INGALLS (Ingals, Ingols)

Charles, and Hannah Shaw, at Providence, RI, Aug. 5, 1818.

Sarah, of Middleton, and William Goodhue, Mar. 6, 1828.*

Rebecca Pinson, and Henry Murry Manning, Feb. 27, 1845.*

Martha Ann, and Richard Kimball, at Chelsea, Dec. 4, 1845.

Joseph Shaw, and Lydia Fowler Eaton, Dec. 27, 1846.*

David, and Judith Twiss, int. Dec. 20, 1849.

INGALS (Ingalls)

Amos, of Lynn, and Anna Ingals, Dec. 19, 1771.*

Anna, and Amos Ingals of Lynn, Dec. 19, 1771.*


John, and Sarah Perkins, Sept. 5, 1781.*

INGERSOL (Ingersoll)

Mary, and Capt. Nathaniel Bowditch of Salem, Oct. 28, 1800.*

George, and Abigail Hayes of Gloucester, int. Dec. 20, 1806.

INGERSOLL (Ingersol, Ingleson)

Elizabeth A., and John F. Bedee, int. June 24, 1841.

INGLESON (Ingersoll)

John, and Lydia Creesy of Salem, Apr. 26, 1764.

INGOLS (Ingalls)

Henry, Capt., of Andover, and, wid. Sarah Andrew, May 18, 1757.*

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