Thomas, and Bridget Brady, in Ireland, Jan.9,1849.

HACKET (Hackett)

Elizabeth Emeline, and John Gardner Walcott, at Lowell, Jan.12,1846.*

HACKETT (Hacket)

Henry, and Martha Bates Richardson, Feb.18,1847. [Feb.10. dup.]


Betsey, and Daniel Goodale, July30,1792.*


Elisabeth, and John Russell of Reading, Oct.22,1795.*

Lewis, b. Dunbarton, NH, and Julia H. Foster, b. Gilmanton, NH, Sept.13,1827.*

Mercy Carlton, and Joseph Thomas, June22,1830.

Sarah F., and Levi Gilford, both of Andover, Dec.25,1833.*


Elizabeth A., and Samuel T. Drake, at Roxbury, June7,1846.


Joseph, of Salem, and Mary Downing, int.Mar.19,1836.


John M., of Hollis, ME, and Mary M. Stanwood of Brunswick, at Buxton, ME, Apr.13,1829.

William W., and Martha Ann Sawyer of Lisbon, ME, int.Oct.7,1848.


Joshua, of Boston, and Elizabeth Secomb, July3,1791.*

John, of Danville, VT, and Nancy Gowen, Sept.29,1793.*

Hannah, of Lynn, and Isaac Green, int.June29,1805.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan P. Batchelder, Oct.27,1831.*

William, and Olive Sweetser Patch, at South Reading, Dec.2,1835.

Louisa, Mrs., 2d w., and Abel Harvey Tyler, at Dracut, Jan.5,1839.

Hannah [Hull.CR5], and Joseph Leavitt, Sept.1,1841.*

Gilman, and Sarah Stetson, July17,1842.*

William, and Eliza Charlotte Hood, at Topsfield, Jan.13,1848.*

Elizabeth, and Calvin Goodwin, May1,1849.*

HALLADAY (Halliday)

Mary, and Ira Clough, at Lowell, May5,1836.

HALLIDAY (Halladay)

James W., of Lynn, and Betsey Parker, int.June10,1833.



Samuel, and Frances Leavitt, at Exeter, NH, May16,1823.

Abigail Roberts [of Rochester, NH. int.], and Aaron Cook Marsh, at Rochester, NH, Dec.23,1827.*

Ann Maria, of Rochester, NH, and Warren Moulton, Nov.17,1839.*

Elvira, and Joseph Blaisdell, int.May21,1845.

Rhoda, 2d, w.[of Rochester, NH. int.], and William T. Dole, Nov.1,1846.*

Osborn, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Samuel and Mary P. Hayes, a.21y., d.Samuel, Dec.27,1846.*

Oliver D., and Betsey Emeline Lord, at Manchester, NH, May27,1849.


Horace, and Priscilla Corless of Lowell, int.Oct.24,1837.


Joseph, jr., of Brookfield, and Ruth Putnam, Oct.4,1818. [Oct.21. dup.]*

Henry J., and Caroline Hunt of Amherst, int.July7,1827.

Charlotte, and Benjamin Turner, at Lyme, NH, Jan.27,1832.

Isabella, of New York City, and Benjamin Franklin Southwick, at New York City, Jan.2,1833.

Joseph Putnam, and Sally Jane Price, Nov.10,1844.*


William, and Ann Cecillia Welch, at Chelsea, Dec.25,1845.


John, and Martha Hanover, Aug.24,1783.*

Betsy, and John Winchester of Newburyport, July24,1791.*

Esther, and Richard Elledge, Dec.9,1792.*

Sukey, and Benjamin Wardwell of Salem, Oct.20,1797.*

Edward, and Nancy Blany, at Marblehead, Oct.25,1827.

Augustus, and Mary Ann Carter [of Salem.dup.], at Salem, Oct.16,1828.

Rebecca, and William Robinson, at Salem, Apr.6,1836.

Augustus, and Mrs.Eliza S. Millet, Sept.6,1846.

HAMSCOM (Hanscom)

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Benjamin Dealand, Apr.26,1789.*

HAMSON (Hanson)

Tammey, and John S. Sibley, at Salem, June24,1838.


Mary, and Aaron Gilfords, int.Sept.14,1822.

John, and Eliza Caney, at Salem, May7,1828.

HANES (Haynes)

Matilda, of Salem, NH, and Ebenezer Stone, int.Mar.14,1818.


Martha, and John Hammond, Aug.24,1783.*

HANSCOM (Hamscom)

Sarah M., and Elisha G. Fergurson, at Eliot, ME, May16,1841.

HANSON (Hamson)

Isaac Rimerick, and Elizabeth Batchelder, Dec.29,1830. [Dec.28. dup.]*

Tobias, and Margaret Pert, at Manchester, Mar.17,1833.

Ezra, and Catherine K. Upton, July26,1833.*

Joseph, and Sarah Cheever, both of Salem, Nov.8,1836.*

Hannah, and James Davis Shackley, June12,1845.*

HARDEY (Hardy)

Lewis [Hadley.int.], and Eliza Ann Robinson of Lowell, Apr.8,1830.*


Elaner, and Elbridge G. Shelden, Aug.29,1813. [1814. dup.]*


William, of Salem, and Mehitable Crispin, Dec.21,1784.*

HARDY (Hardey)

Daniel, and Rebecah Endicott, Dec.23,1810.*

Isaac, and Lydia Herrick, Dec.1,1813.*

Gilbert Perkins, and Mary Ann Knapp, at Bradford, Aug.末,1830.

Sarah, and Darius Hull, at Bradford, Aug.2,1831.

Isaac, jr., and Nancy Poor, Oct.21,1840.*

Henry Augustus, and Sarah Lovis Ditson [of Boston. int.], at Boston, July6,1843.*

Thomas, and Hannah Goldthwait of Salem, Sept.10,1843.*

Isaac, jr., and Minerva Noyes [of Colchester, VT. int.] 2d w., at Colchester, VT, Feb.20,1845.*

William, and Mary Ann Joselyn, Dec.21,1845.*

Rebeca E., and Maurice C. Oby, Dec.28,1846.*


Daniel, and Harriet M. Kelley, int.Dec.18,1849.


Mary Ann, and Michael Smith, at Lancaster, Eng., Oct.17,1838.


Jesse Perley [of Lowell. dup.], and Ellen Johnson, Aug.21,1827.*

Eliza B., and William R. Gale, at Gardiner, ME, Aug.17,1845.


Ruthy, of Salem, and Richard Downing, int.Sept.30,1809.

Jonas, and Margaret Bishop, at Salem, June11,1815.

Charles, and Mary Knight of Salem, int.May24,1845.

Augustus, and Susan L. Watkins of Salem, int.Mar.25,1848.

HARRIS (Harriss)

Sara, and John Peas, Sept.21,1766.*

Rebecca, and Joseph Marble, int.Mar.4,1775.

Ephraim, and Jerushia Harris, int.July23,1800.

Jerushia, and Ephraim Harris, int.July23,1800.

Thomas, of Salem, and Deborah Wood, int.Oct.18,1806.

Samuel, and Abigail Trask, Oct.6,1822.*

Samuel, and Lydia Holt, Dec.28,1824.*

Susan, of Fitchburg, and Elisha Pratt, int.Oct.22,1825.

Mehitable, and Porter Kettell, Apr.28,1829.*

Nathaniel S., and Susan P. Lord of Ipswich, int.Mar.23,1833.

Amos B., and Nancy Brown of Malden, June29,1843.*

Mary E., 2d w., and Eben Sprague Poor, Dec.9,1846.*

Nathaniel C., and Sarah Stone [of Reading. int.], at Reading, Nov.1,1849.*

HARRISS (Harris)

Anne, and Benjamin Larrabee, Feb.24,1778.*


Susan S., of Newburyport, and William D. Northend, int.Sept.30,1846.


Abigail, of Reading, and Samuel Marble, int.Nov.15,1755.

Zerubbale, of Lynn, and Eunice Curtice, June22,1762.*

Abigail, and Amos Smith, Aug.20,1764.*

Sarah, of Lynnfield, and Walter Smith, Mar.28,1771.*

Sarah, and Anthony Buxton, Nov.7,1776.*

John, jr., of Lynn, and Dorcas Brown, Mar.20,1780.*

William, of Lynnfield, and Polly Smith, int.Oct.19,1793.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Tapley, at Lynnfield, Mar.25,1799.

Asa, and Mary Pitman, Feb.9,1806.*

Jesse, and Susan Pratt, at Salem, Nov.末,1826.

John, and Mrs.Sally Thurstin, Nov.9,1830.*

Martin, and Mrs.Elizabeth Upton, (nee Swinerton), Dec.5,1830.*

Sophia R., and Samuel Newhall Mayhew, June17,1841.*

William, and Jane H. Clark, Dec.28,1843.*


Sophronia Thompson [of Newburyport. int.], and Nathaniel Peabody Conant, at Newburyport, Nov.26,1845.*

HARTHORN (Hathorne)

Benjamin, and Elisabeth Furness of Salem, Sept.15,1772.

HARTHORNE (Hathorne)

Sarah, and Joseph Endicott, Oct.6,1768.*

HARTSHORN (Hartshorne)

Ephraim, resident in Danvers, and Patty Crowel, May25,1807.*

HARTSHORNE (Hartshorn)

Abiah [Mrs.int.], of Andover, and Ezekiel Marsh [jr. int.], May31,1764.*


Ruth, of Bedford, and Joseph Porter [jr. int.], [at Bedford.dup.], June3,1788.*

Daniel, and Lucinda B. Rhoades [2d, w.dup.] of Salem, at Salem, Oct.15,1840.*


Lydia L., of Salem, and William Rowley, int.Jan.6,1849.


Caroline Matilda, and William Foster, at Boston, Nov.29,1843.


Sarah, and John Pepper, Aug.5,1759.*

Rebecca, and Nathaniel Newhall, Apr.23,1761.*

Sarah, and David Newhall, Dec.20,1770.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Nurse, Feb.21,1775.*

Lydia, and William Shaw, Feb.11,1779.*

Jonathan, and Eunice Bigs, int.Nov.16,1781.

Ezra, and Anne Moulton, Apr.13,1786.*

Edward, and Hannah Nichols, Apr.10,1787.*

Jonathan, and Thankful Doyle, int.Aug.11,1798.

Alice, and John Moulton, Dec.25,1806.*

Nancy, and Charles F.H. Rhodes, Apr.12,1808.*

Timothy, and Sally Verry of Salem, May20,1808.*

Jacob, and Lydia Canosoe, int.Aug.22,1812.

Eunice, and John Nugin [of Lynn. int.], Sept.7,1812.*

Betsey, and Benjamin Peters of South Reading, int.Apr.18,1818.

Sally, Mrs., of Salem, and Samuel Verry, May7,1821.*

Jacob, and Rebeccah Perkins of Topsfield, int.Nov.18,1821.

Eliza D., and Hiram G. Gowing, Jan.10,1825.*

Desire, and Hiram Green Gowing, Feb.11,1825.

David, and Eliza Ette Orgem, at Lynn, May24,1835.

HASKALL (Haskell)

William, of Salem, and Abigail Buxton, Aug.21,1791.*

HASKELL (Haskall)

William, and Betsey Murphy, both of Hamilton, Dec.2,1803.

Daniel, and Fanny Macintire of Salem, Mar.10,1808.*

Daniel, and Lucy B. Mansfield [of Lynn. int.], at Lynn, Jan.31,1831. [1839. int.andCR5]*

Lydia Ann, and Timothy Proctor Felton, Dec.22,1834.*

Mehitable H., and Jacob S. Lord, at Gloucester, Dec.3,1835.

Almira F., of Deer Isle, ME, and William H. Goldthwait, int.June1,1844.

Benjamin F., and Betsey H. Prince [Peirce. int.], Aug.22,1847.*

HASLETON (Hazeltine)

Mary, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Dea.Benjamin Sawyer, int.Apr.14,1770.


Nahum, of Lynn, and Dorcas Newhall, Jan.13,1824.*

Dorcas [Mrs.int.], and George Shillaber of Salem, May21,1835.*

Maria, and Joseph Leavitt, Dec.22,1844.*

Ruth Maria, and Joseph Leavitt, Dec.22,1844.

Lucy Ann, and John Chamberlain, jr., June12,1845. [June11. dup.]*

HATHORNE (Harthorn, Harthorne)

Rachel, of Salem, and Capt. Simon Forrester, Dec.7,1776.

Rebekah, Mrs., of Salem, and Jeremiah Emerson, Dec.11,1776.

Eunice, and Aaron Porter, at Salem, Feb.5,1788.


Joseph R., of Framingham, and Sophia Shelden, Sept.28,1825.*

HAWARD (Hayward)

Mehetable, and Benjamin Fowls, int.Mar.30,1767.

HAWES (Haws)

Sally, and David Burt, Feb.末,1812.

William, and Alice C. Hogan of Salem, int.Oct.14,1843.

John Q., and Nancy Hodgdon Wilson, at Salem, May22,1845.*

HAWKES (Hawks)

John, of Reading, and Rachel Bancroft, Jan.9,1777.*

John, of Lynn, and Rachel Curtis, int.Nov.25,1815.

Pamelia, and Elias Needham, at Lynnfield, Mar.30,1818.

Timothy, and Mary Ann Smith, July12,1836.*

HAWKS (Hawkes)

Sarah, and Jonathan Buxton, 4th, May5,1827.*

HAWS (Hawes)

Benjamin, and Nancy Morse, at Roxbury, Jan.17,1809.



John, of Woburn, and Sarah Ring, May6,1762.*

HAYARD (Hayward)

John, jr., of Reading, and Lucinda Shelden, Feb.12,1807.*

HAYES (Hays)

Abigail, of Gloucester, and George Ingersol, int.Dec.20,1806.

Plumier, and Harriet Warren, May26,1828.*

Hannah Lock, of Alton, NH, and Russell Freeman Nute of Milton, NH, at Alton, NH, June12,1839.

Mary P., a.21y., d.Samuel, and Osborn Ham, a.24y., cordwainer, s.Samuel, Dec.27,1846.*

Sophronia, and John T. Larrabee, int.Mar.3,1849.


John, and Rebecca Sluman [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Dec.26,1839.*

HAYNES (Hanes)

Stephen, and Phebe Smith, Jan.21,1813.*

James, and Sally Crowel of Hamilton, int.Mar.18,1826.

Malachi, and Dorcas B. Bartlett, May8,1845.*

HAYS (Hayes)

Druzilla C., and Hiram Larrabee, int.Dec.2,1848.

HAYWARD (Haward, Hayard)

John, and Emma Cross, Apr.13,1757.*

Robert, of Reading, and, wid.Mary Aborn, int.July1,1757.

Dudley, and Hannah Fowls, Nov.28,1758.*

Archelaus, and Elizabeth Phelps, Feb.26,1760.*

Daniel, and Elisabeth Clark of Beverly, Apr.27,1763.*

Asa, and Lydia Burnap [of Reading. int.], Nov.22,1764.*

Mary, and Benjamin Deland, jr., Apr.2,1772.*

John, of Reading, and Mehitable Vene, Apr.8,1773.*

Susanna, of Reading, and Joseph Vinne, Sept.25,1773.*

Sarah, of Andover, and Stephen Russell, Jan.6,1774.*

Levi, and Elisabeth Tucker, Oct.7,1776.*

Polly, and John Prince, May24,1791.*

Betsy, and Ezekiel Goodale of Salem, Dec.11,1791.*

Bethiah, and Solomon Alley of Lynn, int.Mar.17,1792.

Hipzabah, and Joseph Parrot of Lynn, Aug.12,1792.*

Jesse, and Mehitable Nichols of Middleton, int.Jan.12,1805.

Susannah [of Reading. int.], and Samuel Whipple, at Reading, Feb.25,1806.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Nichols of Middleton, June21,1810.*

Jabez, of Andover, and Lydia Swinerton, int.Dec.31,1811.

Octavius, and Mahala Dwinnel, Sept.16,1827.*

Mary Tucker, and Seth Stetson, jr., May1,1832.*

Eri, and Louisa Fowler, Mar.17,1837.

Martha Bradstreet, and Ezra Dodge Nailer, Apr.26,1838. [Apr.16. dup.]*

Edmund, and Eliza Ann Derby, at Hopkinton, Oct.9,1844.

William, and Mrs.Mary (Frye) Carlton, at Andover, Oct.20,1844.

Mary Ann, and Hiram Carsley, at Augusta, ME, Apr.25,1849.

William, and Caroline Whitaker, at Ashland, May30,1849.


Hephsibah, and James Gillingham, Mar.7,1765.*

Huldah, and Israel Cheever, Mar.20,1808.*

Eli, and Louisa Fowls, Mar.19,1839.*

HAZELTINE (Hasleton, Hazzelton, Hazzleton)

George W., of Salem, and Hannah Balch, Mar.14,1837.*

Timothy, and Mrs.Mercy Osborn, at Salem, May17,1838.

Hannah B., and Arney Wiley, at Salem, Apr.30,1843.

Jane, and William Rudolph, July3,1848.*


Moody P[erly.int.], of Rowley, and Laura Tapley, June12,1828. [1827. dup.]*

Greenlief, and Susan Phippen Towne, at Rowley, Oct.12,1828.

Ann Maria, and Nathaniel Batchelder, at Nashua, NH, Mar.19,1849.

HAZZELTON (Hazeltine)

John, of Salem, and Lucy Marshall, int.Aug.20,1808.

HAZZLETON (Hazeltine)

David, and Hannah S. Twiss, int.Aug.21,1824.

David, and Hannah S. Twiss, int.Apr.22,1826.


Catherine, and Timothy Beecher, in Ireland,末蔓末,1842.


Eunice, of Lynnfield, and Tarrant P. Flint, int.Aug.28,1819.


Ellen, and Patrick McCarthy, int.Sept.26,1849.


Edmond, of Worcester, and Elizabeth Andrew, June1,1772.*

HEATH (Heathe)

Saluda, 2d w., and Solomon Warren Mackintire, Apr.6,1843.*

HEATHE (Heath)

John, and Lydia Tarbox of Lynn, int.Nov.16,1811.


Thomas, and Bridget Brady, in Ireland, Jan.9,1849.


Jonathan, and Lydia Rock, int.July20,1816.


Benjamin, and Cynthia Brown, at Topsfield, Mar.末,1821.

Benjamin, and Nancy B. Batchelder, 2d w., Aug.7,1826.*

W[illiam.int.] B. and Abba B. [P. int.] Batchelder, Sept.1,1833. [ Sept.3,1836. dup.]*

Benjamin, and Elenor Rowell, 3d w., Dec.15,1835.*

Abigail P., Mrs., 2d w., and Joseph Porter, wheelwright, June17,1843. [June14.]*

Benjamin O., and Eliza L. Whitehous of Essex, int.Apr.4,1844.


Benjamin, and Mary Tapley of Salem, Nov.25,1753.*

Hannah, and Isaac Dempsy, Mar.25,1762.*


John Hoyt, and Margaret Hyde, at Marblehead, May11,1836.

HERO (Heroe)

Rowley, and Abigail Putnam, Jan.15,1756.*

Roland, of Salem, and [wid.int.] Patience Southwick, Aug.26,1766.*

Patience, and James Nichols of Salem, Apr.10,1770.*

HEROE (Hero)

Esther, of Salem, and Joseph Brown, Jan.3,1767.


Josiah, of Wenham, and Ginger Andrew, Dec.16,1756.*

Nehemiah, of Topsfield, and Mary Nichols, Dec.28,1760.*

Samuel, of Reading, and, wid.Sarah Whipple, Oct.13,1761.*

Molly [of Pomfret, CT. int.], and James P. Putnam, at Pomfret, CT,末蔓末,1768. [Aug.20. int.]*

Elisabeth, of Reading, and Joseph Porter, int.Oct.15,1768.

Daniel, of Salem, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Traske, Mar.29,1770.*

Susanna, of Reading, and Stephen Putnam, Dec.15,1774.*

Lucy, of Reading, and David Upton, int.Aug.10,1793.

Mary, and Amos Gould of Topsfield, Apr.13,1797.*

Polly [of Wenham.int.], and Samuel Putnam, at Wenham, Mar.末,1808.*

Sally, of Reading, and Abner Sanger, int.Oct.5,1811.

Lydia, and Isaac Hardy, Dec.1,1813.*

Huldah, and John P. Dudley, May17,1818.*

Almira, of Methuen, and Timothy J. Stevens, int.May9,1819.*

Hannah, 3d w., and Benj. Kent, Dec.2,1821.*

Edney, and Joseph White, int.Feb.1,1823.

William, and Ruth Fowler, at Haverhill, Oct.3,1823.

John, of Salem, and Elizabeth F. Foster, Feb.28,1828. [Feb.7.CR5]*

Jonathan A., and Mehitable Steel of Haverhill, int.Mar.1,1828.

Sophia [of Beverly.int.], and James Boynton [Boyington. int.], May23,1830.*

Elsy F., of Beverly, and George W. Kent, int.Feb.12,1831.

Robert A., and Clarissa Munroe, int.Dec.24,1837.

Emily W. [wid.Rev., of Millbury.CR2], and Rev. Elisha Rockwood of Swansey, NH, Feb.21,1838.*

Hannah, of Salem, and Moses Dole, Apr.23,1840.*

Robert A., and Mrs.Martha Jane Burke of Beverly, int.Sept.16,1843.

Benjamin, of Beverly, and Lydia W. Wait, Sept.26,1844.*

William H., and Rebecca Burnham, int.Mar.25,1848.

Eunice A., of Wenham, and Ethan Stone, int.Apr.1,1849.


Nancy, of Salem, and William Mudget, int.Dec.2,1815.


Lydia Lander, and William Fisher Rowley, at Salem, Feb.末,1849.


Jane, and William Rudolph, int.June10,1848.


George, of Salem, and Elizabeth Lunt, Dec.5,1799.*

HEWES (Huse)

Elijah, of Lynnfield, and Elizabeth Brown, July13,1815.*

Benjamin, and Mary Gould, both of Lynnfield, Nov.15,1831.*

Abby M., and George W. Smith, int.Dec.9,1848.


Margaret O., of Boston, and Nathan Endicott, int.Oct.26,1816.


Betsey, and Elzaphan Prince, Nov.8,1818.*


Charles, of Salem, and Sarah Maria Brown, int.June3,1843.

HIGGING (Higgins)

Jemima, and Lewis Prescott, June19,1845.*

HIGGINS (Higging)

Yates, and Sarah Stanley, Jan.15,1843.*

Abisha, and Margery Wilkins of Middleton, Dec.17,1843.*

HILBERT (Hilburt)

Anna, and Samuel Liscome, jr. of Salem, Feb.27,1774.*

Nathan, and Susannah Quiner of Salem, int.Feb.22,1800.

Sarah, and Seth Stetson, Apr.3,1800. [1801. dup.]*

Susan, and Joseph Fogg, Dec.15,1822.*

Nathan, and Persis Southwick, June19,1823.*


William, and Betty Richardson, Aug.17,1777.*

HILBURT (Hilbert)

William, and Betsey Dickinson, Aug.末,1778.


Harriet W., of Haverhill, and John Day, int.May12,1821.


Margaret, and Abijah Reed, July9,1778.*

Sally, and Jonathan Putney, May7,1815.*

Benjamin D., and Eliza Weston, at Salem, July14,1818.

Mary Ann, of Beverly, and Isaac Caldwell, int.Sept.29,1827.

Sophronia, and Richard Elliott, at Salem, Feb.10,1829.

Charles Henry, of Pembroke, NH, and Abigail Clay of Chester, NH, Nov.19,1840.*

Benjamin B., and Elizabeth A. Perkins of Topsfield, int.Sept.30,1843.

Hannah B., of Salem, and Samuel T. Damon, int.June14,1844.

Mary S., of Salem, and Benjamin E. Chase, int.Mar.1,1845.

Benjamin D., jr., and Martha A. Clark of Salem, int.Oct.28,1848.

Emily Eliza, a.30y., d.Benjamin D. and Eliza, and Charles G. Willey, a.29y., cordwainer, b. New Durham, NH, s.Samuel and Betsey, June17,1849.*


Sarah Maria, and Benjamin Elliott, int.May22,1848.

HILLIARD (Hilyard)


Andrew Jackson, and Mary Ann Clement, at Lynn, Nov.8,1837.

Martha Weeks, and Joseph Augustus Warner, at Lynn, Dec.1,1839.


Lucy B., and Elbridge Smith, Mar.21,1830.*


Ruth, and Phinehas Putnam, jr., Aug.9,1810.*

HIND (Hines)

Hannah, and Jonathan Robins, Oct.20,1794.*

HINDS (Hines)

John, and Huldah Putnam, Jan.28,1802.*

HINES (Hind, Hinds)

John, and Louisa B. Potter, Dec.2,1830.*

John, and Mrs.Hannah Batchelder (Dodge) Bomer, Feb.1,1846.*

Thomas, and Lydia Tyler, Sept.16,1846. [ Sept.15. dup.]*


Philip, a.20y., baker, s.Alexander, and Mary A. Gilson, a.22y., d.Luther, June17,1844.


Maria [of Salem.int.], and Squeres Shove, at Salem, May2,1837.*

Henry, and Mary L. Foss, int.July27,1846.


Ruth [of Salem.int.], and Samuel Buxton, Jan.25,1807.*

Lois, of Topsfield, and Frederick Carlton, June10,1822.*

Francis, and Jane Elizabeth Hobbs, at Pelham, NH, May19,1836.

Jane Elizabeth, and Francis Hobbs, at Pelham, NH, May19,1836.

Fanny C., and Benjamin Young, at Alfred, ME, Apr.30,1837.

Cyrus, and Ellen M. Davis of Boston, int.July10,1841.

James Silver, and Elizabeth Rollar, at Gloucester, May11,1843.

William P. [B. int.], and Sophia M. [W. int.] Walcott, May28,1846.*

Amos F., of Wenham, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Amos F. and Bethiah, and Betsy W. Lamon of Wenham, a.25y., d.Winthrop and Sally, June15,1847.

Phebe S., and Hazen E. Dresser, int.May9,1848.

Jane, and Albert F. Perry, at Salem, May6,1849.*


Mary, of Rowley, and Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth, Feb.2,1775.*

Mary Ann, and Ira Hutchinson, Feb.4,1831.


Libeas, of Taunton, and Mehitable Goodale, June4,1807.*

Harriet W. [of Dorchester. int.], and Rev. Frank P. Appleton, at Dorchester, Apr.6,1846.*


Thomas, of Salem, and Sally Osborn, int.Apr.24,1802.

Charlote S. [of Salem.int.], and Nathaniel W. Carlton, at Salem, July27,1831.*

Joseph S., and Lucy Ann Osborn, Nov.10,1836.*

Nathaniel Kinsman, and Louisa Elizabeth Favor, at Newburyport, Apr.末,1848.*


Alice C., of Salem, and William Hawes, int.Oct.14,1843.

Margaret, and John Lynch, at Boston, Oct.25,1847.


Joanna, and James Dunnay, in Ireland, Jan.3,1841.


Elias, and Sally Williams, Dec.8,1832. [Mar.28,1833. dup.]*

Elizabeth, and Andrew Kelley, at Lowell, Aug.12,1843.


Harriet, and Mark Glidden, July7,1846.


James George, and Susanna Ann Cleghorn, July末,1836.

Vicey Chandler, and Joseph Stanley Dodge, at Salem, July15,1845. [July16. dup.]


May, of Wenham, and Jonathan Howe, Sept.26,1784.

Lyman, and Fanny Smith, at Salem, Jan.22,1838.

Eliza Wallace [of Salem.int.], 2d w., and Edmund Woodbury, at Salem, Oct.17,1841.*

Chauncey F., and Emily Blake, at Sutton, VT, Jan.1,1846.


Timothy, and Sarah [G. int.] Wardon [of Salem.int.], at Salem, Dec.1,1825.*


James M., and Sarah L. Black, Aug.31,1837.*


Isaac, of Souhegan West, and Mary Marble of Middleton, Dec.26,1757.

Job, and Mehitabel Andrew, May3,1762.*

Job, and Mary Burrell, int.Nov.21,1767.

Elizabeth, and James Trask, May5,1774.*

Humphry, of Andover, and Abigail Verry, Sept.21,1775.*

Sarah, and William Frost, Dec.2,1777.*

Mary, and Robert Endicott, Nov.1,1781.*

Sally, and Aaron Nurse, Dec.25,1791.*

Hannah, and Rev. Peter Holt of Epping, NH, Apr.23,1793.*

Peter, Rev., of Epping, NH, and Hannah Holt, Apr.23,1793.*

Patty, and John Hutchinson, 3d, Mar.31,1795.*

James, and Lucy Whipple, Aug.30,1796.*

Arabel, of Andover, and Samuel Felton, int.Aug.9,1817.

James, of Beverly, and Mercy Smith, Apr.6,1819.*

Lucy, and Gilman Parker, May15,1823.*

Lydia, and Samuel Harris, Dec.28,1824.*

Adelaide R., and John S. Pike [of Waterford, ME. int.], Oct.26,1844.*

Isaac, a.24y., spinner, b. Andover, s.Edmund and Esther, and Margaret Leishman, a.28y., d.Archibald and Agnes, of New Haven, CT, Nov.29,1849.*

John Oliver, of Andover, and Martha Ann Fuller, int.Dec.16,1849.

HOLTEN (Holton)

Lydia, and Jonathan Prince, M.D., June6,1754.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Mary Kettle, 2d w., Oct.6,1763.*

Lydia, and John Kettle, Oct.14,1777.*

Mary, Mrs., and George Wiat, Oct.27,1778.*

Sarah, and Lake Webster of Newburyport, Aug.30,1781.*

Mary, jr., and Jethro Putnam, Sept.21,1784.*

HOLTON (Holten)

Samuel, jr., "now of Gloucester," and Mary Warner of Gloucester, int.Mar.4,1758.


Enoch, and Abby Flint Tapley,末蔓末,1848.


Henry E., of Saugus, and Lydia R. Jacobs, Nov.17,1842.*


James, and Sally Hood, int.July29,1809.

Sally, and James Hood, int.July29,1809.

Wesley D.L.F., and Phebe Foster, at Ipswich,末蔓末,1820.

Richard, and Asenath Smith, at Topsfield, Sept.22,1825.

John, and Rebecca Stanley, at Wenham, Nov.29,1827.

Jeremiah, and Eliza Carter [of Stoneham.int.], at Stoneham, Nov.1,1840.*

Rebecca, and Thaddus Osgood, at Beverly, July14,1845.

Lydia A., of Beverly, and Charles W. Browne, Jan.17,1847.

Eliza Charlotte, and William Hall, at Topsfield, Jan.13,1848.*

Ruth, and Ebenezer B. Buxton, int.Apr.1,1848.

Frances M., and Charles Adams of Brookfield, int.Apr.3,1848.

Richard B., a.22y., s.Richard and Asenath, and Louisa J. Webber, of Beverly, a.22y., b. Beverly, d.John and Hepsibath, May28,1848.*

HOOK (Hooke)

John, and Hannah Fish, Oct.9,1808.*

Sally, and Phineas Perley, b. Boxford, June5,1832.*

Mary, and Edward A. Chapman of Boxford, Nov.19,1834. [Nov.23,1832. dup.]*

John, and Elizabeth G. Clark, Jan.19,1835.*

Hannah, a.31y., d.John and Hannah, and John Morrison, a.31y., cordwainer, s.Daniel and Patty, of Sanford, ME, Nov.25,1849.*

HOOKE (Hook)

Sarah Hubbard [of Poplin, NH. int.], and Charles Putnam Preston, at Poplin, NH, Jan.29,1845.*


Greenfield, of Marblehead, and Abigail Butman, Apr.4,1786.*

Sarah, of Gloucester, and John Dexter, at Manchester, Jan.末,1815.

Nabby K[ent. int.], and Lewis Allen of Salem, June9,1816. [1817. dup.]*

Matthew, and Polly Wood, May4,1817.*

May, and John Judkins, Jan.3,1819.*

Edward, and Lydia Davis Luscomb of Salem, int.Apr.24,1819.

Ebenezer B., and Betsy Bennet, Mar.16,1823.*

Stephen, of Cambridge, and Susannah Procter, Jan.3,1825.*

Susannah, and Jacob Bodge, May1,1837.*

Nathaniel McIntire [of Boston. int.], and Emily Elizabeth Goldsmith, Feb.18,1847.*

Stephen G., and Lucy Jane Wright of Salem, int.May9,1848.


Sarah, b. Ireland, and Michael Keirns, at NY, Dec.14,1834.


Lucy, of Monson, and Ebenezer Swinerton, Dec.22,1757.*

Susan P., of Malden [of Dedham.int.], and Joseph G. Lord of Newburyport, at Dedham, June5,1836.*


Charles W., widr., of Bradford, a.30y., s.Daniel and Sarah, and Laura A. Potter of Beverly, a.27y., d.Benjamin and Anna, Apr.18,1848.


John, and Sarah Bodwell, June13,1837.*

HORNE (Orne)

Francis, of Topsfield, and Mrs.Olive Briggs, int.Feb.14,1845.


Eliza, of Salem, and Joshua H. Cross, int.Apr.22,1826.

William, Rev., of Windsor, VT, and Mary E. French, int.Aug.18,1830.


Lydia, Mrs., and Martin F. Eldredge of Harwich, Sept.18,1836.*


Dolly, of Boxford, and Samuel Clark, July25,1775.*

Abigail M., of Ipswich, and Charles Estes, int.Sept.28,1844.

HOW (Howe)

Frederick, and Lydia Putnam, Apr.13,1820.*

Frederick, and Betsy Dale, 2d w., Dec.25,1821.*

Frederick, and Catherine Wilkins, 3d w., at Middleton, Feb.12,1827.*

Frederick, and Mary Wilkins, 4th w., Nov.26,1834. [Nov.25. dup.]*


Jonathan [Hawyard.dup.], and Rachel Osborn, Nov.14,1782.*

Archelaus [Hayward, jr. int.], and Polly Grant of Salem, Feb.3,1793.*

Susannah [Hayward.int.], and James Silver of Salem, Feb.20,1793.*

Jonathan, of Salem, and Mrs.Betsey Daniels, Jan.30,1810. [Jan.29,1809. dup.]*

John (Harwood), and Nancy Leslie, at Haverhill, Dec.末,1823.

Nathaniel, 3d, of Malden, and Cynthia Newhall, June24,1827.*

Ruth, Mrs., and Amos P. Cross, Jan.9,1831.*

Matilda, and Curtis Coe Munsey, at Beverly, Oct.25,1833.

David R., and Mrs.Mary Dale, Oct.23,1836.*

Martha A., of Charlestown, NH, and William O. Wright, int.Jan.28,1842. [3?]

Africus S., and Nancy L. Converse, int.Nov.7,1845.

Ebenezer Shillaber, and Ann Maria Welch, Nov.9,1845.*

HOWE (How, Howes)

Margarett, of Dorchester, and William Woods, int.May6,1802.

Hannah, and Charles Peabody, at Middleton, Apr.27,1831.

Mark, and Emeline [Amelia.dup.] Perkins, Oct.21,1836. [Oct.20. dup.]*


Thomas Gothen, and Ann Lanegan, at Lowell, Feb.3,1844.

Hannah S., a.21y., b. England, d.John and Ann, and Alexander Polson, a.26y., weaver, b. Scotland, s.David and Agnes, Nov.4,1849.*

HOWES (Howe)

Frederic, and Elizabeth Burley of Beverly, int.Nov.7,1819.


William S. [H. int.], and Martha Poor, Sept.14,1845.*


Sophia, and John Clements, at Moultonborough, NH, Feb.末,1803. [1833?]

Moses, and Mrs.Sarah Birtch, Oct.20,1808.*

Nancy, and John Cory of Salem, Oct.8,1817.*

Sarah, and Isaac Porter, at Wheelock, VT, Feb.25,1823.

Jane, and William Bomer, Aug.21,1837.*

Elizabeth C., of Newburyport, and Daniel J. Preston, int.Feb.13,1843.

Oliver K., a.22y., pedlar, s.John and Abigail, and Ellen F. Lane of Gloucester, a.20y., d.Gideon and Abigail, July1,1849.*


Lucy, and Jonathan Smith, both of Beverly, June13,1782.

HUBBARD (Hubbert)

Laura C., of Claremont, NH, and Frederick Clement, int.May6,1832.

Alonzo Joshua, and Louisa Proctor, at Topsfield, May20,1845.

HUBBERT (Hubbard)

Rachel, and James Dawson of Boston, Apr.15,1784.*

HUCHENSON (Hutchinson)

Sally, and Sans Stanley, Apr.27,1828.*


Darius, and Sarah Hardy, at Bradford, Aug.2,1831.

Gilman, and Adeline Rogers, at New Rowley, Apr.26,1832.

Susan, and Josiah B. Garland, int.Apr.28,1842.


Hannah, of Salem, and Ebenezer Bickford, May26,1772.

Thomas, of Portland, and Hannah Rhodes, Jan.11,1804.*

Ebenezer, and Lucy Munroe, June13,1811.*

Joseph, and Phebe Skidmore, Apr.13,1815.*

William R., and Sally Willington, Nov.9,1817.*

Sally, of Westford, and John Allen, int.Aug.4,1821.

Rhoda G., and Ezekiel Dodge, June29,1826.*

Caroline, of Amherst, and Henry J. Hamilton, int.July7,1827.

Ebenezer, Dr., and Sarah F. Cheever, June18,1828.*

Perthania, and Amos Eldridge, at Lowell, Jan.22,1832.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Richardson, Aug.5,1832.*

Hannah [of Salem.int.], 2d w., and Joseph Newhall Davis, Sept.26,1833.*

Ebenezer, Dr., and Elizabeth Smith Cheever, 2d w., Oct.7,1833.*

John, and Mrs.Alice Churchill, both of Salem, Dec.3,1835.*

Nancy, of Salem, and Solomon W. Mackintire, int.Oct.7,1836.

Hannah M., and Henry Sawyard [Sayward.CR5], Feb.19,1839.*

Alvin W., and Sally M. Blackley, Oct.8,1841. [1840. dup.]*

Ebenezer, Dr., and Mrs.Mary P. Putnam, 3d w., at Nashua, NH, Feb.21,1844.

John, and Mary Morris, in Ireland, Jan.8,1846.


Amos, of Amesbury, and Contentment Osborn, int.Apr.10,1802.

Elizabeth, of Amesbury, and Samuel Osborn, jr., int.Feb.12,1805.

Anna, and Daniel Buxton, at Weare, NH, Oct.14,1819.

Benjamin, and Mary Archer Reed, July9,1829.*

Sarah, of Amesbury, and Stephen Clough, int.Nov.18,1830.

Sally Maria, a.22y., d.John and Peace, and George G. Emerson [of Lawrence. int.], a.29y., carpenter, s.John and Ruth, Dec.9,1847.*


Hearford, of Sanford, ME, and Cynthia Stanley of Shapleigh, ME, at Shapleigh, ME, Apr.4,1833.

Fernal, of Newfield, ME, and Martha W. Elwell of Salem, June5,1834.CR4

Randall F., and Abby Pendleton, int.Apr.18,1846.

James, of Sanford, ME, and Mehitable Griffin, int.Dec.16,1848.

HUSE (Hewes)

John, and Lydia Dale, Sept.13,1827.*

Juliann, Mrs., and Joseph Thompson, int.July20,1844.


Joseph, and Mary D. Brown, at Weare, NH, Nov.10,1820.

Joseph, and Betsy King, Apr.14,1835.*

HUTCHINGS (Hutchins)

Sarah, and Oliver H. Varney, int.May25,1840.

HUTCHINS (Hutchings)

Philura W., and Richard Plumer, at Gray, ME, Mar.6,1831.

Clara, and Silas McIntire, at Lowell, Dec.7,1835.

Lyman Dana, and Nancy Whitman Barton, at Lowell, Mar.5,1839.

HUTCHINSON (Huchenson)

Sarah, and Job Swinerton, Sept.1,1748.

Bethiah, and Joseph Brown, Nov.26,1751.

William, and Lydia Buxton, Feb.28,1754.*

Jeremy, and Sarah Putnam [d.Dea.Asa.dup.], Apr.11,1760.*

Ebenezer [jr. int.], and Hannah Baker of Beverly, Nov.30,1762.*

Joseph, jr., of Middleton, and Mrs.Kesia Marble, int.Feb.11,1764.

Hannah, and John Mudge, May13,1766.*

John [of Middleton. int.], and Lydia Goodell, Sept.12,1766.*

Joseph, and Ruth Pritchard, Jan.29,1767.*

Catherine, of Lynn, and Josiah Newhall, int.July1,1767.

Robert, and Eunice Buxton, June16,1768.*

Ginger, and John Brown, 3d, Mar.23,1769.*

Vier, and William Berry, Dec.4,1770.*

Ruth, and Stephen Waters of Salem, Feb.13,1771.*

Anna, of Wenham, and Samuel Fairfield, May23,1771.

Elisha, of Middleton, and Sarah Buxton, int.Apr.17,1773.

Mary, of Middleton, and Samuel Small, jr., int.June12,1776.

John, jr., and Ruth Whittemore, Mar.14,1780.*

Mary, and Samuel Wilkins of Middleton, Dec.6,1781.*

Israel, jr., and Susanna Trask of Beverly, Dec.15,1785.*

Hannah, and Samuel White, jr., June28,1787.*

Sarah, and Jethro Russell, jr., Oct.13,1788.*

Daniel, and Ruth Whittredge, Aug.19,1790.*

Ebenezer, and Anna Cavis, Feb.27,1793.*

John, 3d, and Patty Holt, Mar.31,1795.*

Israel, jr., and Eunice Putnam, 2d w., July19,1795.*

Ede, and Asa Putnam, May17,1796.*

Joseph, of Middleton, and Rebecca Goodale, Dec.11,1796.*

Abijah, and Irene Badger, Mar.18,1800.*

Jesse, and Mehitable Lacy, b. Andover, int.Apr.29,1804.

Joseph, and Phebe Upton, Feb.9,1806.*

Hannah, and Nicholson Marcy, July5,1807.*

Elijah, of Middleton, and Nancy Mudge, Feb.3,1808.*

Betsey, and Briggs R. Reed, May21,1809.*

Levi, of Middleton, and Betsy Russell, May5,1811.*

Asa, and Ruth Putnam, Jan.23,1814.*

Rebeccah, and Amos King, 3d, Mar.3,1818.*

Archelaus, of Middleton, and Eliza Hutchinson, int.May9,1818.

Eliza, and Archelaus Hutchinson of Middleton, int.May9,1818.

Israel, jr., and Abigail French, 3d w., b. Portsmouth, NH, at Newton, Aug.末,1820.*

Ira, and Hannah Wilson, May10,1824.

William, and Lucy Berry of Middleton, int.Mar.19,1825.

Eliza [of Salem.int.], and James Southwick, at Salem, Feb.12,1826.*

Benjamin, b. Middleton, and Martha A. King, Dec.2,1826.*

Mary, and Frederick Dale, Apr.13,1828.*

Sally H., and Nathan Cross, Apr.27,1828.*

Mehitable P., and Daniel Wardwell, 3d of Andover, Sept.19,1830.*

Ira, and Mary Ann Hobson, Feb.4,1831.

Clarissa, and Cornelius M. Roundy, Mar.20,1832.*

Mary [of Groton, NH. int.], and Robert Putnam, at Hebron, NH, June20,1832.*

Elijah, and Ruth Nourse, Dec.5,1832.*

Elizabeth Whittredge, and Joseph Porter, jr., June3,1833.*

Emma, and David Peirce, July23,1835. [Jan.22,1834. dup.]*

Mehitable, and Josiah Welch, Nov.13,1838.*

Eunice, and John Kenney, May10,1839. [May3. dup.]*

David P., and Ann Maria Clarke of Salem, int.Dec.2,1843.

Jacob, a.25y., shoemaker, s.John and Martha, and Sarah A. Colomy of Alton, NH, a.24y., d.Jacob and Sarah, Sept.24,1844.*

Lucy Jane, of Middleton, and Richard Goss, Apr.15,1846. [Apr.13. dup.]*

Kimball, and Emily Helen Prentiss, Jan.20,1847.*

Samuel [of Middleton. int.], and Rebecca Hutchinson King, Mar.9,1847.*

Benjamin, and Catherine E. Fuller of Middleton, Jan.26,1848.*


Elisha G., and Elisa J. Cass, at Marblehead, Dec.29,1829.

Benjamin Tyler, and Lucinda Davis, at Ossipee, NH, Feb.6,1834.

Henry, and Jane Pratt, both of Lynn, May17,1835.*

Margaret, and John Hoyt Henry, at Marblehead, May11,1836.

Elisha G., and Caroline Williams Welch [Chandler. int.], 2d w., at Newburyport, Dec.28,1845.* [Dec.30.PR73]

Benjamin Franklin, and Ellen Maria Bray, Aug.22,1849.

Franklin, a.21y., farmer, s.John and Grace, and Ellen Bray, a.18y., d.David and Phebe, Aug.27,1849.*


Sally, of Salem, and Timothy Emmerson, jr., int.May29,1802.

Betsey, and Peter Twiss, int.Dec.22,1804.

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