George Knowles, and Mary Elizabeth Wait, at Salem, Feb.22,1846.*

James, and Mary P. Dudley, at Salem, June12,1848.

John Henry, and Elizabeth A. Wait, at Beverly, Mar.11,1849.*

RADDIN (Rading)

Benjamin, of Lynn, and Mary King, Nov.26,1807.*

Jane, and Elias Pike, Dec.16,1829. [Dec.17. dup.]*

Amos K., and Fidelia Wilkins, Apr.10,1837.*

George, and Martha Ann Curtis, May1,1842.*

Mary Amelia, and Elbridge Gerry, int.Oct.23,1848.

Julia, and Bartholomew Mullen, at Salem, Nov.末,1849.

RADING (Raddin)

Samuel, of Saugus, and Rebecca Brown, int.Apr.17,1830.

RAGAN (Regan)

Honora, and Jeremiah Keefee, in Co. of Cork, Ireland, Dec.1,1838.

RAGIN (Regan)

Daniel, and Bridget Calligan, int.Sept.22,1842.


Oliver, of Kennebec, ME, and Nancy H. Torr, Aug.5,1849.*


Cate, and James Whittington of Salem, int.Aug.17,1793.*

RAMSDALE (Ramsdell)

Mary, and John Chay of Middleton, Oct.3,1782.*

William, and Sally Mansfield of Salem, Mar.13,1791.*

RAMSDEL (Ramsdell)

John, and Hannah Towne of Topsfield, Feb.12,1754.*

Kimball, of Lynn, and Mary Ramsdell, "originally of Malden, since of Lynn, and lately residing in Danvers," int.Sept.5,1761.

RAMSDELL (Ramsdale, Ramsdel)

Mary, "originally of Malden, since of Lynn, and lately residing in Danvers," and Kimball Ramsdel of Lynn, int.Sept.5,1761.

Lucy Ann, and John S. Grant at Lynn, Apr.9,1835.


Ebenezer, of Salem, and Sally Willson, 3d, int.May21,1808.

Jonathan [H. int.], and Hannah Wilson, June24,1830.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Stuart Johnson [of Salem.int.], Jan.20,1847.*


Cato, and Dilla Bargila, Aug.31,1780.*

RANUFF (Renew)

Mary, and Amos Smith, Apr.4,1771.*

RAY (Rea)

Louisa, 2d w., and James Thurston, at Beverly, Nov.20,1821.

Rosanna, and Patrick Marley, at Salem, Oct.19,1842.

Caroline Augusta, and James Albert Perry, at Salem, Mar.31,1848.*


Hannah, of Beverly, and John Porter, jr., July22,1755.*

Nancy, and Nathaniel Webb, jr., at Lyme, ME, July1,1799.

Robbins [weaver. dup.], and Elizabeth Shaw, Oct.22,1846. [Oct.28. dup.]*

Mary, 2d w., and Edwin Nathaniel Tufts, Mar.26,1848.*

REA (Ray)

Caleb, and Ruth Porter,末蔓末, [1753, in pencil.]

Mehitabell, and Jonathan Porter of Exeter, Jan.24,1760.*

Bartholomew, and Mary Clark, Mar.19,1761.*

Ruth (Porter) [2d, w.dup.], and John Proctor, Aug.26,1762.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Prince, Mar.15,1763.*

Amee, and Daniel Gardner, Sept.1,1763.*

Ebeneser, of Beverly, and Lydia Putnam, int.Aug.29,1767.

Ruth, Mrs., and Stephen Marsh, May24,1770.*

William, and Sarah Symonds, Mar.25,1771.*

Anna, of Topsfield, and John Rea, jr., int.Mar.20,1773.

John, jr., and Anna Rea of Topsfield, int.Mar.20,1773.

Sarah, and Nathan Perley [of Methuen. int.], Oct.13,1774.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Putnam, Nov.22,1774.*

Polly, and Capt. John Lambert of Reading, Mar.1,1777.*

Archelaus [jr. int.], and Mary Cook of Salem, Mar.6,1777.*

Pierce Roger, and Hannah Brown of Tewksbury, int.Nov.12,1778.

Salley, and Capt. John Shillaber, Sept.7,1784.*

Mary, and William Shillaber, jr., May28,1789.*

Betsy, and Israel Endicott, Apr.3,1795.*

Uzziel, and Betsey Nourse, b. Salem, at Salem,末蔓末,1796.

John, and Mary Mitchel, Feb.15,1797.*

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Hannah Gilbert, Apr.20,1800.*

Mary, and Benjamin Macintire of Reading, int.Sept.26,1803.

Sally [of Topsfield.int.], and John Bradstreet, Apr.23,1826.*

Lois, of Topsfield, and Sylvester Carter, int.Oct.27,1831.

Nancy Peabody, and Samuel Fisher, Oct.2,1836.

Mary P., and Samuel Fisher, Oct.3,1836.*

Betsey, of Middleton, and George Smith, int.Feb.11,1842.

READ (Reed)

James, and Ame Clark of Wells, int.Nov.27,1773.

READE (Reed)

Lydia, of Dover, NH, and John Tapley, int.Apr.12,1817.

REAVES (Reeves)

Samuel, of Salem, and Hannah Dealand, May31,1771.*

REED (Read, Reade, Reid)

Samuel [of Marblehead.int.], and Lidia Aborn, Mar.19,1761.

Isaac, and [wid.int.] Ruth Upton, July20,1761.*

Daniel, and Lydia Cook, Nov.19,1765.*

John, and Desier Cook, Jan.18,1774.*

William, and Elisabeth Manning, Feb.18,1777.*

Isaac, and Elisabeth Silver, Mar.9,1777.*

Jacob, and Hannah Whittcher, Nov.16,1777.*

Abijah, and Margaret Hill, July9,1778.*

Jonathan [Jotham.int.], of Woburn, and Abigail Marium, Apr.1,1787.*

Isaac, and Esther Flint of Lynnfield, int.May8,1789.

Lydia, and John Jacobs, Dec.13,1789.*

Daniel, jr., and Polly Archer, b. Salem, int.June3,1795.

Margaret, and Mathew Sylvester of Pembroke, int.June11,1796.

William, and Bethiah Dodge, int.Nov.12,1796.

Dorathy or Dolly, 2d w., and Ebenezer Sprague, jr., Nov.24,1796.*

Daniel, and Elizabeth Wilkins, 2d w., Nov.10,1797.*

William, jr., and Sarah Travvi, int.Oct.5,1798.

Benjamin C., and Betsy Procter, Nov.6,1798.*

Sarah, 2d w., and Joseph Poor, jr., Feb.3,1805.*

Rebeccah, and Samuel Flint, Jan.12,1806.*

Benjamin, of Salem, and Seba Willington, Oct.19,1806.*

Benjamin C., and Judith Proctor, 2d w., Dec.21,1806.

Briggs R., and Betsey Hutchinson, May21,1809.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Meservey, int.Dec.29,1810.

Hannah W., and Jacob Bodge, Dec.2,1822. [1821. dup.]*

William, and Hannah Leech of Salem, Oct.28,1824.*

Thorndike, and Sarah Wendal, Feb.11,1826.

Betsey, and George Poor, Mar.2,1826. [1825. dup.]*

Mary Ann, and William E. Kimball, Nov.27,1828.*

Henry Cook, and Sarah Elizabeth Fisk, June20,1829. [June21. dup.]*

Mary A., and Benjamin Huntington, July9,1829.*

Mary Archer, and Benjamin Huntington, July9,1829.

Mary, and Jeremiah Nichols of Reading, int.May18,1831.

Elizabeth H., and Richard Phillips, jr. of Topsfield, int.Aug.27,1831.

Judieth, of Salem, and Paul Buxton, jr., int.Sept.3,1831.

Henry, and Sarah Woods Poor, at Andover, May28,1833.*

Benjamin, and Joanna B. Jewett, June9,1833.*

Joseph Whittemore, and Sarah Varnum Stevens, at Andover, Apr.27,1834.

Susan Jane, and William Alley, June14,1836.*

Abigail Maria, and Timothy Osgood of Salem, Apr.17,1838.*

George Warren, and Eliza Ann Very, July26,1838.

Stephen F[ranklin. dup.], and Eliza F[lint.dup.] Nourse, June4,1843.*

Augustus G., of Nashua, NH, and Eliza Crabtree of Salem, June21,1843.CR4

George Warren, and Mrs.Abigail Kenney Felton, July16,1843.*

Isabel, and Ebenezer Berry, Oct.8,1845.*

William W[arren. dup.], a.21y., cordwainer, s.William, and Louisa J[ane. dup.] Emerson, a.17y., d.Moses, Nov.22,1846.*

Abigail H., a.17y., d.William, and James H. Buxton of Ipswich, a.21y., wagoner, s.James and Mariah, Dec.13,1846.*

Ann, and George Warren Curtis, Apr.1,1849.*

REEVES (Reaves)

Mary, of Salem, and Edmund Munnion, Feb.8,1758.*

REGAN (Ragan, Ragin)

REID (Reed)

Adaline [of Windham, NH. int.], and John Blake, at Windham, NH, Oct.26,1836.*


John [of Salem.int.], and Abigail Burnham, Apr.10,1825.*

Joseph, and Emeline Friend, both of Salem, Sept.4,1839.*


Mary, and John Doody, int.June27,1848.

Patrick, and Honora Lenihan, int.July14,1849.

RENEW (Ranuff, Renou)

Jane, of Beverly, and Samuel Whittemore, int.Nov.19,1774.


John, of Salem, and Mrs.Mary McLaughlin, int.Jan.19,1849.

RENOU (Renew)

Susan, and Alfred Farnum, at Haverhill, Nov.29,1836.


Abraham, of Saugus, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Abraham, and Eliza A. Skinner of Lynnfield, a.20y., d.Jesse, Mar.9,1845.

RHOADES (Rhodes)

Constant, and Henry Richardson, Sept.3,1812.

Nancy, and William Norwood of Lynnfield, int.Mar.13,1830.

Louisa H., and Ebenezer Gowen, Dec.25,1833.*

Betsy, and Sampson W. Bowers of Pepperell, Apr.7,1839.*

Irene H., and Henry G. Dockham, Mar.11,1841.*

Charles H., Capt., and Elizabeth Tapley, Feb.15,1844.*

Louisa Langdon, and Robert William Jessup, June15,1845. [June19. dup.]*

RHOADS (Rhodes)

Edmond, and Elizabeth Brown, Dec.14,1769.*

Phebe, and Darling Low, at Waterboro, ME, Oct.10,1833.

RHODES (Rhoades, Rhoads)

Sarah, and James Pickering of Salem, Oct.13,1797.*

Joseph, and Lydia Shaw, July1,1798.*

Hannah [S. dup.], and Thomas Hunt of Portland, Jan.11,1804.*

John, and Hannah Stone, int.Dec.20,1806.

Lydia, and Benjamin Tarbox of Lynn, int.June20,1807.

Charles F.H., and Nancy Harwood, Apr.12,1808.*

Rebeccah, and Samuel Rowls, May7,1812.*

Mary, and John Brown, int.June9,1812.

Sally, and John Perry, int.May17,1823.

Lydia S., and Thomas D[avis.dup.] Baldwin, Oct.12,1823.*

Tamison, and Jacob Rowlens, int.Sept.12,1829.

Peter, and Susan Hannah Aborn [of Lynn. int.], at Lynn, Oct.末,1834.*

Susan H., and Hersey Gelucia, Dec.23,1834.*

Margaret, and Daniel S. Galeucia, 2d, int.Oct.8,1836.

Lucinda B., of Salem [2d, w.dup.], and Daniel Hartwell, at Salem, Oct.15,1840.*

Joseph, jr., a.26y., currier, s.Joseph and Lydia, and Elizabeth Bowers [Brown. dup.], d.Joel and Anna, Apr.17,1845.*

Samuel, of Lynn, and Eliza Ann Goldthwait, int.Dec.18,1847.


Lucy [of Lancaster. int.], and Francis Noyes at Lancaster, July24,1842.*


Hannah, and Ezra Johnson, Dec.29,1761.*

RICHARD (Richards)

Patience [Pritchard.int.], and Samuel Southwick, Dec.7,1762.*

RICHARDS (Richard)

David, and Polly Martian, Jan.18,1784.*

Hicks, and Betsey Tapley, Apr.21,1813.*

Daniel, and Catherine Dodge [of Salem.int.], Dec.4,1834.*

Mary, and Henry Murfy of Frankfort, ME, int.May11,1837.

Asa T., and Emily P. DeLesdenier, Sept.2,1839. [ Sept.1. dup.]*

Charles D., of Atkinson, NH, and Mary Jane Ferguson, Mar.29,1846.*

Martha S., and John A. Putnam of Wenham, Sept.27,1847.*

William Henry, and Almira Amelia Eddy, Apr.10,1849.


Joseph, of Stoneham, and [Mrs.int.] Abigail Felton, Feb.10,1761.*

Nathaniell, of Salem, and Eunice Putnam, Oct.17,1771.*

Betty, and William Hilborn, Aug.17,1777.*

James, jr., and Molly Clinton, May23,1780.*

James, and Mary Crisfield, July17,1783.*

Seth, and Hannah Waters, Sept.19,1786. [1776. dup.]*

Jedediah, and Lydia Crowell, Oct.30,1791.*

Ruel, of Mason, NH, and Nabby Procter, Feb.16,1796.*

Samuel, and Hannah Skidmore, int.Sept.23,1797.

Charles, of Lynnfield, and Nancy Moulten, Jan.20,1800.*

Anna, of Salem, and William Pool, Sept.22,1807.*

Sarah, and William Lamson, Aug.28,1808.*

Hannah, and Elisha Brown, Apr.27,1809.*

Parker, and Mrs.Avis Tarbell (Bancroft), at Nottingham West, NH, Feb.27,1812.

Henry, and Constant Rhoades, Sept.3,1812.

Edward, and Martha Smith, July28,1813.*

Abijah, b. Middleton, and Naamah Richardson, at Middleton, Nov.12,1813.

Naamah, and Abijah Richardson, b. Middleton, at Middleton, Nov.12,1813.

Sally, and Eben S. Upton, Apr.28,1814.*

Hannah, and Zenas Crooker, July14,1814.*

Elizabeth, and James Wilson, jr., Jan.21,1824. [Jan.12,1823. dup.]*

Lydia W., and Capt. Parker Brown of Hamilton, July8,1824.*

Ruthy, of Salem, and George J. Thompson, int.Aug.19,1826.

Aaron, and Sarah Brown, at South Reading, Nov.29,1827.*

Nancy, of Lynnfield, and Thomas Needham, Dec.25,1827.*

Abel W., Capt., and Helen C. Cockran, int.May19,1832.

Sarah, and Thomas Hunt, jr., Aug.5,1832.*

Jeremiah, and Elizabeth Bancroft, July19,1833.*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Sylvester, at Andover, Aug.1,1835.

William R., and Eliza B. Rolls, Aug.30,1835.*

John, and Lucinda Brown, Apr.7,1836.*

Avis, and Ezra Gowing of Lynn, Oct.12,1836.*

Sophia, and Edmund Billings, both of Lynnfield, Jan.5,1837.*

William, and Mary Bass Kean, at Lynn, Jan.14,1837.

Lydia, and Lincoln G. [S.CR5] Putnam, both of Salem, Apr.16,1841.

John G., Rev., and Sarah G. Merrill, at Gilmanton, NH, Oct.4,1841.

Elvira, and Robert Robbinson Emerson, at Woburn, Nov.23,1842.

Sanford L., and Elizabeth Stone of Boston, int.Feb.14,1843.

Paschal, and Almira L. Slafter of Norwick, VT, int.Aug.12,1843.

Polly O., and Jacob W. Parker, both of Middleton, Oct.1,1843.*

David, b. Middleton, and Rosilla R. Merrill [both of Middleton.CR4], May5,1844.

Jason, and Mrs.Emily A. Merrill, both of Middleton, June11,1845.

Herman, and Nancy A. Lewis, both of Middleton, Oct.2,1845.

Hannah [of Salem.int.], and Daniel [D. int.] Galeucia, at Salem, Oct.18,1846.*

Wyman B., and Mary Ann McIntire, Nov.9,1846.*

Martha Bates, and Henry Hackett, Feb.18,1847. [Feb.10. dup.]

Ann, and William Kirk, at Newport NH, Apr.15,1847.


Mary, and Robert Pressey of Salisbury, Sept.23,1827.*

Sarah, and Charles Sias Giles, at Boston, May18,1842.

Margaret, and Stephen Welch, June27,1842.*

Lydia, and Daniel Weeden, at Berwick, ME, Oct.3,1843.

Clarissa, and Moses Wells, at Shapleigh, ME, Jan.5,1844.

Lydia N., and Samuel Welch, at Shapleigh, ME, Mar.12,1844. [May2. dup.]*


Susan M., of Salem, and James H. Batchelder, int.May27,1843.


Clara J. [of Salem.int.], and Thomas A[ugustus.int.] Sweetser, at Salem, Sept.23,1849.*


Allen, and Catharine Bennett, int.Sept.9,1843.

Mary B., and Humphrey Clark, at Wenham, Nov.28,1848.


Rebecca D., and Oliver O. Waitt, int.June2,1848.


Ann, and Matthew Cassidy, at New York, Oct.23,1843.

Francis, and Ann Donahoe, 2d w., in Rhode Island, Oct.28,1844.

Thomas, and Mrs.Bridget (Kelley) Clark, at Salem, May23,1849.


Sarah, and John Hay of Woburn, May6,1762.*


Mary Ann, and William Casey, at New York, July7,1843. [June. dup.]


Mary, and Caleb Nurse, jr., July11,1765.*

ROBBINS (Robins)

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Sarah Ann Wiggin, Dec.24,1835.*

Francis L., Rev., of Enfield, CT, and Hannah S. Cook, int.Dec.11,1847.

Caroline Matilda [Robinson. int.], and Jonathan E. Osborn, Mar.16,1848. [Mar.18. int.]*

ROBBINSON (Robinson)

Mary A., of Meredith, NH, and Benjamin P. Symonds, int.Nov.4,1843.


William, and Rebeckah Gooldthwait, Sept.24,1782.*

Rebeckah, and John Osborne, jr., Dec.14,1786.*

Temple, and Rebecca Willson, May29,1814.*

Daniel, and Sally Parrot, July15,1821.*

Louisa [H. dup.], and Joseph Collins Putnam, Apr.3,1836.*

George, and Sally Philips, Nov.22,1836.*

John, and Mary Jane Prince, Feb.20,1840.*

Peter W., and Sarah Munsey, at Salem, Apr.13,1840.

Daniel S., and Betsey Curtis, Mar.20,1842.*

Charles, of Salem, and Mary Elizabeth Berry, Oct.27,1842.*

Timothy, and Mary Wilson, both of Salem, Nov.24,1842.

John, and Matilda Nason of North Berwick, ME, int.June20,1843.

Elizabeth W., and Ansel Burnham, both of Beverly, Nov.24,1844.

Charles C., a.24y., b. Maine, and Hannah G. Forbush [Furbush.int.] of Salem, a.23y., b. Maine, at Lynn, Dec.1,1845.*

Hoyt, and Elizabeth Ellen Bell, at Salem, Feb.7,1848.

Jacob K., and Ann F. Porter, int.Mar.18,1848.

Patience, of Salem, a.27y., d.Samuel and Sarah, and John Quincy Adams of Salem, a.22y., s.Joshua and Abigail, Aug.7,1848.*

Sarah, of Lynn, and Charles Staples, int.Oct.11,1848.

ROBINS (Robbins)

Jonathan, and Hannah Hind, Oct.20,1794.*

ROBINSON (Robbinson)

Daniell, and Ruth Fuller, both of Middleton, May23,1758.

Ruthy, and Stephen Gawss of Salem, int.Aug.1,1812.

Fidelia [of Andover. int.], and Gilbert Tapley, at Andover, Sept.3,1820.*

Loisa, and Asa Wheeler, Apr.14,1825.*

Archelaus L., of Lynn, and Phebe Shaw, June18,1826.*

Eliza Ann, of Lowell, and Lewis Hardey [Hadley.int.], Apr.8,1830.*

Mary Jane, and Elisha Carpenter, at Methuen, Apr.15,1833.

William, and Rebecca Hammond, at Salem, Apr.6,1836.

Edwin, of Haverhill, and Catherine Osborne, Sept.19,1844.*

Hannah C., of Lynn, and Hiram P. Robinson, int.May3,1845.

Hiram P., and Hannah C. Robinson of Lynn, int.May3,1845.

Caroline, and Mayhew S. Clark, Mar.14,1847.*

Caroline M., and Jonathan E. Osborn, int.Mar.18,1848.


Nancy, and William C. Lock of Boston, Aug.15,1841.*


Lydia, and Jonathan Hemenway, int.July20,1816.


Elisha, Rev., of Swansey, NH, and Mrs.Emily W. Herrick [wid.Rev., of Millbury.CR2], Feb.21,1838.*

RODGERS (Rogers)

William, carpet weaver, and Margaret King, at Paisley, Dec.2,1833.


William, and Mrs.Olive N. Rogers, Dec.24,1843.*

ROGER (Rogers)

Mary Ann, and George H. Williams, at Newburyport, Sept.18,1836.

ROGERS (Rodgers, Roger)

Benjamin F., and Eunice P. Bordman, July17,1827.*

Adeline, and Gilman Hull, at New Rowley, Apr.26,1832.

Lorenzo C., and Olive N. Lowe, Apr.9,1841.*

Olive N., Mrs., and William Roe, Dec.24,1843.*

Lorenzo C[lifford.dup.], and Lucy Ann Shackley, May26,1844. [May15. dup.]*


Elizabeth, and James Silver Hobbs, at Gloucester, May11,1843.

ROLLINS (Rowlens, Rowlin)

John, and Emily Burnham [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Jan.9,1837.*

Sarah Ann, and Rufus Kittredge Graham, at Salem, May12,1839.

ROLLS (Rowles)

Eliza B., and William H. Richardson, Aug.30,1835.*


Mary Ann, and Daniel Kennedy, at Liverpool, Eng., Aug.1,1843.



Hannah [2d, w.dup.], and Stephen Southwick, Apr.14,1795.*

Mary F., of Salem, and Daniel P. Galloup, int.Feb.18,1837.

Joseph White, and Margaret Dale Putnam, Apr.8,1840.*


Alben, and Patience Marsh, Nov.19,1820.*

Phillip, of Marblehead, and Sally Legroo, Dec.13,1826.*

William, and Eliza Kinder, Aug.2,1848.*


Joseph, and Sarah Felton, int.Oct.24,1767.

Eunice, and Elias Putnam, Nov.12,1812.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Rust, at Ipswich,末蔓末,1817.

John, and Lucy Fuller, at Middleton, Apr.18,1817.

Sally, Mrs., and Joseph Deland, int.June5,1830.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Daland, Nov.18,1835.*

Mary, 2d w., and John Dale, May8,1839.*

David, of Salem, and Harriet B. Sias, int.Aug.8,1840.

Lucy Ann, and John Trask, Aug.31,1841.*

R.M., and Nathaniel Welch, at Wenham, Jan.16,1842.*

Josiah, and Mary Ann Peabody, at Middleton, Dec.29,1842.

Mary Butman [of Salem.int.], and William Boutley Fairfield, at Salem, Sept.14,1846.*

ROUNDEY (Roundy)

Lydia, and Robert Smith, both of Beverly, Nov.23,1783.

ROUNDY (Roundey)

Mary, of Beverly, and Asa Prince, int.Oct.9,1779.

Elisabeth, of Beverly, and Asa Prince, Oct.31,1779.

Abigail, d.Thomas and Elizabeth, of Marblehead, and David Osborn, s.Paul and Eunice, 30:1m:1822.CR7

Abagail [d.Thomas and Elizabeth, of Marblehead.CR7], and David Osborn, at Lynn, Jan.31,1822.

Cornelius M., and Clarissa Hutchinson, Mar.20,1832.*

ROW (Roe)


Anthony, and Mary McNamara, at St. John's, N.B., Aug.8,1841.

ROWEL (Rowell)

Charlotte, of Salem, and Benjamin Goodridge, June14,1807.*

ROWELL (Rowel)

Abigail, and Edward Southwick, at Amesbury, 25:11m:1790.

Joanna [of Salem.int.], and Thomas Morland, at Salem, Sept.9,1819.*

Mary Ann, and Hiram Sanborn, at Salem, July24,1831.

Benjamin, and Harriet Newhall Davis, at Chester, NH, Oct.20,1834.

Elenor, 3d w., and Benjamin Henderson, Dec.15,1835.

Benjamin, and Jane Severence, at Bangor, ME, Oct.21,1844.

ROWLENS (Rollins)

Jacob, and Tamison Rhodes, int.Sept.12,1829.

ROWLES (Rolls, Rowls)

Edward, of Marblehead, and Mary Eden, Jan.19,1758.*

Samuel, and Betsy Pitman of Salem, int.Sept.23,1788.

Abigail, of Salem, and Ephraim Very, Dec.14,1788.*


Eleanor, and Benjamin Henderson, Dec.15,1835.*

William Fisher, and Lydia Lander Hervey [of Salem int.], at Salem, Feb.末,1849.*

ROWLIN (Rollins)

Nicholas, and Mary Giddings of Salem, Jan.19,1777.

ROWLS (Rowles)

Samuel, and Rebeccah Rhodes, May7,1812.*


William, and Jane Hazeltine [Heslin. int.], July3,1848.*


William, and Molly Wenn of Salem, Oct.20,1778.*

Mehitable Caroline [of Salem.int.], and Joseph Beckett, at Salem, Nov.8,1843.*

James Tyler, and Eliza Ann Nutting, at New York, July17,1848.


Christopher, and Mary F. [L. int.] Foster, Dec.10,1832.*


John, jr., of Milton, and Betsey Wadsworth, Nov.7,1805.*


Mary P., and Thomas Keirns, at Lowell, June9,1839.


Lewis Frederick, and Mary Ann Brown, at Salem, Aug.24,1836.

RUSSEL (Russell)

Phebe, and Uriah Willkins of Middleton, Apr.16,1771.*

William, and Elizabeth Coose of Reading, Nov.21,1771.*

Sarah, and Ebenezer Sawyer of Middleton, Feb.23,1775.*

Elizabeth, and Elijah Moulten, Dec.12,1776.*

Benjamin, 3d, and Hannah Putnam, Dec.25,1777.*

Eli, and Patience Poor, Apr.16,1778.*

Ebenezer, and Mehetable Mackintire, June15,1786.*

Archelaus, and Phebe Smith of Middleton, Oct.28,1800. [1799. dup.]*

David, and Mary Elliot, int.Apr.17,1802.

Andrew, and Mary Goldthwait, Aug.24,1806.*

Mary, and Amos Putnam, jr., Dec.13,1807.*

Stephen, and Sally Wiley of Andover, int.Nov.12,1808.

Andrew, and Mrs.Polly Pepperel, Dec.6,1810. [Dec.24,1812. dup.]*

Elizabeth, of Ipswich, and John Southwick, int.Mar.25,1815.

Asa, and Sarah Flint of Middleton, June4,1816.*

William M., of Salem, and Rebeccah D. White, int.June29,1822.

Levi H., and Harriet Smith of Lynnfield, Mar.14,1844.*

RUSSELL (Russel)

John, jr., and Anna Upton, Oct.4,1756.*

Mary, and Samuel Flint of Middleton, int.Sept.27,1760.

Jethro, and Hannah Mackintire of Reading, int.Feb.11,1764.

Daniel, and Lydia Mackintire, int.Dec.26,1767.

Susanna, and Ebenezer Mackintire of Reading, int.Feb.4,1769.

Jonathan, jr., and Huldah Wilkins of Middleton, int.Apr.1,1769.

David, and Rachel Mackintire of Reading, int.Oct.28,1769.

John, and Elizabeth Wilkins of Middleton, June13,1771.*

Stephen, and Sarah Hayward of Andover, Jan.6,1774.*

Jethro, jr., and Sarah Hutchinson, Oct.13,1788.*

Ebenezer, and Jerusha Parker, Nov.30,1791.*

Betsy, of Lynnfield, and William Peabody, int.Nov.23,1792.

Joseph, of Middleton, and Mary Parker of Danvers, Dec.18,1792.*

Benjamin, jr., and Ruth Hutchinson, Sept.10,1795.*

John, of Reading, and Elisabeth Hadley, Oct.22,1795.*

Zebiah, and Nathaniel Bancroft of Lynnfield, Nov.28,1797.*

Sally, and Joseph Jeffery, jr. ofLynn, Nov.14,1799.*

Enoch, and Sally Whitman, Feb.26,1800.*

Polly, 2d w., and Jonathan Ashby, at Marblehead,末蔓末,1808.

Betsy, and Levi Hutchinson of Middleton, May5,1811.*

Asa, and Sarah Flint, June4,1816.

Mercy, 2d w., b. Lynnfield, and John Swinerton, jr., int.Apr.21,1827.

Lydia, and Joseph N[ewhall. dup.] Davis, Dec.25,1828.*

Polly, of Middleton, and Moses Fairfield, June29,1829.*

Warren, and Mary Wilkins, May10,1830. [May11. dup.]*

Caleb Strong, and Mehitable Felton Proctor, Dec.27,1830. [Dec.5,1838. int.]*

Elisabeth P., and Benjamin Foss of Reading, Aug.16,1832.*

Peter, and Mehitable P. Dwinnells, at Lowell, Dec.20,1832.

Deborah J., and Adna Buxton of Reading, int.Oct.5,1833.

Deborah, and Joseph Buxton of Reading, Nov.5,1833.*

Benjamin, and Nancy Parker, Apr.6,1837.*

Sally, Mrs., and Eben Dale, int.Aug.13,1837.

Benjamin, and Margaret Needham, Mar.24,1838. [Mar.26. dup.]*

John, and Ruth Wormell, at Salem, Jan.28,1840.

Mary C. [2d., w.dup.], and Isaac Winchester [jr. dup.], Dec.20,1843. [Jan.4,1844. dup.]*

Thomas, of Kingston, widr., a.34y., manufacturer, s.George and Amelia, and Sarah Ann Goodridge, a.32y., "occupation, making herself beloved,", d.Benjamin and Charlotte, July25,1844.*

Emeline, of Middleton, and Franklin R. Clarrage of Lynn, Dec.22,1844.

Caroline E., of Middleton, a.20y., d.Samuel and Sophia, and Charles H. Russell of Middleton, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Betsey, Feb.26,1846.

Charles H., of Middleton, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Betsey, and Caroline E. Russell of Middleton, a.20y., d.Samuel and Sophia, Feb.26,1846.

George A., of Middleton, and Mary U. Thomas, int.Nov.12,1848.


Benjamin, and Elizabeth Ross, at Ipswich,末蔓末,1817.

Salome [of Salem.int.], and Samuel Nourse, at Salem, Feb.21,1829.*

Lucy Bray, and Daniel Prescott Clough, at Topsfield, Apr.21,1842.*

Ann [R. int.], a.24y., d.Moses and Lucy, and Eben S. Flint, widr., a.29y., currier, s.Samuel and Rebekah, at Gloucester, Apr.21,1846.*


Moses Davis, and Olive Lee, at Manchester, June7,1832.

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