Ann, and Charles Riley, int.Sept.11,1847.


Denison, of Malden, and Hepzebah Lewis, int.Sept.30,1827.

GAIL (Gale)

Abigail, and Humphrey Deverix [of], Jan.29,1729-30.*

Hannah, and Robert Mansfield, jr., Nov.30,1815.*

GAILE (Gale)

Auther, of Bristol, Eng., saddletree maker, and wid.Mary Hill of Boston, Dec.13,1733.CR1


Samuell, and Ann Wright, 7:2m:1665.CTR

GALE (Gail, Gaile)

Anna W., and John Barry, Apr.7,1835.CR5*

Charles J., and Elizabeth H. Perry, Nov.28,1844.*

Samuel, and Eliza Goodridge, Apr.20,1834.*

Sarah Ann [of], and Jonathan Shaw, Oct.8,1837.*

William T., and Elizabeth Ann Richardson, Apr.16,1838.*

GALEUCIA (Galleucia, Gallucia, Gallusha, Gallushe, Galoshoe, Galucia, Galusha, Galushe)

Elizabeth, a.18y., b. Danvers, d.[] and Elizabeth, and John Moulton, a.20y., cordwainer, s.Aaron, Nov.22,1849.*

Hanah, and Joseph Newhall of Danvers,末蔓末,1795.PR54

Hannah Priscilla, and William Granger, int.July22,1849.

Peter S., and Mary Ann Smitherst, Oct.27,1828.*


Roots, of Marblehead, and Abigail Burill, Oct.5,1727.

GALLEUCIA (Galeucia)

Desire, and William Phillips, May21,1826.*

John, and Betsey Granger, July5,1827.*

Mary, and Henry Williams, Jan.4,1821.*

Mary Ann [Goodwin. int.], and Andrew Reynolds, Apr.28,1822.*

Ruth, and John Gardner, Apr.25,1822.*

Susanna, of Salem, and Thomas Stone, jr., int.Sept.16,1827.


John, late of Boston, and Sarah Silsbey of Boston, "resident in Lynn," Apr.2,1777.


Hannah D., of Beverly, and Seth D. Woodbury, int.Sept.13,1835.


Cicely, and Thomas Conroy, int.Sept.28,1845.

GALLUCIA (Galeucia)

Daniel, and Eunice Field, May3,1810.*

Daniel, and Eliza Thomas, July26,1812.*

GALLUSHA (Galeucia)

Daniel, and Desire Needham, Mar.11,1802.*

GALLUSHE (Galeucia)

Betsey, and John Needham of Danvers, May22,1806.*

GALOSHOE (Galeucia)

Hannah, and Jacob Graves, residents of Lynn, int.Aug.26,1775.

GALUCIA (Galeucia)

Ambrose B., and Tabitha Adams of Medway, int.May26,1833.

Caroline, and David Shillaber, Nov.29,1835.*

Betsey S. [of], and Simon Jones, July2,1832.*

Betsey, and Nathan B. Martin, int.June18,1837.

Betsey, and Elijah Brackett, Oct.26,1837.*

Elizabeth A., and James B. Newhall of Salem, int.Nov.30,1845.

George, and Mary Martin, Apr.19,1832.*

Julia Ann, and James R. Adams, Nov.10,1836.*

Louisiana, and Isaac O. Hudson, int.Oct.31,1830.

Madison B., and Mary E. Brown, at Smithfield, RI, July24,1831.

Martha N., and William M. Hudson, Apr.23,1837.*

Mary E., and David L. Pervere, int.Oct.22,1837.

Ruth, of Salem, and David Hawkes [jr. int.], Dec.8,1844.*

Ruth, and Benjamin T.R. Ingalls, Apr.21,1846.*

Sarah N., and Joseph W. Putnam of Danvers, int.June12,1849.

William, and Hannah S. Currier, Oct.13,1831.*

William, and Lydia W. Phillips, int.Dec.26,1847.

GALUSHA (Galeucia)

Hannah, and Joseph Newhall, jr. [resident of Lynn. int.], Dec.17,1795.*

Hannah Priscilla, and William Granger, int.Nov.10,1847.

Jacob, and Salley Newhall of Danvers, int.Apr.13,1794.

GALUSHE (Galeucia)

Daniel, and Elizabeth Lindsey, int.May5,1782.


Caroline, and Joshua Storer [], Mar.2,1834.*

Emily, of Salem, and John Gomes, int.Mar.24,1839.

Gideon L., and Sarah A. Worthen, int.Nov.3,1844.

GARAY (Geary)

Edward, and Phebe Holden of Woburn, int.Dec.9,1750.


John, a.22y., tin plate worker, b. Ireland s.John, and Mary Ann Weir of Roxbury, a.21y., b. Ireland d.Thomas, int.Dec.10,1849.

GARDINER (Gardner)

Mary A., and Stillman Rich, Jan.7,1844.*

Stephen H., and Mary Ann Downing, Apr.17,1844.*

GARDNER (Gardiner)

Caroline L., of Salem, and Stacey R. Bott, int.Dec.12,1841.

James, and Sussanna Flagg, Feb.28,1793.*

James, Esq., and Content Phillips, Jan.1,1807.*

James, and Mary Phillips, Dec.29,1817.*

James H[], and Phebe Phillips, Mar.28,1821.*

John Flagg, M.D., and Abigail Augusta Phillips, May11,1818.PR53*

John, and Ruth Galleucia, Apr.25,1822.*

John, and Rachel [N. int.] Rhodes, Aug.15,1824.*

Joseph, of Salem, and Caroline L. Hill, Sept.28,1843.*

Mary, and Abijah Hitching, residents of Lynn, int.June24,1775.

Mary Aann D., and Ambrose Carlton, int.Aug.19,1832.

Phebe, of Hillsboro, NH, and Samuel Boardman, int.Mar.23,1806.

Ruth, and Peter Coan [resident of Lynn. int.], May20,1827.*

Samuell [of], and Mrs.Patty Williams, Dec.30,1762.CR2*

Samuel, of Salem, and Mary J. Granger of Danvers, Oct.3,1839.

Susan Lucy, and Dr. Gurdon Pellet [of North], Feb.14,1827.*

GAREY (Geary)

Abigail, and Obediah Walker of Lunenburg, int.Aug.11,1745.

Benjamin, and Susan Eaton, May29,1739.*

Rebecca, of Stoneham, and Elisha Newhall, at Reading, Nov.21,1782.

GARNEY (Garns, Gearnes)

Adeline, and Jeremiah S. Bennett, May30,1847.*

Ambrose, and [] Rebecca Choate, Feb.18,1849.*

Anna, and Michael Lummus, June13,1824.*

Susan, and Jonathan Phillips, jr., Apr.9,1820.*

GARNS (Garney)

Anna, and Jesse Whitman, Mar.26,1770.*

Mary [], and John Coats, Sept.10,1759.*

GARY (Geary)

Elizabeth, and Timothy Bancroft, Mar.12,1738-9.*

Rebecca, and Elisha Newhall, int.June23,1782.


Joseph, cordwainer, s.Samuel, of Mendon, husbandman and Sarah Holder, d.Thomas, deceased, Oct.29,1746.CR1


Patty, and Stephen Buxton, Apr.27,1823.


Lydia, of Boston, and Theophelus Burrel, at Boston, July5,1694.


Mary, and Silas Fuller, Oct.18,1843.*


Alice, wid.Timothy, of Boston, and James Robinson, Aug.15,1801.PR50

Jane, Mrs., of Boston, and James Robinson, Esq., int.July19,1801.

Jesse, of Andover, and Elizabeth Eaton, Aug.11,1834.*

Martha, and Thomas Coots, Dec.29,1685.


John M. [of Newark, NJ. int.], and Lucy Ann Sanderson, Mar.24,1836.*

GEARNES (Garney)

Andrew [], of Boston, tailor, and Mary Bassett, d.William, 15:12m:1705-6.CR1*

GEARY (Garay, Garey, Gary)

John, of Stoneham, and Susannah Williams, int.Sept.23,1749.

GEORGE (Gorge)

Hiram, and Mary E. Williams, Feb.4,1844.*

Sally, and John B. Mower, Oct.21,1821.*

GIBAUT (Gibot)

GIBBENS (Gibbins)

Hannah, and Mark H. Davis, Nov.8,1835.*

John, and Hannah Phillips, Oct.18,1801.*

John, jr., and Clarissa Vickary, Dec.15,1842.*

Mary A., and Cyrus T. Lane, int.Dec.8,1844.

Otis, and Mary E[] Poland Sept.24,1837.*

Otis, and Mary Ann Stone, Aug.10,1843.*

William, and Alice Swan of Sanbornton, NH, int.Oct.31,1847.

GIBBINS (Gibbens)

William, and Betsey Graves, Sept.8,1825.*


Heman, resident of Lynn, and Cynthia Foster of Hamilton, int.Mar.11,1827.


Samuel J., and Lydia A. Peterson, Mar.6,1842.*


John, of Salem, and Mary Ham, int.Dec.12,1847. (Forbidden by the Mayor of Salem, both parties resident in Salem.)


Caroline A., and Benjamin B. Dow, Oct.21,1849.*

James, and Sophia Hallet of Yarmouth, int.Sept.21,1845.

John, and Mary Lewis, Aug.6,1820.*

Martha, of Cambridge, and Ruben Lilley, int.Mar.25,1696.

Martha L., and Charles O. Jarvis, Jan.31,1847.*

Mary E., a.22y., d.John and Mary, and William A. Gray, a.23y., expressman, s.Austin, Feb.27,1848.*


William, of Ipswich, and Sarah Hitchings, int.Sept.19,1698.

GIFFORD (Jefferds, Jeffords)

Mathew [of Boston. int.], and Mary Mower, Mar.28,1767.*

Phillip, and Mary Davis, "last of" June, 1684.


George, a.26y., fisherman, s.Jonathan and Sarah, and Mary C. Newhall [Newill. int.], a.21y., d.Paul and Mary, Nov.7,1847.*

Hannah, of Gloucester, and Walter Phillips, 3d, May1,1838.*

Judey, resident of Lynn, and John Norwood of Lynnfield, int.Aug.2,1807.

Lois, d.William and Susan, and Oliver Honers of Gloucester, widr., a.62y., laborer, s.Robert and Martha, Dec.26,1847.

Mahala Ann, and Joseph Owen, Dec.17,1843.*

Moses, a.24y., carpenter, b. Gloucester, s.Jonathan, and Huldah B. Ingalls, a.18y., d.Joseph, jr., Oct.28,1849.*

Sarah Foster, see Gilchrist Sarah F.

Sarah A., a.18y., and Eben N. Wardwell, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Henry and Sarah, Feb.4,1849.*

Sarah S, of Hallowell, ME, a.25y., d.Bailey, and Joshua C. Hawkes, a.25y., cordwainer, b. Windham, ME, s.William, int.Oct.7,1849.


Sarah F[oster Gilbert. int.], and Arminius C. Newhall, Oct.20,1839.*

GILE (Giles)

Daniel [of Enfield, NH. int.], and Lydia Hawks, Nov.23,1809.*

GILES (Gile)

Ebenezer, of Beverly, and Eve Hawkes, Aug.7,1739.*

Eleazer, and Sara More, 25:11m:1664.CTR

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Benjamin Jeffords, int.Aug.3,1735.

Mary, and Ezekiel Chever, Nov.28,1759.*

GILFORD (Guilford)

Abigail [H. int.], and Amos Farrington, Dec.30,1818.*

Mary W., and John C. Webster, Oct.14,1833.*

Rufus, resident of Lynn, and Susen Pittman of Salem, int.Nov.8,1812.

Samuel M., and Mary Witt, June3,1810.*

William, of Leicester, and Abigal Very, int.Apr.6,1760.


Suzanah, and Samuel Hathorn, May13,1714.

GILLMAN (Gilman)

Edward V., and Letitia Atwill, int.Oct.27,1839.


John, and Sara Keaser, Apr.7,1666.CTR

GILMAN (Gillman)

Abigail M., and Sylvester P. Flint, July7,1833.*

Daniel, and [] Southwick [of], Nov.1,1825.PR53*

Ebenezer B., and Catharine M. Barker, Sept.7,1838.*

Eliza Ann, and Amos Burrill, Dec.31,1829.*

Hannah, and Thomas Vincent, Oct.22,1838.*

Henry D., and Adaline Munroe, Jan.30,1840.*

Henry D., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Edmund and Grace F., and Maria D. Hutchinson, a.19y., d.William and Sally, Dec.22,1844.*

John L., of Boston, a.26y., clerk, s.Bradbury, of NH, and Mary E. Shorey, a.19y., d.Joseph, Apr.24,1849.*

William H., and Lydia P. Blake, Nov.4,1839.*

William B., and Mary Jane Richardson, Dec.29,1844.*


Bridget, b. Ireland and Michael Powell, a.21y., laborer, b. Ireland s.John, Nov.11,1849.*

Maria, and Eaton Lothrop, Mar.19,1848.*

Robert, resident in Lynn, and Sarah Bullerd of Needham, int.Dec.31,1809.

Robert, and Sarah Mulliken, May16,1813.*


John T., of Augusta, ME, and Anna Collins, Nov.4,1829.CR5*


Eliza, and Thomas G. Clapp, May3,1840.*

Betsey, and Thomas Averill, Nov.11,1831.CR5*

Harriett, and Augustus R. Parks, Nov.24,1846.*

John, and Genett Orr, June20,1819.*

Lemuel, resident in Lynn, and Nancy Tuttle, int.Jan.7,1821.

Lemuel, and Joanna Jesup, int.July7,1844.

Lucinda M., and Lauriston Stiles, Jan.2,1842.

Mary, and Ralph Parkerson, int.July21,1833. (Marriage forbidden.)

Nancy, and David Holt, Nov.24,1834.*

William, resident in Lynn, and Lucinda Floyd of Malden, int.Aug.26,1821.

William, and Huldah B. Newhall, int.Sept.20,1835.


Lucy A., of Manchester, and George B. Tucker, int.Nov.2,1834.


Mary U., and Charles B. Bradley, Nov.30,1845.


Jean, and Robert Hood [of], Sept.7,1730.*


Lydia H., of Salem, and John C. Holmes, int.Sept.23,1832.

Susan H., and Perley Balch, Dec.21,1836.*

GLEASON (Gleeson)

Lucy, and Asa L. Stone, Sept.26,1816.*

GLEESON (Gleason)

Joseph, of Oxford, and Lydia Tarbox, int.Oct.23,1743.


Isaac, and Adaline E. Lewis, int.Nov.17,1844.

John Mailey, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Robert and Mary, and Susan Davis, a.23y., d.Joseph and Susan, Dec.24,1845.

Polly Mills Glidden, of Northfield, NH, and Rev. Daniel Young, resident of Lynn, int.Aug.7,1808.


Emily S., Mrs., of Boston, and James B. Davis of Boston, Aug.1,1847.

Martha B., of Salem, and William Cross, int.Aug.11,1833.

Mary Eliza, and John C. Dow, Oct.5,1843.*


Abigaill, and Danell Jacobs, Feb.11,1747-8.*

Mary [Margerit, of], and John Farrington, Feb.22,1737-8.*


Richard, of Boston, and Sarah Hathorne, int.Aug.1,1719.


Thomas, of Marblehead, and Sarah Farrington, int.Dec.23,1733.


John, of Boston, and Sarah Farington, int.June19,1697.


Jonathan, and Betsey Tilton of Kensington, int.Dec.15,1799.


Thomas, and Margarett Murphy, int.July6,1845.

GOING (Gowing)

Annes, and John Bates, May25,1708.*

Benjamin, and Abigall Wymon, May26,1725.*

Daniell, and Mary Williams, int.Mar.15,1709-10.

Ebenezer, and Elizebeth Eaton, Apr.10,1724.*

Hannah, and Edward Pickering of Salem, Mar.12,1724.*

Joanna, and Pellatia Crocker, Feb.23,1724-5.*

GOLD (Gould)

Daniel, of Charlestown, and Susana Person, at Reading, Dec.26,1710.

GOLDSMITH (Gooldsmith)

Clarissa L., and Oliver R. Kellar of Thomaston, ME, Oct.18,1846.*

Edward, and Lydia B. Estes, May24,1832.*

Elizabeth, and David B. Follet, Mar.21,1824.*

Elizabeth, and George Thomas, int.Nov.8,1840.

Joseph, jr., and Mary W. Colby, June11,1820.*

Lydia, and Joseph Lewis, Sept.30,1830.*

Martha, of Manchester, and William Weeks, int.Dec.13,1835.

Mary, and Ezra Brown, Dec.1,1831.*

GOLDTHWAIT (Goldthwaite)

Benjamin [of Malden. int.], and Lois Boardman, May3,1767,*

Benjamin, and Elizebeth Wadsworth Barrett of Boston, int.Apr.9,1812.

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Sarah Newman, int.Sept.29,1751.

Eliza Ann, of Danvers, and Samuel Rhodes, Apr.9,1848.*

Mary M., of Newburyport, and Rufus Brackett, resident in Lynn, int.May19,1811.

GOLDTHWAITE (Goldthwait, Golthwit)

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Sarah Newman, at Salem, Jan.16,1751.

Ruth, of Salem, and Henry Newman, at Salem, Jan.6,1727.*

GOLTHWIT (Goldthwaite)

Benjamin [of Beverly.CR2], and Sarah Gowing, Oct.22,1772.*

Sarah, and Calvin Newhall, Sept.28,1772.


John, and Emily Gamage of Salem, int.Mar.24,1839.

GOODALE (Goodall, Goodell)

Abraham, of Salem, and Hannah Rhoads, at Salem, Apr.末,1704.*

Enoch, and Lucretia Goodridge, Dec.7,1823.*

Lucy Ann, and Harrison Stocker, Sept.30,1845.*

Mary [Goodell. int.], of Danvers, and Ebenezer Aborn, jr., at Danvers, Nov.9,1752.*

GOODALL (Goodale)

Thankful, and Richard Singlton [of Sutton. int.], Nov.16,1738.*

GOODDIN (Goodwin)

Martha, Mrs., of Boston, and Lt. John Pearson, int.Nov.13,1714.

GOODELL (Goodale)

Ezekiel, and Sarah Symonds, Sept.14,1824.

GOODEN (Goodwin)

Rebeca, and Ralph Lindsey, residents of Lynn, int.Oct.21,1775.

Ruth, and William P. Kantisbear, Jan.29,1809.*

GOODHEUE (Goodhue)

Nathaniell, of Ipswich, and Marcy Hawks, int.Nov.28,1696.

GOODHUE (Goodheue)

Mary Orr, a.28y., and Thomas Parton, a.49y., cordwainer, Nov.29,1848.*

GOODIN (Goodwin)

Ammeziah, and Polley Larraby, Aug.14,1798.*


Susan, and William Chadwell, Esq., at Marlboro, Mar.22,1832.PR53*


Emily B., and Andrew G. Tucker of Manchester, NH, int.Oct.16,1842.

GOODRIDG (Goodridge)

Moses, and Hannah Graves, Aug.2,1795.*

Salley, and Rufus L. Barras, Mar.28,1797.*

GOODRIDGE (Goodridg)

Abigail W., and Henry Skerry, Dec.24,1835.*

Bailey, and Elisabeth Collins, Mar.7,1805.*

Bailey, jr., and Mary Ann Newhall, Oct.23,1831.*

Eliza, and Samuel Gale, Apr.20,1834.*

Hannah, and William Clark, May4,1818.*

Jane, and Matthew Mansfield, Nov.12,1823.*

Joseph B., and Matilda Newhall, Oct.27,1832.*

Lucretia, and Enoch Goodale, Dec.7,1823.*

Lydia, and Alden Newhall, Nov.22,1835.*

Mary, and Timothy Newhall, jr., Aug.6,1820.*

Mary, and Jacob Rhodes, jr., Dec.21,1825.*

Moses R.G., and Mary R. Dearborn, Dec.9,1832.*

Sally B., and James M. Buckman, May24,1829.*

Thirza, and Levi Lufkin, Oct.29,1843.*

Zachariah, and Abigail Bancroft, Nov.25,1835.*

GOODWIN (Gooddin, Gooden, Goodin)

Albert T., and Lydia M. Richards, Oct.3,1832.*

Altazera, and Ebenezer T. Brimblecom, Apr.14,1824.*

Elizabeth, of Reading, and Timothy Poole, at Reading, Nov.9,1725.

Francis, and Parmelia Phillips, Dec.9,1838.*

Harriet L., a.26y., d.John, and William H. White, a.29y., mariner, s.William, June10,1849.*

James, of Reading, and Mary Mansfeild, int.Dec.7,1735.

John, of Reading, and Tabitha Peirson, at Reading, May25,1696.

John, cordwainer, and Eliza B. Tapley, dressmaker, Oct.13,1844.*

Jonas B., and Mary Jane Mailey, Oct.6,1839.*

Lydia, and George Jackson, Nov.25,1824.*

Lydia J., a.25y., d.Daniel, and Samuel A. Guilford, a.26y., housewright, s.Samuel and Mary, Feb.14,1849.*

Mary Ann, see Galleucia, Mary Ann.

Mary, of Reading, and Nathaniel Gowing, int.Mar.13,1736-7.

Mary A. [of Dover, NH. int.], a.21y., and William P. Newhall, shoe manufacturer, b. Dover, NH, Feb.19,1845.*

Mary A., a.20y., d.Ebenezer and Hannah, and Charles A. Lake, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Ann, Dec.26,1847.*

Nathanell, and Mary 末末, Sept.1,1701.CR2

Rebecca, and Ralph Lindsey, Dec.14,1775.

Samuel I., and Hannah Williams, Sept.22,1830.*

Sarah, and Alvah Blackey, int.May25,1845. (Marriage forbidden)

Sarah F., and Eli Smith Stevens, int.June14,1846.

GOOING (Gowing)

John, and Hannah White of Reading, at Reading, June3,1712.*

GOOLD (Gould)

Daniell, of Charlestown, and Susana Pearson, int.Nov.14,1710.

Danell, of Stoneham, and Ruth Bancroft, int.Oct.22,1752.

James, of Salem, and Margaret Chadwell, at Salem, Apr.13,1726.*

Mary, of Salem, and Caleb Downing, at Salem, Mar.2,1727.*

Zeruiah, of Salem, and John Sibley, int.Nov.21,1713.

GOOLDSMITH (Goldsmith)

Joseph, and Lydia Ireson, June2,1797. [1796.CR5].*


Enos H., and Betsey P. Lewis, May31,1842.*

James, and Sally Massey, July2,1831.*

Mehitable, see Witham, Mehitable.

Mehitable, and Jeremiah Davis, Aug.4,1836.*

Nicholas, and Ruth Pierce, int.Aug.13,1837.

Ruth, and William W. Morton, int.Sept.21,1845.

GORE (Goare)

GORGE (George)

Elizabeth, and Richard Reith, 16:12m:1664.CTR


Bridget, a.20y., and Patrick Owens of Lowell, a.20y., machinist, b. Ireland s.Edward, July5,1849.*


Martha, and Carey Libbey, Apr.24,1823.*


Charles, and Liddea Clearke, 25:10m:1665.CTR

Daniel, and Elizabeth Morris, 2:11m:1665.CTR

John, of Hebron, and Ellinor Tarbox, int.Sept.26,1718.

Liddia, of Wenham, and John Breed, Jan.2,1717-18.*

Samuel, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Ruth Ivory, int.Mar.31,1723.

GOUDY (Gowdey)

Levi, and Hannah Mansfiel, Oct.22,1795.*

Polley, and John Watts, July7,1798.*

GOULD (Gold, Goold)

Abraham, Dr., and Betsey H. Breeden, Aug.7,1845.*

Amos, and Mary Williams, Sept.17,1755. [Nov.18.CR3].

Elihu, cordwainer, s.Muzey, of Rochester, NH, husbandman, and Lois Farrington, d.Daniel, cordwainer, Apr.16,1777.CR1

Elihu, s.Elihu, deceased, and Lois, and Patience Boyce, d.Jonathan, jr., of Danvers, and Patience, deceased, 25:11m:1807.CR1

Elihu, s.Elihu, deceased, and Lois, and Content Boyce, d.Jonathan and Patience, of Danvers, both deceased, 27:5m:1812.CR1

Eunice, of Stoneham, and Eli A. Yale, int.Nov.2,1823.

James, jr., of Salem, and Mehitabel Townsend, Jan.3,1758.*

Joseph, and Deborah Jones, Feb.20,1767.*

Josiah, of Salem, and Sarah Shermon, int.Nov.4,1764.

Lois [Mrs.CR1], and Simeon Breed, Dec.22,1783.*

Miriam, and Henry Silsbe, jr. [bef. 1818.]CR1


Asa, and Mary Elizabeth Hanson, Aug.17,1824.*

Caroline M[ehitable. int.], wid., and [Capt. int.] Charles May of Boston, Feb.11,1845.*

Edward B.T., and Ruth Estes, Nov.16,1826.*

Elizabeth N., and Jeremiah Gove, Nov.28,1839.*

Emily Augusta, a.20y., b. Weare, NH, d.John C., and Joseph B. Holder, a.25y., physician, s.Aaron L., Dec.4,1849.*

Hannah G., and John C. Gove [bef. 1829.]CR1

Ira, and Harriett Phillips, int.Oct.23,1831.

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth N. Gove, Nov.28,1839.*

John C., and Hannah G. Gove [bef. 1829.]CR1

Joshua R., and Content Phillips, int.Aug.18,1805.

Joshua, and Hannah E. Ingalls, July13,1843.*

Lydia B., and Squire Gove [bef. 1828].CR1

Mary Ann, and John R. Clarrage, Oct.5,1837.*

Merrill, and Abigail M. Chase, Jan.6,1839.*

Otis, and Caroline M. Dodge, int.Oct.27,1839.

Patience, of Seabrook, NH, and Moses Breed [bef. 1805.]CR1

Squire, and Lydia B. Gove [bef. 1828].CR1

Stephen, of Weare, NH, husbandman, s.Edward, of Seabrook, NH, yeoman, and Huldah Basset, d.Daniel, deceased, Aug.20,1777.CR1

William B. [of Weare, NH. int.], and Sarah Ann Thompson, May30,1836.*

Worthen, and Emeline Spencer [of], Feb.14,1837.*

GOWDEY (Goudy, Gowdy)

Betsey, and Andrew Steele, June16,1833.*

Lydia, and James Hawkes, int.Mar.1,1840.

Mercy H., and [Capt.PR53] Rufus Lathe, Apr.13,1820.*

Nathaniel T., and Kezia A[] Carter, Jan.8,1835.*

Olivia [M. int.], and James Collins, Nov.26,1826.*

Thomas R., and Sarah Leathe, Oct.7,1832.*

GOWDY (Gowdey)

Betsey, and Rufus Leathe, Nov.29,1810.*

John, and Betsey Robinson, Feb.16,1812.*

Nathaniel O., and Lydia Stocker, Sept.4,1806.*

Susanna, and George Burrill, Oct.7,1813.*

GOWEN (Gowing)

Caroline A., and Benjamin A. Hallowell, int.Feb.11,1849.

Eliza A., a.24y., d.James and Sarah N., and Benjamin F. Jeffery of Danvers, a.25y., cordwainer, s.Edward and Hannah, Dec.2,1847.*

Hannah, and Levi Howard, Dec.25,1834.*

James, and Sally N. Lewis, Apr.25,1822.*


Sarah Maria, and William H. Colby of Saugus, Feb.7,1844.*

GOWIN (Gowing)

Ezekiel, and Deliverance Wyman of Woburn, at Woburn, Jan.1,1732.*

Hannah, wid., and Thomas Blanchard of Andover, at Andover, Sept.21,1715.*

GOWING (Going, Gooing, Gowen, Gowin)

Abigail, and William Sheldon [of Reading, int.May24,1741.]*

Daniell, and Sarah Streetur, Oct.15,1691.

Daniell, and Mary Williams of Beverly, int.May20,1698.

Danell, and Marcy Lamberd, int.June9,1754.

Daniel, and Marcy [] Bowers, "said Daniel Gowing took the sd Marcy naked:Except a sheet and Shift that she Borrowed," Dec.25,1764.*

Daniel, and Hannah Butler of Danvers, at Danvers, Apr.24,1781.

Deliverance, Mrs., and Joseph Gowing, Mar.2,1763.CR2

Elizabeth, and [] Samuel Parker, Apr.24,1729.*

Elizabeth, and Gedion Gowing, int.May23,1742.

Betty, and David Whitemor of Danvers, Sept.9,1767.*

Ezekiel, and Lidia Gowing, int.Nov.9,1729.

Ezekiel, and [Mrs.CR2] Lydia Norwood [of Lynn], June21,1763.*

Ezra, of Lynnfield, and Rebecca Floyd, Oct.10,1836.*

Gedion, and Elizabeth Gowing, int.May23,1742.

Gideon, and wid.Anna Walldon of Danvers, Feb.18,1773.CR2*

Hannah, and Josiah Sawyer of Andover, int.Nov.5,1742.

Hannah, Mrs., and Jonathan Trask, June22,1767.CR2*

James, and Lydin Wellman, Jan.10,1760.*

Joanna, Mrs., and Habijah Lyndsey of Danvers, June9,1775.CR2*

John, and Priscillow Gowing, int.末蔓末,1742.

John, and Mrs.Lydia Briant, Sept.12,1775.CR2*

Jonathon, and Elizebeth Townsend, Apr.24,1722.*

Joseph, and Hannah Bancraft, Apr.10,1722.*

Joseph, and Mrs.Deliverance Gowing, Mar.2,1763.CR2*

Lois, and John Darling, Apr.5,1722.*

Lidia, and Ezekel Gowing, int.Nov.9,1729.

Lydia, and Ephraim Shelden of Reading. int.July30,1738.

Mary, and Thomas Eaton [of Reading. int.], Jan.24,1721-2.*

Mehitabel, Mrs.and Abraham Wellman, Oct.31,1765.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Eaton of Reading, Dec.7,1719.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Goodwin of Reading, int.Mar.13,1736-7.

Priscillow, and John Gowing, int.末蔓末,1742.

Rebakah, and Benjamin Twist of Danvers, Oct.11,1770.*

Samuel, and Patience Bancroft, int.Dec.21,1729.

Samuel, of Lynnfield, and Mary Ann Davis, int.Mar.22,1812.

Sarah, and Abraham Shelden of Reading, int.Apr.20,1739.

Sarah, and Benjamin Golthwit [of Beverly.CR2], Oct.22,1772.*

Thomas, and Sarah Hawks, Dec.27,1720.*


Ann, and Mark H. Durgin, int.Sept.29,1839.


John, and Hannah Hutchings, Jan.14,1834.*

Margarett, of Boston, and Charles Blakely, Nov.26,1846.*


Charles, and Mary Rhods, Oct.15,1802.*

Elizebeth [Mrs.PR16], and Shuble Burrill, Aug.17,1788.*

Betsey, and William Phillips [jr. int.], Feb.9,1808.*

Betsey, and John Galleucia, July5,1827.*

George, and Mary Shaw of Danvers, int.Aug.4,1822.

Harriet, and Isaiah H. Parrott, May6,1830.*

Harriett, a.15y., d.George and Mary, and John G. Coan, a.20y., fisherman, s.Peter and Ruth, Apr.1,1849.*

Mary, and John Chamberlain [of], Nov.14,1822.*

Mary J., of Danvers, and Samuel Gardner of Salem, Oct.3,1839.

Peter, and Elizabeth Baker, Mar.3,1781.PR16

William, and Hannah Priscilla Galusha, int.Nov.10,1847.

William, and Hannah Priscilla Galeucia, int.July22,1849.


Hiram, and Martha M. Pendergast [of Newburyport. int.], Oct.9,1836.*

John S., and Lucy Ann Ramsdell, Apr.9,1835.*

Robert, of Ipswich, and Elizabeth Burnall, int.Aug.31,1714.

Sarah, and Moses Briard, Aug.31,1823.*

GRAVES (Gravs)

Abigail, and William Graves, jr., June23,1781.

Abigail [], and Robert M. Richardson, Sept.22,1842.*

Amy, and Richard Richardson, 20:4m:1665.CTR

Ann Maria, and Joseph Vickary, jr., Apr.17,1844.*

Asa, see Grover, Asa.

Benjamin, and Mary Collins, Apr.27,1797.*

Benjamin, and Rebekah Williams, May15,1803.*

Bethiah I., and William I. Spear [of], Apr.21,1833.*

Blaney, a.34y., shoemaker, s.Mark and Bethiah, and Harriett Lewis, a.35y., d.Henry and Eunice, June6,1844.*

Christopher [], and Sarah Phillips of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Sept.27,1795.*

Crispass, and Rebeckah Alley, int.July15,1704.

Daniel, and Martha Coats, Jan.21,1722-3.*

Dorathy, and Caleb Hobs of Ipswich, int.May12,1705.

Dorathy, and John Hebard of Beverly, int.Nov.24,1708.

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Eliphal Hobkins of Boston, int.May10,1714.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Hobs of Ipswich, int.Mar.8,1700-1.

Betsey, of Reading, and Joseph Johnson, jr., int.June13,1819.

Betsey, and William Gibbins, Sept.8,1825.*

Elizabeth J., and Isaiah H. Parrott, Dec.13,1838.*

Franklin W., s.Eleazer, and Eliza Jane Blaney, d.William and Jane [Oct.22,1848. int.]

George, and Susan Fowler, int.Mar.23,1828.

George, and Hannah Presser, int.Jan.19,1845.

Hanna, and William Smith, 28:11m:1665.CTR

[Hannah.CTR] J. and Henary Blanow [of], Sept.8,174[8.CTR].

Hannah, and Walter Phillips, Nov.8,1774.*

Hannah, and Jacob Phillips, Nov.23,1790.*

Hannah, and Moses Goodridg, Aug.2,1795.*

Hannah, and Micajah Burrill, jr., July22,1838.*

Jacob, and Hannah Galoshoe, residents of Lynn, int.Aug.26,1775.

Jacob A., and Susan L. Munroe of Dorchester, int.Aug.27,1837.

James, and Mary Ann N. Beers, May31,1832.CR4*

Jerusha, and Jonathan Rhoads, Mar.26,1778.*

John, and Upes Collins, int.Mar.7,1717-18.

John A., and Charlotte Story, May3,1832.*

Julia A., and Isaac H. Frye, int.Jan.4,1846.

Mark, and Ruth Phillips, Dec.11,1718.*

Mark, and Hannah Blany, Mar.5,1761.*

Mary, and David Ferne, June20,1772.CR3*

Mary, and John Lindsey, jr., Apr.5,1820.*

Nancy, and Benjamin Stone, Dec.4,1817.*

Nathaniel, and Liddia Wallis, int.Feb.26,1726-7.

Rand and Jane Vinning of Salem, at Salem, Dec.6,1770.*

Rand and Abigail Williams, Dec.4,1808.*

Rebeckah, and Ezekil Collins, May12,1721.*

Rebecca [], and Abijah Ramsdell, Oct.22,1765.*

Ruth, wid., and Ebenezer Hawkes of Marblehead, blacksmith, at Boston, Nov.9,1732.CR1*

Ruth, d.Mark, deceased, and William Estes, feltmaker, s.John, deceased, Jan.1,1745-6.CR1

Samuel, and Elizabeth Lewis, Feb.8,1708-9.*

Samuel, and Elizabeth Collins, int.Oct.27,1716.

Samuel, and Hannah Rand Feb.13,1738-9.*

Samuel, and Mary Merrey, Dec.23,1740.*

Samuel, and Lois Burril, Apr.28,1768.CTR*

Samuel, and Elizebath Burrill, Jan.20,1774.*

Samuel, and Susanna Newhall, Feb.24,1795.*

Samuel, and Ann Ireson, Dec.8,1819.*

Samuel, widr., a.48y., farmer, s.Samuel and Susanna, and Mary P. Upton, wid., a.37y., teacher, d.Joshua Putnam, June26,1845.*

Sarah, and Job Collins, Dec.30,1735.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Burrill, int.Dec.15,1774.

Sarah, and Benjamin Alley, 3d, Feb.1,1785.*

Susanna, and Timothy T. Crane, Mar.29,1826.*

Tamar, and William Collins, Aug.9,1770.*

Thomas, and Ruth Collins, Jan.9,1709-10.*

Thomas, and Ruth Taylor of Andover, Feb.22,1714-15.*

William, and wid.Hannah Doel of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Mar.20,1721-2.

William, cordwainer, s.Crispus, housewright, and Sarah Allin, d.Abraham, Nov.22,1738.CR1

William, and Mary Williams, June11,1767.*

William, jr., and Abigail Graves, June23,1781.

Zechariah R[], and Abigail Burrill, Sept.12,1819.*

Zachariah R., and Abigail M. King, Nov.20,1844.*

GRAY (Grea, Greay, Grey)

Abraham, and Lydia Caley, Apr.1,1742.*

Alice, and Col. Ezra Newhall, May8,1781.

Austin, and Abigail Pearson, Dec.25,1821. [1820.CR5]*

Benjamin, and Sarah Hawkes, Oct.30,1744.*

Benjamin, jr., and [Mrs.Polly.PR6] Mary Burchsted, Aug.14,1766.*

Benjamin S., and Deborah N. Freeman of Sandwich, int.Nov.7,1841.

Deburah, and Benjamen Tarbox, int.June21,1724.

Dorriti, and John Tarbox, Oct.30,1723.*

Fanny S., and Otis J. Breed, Nov.16,1848.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Blany, int.Oct.9,1736.

Hannah, and Joseph Cutler, July26,1773.*

Jacob [of Andover. int.], and Betsey B. Leavitt, Mar.7,1822.*

Jeremiah, and Theadate Hood, int.Apr.8,1739.

Mary, and Capt. Thomas Cocks, Oct.19,1781. [1782. int.andCR3]*

Robert, jr., and 末末, int.末蔓末, 末末. (Nathaniel Evens of Reading forbid the Banns, Jan.8,1729-30.)

Robert, and Elizabeth Allen [of], May22,1732.*

Robert, and Anna Newhall, Dec.11,1755.*

Zebina S., and Harriett W. Webb, Nov.26,1846.*

William, of Boston, cordwainer, s.Jeremiah, housewright, and Alice Breed, d.Nathan, deceased, Jan.23,1771.CR1

William A., a.23y., expressman, s.Austin, and Mary E. Gibson, a.22y., d.John and Mary, Feb.27,1848.*

GRAYS (Graves)

Ann, and Joshua Roods, June12,1678.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Bruer, Dec.4,1682.

Samuell, and Sarah Bruer, Mar.12,1677-8.

Sarah, and Samuell Laughton, Feb.14,1680.

GREA (Gray)

William, and Hanah Scarlet, int.Nov.16,1706.

GREAY (Gray)

Roberd, and Dorraty Collins, int.Oct.19,1700.

GREELEY (Grelee)


Aaron, of Malden, and Sarah C. Parker, July30,1835.*

Abigail, and John Yell, Nov.12,1797.CR5*

Benjamin, of Seabrook, NH, yeoman, s.Jonathan, of Seabrook, yeoman, and Margaret, deceased, and Martha Collins, d.Nehemiah, yeoman, and Miriam, deceased, 15:11m:1780.CR1

Benjamin H., and Abigail Curtis of Portsmouth, NH, int.July27,1828.

Elijah H., of Stoneham, and Eliza Tuttle, int.May4,1845.

Eliza, of Salem, and Allen W. Lewis, int.Mar.25,1849.

Elisebeth, and John Sweetser, Nov.28,1782.

Elizabeth L., and Peter Lais [], at Salem, Apr.15,1799.*

Unice, of Reading, and Thomas Poole, at Reading, July8,1729.*

Ezra, and Eunis Burill, Apr.3,1744.

Hannah, and Samuel Henderson, Apr.13,1837.*

Harriett, and Benjamin Brown, June13,1824.*

Isaac, of Danvers, and Hannah Hall, Sept.16,1805.*

James [of Boston. int.], and Lydia Ramsdel, Mar.25,1759.*

James [resident of Lynn. int.], and Sarah Moulton, Mar.5,1761.*

James, and Ruth Archer of Salem, Jan.28,1785. [1784.CR3*]

James, jr., and Rebecca Humphries, June12,1798.CR5*

James, jr., and Mary Perkins, Oct.9,1823.*

James D., Rev., and [Sarah A. int.] Darwell of Dover, at Dover, NH, Nov.3,1825.PR53

James, and Mary P. Smith, Nov.28,1839.*

Joanna, and Joseph Johnson, 3d, June26,1823.*

John [of], and Gershua [] Norwood, Jan.1,1756.*

Jones, and Polley Barnes, int.Apr.3,1791.

Mary, d.Steven and Hannah, of Kensington, NH, and John Pratt, 13:4m:1825.CR1

Mary S., of Epsom, NH, and William H. Waldron, int.Oct.4,1846.

Nancey, and Eli Newman, Nov.17,1791.*

Nemeah [Nehemiah.CR3], and Patty Newhall, Jan.3,1794. [Jan.1.CR3].*

Otis H., and Harriett A. Folsom, Oct.13,1841.*

Ploomed, of South Reading, and Levi Robinson, resident in Lynn, int.Apr.22,1821.

Rebecca, of Reading, and John Collins, jr., at Reading, July3,1798.*

Samuel A., and Mary Ann Davis of Boston, int.Jan.16,1831.

Susanah, of Reading, and Thomas Townsend, int.Aug.29,1762.

Susanna, and John William, jr., int.May末,1794.

William, resident in Lynn, and Betsey Stocker, int.Oct.25,1818.


Harriet E., a.23y., and Otis Newhall, jr., a.21y., cordwainer, s.Benjamin, Mar.25,1849.*


George W., and Catharine E. Howard, July25,1844.*


Gardner, of Medford, and Lidya Nickerson Heart, Oct.1,1786.*

GREENSLEET (Greensleet)

Mary, and Ebenezer Knight, Aug.7,1739.*

GREENSLIT (Greensleet)

Abigail, and Nathan Howard, int.Jan.4,1740.


Paulina, and John Merritt, May9,1833.*

Sarah Ann, and Bradley V. Gutterson, June1,1837.*


Baxter, and Nancy R. Lowd, of Holderness, NH, int.Oct.18,1835.


Joseph, of Roxbury, and Sarah Brown, int.June4,1738.

GREY (Gray)

Joseph, and Rebekah Farington, May4,1756.*


Caroline, and Henry Downing, Oct.11,1838.*

Eliza, and Daniel Betton, both residents of Lynn, July8,1821.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Stocker, Oct.27,1743.*

George D., and Lydia S. Parker, Oct.13,1834.*

Hannah G., and Thomas Nason, int.Dec.13,1829.

Joseph, s.Nathanel, late of Salisbury, blacksmith, deceased, and Sarah Bassett, jr., d.William, husbandman, 13:4m:1696.CR1*

Martha T., of Salem, and William Hermon, int.Aug.13,1832.

Mary B., and John Lewis, Dec.12,1824.*

Prisilla, and Joseph Jeffords, Mar.12,1730-31.*

Sally A., and Matthew Clark, Aug.19,1823.*

Valeria O'B., and George Oliver, Sept.10,1840.*

William, of Medford, and Eliza Ann Barnard, int.Sept.7,1845.


Jerusha, and Ebenezer Norwood, 末蔓8,1741. [Nov. int.22.]*

Susanah, and Neamiah Ramsdill, May9,1737.*


Asa, [Graves, of Malden. int.], and Betsey Willson, Nov.16,1794.*

Ebenezer, and Anna Putt of Charlestown, int.Dec.17,1720.

Hannah Maria, of Saugus, a.18y., d.Stephen and Hannah M., of Saugus and Warren Burrill of Saugus, a.24y., cordwainer, s.John and Azubeth, Aug.18,1845.

James [of], and Salley Pool, May2,1797.*

John, and Lois Burrill, int.May8,1796.

Lois [of Malden. int.], and Samuell Burrill, Sept.21,1799.*

Lucius B., a.36y., cordwainer, s.Stephen, and Sarah Ann Grover, 2d m., a.35y., d.Thomas Forsey, June12,1849.*

Luther D., and Rachel A. Coats, Apr.27,1849.

Phebe, and Nathan Dexter [of Malden. int.], Oct.26,1769.CR3*

Sarah Ann, 2d m., a.35y., d.Thomas Forsey, and Lucius B. Grover, a.36y., cordwainer, s.Stephen, June12,1849.*


Alice B., and Jonathan F. Symonds, int.Apr.4,1841.

GUILFORD (Gilford)

Abigail, and Otis Vickary, Aug.23,1838.*

Edith, and Nathaniel Addison Newhall, Oct.14,1835.PR56*

Eliza, and Luke W. Dow, Oct.27,1831.*

Henry P., and Lucy Ann Wells of Hampton Falls, NH, int.Feb.16,1840.

Mary, of Danvers, and Moses Yell, int.Aug.15,1841.

Samuel A., a.26y., housewright, s.Samuel and Mary, and Lydia J. Goodwin, a.25y., d.Daniel, Feb.14,1849.*

Susan P., and William P. Pettingell of Salisbury, int.Oct.6,1844.

William H., cordwainer, s.Rufus and Susan, and Mary Breed, Feb.18,1849.


Samuel H., and Cassandra F. Marden, both of Brighton, Oct.5,1846.


Syrena T., a.22y., d.Seth and Elizabeth, and F. Henry Johnson, a.23y., innkeeper, s.Joseph and Betsey, Nov.25,1847.*


Abigail, and Thomas Fuller, int.Nov.1,1712.


Bradley V., and Sarah Ann Gregg, June1,1837.*

William, and Betsey [C. int.] Stetson, Jan.20,1833.*

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