Eunice, and John Southwick, jr., May4,1780.*

Ebenezer, of Salem, and Hannah Osborn, Dec.21,1808. [1818. dup.]*

Joseph, and Sarah Rowland Folsom, both of Exeter, NH, at Exeter, NH, June14,1826.

Eunice [of Kennebunk, ME. int.], 2d w., and David Daniels, jr., at Kennebunk, ME, June26,1837. [should be 1827.]*

Elizabeth White, and Albert Richard Fisk, at Beverly, Jan.23,1847.

SALARIS (Solarris)

Nancy J., and William H. Edwards, Feb.26,1846.*



Seth, and Anna Andrews of Boxford, int.Sept.17,1803.


Betsey Thayer, of Charleston, and Gilbert Putnam, Dec.17,1812.*


Joseph S., of South Hampton, NH, and Ann P. [B. int.] Newhall [d.Joseph and Hannah.PR1], Feb.1,1829.*

Hiram, and Mary Ann Rowell, at Salem, July24,1831.

Green Wood, and Sarah Lamphire, at Salem, Sept.24,1836.

Lucretia, and Samuel Q. White, int.Aug.5,1840.

Lucretia, and Daniel Nason, both of Salem, at Salem, Apr.12,1842.

Elizabeth White [of], and Lewis Worcester Elliot, at Salem, July14,1842.*

Benjamin R., of Lynn, and Mrs.Ruth Wilkins, Nov.29,1843.*

Green Wood, and Priscilla McIntire, 2d w., at Salem, July19,1846.

Caroline A.A., of Claremont, NH, a.28y., dressmaker, d.Isaac and Mercy, and Enoch Johnson, a.29y., farmer, s.Enoch and Huldah, at Malden, Sept.15,1846.*

Mary Jane, a.21y., d.Jacob and Mahale, of Canterbury, NY, and Henry Martin, a.22y., laborer, s.Isaac and Mary, of Racham, VT, Aug.20,1849.*

SANDERS (Saunders)


Abner, and Sally Herrick of Reading, int.Oct.5,1811.

Abner, and Mary Flint of Reading, int.Sept.9,1815.

Richard E., b. Watertown, and Susah A. Southwick, Nov.11,1830.*

Augustus H., and Martha Stevens of Salem, Nov.24,1836.*


Margaret Eaton, wid., and Peabody Gowing, at Methuen, Nov.27,1834.

Hannah W., and Daniel Buxton, jr., at Weare, NH, Jan.末,1835.

Orinda, 2d w., and Jonathan Buxton, at Weare, Sept.20,1838.*

Augusta P., of Dorchester, and Stephen Putnam, int.Nov.4,1841.

Samuel, and Esther B. Peasley, Feb.28,1844.*

Orra C., and Judith M. Goss, int.Nov.7,1845.


Sarah Ellen [of], and Franklin Augustus Merrill, at Salem, Nov.1,1846.*


Henry, of Salem, and Sarah Shillaber, Aug.29,1795.*

Abigail, and Eliphalet Patee, Feb.16,1801.

Oliver, and Meriam Emerson, at Salem, NH, Nov.25,1802.

Sally S. [Sanborn. int.], and Eben Upton, jr., Sept.22,1816.*

Sarah W., and William Burding, Jan.19,1817.

Philip H., and Eliza N. Josephs [of], at Salem, Feb.16,1822.*

Elizabeth S., 2d w., and William Burding, b. Salem, Dec.22,1822.*

Lois, Mrs., 3d w., and Sylvester Osborn, Feb.23,1829. [Feb.3. dup.]*

Ebenezer Shillaber, and Margaret Furgerson [of], at Salem, Sept.21,1829.*

Robert Shillaber, and Louisa Curtis [of Salem.dup.], Jan.27,1831.*

Ednah H. [of Hudson, NH. int.], and John P. Putnam, at Hudson, NH, Oct.15,1825. [ Sept.23,1835. int.]*

Philip H., and Nancy True [of Lowell. int.], 2d w., at Salem, Dec.25,1835.*

Harriet C.N., and Jacob Welch, Oct.3,1844.*

Sarah S., and Josephus Ashby, int.Sept.30,1846.


Elias, and Lucretia Choate, at Essex, Nov.26,1826.

Elias, and Mary Lowe Choate, 2d w., at Essex, May末,1833.

Mary, of Salem, and Eli Bushby, int.Nov.27,1833.

SAWYARD (Sayward)

Henry [Sayward.CR5], and Hannah M[aria.dup.] Hunt, Feb.19,1839.*


Jacob, of Reading, and, wid.Mary Pope, int.Mar.10,1758.

Benjamin, jr., and Hephzibah Leech, Dec.10,1765.*

Benjamin, Dea., and Mrs.Mary Hasleton of Haverhill, int.Apr.14,1770.

Joshua, and Achaicus Emmerson, Apr.16,1772.*

Mary, of Lynnfield, and Richard Whittredge, Apr.6,1773.*

Leonard, and Mary Bixby, Oct.14,1773.*

Nathaniel, and Deliverance Lawis, Nov.29,1773.*

Amos, and Hannah Duston of Haverhill, May12,1774.*

Judith W., and John Dexter, at Gloucester, Apr.10,1798.

Asa, and Mary Chapman, at Salem, Apr.9,1815.

Nathaniel, and Mary Stevens, at Andover, June1,1817.

Mary, and Nathan Page, at Henniker, NH, Oct.21,1820.

Ichabod, and Anna Woodbury [of], at Beverly, June15,1827. [May17,1828. int.]*

James Brown, and Rachel Matilda Potter, Apr.3,1834.*

Joseph Brown, and Rachel Matilda Potter, Apr.3,1834.

Asa, jr., and Mary Susanna Buxton, at Reading, May19,1836.

Jane Chapman, and Asa Albee Ward, Sept.6,1837.

Jonathan W. [CR4], and Prudence H. Wright, Dec.3,1843.*

Moses K., and Caroline Kimball [of Boscawen, NH. int.], at Ipswich, Oct.7,1844.

Asa Wilson, and Hannah Chase Wellman, at Thompsonville, CT, Apr.5,1845.

Mary A. [], and Joseph Mace, Dec.10,1845. [Dec.18,1845. int.]*

Asa, jr., and Abby Merrill Ferguson, 2d w., at Salem, Dec.27,1845.*

William Henry, and Mary Gray, Jan.26,1846. [Dec.21,1845. dup.]*

Mary J., a.17y., d.Caleb and Mary A., and George Whittier, a.23y., carpenter, s.Noah and Mary, Apr.28,1847. [Apr.29 and Oct.28. dup.]*

James Munroe, and Martha Jane Marden, Nov.26,1847. [1846. dup.]*

Thomas Henry, and Lydia Messervy [of], at Marblehead, Dec.9,1847.*

Martha Ann, of Lisbon, ME, and William W. Haley, int.Oct.7,1848.

SAYWARD (Sawyard)

Mary Nelsen, and Caleb Stark, at Boston, Jan.9,1831.


Miranda, and Benjamin Upton, at Lowell, Mar.1,1830.


Thomas, and Mary Ann O'Brien, in Ireland, Aug.15,1846.

SCIDMORE (Skidmore)

Stephen F., and Mary Fisk, at Salem, Nov.5,1832.


Margritt, and George Kelley, Oct.12,1758. [Nov.12. dup.]*

SEARL (Searles)

Deliverance, and Clark Willson, Dec.21,1794.*

Curtis, and Polly Bushby, Mar.12,1797.*

Richard, b. Marblehead, and Temperance Downing, Feb.13,1800.*

Harriot Ann, and Franklin Walker of Cambridge, Aug.26,1824.*

Catherine, and Joseph W. Fornis [of], Nov.11,1830.*

Elizabeth, and Henry Mansfield, at Middleton, Feb.20,1840.

Richard T. [Rev. int.], of Henniker, NH, and Emily A. Putnam, Dec.22,1847.*


Mary, and William Smith, May29,1823. [May20,1822. dup.]*

Sally, and Charles P. Gordon of Boston, July15,1823.*

Joseph, and Nancy Stanley of Beverly, Nov.16,1823.*


John T., and Betsey Wilkins, Mar.16,1815.*

John Augustus, and Henrietta Madaline Kent [of], at Wenham, Oct.30,1838.*

Mary Ann, and Daniel Gould, at Topsfield, Nov.20,1844.


SECCOMB (Secomb)

Rebeccah, of Salem, and Ward Pool, int.Mar.9,1797.

SECOMB (Seccomb)

Mehitabel, and Jonathan Frothingham, jr. of Salem, int.Sept.3,1782.

Elizabeth, and Joshua Hall of Boston, July3,1791.*

Thomas, of Salem, and Polly James, June1,1806.*

SELDEN (Sheldon)

Rebecca, and Samuel Bacon, Mar.23,1775.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and [Capt. int.] John Pitman of Salem, Mar.17,1803.*

Elizabeth M., and Nathaniel Smith, Mar.26,1815. [Mar.25,1816. dup.]*

SENTER (Center)

SEVERANCE (Severence)

George W., and Mary Pike of Topsfield, Oct.19,1814.*

SEVERENCE (Severance)

Jane, and Benjamin Rowell, at Bangor, ME, Oct.21,1844.


Grindleff, and Patty Crowell, int.July25,1805.


Charles C., Rev., and Amy Peters, at Medfield, Oct.1,1823.


Ivory, and Mary Davis, July20,1820.

Martha R., and Solomon Welch, at Shapleigh, ME, Dec.6,1832.

Moses, and Sarah Morrison, at Sanford, ME, Nov.15,1837.

Moses A., and Almira Maxwell, at Marblehead, Jan.19,1841.*

Lucy Ann, and Lorenzo Clifford Rogera, May15,1844. [May26. dup.]*

James Davis, and Hannah Hanson, June12,1845.*


Betsey, and Peter Shaughennessey, at Boston, July末,1848.


Sarah, of Rowley, and George Southwick, Dec.18,1760.*


Catharine R., and Aaron W. Chaffin, at Boston, Apr.20,1848.


Peter, and Betsey Shannon, at Boston, July末,1848.


Hannah, and Richard Buttler, Jan.22,1756.*

Abraham, and Esther Goldthwrite, Dec.9,1759.*

William, and Lydia Harwood, Feb.11,1779.*

Joseph, and Mary Stone, Mar.14,1782.*

Elisabeth, and Joshua Wiat, both of Beverly, Feb.22,1784.

Lydia, and Joseph Rhodes, July1,1798.*

Thankful, and Solomon McIntier, Apr.16,1799.*

Mary [], and Benjamin Larabee, Jan.1,1800.*

Sarah, 2d w., and Ward Putnam, Jan.29,1807.*

Jonathan, and Lucy Moulten, int.Apr.30,1808.

Polly, and James Moulten, Jan.2,1810.*

Betsey, and William Stone, Apr.14,1811.*

Jonathan, and Lucy Moulton, both residents in Danvers, Jan.16,1816.*

Hannah, and Charles Ingalls, at Providence, RI, Aug.5,1818.

Joseph, jr., and Thankful Mackintire, Nov.30,1819.*

Rebecca P., and William Stone, May6,1821.*

Mary, and George Granger of Lynn, Sept.12,1822.*

Phebe, and Archelaus L. Robinson of Lynn, June18,1826.*

William, jr., and Maria Tuttle of Lynn, int.Mar.8,1832.

Betsey, and Isaac Twist, Sept.5,1832.*

Jonathan, and Lydia Aborn, at Lynn, Mar.20,1834.

John, and Sarah Tapley, Dec.2,1834. [1835. dup.]*

Aaron Davis, and Sarah E. Townsend of Boston, int.Dec.9,1837.

Lydia, and Samuel K[ittredge. dup.] Newhall, Nov.14,1838.*

Harriet, and Ellison Galeucia of Salem, Jan.21,1841.*

Levina, and Charles Curtis [of], at Lynn, Feb.24,1843. [1844. int.]*

Elizabeth, and Robbins Raymond, weaver, Oct.28,1846. [Oct.22. dup.]*

Elizabeth, and George Poor Osborn, Aug.2,1848.*

Nancy, of Salisbury, and George Wood, int.Aug.17,1848.

Mary F., of Moultonboro, NH, and Thomas G. Foss, int.Aug.28,1848.

SHAYS (Chay)

Polly, Mrs.(Ramsdale), and Israel Putnam, jr., July26,1791.*

John, and Frances Baker Leverett of Roxbury, int.Mar.16,1816.


John, and Bridget Kenney, at Halifax, N.S., Apr.21,1845.


John, and, wid.Sarah (Cook) Tarbox, at Salem, Aug.31,1806.

Joseph, Esq., and Mrs.Mary Needham, Apr.27,1809.*

Beckey, and Jasper Needham, July17,1817.*

Mary Ann, and William Dodge, jr. of Beverly, Apr.10,1831.*

Mariah, and John Whitney of Franconia, NH, Nov.30,1831. [Nov.29. dup.]*

Lucinda, and Ebenezer Meacom, Apr.19,1832.*

John J., and Harriot A. Trask, int.Aug.23,1834.

Joseph G., and Esther Osborne, May1,1837.*

Hannah M., and William O. Johnson of Salem, int.Sept.3,1842.


James E., and Phebe U. Taylor, Dec.11,1838. [1839. dup.]*

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Skelton, and Elizabeth Walcut, Apr.26,1753.*

Sarah, and David Whittemore, int.Nov.20,1765.

Jonathan, and Ruth Flint, June10,1779.*

Jeremiah, and Elisabeth Goodale, June11,1781.*

Anna, of Lynnfield, and Richard Butler, Nov.21,1784.*

Amos, and Polly Foster, Apr.26,1787.*

Amos, and Lucy Parker, May27,1790.*

Betsey, and Enoch Thurstin, int.Apr.5,1792.

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Brown, Oct.15,1793.*

Pamela, of Salem, and William Goldthwait, jr., Jan.12,1800. [1798. dup.]*

James, and Sarah Brown, Apr.19,1804.*

Lucindia, and John Hayard, jr. of Reading, Feb.12,1807.*

Elbridge G., and Elaner Harding, Aug.29,1813. [1814. dup.]*

Sarah, and Nathaniell P. Averell, June6,1819.*

Betsey F., and Theodore Phelps, b. Tewksbury, Apr.1,1824. [Apr.21. dup.]*

Sophia, and Joseph R. Hathway of Framingham, Sept.28,1825.*

Warren, and Syrena Felton, May21,1826. [May24. dup.]*

Hannah C., and Charles McIntire, both of Middleton, Nov.20,1831.

Harriet N., and Elbridge Stiles, both of Middleton, June12,1833.CR4

Nancy Cole, and Benjamin Tilton Lane, at Beverly, Aug.11,1833.

Edwin, and Nancy Peirce, both of Beverly, at Beverly, Apr.28,1836.*

Caroline, of Beverly, and John Welch, jr., at Beverly, Oct.5,1836. [Oct.10. dup.]*

Warren, and Mary H. Perry, 2d w., Nov.30,1843.*

SHELDON (Selden, Shelden)

Susanna, and George Dwinel, Apr.1,1773.*

Polly, Mrs., and Edmund Damon of Reading, Feb.15,1816.*

Benjamin Hiram, and Rebecca Stevens, at Middleton, Dec.10,1844.*

SHEPARD (Shepheard, Shepherd)

Charles Augustus, and Emma Killgore, at Topsfield, Oct.28,1848.*


Mary, and James Turner of Andover, Feb.20,1755.*

SHEPHERD (Shepard)

John, of Souhegan West, and Mercy Wilkins of Middleton, Oct.26,1757.


Roger, Esq., of New Haven, and Rebeckar Prescot, May12,1763.*


William, and Mary Waters, Dec.2,1755.*

Robert, and Elizabeth Procter of Salem, Nov.30,1756. [ Sept.22,1758. int.]*

Sarah, and Edward Tucker of Salem, Apr.12,1759.*

Elizabeth, and Edward Emerson, Feb.1,1760.*

Hannah, and John DeLand of Salem, Dec.5,1765.*

Robert, jr., and Hannah Darby, Aug.3,1779.*

John, Capt., and Salley Rea, Sept.7,1784.*

Benjamin, Capt., and Sarah Procter, Nov.18,1784.*

Mary, jr., and Joseph Osborne, jr., May17,1785.*

Lydia, and Joshua Eustis, jr. of Salem, July6,1786.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Peters, jr. of Salem, Oct.8,1786.*

Betsey, and David Daniels, Dec.6,1786.

Elizabeth, and David Daniels, Dec.6,1786.*

William, jr., and Mary Rea, May28,1789.*

Ebenezer, and Debby Endicott, May10,1790.*

Joseph, and Polly Bushby, int.Nov.27,1794.

Sarah, and Henry Saunders of Salem, Aug.29,1795.*

Sally, and Enoch Poor, Sept.22,1803.*

Ebenezer, and Susanna Sprague Cook, Oct.10,1816.*

George, and Mehitable Green of Lynnfield, int.Nov.30,1816.

Lydia, and Joseph Buxton, jr., at Salem, June20,1822.

Jonathan, jr., of Salem, and Mercy Buxton, int.Oct.13,1827.

George, of Salem, and []Dorcas Hatch, May21,1835.*

Sarah, of Salem, and John Needham, Dec.15,1842.*


Sarah, and Caleb Low, June2,1763.*


Clarisa [G. int.], and Charles Martin, at Lynn, Nov.末,1826.*

Rebecca F., and Cyrus Clement, Mar.18,1832.*


Squiers [farmer, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, late of Dighton.CR8], and Esther Marble [d.Jonathan and Sarah, of Seabrook.CR8], at Seabrook, NH, Oct.3,1787.

George, and Jane Grove, Apr.28,1808.*

Jonathan, and Lucy Symonds [of], at Salem, Dec.9,1819.*

Mary, and Augustus K. Osborn, Jan.3,1833.*

Squeres, and Maria Hobart [of], at Salem, May2,1837.*

William Penn, and Dorcas Grant Welch, Oct.17,1841.*


David, and Eliza Moore, at Philadelphia, Jan.28,1849.


Charles, of Topsfield, and Mrs.Lydia Phillips of Salem, Nov.22,1838.*


Jedidiah, of Hardwick, and Lucy Newhall, July7,1785.*


Abigail F., of Hopkinton, NH, and George F. Cook, int.July3,1824.

SIAS (Siers)

Samuel, and Harriet Brown, Apr.24,1817.*

Harriet B., and David Ross of Salem, int.Aug.8,1840.


Elisabeth, and Eliphalet Taylor, int.Nov.22,1758.

John S., and Tammey Hamson, at Salem, June24,1838.

William H., and Mary P. Clark, int.Nov.16,1844.

SIERS (Sias)

Rebecca, of Beverly, and Michael Webb, Aug.25,1784.*


Daniel, and Sarah Goodale, Dec.6,1753.*

John, jr., of Salem, and Elizabeth Farrington, May12,1771.*

Joseph, and Sarah Bell, Jan.30,1777.*

Elisabeth, and Isaac Reed, Mar.9,1777.*

Sarah, and Joseph Aborn, July17,1777.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Stone, int.July12,1783.

Samuel, of Salem, and Grace Elledge, May3,1789.*

James, of Salem, and Susannah Howard [], Feb.20,1793.*

Margaret, and Marshal Skinner, at Lynnfield, May8,1809.

Margaret [of], and Nathan Poor, at Salem, Feb.4,1810.*

SILVESTER (Sylvester)

Joshua, and Harriet L. Noyes [of Atkinson, NH. int.], at Atkinson, June16,1829.*

Sarah, and John A. Learoyd, Sept.22,1831.*

Mary Ann, and Thomas Bowen, Dec.25,1838.*

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Ruth, and Andrew Munro, at Burlington, Mar.22,1785.

SIMS (Symes)


Mehitable, and James Dorsey [Dawse. int.] of Thomaston, Nov.20,1786.*


William, and Eliza Ann Brown, Sept.8,1846.*

SKERRY (Skery)

Ephraim, of Salem, and Mary Cook, Dec.14,1769.*

William Richard, and Lucy [Susan. dup.] Shaw Perry [of Hanover. int.], at Hanover, Apr.2,1846.*

SKERY (Skerry)

John, of Salem, and Mary Woodbury, int.Apr.15,1775.

SKIDMORE (Scidmore)

Richard, and Rachel Wilkins,末蔓末, 末末.

Jemima, and David Verry, July30,1782.*

Polly, and William Girdler, Aug.17,1792.*

Richard, jr., and Phebe Felton, Apr.8,1793.*

Elias, and Hannah Luscomb, int.Feb.24,1797.

Hannah, and Samuel Richardson, int.Sept.23,1797.

Hannah, and John Ginnings of Salem, int.Apr.11,1801.

William, and Susannah Carey of Salem, June3,1805.*

Phebe, and Joseph Hunt, Apr.13,1815.*

Sally, and Samuel Leach Walker, b. Marblehead, at Beverly,末蔓末,1818.

Elizabeth [B. dup.], and John Clark, Aug.20,1822.*

Stephen F., and Mary Fish of Salem, int.Aug.23,1828.

Phebe [F. int.], and Daniel Bray [], at Salem, Oct.7,1827. [ Sept.27,1828. int.]*

Stephen F., and Mary Fish, int.Oct.20,1832.


Marshal, and Margaret Silver, at Lynnfield, May8,1809.

Marshal, and Martha J[ane. int.] Averill, 2d, w.[of New Boston. int.], at New Boston, NH, Apr.10,1829.*

Caleb, of Lynnfield, and Mary Ann Putnam, Jan.24,1837.*

Herbert N[ichols.dup.], of Lynnfield, and Rebecca Patterson, June21,1837.*

Eliza Ann Flint, and Josiah Mudge, at Lynnfield, Dec.28,1839.*

Mary Ann, and John H[udson. dup.] Teague [both of Salem.CR4], Nov.30,1843. [Nov.29. dup.]*

Sarah S., of Lynnfield, and George F. Blake, int.Nov.11,1844.

Eliza A., of Lynnfield, a.20y., d.Jesse, and Abraham Reynolds of Saugus, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Abraham, Mar.9,1845.

John Day, and Sarah Ann Averill, at Thompson, CT, Dec.2,1847.

Augusta Abigail, of Lynnfield, a.20y., b. Lynnfield, d.William and Lucy, and Joshua Prentiss, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Caleb and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1849.*


Almira L., of Norwich, VT, and Paschal Richardson, int.Aug.12,1843.


James, and Hannah Felton, Dec.22,1822.*

Emily Batchelder, and Henry Augustus Perkins, b. Salem, July7,1846.*

James H., and Phebe Wildes Perkins, at Wenham, Dec.2,1849.*

SLEUMAN (Sluman)

Andrew Currin, and Abigail Dowst, at Salem, Dec.22,1839.

SLUMAN (Sleuman)

Rebecca [S., of], and John Hayman [jr. int], at Salem, Dec.26,1839.*


Abigail, jr., and John Putnam, jr., Oct.31,1765.*

Rachal, and Daniel Putnam, jr., Sept.14,1769.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Needham, Feb.7,1771.*

Hannah, and Andrew Curtice, June5,1776.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Hutchinson of Middleton, int.June12,1776.

Stephen, and Mary Cutler, int.Oct.5,1782.

Samuel, and Sarah Webb, Dec.19,1782.*

Thankful, and Milow Farmer, int.July4,1795.

Jonathan, and Hannah Curtice, June25,1805.*

Mary, and Porter P. Giffards, Oct.18,1818.*

Lucy C., and Leonard Cross, Nov.5,1829.*

Mary E. [Mary Cutler. dup.], and Daniel Taylor, Oct.19,1830.*

Stephen, and Salome Peabody, May15,1832.*

Hannah, and James Woodward, Sept.11,1833.*

Mary, of Lowell, and Orson R. Bean, int.Apr.24,1837.

Lois M., of Topsfield, and Thomas M. Butman, int.Sept.23,1848.


Elizabeth, of Salem, and David Currier, jr., int.Apr.17,1813.


Benjamin, [of Reading. int.], and Mehitabel Needham, Nov.末,1753.*

Mary, and Samuel Felton, jr., June24,1756.*

Elizabeth, and John Farrington of Lynn, Nov.11,1756.*

Jonathan, and Abigail Kilburn of Rowley, Mar.10,1760.*

Mary, and William Towne, Mar.22,1763.*

Amos, and Abigail Hart, Aug.20,1764.*

Molly, and Benjamin Gardner, Sept.25,1764.*

Israel, and Sarah Cooper of Rowley, int.June26,1766.

Hannah, and Ezekeil Cooper, Oct.23,1766.*

Nathaniel, and Rebecca Cleeves, Jan.15,1767. [Jan.5. dup.]*

Bartholomew, and Mrs.Mary Taylor, Feb.21,1771.*

Walter, and Sarah Hart of Lynnfield, Mar.28,1771.*

Amos, and Mary Ranuff, Apr.4,1771.*

Huldah, and Israel Porter, Dec.13,1771.*

Elisabeth, of Beverly, and Aaron Cheever, Nov.30,1773.*

Ruth, and Mathew Putnam, Mar.17,1778.*

Richard, and Mary Jacobs, Apr.23,1778.*

George G., and Sarah Ashton, May末,1780. [May3,1781. int.]*

John, and Susanna Newhall of Lynn, June28,1781.*

Rebecca, of Topsfield, and Eleazer P[orter. int.] Putnam, Oct.16,1781.*

Richard, Capt., and Elisabeth Osborne, Mar.17,1782.*

Ephraim, and Phebe Porter, May12,1782.*

Jonathan, and Lucy Hubart, both of Beverly, June13,1782.

Eunice, and William Batchelder, jr., both of Beverly, Sept.12,1782.

Elizabeth, and Asa Tapley, May22,1783.*

Robert, and Lydia Roundey, both of Beverly, Nov.23,1783.

Sarah, and Edward Giles, both of Beverly, May2,1785.

Susanna, and Jonathan Osborne, May12,1785.*

Richard, and Elisabeth Southwick, June7,1785.*

Aaron, of Middleton, and Sarah Bigsbee, int.Nov.13,1785.

Israel, and, wid.Margaret Standley [Stoutly.dup.], Sept.10,1789.*

William, and Betsy Stimpson, Nov.7,1790.*

Hannah, and Zachariah King, jr., Mar.25,1792.*

Jesse, and Hannah Peabody, both of Middleton, Jan.20,1793.

Polly, and William Hart of Lynnfield, int.Oct.19,1793.

Anna, of Beverly, and John Kettle, Nov.6,1794.*

Israel, jr., and Betsey Batchelder of Beverly, int.Aug.22,1795.

Huldah, and Eliphalet Badger of Lyndeboro, NH, Feb.21,1796.*

George G[ardner. int.], and Polly [] Gilford, Nov.21,1797.*

Jabez, and Betty Procter, int.May19,1798.

Walter, of Lynnfield, and Lucy Blanchard, Mar.7,1799.*

Benjamin, and Bethiah [] Briton, Mar.14,1799.*

Emmons [of], and Mary Gowing, July18,1799.*

Phebe, of Middleton, and Archelaus Russel, Oct.28,1800. [1799. dup.]*

Nathan, and Lydia Putnam, July13,1802.*

Susanna, and Samuel Flint, Oct.30,1806.*

Mary, and Benjamin Moulten, jr., Dec.22,1807.*

Fanny, of Salem, and Eli Newhall, int.Sept.10,1808.

Richard, jr., and Sarah Goldthwait, Oct.30,1809.*

Caleb, and Betsey Winchester of Salem, Aug.7,1810.*

Huldah, and Elijah Fuller of Middleton, Nov.21,1811.*

Mary, of Chelmsford, and Jeremiah Mears, int.Dec.12,1812.

Phebe, and Stephen Haynes, Jan.21,1813.*

Lucy, and Benjamin Mansfield, jr. of Lynn, Apr.27,1813.*

Martha, and Edward Richardson, July28,1813.*

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth M. Selden, Mar.26,1815. [Mar.25,1816. dup.]*

Anna, and Richard Fuller, Apr.13,1815.*

Jonathan, and Eunice Knowlton of Salem, int.May4,1816.

Margaret, Mrs., and Lemuel Winchester, Jan.9,1817.*

Tabitha, and John Damon, jr. of Reading, Sept.16,1817.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Goldthwait, Dec.7,1817.*

Nathaniel, of Hillsboro, NH, and Ruth Cumings, int.Sept.26,1818.

William, of Boston, and Hannah Trask, int.Dec.12,1818.

Mercy, and James Holt of Beverly, Apr.6,1819.*

John, and Betsey Marsh, June3,1819.*

John, and Mary B. Blaney of Salem, June4,1820.*

Sally, and Col. William Pool, Oct.1,1820.*

Huldah, and Joseph White, Dec.17,1820.*

Clementina, and Jacob Dempsey, Apr.16,1823.*

William, and Mary Searles, May29,1823. [May20,1822. dup.]*

Nathan, and Mary Webb, Sept.3,1823.*

Jarvis, and Henrietta Sweet of Norton, int.Apr.10,1824.

Achsah, of Beverly, and Joseph S. Morse, int.Apr.17,1824.

Elizabeth C., and Daniel Wells, Dec.12,1824.*

Asenath, and Richard Hood, at Topsfield, Sept.22,1825.

Mary, of Salem, and Samuel O. Baker, int.Dec.24,1825.

Dolly, and Isaac Wardwell of Andover, Feb.4,1828. [Feb.14,1825. dup.]*

George M., and Lydia Brown, int.Feb.9,1828.

Michael, and Nancy Trask of Beverly, int.June15,1828.

Phebe, and George Dennett, Apr.27,1829.

Elbridge, and Lucy B. Hilyard, Mar.21,1830.*

Nancy, and Nathan Webb, jr. of Beverly, Mar.27,1830.*

Thomas, and Ann Dodge of Beverly, int.Aug.28,1830.

Sally P., and John Grout, Dec.2,1830.*

William Cheever, and Elizabeth Safford Potter, Oct.10,1831.*

Harriot, and Hiram Wells, Apr.10,1832.*

George, and Nancy Smith of Beverly, int.Aug.11,1832.

Nancy, of Beverly, and George Smith, int.Aug.11,1832.

Lyman, and Martha Stone of Shapleigh, int.Mar.2,1833.

Mary Elizabeth, and Mathew Adams Stickney of Salem, int.Mar.5,1833.

Richard, jr., and Mary A. Jacobs, Apr.20,1836.*

Mary Ann, and Timothy Hawkes, July12,1836.*

Philip, and Eunice P. Webb of Beverly [at Beverly.dup.], Aug.27,1837. [ Sept.6,1837. dup.]*

Elvina, and George Abbot Osborne, Nov.15,1837.*

Fanny, and Lyman Holman, at Salem, Jan.22,1838.

Michael, and Mary Ann Harracks, at Lancaster, Eng., Oct.17,1838.

Ann, and John Marley, in Ireland, Jan.末,1839.

Maranda Emerson [of South Berwick, ME. int.], and Alanson Valentine, at South Berwick, ME, Sept.17,1839.*

Caleb A., and Frances Maria Wilkins of Salem, Feb.14,1840.

George, and Betsey Rea of Middleton, int.Feb.11,1842.

Margaret, and John White, carpet weaver, at Tarryville, CT, Oct.1,1843.

Harriet, of Lynnfield, and Levi H. Russel, Mar.14,1844.*

Elizabeth, and Henry Clement, at Salem, Apr.5,1845.

Charles Edward, and Mary Ober Black, June12,1845.*

Rebecca, and Samuel W. Spaulding, Nov.23,1845.*

Elliott F., and Mary Elizabeth Ward of Salem, int.Feb.5,1846.

Sarah Ann [Sarah Jane. int.], and Charles Henry Foss, cordwainer, Dec.5,1847.*

Nancy [Nancy Ellen. int.], and Henry Townsend, Dec.16,1847.*

George W., and Abby M. Hewes, int.Dec.9,1848.


Salley, and Joseph Wheeler, Apr.17,1787.*

Mary, and John Lindsey Galeucia, at Salem, Mar.1,1799.

Betsey, 2d w., and Francis [George. int.] Parraria [of], Oct.末,1826.*

Pamelia Stone, and William Allen Berry, both of Salem, at Salem, May8,1836.


Hannah, of Dover, NH, and Calvin Chaplin, int.Mar.28,1829.

Harriett D., and Warren Moulton, int.July30,1847.


Joseph, and Harriet Lewis, Apr.2,1820.*


Joseph, of Woburn, and Patty Trask, int.Jan.7,1796.

Betsey, and Henry Osborn, Feb.4,1810.*

Emma, and Frederic Carlton, Oct.29,1811.*

Joseph, and Elenor Carroll, at East Cambridge, Jan.28,1820.

Anthony, and Lydia Guilford, Sept.21,1823. [ Sept.24,1824. dup.]*

Mary E[liza.dup.], and Luther Chandler of Salem, July5,1842.*

Marshall, a.30y., laborer, s.Edward and Laviny, and Mary Forsyth, a.20y., d.William and Mary Ann, Feb.10,1845.*

Harriet A., and William H. Coats, Dec.25,1845.*

SOLARRIS (Salaris)

Francis, and Nancy Friend, at Beverly, Dec.4,1818.


Mary D[ennis, 2d, w.dup.], and Moses Trask, Feb.1,1827. [Feb.24,1824. dup.]*


Sarah Ann, and Rev. John M. Austin, at New York City, Oct.4,1828.


Mary, and Joseph Bell, Oct.29,1754.*


Joseph, and Sally Trask, Dec.5,1779.*

Polly, and Rufus Marshall of Salem, int.July26,1800.


Allan, and Jannet Moore, at Boston, May7,1847.*


Thomas, and Mehitable Berry, int.Mar.25,1792.


William, and Sarah Chapman, July12,1753.*

Mary, and John Upton of Reading, int.May22,1756.

Abigail, and John Clements, Oct.27,1757.*

Ichabod, of New Salem, and Martha Giles, Dec.4,1757.*

Ebenezer, jr., and, wid.Susannah Foster, int.Jan.28,1758.

Isaac, and Elizabeth Dresser of Rowley, Dec.19,1758.*

Susanah, and John Jeffery of Lynn, Jan.23,1759.*

George, and Sarah Shatswell of Rowley, Dec.18,1760.*

Samuel, and Patience Richard [], Dec.7,1762.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Gould, Nov.4,1764.*

John, 5th, and Elles Floyd, Sept.26,1765.*

Susannah, and Israel Morgan of Salem, Apr.27,1766.*

John, 4th, and Phebe Jeffery of Lynn, int.May24,1766.

Patience [], and Roland Hero of Salem, Aug.26,1766.*

Sarah, wid., and Thomas Whitemore, int.Oct.10,1767.

George, jr., and Hephzibah Burrell, July9,1769.*

Elizabeth, and Israel Gardner, Dec.7,1769.*

Samuel, of New Salem, Hampshire Co., and Elizabeth Waters, June2,1774.*

John, 4th, and Molly Tukesbury of Salem, Feb.22,1776.*

Sarah, and James Pickman of Salem, May2,1776.*

William, and Lucy Kilbourn, Feb.4,1778.*

Mary, and Daniel Day of Salem, int.Aug.21,1778.

Susanna, and Silvester Osborn, Sept.14,1779.*

John, jr., and Eunice Safford, May4,1780.*

Experance, and Richard Downing, Nov.15,1781.*

Hannah, and Robert Stone, May8,1782. [May9. dup.]*

George jr., and Elisabeth Ashton, int.June27,1782.

Phebe, and James Frothingham of Salem, May6,1784.*

Francis, and Hannah Nurse of Lynnfield, int.July3,1784.

Prudence, and Stephen Southwick, Feb.24,1785.*

Stephen, and Prudence Southwick, Feb.24,1785.*

Lydia, and John Osborne, 3d, Mar.22,1785.*

Elisabeth, and Richard Smith, June7,1785.*

James, and Mary Day, Apr.25,1787.*

Ruth, and John Procter, May24,1787.*

Floyd, and Betsy Marble, Feb.14,1790.*

Marcy, and Joseph Brown [jr. int.] Apr.8,1790. [1789. dup.]*

Edward, and Abigail Rowell, at Amesbury, 25:11m:1790.

Simeon, and Patty Newhall, July21,1793.*

Polly, and Job Goodell of Gill, int.May17,1794.

Nathan, and Polly Moulton, Feb.19,1795. [Feb.11. dup.]*

George, jr., and Hannah Twiss, Apr.2,1795.*

Stephen, and Hannah Ropes, 2d w., Apr.14,1795.*

Priscilla, and Allen Breed, int.July2,1796.

James, jr., and Pearcey Peabody, int.Sept.24,1796.

Joseph, and Mehittable Wilson of Lynn, int.July14,1798.

John, and Mary [] Nichols [of], Dec.9,1798.*

Mary, and Robert Wilson, jr., May8,1800.*

Hannah, and James Mitchel, int.Dec.12,1801.

Lydia, and Ebenezer Berry of Salem, int.Nov.18,1802.

Mary, and Thomas Butler of Boston, May6,1806.*

Joseph, and Mary Pepperrel, int.Sept.26,1807.

William, jr., and Betsey Foster, Sept.3,1809.*

George, 3d, and Mrs.Mary Lakeman [of], 2d w., at Beverly, Aug.1,1810.*

Huldah, and Benjamin Gile of Boston, Nov.11,1810.*

Rebekah, and William Patterson, at Salem, July12,1812.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Trask of Beverly, int.Oct.3,1812.

Nancy, and Thomas Chadburn, Mar.13,1814. [Mar.14. dup.]*

Simeon, and Hannah Church of Salem, int.Aug.20,1814.

John, and Elizabeth Russel of Ipswich, int.Mar.25,1815.

Clarisa, and Ira Curtis, Sept.17,1815.*

Martha, and John Gardner, 3d of Salem, int.Oct.5,1816.

Hannah Platts, 2d w., and Jonathan P. Berry [of], [at Salem.dup.], Oct.8,1827. [Apr.8,1817. dup.]*

Nancy, and William B. Miller of Lynnfield, July8,1817.*

Sally of Lynnfield, and George Jackson, int.Dec.4,1819.

Eliza, and James Chapman Southwick, Nov.26,1820.*

James Chapman, and Eliza Southwick, Nov.26,1820.*

Sarah, and John S. Aborn, July29,1821.*

Platts, and Elizabeth Twiss, Mar.13,1823.*

Persis, and Nathan Hilbert, June19,1823.*

Mary, and Daniel Gilman, resident in Lynn, Nov.3,1825.*

Daniel, and Sally Patterson of Salem, int.Dec.10,1825.

James, and Eliza Hutchinson [of], at Salem, Feb.12,1826.*

George, jr., and Rachel Poor, Sept.14,1826.*

Lucinda, and William Aborn, at Lynnfield, Apr.5,1827.*

Edward, M.D., and Margaret Toppan of Newbury, int.Dec.29,1827.

Daniel, and Esther Fowler of Salem, July9,1829.*

Jonathan [S. dup.], and Charlotte Downing of Lynnfield, Aug.27,1830.*

Susah A., and Richard E. Sanger, b. Watertown, Nov.11,1830.*

Samuel, and Mary D[odge. dup.] Fisk of Salem, June7,1831. [June8. dup.]*

Susan, and Willis Barnard, Nov.22,1831.*

Phillip R., and Amelia Dexter of Essex, int.Dec.10,1831.

Sally, and Daniel P. Nourse, Feb.7,1832.*

George, and Abigail Taylor, May末,1832. [May23,1833.]*

Eben, and Abigail Locke, Aug.18,1832. [1831. dup.]*

Benjamin Franklin, and Isabella Hamilton of New York City, at New York City, Jan.2,1833.

Jonathan S., and Mary Brown, 2d w., Mar.20,1834.*

Eliphalet, and Hannah [W.CR4] Martin, June12,1834.*

Sumner, and Hannah Gowen, May24,1836.*

Mary, and Samuel Wilson, Dec.1,1836.*

Joseph, and Bethiah Killam, b. Smithfield, 31:9m:1839.

Isabella, Mrs., of New York City, and Orlando Southwick, Oct.13,1840. [Oct.15. dup.]*

Orlando, and Mrs.Isabella Southwick of New York City, Oct.13,1840. [Oct.15. dup.]*

Martha, and Benjamin B. Neal of Salem, Nov.9,1842.*

William, and Clarissa Sweetser, at South Reading, May24,1843.*

William, tanner, and [] Elizabeth M. Parker, May12,1844.*

Charlotte Elizabeth, b. Lynnfield, and John C. Farrand, b. Manchester, Eng., at Thompson, CT, Feb.22,1848.

Elizabeth M., and Albion Low, Apr.23,1848.*

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Eleaser, of Rowley, and Mary Flint, Jan.24,1765.*

Moody, Esq., of Rowley, and Mrs.Miriam Putnam, Jan.3,1816.*

SPALDING (Spaulding)


Edward, of Lynn, and Mehitable Putnam, Nov.8,1759.*

SPARHAWK (Sparawhawke)

Margaret, Mrs., of Salem, and Isaac Windslow of Boston, Nov.22,1770.


Oliver, of Merrimac [NH. int.], and Abigail Nourse, Aug.6,1789.*

Joseph, and Mary Chamberlain, at Chelmsford, Dec.1,1808.

Lucy, and John M. Abbot of Salem, int.Feb.26,1825.

Albert Jefferson, and Mary Berry, at Salem, Nov.15,1830.

Levi, and Sarah Ann Goldsmith, Mar.12,1844.*

Stephen, a.21y., carpenter, s.Willard, and Nancy Welch, a.21y., domestic labor, d.Abraham, Aug.22,1844.*

Samuel W., and Rebecca Smith, Nov.23,1845.*


Paul, of Beverly, and Nancy Porter, Dec.10,1820.*


Henry, and Mehitable P. Berry, Feb.28,1842.*


Honora, Mrs., and Patrick Cotter, int.Aug.11,1848.


Daniel E., and Sarah Emerson, Oct.16,1827.*

John Herod, and Abigail Lucy Bean, at Ipswich, May3,1828.

Abigail [S., b. Rowley.dup.], and George W. Badger, Dec.21,1829. [1839. dup.]*

Benjamin F., and Sarah F. Cleaves of Wenham, Oct.22,1835.*

Richard Pulsifer, and Charlotte Jewett, at Ipswich, Sept.28,1839.

Anna Maria, of Salem, and William Needham, Sept.18,1842. [1843. int.]*

Moses, of Boston, and Lucy J. Munro, Mar.1,1847.*

Richard O[ber. int.], and Anna Maria McClennan [of Boston. int.], at Boston, Sept.18,1849.*


Rebekah, and Samuel Upton, jr., Apr.1,1765.*


Elliott, of Lynnfield, and Sally B. Twiss, Oct.1,1829.*

Harriet, and John S. Aborn, both of Lynnfield, Nov.21,1829.*

Charles, and Eliza Newhall, both of Lynnfield, Feb.3,1831.*

SPOFFORD (Spafford)

Mary Ann Peirce, and Horace Tibbetts, at Boxford, June20,1845.*

SPRAGUE (Sprauge)

Hannah, and Henry Cook, Apr.10,1781.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Molly Cross, Sept.21,1786.*

Richard, and Betsy Cook, Nov.13,1791. [Nov.19. dup.]*

Tamison, and Joseph Poor, jr., Dec.9,1795.*

Elisabeth, and James Osborn, 3d, Mar.12,1796.

Ebenezer, jr., and Dorathy or Dolly Reed, 2d w., Nov.24,1796.*

John, jr., of Danville, VT, and Mehitable Willson, Jan.21,1815.*

Joseph G., and Pricilla Gould, b. Bradford, at Salem, Nov.13,1823.

SPRAUGE (Sprague)

Ebenezer, [of], and Hannah Upton, Jan.9,1760.*


William, of Boston, and Sally Guilford, June24,1835.*

STACEY (Stacy)

Hannah, and Benjamin Newhall, Feb.4,1823.*

STACY (Stacey)

Eli F., and Clementine D. Lowe, both of Gloucester, at Gloucester, May31,1841.CR4


Mary Ann [of Charlestown. int.], and George Putnam Thomas, May5,1846.*


Frederick William, and Esther Thomas, Feb.8,1842.

STANDLEY (Stanley)

Margaret [Stoutly.dup.], wid., and Israel Smith, Sept.10,1789.*

Susan, of Beverly, and Philip H. Kimball, int.Aug.30,1823.

Rebecca, and John Hood, at Wenham, Nov.29,1827.

STANDLY (Stanley)

Joseph, and Elisabeth Willis, Apr.15,1779.*

Rebekah, and Ezekiel Dunklee, July13,1783.*

Betty, and Samuel Webber, Dec.11,1783.*


John, and Annis Wilson of Windham, NH, at Windham, NH, Nov.15,1848.

STANLEY (Standley, Standly)

Samuel, of Salem, and Lydia Osborn, May24,1807.*

Nancy, of Beverly, and Joseph Searles, Nov.16,1823.*

Sans, and Sally Huchenson, Apr.27,1828.*

Sally, and Daniel Thurstin, Nov.5,1828.*

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Isaac Elwell, June28,1829.*

Eliza, 2d w., b. Beverly, and Edmund Munro, Apr.1,1830.*

Cynthia, of Shapleigh, ME, and Hearford Hurd of Sanford, ME, at Shapleigh, ME, Apr.4,1833.

Oliver, and Jane Morrison, at Sanford, ME, Feb.16,1834.

Lydia O., and Ethan S. Cushing of Springfield, VT, Sept.20,1835.*

Susan O., and Lewis Putnam of Springfield, VT, Feb.20,1837.*

Francis Larcom, and Hannah Woodbury [Standley.dup.], at Wenham, Apr.11,1839.

Sarah, and Yates Higgins, Jan.15,1843.*

Hannah Page [of], and Aaron Flint Danforth, at Beverly, Mar.5,1843.*

Miles Osborn, and Ednah Elizabeth Wheeler, May1,1845.*


Mary M., of Brunswick, and John M. Haley of Hollis, ME, at Buxton, ME, Apr.13,1829.


David, and Hannah Staples Keays, at Newfield, Feb.18,1847.

Samuel, and Fanny Augusta Tufts, Mar.26,1848. [Apr.3. int.]*

Charles, and Sarah Roberts of Lynn, int.Oct.11,1848.

Martha A., of Limington, ME, and Joshua C. Lane, int.Aug.2,1849.

James, a.28y., boxmaker, b. Shapleigh, ME, s.James and Abigail, and Julia A. Stone, a.24y., b. Shapleigh, ME, d.James and Sally, Sept.16,1849.*


Mary Libbey [of Portsmouth, NH. int.], 2d w., and John Pike, at Portsmouth, NH, Sept.16,1834.*


Caleb, and Mary Nelson Sayward, at Boston, Jan.9,1831.


Cyrus, and Mary Ann Gowing, Mar.25,1847.*


Anna, Mrs., of Lunenburg, and Phillip Nurse, int.May26,1787.

Lydia B., and Albert Gallatin Bradstreet, at Boston, Apr.6,1836.

STEEL (Steele)

Mehitable, of Haverhill, and Jonathan A. Herrick, int.Mar.1,1828.

STEELE (Steel)

Mary B., of Haverhill, and Moses W. Putnam, int.Nov.13,1846.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Samuel, of Boxford, and Alice Booth, Mar.28,1758.*

Joseph, and Sarah Abbott of Andover, July7,1772.*

Benjamin, and Jane Lunt, Nov.24,1793.*

Benjamin, and Rebekah Whittemore [2d, w.dup.], Dec.25,1800.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Hiram Shelden of Middleton, int.Sept.7,1844.


Seth, and Sally [Sarah.dup.] Hilburt, Apr.3,1801. [1800. dup.]*

Seth, jr., and Mary Tucker Hayward, May1,1832.*

Seth, and Abigail Jenings of Methuen, int.May23,1834.

Sarah, and Gilman Hall, July17,1842.*

Seth, jr., and Margaret Ann Goodhue, 2d w., Dec.25,1845.*

STEVENS (Stephens)

Anna, and Nathaniel Fowler, b. Marblehead, Oct.6,1774.*

Abigail, of Andover, and David Tarr, Feb.2,1786.*

Sally, of Andover, and John Bridge, Jan.15,1799.*

Clarissa, and Andrew Torr, at New Durham, NH, June22,1806.

Jonas, and Hannah Barker of Andover, int.Oct.31,1812.

Mary, of Canterbury, NH, and Jesse Emmerson, int.June25,1814.

Mary, and Nathaniel Sawyer, at Andover, June1,1817.

Betsey, and William Tapley, Mar.24,1818.

Eliza [L. int.], and William Tapley of Brooksville, ME, Mar.24,1818.*

Timothy J., and Almira Herrick of Methuen, int.May9,1819.*

Nathan F., and Persis Fish of Andover, int.Nov.13,1824.

Benjamin, and Mrs.Ruth Buxton [3d, w.dup.], Mar.29,1825. [1824. dup.]*

Calvin, and Drusilla Ames, at Newton, May16,1833.*

Sarah Varnum, and Joseph Whittemore Reed, at Andover, Apr.27,1834.

Ephraim [of Salem.CR4], and Emeline J[ane. dup.] Parrot, May7,1835. [May8. dup.]*

Martha, of Salem, and Augustus H. Sanger, Nov.24,1836.*

Susan S. [T.CR4], and Joshua Evans, Sept.24,1841.*

Hannah, and Andrew Jackson Wildes, at Lowell, Dec.28,1842.

Henry H., of Andover, and Eliza P. Osborn, Nov.7,1843.*

Nancy Jane, and Dennison Wheeler Osborn, Dec.26,1844.*

Samuel S[eammond.dup.], a.30y., farmer, s.Moses S., and Mary O[sgood.dup.] Bagley, a.31y., d.John, Apr.23,1845.*


Catherine Ann [2d, w.dup.], and William Sumner Osborn, Apr.30,1848.*


Asa, and Ruth Macintire, Dec.6,1775.*

Hannah, and John Peabody, int.June17,1802.

Sarah, and James Graham of Beverly, Mar.16,1804.*

Clarissa, and Joseph P. Stiles of Middleton, Mar.23,1830.*

Mathew Adams, of Salem, and Mary Elizabeth Smith, int.Mar.5,1833.

William, of Reading, and Isabella White of Andover, Jan.13,1848.

STILES (Style)

Joseph P., of Middleton, and Clarissa Stickney, Mar.23,1830.*

Elbridge, and Harriet N. Shelden, both of Middleton, June12,1833.CR4

Louisa, and John C[olby.dup.] Copp, Oct.30,1833. [Oct.31.CR4; Oct.20. dup.]*

David, jr., of Middleton, and Rebecca Perry, Apr.21,1836.*

William, of Ossipee, NH, and Eliza Larrabee, July8,1839.*

Lauriston, and Lucinda Maria Gilson, at Lynn, Jan.2,1842.

Oscar C., and Mary George of Lowell, int.Sept.16,1842.

Lydia H., and Nathaniel M. Warren, int.Mar.27,1849.

Eunice, 2d w., and Jeremiah L. Kimball, at Charlestown, Apr.1,1849.*


Betsy, and William Smith, Nov.7,1790.*

Sally, and John Dodge, jr., Sept.11,1791.*

Thadeus, and Hannah Cook of Salem, int.Mar.16,1799.

Hooper R., and Sally Fowler, int.Mar.22,1801.*

Fanny, and Joseph Kimball of Marblehead, int.Sept.17,1803.

Thomas, and Harriot Morrill [of Wilmington. int.], at Wilmington, Apr.22,1825.*

William, of Watertown, and Margaret D. Osborn, Oct.11,1832. [Oct.12. dup.]*

Edward, and Elizabeth Ann Dow [of Epping, NH. int.], at Epping, NH,末蔓末,1835. [Aug.1. int.]*


Sarah Berry, and Nathaniel Friend Masury, Nov.末,1837.

Lucy Johnson, and Francis Eveleth, at Beverly, Feb.1,1842.*


Deren N., of Wolfboro, NH, and Sophronia T. Goodale, Dec.6,1846.*


Peter, of Beverly, and Susannah Trask, Dec.26,1756.*


Robert, and Mary Aborn of Salem, Dec.20,1752.*

Elizabeth, and John Maning of Salem, Oct.28,1769.*

James, and Elizabeth Griffess of Salem, int.Dec.4,1773.

James, and Sarah Blumpy, int.Aug.31,1776.

Sarah, and Stephen Larabee, Feb.16,1777.*

Mary, and Samuel Webb of Salem, int.Mar.8,1777.

Sarah, and Manuel Chizzel of Salem, July22,1777.*

Mary, and Joseph Shaw, Mar.14,1782.*

Robert, and Hannah Southwak, May9,1782. [May8. dup.]*

Benjamin, and Sarah Silver, int.July12,1783.

Edmund, and Abiah Marsh, June18,1786.*

George, and Abigal [Sibbel. int.] Kemp, Dec.27,1787.*

Susannah, and Edmund Wait, Sept.25,1791.*

Hannah, and John Rhodes, int.Dec.20,1806.

William, and Betsey Shaw, Apr.14,1811.*

Ebenezer, and Matilda Hanes of Salem, NH, int.Mar.14,1818.

Pamelia, and David Emerson, int.Mar.11,1820.

Hannah, and Daniel Mears, resident in Danvers, May4,1820.*

William, resident in Danvers, and Rebeccah P. Shaw, May6,1821.*

Hannah, and Daniel Osborn, 3d, at Salem, Dec.末,1821.

Daniel, and Esther Verry, Oct.9,1825.*

Nathaniel, and Judith Lanphear, at Lynnfield, July末,1826.

Thomas, and Susannah Galusha, Nov.29,1827.*

Mary, and Amos Buxton, Nov.24,1830. [Nov.20.CR5]*

Eliza D., of Lowell, and Charles Bradburn, int.Jan.7,1831.

Mary, and Amos Buxton, Nov.17,1831.

Martha, of Shapleigh, and Lyman Smith, int.Mar.2,1833.

Elizabeth, and Isaac W. Evans, Apr.6,1835.*

Judith, wid., 2d w., and Jefferson Putnam, at Salem, Dec.8,1836.

Joseph, and Martha B[rown. dup.] Dow of Northampton, NH, Jan.12,1837.*

Samuel, and Hannah R[] Needham, Mar.16,1837.*

William, and Hannah Stimpson Evans, at Beverly, July24,1837.

Benjamin, and Augusta M. Larrabee, Nov.29,1837.*

Eliza, of Marblehead, and Edwin Martin, Mar.29,1840.*

Matilda [of], and Abraham Clark Osborn, at Salem, Dec.10,1843.*

William, of Salem, and Melissa T. Munro, Feb.29,1844.*

Rebecca [P. int.], Mrs., and Abijah Porter, May15,1844.*

Mary Abigail, and Edward Buxton, June29,1845.*

Daniel, jr., and Hannah Osborn Barrett, Sept.21,1845.*

Mary, 2d, w.[of Reading. int.], and Stephen Blaney, at Reading, Oct.13,1845.*

Dorothy Trafton, and Edwin Nathaniel Tufts, Feb.28,1847.*

Mary Elizabeth, and John Harmer Jiles, Nov.末,1848.*

Ethan, and Eunice A. Herrick of Wenham, int.Apr.1,1849.

Julia A., a.24y., b. Shapleigh, ME, d.James and Sally, and James Staples, a.28y., boxmaker, b. Shapleigh, ME, s.James and Abigail, Sept.16,1849.*

Sarah [of Reading. int.], and Nathaniel C. Harris, at Reading, Nov.1,1849.*


Samuel, and Mary Goodale, int.Oct.26,1754.


Charles D., and Sarah C. Lee of Beverly, int.Oct.9,1848.


John, and Hannah Learned, at Boston, Oct.6,1807.

Mary, and Jedidiah Learned, at Salem, Dec.27,1831.


Elizabeth, of Lincoln, and [Col. int.] Enoch Pinkham [], May24,1778.*


Rhoda Peters, and Caleb Sheperd Brown, at Moultonborough, NH, Feb.12,1835.

Horace Chase, and Martha Low Webb, Apr.13,1843.*

Mary Jane [Sarah Jane. int.], and Daniel Miller of Salisbury, NH, Feb.20,1847. [should be 1848.]*

Sarah Jane, and Daniel Miller of Salisbury, NH, int.Feb.7,1848.


Benjamin, and Priscilla Morrison Coffin [of Sanford, ME. int.], at Sanford, ME, Apr.12,1845. [Mar.20,1846. int.]*

STYLE (Stiles)

Mary, and John Griffin of Salem, Mar.17,1839.*


Emily Hannah Purdy, and Ebenezer Goodale, Mar.23,1837.*

Ellen, and Joseph Lynch, at Cork, Ireland, Sept.19,1838.

Maria, and Charles McCrackin, Oct.2,1839. [Oct.27. dup.]*

John, and Bridget Crolly, at Lowell, Apr.12,1847.


William Francis, and Harriet Augusta Gould [of Georgetown. int.], at Newbury, Mar.末,1840. [Mar.24,1841. int.]*


Elisabeth, of Boston, and Jonathan Whittemore, int.Oct.13,1756.

SUTHERLAND (Southerland)

Thomas, and Ann Donald, at Framingham, Oct.25,1844.


William, and Elizabeth Treadwell of Ipswich, Apr.14,1799.*

William, jr., and Nancy Osborn of Salem, int.Aug.25,1821.

Ebenezer, and Eliza Dustin, Apr.4,1826.*

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Baker of Ipswich, Mar.12,1835.*

Helen L., of Salem, and Alfred A. Abbott, Esq., int.Nov.29,1848.


Caleb, and Eliza Belmore, July3,1823.*

John, and Harriet Kimball West, int.May14,1847.


Joseph H[enry.dup.], and Clarinda J. Ordway, Mar.19,1845. [Mar.14. dup.]*


Sarah, and Micajah Osborn, May3,1807.*

Joseph, of South Reading, and Rebeca Mansfield, Oct.1,1823.*

Christianna [M.CR5], and Joel Friend, July10,1827.*

Sylvanus B., of Bristol, NH, and Mrs.Mary Ann Tyler (Putnam), Nov.2,1836. [Nov.22. dup.]*

Abigail Elliott [of], and George M. Teele, at Salem, Jan.29,1839.*

Sylvanus B., and Lydia Adams of Londonderry, NH, int.May2,1846.

Joseph [A. int.], of Lynnfield, and Hannah I[rene. int.] Newhall, Aug.末,1846.*


David N., and Hannah Doutey, Feb.26,1827.*

SWEET (Swett)

Sarah, of Ipswich, and Bartholomew H. Burges, Apr.28,1782.

Henrietta, of Norton, and Jarvis Smith, int.Apr.10,1824.


Paul H., of Saugus, and Louisa Foster, d.Aaron, Apr.9,1835.*

Clarissa [of South Reading. int.], and William Southwick, at South Reading, May24,1843.*

Olivia, of Reading, and Rev. Richard Tolman, int.Nov.4,1845.

Thomas A[], and Clara J. Rider [of], at Salem, Sept.23,1849.*

SWETT (Sweet)

Samuel, of Marblehead, and Sarah W[hittier. dup.] Bagley [Bailey.dup.], Apr.12,1841.*


Job, and Sarah Hutchinson, Sept.1,1748.

Joshua, and Mary Buxton, Dec.12,1754.*

Ebenezer, and Lucy Hopkins of Monson, Dec.22,1757.*

Asa, and Elize Dempsey, Oct.24,1769.*

Sarah, 2d w., and Eleazer Goodale, Nov.8,1770.*

John, jr., and Elizabeth Phipena, Dec.20,1770.*

Esther, and Timothy Fuller,末蔓末,1776.

Ede, and Eli Upton, Oct.22,1782.*

Hannah, and David Felton, Dec.7,1784.*

Josiah, and Elizabeth Twiss, Apr.9,1789.*

John, jr., and Elizabeth Upton, Dec.12,1790.*

Betsy, and William Cutler, Apr.18,1794.*

Esther, and Joseph Dwinel, jr., Dec.1,1796.*

Sally, and Ezra Broadstreet of Middleton, int.Nov.20,1802.

Ruth, and Holten Goodale, int.Nov.30,1803.

Lydia, and Jabez Hayward of Andover, int.Dec.31,1811.

James, jr., and Martha Martin Thompson, int.Dec.12,1812.

Elizabeth, and John S. Upton, Jan.16,1813.*

Rebeccah, and David Dwinnel, Nov.26,1818.*

Ruth, and Jesse Hayward, int.Apr.19,1825.

Ede, and Capt. Aaron Tapley, June2,1825.*

John, jr., and Mercy Russell, 2d w., b. Lynnfield, int.Apr.21,1827.

Ebenezer, of Malden, and Hannah Cross, June15,1837.*

Amos Putnam, and Sally Bodge Goodale, Oct.18,1838.*

SYLVESTER (Silvester)

Mathew, of Pembroke, and Margaret Reed, int.June11,1796.

Nathaniel, and Lydia Richardson, at Andover, Aug.1,1835.

Augusta E., and Horace Drew, Apr.18,1836.*


Julia, and Timothy O'Shea, b. in Ireland, Apr.21,1841.

Margaret [J. int.], and James F. Mackintire, Oct.1,1846.*

Caroline Helen, and William McIntire, at Burnet, VT, Nov.29,1848.

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Francis, and Elizabeth Green of Beverly, June21,1759.*

James [jr. int.], of Salem, and Mehitable Putnam, Dec.22,1763.*

Stephen, of Boxford, and Mary Nurse, June14,1764.*

Mary, and Samson Silsby Diamond of Lynn, June20,1765.*

Sarah, and William Rea, Mar.25,1771.*

Rebeckah, and Peter Kalley, Oct.24,1771.*

John, and Hannah Moulton of Wenham, Apr.27,1776.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Gurler of Salem, int.July4,1778.

Elisabeth, and Joseph Symonds, Jan.17,1779.*

Joseph, and Elisabeth Symonds, Jan.17,1779.*

James, 4th, of Salem, and Mercy Cook, int.Nov.22,1782.

Lydia, and Samuel Lowden of Boston, int.Apr.21,1787.

Ruthy, of Salem, and John Bushby, jr., int.Mar.22,1794.

Charles W., and Content Purinton, Mar.31,1799.*

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Richard McColister, int.Oct.1,1808.

Thomas, of Ashby, and Ede [P. int.] Upton, Feb.14,1813.*

Thomas, and Pamela Putnam, Dec.24,1815.*

Rhoda, b. Burlington, and Ishmael Munro, Feb.20,1817.*

Samuel, and Irene Peabody, both of Middleton, at Middleton, Apr.17,1817.

Louisa, of Salem, and Joseph W. Carey, int.Aug.9,1817.

Frederick, and Sarah Foot, Nov.3,1818.*

Eliza, of Salem, and Rev. James A. Boswell, int.June18,1819.

Lucy, and Jonathan Shove, at Salem, Dec.9,1819.

Samuel, Capt., and Nabby S. Daniels, Feb.10,1820.*

Lydia, and Oliver S. Gordon of Boston, Dec.30,1822.*

Nathaniel Phippen, and Lucy Low, May5,1823.*

Anna, and Isaiah Walton of Lynn, Nov.24,1825.*

Benjamin, and Eliza Taylor, Sept.5,1832.*

Nathan Breed, and Sarah Chapple [of], Dec.3,1835.*

Joseph, and Cynthia Langmaid, Sept.25,1836.*

William A., and Mary Jameson, both of Salem, Aug.9,1840.

Benjamin P., and Mary A. Robbinson of Meredith, NH, int.Nov.4,1843.

Martha Ann, and Philander Randolph Basford, at Salem, Mar.31,1843. [Feb.17,1844. int.]*

Abigail S. [(Daniels). dup.], wid., and Richard Loring, widr., Nov.7,1844.*

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