Hannah, and Henry Jacobs, Nov.22,1781.*

Ebenezer, of Beverly, and Dorcas Brown, June3,1804.*

Elizabeth [of Lynn. int.], wid., 2d w., and John Mansfield, at Lynn, May20,1807.*

George, and Sally Southwick of Lynnfield, int.Dec.4,1819.

Elizabeth A., and Joseph Griffin, jr., Nov.1,1838.*

Daniel L., and Lauraett Knights, at Barnet, VT, Sept.10,1840.

William, and Mary M. Brown [both of Salem.CR4], Oct.4,1841.*

Lucy D., Mrs., of Rowley, and Nathaniel W. Carleton, int.Mar.21,1848.


Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Cuttler, May1,1755.*

Daniel [jr. int.], and Hannah Batchelder of Beverly, Sept.14,1760.*

Desire, and Zachariah King, June12,1766.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Moulten, Sept.4,1766.*

Abigail, and Putnam Cleeves, Nov.14,1766.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Moulten, jr., Dec.8,1768.*

Henry, and Mrs.Margaret Newhall of Lynn, Oct.4,1770.*

Elizabeth, and Thomas Doughty, May9,1771.*

Mercy, and Gideon Foster, jr., June18,1771.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Drisdell of Salem, int.Mar.23,1776.

Mary, and Richard Smith, Apr.23,1778.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Eunice Tucker, Dec.14,1779.*

Henry, and Hannah Jackson, Nov.22,1781.*

Betty, and Joseph Epes, June30,1782.*

John, and Eunice Doutey, Nov.21,1782.*

John, and Lydia Reed, Dec.13,1789.*

Daniel, Capt., and Mehitabel Dorsey, int.Nov.29,1794.

Sarah, and Stephen Low, Sept.6,1795.*

Lydia, and Nathaniel Garland of Salem, Aug.21,1798.*

Benjamin, Capt., and Sarah Poor, Jan.17,1802. [Jan.16. dup.]*

Ebenezer, and Phebe Martin, at Andover, Mar.31,1805.*

John, and Hannah Goodale, 2d w., Nov.11,1807.*

Aaron, and Huldah Porter, Feb.14,1816.*

Lydia, and Jonathan Walcut, jr., May21,1817. [May23.PR60]*

Betsey, and Edmund Munroe, Sept.15,1819.*

John, jr., and Ruth Munro, June6,1821.*

Eunice, and Leonard Dunklee, Mar.28,1822.*

Huldah (Porter), Mrs., and William Jacobs, Dec.18,1825.*

William, and Mrs.Huldah (Porter) Jacobs, Dec.18,1825.*

Benjamin, jr., and Merriam S. Buttrick, Feb.26,1828.*

Allen, and Betsey Lamson, Apr.3,1828.*

Sally, and Perez L. Winchester, Aug.14,1828.*

Nancy P., and Franklin Osborn, Oct.2,1828.*

Lucy, and Daniel Proctor, Dec.30,1829.*

Allen, and Sally Dwinnell, 2d w., July6,1830.*

Joseph, and Susan Wilson, Nov.2,1830.*

Edward Warren, and Rebeckah King Proctor, Mar.22,1831.

Warren M., and Rebecca R. Procter, Mar.22,1831.*

Richard, and Sarah D. Nourse, Oct.5,1834. [1833. dup.]*

Mary A., and Richard Smith, jr., Apr.20,1836.*

Elizabeth Cutler, and Alfred Ray Porter, July12,1836.*

Susan P., and Francis Baker, Apr.26,1838.*

Lydia R., and Henry E. Hone of Saugus, Nov.17,1842.*

Allen, and Elizabeth Welsh, Apr.17,1844.*

Martha M., and John Cutler, July18,1844.*

George, and Philenia P. [Hannah Philinda.int.] Tarbell, Aug.31,1845.*

JAFFERY (Jeffery)

Edmund, of Lynnfield, and Hannah Gallucia, June23,1812.*


Polly [Mrs.int.], and Rogers Nourse, Oct.30,1788.*

Rebecca, and Nathan Putnam, int.June4,1803.

Polly, and Thomas Secomb of Salem, June1,1806.*

Joseph Y., and Mary W. McMurphy of Derry, NH, int.June17,1846.


Mary, and William A. Symonds, both of Salem, Aug.9,1840.


Henry of Gilmanton, NH, and Caroline Manning, int.Aug.8,1829.

JEFFERY (Jaffery, Jeffry)

John, of Lynn, and Susannah Southwick, Jan.23,1759.*

Phebe, of Lynn, and John Southwick, 4th, int.May24,1766.

Joseph, jr., of Lynn, and Sally Russell, Nov.14,1799.*

Julia Ann, of Salem, and Nathan Barnes of Reading, Dec.3,1835.*

Rebecca Eliza, and John Manning of Salem, Apr.4,1836.*

Samuel, of Lynn, and Mary Nutter, May29,1842. [1843. dup.]*

Benjamin F., and Eliza A. Gowen of Lynn, int.Oct.23,1847.

Oliver K., and Lydia Brown of Lynn, int.Oct.23,1847.

JEFFRY (Jeffery)

Benjamin, [of Boston. int.], and Abigail Gyles, June17,1756.*


Sarah, and John R. Patten, at Boston, Nov.27,1831.

JENINGS (Ginnings)

Abigail, of Methuen, and Seth Stetson, int.May23,1834.


Sophronia C., of Lyme, NH, and David Thompson, jr., int.May20,1842.


Joseph, of Salem, and Mary Curtis Miller, int.Nov.8,1846.


Robert William, and Louisa Langdon Rhoades, June15,1845. [June19. dup.]*


Nathaniel, and Sarah Marsh, Feb.19,1818.*

Joan, and Benjamin Reed, June9,1833.*

Charlotte, and Richard Pulsifer Spiller, at Ipswich, Sept.28,1839.

Sarah A., and John A. Allen of Salem, Oct.9,1845.*

Moses, and Mary Jane Burnham [of Essex. int.], at Essex, Feb.8,1846.*

William, of Salem, and Lydia Allen, June28,1846.*

Mary Maria, and Samuel Putnam Cleaves King, Sept.2,1847.*

Eliza Ann, and William A. Walton, both of Salem, Nov.26,1848.

JILES (Giles)

John Harmer, and Mary Elizabeth Stone, Nov.末,1848.*

JOCELYN (Joselyn)

Sarah L., and Davis H. Marden, at Gloucester, Sept.30,1847.*


James, and Anna Curtice, May8,1754.*

Sarah, and James Goodale, Apr.5,1757.*

Ezra, and Hannah Rich, Dec.29,1761.*

Anna, and Ebenezer Averal, jr. of Amherst, NH, Oct.3,1775.*

Silas, and Tabitha Beverly, int.Oct.7,1780.

James, and Lydia Whittridge, Nov.1,1785.*

William, and Betsey Buxton, Mar.25,1788.

Catherine, of Billerica, and Benjamin Moulten, jr., int.Jan.26,1799.

William, jr., and Patty Procter of Salem, int.Sept.14,1799.

Hiphzi, of Andover, and Miland Murphy, int.July23,1802.

Lydia, b. Lynnfield, and David Buxton, int.Apr.29,1807.

William, of Salem, and Deborah Wood, Apr.19,1808.*

Sally, and Samuel Tarr, Jan.1,1816.*

Betsey, and John Tufts of Bedford, int.Nov.2,1817.

Henry, and Mehitable Putnam, Nov.26,1820.*

Ellen, and Jesse P. Herriman of Lowell, Aug.21,1827.*

Thomas M., and Harriot F. Osborn, Apr.27,1830.*

Cynthia O., and Israel Putnam Porter, Nov.15,1831.*

William H., and Almira Buckman, int.Mar.21,1835.

Nathaniel H., of Haverhill, and Sarah P. Fuller of Middleton, Oct.5,1836.CR5

Francis Tappan, of Frankfort, ME, and Betsey Averill Nichols, Apr.29,1838.*

William O., of Salem, and Hannah M. Shed, int.Sept.3,1842.

Ephraim Hildreth, and Eliza Augusta Morse [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Oct.24,1845.*

Agnes, and Robert Elder, at Philadelphia, Apr.9,1846.

Enoch, a.29y., farmer, s.Enoch and Huldah, and Caroline A.A. Sanborn, of Claremont, NH, a.28y., dressmaker, d.Isaac and Mercy, at Malden, Sept.15,1846.*

Abigail Stuart [of Salem.int.], and Ebenezer Rand, Jan.20,1847.*


Peter, and Mary Ann Brooking, at Devonshire, Eng., Oct.20,1827.


Benjamin, Esq., of Beverly, and Mrs.Sarah Endicott, Dec.20,1757.*

Fanny, and John Dutch of Salem, Apr.19,1770.*

William, and Emme Francis, at Beverly, Dec.末,1793.

Justus, and Sophronia Wood, at Hampstead, Aug.末,1816.

William, jr., and Sally Chase of Salem, int.Apr.1,1825.

Owen, and Mercy Brown, at Salem, Apr.末,1826.

Simon, of Lynn, and Betsey S. Gallucia, int.May12,1832.

Sarah F., and George Nourse, Nov.27,1832.*

Vicy Matilda, and Joseph Blake Loring, at Boston, Feb.17,1834.*

Louisa, of Hudson, NH, and Levi Witham, int.Jan.18,1839.

Elizabeth F., and John S. Dwinnell, Aug.31,1845.*

Sally, of Manchester, b. Manchester, and John Welch, a.65y., miller, b. Salem, 2d m., Jan.29,1849.*

John F., and Rebecca F. Norfolk [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Apr.末,1849.*


William D., and Martha M. Trask, Mar.28,1833.*

JOSELYN (Jocelyn, Joslyn, Josselyn)

John, and Lucy Loudon, at Duxbury, Sept.1,1785.

Hercules H., and Lucy Joselyn, Oct.12,1808.*

Lucy, and Hercules H. Joselyn, Oct.12,1808.*

Hercules H., and Mary Upton, 2d w., Aug.5,1810.*

Marcy W., and Ebenezer W. Flint, Oct.20,1811.*

Pamela [2d, w.dup.], and Israel Cheever, Dec.15,1816.*

Clarisa, and Benjamin Wentworth, Jan.28,1821.*

Rebeccah, and Rufus Tapley, Apr.4,1822.*

Branch, and Mrs.Sarah Lamson, Nov.25,1824.*

Mary, and Moses M. Beard, Dec.16,1824.*

Hercules H., and Sarah Upton, 3d w., May27,1827.*

Augusta, and James Goodale, July29,1829. [July15. dup.]*

Eliza, 3d w., and Isaac Porter, Aug.20,1837.*

Mary Ann, and William Hardy, Dec.21,1845. [Jan.1,1846. int.]*


Eliza N., and Philip H. Saunders, at Salem, Feb.16,1822.*

JOSLYN (Joselyn)

Eunice, and Aquilla Martin, Sept.15,1806.*

JOSSELYN (Joselyn)

James M., of Pembroke, and Lucy Josselyn, Apr.2,1834.*

Lucy, and James M. Josselyn of Pembroke, Apr.2,1834.*


James Braley, and Sally P. Curtis, at Lynn, Jan.14,1845.*


John, and Mary Hooper, Jan.3,1819.*

Edward H., and Mary Jane Price of Salem, at Salem, Apr.22,1845.*

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