1836.


末末, ch.R.S., cordwainer, May11,1846.


David, s.Mathew, harness maker, and Martha, Oct.26,1843.

末末, ch.Matthew, saddler, and Martha, Jan.1,1848.

POOL (Poole)

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Dec.17,1763.

John, s.John and Sarah, Apr.24,1769.

Susanna, d.John and Sarah, June8,1770.

Timothy, s.John and Sarah, Mar.3,1772.PR146

Isaac, s.John and Sarah, Jan.19,1775.

Thomas, s.John and Sarah, May20,1777.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Mar.30,1782.

James, s.John and Sarah, Mar.21,1784.

Sally, d.James and Dorkis, May26,1807.

Larkin, s.Isaac and Eliza, Nov.17,1807.

James, s.James and Dorkis, Mar.16,1809.

Thomas, s.Isaac and Eliza, Sept.20,1809.

George Franklin, s.James and Dorkis, Feb.18,1811.

Lavinia, d.James and Dorkis, Aug.2,1813.

Stephen Decatur, s.James and Dorkis, Nov.26,1816.

Lavinia Rutler, d.James and Dorkis, Aug.6,1825.

Dorcas Mansfield, d.James and Dorkis, Apr.15,1828.

Clarisa, d.James and Mary, Oct.20,1831.

James, s.James, jr. and Eliza, Oct.27,1834.

William Decatur, s.James, jr. and Eliza, July14,1836.

James Symonds, s.James, jr. and Eliza, Jan.12,1838.

Susan Emma, d.Stephen D., and Susan L., July17,1839.

Mary Eliza, d.James, jr. and Eliza, Mar.22,1840.

Thomas Edward, s.Stephen D. and Susan L., July4,1841.

Dorcas Mansfield, d.James, jr. and Eliza, Sept.22,1841.

George Clark, s.Stephen D. and Susan L., Mar.21,1843.

Herbert Carleton, s.James, jr., mason, Jan.1,1844.

Clarissa Downing, d.Stephen D., block cutter, and Susan M., July23,1845.

Harriett Husted, d.James, jr., mason, and Eliza, Sept.22,1845.

Mercy B., d.Stephen D., print cutter, and Susan, Oct.22,1847.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.James, jr., mason, and Eliza A., b. Andover, Oct.15,1849.

POOLE (Pool)

Timothy, s.John and Mary, Dec.14,1693.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Oct.25,1695.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Jan.11,1697-8.

Judith, d.John and Mary, Jan.28,1700-1.

Timothy, s.John and Mary, Feb.9,1702-3.

Susanah, d.John and Mary, Mar.7,1704-5.

Thomas, s.John and Mary, May8,1708.

James, s.John and Mary, Jan.4,1710-11.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Sept.11,1713.

Samuel, s.John and Mary, Aug.13,1716.

Elizabeth, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Sept.9,1727.

Susanah, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, July16,1730.

Timothy, s.Timothy, bp. June28,1732.CR2

John, s.Timothy and Elizabeth, June10,1735.

Bety, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Aug.18,1741.

Sarah, d.Timothy and Elizabeth, Dec.17,1747.

Lavina, E., d.James, mason, and Eliza A., Mar.11,1847.


Sarah Abba, d.Jeremiah T. and Lucy, Nov.1,1841.

Lucy Ellen, d.Jeremiah T., cordwainer, and Lucy, Sept.3,1844.

Susan Elizabeth, d, Edward, cordwainer, and Susan, Oct.21,1846.

Adin Eugene, s.Jeremiah T., cordwainer, b. Atkinson, NH, and Lucy, May22,1849.


Phebe, w.Robert, 8:11m:1716.CR1

Elizabeth, w.Ebenezer, 5:12m:1717-18.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 23:1m:1719-20.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 6:7m:1745.CR1

Robert, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 1:7m:1746.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, 4:11m:1748-9.CR1

Sarah, d.Robert and Phebe, bet. 1751 and 1754.CR1

Hannah, d.Robert and Phebe [after 1754.]

Lucretia, d.Ebenezer and Mary, bp. June19,1757.CR2

John, s.Ebenezer, bp. July31,1757.CR2

Estes, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth.2:10m:1757.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. July11,1759.CR2

Lucy, d.Ebenezer, bp. Jan.24,1762.CR2

Oliver, s.Ebenezer, bp. Mar.25,1764.CR2

Bette, d.John, bp. Oct.11,1772.CR2

Jesse, s.Ebenezer, bp. Oct.30,1774.CR2

Abraham Gold, s.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.1,1776.CR2

PORTER (Portor)

Benjamin Franklin, s.Thomas, jr. and Mary, July5,1821.

Mary Malvina, d.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Jan.12,1824.

Francena Elizabeth, d.James and Elizabeth, Apr.10,1834.

John Augustus Perley, s.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Nov.16,1835.

Eliza Ellen, d.Samuel and Eliza Ann, Oct.1,1836.

Emily Marion, d.James and Elizabeth, Apr.7,1838.

Theophilus Hallowell, s.John and Susan B., Jan.23,1839.

James Clarendon, s.James and Elizabeth, Jan.16,1841.

Almina, d.Samuel and Eliza Ann, Feb.25,1841.

Martha Ellen, d.John and Susan B., May7,1842.

Eugene Ann, d.Rev. James, June26,1843.

Benjamin Cushing, s.James, cordwainer, and Elizabeth, Oct.2,1843.

William Huntington, s.Emery M., Episcopal minister, and Charlotte, Apr.22,1844.

Eliphalet, s.Oliver, merchant, and Aurora, May2,1844.

Emma Adelaide, d.Samuel, cordwainer, and Eliza Ann, June12,1845.

Emeline, d.Charles, trader, and Julia, Aug.19,1845.

Ida Evelyn, d.James, cordwainer, and Elizabeth, Sept.2,1846.

Samuel Merwin, s.Samuel, cordwainer, and Eliza Ann, Jan.16,1849.

Samuel, s.Jacob, carpenter, b. Nova Scotia, and Emily, b. Nova Scotia, Nov.14,1849.

PORTOR (Porter)

Thomas, s.Thomas and Eunice, Apr.24,1798.

John, s.Thomas and Eunice, Oct.24,1802.

James, s.Thomas and Eunice, May28,1804.

James, s.Thomas and Eunice, Jan.24,1806.

Naby, d.Thomas and Eunice, Apr.25,1808.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Eunice, Jan.19,1811.


Samuell, s.Robert, 28:3m:1657.CTR

Robert, s.Robert, Mar.18,1660.CTR

Nathaniel, s.Robert and Ruth, 14:2m:1663.CTR

John, s.Robert and Ruth, 13:7m:1665.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Robert, 9:12m:1667.CTR

Elizabeth, d.Robert, 15:6m:1670.CTR

Ruth, d.Roberd, Feb.27,1673.

Joseph, s.Roberd and Ruth, Dec.25,1676.

Benjamin, s.Roberd and Ruth, Apr.11,1680.

Samuell, s.Roberd and Ruth, May8,1681.

Ephram, s.Roberd, Jr. and Martha, Apr.5,1683.

Martha, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, June21,1685.

Sarah, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha Apr.12,1687.

Ruth, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Feb.17,1688-9.

Ruth, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Mar.6,1690.

Elizebeth, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Mar.13,1691-2.

Nathanell, s.John and Elizabeth.Aug.17,1693.

Roberd, s.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Oct.11,1694.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1695.

Rebecca, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Oct.24,1696.

Mary, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, Mar.26,1699.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Apr.9,1699.

Nathaniell, s.Roberd, jr. and Martha, July16,1701.

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.26,1701.

Elizabeth, d.Roberd, jr. and Martha, May4,1704.

Lois, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Feb.2,1705-6.

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Jan.26,1707-8.

Deliverrance, d.John and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1707-8.

Joseph, s.John and Elizabeth, Dec.6,1709.

Sarah, d.Samuell and Elizabet, Feb.19,1710-11.

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Nov.11,1710.

Thomas, s.Samuell and Elizabet, Feb.23,1713-14.

Liddia, d.Benjamin and Ruth, May4,1713.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Oct.19,1715.

Mary, d.Samuell and Elizabet, Nov.27,1717.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Dec.29,1717.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Mar.27,1718.

David, s.David and Mary, July7,1719.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Jan.4,1720-21.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Apr.28,1720.

Elizebeth, d.David and Mary, Aug.23,1722.

Martha, d.Robert and Marcy, Mar.12,1723.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Ruth, Jan.22,1724-5.

John, s.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Sept.23,1724.

Mary, d.Robert and Marcy, Apr.4,1725.

Jerusha, d.David and Mary, Apr.18,1725.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel and Rebeckah.Feb.23,1727-8.

Joseph, s.Robert and Marcy, Aug.10,1727.

Mary, d.Samuel. bp. Sept.22,1728.CR2

Mercy, d.Robert and Marcy, Aug.2,1729.

Rebecca, d.Nathaniel and Rebeckah, Sept.10,1729.

Ephriam, s.Robert and Marcy, Mar.16,1731-2.

Lidia, d.David and Mary, June25,1731.

Benjamin Burrill, s.Benjamin and Hanah, Feb.1,1758.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Hanah, Sept.16,1761.

Susannah, July27,1762.PR49

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Hanah, July19,1765.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hanah, June11,1767.

Susannah, d.Benjamin and Hanah, Dec.30,1769.


John, s.Richard and Rebecah, Apr.10,1702.

Richard, s.Grover and Rebecka, Nov.27,1728.

Rebekah, d.Richard and Rebecah, June28,1753.

Tabothy, d.Richard and Rebecah, Apr.11,1755.

Richard, s.Richard and Rebecah, Nov.15,1756.

Elizebeth, d.Richard and Rebecah, Sept.6,1758. [ Sept.7.PR6]

Theodate, w.Richard, jr., 25:9m:1758.CR1

James, s.Richard and Rebecah, Mar.21,1760.

Amos, s.Amos and Sarah, Aug.10,1763.

John, s.Floyd and Deborah, July31,1764.

Mercy, d.Richard and Rebecah, Aug.27,1764.

David, s.Amos and Sarah, June20,1766.

Lewis, s.Richard and Rebecah, May9,1767.

末末, s.Richard and Rebecca, Nov.23,1769.PR6

Jonathan, s.Amos and Sarah, July23,1770.

Nathan Grover, s.Richard and Rebecah, Nov.10,1770.

Joseph, s.[twin.PR6], Richard and Rebecah, May9,1773.

Nathanael, s.twin, Richard and Rebecca, May9,1773.PR6

Phebe, d.Amos and Sarah, May20,1773.

Tace, d.Richard [and Theodate.CR1], June16,1781.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia, 26:1m:1784.CR1

James, s.John and Lydia, 16:3m:1786.CR1

Daty, d.Richard [and Theodate.CR1], July12,1787.

Cynthia, d.John and Lydia, 25:2m:1789.CR1

Rebecca, d.Richard [and Theodate.CR1], Mar.27,1789.

James, s.James and Hannah, June6,1789.

Micajah Collins, s.John and Lydia, 25:10m:1791.CR1

Samuel, s.Richard [and Theodate.CR1], Jan.15,1792.

Polley, d.Nathan G. and Polley, Mar.18,1793.

John, s.John and Lydia.9:1m:1794.CR1

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.2,1796.

Hannah, d.John and Lydia, 18:10m:1796.CR1

Nathan, s.Nathan G. and Polley, Dec.15,1796.

Tacy, d.Richard, jr. and Theodate, 7:7m:1798.

Betsey, d.Josepb and Mary, July20,1798.

Harriet, d.Nathan G. and Polley, Feb.13,1800,

Richard, s.Richard, jr. and Theodate, 27:7m:1800.CR1

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.10,1800.

John G., s.Nathan G. and Polley, Oct.17,1802.

Raphell Wheeler, s.Joseph and Mary, July8,1803.

Mary Ann, d.Joseph and Mary, June26,1805.

Eliza Cocks, d.Nathan G. and Polley, Dec.6,1805.

Amos, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.17,1807.

Jane Mansfield, d.Joseph and Mary, May18,1810.

Joseph Lewis, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.16,1813.

Ann Maria, d.James and Ruth, June2,1813.

Cynthea Jane, d.Micajah C. and Theodate B., Aug.13,1813.

Sidney B., s.James and Ruth, May29,1814.

Daniel Stocker, D. Micajah C. and Theodate B., Sept.26,1814.

John Gilbirt., s.Micajah C. and Theodate E., Apr.18,1816.

Henry A., s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.3,1816.

Ann Maria, d.James and Ruth, Aug.9,1817.

Ann Maria, d.Micajah C. and Theodate R., Oct.26,1817.

Alfred Adams, s.John, jr. [and Elizabeth.CR1], Sept.26,1818.

James Franklin, s.James and Ruth, Oct.12,1818.

Sarah B., d.Micajah C. and Theodate B., Jan.15,1819.

James Warren, s.James and Ruth, June3,1820.

George Otis, s.John, jr, [and Elizabeth.CR1], Aug.31,1820.

Adaline B., d.Micajah C. and Theodate B., July1,1821.

James Warren, s.James and Ruth, Aug.16,1821.

Edward, s.Richard, jr. and Betsey F., Jan.18,1822.

末末, ch.Micajah C. and Theodate B., May16,1824.

Eliza Ellen, d.John, jr. [and Elizabeth.CR1], Sept.21,1824.

末末, ch.Micajah C. and Theodate B., Oct.24,1826.

Mary Emily, d.John, jr. [and Elizabeth.CR1] Sept.24,1828.

George Ingraham, s, Nehemiah I., July23,1831.

Amos Wheeler, s.Raphael W. and Harriet, Nov.17,1831.

John Irvin, s.John jr. [and Elizabeth.CR1], Feb.11,1832.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Nehemiah I., May14,1833.

Raphael Mansfield, s.Raphael W. and Harriet, Sept.末,1833.

John Irvin, s.John, jr., Oct.16,1834.

Charles Wesley, s.Raphael W. and Harriet, May1,1835.

Harriett Jane, d.Raphael W. and Harriet, June14,1837.

John Fletcher Pierce, s.Raphael W. and Harriet, Sept.13,1839.

末末, s.Andrew J., cordwainer, Jan.13,1844.

Edward S., s.Andrew J., cordwainer, June22,1846.

George Emerson, s.George Otis, shoe manufacturer, and Mary F.W., b. Standish, ME, Mar.7,1849.

Lucy Ellen, d.Andrew J., cordwainer, b. Reading, and Almira, b. Albany, ME, Nov.15,1849.


Theodore Henry, s.Theodore, merchant, and Maria O., of Boston, Mar.24,1847.


George Everett, s.James Maddison and Elizabeth, Nov.17,1839.

Laura Adelaide, d.James Maddison and Elizabeth, June11,1841.


Mary Frances, d.William, labourer, and Mary Ann,末蔓末, [1845?]


John Francis Warner, s.Francis, cordwainer, b. Fayal, and Emily, b. Newton, Nov.26,1849.


George Washington, s.John B., baker, b. Salem.and Adeline, July5,1848.

Marietta, d.George, laborer, b. Somersworth, NH, and Mary E., b. Newburyport, at Portsmouth, NH, Jan.28,1849.

PROCKTER (Procter)

Joseph, s.John and Joanna, Sept.3,1780.

PROCTER (Prockter, Proctor)

John, s.William and Elizabeth, Nov.4,1754.

Jemime, d.William and Elizabeth, Jan.23,1761.

John, s.William, jr. and Anna, Mar.18,1794.

William, s.William, jr. and Anna, June12,1800.

Samuel, s.William, jr. and Anna, Feb.23,1802.

Naby, d.Isaac, June1,1806.

George, s.William, jr. and Anna, Oct.23,1808.

Albirt, s.Isaac, Jan.4,1809.

PROCTOR (Procter)

William, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary G., Nov.17,1822.

Ann, d.John and.Hannah, Feb.2,1823.

Richard Fay, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary G., July16,1824.

Mark Phillips, s.John and Hannah, Nov.19,1825,

David Deland s.Samuel, Jr. and Mary G., Mar.27,1826.

Daniel, s.Samuel, jr. and Mary G., Dec.17,1827.

Elizabeth Phillips, d.John and Hannah, Apr.8,1828.

Mary Abigail, d.Samuel and Elizabeth Feb.2,183.

Mary Abigail, d.Samuel jr. and Mary G., Feb.2,1830.

Daniel Fuller, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.1,1830.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Joseph A. and Lucy Ann, June5,1831.

Eliza, d.Francis L, and Lucy N., July17,1834.

Benjamin Francis, s.Francis L. and Lucy N., Dec.11,1835.

Joseph Warren, s.Joseph A. and Lucy Ann [abt. 1836.]

John, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1836.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Adaline, Jan.3,1837.

Joseph Warren, s.Joseph A. and Lucy Ann, Feb.16,1840.

Mary, d.Benjamin, confectioner, b. Salem, and Adeline, b. Boston, Jan.3,1849.


Elias, s.Elias T., housewright, and Mary S., Sept.8,1843.

Anna M., d.Elias, carpenter, Jan.3,1846.


Phillip, s.James, gardener, and Sarah, Jan.5,1846.

John, s.James, farmer and gardener, and Hannah, June28,1847.

Mary Ann, d.James J., gardener, and Hannah, both b. Ireland Nov.28,1848.


Rebecca Pickworth, d.Jesse S. and Rebecca, at Salem, Aug.25,1842.

PURINTON (Purintun)

James, 22:1m:1723.CR1

Ann, w.James, 20:3m:1726.CR1

Elizabeth, w.Jedidiah, 9:2m:1751.CR1

Pelatiah, s.Moses and Peace, of Berwick, 4:8m:1763.CR1

James, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, July4,1774.

James, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, Sept.16,1775.

Peace, d.Jedediah and Elizabeth, Mar.9,1777.

Ebenezer, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, June3,1779.

Enoch, s.Jedediah and Elizabeth, Dec.18,1781.

Peace, d.Jedediah and Elizabeth, Mar.26,1783.

Betsy, d.twin, Jedediah and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1784.

John, s.twin, Jedediah and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1784.

Rebecca, d.Jedediah, May25,1789.

Peace, d.Pelatiah and Content [Peace. dup.], Sept.16,1791. [ Sept.9. dup.]

Jacob, s.Pelatiah and Kezia, 2d w., July28,1795.

David, s.Jedediah, Jan.30,1796.

Abijah, s.Pelatiah and Kezia, 2d w., Dec.18,1797.

Moses, s.Pelatiah and Kezia, 2d w., Nov.11,1799.

Beulah Wing, d.Abijah and Beulah, 26:5m:1801.CR1

Anna, d.Pelatiah and Kezia, 2d w., Apr.1,1802.

Eliza, d.James, jr, and Tamesin, Aug.28,1802.

Mary Chase, d.Pelatiah and Kezia, 2d w., Oct.26,1806.

Alford Augustus, s.Enoch and Elizabeth, Jan.26,1807.

Benjamin Alley, s.Enoch and Elizebeth, May11,1808.

Julia Ann, d.James, jr. and Tamesin, Mar.8,1809.

Benjamin Alley, s.Enoch and Elizebeth, Jan.18,1810.

James, s.John and Sarah, July22,1810.

Enoch, s.Enoch and Elizebeth, Nov.11,1811.

James, s.Jacob and Huldah, Apr.21,1821.

Lydia Breed, d.Enoch and Elizebeth, Aug.12,1821.

William Bassett, s.David [and Mary.CR1], Oct.1,1822.

Mary Ellen, d.David [and Mary.CR1], Jan.5,1825.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Huldah, Mar.22,1831.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Huldah, Dec.14,1838.

Charles Smith, s.James, cordwainer, and Harriet S., b. Philadephia, Sept.25,1848.

PURINTUN (Purinton)

Jediah, s.James and Ann, July22,1747.

Theodate, d.James and Ann, Sept.23,1749.

Deliverance, d.James and Ann, June18,1752.

Ann, d.James and Ann, Jan.19,1755.

Miriam, d.James and Ann, Apr.3,1757.

Huldah, d.James and Ann, May3,1759.

末末, d.James and Ann, Mar.7,1762.

James, s.James and Ann, July28,1763.

PURKINS (Perkins)

John, s.Jonathan and Polley, Jan.1,1798.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Polley, Mar.1,1800.

Abraham, s.Jonathan and Polley, May6,1802.

Naby, d.Jonathan and Polley, Apr.13,1804.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Polley, Oct.2,1806.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Polley, Mar.7,1809.

Loize, d.Jonathan and Polley, May4,1811.

Nancy, d.Jonathan and Polley, Mar.2,1813.


John, s.Dr. Samuel, bp. July6,1777.CR2

William, s.Dr. Samuell bp. July6,1777.CR2

James, s.Dr. Samuel, bp. Dec.7,1777.CR2

John, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Mar.15,1824.

Samuel Beckford, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Mar.1,1826.

Martha Maria, d.James, Aug.31,1827.

Julia Ann, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Oct.20,1827.

George, s.Benjamin W., Dec.27,1832.

Francis Silver, s.Benjamin W., May8,1835.

Ada, d.Daniel, glue maker, and Anna, Sept.25,1848.

Louisa, d.Silas, housewright, b. Wilton, NH, and Mary, b. Eng., Oct.24,1849.

Frances Maria, d.Nathaniel T, cordwainer, b. Gloucester, and Caroline C., b. Atkinson, NH, Dec.9,1849.

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