PABODY (Peabody)

Sara, and Abraham How, Mar.26,1678.CTR

PACHE (Patch)

Elizabeth, and Humphrey Clark, at Chebacco, June27,1701.


Samuel, and Anna Marshall, at Chebacco, Oct.8,1702.

Stephen, of Hampton, and Mary Burnam, May17,1753.*

Nathan, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Foster, Apr.19,1758.CR4*

Ruth, and Stephen Gerrish, Dec.17,1772.CR3

Jonas, of Shirley, and Eunice Wait, May24,1808.*

Dianna, and Isaac M. Allen, int.Sept.9,1848.

PAIN (Paine)

Sarah, and John Johnson, July22,1723.CR5*

Elizabeth [wid., of Gloucester. int.] and William Hoard [], at Gloucester, Oct.27,1733.*

PAINE (Pain, Payne)

Hanah, and Lt. Samuell Appleton, Apr.2,1651.CTF

John, and Elizabeth Burr, Sept.21,1657.CTR

Robert, and Elizabeth Reiner, July10,1666.CTR

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Capt. John Whipple, June28,1680.CTR

Elizabeth, and Daniel Smith, June29,1702.*


Elizabeth, and William Lakeman, Aug.17,1705.*

Daniel, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Wheeler of Chebacco, Oct.28,1736.*

Francis, jr., of Rowley and Rebecca Dresser, at Rowley, Apr.21,1761.*

Samuel, of Rowley, and Ann Pearson, at Rowley, Apr.11,1764.*

Moses [of], and Abigail Foster, May18,1773.CR3*

Sarah, and Joseph Dole, Dec.16,1777.CR3

Susanah, of Rowley, and William Warner, 3d, Nov.21,1780.*

John Pemberton, of Rowley, and Abigail Jewett, at Rowley, June25,1793.*

Ezra, of Boston, and Elizabeth Caldwell, Oct.13,1807.*

Simion, of Boston, and Mary Caldwell, Jan.31,1811.CR1 [1812. int.]*

John M., of Georgetown, a.25y., cordwainer, b. Rowley, S. John and.Sarah, of Georgetown, and Hannah Staniford Kimball, a.23y., d.Josiah and Hannah, May17,1848.*


Samuell, and Martha Matafor, at Chebacco, May24,1699.

Mary H., of Newbury, and Daniel Noyes, int.Apr.11,1818.


Robert, of Londonderry, and Jane Wyer, int.Feb.6,1744.

Paul, Rev., of Preston, CT, and.[wid.PR3] Mary Rust, Nov.26,1772.*


Abram, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Bradstreet, int.5:3m:1711.

William, of Portsmouth, and Lydia Hart, int.15:6m:1719.

Gedeon, and Mrs.Mary Wells, int.July28,1753.

Gideon, Capt., and wid.Elisabeth Newmarch, May30,1782.*

Sally, and Jonas Warren, Nov.9,1794.CR3

Lidia B., of Shirley, and Capt. Moses Treadwell, int.Sept.3,1814.

Elizabeth, and John Swift, jr. of Milton, Aug.19,1818.*

William H. [A.CR1], a.22y., turner, s.John H. and Mary G., and Sarah Shatswell, a.22y., d.John and Annis, Nov.15,1849.*


Catharine, formerly of Milford, and Oliver Underhill, June20,1828.*


Esther, of Wenham, and Adam Brown, at Wenham, Aug.4,1743.*

Deliverance, of Wenham, and Ebenezer Lovering, at Wenham, June11,1747.*


Jonathan, of Concord, and Sarah Warner, Jan.23,1734.*


John, of Beverly, and Ruth Treadwell of the Hamlet, July13,1769.CR2*


Joseph, of Sanford, and Mrs.Hannah Potter, int.Apr.9,1773.


William, and Mary Younglove, int.14:8m:1711.

PARSON (Parsons)

Thomas, and Priscilla Denison, Oct.9,1666.CTR

PARSONS (Parson)

John [of Gloucester. int.], and Sarah Norton, July29,1701.*

Love, and Peter Lurvey, Apr.16,1702.*

Sarah [of Gloucester.], and Gifford Cogswell, at Gloucester, Dec.27,1722.*

Jeremiah [of Gloucester.], and Susanna Cogswell, at Gloucester, Dec.14,1724.*

Solomon, of Gloucester, and Abigail Knowlton of Manchester, Apr.7,1730.

Isaac, of Gloucester, and Hannah Burnam, July4,1739.CR4*

Jacob, of Gloucester, and wid.Sarah Rust, int.Oct.28,1752.

Ebenezer [of Gloucester. int.], and Mrs.Elizabeth Andrews, at Gloucester, Oct.31,1754.*

Amos, of Gloucester, and Joanna Hammond, Dec.29,1757.CR2*

Jemima, of Gloucester, and Samuel Clinton, int.July10,1779.

Joseph, of Salem, and Peggy Ross, Oct.28,1810.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Newman of Essex, Apr.9,1840.*

Ephraim, a.32y., tailor, b. Salem, s.Joseph and Margaret, and Sally B. Marshall, a.22y., b. Essex, d.Joseph and Sally, Apr.23,1846.*

Mary, a.25y., d.Joseph and Margaret, and Moses Marshall, a.24y., farmer, b. Essex, s.Joseph and Sally, Oct.21,1846.*


Nancy Maria, of Andover, a.24y., d.Henry F. and Nancy, and Hiram C. Travis of Andover, a.28y., laborer., s.Curtis and Elizabeth, Sept.4,1849.


Lucy, and Joseph Dwinnil, Nov.8,1751.CR3*

PATCH (Pache)

Abraham, and Unice Fraile, Mar.13,1670.CTR

Timothy, of Wenham, and Elisabeth Powland at Beverly, Nov.18,1705.

Hannah, and Nathaniell Potter, int.Sept.23,1710.

James, and [] Mary Tompson., June22,1717.CR5

Benjamin, and Lydia Walker, Mar.27,1718.CR5

John, and Abigail Bowels [Bowles, Oct.9. int.], 1720.CR5*

John, and Mercy Potter [Hanna Tomson. int.], Oct.18,1721.CR5*

Benjamin, and Mary Batchelder of Wenham, at Wenham, June1,1726.*

Bethiah, and Samuel Whipple, June20,1726.*

Elizabeth [], and Andrew Darby, Apr.2,1728.CR5*

Freeborn, and Abigail Morgan of Beverly, Jan.14,1731.

Timothy, of Wenham, and Rachel Woodberry, Nov.18,1731.*

Sarah, of Beverly, and Robert Morgan, May9,1733.

Sarah, of Wenham, and Anthony Chapman, at Wenham, Sept.25,1735.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Isaac Woodberry, at Beverly, Dec.11,1735.

Ruth, of Wenham, and Jonathan Treadwell, at Wenham, Nov.29,1738.*

Edeth, and Thomas Sands, Dec.27,1739.CR5*

Abigail, and John Patch [], July8,1740.CR5*

John [], and Abigail Patch, July8,1740.CR5*

Mary, and Nathaniel Potter, jr., int.Feb.22,1743.

Margery, of Wenham, and Ebenezer Clark, at Wenham, Oct.3,1745.*

Edmund, and Lidia Porter, int.Nov.8,1746.

James, and Mary Brown, int.Jan.11,1747.

John, 4th, and Mercy Patch, int.Feb.6,1747.

Mercy, and John Patch, 4th, int.Feb.6,1747.

Mary, and John Brown, 4th, Nov.26,1750.*

Sarah, Mrs., and John Potter, jr., int.Mar.16,1754.

Benjamin, and Adnah Brown. int.Apr.6,1754.

Elizabeth, of Wenham, and Jacob Annabel, at Wenham, Dec.30,1755.*

Nathan, and Mrs.Hannah Whipple, int.Dec.14,1756.

Samuel, and Mrs.Martha Brown, int.Feb.18,1757.

Nathan, and Eunice Adams of Worcester, at Worcester, Dec.26,1760.*

Edna, Mrs., and John Dane, int.May8,1761.

Anna, Mrs., and Samuel Porter, 3d of Wenham, Aug.5,1762.*

Nehemiah, and Hepzibah Wells, Apr.28,1763.CR2*

Abigail, and Joseph Cogswell, Aug.16,1763.CR2*

John, jr., Dea., and Mrs.Rachel Calam, int.June30,1764.

Bethiah, Mrs., and James Staniford, int.Apr.19,1765.

Mina, Mrs., and James Brown, int.Nov.15,1766.

Jemima, and James Brown, Dec.2,1766.CR2

Mercy, and James Clinton, Dec.28,1769.CR2*

Joanna, Mrs., and John Baker, jr., int.Nov.13,1770.CR2*

Edmund, jr., and [] Hepzibah Dodge, both of the Hamlet, Apr.2,1771.CR2*

Elizabeth [], and Stephen Choate, jr., Feb.13,1772.CR2*

Mary [], and.Jacob Brown, 3d, Nov.5,1772.CR2*

John, 5th, and Lucy Safford, Jan.19,1773.CR5*

Edna [], and John Dane, jr., both of the Hamlet, Apr.27,1773.CR2*

Samuel, jr., and Sarah Potter, Dec.14,1775.CR5*

Benjamin, and Lydia Patch, Nov.14,1776.CR2*

Lydia, and Benjamin Patch, Nov.14,1776.CR2*

Edmund, and Anna Whipple, May5,1778.CR5*

Anna, and Lemuel Brown, Apr.26,1780.*

Hannah, and William Coles, May14,1780.CR5*

Martha, and James Perkins [of], June13,1780.CR5*

Samuel [Lt. int.], and Abigail Dane, Nov.28,1780.CR2*

Lydia, and Michael Keten, Jan.11,1781.CR5*

Abigail, and Malachi Knowlton, int.May19,1781.

Joseph, and Polly Dodge of Wenham, int.Nov.15,1782.

Sarah, and Joseph Lamson, Sept.末,1784.CR5*

Hepsibah, and Joshua Smith, Dec.21,1788.*

Martha, and.Oliver Appleton, jr., Mar.12,1789.*

Abraham, and Sarah Stone, Aug.30,1789.*

Aaron, and Mercy Porter, Oct.30,1789.*

Eunice, and John Dane, jr., Feb.19,1792.*

Benjamin [jr. int.], and Martha Low, Apr.19,1792.*

Anna, and Dr. Nathan Jaques, resident in Ipswich, Sept.22,1792.*

Hepzebah, and Zachariah Morgan [of], Dec.13,1795.*

Nehemiah, jr., and Margret Wyman of Gloucester, int.Feb.27,1796.

Isaac, and Hannah Pool of Gloucester, int.Nov.29,1799.

Abigail, and James Staniford, Dec.26,1799.*

John, and Judith Corning of Beverly, int.Jan.8,1800.

David, and Lydia Fletcher of Newburyport, int.Jan.15,1802.

John, jr., and Elisabeth Brown, Aug.5,1802.*

Elizabeth, and Ezra Cleves of Beverly, May8,1808.*

John, jr., and Mary Brown, June30,1811.*

Benjamin, 3d, of Hamilton, and Fanny Brown, Jan.18,1816.*

Abigail, and John Baker, sr., Dec.22,1818.*

Daniel, of Hamilton, and Elizabeth Gould, Dec.5,1822.*

Lucy, and Henry Wilson, jr., Nov.7,1839.*

Mary, and Charles Bamford, Oct.19,1841.*

John, and Elizabeth Gardner Austin of Nantucket, int.May28,1844.

John, jr., and Margaret Ann Gurley Poor of Andover, int.June4,1846.


Martha, wid., and Richard Abbott, int.Oct.3,1737.


William, and Martha Hodgkins, int.Oct.25,1718.

PAYNE (Paine)

Mercy M., wid., a.34y., b. Chesterville, ME, d.Joshua and Mercy Merritt of Chesterville, ME, and Charles A.S. Nason, a.26y., laborer, s.Charles and Eliza, Nov.21,1845.*


Samuel, of Rowley, and Mrs.Mary Tuttle, int.Feb.11,1720-1.

Edward, Rev., of Rowley, and Madam Elizabeth Appleton, int.Sept.10,1726.

Mary, of Rowley, and Dr. Mark Howe, at Rowley, Mar.6,1760.*

Edward, Capt., of Rowley, and wid.Sarah Richards, at Rowley, Apr.22,1786.*

David [jr.CR4], of Pownalboro, Lincoln Co., and Nancy Ingersol, at Chebacco, Dec.24,1789.*

David, of Rowley, and Fanny Nourse, int.Jan.2,1806.

PEABODY (Pabody)

Joseph, s.Joseph, of Boxford, and Mary Symonds, d.Samuell, of Boxford, Mar.末,1693.

Matthew, and Mehitable Averill, both of Topsfield, Apr.12,1726.

Anne, of Topsfield, and John Batchelour of Wenham, Dec.13,1727.

Sarah, Mrs., of Boxford, and Lt. Joseph Kinsman, int.Mar.27,1736.

Rebecca, of Topsfield, and Stephen Foster, at Topsfield, Apr.21,1737.*

David, and Mary Gains, int.Apr.18,1747.

Mehitable, of Topsfield, and Thomas Foster, at Topsfield, Apr.5,1748.*

David, and Pheebe Andrews, Jan.9,1759.

Jacob [of], and Sarah Potter, Apr.27,1763.CR3*

Isaac [of], and Mary Potter, Feb.19,1772.CR3*

Rhodah, and Capt. Amos Nelson, June22,1794.CR3

Thomas, of Topsfield, and [Mrs.CR1] Lydia Conant, Dec.1,1810.*

Ezekiel, and Polly Goodhue, July6,1815.*

Jacob, and Betsey Perkins, both of Topsfeld, July4,1816.

Lydia, and John Kneeland jr., May28,1829.*

John, and Eunice F. Conant of Rowley, May13,1835.*

Esther, and Benjamin B. Towne, both of Topsfield, June22,1835.

Mary, and Woodbridge Adams, Aug.19,1841.*

Elisabeth, and Elias Tarr, int.Apr.20,1842.

Moses, and Eunice Jewett, May18,1843.CR6*

Sally, a.35y., and Nathaniel Fisher, a.40y., laborer, both of Danvers, Jan.7,1844.

Eunice, of Boxford, a.21y., d.Thomas and Lydia, of Boxford, and Humphrey Perley, jr. of Topsfield, a.36y., shoemaker, s.John and Mehitable, of Topsfield, Sept.16,1844.

Elizabeth, and Elias Tarr, int.Mar.10,1846.

Julia Jane, and Joshua Conant, int.Nov.5,1849.

PEARCE (Pierce)

Abigaill, and Josiah Linden, Dec.21,1671.CTR

Abigaile, and John Hodgskins, Aug.28,1705.*

Mary, of Manchester, and Jacob Bennett, int.8:4m:1706.

Richard, and Deliverance Dook, int.Nov.12,1715.

Rachel, and Jeremiah Ross, May25,1778.CR2*


Nicholis, and Elizabeth Bosworth, Oct.25,1686.CTR

Jacob, resident in Ipswich, and Mary Chambers, July26,1818.*

PEARLEY (Perley)

Mary [], and John Dunham of Gloucester, Apr.10,1775.CR2*

Deborah, and Timothy Dorman of Rowley, int.Jan.4,1782.

Hannah, and David Plummer of Newbury, Dec.8,1785.CR2*

John, and Mehitable Dennils of Rowley, int.Nov.27,1798.

Judith, of Rowley, and Nathaniel Rust, jr., Dec.24,1801.*

PEARSON (Pearsons, Person)

Elisabeth, see Perkins, Elisabeth.

Edward, and Elizabeth Hibbert of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.5,1763.*

Ann, and Samuel Palmer of Rowley, at Rowley, Apr.11,1764.*

Elisabeth, wid., and.Isaac Smith, Oct.22,1765.CR3

Hannah, and Aaron Jewett, at Rowley, Apr.20,1769.*

Hannah, and Francis Stevens, Oct.25,1770.CR3

Abigail, and Ezekiel Bradstreet, at Rowley, Dec.12,1771.*

Nathan, and Mary Bradstreet, June20,1774.CR3*

Enoch, and Eunice Marshall [wid.CR4], Jan.12,1777.

Betty, and Enos Noyes, July10,1777.CR3

Sarah, and Humphrey Hobson Richardson [Richards of], Aug.18,1778.CR3*

Susanna, and Jonathan Shatswell, Mar.28,1782.CR5*

Lemuel, and Hannah Smith, Jan.7,1783.CR2*

Stephen, and Ruth Jewett of Rowley, at Rowley, Oct.末,1787.*

Tabitha, and.Jacob Pickard, jr. of Rowley, at Rowley, Jan.10,1788.*

Lucy [Presson.CR4], and James Andrews, jr., July15,1788.*

Stephen, and Sally Nourse, Oct.2,1792.*

Jonathan, jr., of Newburyport, and Eunice Nourse, Nov.13,1792.*

Samuel, and Judith Thunton, Oct.10,1793.CR3

Betsey, and Michael Farley, June19,1796.*

Abigail, and Moses Jewett, Apr.17,1798.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Treadwell, 4th, May4,1800.*

Lydia, and Richard Manning, Oct.14,1800.*

Eunice, and William Dennis, jr., Jan.27,1801.*

Hannah, and John Holmes Harris, Jan.3,1803.*

Amos, and Mary Jewett of Rowley, int.May7,1803.

Betsey, and Daniel Chamberlain of Salem, Oct.6,1803.*

Amos, and Lucy Ross, Apr.29,1804.*

Mary, and Caleb Warner of Salem, Aug.8,1809.*

Hannah, and Samuel Kinsman, Nov.5,1809.*

Abigail, and Ezekiel Dodge, jr., Feb.27,1810.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel R[] Farley of Rowley, Sept.25,1810.*

Mehitable, and David Andrews, jr., Oct.18,1813*

Stephen, jr., and Joanna Harris, Sept.8,1818.*

Lemuel, jr., and Sarah Homes of Boston, int.Mar.31,1821.

Ruth J., and [Capt. int.] Jewett Hobson of Salem, June18,1826.*

John N., and Dorothy Howe of Rowley, int.June20,1830.

Susannah, and John Perley, July6,1841.*

Abby, a.18y., d.Jonathan Wells and Elmira Harris, and James Banford of Newburyport, a.30y., mariner, s.James and Mary, Nov.17,1846.*

PEARSONS (Pearson)

Elbridge G., of Hamilton, and Mary Ann Blaisdell of Topsfield, June2,1833.


Lucinda Ann, of Nantucket, and William Slater, int.Mar.27,1841.


James, and Susan Heard, Oct.2,1834.

Sanford, and Mary Warner, June4,1837.*

Joseph, and Caroline Heard, June17,1839.*

John, a.23y., machinist, s.Joseph and Jane, and Abigail C. Andrews, a.23y., d.Ebenezer and Susan, Nov.10,1844.*


Hannah [], and Ebenezer Lakeman, May15,1775.CR5*


Joseph, and Mary Dirke, int.Nov.26,1709.CR4

Benjamin, and Lucy Whipple, Mar.2,1779.CR5*


Bridget, wid., of Boston, and Capt. Edward Eveleth, int.Feb.2,1734.

Mary, Mrs., and Emmerson Cogswell, Dec.30,1736.*

Daniel, jr., of Boston, and Mrs.Elizabeth Appleton, Jan.22,1746-7.CR4*


Hannah, and John Howe Boardman, Dec.24,1795.*

PEETERS (Peters)

Elizabeth, and John Sady, Nov.25,1678.CTR

John, and Mary Edwards, May28,1680. [Apr.12.CTR]


Dorcas, and Benjamin Hadlock, both of Gloucester, June29,1725.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

George, and Mary Williams of Beverly, Feb.1,1732.

John, and Elizabeth Johnson, int.Jan.26,1744.

Thomas, and wid.Lidia Stevens, int.May10,1746.

Anne, Mrs., of Manchester, and Jeremiah Knowlton, at Manchester, Mar.12,1778.*

Thomas, and Ruth Wade, May30,1841.*


Joseph, and Margaret Decker, of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.2,1725-6.*


Bridget, and Daniel Dresser, jr., Apr.17,1760.CR2*

PENGRY (Pingry)

Sarah, and John Day, Apr.20,1664.CTR

Lidia, and Thomas Burnam, Feb.13,1665.CTR

John, and Faith Jewett, May20,1678.CTR

Moses, and 末末 Converse, June29,1680.CTR

Aron, and Ann Pickard, Mar.22,1681-2.CTR

Ann, and Joseph Hunt, June11,1703. [June9. dup.]*

Mehetable, and James Brown, int.June7,1707.

Lydia, and Andrew Burly, jr., int.9:9m:1717.


George, and Flora Freewoman, int.July16,1777.


John, and Tamarsin Lumas, July13,1704.*


Ira [F. int.] of Campton, NH, and Martha Burnham, Sept.23,1806.*

PERKINS (Pirkins)

Abraham, and Hanah Beamsley.Oct.16,1661.CTR

Jacob, and Sarah Wainwright,末蔓末,1667.CTR

Elizabeth, and Thomas Borman, Jan.1,1667.CTR

Kathrein, and John Baker, May13,1667.CTR

Martha, and John Lampson, Dec.17,1668.CTR

Mary, and Thomas Wells, Jan.10,1669.CTR

Judith, and Nathaniel Browne, Dec.16,1673.CTR

Samuell, and Hanah West,末蔓末,1677.CTR

Luke, and Elizabeth Jago, Apr.26,1677.CTR

Jacob, and Elisabeth Sparks, Dec.25,1684.

Phillip, and Thomas Emerson, Nov.20,168[5?].

Martha, and John Brewer, June3,1689.

Abraham, and Abigail Dodge, at Chebacco, Nov.6,1701.

John Knoulton, and Rebecca Young, int.May29,1703.

Isaac, and Mary Pickett, June3,1703.

Elizabeth, and Edward Eveleth, Jan.4,1704.

Mehetable, and Jacob Burnam, at Chebacco, Nov.20,1704.

Elisabeth, and George Giddinge of Gloucester, int.Jan.13,1706-7.CR4

Stephen, and Mary Eveleth, int.July13,1706.

Abraham, and Esther Perkins, int.Jan.10,1707-8.

Esther, and Abraham Perkins, int.Jan.10,1707-8.

Elizabeth, and William Leatherland int.Oct.23,1708.

Matthew, and Martha Rogers, int.May14,1709.

Mary, and Jacob Procter, int.Oct.29,1709.CR4

Mary, and Jonathan Burnam, int.Mar.17,1710.

Elizabeth, and David Burnam, int.28:2m:1711.

Annah, of Wenham, and John Perkins, int.12:11m:1711.

John, and Annah Perkins of Wenham, int.12:11m:1711.

Jacob, and Elizabeth Kinsman, int.Mar.6,1714.

Sarah, and John Leighton, int.4:10m:1714.

Mary, and Ebenezer Smith, int.Oct.9,1714.

Unice, and Robert Choate, int.Jan.7,1715.

Judith, and Joseph Burnam, int.5:3m:1716.

Ester, of Wenham, and Benjamin Gilbert, Aug.19,1716.CR5*

Jacob, and Mary Cogswell, int.Sept.8,1716.

Sarah, and John Marshall, int.Sept.8,1716.

Nathaniell, and Elizabeth Decker of Rowley, int.9:4m:1717.

John, and Elizabeth Endicott of Boxford, int.15:1m:1718.

Robert, and Elizabeth Douton, int.Oct.25,1718.

Stephen, and Margarett Blish, int.Sept.26,1719.

Matthew, jr., and wid.Mary Smith, int.Jan.14,1720-1.

Esther, and Hugh Galaway, Sept.1,1720.CR5*

Mary, of Topsfield, and John Swain of Reading, Dec.1,1720.

Elizabeth, and Stephen Glazier, int.Dec.24,1720.

Esther, wid., and Edmund Porter of Boston, int.Apr.22,1721.

Mark, and Dorothy Whipple, int.June4,1721.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Grant, int.Jan.23,1722-3.

Anne, and Benjamin Grant, int.Feb.2,1722-3.

Charity, and Thomas Stevens, both of Topsfield, May24,1722.

Elisha, and Abigail Newmarch, int.Aug.4,1722.

Abigail, and Joseph Emerson, int.Dec.15,1722.

Hephzibah, of Topsfield, and Mark How, at Topsfield, Dec.20,1722.*

William, and Mrs.Hannah Crumpton, int.Feb.1,1723.

Sarah, wid., and Dea.John Chote, int.July20,1723.CR4

Hannah, and Benjamin Newman, jr., int.Oct.5,1723.

Hannah, of Topsfield, and Timothy Nicholls of Reading, Oct.7,1725.

Westly, and Abigail Rindge, int.Nov.27,1725.

Mary, and John Holland int.Dec.4,1725.

Sarah, and Thomas Treadwell, 3d, int.Oct.29,1726.

Hannah [jr. int.], and Francis Choate, both of Chebacco, Apr.13,1727.*

Jacob, and wid.Susanna Butler, Feb.10,1728-9.*

Martha, and Barnabas Dodge, Sept.27,1728.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Fellows, int.Nov.2,1728.

Mary, Mrs., and Thomas Norton, jr., Jan.28,1729.*

Thomas, and Elizabeth Fowler of Wenham, Feb.8,1730.

Hannah, and John Butler, Apr.16,1730.CR4*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Bennet of Rowley, June17,1730.*

Sarah, and Thomas Nason, int.Sept.19,1730.

Jeremiah, and Joanna Smith, int.Nov.7,1730.

Hannah, and John Greaves, Dec.3,1730.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Hart, jr., int.Mar.29,1731.

Hannah, and Josiah Woodberry of Beverly, June15,1731.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Manning, int.Oct.23,1731.

Elizabeth [], and Capt Elias Lowater [of], Nov.10,1731.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Low, jr. [both of Chebacco. int.], Nov.18,1731.*

James, and Margaret Andrews [both of Chebacco. int.], at Chebacco, Dec.14,1732.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Nathanael Fuller, Jan.14,1733.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Charles Adams, Oct.30,1733.CR5*

Jacob [at the Hill. int.], and Mary Dresser, Dec.6,1733.*

Judith, and William Greeley, Dec.6,1733.*

John, and Abigail Dike, Mar.4,1735.*

Nathanael, and Hannah Holland int.Nov.8,1735.

Nathaniel, and Anna Harris, Sept.15,1737.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Hovey, Oct.10,1737.*

Elizabeth, and William Ely, jr. of Lyme, CT, Nov.3,1737.CR4*

Isaac, and Elisabeth Butler, Nov.17,1737.CR4*

Mary, and Daniel Kinsman, Jan.23,1740.*

Jacob [jr. int.], and Mary Fuller, Mar.19,1740.*

Mary, wid., and James Gerrish of Berwick, int.Dec.12,1740.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Kinsman, int.Dec.27,1740.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Fowler of Wenham, Jan.20,1741.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Choat Jan.25,1743-4.CR4*

Jacob, jr., and Elizabeth Storey, int.July28,1743.

Mary, and Samuel Dike, int.Aug.15,1747.

Francis, and Martha Quarles, Nov.9,1747.CR2*

William, and Elizabeth Maybee, May25,1749.CR2*

Abigail, and Jeremiah Foster, June13,1749.CR2*

Hannah, Mrs., and John Rust, int.Nov.17,1750.

Robert [of], and Hannah Cummings, Jan.8,1751.CR3*

Thomas, of Topsfield, and Mrs.Martha Williams, int.Nov.22,1751.

Dorcas, of Topsfield, and Jonathan Foster, at Topsfield, Dec.17,1751.*

Mary, and James Platts, jr. of Rowley, June30,1752.CR2

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Abraham Lakeman, int.Dec.2,1752.

Robert, and Elizabeth Brown, July19,1753.*

Elizabeth, wid., and John Kinsman, int.Dec.9,1753.

Lucy, Mrs., and Isaac Andrews, int.Aug.10,1754.

Francis, and Hannah Cogswell, Feb.27,1755.CR4*

Abigail, Mrs., and Elisha Goold, int.July26,1755.

Nathaniel, jr., and Mrs.Mary Lowater, int.Feb.26,1757.

Judith, of Topsfield, and Joseph Commings, jr., at Topsfield, Mar.21,1758.*

Jacob [of], and Marcy Fowler, Nov.29,1759.CR3*

Hannah, and John Story, Apr.13,1760. [May.CR7]*

Francis, and Martha Low, Nov.26,1761.*

Beamsly, and Mercy Burnam, Feb.4,1762.CR2*

James, and Hannah Kinsman, Oct.28,1762.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Cogswell, Mar.5,1764.*

Susannah, Mrs., and Ephraim Kendall, int.Aug.6,1764.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Lord, jr., int.Oct.12,1765.

Nathaniel, jr., and wid.Elizabeth Hovey, int.Apr.4,1766.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Hodgkins.jr., int.May28,1766.

Mary, and Samuel Burnam, Nov.27,1766.*

Abraham, and Sarah Cogswell, Dec.11,1766.*

Mary, and Enoch Sweat, int.Dec.27,1766.

Ester, Mrs., and Samuel Stone, int.Jan.25,1767.

Apphia [of], and Jonathan Chapman, Apr.30,1767.CR3*

Susanna, and Thomas Appleton, July13,1767.*

Aaron, and Mrs.Hannah Treadwell, int.Nov.14,1767.

John, and Mrs.Elizabeth Hodgkins, int.Nov.14,1767.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Daniel Hodgkins, jr., int.Jan.6,1768.

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Brown, Mar.24,1768.*

Mary, and William Conant, jr., Mar.31,1768.CR3*

Mary, Mrs., and.John Holland jr., int.Nov.5,1768.

Elisabeth [of], and.Ezekiel Potter, jr., Nov.23,1768.CR3*

Elisha, of Topsfield, and Jane Manning, June1,1769.CR2*

Joanna, Mrs., and John Chapman, int.Oct.21,1769.

Martha, Mrs., and.John Heard, 3d, int.Oct.21,1769.

Abraham, and [] Mary Spillar, July5,1770.CR2*

Abigail, Mrs., and Robert Spillar, int.July26,1770.

Joseph, jr., and Mary Foster, Dec.5,1771.*

Nathaniel, and wid.Elizabeth Hodgkins, int.July18,1772.

Sarah [], and Joseph Hodgkins, Dec.3,1772.CR2*

Sarah [], and Ebenezer Pulsifer, Mar.8,1773.CR2*

Jacob, and Hannah Andrews, July28,1774.*

Sarah, and John Abbott [of], Oct.11,1774.CR3*

Daniell, of Boxford, and Lois Adams, Nov.15,1774.CR3

Susanna [], and Benjamin. Grant, Dec.13,1774.CR2*

Eunice, and Joseph Appleton, jr., Jan.19,1776.CR2*

Sarah, and Jonathan Low, jr., of Lunenburg, Sept.30,1776.*

Elisha, and Mercy Kimball of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.12,1776.

Ezra, and Elisabeth Lamson, both of Topsfield, Nov.11,1777.CR2

Elisabeth, and Joseph Brown, Jan.1,1778.*

Hephzibah, and Joseph Steel of Gloucester, int.Oct.28,1778.

Abigail, and Nathaniel Hammond, May18,1779.CR3

Joseph, and Mary Baker, Nov.18,1779.CR5*

Elisabeth [Pearson. int.], and Joseph Brown of Haverhill, Dec.3,1779.*

James [of], and Martha Patch, June13,1780.CR5*

Hannah, and William Cleaves of Wenham, June27,1782.*

Eunic, and Aron Choate, both of Chebacco, Oct.31,1782.CR5*

Lois, and Elisha Story, Jan.29,1784.*

Bemsley, jr., and Mary Glazier, Dec.11,1785.CR2*

Lucy, and Capt. Jonathan Story, Dec.22,1785.*

John, and Sarah Eliot, Feb.27,1786.*

Abigail, and James Choate, Nov.16,1786.*

Martha, and David Burnham [3d.CR4], Feb.7,1788.*

William, and Elisabeth Proctor, Oct. [6.CR4], 1788.*

Sarah, and Eleazer Low, Dec.25,1788.*

Lucy, and John Lord, jr., Jan.27,1789.*

Jacob, of Malden, and Rebecca Appleton, Aug.1,1789.*

Jonathan, and Dorcas Haskel, at Chebacco, Jan.7,1790.*

Mary, and Henry Spiller of Salisbury, Nov.14,1790.*

Sarah, and John Fitz, Nov.16,1791.*

Mary, and Nathan Choate, Apr.10,1794.*

Ruth, and Adoniram Haskel of Gloucester, May13,1794.*

Mary, and Thomas Lewis Hovey.Dec.30,1794.*

Aaron, jr., and Sally Staniford, July28,1796.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Caldwell, Dec.15,1796.*

Lucy, and Eliphalet Savery of Bradford, Mar.9,1797.*

John, and Elisabeth Lakeman, Mar.23,1797.*

Susannah, and William Norton, Feb.1,1798.*

Abraham, jr., and Molly Burnham, Aug.1,1799.*

John, and Lydia Choate, Feb.19,1801.*

Abraham, jr., and Catharine Lord, Nov.20,1801.*

Sarah, and Thomas Roberts of Hamilton, Feb.4,1802.*

Catharine, and John Boardman, Nov.25,1802.*

John, jr., and Rachel Smith, Jan.末,1803.*

James, jr., and Sally Smith, Nov.20,1806.*

Susannah, and David Spiller, Nov.23,1806.*

Martha, and Joseph Brown, Nov.27,1806.*

Abigail, and Caleb Marshall, Dec.3,1807.*

Nathaniel, of Topsfield, and Judith Smith, June2,1808.*

Susannah, and Capt. Samuel Lord, 3d, int.Apr.28,1810.

Catharine, Mrs., and William Philbrook, Oct.9,1810.*

Nabby, and Samuel Perley, Jan.12,1812.CR3

Mary, of Wenham, and William Langmaid, int.Dec.25,1812.

Aaron, jr., and Mary Gilbert of Atkinson, NH, int.Feb.23,1813.

Eunice, and William Bradstreet, both of Topsfield, Apr.7,1814.

Charlotte J., and Daniel B. Smith, May22,1814.*

Moses, and Sarah Brown [], Aug.18,1814.*

Mary, of Topsfield, and Simeon Foster, Oct.16,1814.*

Rachel, and Stephen Boardman, Dec.4,1814.*

David, and Lydia Kimball, both of Wenham, Nov.28,1815.CR4

Betsey, and Jacob Peabody, both of Topsfield, July4,1816.

Abigail, and John Floyd, Jan.8,1818.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Elisabeth Lord, Aug.30,1818.*

William, of Newbury, and Sally Harris, Oct.25,1818.*

John, and Lucretia Lord, Oct.24,1819.*

Priscilla W., and William Clark, jr. of Hamilton, Dec.21,1820.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Ross, jr., Dec.10,1821.*

Elisha, jr., of Topsfieid, and Eliza Dodge, Apr.3,1825.*

Eunice, and Simon Foster, Oct.16,1827.*

Abraham [a.82y.CR1], and Mrs.Margaret Elisabeth Lear, Apr.24,1829.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah B. Lord of Hallowell, ME, int.Mar.3,1832.

Mary, of Topsfield, and Jewett Pingree, May末,1832.CR3

Lydia B., of Boxford, and Samuel Foster, Oct.29,1832.*

Mary, and Charles Holmes of Salem, June2,1833.*

Edward [of Gloucester. int.], and Mary Smith, Nov.20,1834.*

William W., of Newbury, and Lucretia H. Kimball, Nov.16,1836.*

Eliza Ann, of Topsfield, and Amos S. Chapman, Dec.15,1836.*

Elisabeth, and George W. Ellis, Nov.25,1841.*

Nathaniel C., a.26y., farmer, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, of Augusta, ME, and Sarah Rutherford, a.27y., d.John and Mary, Dec.30,1847.*

Joseph G., jr., of Newbury, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Joseph G. and Elizabeth E., of Newbury, and Sarah P. Searles, a.22y., Oct.6,1848.*

PERLEY (Pearley, Perly)

Stephen, and Hannah Coker of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.17,1715.*

Rebecca, of Boxford, and David Putnam of Salem, Feb.14,1728.

Abigail, wid., of Boxford, and Ens.Joseph Fowler, int.Dec.15,1728.

Jonathan, and Marcy Robbins, int.Dec.2,1732.

Martha, and Nathaniel Bordman, jr. of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Apr.1,1736.*

Samuel, and Ruth How, int.Jan.10,1740.

Sarah, and Aaron Hovey of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Dec.23,1740.*

Jonathan, and Mary Dwinnell, June6,1749.CR2*

Deborah, and Nathan Lambert of Rowley, int.Oct.13,1750.

Isaac [of], and Hannah Lakeman, Dec.4,1755.CR3*

Mary, wid., and John Grant, Dec.7,1756.CR3*

Allen, and Martha Fowler, Nov.10,1757.CR3*

Margery, Mrs., of Boxford, and Lt. Mark How, int Aug.29,1759.

Abigail, and Richard Tenney, Mar.30,1762.CR3

John, and Lucy Holland May2,1765.CR3

Samuell, Rev. [of Hampton. int.], and Mrs.Hepzibah Fowler, May21,1765.CR3*

Mary [of], and.Joseph Chapman, July23,1766.CR3*

Ruth [of], and Philemon Foster, Sept.8,1767.CR3*

David [of], and Sarah Lummus, Sept.22,1768.CR3*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Dutch, Nov.2,1769.CR2*.

Matty, of Rowley, and Samuel Porter, at Rowley, Nov.27,1770.*

Martha, and Benjamin Scott of Rowley, Mar.27,1781.CR2*

Allen, and Ester Burpee of Rowley, at Rowley, Dec.5,1788.*

Jacob, and Polly Potter, Oct.17,1797.*

David, of Rowley, and Dolly Scott, int.May24,1809.

Samuel, and Nabby Perkins, Jan.12,1812.CR3

Solomon, and Clarissa Brown, both of Topsfield, Aug.23,1814.

Eliza, and Aaron Howe, June28,1818.*

Abraham, and Mary Perley, June1,1820.*

Mary, and Abraham Perley, June1,1820.*

Maria, and Samuel D. Dodge, Nov.28,1822.*

John, jr., and Lydia Towne of Topsfield, int.Mar.31,1827.

Sarah, Mrs., of Rowley, and Nathaniel Bradstreet, int.Mar.2,1830.

Elisabeth, and Silas Perley, Apr.11,1832.*

Silas, and Elisabeth Perley, Apr.11,1832.*

Martha, and William Foster Conant, Aug.21,1832.*

Jacob, and Mary [J. int.] Pickard [of Rowley.PR1], Mar.15,1836.CR3*

Joseph, and wid.Hannah [H. int.] Johnson of Newburyport, Sept.11,1837.CR3*

William P., and Eliza Howe, Nov.28,1839.*

John, and Susannah Pearson, July6,1841.*

Humphrey, jr., of Topsfield, a.36y., shoemaker, s.John and Mehitable, of Topsfield, and Eunice Peabody, of Boxford, a.21y., d.Thomas and Lydia, of Boxford, Sept.16,1844.

Maria, of Rowley, and Samuel W. Craig, int.Aug.14,1847.

Martha F., of Winthrop, ME, and Robert Jordan, int.Oct.7,1848.

PERLY (Perley)

Samuell, and Ruth Trumball, July15,1664.CTR

Sarah, and William Wattson, Jan.15,1670.CTR

Jeremiah, and Ruth Foster, Apr.16,1702.

Thomas, Lt., of Boxford, and wid.Hannah Cogswell, int.Apr.18,1713.CR4

Mary, Mrs., of Boxford, and John Baker, int.16:9m:1717.

Hanna, and Ebenezer Kimball of Bradford, int.26:10m:1719.

Abigaile, of Rowley, and Aaron Jewett, int.Nov.21,1719.

Lydia, and Thomas Dickinson, Nov.22,1791.CR3

Julia, and Adoniram Judson Dodge of Wenham, int.July7,1829.

PERNAM (Pernan)

Scipio, and Lucy Robins of Newbury, int.Mar.28,1761.

PERNAN (Pernam)

Rose, and Pompey Cummins, int.Sept.28,1764.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Cesar Freeman, int.July15,1780.


Thomas, and Sussan Roberds, Feb.28,1666.CTR

Thomas, Sergt., and Elizabeth Jewet of Rowley, int.May30,1729.

Thomas [jr. int,], and Anna Carr of Newbury, at Newbury, July28,1729.*

Thomas, and Susanna Morss of Newbury, at Newbury, May24,1731.*

Thomas, and Abigail Lull, Aug.3,1756.CR3


Mathew, and Elizabeth Blake, Mar.27,1665.CTR

Jemima, and Isaac Grant, Mar.7,1728. [1723. int.]*

Margaret, resident in Ipswich, and George Read, int.Aug.19,1738.

Joseph, and Hannah Potter, July5,1773.CR3

Hannah, of Boxford, and William Foster, int.Nov.25,1815.

PERSON (Pearson)

Stephen, of Rowley, and Hannah Jewett, int.Jan.6,1710.


Lucy, of Topsfield, and John Grant, int.Aug.26,1758.

PETERS (Peeters, Petters)

Andrew, and Mary Beare, int.Oct.30,1708.

Ruth, and Holle Marshall, July28,1731.*

John, of Gloucester, and Mary Sweet, Dec.17,1771.CR2*

Polly, and Samuel Waite, jr., Dec.29,1793.*

PETINGALL (Pettingill)

Jane, Mrs., of Newbury, and Joshua Williams, int.Oct.4,1765.

PETTERS (Peters)

Hannah, of Haverhill, and George Roberds, int.Oct.25,1712.

PETTINGILL (Petingall)

Nathaniel, of Newburyport, and Mary Lord, int.June18,1777.

Joseph [of Newburyport. int.], and.Lucy Smith, Oct.22,1778.CR2*


Ebenezer, of Salem, and Mrs.Mary Smith, int.Feb.15,1768.


William, and Mrs.Catharine Perkins, Oct.9,1810.*

John James, and Mary Ann Baker, Sept.12,1836.*

Mary [W. int.], and Nathaniel R. Wait, Dec.31,1843.*

Elizabeth J., a.22y., d.John and Judith, and Charles W. George, a.23y., seaman, s.William and Hannah, Sept.20,1844.*

William, and Mercy Thomas of Ilesboro, ME, int.Nov.29,1848.


James, of Boston, and Sarah Farley, Dec.9,1792.*


Hannah, and John Stevens, 3d, at Haverhill [bef. 1741?].


Alice, and George Stimpson, July22,1676.CTR

Elizabeth, and Thomas Newman, int.Aug.21,1714.

John, and Elizabeth Lewis, int.Sept.1,1716.

James, of Newbury, and Mary Lord, int.18:3m:1717.

Ruth, Mrs., and Samuell White of Haverhill, Apr.21,1724.CR5*

Sarah, and John Goss, at Chebacco, Oct.20,1725.*

Mary, and John Wells, int.Nov.20,1725.

Eleanor, and John Smith, s.John, "Late of Ipswich," cordwainer, int.Aug.2,1735.

James, and Judith Platts, June11,1754.CR3

Thomas, of Lynn, and Hannah L. Kimball, int.Aug.2,1823.

Elisabeth, of Rowley, and Benjamin Scott, int.Oct.15,1824.


Abigail, and John Steward [resident in], Jan.16,1755.CR4*

PICHARD (Pickard)

Sarah, and Samuell Wallis, int.27:12m:1713.

PICKARD (Pichard)

Hannah, see Tuttle, Hannah, wid.

Ann, and Aron Pengry, Mar.22,1681-2.CTR

Samuel, of Boxford, and wid.Lydia Clarke, int.22:4m:1717.

Jonathan, of Beverly, and Mary Hammond, int.Nov.10,1739.

Lucy, of Rowley, and Moses Bradstreet, at Rowley, Dec.12,1749.*

Samuel, of Rowley, and Mary Dresser, at Rowley, Sept.26,1752.*

James, of Boxford, and Hannah Nelson, Mar.14,1755.CR2*

Jacob, and Mrs.Salome Smith, int.Mar.14,1761.

Thomas, of Rowley, and Abigail Cogswell, Dec.12,1765.*

Jeremiah, of Rowley, and Mehitable Dresser, at Rowley, Dec.14,1773.*

Jonathan, and Mary Kilborn, May14,1776.CR3

Mary, of Rowley, and [Capt. int.] Aaron Staniford, at Rowley, Nov.27,1777.*

Joseph, jr., of Rowley, and Mary Pickard, May1,1785.CR2*

Mary, and Joseph Pickard, jr. of Rowley, May1,1785.CR2*

Lucy, of Rowley, and Joseph Lord, at Rowley, July21,1786.*

Thomas, jr., and Lucy Lord, Mar.8,1787.*

Jacob, jr., of Rowley, and Tabitha Pearson, at Rowley, Jan.10,1788.*

Elisabeth, and Thomas Gould, Mar.10,1790.*

Elisabeth, and Dr. Joseph Manning, Oct.13,1793.*

Samuel, and Margaret Constable, Feb.23,1807.*

David, and Hannah Spiller, both of Rowley, Apr.29,1811.CR3

Joseph, jr., of Rowley, and Sarah Gould, int.Nov.7,1819.

Nathaniel, of Rowley, and Caty Smith, Feb.26,1822.*

Mary [J. int.; of Rowley.PR1], and Jacob Perley, Mar.15,1836.CR3*

Hannah [of], and Philemon C. Foster, Oct.3,1839.CR3*

Thomas G., of Rowley, and Harriet F. Caldwell, Mar.7,1841.*

Elizabeth H., and James Tibbetts, int.June19,1845.

Emeline, a.19y., d.Nathaniel and Catharine, and Amos Bishop of Rowley, a.26y., shoe manufacturer, s.Benjamin and Hepzibah, Dec.28,1847. [Dec.26.CR1]

Samuel, and Mrs.Betsey Lord, at Wenham, Sept.18,1848.*


Mary, and Isaac Perkins, June3,1703.

Mary, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Dean [jr. int.], at Beverly, July9,1769.*


William, of Newburyport, and.Deborah Hodgkins, Nov.10,1769.CR2*

PIERCE (Pearce, Peirce)

Thomas, and Sarah Ayers, int.Dec.2,1721.

Mary, and Joseph Clark, int.May6,1727.

Miriam, and John Poland int.Apr.3,1742.

George, and Elisabeth Burnham, Nov.9,1761.*

Lucas, and Hannah Choate, Nov.21,1765.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Tupper of Compton, NH, Oct.17,1770.*

Abigail, wid., and Nathaniel Martin of Rowley, July6,1775.*

Mary, and John Story [Parker Story.CR4 and int], Mar.31,1785.*

Mary, and Nathan Hobson of Rowley, May8,1807.*


Sarah, of Newbury, and Stephen Glasier, at Newbury, Jan.3,1727-8.*

Joseph, and Lois Tenney, Oct.14,1771.CR3

Elisabeth, and Paul Stickney, Mar.24,1778.CR3


Elizabeth, and Lemuel Kezar, June2,1777.CR3

Oliver, of Hamilton, and Anna Smith, Dec.8,1808.*

PINDAR (Pinder)

Elizabeth, and Daniel Redding, int.29:6m:1719.

Martha, of Boxford, and William Knowlton, int.Feb.13,1728.

Mary, and Anthony Lony, int.Sept.22,1728.

Hannah, and Willoughby Nason, June19,1729.*

John, and Katherine Kimball, Aug.17,1729.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Lidia Hovey, int.Sept.30,1764.

Hannah, Mrs., and Joseph Hunt, int.Oct.4,1765.

Moses, and "Ms." Elizabeth Safford, int.Oct.4,1765.

John, and Mary Spillar. Sept.21,1823.*

PINDER (Pindar)

Elizabeth, and John Lovel, Sept.12,1689.

Thomas, and Mary Brown, int.Nov.1,1740.

John, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Glazier, int.Feb.17,1753.

Katherine, Mrs., and Daniel Fuller, int.June8,1754.

Benjamin, and Lucy Hodgkins, Nov.26,1761.CR2*

Lucy, "Ms.," and Thomas Henderson, int.Dec.22,1764.

Moses, and Mary Kimball, int.Sept.19,1778.

Lucy, and John Smith, 3d, Jan.20,1785.*

Sarah, and James Fuller, Feb.3,1791.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Green, resident at Ipswich [of Newburyport. int.], May13,1792.*

Deborah, and Benjamin Glazier, Oct.21,1792.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sarah Caldwell, Feb.12,1801.*

Salome, and Benjamin Moody [jr. int.] of Newburyport, Apr.30,1801.*

David, and Elizabeth Jones, Dec.8,1810.*

Lucy, and Thomas Jewett, int.Mar.29,1811.

Lucy, and Thomas Jewett, Apr.末,1844.CR1

John, jr., a.21y., currier, s.John and Mary, and Hannah Wade, a.23y., mantuamaker, d.William and Hannah, Apr.27,1845.*

PINGRE (Pingry)

Jeremiah, of Rowley, and Elisabeth Kimball, Aug.15,1784.*

PINGREE (Pingry)

Thomas, and Hannah Chapman, Mar.17,1767.CR3

Aaron, jr., and Mary Chapman, Apr.末,1767.CR3*

Eunice, of Rowley, and John Foster, int.Dec.8,1800.

Jewett, and Mary Perkins of Topsfield, May末,1832.CR3

Belindey [], and Alven [T. int.] Conant [of], Dec.28,1848.CR3*

PINGREY (Pingry)

Thomas, of Rowley, and Mrs.Hannah Chapman, int.Dec.13,1766.

Aaron, of Rowley, and Lydia Dresser, at Rowley, Dec.31,1771.*

Dorothy, of Rowley, and Daniel Foster, at Rowley,末蔓末,1784. [Aug.16,1783. int]*

PINGRY (Pengry, Pingre, Pingree, Pingrey)

Thomas [of], and Molly Burnham, June11,1777.CR3*

Lucy, and David Kilborn, Jan.30,1793.CR3

Clement [of], and Betsey [] Morse, Sept.23,1794.CR3*

Polly, and John Morse, Dec.末,1794.CR3

Mehitable, and Aaron Smith, 3d, May15,1823.*

John, and Lucy Smith, Nov.24,1825.*

Daniel P., and Sarah Foster, Dec.18,1828.*


Jonathan, and Alse Darbey of Beverly, int.Sept.21,1700.

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Abagail Batchelder of Wenham, at Wenham, June10,1724.*

Alice, and John Addams, int.Aug.末,1725.CR5

Nathaniel, and Susannah Morss of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.26,1728.*

Walter, of Newburn, and Miriam Sweet, int.June14,1744.

PIRKINS (Perkins)

Sarah, of Topsfield, and Olliver Appleton, at Topsfield, Dec.17,1701.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Robert Quorls, at Beverly, Nov.23,1709.*

PITMAN (Pittman)

John, of Marblehead, and Hannah Proctor of Chebacco, at Chebacco, 末蔓30,1730. [Nov.30.CR4]*

Hannah, wid., and Daniel Choat, Nov.21,1738.CR4*

John, and Mary Holmes, Mar.6,1760.CR2*

Mary [], and Benjamn Averill, Dec.21,1772.CR2*

John, and Elizabeth Spiller, June3,1781.CR2*

Elisabeth, Mrs., and Samuel Eveleth, Nov.15,1784.CR2*

Mary, and William Ross, Dec.17,1784. [Dec.27.TR]

Mary, and William Ross, Dec.27,1784.*


Susanna, and John Hadley, Sept.3,1682.CTR

PITTMAN (Pitman)

Elizabeth, "Ms.," and John Burn, int.Jan.7,1758.


Mary, of Rowley, and David Hammon, int.July11,1719.

James, of Rowley, and Hannah Fiske, int.Oct.29,1720.

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and David Hammond, int.Aug.6,1748.

Mercy, and John Nelson, Aug.27,1751.CR3

James, jr., of Rowley, and Mary Perkins, June30,1752.CR2*

Ruth, of Rowley, and Jabez Blacklidge, at Rowley, May10,1753.*

Judith, and James Phillips, June11,1754.CR3

Sarah [of], and Francis Shatswell, July1,1755.CR3*

Mary, wid., and Freeborn Balch of Beverly, int.Aug.3,1760.

Jane, and Jonathan Wood, jr., Nov.14,1775.CR3

PLOMER (Plummer)

Elisabeth, and Daniel Davison at Newbury, Nov.4,1726.*


Edward, and Eliza Foster, Aug.18,1835.*

PLUMER (Plummer)

Samuel, of Newbury, and Elizabeth Bradstreet, at Rowley, May31,1764.*

Isaac, of Newbury, and Mercy Foster, int.Aug.23,1785.

Esther, of Newbury, and Daniel Dresser, May24,1792.*

PLUMMER (Plomer, Plumer)

Francis, and Mary Elethrop, May27,1700.

Asa, and Sarah Burpe, Aug.16,1769.CR3

Moses, and Hannah Hale, July10,1770.CR3

Samuell [of], and Hannah Jewett, May28,1776.CR3*

David, of Newbury, and Hannah Pearley, Dec.8,1785.CR2*

Nathaniel, of Newburyport, and Sally Higgins, Jan.29,1801. [1800. dup.]*

Mary, and William Brown of Newbury, Aug.19,1806.*

Joshua, of Newburyport, and Jane Jewett, Feb.16,1808.*

Mary T., of Lowell, and Thomas Garvin, int.Aug.28,1840.

POLAND (Porland, Powland)

James, and Rebecka Kimbole, d.Richard, of Wenham, Apr.12,1694.

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Knowlton, int.22:11m:1714.

Samuel, jr., and Sarah Knowlton, int.Nov.1,1724.CR5

Joseph, and Elizabeth Burnum, at Chebacco, Jan.17,1732-3.*

Samuel [Lt. int.], and Hannah Rix of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.6,1733.*

Nathanael, and Jemima Browne of the Hamlet, int.Mar.2,1735.

Ebenezer, and Abigail Williams of Beverly, int.June12,1736.

Sarah, and John Tilton [both of the Hamlet. int.], Apr.6,1737.*

Mary, and John Pudney of Methuen, int.July8,1739.

John, and Miriam Pierce, int.Apr.3,1742,

Mary, and John Killam of Wenham, int.Apr.2,1743.

Thomas, and Judah Elliot of Beverly, int.Oct.21,1748.

Jacob and Elizabeth Aborns, int.Feb.10,1749.

Zebulon, and Mrs.Jerusha Leigh, int.Mar.1,1755.

Abigail, Mrs., and Thomas Jones, Apr.27,1756.*

Joseph, jr., and "Ms." Lucy Woodberry, int.June5,1756.

Thomas, and Joanna Tallen of Manchester, Jan.20,1757.CR4*

Abner, and Dorothy Burnam, Apr.13,1761.CR4*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Woodbury, May3 [13.CR7], 1762.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Susanna Whipple, Oct.31,1765.*

Nathan, and Mrs.Anna Whipple, int.Jan.17,1767.

Josiah, and Sarah Brown, Mar.6,1769.*

Lidia [], and Cornelius Dodge, both of the Hamlet, Mar.26,1771.CR2*

Elisabeth, and Isaac Woodbery, June9,1774.CR5*

Joseph [jr. int.], and [] Sarah Whipple, Dec.15,1774.CR5*

Joseph, Ens., and Jemima Thomson, Feb.2,1777.CR5

Jemima, and Samuel Poland June21,1779.CR5*

Samuel, and Jemima Poland June21,1779.CR5*

Mary, and Philemon Smith of Chebacco, June22,1780.CR5*

William, and Betty Brown, int.July14,1781.

Abner, jr., and Sarah Burnham, Mar.20,1783.*

Asa, and Abigail Nale, Mar.25,1784.CR2*

Rachel, and William Dodge, 3d, Nov.17,1785.CR5*

Nathaniel, and Abigail Tarring [Talling. int.] of Manchester, at Manchester, Jan.24,1786.*

Susanna, and Nathaniel Lee of Manchester, Dec.18,1788.*

Rachal, and William Burnham, 4th, at Chebacco, Aug.23,1789.*

Lucy, and Aaron Burnham, Dec.25,1790.*

Nancy, and Dudly Abbot of Beverly, June2,1791.*

Josiah, and Mehitable Lufkin, Jan.8,1792.*

Abner, and Deborah Emerson, Dec.5,1792.*

Nehemiah, and Mrs.Elizabeth Knowlton, Jan.6,1793.CR5*

Anna, and William Spiller, Oct.2,1794.*

Sarah, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Dodge of Perry, NH, Dec.20,1798.CR4

Ruth, and Solomon Cole of Hamilton, Apr.19,1801.*

Andrew, and Bethiah Annable, both of Hamilton, Mar.25,1802.

Oliver, and Susanna Woodberry, both of Hamilton, at Hamilton, Dec.1,1803.

Mary, of Hamilton, and Timothy Marshal, jr. of Beverly, at Hamilton, Jan.5,1804.

Sally, and Henry Burnham, May2,1805.*

Mary, and Josiah Fitts, Nov.26,1807.*

Edner, and Elijah Gove, Apr.11,1810.*

David, and Bethiah Woodberry, int.Dec.7,1811.

John Foster, and Eliot Woodberry of Gloucester, int.Dec.4,1816.

Mary, and Daniel [should be Samuel.] Beck, both of Wenham, Dec.22,1827.

Lucinda, of Essex, and George Lane, int.Nov.22,1830.


Francis, and Agnis Robbins, int.Nov.5,1715.

John, and Mary Pope, int.Dec.29,1722.CR4

Agnis, and William Andrews, int.Nov.20,1725.

Jonathan Prince, of Billerica, and Hannah Lufkin, Feb.15,1786.CR2*


Elisabeth, and Benjamin Lord, Sept.8,1791.*

POOL (Poole)

Jonathan [of Gloucester.], and Hannah Burnam, at Gloucester, July4,1722.*

Caleb [of Gloucester. int.], and Martha Boreman, at Gloucester, Mar.28,1727.*

Francis, of Gloucester, and Lois Storey, at Chebacco, Oct.19,1752.*

Caleb, of Gloucester, and Sarah Howe, Aug.4,1761.*

Miriam, and Samuel Jewet, Aug.24,1769.CR3

Caleb, Dea., and wid.Elisabeth How, June19,1770.CR3

Hannah, of Gloucester, and Isaac Patch, int.Nov.29,1799.

Ebenezer, 4th, of Gloucester, and Abigail Patch Choate, Jan.26,1809.*

POOLE (Pool)

John, of Cape Ann, and Deborah Dodge, July31,1717.CR5

Susanna, Mrs., of Lynn, and Dr. Joshua Burnam, int.Mar.25,1749.


Abigail, of Newbury, and John Drossett [Dresser. int.], at Newbury, Oct.27,1757.*

Elisabeth, and Joseph Sweet, Apr.22,1760.CR3

Ann, and Jeremiah Harriman, Aug.1,1769.CR3

Caleb, of Gloucester, and Mrs.Elizabeth How, int.June1,1770.

Daniel, Rev., of Danvers, and Susan Bulfinch, int.July1,1815.

William, of Danvers, and Mrs.Elisabeth P. Butler, Apr.14,1842.*

Margaret Ann Gurley of Andover, and John Patch, jr., int.June4,1846.

Edwin, of Newbury, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Samuel W. and Hannah, and Catharine L. Sutton, a.26y., d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Feb.4,1847.*

Silas, a.22y., cordwainer, s.David and Mehetable C., of Rowley, and Henrietta Rutherford, a.18y., d.John and Mary, July20,1848.*


Mary, and John Pollard, int.Dec.29,1722.CR4

Thomas, and Mercy Lufken, Nov.14,1727.CR4*

Mehitable, and John White, jr., Dec.14,1727.CR4*

Eunice, of Salem, and John Baker, jr., at Salem, Nov.4,1743. [Oct.14,1745. int.]*

James, jr., of Salem, and Lucy Mary Lord, Nov.6,1821.*

PORLAND (Poland)

Bethiah, and Coomes Humfreys of Marblehead, Apr.4,1717.CR5

John, and Abigail Davis, Apr.11,1718.CR5

Samuell, sr., and wid.Sarah Dodge, Nov.11,1718.CR5

Abigail, and Joseph Knolton, Jan.8,1719-20.CR5*

Richard, and Sarah Lendal, Dec.31,1741.CR5*

Samuell, jr., and Hannah Tilton, Dec.21,1742.CR5*


Ann [Anna.dup.], of Salem, and Samuel Wollis, at Topsfield, July7,1696.

Lidiah, of Wenham, and William Lampson, at Beverly, Dec.17,1706.*

Elizabeth, of Wenham, and Daniel Gilbert, int.Dec.2,1710.

Nehemiah, and Hannah Smith of Beverly, int.19:9m:1716.

Edmund, of Boston, and wid.Esther Perkins, int.Apr.22,1721.

Samuel, of Salem, and [Mrs.written in later.] Love Howe, int.Sept.15,1722.

Esther, wid., and Joseph Lothrop, jr. of Norwich, CT, int.Mar.29,1729.

Esther, wid., and Augustus Harbin, resident of Ipswich, Mar.27,1731.*

Hannah, and John Lumas, int.Apr.30,1743.

Elanor, of Topsfield, and Nehemiah Abbott, at Topsfield, May18,1744.*

Ester, and Dr. Nathaniell Brown, int.Jan.10,1746.

Lidia, and Edmund Patch, int.Nov.8,1746.

Nehemiah, Rev., and Mrs.Rebeckah Chipman of Beverly, at Beverly, Feb.14,1749.*

Sarah, and Solomon Lufkin, at Chebacco, Aug.7,1752.*

Ebenezer, and Lydia Cummins, Dec.17,1755.CR4*

Hazadiah, and Anna Johnson of Andover, Mar.23,1756.CR4*

John, jr., of Wenham, and Lydia Lambert, at Wenham, Apr.16,1761.

Samuel, 3d, of Wenham, and Mrs.Anna Patch, Aug.5,1762.*

Anna, of Wenham, and Ammi Knowlton, at Wenham, Dec.9,1762.*

Rebecca, and Allen Baker, Nov.16,1769.CR2*

Samuel, and Matty Perley of Rowley, at Rowley, Nov.27,1770.*

Hannah, and Jacob Manning, Dec.19,1776.CR2*

Anna, of Topsfield, and Neeland Ross, June17,1777.CR5

Lydia, and Nathaniell Sawyer, June11,1778.CR5*

Anna, and Thomas Adams, jr., Apr.29,1783.CR5*

Mercy, and Aaron Patch, Oct.30,1789.*

Johnathan, and Patty Fairfield, both of Wenham, Nov.4,1792.

Frederic, resident in Ipswich, and Abigail Gould, Jan.25,1809.*

Tyler, of Wenham, and Mary Quarles, of Hamilton, Oct.30,1823.

Louisa, of Salem, and Jacob Stratton, int.Oct.9,1841.

Oliver, a.21y., laborer, s.Samuel and Mary, and Elmira Dickenson, a.25y., d.Darius and Mary, Dec.9,1845.*


Lucy, Mrs., and Walter Brown, int.Dec.15,1838.

POTTAR (Potter)

Edmund, and wid.Hannah Tuttle, "alias Pickard," of Rowley, int.Nov.20,1701.

Joanna [], and John Whipple [jr. int.], Apr.14,1703.*

John, and Lydia Dear, int.Dec.24,1709.

David, and Mary Mirriam of Lynn, int.Jan.6,1710.

Edmund, and Elizabeth Walker, int.14:2m:1711.

Samuel, and Hannah Dressar, int.Mar.22,1711-12.

Mary, and Samuel York, int.27:8m:1711.

Elizabeth, and Nathaniell Dean, int.Dec.6,1712.

Thomas, and Susanna Hadley, int.Sept.18,1714.

Mary, and Nathaniel Fuller, jr., int.24:6m:1717.

Martha, and John Quarles, int.Feb.25,1720-21.

Daniel, and Anna Wallis, int.May13,1721.

Thomas, and Sarah Wallis, int.July22,1721.

Aaron, and Sarah Appleton, int.Sept.16,1721.

Robert, and Mary Knowlton, int.Oct.29,1726.

Daniel, and Elizabeth Kimball of Wenham, int.Nov.29,1728.

Samuel, and Esther Hardy of Bradford, int.Feb.13,1730.

Lydia, and William Kimball, Jan.3,1732.*

Mary, and Phillip Nealand jr., int.July7,1733.

Hannah, and John Newmarch [jr. int.], Nov.21,1733.*

Elizabeth, wid.[of the Hamlet. int.], and John Browne [turner. int.], Sept.22,1737.*

POTTER (Pottar)

Samuell, and Ruth Dunton, Apr.18,1692.

Anthony, and Martha Dresser, July11,1695.

Thomas, and Mary Kimball, June16,1696.

Edmund, and Mercy Quarles, June24,1703.*

Sarah, and John Rust, Sept.26,1705.*

Samuell, and Sarah Burnall, Dec.4,1705.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Lord, int.9:2m:1710.

Nathaniell, and Hannah Patch, int.Sept.23,1710.

Elizabeth, and Thomas Harris, int.Dec.10,1720.

Mercy [Hanna Tomson. int.], and John Patch, Oct.18,1721.CR5*

Nathaniell, and Sarah Graves, Feb.13,1722-3.CR5

Jabez, and Martha Dresser of Rowley, at Rowley, Oct.6,1730.*

Lydia, and Thomas Howlet of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.16,1731-2.*

Abigail, and Nathaniel Hood [jr. int.] of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Nov.13,1735.*

Sussana, and Benjamin Knowlton, Feb.28,1738.*

Samuel, and Abigail Cummings of Topsfield, at Topsfield, July12,1738.*

Ruth [], and John Manning, June14,1739.*

Ezekial, and Mary Cummins, June4,1741.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Mary Patch, int.Feb.22,1743.

Hannah, and Ephraim Kimball, jr. of Boxford, Dec.29,1743.

Anthony, jr., and Mary Davis, int.Oct.12,1745.

Elizabeth, and Ephraim Kimball of Boxford, int.Nov.13,1745.

Elizabeth, and William Conant, int.Nov.8,1746.

Samuel, jr., and Lucy Brown, int.Jan.14,1748.

Robert, jr., and Elizabeth Hoyes, int.Nov.4,1749.

Mary, and Jeremiah Staniford, Dec.10,1750.CR2*

Nathaniel, and wid.Jemima Brown, int.Oct.19,1751.

John, and Elizabeth Lord, int.Nov.2,1751.

John, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Patch, int.Mar.16,1754.

Sarah, and Abraham Choate, Mar.13,1755.CR2*

Anthony, 3d, and Mrs.Sarah Fuller, int.Mar.22,1755.

Sarah, Mrs., and David Roberts, jr., Jan.19,1757.*

Moses, and Sarah Fellows, June1,1757.CR2*

Abigail, and Ebenezer Mower of Marblehead, Nov.16,1757.CR4*

John, 3d, and Elizabeth Martin, Jan.31,1758.CR2*

John, and Mary Bordman, June15,1758.CR2*

Daniel, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Wallis, int.Mar.17,1759.

Mary, Mrs., and Samuel Wallis, int.Apr.13,1759.

Richard, and wid.Lydia Symes, int.Feb.16,1760.

Robert, and wid.Mary Lampson, int.Oct.11,1760.

Sarah, wid., and Isaiah Wood of Windham, CT, int.Apr.3,1762.

Lydia, and Cheney Smith, Sept.30,1762.CR2*

Anthony, and wid.Martha Bradstreet of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Oct.20,1762.*

Sarah, and Jacob Peabody [of], Apr.27,1763.CR3*

Richard, jr., and Lydia Averill [] of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Jan.15,1767.*

Margaret, Mrs., and James Brown, int.Apr.11,1768.

Bethiah, Mrs., and Mial Dodge, int.June18,1768.

Ezekial, jr., and Elisabeth Perkins, Nov.23,1768.CR3*

Ellis, Mrs., and Joseph Chapman, int.Jan.7,1769.

Allice, and Joseph Chapman, jr., Feb.16,1769.CR3

Jerusha, and John Smith of St. Johns, Nova Scotia, Feb.21,1769.CR3*

Mary, and James Brown, both of the Hamlet, Apr.16,1769.CR2

Elisabeth, and Nehemiah Knowlton, both of the Hamlet, Nov.14,1769.CR2*

Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Bishop of Gloucester, int.Dec.9,1769.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Dea.Stephen Choate, June7,1770.CR2*

Lucy, and Jeremiah Brown, Aug.16,1770.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Stephen Brown, 3d, int.Dec.15,1770.

Mary, and Isaac Peabody [of], Feb.19,1772.CR3*

Mary, and William Ellsworth of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.30,1773.*

Hannah, and Joseph Perry, [Parry of], July5,1773.CR3*

Daniel, jr., and Mrs.Sarah Gould, int.Oct.21,1773.

Elisabeth, and Elijah Maxey, Nov.24,1774.CR5*

Sarah, and Samuel Patch, jr., Dec.14,1775.CR5*

Elisabeth, and Moses Lurvey [of Gloucester. int.], Jan.11,1776.CR3*

Lucey, and Allen Foster, int.Apr.27,1776.

Nathaniel, and Rachel Adams, Jan.5,1777.CR2

Sarah, and Ebenezer Goodhue, Nov.4,1777.*

Mary, and John Goodhue, jr., Mar.25,1779.*

Allice, and Isaac Johnson of Andover, July8,1779.CR2*

William, and Elisabeth Safford, May11,1780.CR5*

Elisabeth, and Abner Day, jr., Dec.7,1780.CR2*

John [jr. int.], and Abigail Brown, Aug.16,1781.CR5*

Sarah, Mrs., and Aaron Heard, Aug.30,1781.CR2*

Lydia, and Abel Boardman of Newburyport, May11,1783.*

Israel, of Gilmanton, and Lydia Smith, Oct.14,1784.*

Ezekial, jr., and Mrs.Hannah Wells, Jan.6,1785.CR2*

Isaac, and Joanna Jewitt, Mar.8,1787.*

Sarah, and William Rutherford of Rowley, Apr.15,1789. [Apr.5.CR2]*

Elisabeth, and David [Daniel. int.and.CR2] Goodwin of Amherst, NH, Jan.22,1793.*

Abigael, and Edward Jewett, Jan.31,1793.*

Molly, and Jacob Smith, Feb.7,1793.CR3*

Benjamin, of Hamilton, and Anna Kinsman, Apr.8,1794.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Potter, Dec.24,1795.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Potter, Dec.24,1795.*

Daniel, jr., and Eunice Fellows [d.John.CR2], Nov.15,1796.*

Polly, and Jacob Perley, Oct.17,1797.*

Nathaniel, and Phebe Symonds of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Feb.11,1798.*

Mary, and David Brown, June5,1798.*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Harris, May25,1800.*

Susannah, and Benjamin Kimball [jr. int.], Feb.25,1802.*

John, and Martha Potter, July12,1803.*

Martha, and John Potter, July12,1803.*

Sally, and Edward Harris, int.Dec.13,1806.

Elizabeth, of Hamilton, and John Burnham Brown, int.Oct.12,1809.

Eunice, and David Brewer of Hamilton, Apr.29,1819.*

Asa, and Susannah Johnson of Bridgton, int.Oct.16,1819.

John, and Harriet Nourse, Mar.7,1822.*

Martha, and Moses Bradstreet of Topsfield, Apr.11,1822.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Anna Bishop of Rowley, Jan.11,1827.*

Martha, and William F. Conant, May30,1828.CR3*

Perkins, of Gloucester, and Mary Ann Jewett, Mar.末,1830.*

James, and Rhoda Brown, Dec.2,1830.*

Henry, and Elisabeth Jewett, Dec.6,1830.*

Phebe Ann, and Enoch F. Dodge of Hamilton, June12,1832.*

Julia Ann, and Levi Willet, Aug.28,1832.*

John, and Mrs.Mehitable Andrews, both of Topsfield, Oct.31,1832.

Lydia S., and Ephraim Averell of Topsfield, int.Jan.5,1833.

Harriet, and William H. Chapman, Nov.27,1834.*

Joanna, and Edward Harris, Apr.11,1839.*

Susan E., and William F. Howe of Rowley, int.Oct.27,1842.

Edward H., and Sarah Ann Prescott of Epsom, NH, int.Oct.25,1844.

Elizabeth S., of Topsfield, a.20y., d.John and Harriet, and Josiah W. Stevens, jr. of Topsfield, s.Josiah W. and Alice, Feb.17,1845.

Jacob S. [Capt.CR2], a.27y., farmer, s.Nathaniel and Phebe, and Eleanor E. Conant, a.23y., d.William and Ruth, Feb.20,1845.*

Ezekial P., and Mary G. Foster, Apr.9,1846.CR3*

Adeline, a.27y., d.Daniel and Eunice, and Albert A. Stoddard of Braintree, a.25y., trader, s.Hezekiah and Christiana, Nov.4,1846.*

Jane F., and James Tibbets, int.Mar.27,1847.

Richard, a.43y., farmer, s.Jonathan and Hannah, and Mary Hodgkins, a.25y., d.Daniel and Asenath, of Boston, May19,1847.*

Allexander, and Eliza Clark [of], June2,1847.CR3*

Martha A., a.20y., d.Nathaniel and Ann, and Byron S. Davenport, a.26y., cordwainer, s.Ephraim and Sarah H., Dec.28,1847. [Dec.26.CR1]


Christopher, tanner, and Hannah Graves, d.Samuel, sr., Mar.12,1693-4. [Mar.5. dup.]

POUCHI (Pushee)

Gabriel, and Sarah William, July26,1726.CR5*


Elisabeth [Powersling. int.], and Aaron Lord, jr., Apr.21,1780.*


John, and Sarah Eveleth, May22,1741.*

POWLAND (Poland)

Elisabeth, and Timothy Patch of Wenham, at Beverly, Nov.18,1705.


Margaret A., of Oxford, ME, a.21y., d.Benajah and Ruth, of Oxford, ME, and Thomas D. Gould, a.26y., cordwainer, s.Thomas and Lydia, Aug.27,1848.*


Ephraim, resident in Ipswich, and Mrs.Susannah Smith, Dec.31,1797.*

Hannah, and Thomas Staples, Aug.5,1830.*


Curren, and Elisabeth T. Jewett, Oct.20,1831.*

Jeremiah, of Boston, a.32y., conductor on railroad, s.Josiah and Mary, and Caroline Caldwell, a.28y., mantuamaker, d.Silvanus and Hannah, May8,1844.*

Sarah Ann, of Epsom, NH, and Edward H. Potter, int.Oct.25,1844.

PRESSON (Preston)

Edward, of Newmarket, and Mrs.Abigail Lord, int.Jan.31,1761.

Elisabeth, of Beverly, and Ammi Knowlton, at Beverly, June16,1761.*


Jonathan [of], and Sarah E[] Lord.Mar.17,1842.*

PRESTON (Presson)

Judath, see Bisson, Judath.

Ruth, and William Goodhue, int.Aug.19,1727.

Anne, and John Goodhue, 3d, at Chebacco, Mar.27,1732.*

Judith, Mrs., of Beverly, and Ezekiel Adams, int.Feb.9,1748.

Hitty, and Thomas Woodberry, at Beverly, July6,1775.*


Samuell, and Hannah Delloham, Nov.29,1707.

Richard, and Rebecca Bradeen, int.Nov.7,1712.

Rebecca, wid., and John Shepherd of Rowley, int.Aug.28,1718.


William, of Rowley, and Sarah Giddins, at Chebacco, Nov.14,1752.*

William, jr. [of Gilmanton, NH. int.], and [Mrs.CR2] Mary Smith, Jan.22,1795.*


Mary, and Stephen Longfellow, Jan.9,1772.CR3


Elizabeth [of Gloucester.], and John Lufkin, at Gloucester, Nov.5,1724.*

Jane, and Jeremiah Burnum [jr. int.], [Mar.CR4] 5,1729-30.*


Thomas, of Rowley, and Mrs.Abigail Boardman, int.Jan.23,1746.

Abigail, jr., and Nathan Lambert, jr., Jan.26,1775.CR3

Sarah S., of Hamilton, and Jude A. Clark, int.Oct.29,1836.


Jonathan, and Hannah Rogers, int.17:12m:1710.

Hannah, and John Holland Jan.31,1739.*

Mary, and Joseph Fowler, jr., int.May26,1739.

Luke R., of Beverly, and Sally P. Day, Oct.6,1812.*

PROCKTER (Proctor)

John, and Elizabeth Thorndick, Dec.末,1662.CTR

Jacob, and Mrs.Lucey Bray of Gloucester, int.Dec.9,1775.

PROCTER (Proctor)

Benjamin, and Deborah Hart, Feb.末,1673.CTR

Jacob, and Mary Perkins, int.Oct.29,1709.CR4

John, and Annah Storey, int.June13,1713.CR4

Hannah, of Chebacco, and John Pitman of Marblehead, at Chebacco, 末蔓30,1730. [Nov.30.CR4]*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Burnam, 3d, Oct.4,1737.CR4*

Sarah, and Samuel Frizzell, Oct.26,1737.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Leatherland int.Dec.6,1740.

Joseph, and Sarah Leatherland Apr.9,1741.CR4*

Dorothy, and Thomas Choat, jr., Oct.22,1745.CR4*

Isaac, and Lucy Goodhue, Feb.8,1747-8.CR2*

Mary [], and David Tilton, Dec.21,1752.*

Samuel, and Lucy Wheeler, Dec.25,1754.CR7*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Lakeman, Jan.25,1759.CR4*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Leach, June26,1759.CR4*

Mary, and John Davis of Goffstown, NH, Nov.25,1762.CR4*

Joseph, and Hannah Brown, Feb.4,1773.*

Sarah, and William Low, Mar.12,1778.*

Susanna, and William Gilbert of Gloucester, Dec.21,1780.

William, and Ruth Mitchell of Gloucester, at Gloucester, Aug.21,1785.*

PROCTOR (Prockter, Procter, Proctour)

Martha, and David Major of Salem, int.Mar.11,1726.

Mary, and John Manning, jr., Feb.16,1764.*

Abigail, and Nathaniel Pulsipher of Gloucester, Feb.6,1766.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Byles of Gloucester, Mar.27,1766.*

Jonathan, and Mary Cleveland Mar.5,1771.*

Mary, and Thomas Choate, jr., Sept.1,1774.*

Lucy, and Coos Gardner of Gloucester, Oct.21,1777.

Lucy, Mrs., of Manchester, and Aaron Giddens, at Manchester, Oct.12,1780.*

John, of Manchester, and Hannah Cogswell, May31,1781.*

Dorothy, and Solomon Choate, Apr.7,1785.*

Elisabeth, and William Perkins, Oct. [6.CR4], 1788.*

Hannah, and John Brown, 3d, at Chebacco, Dec.1,1789.*

Benjamin, jr., and Sally Andrews, Nov.24,1790.*

John, Capt., and Sally Gardner of Gloucester, int.Feb.18,1792.

Benjamin, and Susanna Low, Dec.31,1795.*

John, and Mrs.Ednah Dane, at Hamilton, Jan.19,1797.*

Sally, and Thomas Gidding, jr., July17,1799.*

Lois, and Jonathan Lufkin, Oct.31,1799.*

Thomas, and Polly Denness of Gloucester, int.Aug.6,1803.

Jacob, of Gloucester, and Lois Lufkin, Dec.29,1803.*

Joseph, of Londonderry, and Eunice Brown, Dec.25,1808.*

PROCTOUR (Proctor)

Sarah, and John Bennett, int.May11,1723.

PUCIPHER (Pulsifer)

Joanna, and Thomas Harris, int.Dec.9,1710.

Margarett, and Tobias Lakeman, int.Sept.13,1712.

Susanna, and Robert Burganie, int.31:8m:1719.

Jonathan, jr., and wid.Sussannah Holland int.Mar.6,1736.

David, and wid.Abigail Hodgkins, int.Dec.19,1756.

Richard, and "Ms." Mary Marshall, int.Dec.24,1757.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Mercy Robins, int.Jan.19,1760.

David [jr. int.], and Anne Kellson, Dec.4,1766.CR2*

Hannah, Mrs., and Samuel Harris, int.Mar.26,1768.

Francis, jr., and Mrs.Lucy Andrews, int.Nov.11,1769.

Benjamin, and [] Priscilla Carter, Oct.2,1775.CR2*

Bickford, and Sarah Stanwood, Dec.21,1797.*

Anna, Mrs., and Samuel Coleman, Jan.29,1809.*


John, of Methuen, and Mary Poland int.July8,1739.

PULCEPHER (Pulsifer)

Richard, jr., and Sarah Goold, int.Dec.16,1721.

Dorothy, and William Harris, 3d, int.Nov.7,1724.

William, and Mary Lovell, Nov.3,1727.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Gerrish, May30,1729.*

Sarah, wid., and John Smith, 3d, Dec.24,1730.*

Margaret, and Richard Lakeman, int.Feb.22,1733.

Samuel, and Mary Hodgkin, June13,1735.*

Joseph, and Sarah Lovell, int.Sept.25,1737.

Ebenezer, and Hannah Fuller, Oct.15,1804.*

PULCIFER (Pulsifer)

Francis, and Sarah Lakeman, int.Jan.7,1742.

David, and Hannah Brown, int.Feb.5,1742.

Mary, and Stephen Caldwell, int.Oct.5,1745.

Mary, and Obadiah Beal, int.Nov.9,1745.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Wheeler, jr. of Gloucester, int.Dec.19,1746.

Ruth, and Philip LeGro, Nov.29,1748.CR2*

Mercy, and Joseph Stacey, int.July15,1749.

Elizabeth, and Joseph Loud of Portsmouth, NH, int.Aug.3,1752.

Benjamin, and Mercy Robin, Feb.6,1769.CR2

Elisabeth, and Moses Jewett, jr., Feb.11,1773.CR3

Sarah, and Daniel Safford, int.Oct.17,1778.

Mary, and John Spiller, Mar.10,1779.CR2*

Judith, and John Burnham, jr., at Gloucester, Jan.1,1793.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Lord, 3d, at Gloucester, Sept.25,1795.*

Rachal, and Daniel Doe, July4,1810.*

Francis, of Salem, and Mrs.Lydia P. Lakeman, Feb.20,1816.*

Elisabeth, of Wenham, and Joshua Edwards of Newbury, Oct.3,1819.

Emeline, and David Jewett, 1833 or 1834. [Nov.2,1833. int.]*

PULSEFER (Pulsifer)

Jemima, and Caleb Burnham, Sept.14,1791.*

PULSEPHER (Pulsifer)

David, and Elisabeth Dutch, Nov.30,1794.*

Lucy, and Jeremiah Smith, Apr.25,1799.*

PULSIFER (Pulcepher, Pulcifer, Pulcipher, Pulsefer, Pulsepher, Pulsipher)

Ebenezer, and [] Sarah Perkins, Mar.8,1773.CR2*

Francis, of Salem, and Martha Hodgkins, June12,1806.*

Hannah, and Abraham Burnham, Nov.20,1806.*

Mary, of Rowley, and William Cormick, Mar.15,1808.CR3

Epes Proctor, of Gloucester, and Betsy Lufkin, int.Aug.11,1811.

Francis, of Salem, and Hannah Harskell, Sept.24,1811.CR1*

William, and Eliza Dunnels, Aug.13,1829.*

Martha H., and Asa Wade, Nov.20,1832.*

Bickford, Capt., and Nabby Treadwell, Jan.31,1833.*

Sarah, and Ambrose Cyrille Leolois of Charlestown, Aug.21,1838.*

David, Capt., of Salem, and Elizabeth Caldwell, int.July18,1840.

Ebenezer, and Susan [Susanna A. int.] Dennis, Dec.12,1843.*

PULSIPHER (Pulsifer)

Benedict, and Susanah Watters, Feb.末,1673.CTR

Jonathan, and Sarah Loude, int.Mar.20,1707-8.

Nathaniel, of Gloucester, and Abigail Proctor, Feb.6,1766.*

Sarah, and Henry Adams of Newbury, Nov.30,1786.*

Anna, and John Glazier, June18,1792.*


Jeoffey, and Mrs.Mary Russell, int.May10,1760.

PUSHEE (Pouchi)

Mary, and James Tarbox, Feb.26,1756.CR2*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Greaves, jr., int.Oct.12,1765.

Sarah, Mrs., of Salem, and Stephen Lowater, int.Oct.31,1767.


Sylvester B., of Salem, and Mrs.Hannah M.D. Hendrick, int.Apr.25,1839.

PUTNAM (Puttnam)

David, of Salem, and Rebecca Perley of Boxford, Feb.15,1728.

Prissilla, of Sutton, and Adam Brown, jr., at Sutton, Dec.3,1772.*

Oliver, and Sarah Lake, Nov.23,1775.CR3

Billings, of Newburyport, and Mary Harris, int.Sept.5,1801.

Perry, and Clarissa Brocklebank, Nov.25,1841.CR6

Charles A., of Boston, a.26y., bank clerk, b. Danvers, s.Samuel and Mary, of Danvers, and Eunice L. Heard, a.28y., d.William and Cata, May12,1847.*

PUTTNAM (Putnam)

Thomas [of], and Elizabeth Whipple, Apr.10,1705.*


Margarett, Mrs., and Nathaniell Downing, Aug.10,1704.

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