TAILOR (Taylor)

Jonathan [b. Maine, s.Jotham and Mary, in pencil.], and Rhoda Langsford [b. York Co., d.Charles and Mary.in pencil.] Oct.12,1845.*

TALOR (Taylor)

Nathaniel, sojourner, and Elizabeth Butler, Jan.19,1766.CR5*.


Richard, and Rachel Allen, Mar.17,1723-4.


Martha A., and William M. Edmands, both of Charlestown, May10,1825.CR6

TAPPAN (Tappin, Toppan)

George [Tapping. int.], and Ruth Goodridge, Nov.15,1753.CR2*

Ruth, and Nehemiah Adams, Nov.25,1765.CR2

James, of Kingston, and Nancy Choate, Nov.10,1793.*

Ann, and Capt. Abraham Williams of Newburyport, Nov.1,1815.*

Mary Morrill, and James Davis, July15,1830.*

Augusta, and Benjamin Currier, Apr.13,1834.*

Sophia D., and Andrew Parker, jr., May7,1835.*

John S., and Hannah M. Shaw of Salem, int.Oct.20,1844.

Adeline, a.33y., d.James and Nancy, and Weedon Cole [of Beverly.int.], widr., a.48y., cabinet maker, s.Weeden and Naomi, May17,1848.*

TAPPIN (Tappan)

George [sojourner. int.], and Hannah Gilbert, Nov.3,1726.*

TAR (Tarr)

Sarah, and Thomas Dreaper, Jan.6,1732.*

George, and Susan Tilton Bray, Apr.16,1820.CR2*

Lucy, and Thomas Dearbin, both of Sandy Bay, June25,1826.CR3

TARBOOX (Tarbox)

Benjamin, jr., and Abigal Parsons [wid.int.], July9,1744.*

Susanna, and Joseph Clough, Feb.4,1747-8.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Baker of Boston. Oct.26,1752.*

Sarah, and John Witt, Jan.18,1753.*

TARBOX (Tarboox)

Joseph, and Susanna Stevens, Jan.28,1724-5.*

Abigal, and Moses Ring, int.Aug.25,1750. (forbidden by, wid.aSrah Tarbox, Aug.28,1750.)

Samuel, and Deborah Sayword, June19,1755.*

Joseph, and Abigal Hiller, Apr.25,1758.*

Ebenezer, and Dorcas Low.Aug.5,1761.*

Abigail, and Ezekiel Robinson. Apr.14,1765.CR5*

Ebenezer, and Anna Severy, Apr.1,1780.

Deborah, and Thomas Rand [Bond.CR1], Dec.末,1782. [Dec.1.CR1]*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Sally Wier, int.Dec.27,1783.

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Esther Brown, Sept.22,1787.*

Sally, and Joshua Gott, int.June12,1801. [m.June28.PR567]

Esther, Mrs., and George Dunham [resident. int.], Nov.20,1804.*

Judith S., and Aaron Day, Apr.4,1807.*

TARR (Tar)

Polly, see Sally.

Polly Barber, see Barber Polly.

Ruth, see Martha.

William, and Elizabeth Felt of Lynn alias Boston, Dec.21,1708.*

Oner, and John Wise, Nov.2,1712.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Davis, Feb.9,1714-15.*

John, and Elizabeth Heans of Marblehead.int.Apr.8,1714.

Joseph, and Sarah Sargeant, July28,1719.

Richard, and Sarah Beal of Marblehead, int.Aug.15,1719.

Richard, and Grace Hodgkins, Feb.20,1721-1.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Card.Feb.4,1723-4.*

Caleb, and Martha Wallis, int.Dec.5,1724.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Williams, Oct.12,1726.*

Grace, and Joshua Crumwel of Casco Bay, Nov.10,1726.*

Mary, and Joshua Kenol [Kendol. int.], Sept.22,1730.*

末紡rd [Richard int.], and Mary Flynn, Jan.1,1739-40.*

William, jr., and Martha Card.Dec.17,1739.*

Eunice, and Jonathan Wallis, Dec.18,1740.*

Rebeka, and Thomas Row, Dec.30,1742.*

William, jr., and Anna Harris, Jan.6,1743-4.*

Abigal, and James Parsons [jr. intfl.], Nov.8,1744.*

Martha, and Ebenezer Pool, jr., Oct.30,1746.*

Elisabeth [wid.int.], and Samuel Clerk [Clarke, jr. int.],末蔓末,1747. [Apr.4. int.]*

Caleb, jr., and Hannah Davis, Oct.27,1748.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mary Barber, Dec.22,1748.*

Mary, and Thomas Goss, int.Nov.22,1751.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Fear, June7,1752.*

Anna, wid., and Jonathan Andross, Nov.23,1752.*

Daniel, and Mary Ingersoll. Jan.16,1753.*

James, and Lucy Pool. int.Nov.17,1753.

Jacob, and Lois Elwell, Dec.25,1753.*

Joshua, and Eunice Collins, May21,1754.*

William, and Sarah Williams [wid.int.] July9,1754.*

Abraham, and Mehetabel Clough, int.Nov.1,1755.

John, and Elizabeth Goss, int.Dec.6,1755.

Anna, and Daniel Thusten, Jan.1,1756.CR5*

Hannah, and James Cooper, July27,1756.CR5*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Jacobs, resident, Feb.15,1757.CR5*

Mary, wid., and Dennis McCarty, sojourner, Dec.21,1757.*

David, and Lucy Pool, Dec.5,1758.CR5*

Deborah, and Mark Pool, Apr.15,1760.CR5*

Samuel, and Ruth Gamage, Sept.9,1760.*

[He. int.]nry, and Mercy Sayword, Nov.7,1762.*

Lucy, and Robert Stevens, int.Dec.4,1762.

Lucy, and John Carne, sojourner, July21,1766.CR5*

Mary, and Joseph Gorman, sojourner, Aug.20,1766.CR5*

Mehetabel, and Moses Cooper, Feb.16,1767.CR5*

Mary, and Andrew Lane, Dec.14,1769.*

Agnes, and Timothy Dannihe, sojourner, int.Dec.20,1769.

Ruth, wid., and John Turner, sojourner, Jan.21,1771.CR5 [Jan.10,1772. int.]*

Benjamin, 3d, and Lucy Sayword, Aug.9,1772.*

Hannah, and Samuel Babson [jr. int.], Oct.18,1772.*

Agnis, and Caleb Elwell, Apr.12,1775.CR5

Daniel Barber, and Rachel Davis, Aug.27,1775.CR3

Eunice, and Thomas Goss, Dec.31,1775.CR3

Betty, and Levi Meover [Miover.CR1; sojourner. int.], Mar.23,1777.*

Lucy, and Benjamin Hale, Jan.13,1778.CR5

John, and Annis Thursten, June29,1780.CR5

Jabez, and Sally Seaward, July2,1780.CR5

Polly, and Capt. Jeremiah Foster, Nov.23,1780. [Nov.24. dup.]

Job, and Rachel Parsons, Dec.27,1780. [Dec.28.CR1]

Benjamin, 3d, and Elisabeth Smith, June14,1781.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Parsons, July25,1781.

James, and Hannah Hale, Oct.31,1781.

Esther, and Benjamin Davis, July28,1782. [June6.CR1]*

Sally [Polly.CR1], and Edmund Pool, June10,1782.*

Jabez, and Polly Somes, Dec.4,1782. [Dec.2,1780.PR945]*.

Samuel, and Rebecca Parsons, Feb.6,1783.*

Patty, of the Cape, and James Abbit, Apr.19,1784.CR5*

David, and Anna Roberts, int.Apr.26,1784.

Solomon, and Anna Row, int.Aug.24,1784.

Betsy, and Samuel Wheeler, int.Nov.1,1784.

Hannah, and Moses Pool, May22,1785.PR771

Benjamin, and Lucy Pool, Feb.28,1786.*

Martha [Ruth.CR5], and Nathaniel Tarr, int.Aug.19,1786.

Nathaniel, of Sandy Bay, and Ruth [Martha.int.] Tarr, Sept.7,1786.CR5*

Hannah, and John Vass Cleaveland [both of the Cape.CR2]. July8,1787.*

David, jr., and Polly Riggs, Oct.26,1787.*

Oliver, and Sally Davis, Mar.18,1788.CR5*

Robert [jr.CR2], and Anna Norwood [both of the Cape.CR2], July24,1788.*

Martha, and Daniel Webber [resident. int.], Nov.26,1788.*

Polly, and William Thurstain, Nov.30,1788.*

Olly [Olive.PR772] and John Pool, 3d, Dec.4,1788.*

Jonathan, and Sally Pool, int.Dec.16,1789.

Ebenezer, and Susannah Jumper, int.Oct.30,1790.

Eps, and Hannah Richardson of Sandy Bay, July14,1791.CR5*

Abraham, and Polly Norwood, Aug.21,1791.*

Andrew, and Annis Robins [Anna Roberts.int.], Dec.27,1791.CR5*

Sally, and Ebenezer Grover, jr., Nov.11,1792.CR5*

Mercy, Mrs., and Francis Norwood, Sept.15,1793.*

Francis, and Dolly Rowe, Sept.22,1793. [ Sept.20,1792.PR940]*

Job, and Sally Chard, May24,1795.*

Mercy, and John Turner [jr. int.], May24,1795.*

Nathaniel, and Esther Thurston, July2,1795.*

Rachel [Barber.PR339], and Josiah Haskell, jr., Nov.23,1795.*

Charles, and Nancy Lane, int.Apr.26,1800. [m.Oct.27,1799.PR944]

Benjamin, 4th, and Sukey Stanwood, int.Aug.11,1800.

Benjamin, jr., and Hepzibah Leighton, int.Feb.14,1801.

Robert, Capt., and Hannah Stacy, int.May2,1801.

Lucy, and George Lane, jr., int.May9,1801. [m.May24.PR567]

Nancy, and Ebenezer Gammage, int.Dec.9,1801.

Samuel, and Betsy Parsons, int.May1,1802.

Caleb, and Deborah Norwood, int.Dec.10,1802.

Nancy, and Asa Knowlton, int.Dec.10,1802.

Annis D., and Asa Knowlton of Hamilton, Dec.18,1802.PR552

Peggy, and John Gott, jr., int.June13,1803.

Sally, and Caleb Ellwell, int.Nov.1,1803.

Susanna, and Henry White. jr., int.Nov.1,1803.

Lois, and Edward Haskell, int.Apr.1,1804.

Daniel Smith and Mary Giles, int.July21,1804. [m.Aug.16.PR902]

Henry, and Esther Parsons, int.Aug.23,1804.

Rebecca, and William Fritch, int.Sept.13,1804.

William, and Sally Knuttsford.int.Nov.8,1804.

Patty, and William Thurstain, jr., int.Nov.17,1804.

Sally Sayward, and John Stockman, int.Dec.20,1804.

David, and Mrs.Ruth Haskins, int.June26,1805.

Sally, and George Gott, Aug.25,1805.*

Nancy Barber, and Ebenezer Pool, 3d, Dec.13,1806. [Dec.1,1807.PR791]

Betsey, and Joshua Clark, jr., Oct.3,1807.*

Deborah, and Joshua Tarr, int.May26,1808.

Joshua, and Deborah Tarr, int.May26,1808.

Olive, and Thomas Giles, int.July21,1808.

Jabez, jr., and Lois Pool, Jan.7,1809.*

David, 3d, and Nancy Thomson, Dec.14,1809.CR5

Ebenezer, and Mary Beals Griffin [Mary Beals.int.], Dec.21,1809.CR3*

Deborah, and John Foster, Jan.13,1810.*

Rachel, and Abraham How Pool, May4,1811.*

Rhoda, and Moses Platts Clark, jr., Aug.31,1811.*

Nancy, and Benjamin Stacy, jr., Feb.10,1812.*

William, jr., and Lydia Mitchell of Woolwich, ME, int.Nov.25,1811. [m.Feb.22,1812.PR659]

Sophia, and William Pool, Mar.11,1812.*

David P., Capt., and Mrs.Catharine G. Parsons, Mar.16,1812.*

Judith, and John Green of Pawtucket, RI, int.Aug.22,1812.

Moses, and Rebecca Williams, Jan.2,1813.*

Esther, and William Boynton Haskins, int.Aug.7,1813.

James, and Mary Higgens, Sept. [4.CR5], 1813.*

Louisa, and John Steele, jr., Nov.7,1813.*

Lydia Parsons, and Morris Hodgkins, Dec.18,1813.*

Joshua, and Rhoda Tarr, May末,1814.*

Rhoda, and Joshua Tarr, May末,1814.*

John, jr., and Judy Williams, Sept.15,1814.*

Eunice C[ollins.int.], and John Pool, Oct.9,1814. [1815.CR5]*

Sally, and David Dowsett. Nov.14,1814.*

Francis, jr., and Lucy Norwood, May29,1815.*

Francis P[ool. int.], and Hannah Knights, Dec.28,1815. [Dec.23.CR5]*

Solomon, and Martha Elwell, Dec.28,1815. [Dec.23.CR5]

Benjamin, and Susan Martin, (2d.w.), May末,1816.*

Benjamin P[arsons.int.], and Betsey Clark, June29,1816.*

Lois, and Benjamin Colby, Dec.24,1816. [Dec.25.PR202]

Daniel Barber. jr., and Mary Purrinton of Bowdoin, int.Dec.21,1816. [m.Feb.13,1817.PR810]

Caleb, jr., and Betsey Sayward, July23,1817.*

Jonathan, and Olly Pool, Oct.11,1817.*

Oliver, jr., and Maria Wonson, Nov.17,1817.*

Abraham, jr., and Lydia Marstons, Jan.18,1818.*

Polly Riggs, and John Palmer, Mar.1,1818.*

Amos, and Sally Platts Clark, Sept.19,1818.*

Dolley, and John Cunningham, jr., Sept.28,1818.*

Joseph, jr., and Betsy Parsons, Oct.17,1818.*

Sally, and William S[aville. int.] Lane, Nov.19,1818.*

Esther Pool, and John Parsons, 4th, Jan.21,1819.*

Mary, and George Parsons, jr., Apr.24,1820.*

Nathaniel, and Mary Turner, June4,1820.*

George, jr., and Patty Poole, int.Oct.16,1820.

Reuben [of Sandy Bay.CR3], and Hannah L[ane. int; S.CR3] Young, Dec.25,1821.*

Betsy H[olland.int.], and George D[ennison. int.] Hale, Feb.7,1822.*

Francis, jr., and Sally Lane, Apr.11,1822.*

Robert, and Mary Gott, Dec.4,1822.*

Zebulun, and Sally Brown, Dec.10,1822.*

George, and Harriet Sargent, Dec.12,1822.CR3*

Hepzi[beth.CR5], and Elias Cunningham.Dec.12,1822.*

Sally, and John Young, Dec.24,1822.*

Sally, and Eben Davis, Mar.16,1823.*

Amelia, and Moses Wheeler, jr., June1,1823.*

Epes, and Martha Knowlton of Hamilton, int.Nov.29,1823.

Laura, and William P[itts.int.] Burns, Mar.22,1824.*

Abigail G[iles.int.], and Fitz Tarr, May12,1824.*

Fitz, and Abigail G[iles.int.], Tarr, May12,1824.*

Susan T[hurston int.], and John O[sborne. int.] Drown, Oct.24,1824.*

Hannah, and Timothy Knowlton, Nov.30,1824.*

William, 3d, and Charlotte Thurston, Dec.15,1824.*

Eliza, and William Boynton, Jan.9,1825.*

Martha, and Francis Rowe, Jan.13,1825.*

Nancy, and Nehemiah Somes Pearson, Dec.18,1825.*

Esther, and Thomas Tarr, Dec.26,1825.*

Thomas, and Esther Tarr. Dec.26,1825.*

Abner, and Emeline Gee, May10,1826.*

Polly Woodbury, and Elias Torrey [resident. int.], July4,1826.*

Combs, and Sally Peabody of Middleton, int.Nov.17,1826.

Lucy Stacy, and Benjamin Parsons, 3d, int.Nov.18,1826.

George, and Sophia Knights, both of Sandy Bay, Dec.24,1826.CR3*

Stephen, and Betsey Parsons Norwood.int.Jan.11,1827.

Edward, and Tammy Parsons, July1,1827.CR5*

Lucy, and John Sanders.Dec.12,1827.CR5*

Harriet Norwood, and Francis Rowe. Dec.13,1827.CR5*

Frederick, and Rachel Louisa Peabody of Middleton, Nov.27,1828.*

Eliza, and George Lane, Jr., Dec.10,1828.*

Laurana G., and Nehemiah Knowlton. jr., Dec.18,1828.*

Lucy S., and Levi Sandborn, jr., Dec.25,1828.*

Charles, jr., and Sally Turner. Feb.19,1829.*

Jabez, and Polly Tarr, Mar.9,1829.*

Polly, and Jabez Tarr, Mar.9,1829.*

Louisa, and Benjamin Brooks, Mar.18,1829.*

Caroline, and Stephen Blatchford, Nov.21,1829.*

Sarah K., and John Pew, Dec.26,1829. [Nov.CR5]*

George, and Polly Brown, Dec.16,1829.*

Adeline, and James S. Norwood, int.Nov.28,1830.

Caleb, jr., and Nancy Hodgkins, Dec.20,1830.*

Charles, 3d, and Sally Stockman, Dec.23,1830.*

Washington, and Nancy Thurston, Dec.26,1830.*

Asa, and Betsey Gott, Jan.6,1831.*

Betsey, and William B. Haskins, Aug.28,1831.*

Tammy, Mrs., and Thomas Grimes, Jan.2,1832.*

James P., and Delia Richardson, int.May20,1832.

Mary, and Edward Jones, foreigner, Oct.29,1832.*

Sophia, Mrs., and William Young, jr., Dec.6,1832.*

Addison, and Martha Harvey, Mar.10,1833.*

Andrews, and Abigail Rust, Oct.10,1833.

Betsy, and Joel Read, jr., of Newton, Nov.3,1833.*

Jane, and Benjamin F. Dunnels, Nov.17,1833.*

Mary, Mrs., and William Blatchford, Dec.4,1833.*

Julia, and Epes Gamage, Dec.10,1833.*

Olivia (Leifa) M. [Lusa.CR5], and John S[teele.PR162] Choate, Dec.25,1833.*

William, jr., and Mary L. Perry, Feb.2,1834.*

Hannah M[aria.CR6], and Benjamin F. Somes, June12,1834.*

Mary, and Samuel Wheeler, jr., Nov.30,1834.*

Moses, jr., and Mrs.Mary E. Pulcifer, Feb.12,1835.*

Dorothy C., and Benjamin Franklin Wheeler, of Concord, Apr.26,1835.*

Sally Geering, and Jonathan Burnham, 3d, June28,1835.*

Stephen N., and Mary Bradstreet of Sandy Bay, July19,1835.CR6 [July6,1834.PR86]*

Mary, and Peter Nickles, Nov.30,1835.*

Esther Mrs., and Nathan F. Morgan, Jan.24,1836.*

Olivia, and Holten Putnam Haskell, May15,1836.*

Susan, and Addison Noorwood, Dec.12,1836.*

Loisa W., and Abraham Babson, Dec.13,1836.*

Benjamin, 2d, and Rhoda Tufts, Dec.15,1836.*

Deborah, and Thomas F. Parsons, Dec.20,1836.*

Eliza W., and Solomon Smith, Feb.23,1837.*

Betsy, and James Fernald, Mar.28,1837.*

Martha L., and Levi S. Gott, May11,1837.*

Betsy [a.25y.2m.11d.PR1038], and David P. Boynton [a.27y.11m.15d.PR1038] May15,1837.*

Rebecca, and John B. Turner, Dec.30,1837.*

Joshua, jr., and Sally Dowsett, Jan.2,1838.*

Andrews, and Lydia Ann Whittredge of Beverly, Apr.28,1838.*

Martha P., and Rev. Nathaniel Richardson [jr.PR813] of Plymouth, CT, Aug.30,1838.*

Ann, and Francis Noble, Sept.16,1838. [ Sept.14,1837.PR668]*

David, jr., and Sarah E. Day, Oct.22,1838.*

Lucy S., and Edwin R. Reed of Nashua, Nov.12,1838.*

Albert, and Susan D. Pulcifer, Nov.16,1838.*

James, and Abigail Griffn, Dec.22,1838.*

Laura, and David Low.jr., Dec.22,1838.*

Martha, and Barnabas D. Haskins, Apr.15,1839.*

John, jr., and Matilda Parsons, July27,1839.*

Harriet, and Nehemiah.Adams, jr., Nov.12,1837. [Oct.27,1839. int.]*

Frederick, R., and Hannah J. Hodgkins, May16,1841.*

Abraham, and Rebecca Story Norwood, July末. [July11,1841. int.]*

Maria A., and Charles B. Smith of Charlestown, June12,1842.*

Addison, and Martha Riggs, June21,1842.*

Rhoda, of Rockport, and William Brown, Mar.4,1843.*

Emily, of Rockport, and Samuel L. Young, int.Apr.2,1843. [m.1843.PR1032]

Betsy B., of Rockport, and John C. Goodrich, Nov.22,1843.*

Hannah J., Mrs., and Abraham Boynton, Dec.20,1843.*

[Martha, Mrs.int.] and Mark Allen [jr. int.], June16,1844.CR7*

Betsy, [Mrs.dup.], and George Tarr, fisherman, Dec.19,1844.*

George, fisherman, and [Mrs.dup.] Betsy Tarr, Dec.19,1844.*

Emily, and Charles M. Curtiss, fisherman, Dec.29,1844.*

Daniel B., of Rockport, and Harriet E. Oakes, Jan.14,1845.*

Sarah Jane., d.Coombs, and James Gott, baker, s.Charles, Sept.25,1845.*

Simeon, fisherman, and Loisa Norwood.Nov.23,1845.*

Loisa G. [of Rockport, a.18y.int.], d.[Joseph and Betsy, in pencil.], and John J. Wilson [a.23y.int.], fishernan, s.[William and Sally.in pencil.], Nov.27,1845.*

Lydia, wid., a.51y., d.Charles G. Marston, and Jonathan Burnham, widr., a.51y., fisherman, s.Jonathan, Mar.1,1846.*

Samuel, fisherman, s.[Abraham and Lydia "Marstons."TC], and Harriet S. Tucker, d.[John and Lydia Sargent, May20.TC], 末,1846.*

Charles, a.22y., mariner, s.John and Judith, and Mary Douglas, a.18y., d.Daniel and Mary, Nov.12,1846.*

Benjamin, a.24y., mariner, s.John [fisherman. int.], and Judith, and Eliza Ann Douglas, a.17y., d.Daniel and Mary, Dec.16,1846.*

Reuben, a.25y., yeoman, b. Rockport, s.Reuben and Hannah, of Rockport, and Lois J. Knowlton [of Rockport. dup.], a.21y., b. Rockport, d.Azor and Lois, of Rockport, int.Apr.26,1847. [Mar.28. dup.]

George M., a.20y., mariner, s.Oliver and Mary, and Hannah Elisabeth Ingersoll, a.20y., d.Joshua and Fanny, June16,1847.*

Sarah G., a.22y., d.Joseph and Betsy, of Rockport, and Ambros Hodgkins, a.24y., housewright, s.Isaac and Mary [Nov.28. in pencil] 1847.*

Judith W., a.16y., d.John and Judith, and William H. Wonson. 3d, a.22y., mariner, s.William H. and Susan, Apr.30,1848.*

William C., a.22y., yeoman., s.John and Judith, and Martha A. Saunders, a.19y., d.John and Eliza.Dec.31,1848.*

Loisa, and William Bickford, July1,1849.*

Louisa [a.19y.dup.], d.Frederic and Louisa, and William Bickford, a.21y., carpenter, b. Rockport, s.Andrew and Olive, of Rockport, July1,1849.*


Abigail, of Manchester, and Enoch Boynton, jr., Mar.5,1771.CR2*


William, sojourner, and Anna Rust, int.Apr.19,1766.


Jessee, and Charlotte Duly, Aug.10,1828.CR3*

TAYLOR (Tailor, Talor)

Thomas [sojourner. int.], and Ann Thomas.Feb.19,1784.*

Thomas, and Abigail Griffin. Mar.4,1789.*

William P[earce. int.], and Mary Philbrook [resident. int.] Mar.24,1822.*

Sias of Gilmanton, NH, and Mary Lane [of Annisquam.int.] Nov.27,1832.

William, of Boston, and Elizabeth R. Vila, Nov.28,1833.CR1*

Sias, and Lucy Lane, both of Gilmantown. NH, Nov.27,1834.*

TENNEY (Tenny, Tinny)

Nabby, and Thomas Rand jr., int.July31,1802.

TENNY (Tenney)

Annis, and John Hammans, Jan.20,1691.

David, of Barrington, NH, and Mrs.Abigail Plumer, int.Aug.17,1771.


Abraham, resident, and Priscilla Shackleford, int.Oct.21,1820.


Ebenezer [late of Beverly.now sojourner in this town. int.], and Anne Parsons, Mar.10, 末末. [1768. int.]*


James, see James, Thomas, Esq.

THOMAS (Thomos, Tomas)

John, and Anna Shaw, Nov.14,1723.*

Sarah, and Samuel Wallis, Nov.14,1734.*

Anna, wid, and Caleb Woodberry, Aug.14,1738.*

Anna, and Samuel Davis, jr., 末,1745. [Jan.10,1744-5. int.]*

Samuel, and Sarah Elwell. int.Dec.13,1744.

John, and Hannah Brown, Aug.22,1745.*

William, and Lydia Harraden, int.Oct.20,1750.

Sarah, and John Stone, sojourner, [late of Norwich, CT], Dec.12,1751.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Williams, Jan.31,1768.*

Spencer, and Sarah Harvey, int.Nov.26,1768.

William, of Plymouth, and Abigal Webb, int.Nov.12,1772.

Sarah, and Samuel Nelson, of Newburyport Dec.3,1772.CR3*

William, and Abigail Welch, at Wenham, Dec.8,1772.

John, jr., and Judith Tyler, Aug.16,1773.*

William, and Elizabeth Stanwood, Nov.14,1774.CR3*

John, jr., and Anna Row, [Apr.17,1776.CR3]*

Samuel, and Sarah Day, May21,1778.

William, and Martha Row, Nov.2,1779.CR1

Ann, and Thomas Taylor [sojourner. int.], Feb.19,1784.*

Jethro [resident. int.] and Rachel Somes, Oct.20,1786.*

Sarah, Mrs., and James Smith, Feb.21,1788.*

Polly, and Charles [ParsonsPR1025] Wood, resident, July末,1791.*

Spencer, and Rachel White, July1,1792.*

William, and Sally Knights, Oct.10,1793.*

Rachel, and Andrew Allen, int.Aug.12,1797.

Nehemiah, and Patty Wharff, Feb.末,1798. [Feb.11.CR2]*.

Samuel, and Rachel Parsons, Nov.17,1799.CR2*

Judith, and Moses Parsons, jr., int.Dec.8,1802.

Sally Rowe, and Epes Merchant, int.Oct.27,1803. [m.Dec.1,1803.PR644]

Samuel Row, and Nancy Hurry, int.June30,1804.

Betsey, and Lemuel Friend, Oct.9,1808.*

James, and Clarissa Parsons [Saunders.int.], Sept.8,1811.*

Clarissa, and James Low, Nov.2,1813.*

Dorcas, aud Benjamin H [adley.int.] Brown, Mar.16,1823.*

Nancy, and William Scott Friend, Nov.29,1823.*

Clementine Somes, and Timothy McIntire, int.Apr.7,1827.

Sally, and William Leonard, Dec.2,1827.*

Samuel L[ewis.int.], and Clarissa Sargent, d.Epes, deceased, Aug.27,1828.CR3

Emeline, and Joseph Friend, May4,1830.CR6*

John, and Susan W. Lakeman of Ipswich, int.Jan.23,1831.

James, and Jane H. Burnham, Dec.25,1837.*

John B., and Hannah L. Rogers, int.Feb.25,1844.

Elisabeth, wid., a.32y., d.Nehemiah and Martha Thomas, and William C. Haskell, widr., a.43y., mariner, s, William and Jerusha,末蔓末,1849. [Apr.1. dup.]*

Mary Elisabeth., a.18y., d.Samuel and Clara, and Lewis Saunders, a.21y., stone cutter, s.Simeon and Sally, Sept.9,1849.*

THOMOS (Thomas)

Mary, of "Mintinicus" ["Milinecus." int.], and Josiah Day, Nov.29,1730.*

THOMPSON (Thomson, Tompson)

Elexander, and Margret Dalrimple. Oct.9,1760.CR5

James, and Patty Gardner, Sept.19,1786.*

Thomas, and Anne Gamage, Apr.12,1789.CR5*

Sewell, and Sally Trask, Sept.20,1792. [ Sept.22. int.]*

William, of New Boston, NH, and Betsy Warner Norwood, int.Jan.22,1799.

Anna, and Thomas York, int.Apr.8,1799.

Nancy, and David Tarr, 3d, Dec.14,1809.*

Charlotte, and Nathaniel Bradstreet, July26,1814.*

Thomas, and Rhoda Norwood, Oct.17,1817.*

James, L., of Charlestown, and Margaret Trask, Oct.30,1834.*

Abigail, Mrs., of Townsend, ME, and Mark Grimes.jr., int.Dec.7,1834.

Joseph, and Nancy H. Porter of Boston, int.Apr.22,1838.

James, and Anna M. Somes, Mar.29,1849.PR922

John, a.25y., mariner, b. Sweden, s.John and Caroline, of Sweden, and Mary Agin, a.18y., b. Ireland d.末末, of Ireland June10,1849.*

THOMSON (Thompson)

Samuell, of Chebacco, and Martha Emerson, int.Oct.24,1711.

Robart, and Agnes Anderson, Dec.12,1729.

David, sojourner, and Patience Goss, int.Nov.20,1756.

Benjamin, and Ruth Badcock, both of Manchester, Aug.30,1799.CR2

THORLA (Thurlo)

Simon, of Newbury, and Mary Jaques, Apr.10,1770.CR2*


Charles Frederiek [resident. int.], and Polly Wharff, Sept.9,1810.*


Lydia, and Benjamin Redding, May30,1733.*

Robert, of Thomastown, Cumberland County, and Abigail Hadley, int.Oct.14,1789.

Mary, and John Grover, Dec.19,1819. [Dec.27.CR5]*

THORPE (Throp, Thrope)

Moses, and Mrs.Lydia Clark, int.Aug.29,1801.

THROP (Thorpe, Thrope)

Edward [Thorp.CR1], and Betty Joslin, June26,1777.*

THROPE (Thorpe, Throp)

Edward, sojourner, and Sarah Penny, Feb.26,1767.*

THURLO (Thorla)

James, of Newbury, and Susanna Lane, int.Oct.15,1818.

THURSTAIN (Thurston)

Sarah, and Moses Platts Clark, Oct.23,1788.*

William, and Polly Tarr. Nov.30,1788.*

Ezekiel, and Mrs.Elisabeth Guver, Jan.20,1790.*

Henry and Susanna Roberts, int.Jan.9,1796.*

Samuel Davis, and Margaret Oaks, int.Mar.26,1796.

Patty, Mrs., and Capt. Andrew Woodberry, int.May27,1796.

Stephen, and Susanna Wheeler [wid.Joseph.different ink.], int.June14,1796.

Josiah, and Lydia Broadstreet, int.Nov.26,1796.

Daniel, and Mrs.Bethiah Adams, int.June14,1798.

Benjamin, and Betsy Foster, int.Sept.11,1802.

Susanna [A.PR616], and Ebenezer Low, of Ipswich.int.Feb.5,1803, [m.May1.PR616]

William, jr., and Patty Tarr, int.Nov.17,1804.

Lucy, and Samuel L[urvey.int.] Clark, Apr.末, [Mar.17,1814. int.; Apr.6,1814.CR5]*

Mary, and George Roberds, int.Mar.5,1816. [m.June6,1817.PR825]

THURSTON (Thurstain, Thusten)

Joseph, and Mary Finson [Mary Lane.PR964], Mar.9,1724-5.*

Sarah, and John Butler, jr., Mar.12,1745-6.*

Joseph, jr., and Agnes Davis, int.July30,1750.

Elisabeth, and Henry Clark, int.Feb.28,1754.

William, and Martha Pool, int.Nov.12,176.

Anna, and William Low, Sept.22,1776.CR3*

Joseph, and Lydia Parsons, Aug.30,1781.

Ambrose, and Mary Lane, Jan.9,1784.*

Polly, and William Cook, int.June13,1785.

Patty, and Felix Doyl, June14,1786.*

Eunice, and David Smith, both of Deer Island [both formerly of Gloucester.TC], int.Oct.23,1786.

Esther, and Nathaniel Tarr, July2,1795.*

Nathaniel, of the Cape, and Eliza Gee, July13,1801.CR2*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Brown Gee, Oct.7,1801.CR2*

Tammy, and Jonathan Thomas Perkins, July25,1807.*

Joseph, and Esther Norwood, int.Aug.2,1808.

William [jr. int.], and Nancy Parsons, Oct.25,1810.*

Sarah, and William Davis, jr., Nov.29,1810.*

Daniel, jr., and Sally Rowe, Dec.25,1811.*

Sarah, and William Platts Clark, Aug.28,1813.*

Lucy, and Peter Stillman, jr., int.Feb.19,1819.

Martha, and Andrew Sargent, jr., Feb.20,1819.*

Lydia, and Joseph Haycock, June10,1820.*

Lydia, and Samuel Saunders, July27,1820.*

Margaret, and Winthrop Harraden, May15,1823.*

Mariah, and Charles P[arsons int.] Wood, Oct.6,1823.CR3

Charlotte, and William Tarr, 3d, Dec.15,1824.*

Eliza, and William Wharf, Dec.3,1825.CR3*

Elisabeth, and William Bailey, Dec.6,1827.CR5*

Nathaniel, jr., and Ruth Butler, Nov.30,1828.*

Nancy, and Washington Tarr, Dec.26,1830.*

William G., and Rachel R. Smith, Dec.10,1832.*

Mary Eliza, and Elisha P. Crarey of Hartford, CT, June1,1833.*

William, jr., and Margaret Oakes Blatchford, Dec.5,1833.*

Martha, and Benjamin W. Andrews, jr., Apr.15,1834.*

Sally, and Samuel A. Bray, Dec.3,1834.*

William, 3d, and Emily Pool, Oct.10,1835. [1836.PR965]*

Tamesin, and George W. Lane, Dec.10,1835.*

Esther, and Andrew W. Griffin, int.May8,1836.

Lydia F., and Benjamin Knights, Nov.30,1837.*

Sally, of Rockport, and James Harris, Feb.9,1841.CR6

James, and Lucy L. Harvey.Nov.18,1841.*

Daniel, and Martha W. Harris.Dec.30,1841.PR446

Nathaniel, and Mrs.Ruthy Lane, Dec.13,1843.*

Sarah, of Rockport, and Edward Cavenagh of Halifax, N.S., int.Mar.10,1844. (forbidden by Edward Cavenagh, his mark X, Mar.22,1844.)

Sarah Jane, a.22y., b. Rockport, d.Joseph and Esther, and William Albert Winn, a.22y., mariner. b. Wells, ME, s.Joseph and Lydia Ann, of Wells.int.Nov.4,1846. [Nov.8 dup.]

Benjamin, a.23y., mariner, s.Nathaniel and Eliza, and Nancy Lane, a.23y., d.James, Nov. or Dec.26,1846.*

George, a.26y., mariner, b. Bradford, s.Daniel and Abigail, of Bradford, and Lucy Ann Marchant, a.20y., d.George and Lucy Ann, Jan.21,1847.*

THUSTEN (Thurston)

Daniel, and Anna Tarr, Jan.1,1756.CR5*

Dorcas, and Thomas Robins [sojourner. int.], Oct.27,1756.CR5*

John, and Eunis Stockbridge, June11,1760.CR5*

William, and Mary Pool, Jan.10,1764.CR5

Sarah, and Edmon Grover, Apr.9,1767.CR5*

Annis, and John Tarr, June29,1780.CR5

TIBBETS (Tibbetts)

Ephraim, fishing, and Nancy Oakes, Oct.26,1845.*

Nancy, wid., a.23y., and Charles Lidkin [of Prussia.int.], a.26y., mariner, b. Prussia, Jan.30,1849.*

TIBBETTS (Tibbets, Tybbit, Tybbot)

Eunice S., and Eben Gott, Dec.24,1828.*


Henry, and Charlotte Osgood of Newburyport, int.Apr.23,1837.


George and Harriet A. Tollman, Sept.5,1849.*

John, a.25y., mariner, b. New York, s.John and Louisa, of New York, and Harriet Tollman, a.18y., d.Charles and Mary, Sept.5,1849.*


Mary, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Riggs at Ipswich, Dec.25,1728.

Susanna, Mrs., of Ipswich, and Job Day, at Ipswich, Dec.25,1754.*

Mary Octavia, of Boston, and Jackson Knowlton, int.May19,1839.


Mary Ann. wid., of Boston, a.36y., b. Boston, and Charles G. Smith, widr., a.44y., tailor, b. Sandbornton. NH., s.Timothy and Mary, of Sandbornton, NH, int.Oct.7,1846. [Oct.11. dup.]

TINNY (Tenney)

Agnis [Annis.int.], and Constantine Joslin, Dec.9,1713.*


Thomas, and Molly Dresser, int.Aug.23,1777.


Anna, and John Fulton, Sept.1,1765.*


Benaiah, of Derry, NH, and Mary Elisabeth Stacy, Nov.27,1828.*


John, of Rowley, and Abagail Parsons [d.Samuel int.], at Rowley, Jan.11,1741*

Jamima, Mrs., of Rowley, and Ebenezer Parsons, at Rowley, Dec.21,1742.*

Asa, of Rowley, and Sarah Lane, wid., Sept.3,1792.CR5*

Asa, and Rebecca Pool, Mar.15,1818.*

Robert M., and Elisabeth M. Hodgkins, May29,1831.*

Lucy, of Rowley, and Parker Burnham, int.Jan.3,1841.

TOLLMAN (Torman)

Mary, and Joseph O. Stevens, Dec.30,1836.*

Harriett, a.18y., d.Charles and Mary, and John Tillson, a.25y., mariner, b. New York, s.John and Louisa, of New York, Sept.5,1849.*

Harriet A., and George Tillson, Sept.5,1849.*

TOMAS (Thomas)

Samuel, and Hannah Davis, Dec.10,1761.CR2

TOMLINSON (Tumblesome, Tumbleson)

John, [sojourner. int.], and Martha Brown, Sept.5,1751.*

Martha, and William Stanwood, Sept.6,1773.*

Lucy, and Jacob Parsons, Nov.29,1807.*

TOMPSON (Thompson)

Samuel, and Mrs.Hannah Norwood, Nov.26,1716.

Elisabeth, and William Nelson. Mar.21,1718.

Edward and [Mrs.int.] Ann Pecker, [of Haverhill. int.], at Haverhill, Oct.27,1720.*


Michael, sojourner, and Mary Grant, Jan.3,1765.*

Michael, and Rebecca Joslin, July3,1777.*

TOPPAN (Tappan)

Hannah, and Samuel Hadlock, Jan.25,1747.*

Ruth [wid.int.], and Nehemiah Adams, Nov.26,1756. [Nov.25.CR2]*

Hannah, and Joseph Burnham, jr., of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Apr.2,1765.*

TORMAN (Tolman)

Elisabeth E., and Benjamin L. Cross, May8,1841.*


Elias [resident. int.], and Polly Woodbury Tarr, July4,1826.*

Elias, of Quincy, and Polly Bailey, Oct.31,1833.*

William James, and Maria Butman, Aug.17,1837.*


Richard and Mary Elwell [jr. int.], Dec.9,1756.*

Mary, and David Ingersoll, June9,1766.*


Azubah, of Ward, and John Prentiss, Oct.29,1809.*


Rebeckah, of Charlestown, and Andrew Benet, int, Nov.12,1709.


Moses, and Hannah Millet [wid.int.], [int.May6,1749.]

Retire, of Beverly, and Elisabeth Smith, wid., int.May16,1752.

Jonathan, and Abigal Byles, Feb.1,1753.*

Moses, and Mary Hill [wid.int.] of Manchester, at Manchester, Nov.9,1753.*

Israel, and Hannah Rogers of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.27, [1755?]*

Ebenezer, and Betty Low, Aug.末,1760. [Aug.7.CR2]*

Ebenezer, and Lucy Kinsman of Ipswich, int.Apr.6,1768.

Ebenezer, and Martha Bishop, Apr.21,1768.*

Hannah, and John Cockerin, of Marblehead, at Marblehead.Sept.26,1780.

Nabby, and John Ellis of Marblehead, Sept.7,1783.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Eunice Williams, July2,1786.*

Isaac, and Abigail Presson [PrestonCR2], July13,1786.*

Israel, Capt., and Judith Somes, Sept.26,1790.*

Sally, and Sewell Thompson. Sept.20,1792. [ Sept.22. int.]*

William, and Patty Robinson, May11,1794.*

Patty, Mrs., and Samuel Elwell, int.Dec.18,1798.

Miriam, of Beverly, and Joseph Pool, int.Dec.24,1799. [m.Jan.30,1800.PR778]

Caroline, and Nehemiah Parsons, jr., Nov.4,1806.*

Jonathan, resident, and Lydia Brown, int.May14,1808.

Polly, and Joseph Webber, Mar.22,1812.*

Abigail, and Joseph T. Peters of Boston, July16,1815.*

Israel, jr., and Elisabeth H[ill. int.], Day, Nov.14,1816.*

Julia Maria, and Capt. Samuel Pearce, May10,1818.*

Adeline, and James [William James.int.] Sever of Greenfield, Nov.19,1819.*

Hannah, G[age. int.], and Capt. William Hutchings of Boston, Jan.6,1823.*

Hannah, and Richard Mordelia, int.Feb.23,1826.

Emeline, of Jefferson, ME, and Robert Dyson of Painesville, Ohio, int.entered Aug.14,1829. (Revoked by Mr. Dyson.)

Joshua P., and Mary E. Rogers, Dec.14,1830.*

Amos, jr., of Danvers, and Emeline Plumer, Apr.5,1832.*

Sarah D., and Simeon Beckford of Beverly, Sept.13,1832.*

Eben, and Abigail D. Pool, int.Feb.10,1833.

Ann Somes, and Zebedee Cook, jr., Esq., of Boston, Apr.2,1834.*

Margaret, and James L. Thompson of Charlestown, Oct.30,1834.*

Ann E., and Asa Knowlton, jr., of Rockport, Jan.27,1842.*

John, and Martha T. Knowlton of Rockport, int.Dec.25,1844.

Susan H., a.25y., d.Israel, jr., and Elisabeth, and Edward H. Currier [jr. int.], a.26y., butcher, s.Edward and Mary, May10,1848.*


Brigget, of Newbury, and Richard Windoe, Mar.30,1659.

James, and Mercy Pearce, d.John, Apr.8,1667.

Nathaniel [seaman. int.], and Mary Page, Apr.28,1727.*

Susanna, and Jeremiah Martin, sojourner, Feb.1,1753.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Martin, Apr.6,1755.*


Mercy, of Ipswich, and Samuel Fellows, int.Apr.15,1763.

TREW (True)

Lydia, and Abraham Burrill, jr., int.June23,1798.


Mary, and James Broom [Browne. int.], Oct.26,1721.*


Richard, resident, and Betsey Millett, int.Aug.1,1812.

Betsy, Mrs., and John Christy, July28,1833.*


Charles E., of Boston, and Mary Jane Stanwood, Oct.15,1832.*


Patrick, of Manchester, and Sally C. Peirce, Mar.31,1828.*

Patrick, and Lois Warton, Dec.3,1835.CR6*

TRUBODY (Truebody)

William, of Boston, and Phebe Savery, Apr.2,1751.*

Anne, and Joshua Poland Nov.30,1773.*

Martha, and Robert Hukely of Falmouth, int.Dec.5,1775.

Phoebe, and Samuel Hodgkins, June2,1792.*

TRUE (Trew)

Richard and Lydia Mogridge, Dec.12,1739.*

Daniel, and Judith Ring, June23,1773.*

M. Lydia and Joseph Millett, int.Sept.15,1821.

TRUEBODY (Trubody)

John, and Susanna Davis, Mar.5,1787.*

Sukey, and William Driskell, int.Dec.5,1801.

Lydia, and Benjamin Laroque [sojourner. int.], Aug.20,1809.*

Nancy, and John Lancy [resident. int.], June9,1811.*

Maria W[illiams.int.], and John L[each.int.] Kemp, Apr.27,1823.*

Mary I[ngersoll. int.], and Robert Rowe, jr., Nov.10,1823.*


Samuell, and Mary Elwell, Nov.末,1713.*


Mary and Jonathan Brown. both of Manchester, Nov.19,1767.

Oliver, and Nabby Haskell, Sept.29,1803.CR2*

John, Capt. and Rachel Symons, both of Manchester, Jan.3,1809.CR2

Azor H., and Caroline Parsons, Apr.12,1838.CR7*

Mary Ann R., of Boston, and Samuel L. Fears, Nov.15,1838.*

Josiah, and Sarah Elisabeth Bray, Dec.4,1842.*

George W., seaman, b. Manchester, s.末末, of Manchester, and Eliza Fears, May12,1845.*

Charles W., a.25y., cordwainer, b. Waltham, s.John and Sarah, of Beverly, and Sarah Huntoon, a.29y., b. Epping, NH, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, of Rye, NH, int.Oct.16,1846. [Oct.18 dup.]


Joseph, and Elisabeth Hilton,末蔓末, 末末. [Jan.26,1752. int.]*

John, and Sarah Riggs, May9,1681.

Mary, and William Hilton, Nov.19,1711.*

William, and Dorcas Lane, Jan.8,1712-13.*

John, and Mary Lane, Dec.14,1714.*

Richard, and Abigail Harvey, Jan.16,1717-18.

Abigail, and Jabez Hunter, Mar.24,1717-18.

Joseph, and Mary Dyer of Marblehead, int.Aug.28,1721.

Abigail, and John Riggs, Mar.3,1734-5.*

Joshua, and Sarah Denning, Mar.6,1734.*

Grace, and Benjamin Knights [of Manchester. int.], Nov.26,1735.*

Abigail, and William Stanwood, Jan.12,1737-8.*

Thomas, and Rachel Leach, 末t. 3,1739. [ Sept.3. int.]*

William, 3d, and Patience Riggs, Oct.18,1742.*

William, jr., and Anna Riggs, Nov.3,1743.*

Sarah, and Thomas Day, July11,1744.*

John [jr. int.], and Mary Davis, Nov.末,1746.*

George and Hannah Parsons, Nov.23,1748.*

Sarah [wid.int.], and Thomas Penny, jr., Sept.4,1749.*

Job, and Ruth Dodge [of Wenham.int.], Dec.21,1749.*

Lemuel, and Mercy Riggs, int.May11,1751.

John, and Hannah Adams wid., int.Dec.4,1753.

Mary, and John Chandler. [sojourner. int.] June7,1759.*

末紡h, and Nehemiah Stanwood, int.July14,1759.

Dorcas and Andrew Millet, Nov.12,1761.*

Martha, and John Brock, Dec.8,1763.*

Thomasine, and William Hunter, Sept.19, [1765.]*

William, jr., and Rebecca Merchant, Dec.24,1765.*

Eunis, and Patrick Hogen, sojourner, Dec.25,1766.CR5*

Lemuel, and Ruth Millet, int.Mar.25,1769.

Daniel, and Margaret Lurvey, int.Nov.25,1769.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Meriam, int.May25,1771.

Patience, and Benjamin Davis, int.Feb.1,1772.

John, 3d, and Elisabeth Elwell. Oct.22,1772.*

William, jr., and Elisabeth Riggs, int.Aug.16,1773.

William, and Nabby [Abby.CR1] Riggs, Dec.28,1780.

Joseph, and Hannah Lurvey, July17,1783.*

Nathaniel, and Judith Robins, Jan.4,1787.*

William Hilton, and Sarah Stillman. Nov.29,1787.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Polly Craven of Sandy Bay, Nov.17,1791.CR5*

William, 3d, and Mary Pierce of Newburyport, int.Dec.3,1791.

Patience, and John Sargent, int.Jan.7,1797.

Giddings, and Martha Allen, int.Jan.15,1802.

Hannah, and Stephen Adams, int.Aug.13,1803.

Elizabeth, and Elias W. Hayes, May18,1805.CR2*

Peggy, and Daniel Parsons, jr., Nov.10,1805.*

Isaac, and Betsy Wharff,末蔓末,1811. [Mar.7.CR1]*

Lucy, and Capt. William Beach.May26,1811.*

Jacob, and Peely [Experience.CR3] Davis, Sept.11,1811.*

Rebecca, and Joshua Boynton, Dec.末,1811.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Eulin, Dec.27,1812.*

Joshua, and Caroline Lane, Sept.末,1813.*

Daniel and Patience Millett, Mar.15,1814.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Sally Hale, Dec.3,1815.*

William, jr., and Sally Colby, Dec.17,1815.*

John, jr., and Lydia R[iggs.int.] Sargent, Oct.20,1816.*

Eliza, and Joseph Stacy, Jan.4,1819.*

Sally, and Philip Webber, int.May13,1820.

Mary D[avis.int.], and Benjamin W[hipple. int.] Putnam, Sept.15,1822.CR3*

Simeon H[askell. int.], and Mary Rowe Haskell, Oct.28,1825. [Oct.27.CR1]*

Lucy, and Amos Stillman, Mar.9,1828.*

Joshua, and Adelaide Young, Aug.6,1829.CR3*

John, and Lydia Ferson Ober, Dec.31,1831.*

Mary Jane, and Joshua Griffin, Nov.7,1833.*

Experience, and William Cook, Dec.28,1833.*

Jacob G., and Dorcas Harvey, Sept.28,1835.*

Sarah H., and Samuel Stillman, Jan.16,1836.*

Judith, and Maj. John Mason, June26,1836.*

Mary Ann Richardson, and William Hodgkins, jr., Aug.23,1836.*

Joshua, jr., and Catharine Young, Jan.25,1837.*

Loisa, and Charles Norwood.Mar.21,1837.*

Eben, and Sarah L. Chase of Newbury, Oct.19,1837.*

James, and Mary Putnam of Newburyport, Oct.19,1837.*

Caroline, and Henry Young, Nov.27,1837.*

Zebulun D., and Lydia G. Oakes, Dec.10,1840.*

Lydia, anti Ebenezer Higgens, June21,1841.*

William, and Mary Oxton, Dec.22,1841.*

Daniel jr., and Hannah Sargent, Dec.21,1843.*

Betsy, and Dr. Joseph S. Barber [of Annisquam.CR3], Jan.8,1844.*

Issac, jr., and Mary Elisabeth Tucker, int.Dec.29,1844.

Mary Elisabeth, and Isaac Tucker. jr., int.Dec.29,1844.

Elizabeth [K. dup.], and George Clark, 3d, of Essex, fisherman, Feb.2,1845.*

Richard, fisherman, and Mary A. Conant, b. Topsfield, d.末末, of Topsfield, int.Oct.25,1845. [m.Nov.28.PR976]

Nancy R, a.22y., d.John and Lydia R., and John D. Kendall., a.27y., mariner, s.James and Betsy, Nov.2,1845.*

Benjamin, a.28y., fisherman, s.[Daniel and Patience, in pencil.], and Mary B. Griffin, a.22y., d.[Davis and Nancy, in pencil], Dec.17,1845.*

Harriet S., d.[John and Lydia Sargent.TC] and Samuel Tarr, fisherman, s.[Abraham and Lydia Marstons, May20.TC], 末,1846.*.

James D., a.21y., mariner., s.Jacob and Experience, and Mary E. Hodgkins, a.19y., d.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.14,1847.*

Andrew, a.22y., mariner, s.Daniel and Patience, and Susan H. Jewett, a.23y., b. Ipswich, d.John and Judith, of Ipswich, int.Apr.3,1847.

Joshua, widr., a.58y., mariner, s.William and Abigail, and Adaline Higgins, wid., of Portland.ME, a.48y., d.David and Ruth Stanwood, Nov.25,1849.*

TUFFTS (Tufts)

Mary, of Medford, and Daniel Collins, at Medford, Nov.3,1777.*

TUFTS (Tuffts)

Joshua, of Newbury, and Mrs.Abigal Ellery, int.Sept.13,1741.

Cotton, Esq. [Hon.; of Weymouth.int.], and Susanna Warner, Oct.22,1789.*

Richard, and Rhoda Goss, Aug.29,1811.*

Rhoda, and Benjamin Tarr, 2d, Dec.15,1836.*

Abigail G., and Addison Gott, Jan.12,1837.

Eli G., and Hannah McJannett, Dec.4,1839.*


William [of Portland.int.], and Sally Crandall Williams, Nov.25,1789.*

TUMBLESOME (Tomlinson)

Robert, and Lucy Stacy, Feb.25,1784.*

TUMBLESON (Tomlinson)

John and Hannah Williams, Sept.26,1778.

TURNER (Turney)

Mary, Mrs., of Salem, and Daniel Sargent, int.Jan.8,1763.

John, sojourner, and Ruth Tarr wid., Jan.21,1772.CR5*

John [jr. int.], and Mercy Tarr, May24,1795.*

William, and Betsy Douglass, int.July6,1799.

Leonard Madison, and Tammy Grimes, Nov.28,1810.*

Mercy, and John Low, jr., Feb.12,1812.*

Mary, and Nathaniel Tarr, June4,1820.*

Betsy, and Nathaniel Brown, s.Ephraim, Apr.27,1823.CR3*

Sally, and Charles Tarr, jr., Feb.19,1829.*

John, jr., and Emily S. Coffin, Dec.28,1834. [Oct.28,1830.PR902]*

Betsy, and Freeman Knights, Sept.30,1834.*

John B., and Rebecca Tarr, Dec.30,1837.*

Tammy, of Rockport, and Joseph Pew, Nov.10,1842.*

Levi, fishennan, and Mary Marten, Mar.20,1845.*

TURNEY (Turner)

John [Turner. int.], and Mrs.[Sally.int.] Frech [Fitch.int.], Nov.13,1787.CR5*


Michael [of Liverpool, N.S. int.], a.24y., mariner, b. Liverpood.N.S., s.Michael and Julia Ann, and Sarah Eliza Lufkin, a.17y., d.Christopher and Sally, Oct.16,1848.*

TUTTELL (Tuttle)

Martha, of Ipswich, and Mark Haskell, int.Jan.21,1709-10.

TUTTLE (Tuttell)

Simon, and Phebe Whittredge,末蔓末,1790.PR981

Anna, of Ipswich, and John Dane Wheeler, at Ipswich, Jan.5,1792.*

Mary Wheeler and Charles Knowlton, Jan.1,1828.CR3*

Daniel W., and Phebe Sargent, Nov.16,1828.CR3*

Phebe, and Joseph Whittredge, Dec.25,1833.*

TYBBIT (Tibbetts)

末末, wid.and John Harding, 22:2m:1652.

TYBBOT (Tibbetts)

Marie, d.Walter, and William Hascall, Nov.6,1643.


John and Sarah Eveleth, Dec.10,1719.*

John, and Abigail Haskell, Feb.22,1721-1.*

John, and Mary Ingersell, wid., Nov.19,1735.*

William, and Sarah Collins, Jan.3,1744.*

Abigal, and John Collins, Jan.6,1746-7.*

James, and Elizabeth Collins, Dec.21,1749.*

John, jr., and Ruth Herrick, May28,1765.*

Sara, and Timothy Davis, June23,1768.*

Judith, and John Thomas, jr., Aug.16,1773.*

James, and Patience Bray, Feb.28,1782.

Isaac, and Patience Bray, May14,1786.*

James, jr., and Mrs.Lydia Elwell, Oct.29,1786.*

John, and Rebecca Gould, June末,1787.*

Betsy, and Thomas Mason, Jan.24,1793.*

Hannah H., a.20y., d.Andrew and Betsy, and Daniel Nason, a.23y., mariner, b. Monteville, ME, s.Willoughby and Elmira, int.June10,1848. [June11. dup.]


George, and Mrs.Nancy Babcock, of Manchester, Apr.26,1838.*

Nancy, Mrs., of Manchester, and William C. Hovey, int.Nov.29,1840.

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