TAILER (Taylor)

Hannah, and Robert Badger of Lyndeboro, NH, May27,1762.*


Mary, of Salem, and Benjamin Henfield, Nov.25,1753.*

Gilburd, and Mary Smith, 2d w., Feb.27,1771.*

Amos, and Hannah Preston, May19,1772.*

Daniel, and Mary Tarbel, May5,1774.*

Asa, and Elizabeth Smith, May22,1783.*

Elijah, and Rebekah Putnam, May29,1792.*

David, and Mary C[heever. int.] Putnam, Dec.10,1797.*

Sally, and Porter Putnam, June10,1798.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Hart, at Lynnfield, Mar.25,1799.

Gilbert, and, wid.Sarah Farrington of Andover, June6,1799.*

Betsy, and Rufus Batchelder of Lynn, Oct.17,1799.*

Jane, and Thomas Taylor of Salem, Sept.1,1808.*

Betsey, and Ephraim Pratt, jr. of Reading, Sept.12,1810.*

Asa, jr., and Sukey Preston, May8,1811.*

Phebe, and Henry Brown, Sept.15,1811.*

Gilbert, and Polly Twiss, Jan.26,1812.*

Betsey, and Hicks Richards, Apr.21,1813.*

Daniel, and Sally Nourse, June18,1815.*

Sally, and John Putnam, May27,1816.*

John, and Lydia Reade of Dover, NH, int.Apr.12,1817.

William, and Betsey Stevens, Mar.24,1818.

Caroline, and Perley Goodale, June18,1818.*

Gilbert, and Fidelia Robinson [of Andover. int.], at Andover, Sept.3,1820.*

Rufus, and Rebeccah Joselyn, Apr.4,1822.*

Perly, and Sally Cross, Jan.16,1825.*

Aaron [Capt. dup.], and Ede Swinerton, Apr.2,1825. [June2. dup.]

Nathan, and Lydia Putnam, May22,1826.*

Amos, and, wid.Sarah (Brimblecom) Berrey of Lynn [Oct.21,1826. int.]

Alvan, and Esther Flint [of Reading. int.], at Reading, Nov.19,1827.*

Laura, and Moody P[erly.int.]Hazen of Rowley, June12,1828.*

Mary, Mrs.[2d, w.dup.], and Gen. Gideon Foster, Nov.23,1828.*

Jesse, and Susan M. Welch [of Plaistow, NH. int.], at Plaistow, NH, Jan.27,1830.*

David, and Phebe P. Pope, int.Aug.17,1830.

Mary F., and Aaron Putnam, int.Aug.21,1830.

Benjamin, and Eliza Dennis, Nov.8,1830.*

Nathan, and Eliza Preston [2d, w.dup.], Dec.7,1835. [Dec.6. dup.]*

Mary, and George Williams, Mar.1,1836.*

Edith, and Dr. David A. Grosvenor of Reading, Apr.23,1839.*

John, and Harriet Nourse, June19,1839.*

Miranda, and Hiram Crafts of New York, int.Oct.19,1839.

Susan, and John Wadleigh Cass, Nov.4,1839.*

Esther (Flint), Mrs., and Nathaniel Bodge, May26,1840.*

Augusta, and Aaron F. Clark, Nov.25,1841.*

George, and Hannah E[lizabeth.dup.] Walcott, July31,1842. [1841. dup.]*

Emily, and Alex Upton, May3,1843.*

Elvena S., and William O. Wallis of Chelsea, int.June24,1843.

Rufus, and Sally E. Grosvenor of Reading, int.Sept.2,1843.

Mary Ann, and George William French [of Amherst, NH. int.], Nov.16,1843.*

Elizabeth, and Capt. Charles H. Rhoades, Feb.15,1844.*

Sarah E., a.19y., d.Perley and Sally, and Wyatt B. Woodman, a.27y., pegmaker, s.John and Margaret, Jan.23,1845.*

Harriet Newhall, and Francis Anthony Smith Couch, Sept.6,1846.*

Abby Flint, and Enoch Homer,末蔓末,1848.

Alvira, and George Brown Martin, Dec.5,1848. [Dec.7. dup.]*

Florence E., a.23y., d.Gilbert and Fidelia, and David W. Bowdoin of Salem, a.30y., artist, s.James and Thirza, of New Braintree, Nov.1,1849.*

Mary P., a.21y., d.Nathan and Lydia, and William H. Walcott, a.25y., teamster, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Dec.6,1849.*

TAPPAN (Toppan)

Hannah, and John Kent, at Newburyport, May14,1822.

TARBEL (Tarbell)

Mary, and Stephen Twiss, Nov.7,1771.*

Mary, and Daniel Tapley, May5,1774.*

TARBELL (Tarbel, Tarbil, Tarble)

Jonathan, jr., and Elisabeth Cook, int.Mar.25,1767.

Elisabeth, and Dr. David Norwood, at Newburyport, Aug.19,1778.*

William, and Anna Venne, Nov.26,1778.*

Ruth, of Merrimac, and Benjamin Nurse, int.Sept.8,1781.

Avis, Mrs.(Bancroft), and Parker Richardson, at Nottingham West, NH, Feb.27,1812.

Sally T[albot. dup.], and John L. Mason of Charleston [Charlestown.CR5], May15,1828.*

Hannah Philinda, and George Jacobs, int.July26,1845.

Philenia P. [Hannah Philinda.int.], and George Jacobs, Aug.31,1845.*

TARBIL (Tarbell)

Rachel, and David Foster, jr., Apr.26,1774.*

TARBLE (Tarbell)

Rachel, and John Waters, Apr.6,1763.*


Mary, of Lynn, and Moses Aborn, int.Mar.7,1752.

Hannah, and Jonathan Nurse, at Lynn, Dec.14,1776.

Sarah (Cook), wid., and John Shed, at Salem, Aug.31,1806.

Benjamin, of Lynn, and Lydia Rhodes, int.June20,1807.

Lydia, of Lynn, and John Heathe, int.Nov.16,1811.

John, of Lynn, and Mary Bell, int.June15,1816.

John W., of Lynn, and Sally Verry, int.Apr.24,1819.

Elizabeth, and William D. Lefavour, Nov.11,1821.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Mary Newhall, int.Apr.23,1836.

Hannah P., Mrs., of Lynn, and William Webber, int.Nov.21,1845.

Sarah Ann, of Lynn, and William L. Grover, int.Mar.17,1849.


David, and Abigail Stevens of Andover, Feb.2,1786.*

Louis, and Jonathan Porter, May4,1788.*

Mehitable, and Jonathan Porter, 3d, Apr.8,1792.*

Abigail, and Nathan Lovejoy, Dec.30,1810.*

Samuel, and Sally Johnson, Jan.1,1816.*


Sarah G. [of Lynnfield.int.], and Malachi Wilson, at Lynnfield, Jan.30,1823.*

Mary, and Malachi Wilson, May4,1843.*

TAYLER (Taylor)

Joseph, and Mary Bayley of Topsfield, Sept.14,1773.*

TAYLOR (Tailer, Tayler)

Eliphalet, and Elisabeth Sibley, int.Nov.22,1758.

Daniel, and Elles Nurse, Nov.9,1766.*

Mary, Mrs., and Bartholomew Smith, Feb.21,1771.*

James, and Anna Corning, both of Beverly, Aug.5,1784.

Daniel, jr., and Betsey Doutey, Mar.22,1792. [Mar.17,1791.]*

Eliphalet, of Lynnfield, and Mary Munroe, Jan.20,1808.*

Thomas, of Salem, and Jane Tapley, Sept.1,1808.*

Betsey, and John Brown, 3d, June5,1815.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Parker, Oct.12,1817.*

Ruthy, and William Gowing of Lynnfield, Dec.7,1817.*

Lucy, and Elijah [Nourse. dup.] Mitchel, Oct.24,1822.*

Susan Ann, and James Lee of Boston, int.July2,1825.

John [T. int.], and Maria Perkins [of Essex. int.], at Essex, Apr.26,1826.*

Sarah D., and George Twiss, Jan.24,1827.*

Eben M., and Mary A. Twiss, at Saugus, Jan.6,1829.

Mary, and James B. Topham of Marblehead, Apr.21,1829.*

Jefferson, and Eliza Ann Perley, May25,1830.*

Daniel, and Mary E. [Mary Cutler. dup.] Small, Oct.19,1830.*

David, and Mary Waldron Nourse, Oct.28,1830. [Oct.23. dup.]*

Alfred, and Asenath Mayhew, Jan.19,1832. [July19,1831. dup.]*

Benjamin, and Hannah Flint Marsh, Feb.28,1832. [1831. dup.]*

Eliza, and Benjamin Symonds, Sept.5,1832.*

Abigail, and George Southwick, 3d, May23,1833. [1832. dup.]*

Sally S., and Daniel Mansfield of Lynnfield, Dec.21,1835.*

Phebe U., and James E. Sheen, Dec.11,1838. [1839. dup.]*

Thomas, and Abigail Fletcher, Feb.4,1840. [Feb.5. dup.]*

Hiram, of Washington, NH, and Mrs.Malinda C. Piper, int.Sept.19,1840.

Abraham, and Catherine Ellis, at Albany, NY, May27,1848.

Esther Ellen, and Charles Lewis, Apr.18,1840. [Mar.17,1849. int.]*


Jesse, and Lucretia Mainisaring of Lyme, CT, int.Jan.31,1767.

John H[udson. dup.], and Mary Ann Skinner [both of Salem.CR4], Nov.30,1843. [Nov.29. dup.]*

TEBBETS (Tibbetts)

Susan, and Stephen Fernald, at Somersworth, NH, Oct.28,1836.


George M[irick. int.], and Abigail Elliott Swan, at Salem, Jan.29,1839.*


Eliza T., a.19y., b. Westmoreland, NH, d.Urijah and Harriet, and Owen Fernald, a.23y., currier, b. Eliot, ME, s.Andrew P. and Mary A., July19,1845.*


Mary, and Samuel Thomas of Salem, int.Sept.14,1759.


Moses, and Mary Ann Northend, at Newbury, Apr.6,1831.


Abigail, Mrs., wid.James Watson, and Abel Brummitt, at Hartford, CT, Oct.17,1823.


Peter M., and Mary Dodge, Feb.5,1834.*

TEWKSBURY (Tucksberry, Tuexbery, Tukesbury)

Henry, and Abigail Goldthwait, Apr.24,1788.*

Betsey, and Francis Bruce, June25,1815.*

Mary [2d, w.dup.], and Charles Bruce, June5,1831.*


Melissa, and Thomas Williams, July25,1833.*

Eliza, of Charlestown [2d, w.dup.], and Daniel Gilman, June29,1845. [1844. dup.]*


Samuel, of Salem, and Mary Templeman, int.Sept.14,1759.

Israel, and Lois Wilkins of Amherst [NH. int.], Nov.7,1765.*

George, and Olivia Putnam, Mar.25,1789.*

Eunice, Mrs., and John Goldthwait, Nov.29,1795.*

Eli, of Salem, and Sarah Twiss, Aug.31,1806.*

John, and Polly Giffords, Nov.14,1816.*

Joseph, and Catherine Kenny, Nov.29,1827.*

Joseph, and Mary Carlton Hadley, June22,1830.

Ellen, and Thomas Dennis, at Lynn, May10,1839.

Elizabeth [C., of Salem.int.], and Henry Winchester Burding, Dec.25,1839.*

Esther, and Frederick William Stamper, Feb.8,1842.

John, and Mary Burns, in Ireland, Jan.3,1843.

George Putnam, and Mary Ann Stafford [of Charlestown. int.], May5,1846.*

Mary U., and George A. Russell of Middleton, int.Nov.12,1848.


John, and Hannah Bolls, int.Sept.29,1781.

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Currier True, int.Aug.6,1808.

Martha Martin, and James Swinerton, jr., int.Dec.12,1812.

James, of Salem, and Nancy Barns, int.Aug.14,1819.

Daniel, and Sally Putnam, Apr.8,1822.*

Luther, and Lydia Fisk, int.Jan.7,1826.

George J., and Ruthy Richardson of Salem, int.Aug.19,1826.

Abigail, and Ebenezer Eustis, b. Salem, at Salem, Nov.18,1827.

Cyrus, and Mary Wright, at Boston, July6,1834.

Gamaliel Bartlett, and Mary Ann Peirce, Dec.25,1840. [1842. dup.]*

David, jr., and Sophronia C. Jenks of Lyme, NH, int.May20,1842.

Joseph, and Mrs.Julian Huse, int.July20,1844.

Elizabeth Gray, and James Harvey Morland, at Salem, Jan.28,1849. [Jan.29. dup.]*


Polly, and Capt. Simeon Brown, both of Beverly, June11,1782.

THORNTON (Thunton)

John, of Salem, and Mary Putney, int.Apr.6,1793.

Sally, of Salem, and John Biggs, int.July21,1798.

THUNTON (Thornton)

Abigail Ann, and Ebenezer Shillaber Daniels, June4,1838.

THURSTIN (Thurston)

Enoch, and Betsey Shelden, int.Apr.5,1792.

Ebenezer, and Eunice Nurse, June24,1799.*

Lucy, and Joseph Kent, Jan.1,1801.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Creasy of Beverly, int.Aug.30,1807.

Daniel, and Sally Stanley, Nov.5,1828.*

Sally, Mrs., and John Hart, Nov.9,1830.*

THURSTION (Thurston)

THURSTON (Thurstin, Thurstion)

Enoch, and Lucy Mackintire, Feb.24,1774.*

James, and Nabby Black, at Beverly, Jan.9,1817.

James, and Louisa Ray, 2d w., at Beverly, Nov.20,1821.


Lydia, resident in Danvers, and Jotham Webb, Mar.30,1775.*

Joshua, and Mehitable Parker of Andover, int.Apr.20,1839.

TIBBETS (Tibbetts)

Benjamin Blake, and Anna Goldthwaite, Mar.23,1823.*

Susan, of Somersworth, NH, and Stephen Fernald, int.Oct.8,1836.

TIBBETTS (Tebbets, Tibbets, Tibbitts)

Ichabod, and Martha Stocker McIntire, Sept.13,1835.*

Horace, and Mary Ann Peirce Spofford [of Boxford.int.], at Boxford, June20,1845.*

TIBBITTS (Tibbetts)

Benjamin R., and Althea A. Woodbury, Dec.29,1848.*


Anthony, and Elizabeth Pritchard, Jan.20,1763.

Lucy, of Ipswich, and William Warner, Apr.8,1773.*

George Perley, and Eliza Hamblet Dakin [of Salem.dup.], May11,1828.*

David, Rev., of Edgartown, and Sarah F. Batchelder, Mar.14,1836.*

George P., victualer, 2d m., and Mary Trask, d.Joseph and Mary, May10,1849.*

TITCOMB (Titcombe)

Sarah Boardman, of Newbury, and Moses Dole, int.Sept.9,1815.

David, of Lynnfield, and Sophia Moulton, Apr.11,1830.*

TITCOMBE (Titcomb)

Moses, and Elizabeth Gott, Oct.13,1768.*


Sarah Hartman [of Lynn. int.], and Ebenezer Davis, at Lynn, Sept.15,1836.*


Richard, Rev., and Olivia Sweetser of Reading, int.Nov.4,1845.


Fanny V., and Loring F. Perry, int.Apr.15,1826.

Jonathan H., and Sarah Maria Wiggins of Salem, int.Apr.15,1826.


James B., of Marblehead, and Mary Taylor, Apr.21,1829.*

TOPPAN (Tappan)

Margaret, of Newbury, and Edward Southwick, M.D., int.Dec.29,1827.


Andrew, and Clarissa Stevens, at New Durham, NH, June22,1806.

John, and Elizabeth W. Benjamin, at Salem, Feb.10,1834.

Mary, and Asa Brown of Beverly, int.Aug.28,1841.

Nancy H., and Oliver Raitt of Kennebec [Kennebunk. int.], ME, Aug.5,1849.*


Edmund [of Weymouth.int.], s.Baman and Eliza A., and Abby W. Coffin, Jan.31,1848.*

TOWN (Towne)

Thomas, and Anna Brown, b. Beverly,末蔓末, 末末.

Thomas, and Anna Twiss of Beverly, int.Dec.17,1757.

Hannah, of Topsfield, and Caleb Clarke, int.Apr.18,1760.

Samuel, and Anna Trow of Beverly, Sept.6,1763.*

Solomon, and Hannah Trow of Beverly, Nov.20,1764.*

Joshua, jr., and Sarah Peabody, both of Topsfield, June24,1779.

Margaret, and Henry Whitteredge, Dec.14,1783.*

Samuel, and Bethiah Brown, July11,1799.*

Daniel, and Hitty Brown, May22,1800.*

Mehitable F., and William P. Legroo, June22,1828.*

Phebe, 2d w., and Henry Parker, b. Reading, Nov.30,1828.*

Amos P., and Mahitable P. Knight, Nov.23,1830.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Carter of Roxbury, NH, int.Feb.7,1834.

Benjamin, and Lydia Legroo, both of Natick, Sept.29,1836.*

Stephen Francis, and Mariam (Varney) Downs, at Hamilton, Mar.末,1837.*

Betsey, wid., a.64y., d.Moses Kimball, and James French, widr., of Norway, ME, a.62y., farmer, s.James, Apr.4,1847.*

TOWNE (Town, Towns)

Hannah, of Topsfield, and John Ramsdel, Feb.12,1754.*

William, and Mary Smith, Mar.22,1763.*

Alover, of Topsfield, and Sarah Fisk of Boxford, Sept.16,1772.

Nancy, and Moses Endicott, jr., int.Feb.23,1788.

Betsey, of Topsfield, and William Phillips, int.Nov.17,1804.

Sally, and Benjamin Nichols, Nov.17,1819.*

Susan Phippen, and Greenlief Hazen, at Rowley, Oct.12,1828.

Joseph, and Hannah Putnam, Mar.2,1830.*

Amos P., and Mehitable P. Knight, Nov.23,1830.

Sarah, and Eben Payson Colcord, Aug.24,1838. [Aug.23. dup.]

Abigail K., and Zachariah Felton, Dec.13,1838. [1839. dup.]*

Lorenzo P., of Topsfield, and Lois L. Perkins, Dec.25,1838.CR5

Charlotte A., and Jesse Perkins, May9,1839.*

Daniel [of Middleton. int.], and Paulina Ferguson, at Middleton, Oct.16,1839.*

Lucy [of Boxford.int.], and Moses [T. int.] Kimball, at Boxford, Apr.13,1845.*

TOWNS (Towne)

Phebe, of Andover, and Nathaniel Abbot, int.Apr.19,1783.

TOWNSAND (Townsend)

TOWNSEND (Townsand)

Lydia, of Lynn, and Carles Mason of Salem, Apr.30,1752.

Sarah E., of Boston, and Aaron Davis Shaw, int.Dec.9,1837.

Abigail Kenney, and Zachariah Felton, Dec.13,1838.

Eliza, and Joel French Phelps, June23,1844. [June25. dup.]*

Mary E., and Joel F. Phelps, June25,1844.*

Henry, and Nancy [Ellen. int.] Smith, Dec.16,1847.*

Eben K., and Sarah E. Curtis, Oct.25,1848.*


Joshua, Capt., of York, and Mehitable Ashton, int.Apr.11,1778.

TRAINER (Trayner)

TRASK (Traske)

Susannah, and Peter Stokes of Beverly, Dec.26,1756.*

Martha, of Beverly, and [Dr. int.] Jonathan Cutler, Dec.11,1760.*

Amos, and Hannah Goldthwait, Oct.16,1764.*

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Gowing of Lynn, int.Feb.20,1767.

William, and Martha Larrabee, int.Apr.25,1767.

Joshua, of Salem, and Molly Green, Apr.26,1768.*

Henry, of Salem, and Deborah Phillips, Jan.4,1770. [Jan.24. dup.]*

Rebeckah, of Salem, and Jonathan Goldthwait, July2,1770.*

Ruth, and Robert Mullet of Charlestown, Jan.1,1773.*

James, and Elizabeth Holt, May5,1774.*

Sarah, and Joseph Soutter, resident in Danvers, Dec.5,1779.*

Benjamin, and Anna Goodale of Salem, int.Oct.16,1781.

Bartholomew, of Beverly, and Mrs.Elisabeth Nichols, Feb.22,1785.*

Hannah, and Caleb Osborne, June30,1785.*

Susanna, of Beverly, and Israel Hutchinson, jr., Dec.15,1785.*

Henry, and Lydia Flint, Aug.2,1789.*

Hannah, and Samuel Trophater of Salem, Aug.3,1791.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Bullock, int.May24,1794.

Martha H., of Beverly, and Edmund Putnam, jr., int.Sept.30,1795.

Patty, and Joseph Snow of Woburn, int.Jan.7,1796.

Joseph, of Beverly, and Sally Cheever, Dec.28,1797.*

Nehemiah, and Mehitable Waters, int.Mar.10,1798.

Henry, and Hannah Cowan of Salem, Oct.14,1798.*

Ezra, and Sally Whitefoot, int.Dec.29,1798.

Martha, and Isaac Bullock of Salem, Apr.11,1799.*

Joseph, and Mary Whittemore, May21,1799.*

Sally, and Nathaniel Ward of Salem, Dec.1,1799.*

Ezra, and Bethiah Webber, int.Jan.4,1800.

William, jr., and Nabby Putnam, Mar.22,1801.*

Levi, and Mary Grant [of Salem.int.], July21,1805.*

Osmond, 2d, of Beverly, and Elizabeth Cheever, int.May31,1806.

Rebecca, and Joseph Aborne, Nov.11,1806.*

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Southwick, int.Oct.3,1812.

Mary, and Jonathan McIntire, at Somersworth, Nov.13,1815.

Hannah, and William Smith of Boston, int.Dec.12,1818.

Samuel, of Portland, ME, and Martha F. Martin, Nov.8,1820.*

Abigail, and Samuel Harris, Oct.6,1822.*

Moses, and Mary Dennis Salter, 2d w., Feb.24,1824.

John B., and Eliza Wilson of Salem, int.Oct.8,1825.

Mary, and Joseph Porter, wheelwright, Nov.26,1826.*

Moses, and Mary D[ennis.dup.] Solter, Feb.1,1827. [Feb.24,1824. dup.]*

Levi, and Betsey Melvin, at Londonderry, NH, Mar.31,1828.

Nancy, of Beverly, and Michael Smith, int.June15,1828.

Mary Shaw, and David Prescott, at Salem, May4,1830.

Amos [jr. int.], and Emeline Plummer [of Gloucester. int.], at Gloucester, Apr.5,1832.*

Edward Dodge, and Hannah Leach Brown, at Beverly, Apr.14,1832.

Martha M., and William D. Joplin, Mar.28,1833.*

Harriot A., and John J. Shed, int.Aug.23,1834.

Elbridge, and Mary Herrick Putnam, Feb.16,1836.*

Henry, and Harriet A. Guy of Salem, July12,1837.*

Alfred, and Mary J[ane. int.] Blackley [of Sandwich, NH. int.], at Sandwich, NH, Mar.5,1839.*

John, and Lucy Ann Ross, Aug.31,1841.*

Archelaus H., and Mary A. Peirson of Salem, int.Nov.18,1843.

John, and Roxana Littlefield, Mar.14,1844.*

Moses A., a.23y., currier, s.Moses and Sarah E. Trask of Salem, a.24y., d.William, of Salem, Mar.27,1846.*

Sarah E., of Salem, a.24y., d.William, of Salem, and Moses A. Trask, a.23y., currier, s.Moses, Mar.27,1846.*

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, and George P. Tilton, victualer, 2d m., May10,1849.*

TRASKE (Trask)

Hannah, and Daniel Foster of New Salem, Nov.2,1758.*

Lydia, and Abell Waters, May20,1760.*

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and Daniel Herrick of Salem, Mar.29,1770.*


Sarah, and William Reed, jr., int.Oct.5,1798.


Thomas, tanner, b. Ireland, and Elizabeth Elkins, b. Newfoundland, at Lowell, Apr.22,1834.


Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and William Sutton, Apr.14,1799.*


Thomas, and Sarah Wooldrege of Marblehead, int.Nov.16,1844.


Elisabeth, wid., and Amos Flint of Reading, Jan.30,1765.

TROFATER (Trophater)

Samuel J., and Betsey Walton, July6,1828.*

TROPHATER (Trofater)

Samuel, of Salem, and Hannah Trask, Aug.3,1791.*

John, of Salem, and Esther Gilford, int.July11,1813.


Anna, of Beverly, and Samuel Town, Sept.6,1763.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Solomon Town, Nov.20,1764.*

Harriet Lucretia [of Tewksbury.int.], and Wentworth Winchester, at Tewksbury, Apr.11,1843.*


Currier, and Elizabeth Thompson of Beverly, int.Aug.6,1808.

Nancy [of Lowell. int.], 2d w., and Philip H. Saunders, at Salem, Dec.25,1835.*


Anna, of Beverly, and John Masury [jr. int.], Sept.2,1766.*


Jonathan, [of Salem.int.], and Eunice Gardner, Dec.23,1753.*

Edward, of Salem, and Sarah Shillaber, Apr.12,1759.*

Andrew, of Marblehead, and Abigail West of Salem, Aug.5,1772.

Elisabeth, and Levi Hayward, Oct.7,1776.*

Eunice, and Ebenezer Jacobs, jr., Dec.14,1779.*

John, of Salem, and [Mrs.int.] Margaret Whittredge, Nov.1,1789.*

Sally [of Salem.int.], and Eben Osborn, at Salem, Apr.末,1808.*

Samuel, 3d, of Salem, and Elizabeth Prince, Nov.17,1839.*

Martha Jane, 2d w., and Israel Putnam Porter, at Salem, Sept.20,1841.

TUCKSBERRY (Tewksbury)

Richard, and Mary Follet, Jan.3,1753.*

Henry, and Jemima Verry, May4,1755.*

TUEXBERY (Tewksbury)

Henry, and Abigail Goldthwait, Apr.24,1788.


Joseph, and Lucy Elliott [of Mason, NH. int.], at Mason, NH, Nov.29,1806.*

John, of Bedford, and Betsey Johnson, int.Nov.2,1817.

Grimes, of Salem, and Fanny Wilkins, Aug.11,1822.*

Joseph W., and Martha Frye Abbott, May10,1831.*

Richard Palmer, and Mary [F. int.] Brown [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Sept.13,1839.*

Susan, and Calvin B. Austin, at Manchester, NH, Oct.10,1840.

George W., and Harriet T. Merrill of Levant, ME, int.Apr.11,1846.

Edwin Nathaniel, and Dorothy Trafton Stone, Feb.28,1847.*

Edwin Nathaniel, and Mary Raymond, 2d w., Mar.26,1848.*

Fanny Augusta, and Samuel Staples, Mar.26,1848. [Apr.3. int.]*

Martha Ann, and William G. Peabody, Dec.2,1849.*

TUKESBURY (Tewksbury)

Molly, of Salem, and John Southwick, 4th, Feb.22,1776.*

TULLOCH (Tullock)

Lawrence, and Elizabeth Williams, in Scotland, abt. Dec.末,1839.

TULLOCK (Tulloch)

David, and Elizabeth Canning, in Scotland, June21,1837.

William S[aunderson. dup.], a.40y., accountant, s.William, and, wid.Clarissa A[nn. dup.] Barnard of Salem, a.26y., d.Timothy Walton of Salem [at Salem.dup.], Nov.15,1846.*

Mary, and Andrew Paton, June22,1847.*


James, of Andover, and Mary Shepheard, Feb.20,1755.*

Mehitable, and David Nutting, residents in Andover, Mar.3,1807.

James H., of Salem, and Joannah Upton, Aug.25,1831.*

Benjamin, and Charlotte Hamilton, at Lyme, NH, Jan.27,1832.


Thomas, resident in Danvers, and Nancy Brown, Oct.12,1820.*

Mary, and William H. Flagg, Oct.8,1827.*

Maria, of Lynn, and William Shaw, jr., int.Mar.8,1832.

Jane, and Abel Preston, May29,1837.*


Samuel, and Mary Winchester, at Wilmington, Sept.末,1829.

Benjamin F., of Charlestown, and Carissa Foster, Aug.29,1839.*

TWIS (Twiss)

Anna, of Beverly, and Thomas Town, int.Dec.17,1757.

TWISS (Twis, Twist)

Peter, jr., and Eunice Upton, Dec.26,1754.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Giles, Apr.26,1757.*

Mary, and Isaac Knap of Salem, Nov.2,1762.*

Jane, and Benjamin Farley Charlton, Nov.29,1764.*

Jacob, and, wid.Ruth Needham, Jan.9,1766.*

Stephen, and Mary Tarbel, Nov.7,1771.*

Lydia, and Joseph Very, jr., Jan.30,1772.*

Peter, of Lynn, and Sarah Twiss, int.Aug.8,1772.

Sarah, and Peter Twiss of Lynn, int.Aug.8,1772.

George, and Elizabeth Learibe of Lynn, int.May28,1774.

Joseph, and Mary Doutey, Mar.13,1782. [1783.PR89]*

Elisabeth, of Charlton, and Bartholomew Moulten, Mar.16,1784.*

Elizabeth, and Josiah Swinerton, Apr.9,1789.*

Mary, of Lynnfield, and Jasper Needham [at Lynnfield.dup.], July11,1793.*

Hannah, and George Southwick, jr., Apr.2,1795.*

Elias, and Sarah Procter, June21,1795.*

Ruth, and Joseph Douty, Dec.31,1795.*

Nancy, and Samuel Brown of Salem, int.Aug.21,1798.

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Betsey Dunklee, Aug.31,1800. [1801. dup.]*

Peter, and Betsey Hye, int.Dec.22,1804.

Sarah, and Eli Thomas of Salem, Aug.31,1806.*

William, of Salem, and Ruth Needham, Aug.13,1807.*

Mary, and Gilbert Tapley, Jan.26,1812.*

Esther E[loner. dup.], and Uriah Munroe, Oct.20,1819.*

Affa, and John Twiss, at Boston, Nov.5,1820.

John, and Alfa Twiss, at Boston, Nov.5,1820.

Elizabeth, and Platts Southwick, Mar.13,1823.*

Sally B[ruce. dup.], and George Brown, June1,1823.*

Eben, and Sarah Munro, May6,1824.*

Hannah S., and David Hazzleton, int.Aug.21,1824.

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Dwinnell, at Londonderry, NH, Mar.末,1826.

Hannah S., and David Hazzleton, int.Apr.22,1826.

Paige, of Dunbarton, NH, and Betsey Evans, June25,1826.*

George, and Sarah D. Taylor, Jan.24,1827.*

Catherine D., and James Brown, jr., Mar.13,1828.*

Mary A., and Eben M. Taylor, at Saugus, Jan.6,1829.

Sally B., and Elliott Spinney of Lynnfield, Oct.1,1829.*

Isaac, and Betsey Shaw, Sept.5,1832.

Sally, and Elijah Very, at Salem, Jan.18,1833.

Affa, Mrs., and George W. Elliot, Sept.3,1838.*

Elizabeth, and Charles H. Granville, int.Oct.26,1839.

Jacob, and Hannah Nelson, Apr.2,1846.*

Daniel T., a.20y., farmer, s.George, and Elizabeth Galeucia, a.16y., d.Perley, Apr.4,1847.*

Judith, and David Ingalls, int.Dec.20,1849.

TWIST (Twiss)

Jonathan, jr., and Elizabeth Chapman, Aug.15,1755.*

Charity, and John Twist [jr. int.], Feb.19,1756.*

John [jr. int.], and Charity Twist, Feb.19,1756.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Gowing of Lynn, Oct.11,1770.*

Isaac, and Anna Foster, Aug.12,1777.*

Isaac, and Betsey Shaw, Sept.5,1832.*


John, and Mary Ann Putnam, Dec.24,1823.*

Job, and Lucy Meady, at Haverhill, Sept.4,1827.

Samuel, and Phebe White, Aug.5,1829.

Abel Harvey, and Eliza Norton, Sept.20,1834.

Harriet, and Moody Elliott, at Middleton, Apr.7,1835.

Mary, Mrs., and Joseph Daland, jr., int.Aug.6,1836.

Mary Ann (Putnam) [Mrs.dup.], and Sylvanus B. Swan of Bristol, NH, Nov.2,1836. [Nov.22. dup.]*

Maryett, of Middleton, and Isaac Winchester, jr., July16,1837. [July15. dup.]*

Abel Harvey, and Mrs.Louisa Hall, 2d w., at Dracut, Jan.5,1839.

Mary, Mrs., and Ira Kimball of Manchester, Sept.5,1844.*

Lydia, and Thomas Hines, Sept.16,1846.*

Julia Ann, and Henry C. Emerson, at Nashua, NH, Dec.30,1847.

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