Bridget, 2d w., and Edward [] Cook, at Salem, Nov.3,1849.*


Mahala C., and Samuel Cook, both of Hartford, Dec.4,1839.CR4

Allen R., and Hannah Flint, Mar.5,1846.*


William, and Jannet Wright, at Lowell, Dec.9,1836.


James M. [Caller. int.], of Poughkeepsie, NY, and Lucy F. Frost, Aug.10,1846. [Aug.20. dup.]*


Mary, and Oliver Woodbury, at Wenham, May15,1814.

David Harraden, and Emeline Choate, at Ipswich, Dec.28,1826.

Isaac, and Mary Ann Hill of Beverly, int.Sept.29,1827.

Maria [Mrs.CR4], and James M. Derritt [Demeritt.CR4], Dec.24,1843.*

CALLAHAN (O'Callaghan)


CALLEY (Cally, Kalley)

Mary, of Salem, and Joseph Langdell, int.Nov.25,1837.


Bridget, and Daniel Ragin, int.Sept.22,1842.

CALLY (Calley)

John, and Sarah Carkham of Salem, Feb.15,1780.


John, and Jane Bruce, Nov.23,1841.

Warren A., and Charlotte S. Dickey, int.Nov.4,1845.

CANEY (Canney)

Eliza, and John Handley, at Salem, May7,1828.

CANNEY (Caney)

Salmon [Zalmon.CR5], and Beulah Ann Lee, both of Salem, Sept.4,1836.*

Priscilla, of Portsmouth, NH, and James S. Paul, int.Aug.1,1845.


Elizabeth, and David Tullock, in Scotland, June21,1837.


Lydia, and Jacob Harwood, int.Aug.22,1812.


Margaret, and Michael Donally, at Chelsea, July17,1848.

CAREY (Cary)

Susannah, b. Salem, and William Skidmore, June3,1805.*

Joseph W., and Louisa Symonds of Salem, int.Aug.9,1817.

Joseph W., and, wid.Abigail Fife, 2d w., at Concord, NH, Apr.24,1825. [1826. int.]*

Michael, and Mary Welch, at Boston, Oct.29,1835.

William, and Honora Lewis, at Cork, Ireland, Aug.3,1838.*

Lucy M., and Eben Upton, jr. of Salem, Apr.21,1839.*

Louisa Symonds, and Samuel Cummings Abbott, Nov.11,1840.*

Hannah, and Henry W. Cole of Beverly, int.June15,1844.

Mary Ann [of], and Henry Caldwell Dearborn, at Beverly, Oct.22,1844. [1845. int.]*


Sarah, of Salem, and John Cally, Feb.15,1780.


Martha M., and Ebenezer Larrabee, at Middleton, Jan.22,1837.

Nancy H., and James Perkins, at Derry, NH, Feb.5,1840.

Catherine Augusta, and Henry Cook Poor, Sept.9,1847.*

CARLETON (Carlton)

Nathaniel W., and Mrs.Lucy D. Jackson of Rowley, int.Mar.21,1848.

CARLTON (Carleton)

Samuel, Capt., of Salem, and Mrs.Anna Putnam, Jan.17,1754.*

Michael, of Andover, and [] Phebe Porter, Nov.14,1782.*

Amos, and Sarah Moulton, int.Nov.27,1802.

Frederic, and Emma Snow, Oct.29,1811.*

Amos, and Margaret Boyes of Londonderry, NH, int.Apr.25,1818.

Amos, and Mary Moulten, June13,1819.*

Frederick, and Lois Hobbs of Topsfield, June10,1822.*

Sarah, and John H. Larrabee, Apr.24,1823.*

Ruth, and Perly Gallucia of Salem, int.Dec.17,1825.

Charles, and Mary Frye, at Andover, Apr.30,1829.

Nathaniel W., and Charlotte S. Hodgkins, at Salem, July27,1831.*

David, and Sally Larrabee, Feb.15,1836.*

Mary (Frye), Mrs., and William Hayward, at Andover, Oct.20,1844.

George Randall, and Mehitable Osborn, Aug.17,1847.*


Mary, of Boston, and Rev. Benjamin Wadsworth, int.Jan.14,1804.

CARNING (Corning)

Joseph, a.24y., mason, and Martha E. Walton of Salem, a.19y., d.Timothy, of Salem, Dec.28,1845.*


Sophia, and Franklin Drury, at Weston, Jan.8,1826.

Elisha, and Mary Jane Robinson, at Methuen, Apr.15,1833.


James, of Salisbury, and Mehitable Dodge of Beverly, Jan.3,1785.

Levi, of Salisbury, and Mary Putnam, Nov.20,1797.*

James, jr. and Hannah Merrill, 2d w., Nov.8,1807.*

Mehitable, and David Lovejoy, July29,1810.*

Mary Ann, and Justin Cilley, int.Feb.29,1832.

Esther [of], and Augustus Batchelder, at Newbury, Sept.15,1836.*

Thomas Ward, and Lydia Ann Abbott, May15,1842.*


Lydia, and John Abbot, at Lynn, Dec.末,1815.

CARRILL (Carroll)

Patrick, and Amma Porter, Dec.13,1759.*

CARROL (Carroll)

William, and Hannah Page, May18,1788.*

Margaret, 2d w., and Daniel Usher, Oct.末,1795.*

CARROLL (Carrill, Carrol)

Elenor, and Joseph Snow, at East Cambridge, Jan.28,1820.


Martha Goss, and George Augustus Kimball, at Salem, Mar.20,1836.


Hiram, and Mary Ann Hayward, at Augusta, ME, Apr.25,1849.


Dolly, of Wilmington, and Joseph Mansfield, int.Dec.19,1801.

Rachael, of Manchester, and Samuel Kinsman, int.Jan.5,1811.

Harriet, of Stoneham, and Samuel Waitt, June5,1819.*

Josiah, of Portland, ME, and Mary M. Butler, May8,1823.*

Sarah R., of Wilmington, and Samuel Flint, int.Oct.20,1827.

Mary Ann [of Salem.dup.], and Augustus Hammond, at Salem, Oct.16,1828.*

Sylvester, and Lois Rea of Topsfield, int.Oct.27,1831.

Elizabeth, of Roxbury, NH, and Daniel Town, int.Feb.7,1834.

Sally, and Levi H. Merrill, Dec.6,1835.*

Richard H., and Mary W. Mead, at Lynn, Apr.21,1836.

Samuel, jr., of Quincy, and Lydia P[eirce. dup.] Batchelder, Nov.29,1838. [1839. dup. andPR74]*

Eliza [of], and Jeremiah Hood, at Stoneham, Nov.1,1840.*

CARY (Carey)

John, and Mary Dennis [of], at Salem,末蔓末,1826. [Nov.18. int.]*


Mary, of Middleton, and Josiah Kinny, Jan.1,1760.*

Margret, and William Wilkins of Middleton, int.Sept.17,1762.

Mary [of Reading. int.], and David Wilkins, at Reading, Apr.末,1808.*

Betsey, of Reading, and William Goodridge, Feb.27,1814.*

Nehemiah B., and Emily M. Ashby of Salem, int.Mar.21,1848.


William, and Hannah Lewis, in Ireland, Aug.3,1839.

William, and Mary Ann Riordon, in New York, July7,1843.



Eliza J., and Elisha G. Hyde, at Marblehead, Dec.29,1829.

John Wadleigh, and Susan Tapley, Nov.4,1839.*


Matthew, and Ann Riley, at New York, Oct.23,1843.


Mary Elizabeth, of Salem, and Charles Asa Osgood, int.May31,1845.


Samuel, and Abigail Noyes of Newbury, int.Oct.19,1836.

CAVE (Caves)

Sarah, of Middleton, and Asa Elliot, June29,1768.


Sarah H., of Moultonboro, NH, and George Brown, jr., int.Nov.7,1842.

CAVES (Cave, Cavis)

Elisabeth, and Oliver Berry, int.July22,1780.

CAVIS (Caves)

Anna, and Ebenezer Hutchinson, Feb.27,1793.*


John, and Mrs.Rebeckah Putnam, Jan.2,1810.*

David, and Sally Follinsbee, int.Dec.7,1811.

Eunice A., and Nathaniel Abbott, Dec.22,1835.*


Harriet, and William Very, Dec.3,1835.*

Thomas, and Mrs.Mary Very, June29,1837.*

CHADBURN (Chadbourne)

Thomas, and Nancy Southwick, Mar.13,1814.*


Peter, and Debby Murphy, both of Hamilton, Dec.2,1803.


Phenius, and Nancy Dustin, at Windham, Sept.24,1813.*

Elizabeth, of Woburn, and Charles H. Granville, at Lynnfield, July5,1840.*


Aaron W., and Catherine R. Shattuck, at Boston, Apr.20,1848.


Nathaniell, of Salem, and Amee Porter, July7,1772.*

Joshua, of Cambridge, and Anna Gould, Nov.11,1792.*

Mary, and Joseph Spaulding, at Chelmsford, Dec.1,1808.

John, and Mary Granger, at Lynn, Nov.14,1822.*

William, and Cynthia Molynda of Reading, int.Mar.2,1831.

John, jr., and Lucy Ann Hatch, June12,1845. [June11. dup.]*

Mary Helen, and Nathaniel C. Lord, int.Nov.25,1848.

Mellen, of Boston, a.28y., counsellor, s.Moses and Mary, and Martha Ann Putnam, a.29y., d.Jesse and Elizabeth, May6,1849.*


Ferdinand, of Middleton, and Jemima Derby, Jan.22,1849.*


Joseph, and Dorcas Abbott, Nov.12,1780. [1781. dup.]*

Isaac, of Andover, and Elizabeth Upton, int.Dec.3,1825.

Clarissa, and Jeremiah Barker, Feb.23,1830.*

Luther, of Salem, and Mary E[liza.dup.] Snow, July5,1842.*

CHAPLAIN (Chaplin)

Jeremiah, Rev., and Marcia S. O'Brien of Newbury, int.Mar.14,1806.

CHAPLIN (Chaplain)

Benjamin, and Susan Brown, at Byfield, Nov.末,1805.

Calvin, and Hannah Snell of Dover, NH, int.Mar.28,1829.

Benjamin Gage, and Susan Webb, Oct.20,1833. [Jan.26,1834. dup.]*

William Brown, and Sarah McIntire, Dec.3,1835.*

Martha Stickney, and [William.dup.] George Dickey, May3,1846. [1845. dup.]*


Sarah, and William Southwick, July12,1753.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Twist, jr., Aug.15,1755.*

Jonathan P., and Dolly Frye of Andover, int.Oct.18,1805.

Mary, and Asa Sawyer, at Salem, Apr.9,1815.

Hannah [of], and Wingate Merrill, Sept.26,1819.*

Lucy Symonds, and William Perley, at Boxford, Mar.28,1825.

Nicholas, of Marblehead, and Mary Ann Parker, int.Apr.5,1834.

Edward A., of Boxford, and Mary Hook, Nov.19,1834. [Nov.23,1832. dup.]*


Sarah [of], and Nathan Breed Symonds, Dec.3,1835.*


Benjamin Farley, and Jane Twiss, Nov.29,1764.*


Abigail, and Paul Osborn, Mar.12,1759.*

Mary, d.Elihu and Mary, of Kensington, NH, and Amos Purrinton, s.Daniel and Ruth, Dec.16,1768.CR8

Sally, of Salem, and William Jones, jr., int.Apr.1,1825.

Benjamin E., and Mary S. Hill of Salem, int.Mar.1,1845.

Hezekiah, jr. [of Lynn. int.], and Emeline Batchelder, Jan.31,1847.*

CHAY (Shays)

John, of Middleton, and Mary Ramsdale, Oct.3,1782.*

CHEEVER (Chever)

Aaron, and Elisabeth Smith of Beverly, Nov.30,1773.*

Isaac, jr., and Rachael MacKeatin of Reading, Jan.9,1776.*

Nathan, and Mehitabel Porter, Oct.14,1792.*

Sally, and Joseph Trask of Beverly, Dec.28,1797.*

William, and Betsy Waters, Nov.6,1800.*

Thomas, and Sally Pinder, June2,1805.*

Elizabeth, and Osmond Trask, 2d of Beverly, int.May31,1806.

Israel, and Huldah Haywood, Mar.20,1808.*

Betsey, Mrs.[3d, w.dup.], and Nathaniel Putnam, July27,1809.*

Isarel, and Pamelia Joselyn, 2d w., Dec.15,1816.*

Sarah F., and Dr. Ebenezer Hunt, June18,1828.*

Samuel, and Susan Osborn, July31,1828.*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Hunt, Oct.7,1833.*

Elizabeth Smith, 2d w., and Dr. Ebenezer Hunt, Oct.7,1833.

Mary P., and William Black, Apr.14,1835.*

Elisabeth, and Aaron Bateman, May19,1835.*

Sarah, and Joseph Hanson, both of Salem, Nov.8,1836.*

William, and Elizabeth A. Putnam, Feb.16,1837.*

Lot, and Olive D. Guilford, Apr.6,1837.*

Elizabeth, of Malden, and Edward Lovering, int.Aug.12,1848.

Syrena D., a.20y., d.Samuel and Susan, and Algerine Ferguson of Kennebunk, ME, a.26y., tanner, s.Dennis and Emma, June18,1849.*

CHEVER (Cheever)

James, jr., and Sarah Brown of Salem, July11,1776.

Thomas, and Sarah Waite, Jan.28,1802.*


Benjamin, and Caroline M. Wells, int.Mar.29,1848.


John, of Pembroke, NH, and Ruth Dale, Feb.24,1784.*

Eliot, and Ruth Wilson of Concord, NH, int.Aug.15,1818.

CHILD (Childs)

Martha W., and David S. Wilkins, Feb.6,1843.*

CHILDS (Child)

Samuel, and Catherine Eaton, at Marblehead, Mar.12,1832.


Samuel, of Salem, and Ede Guildford, Nov.24,1813.*

Sarah Jane, and Richard Davenport Baskerville, in Virginia, Dec.27,1843.


Manuel, of Salem, and Sarah Stone, July22,1777.*


J.O., Rev., of Newport, and Martha Garland, Dec.26,1827.*

CHOAT (Choate)

Elizabeth Mrs., of Ipswich, and Ephraim Davis, July3,1770.

CHOATE (Choat)

Rufus, Esq., and Helen M. Olcott of Hanover, NH, int.Mar.5,1825.

Lucretia, and Elias Savage, at Essex, Nov.26,1826.

Caroline Dean, and John Dexter, jr., at Essex, Mar.9,1833.

Mary Lowe, 2d w., and Elias Savage, at Essex, May末,1833.


Hannah, of Salem, and Simeon Southwick, int.Aug.20,1814.


Zacheus, and Alice Dunkcle, Feb.19,1799.*

Alice, Mrs., and John Hunt, both of Salem, Dec.3,1835.*

Abigail March [of], and Francis Phelps, at Salem, Nov.22,1839.*


Isaiah, and Prissilla Purdy, in Nova Scotia, Feb.21,1847.


Phillip, and Sukey Botang of Hamilton, int.May14,1801.

Justin, and Mary Ann Carr, int.Feb.29,1832.

Ruth Blake, and John Willeston Blaney, Sept.27,1835.*

William, and Mary P. Woodbury, Apr.24,1838.*

William, and Lauretta E. Piper, int.Oct.10,1846.


Sukey, of Rochester, and Rev. Samuel Mead, int.Nov.19,1796.

CLARK (Clarke, Clerk)

Anna, and Thomas Faxon of Braintree, Sept.14,1752. [1753. dup.]*

Marcy, of York, and Thomas Porter, int.Sept.20,1755.

Samuel, and Hannah Gott of Wenham, Feb.12,1756.*

Mary, and Bartholomew Rea, Mar.19,1761.*

Elisabeth, of Beverly, and Daniel Hayward, Apr.27,1763.*

Peter, of Braintree, and Hannah Epes, June25,1763. [June25. dup.]*

Elisabeth [], and Rev. Ebenezer Grosvenor of Scituate, Feb.2,1764.*

Hugh, and Lydia Gardner, Oct.25,1764.*

Samuel, of Lynn, and Hannah Willson, int.Feb.23,1769.

Caleb, and Sarah Parnal, int.Oct.5,1769.

Ame, of Wells, and James Read, int.Nov.27,1773.

Samuel, and Dolly Hovey of Boxford, July25,1775.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Pope, Dec.23,1784.*

David, and Mary Potter [Porter. int.] of Salem, Nov.13,1788.*

Caleb, jr., and Sarah Guilford, Aug.11,1795.*

Sally, of Beverly, and Nathaniel Miles, int.Nov.3,1821.

John, and Elizabeth Skidmore, Aug.20,1822.*

Aaron, and Polly Adams of Bradford, int.Nov.2,1822.

Sarah, and Benjamin Millet of Salem, int.June14,1828.

Maria Theresa, and Allen Knight, shoe manufacturer, Jan.29,1835. [Jan.20. dup.]*

John, and Mrs.Betsey Wilson, June3,1840.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Fairfield, Oct.27,1841.*

Aaron F., and Augusta Tapley, Nov.25,1841.*

Jane H., and William Hart, Dec.28,1843.*

Aaron F., widr., and Sarah A. Northend, Oct.22,1844.*

Mary P., and William H. Sibley, int.Nov.16,1844.

Sarah Elizabeth, of Lynn, and Andrew Lord, int.Nov.7,1846.

Franklin, of Roxbury, and Miranda Clark of Amherst, NH, Mar.10,1847.

Miranda, of Amherst, NH, and Franklin Clark of Roxbury, Mar.10,1847.

Mayhew S., and Caroline Robinson, Mar.14,1847.*

Martha A., of Salem, and Benjamin D. Hill, jr., int.Oct.28,1848.

Angelina P., of Sutton, VT, and Isaac Lee, int.Nov.2,1848.

Humphrey, and Mary B. Ridley, at Wenham, Nov.28,1848.

Martha C., and Andrew Very of Middleton, int.Mar.12,1849.

Bridget (Kelley), Mrs., and Thomas Riley, at Salem, May23,1849.

William P., and Mary Elizabeth Blake of Beverly, int.Oct.24,1849.

CLARKE (Clark)

Caleb, and Hannah Town of Topsfield, int.Apr.18,1760.

Samuel, and Nancy P. Cross, at Boxford, Sept.13,1812.

Ann Maria, of Salem, and David P. Hutchinson, int.Dec.2,1843.

Sarah S., and Daniel Peabody, Feb.6,1844.*


Franklin R., of Lynn, and Emeline Russell of Middleton, Dec.22,1844.


Abigail [D. dup.], of Chester, NH, and Charles Henry Hill of Pembroke, NH, Nov.19,1840.*

Esther Newton, 2d w., and Elijah Flint, jr., at Danbury, NH, Mar.3,1845.*


Lois, of Topsfield, and Moses C. Pilsbury, int.Aug.22,1801.

CLEAVES (Cleeves)

Putnam, and Abigail Jacobs, Nov.14,1766.*

Molly, and Moses Yell, Jan.26,1769.*

Rebeccah, and Daniel King, Aug.24,1794.*

Abigail, and Amos King, jr., Dec.1,1803.*

Sarah F., of Wenham, and Benjamin F. Spiller, Oct.22,1835.*

CLEEVES (Cleaves)

Rebecca, and Nathaniel Smith, Jan.15,1767. [Jan.5. dup.]*


Susanna Ann, and James George Holland, July末,1836.

CLEMENT (Clements)

Cyrus, of Hopkinton, NH, and Hannah Wheeler, July2,1809.*

Fredrick, and Mary P. Wyman, May27,1828.*

Cyrus, and Rebecca F. Shortridge, Mar.18,1832.*

Frederick, and Laura C. Hubbard of Claremont, NH, int.May6,1832.

Mary Ann, and Andrew Jackson Hilton, at Lynn, Nov.8,1837.

Henry, and Elizabeth Smith, at Salem, Apr.5,1845.

John, of Salem, and Mrs.Elizabeth Gilford, int.Mar.27,1846.

CLEMENTS (Clement)

John, and Abigail Southwick, Oct.27,1757.*

John, and Sophia Hoyt, at Moultonboro, NH, Feb.末,1803. [1833?]

Samuel, and Laura M. Allen of Beverly, int.Sept.4,1835.

CLERK (Clark)

Catherine, Mrs., of Boston, and Robert Emes, int.Aug.15,1830.


Elizabeth [of], and Robert Converse, at Salem, Feb.21,1819.*


Truman Bishop, and Nancy Peasley Putnam, at Chelsea, VT, May26,1835.


Elizabeth K. [of], and Joseph Merrill, at Salem, Oct.末,1827.*


John, and Prudence Braden, July6,1752.*

Molly, and James Richardson, jr., May23,1780.*

CLOUGH (Cluff)

Susan, of Salem and Isaac Day, May21,1773.*

Dorcas, and James Ayer, at Bradford, NH, Mar.4,1829.

Stephen, and Sarah Huntington of Amesbury, int.Nov.18,1830.

Ira, and Mary Halladay, at Lowell, May5,1836.

Jonathan C., and Mary Munroe, June5,1836.*

Royal, and Sally [Polly.dup.] Fuller, Feb.12,1837. [1838. dup.]*

Edmund G., and Dorcas Moulton, Jan.1,1839.*

Daniel Prescott, and Lucy Bray Rust, at Topsfield, Apr.21,1842.*

John C., and Sylvia W. Grover of Salem, int.June7,1847.

John C., and Sylvia W. Grover of Salem, int.Aug.26,1848.

CLUFF (Clough)

Amos, and Sarah H. Pike of Salem, int.Aug.18,1832.

COATES (Coats)

Mary Brooks, and Philip Blaney, at Lynn, July25,1830.

COATS (Coates)

William H., and Harriet A. Snow, Dec.25,1845.*


John B., and Eliza Dwinnel, int.Mar.11,1826.

John B., and Elizabeth C. Knight, Oct.2,1834.*

Elizabeth B., of Taunton, a.27y., seamstress, d.Rufus and Desire C.B., and Christopher S. Knapp of Raynham, a.32y., mechanic, s.Christopher and Salome, Apr.23,1844.*


Sarah E., and Fordyce Nute, both of Natick, Sept.21,1845.

COCHRAIN (Cockran)

Joseph, of Beverly, and Lydia Putnam, int.Oct.13,1804.

COCKRAN (Cochrain)

Helen C., and Capt. Abel W. Richardson, int.May19,1832.


Susanna, of Marblehead, and Joshua Osborn, Feb.5,1778.*


Michael, and Margaret Lynch, at Boston, Oct.11,1846.

COES (Cooes)

Michael, and Mary Goodhue, May30,1755.*

Sally, and Moses Gilford, Nov.12,1778.*

Samuel, and Mary Blumpy, Oct.7,1781.*


Joseph, and Lydia Putnam, at Beverly, Nov.末,1803.

Lydia P., and Sumner W. Parker, May4,1837.*

William Henry, and Mary Fuller [of], at Salem, Apr.末,1844.*


Abel, of Newbury, and [] Anna Brewer, Sept.2,1765.*

Mary, and John Williams of Deerfield, int.Jan.5,1777.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Moulton, Nov.18,1830.*

Mary, and Ivory Goodwin, at Sanford, ME, Dec.1,1836.

Alexander, and Lucy Ann Parker, May2,1843.*

Priscilla Morrison [of Sanford, ME. int.], and Benjamin Strout, at Sanford, ME, Apr.12,1845. [1846. int.]*

Elizabeth Hatch, and James Kennedy, at Sanford, ME, Oct.27,1845.

Alexander H., and Caroline Neal, int.Feb.7,1846.

Abby W., and Edmund Torrey [of], s.Baman and Eliza A., Jan.31,1848.*

Jonathan C., a.18y., cordwainer, s.Simeon and Elizabeth, of Sanford, ME, and Martha Kennedy of Lynn, a.21y., d.Samuel and Harriet, of Washington, ME, Nov.11,1849.*


Allen, and Esther Crosby, Apr.10,1832.*

Sally, and Jonathan Proctor, jr., Apr.17,1833.*

Sarah Emeline, and Rev. Joseph Warren Eaton, at Boston, Feb.22,1836.

Isaac N., and Hannah S. Nutter, Apr.7,1836.*

Clarissa C., and David Poland, July24,1836.*

Julian Perkins [of Weare, NH. int.], and Daniel Buxton, jr., at Weare, NH, Dec.22,1841.*

Edson E., of Corinth, VT, and Angeline P. Dearborn, Mar.2,1842.*

Hannah L., and Joseph Upton, Aug.2,1846.*


Ruth, and Gustavus Putnam, Jan.31,1832.*

Betsey M., and Charles H. Emery of West Newbury, int.Apr.28,1838.

Eben Payson, and Sarah Towne, Aug.24,1838. [Aug.23. dup.]*


Mary, and Moses Trask, Oct.20,1822.*

Jeremiah, and Susan Perkins of Bridgton, ME, int.Nov.15,1828.

Henry W., of Beverly, and Hannah Carey, int.June15,1844.

Susan, Mrs., and William Brown, Dec.18,1845.*

COLEMAN (Colman)

Harvey B., and Abby B. Wheelock of Lowell, int.Mar.8,1846.


Mary [Mecolester. int.], of Salem, and Nathaniel Peabody, July1,1760.*

COLLINES (Collins)

Mary, and John Curtice, Nov.30,1777.*

COLLINS (Collines)

Anna, and Anthony Buxton, Sept.15,1754.*

James, and Hannah Cooke, Mar.末,1756.*

John, of Lynnfield, and Margaret Doubty, July18,1765.*

John, and Hannah Porter, Jan.5,1769.*

Hannah [], of Dedham, and Ebenezer Marsh [jr. int.], Feb.8,1770.*

Polly, of Lynnfield, and John Green Walden, int.Aug.26,1786.

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Nurse, jr., Dec.25,1800.*

Ruth, and Edward Parry of Portsmouth, NH, Apr.14,1804.*

Triphenia, and William Marston of Boston, int.Aug.1,1807.

Caroline, of Salem, and Samuel Endicott, int.Apr.15,1820.

John, and Lucy Lakeman, resident in Lynn, May13,1821.*

Hepsibeth, and Capt. Jeremiah Briggs of Salem, Feb.7,1831.*

Margaret, of Lowell, and Robert Fenley, int.May1,1841.


Chapman, of Topsfield, and Hannah Porter, Dec.21,1797.*

COLMAN (Coleman)

Michael, and Joanna Brown, in Ireland,末蔓末,1848.


Sarah A., of Alton, NH, a.24y., d.Jacob and Sarah, and Jacob Hutchinson, a.25y., shoemaker, s.John and Martha, Sept.24,1844.*

COLWELL (Caldwell)

Abigail, and Thomas Boden, at Beverly, Feb.4,1802.


Andrew, of Concord, and, wid.Anna Gardner, July19,1764.*

Barnabus, and Mary Batcheldor of Beverly, Oct.8,1786.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Cornelius Batchelder, May12,1789.*

Nathaniel, of Alfred, and Mrs.Hepzibah Dodge, Oct.6,1795.*

Joseph, of Ipswich, and Ruthy Guildford, Apr.30,1807.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Kent, jr., at Beverly, Sept.20,1820.

Mary, and Peter White, at Boston, Oct.5,1830.

Nathaniel Peabody, and Sophronia Thompson Hartford, at Newburyport, Nov.26,1845.*


Jeffery, and Mary Ford, in Ireland,末蔓末,1833.


Ann, and Philip Brown, at New York, Oct.末,1832.

CONNERS (O'Conner)

Ann, and John Conners, in Ireland, Feb.末,1840.

John, and Ann Conners, in Ireland, Feb.末,1840.


Lydia, and Michael Griffin, int.July27,1816.


Mary, and John McCarthy, at Salem, July12,1846.


Josiah, and Elisabeth Green, at Stoneham, Dec.11,1783.


Robert, and Elizabeth Cliff [of], at Salem, Feb.21,1819.*

Mary A., and Rev. Elijah H. Downing, Dec.21,1842.*

Nancy L., and Africus S. Howard, int.Nov.7,1845.


Edward A., and Laura Ann Prichard of Salem, int.Aug.26,1841.

COOES (Coes)

Samuel, of Boston, and Hannah Crowel, int.Mar.4,1780.

COOK (Cooke)

Mary, and John Osborn [of], Aug.末,1752.*

Sarah, and Thomas Whiteridge [of], June10,1753.*

Hannah, and Samuel Darby, Dec.末,1753.*

Ruth, and Jonathan Quimby of Amesbury, Feb.20,1755.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Buxton, June27,1757.*

Samuel, of Watertown, and Mary Willson, Oct.9,1760.*

Henry, and Sarah Mansfield, Nov.12,1761.

Lydia, and Daniel Reed, Nov.19,1765.*

Abigail, and Daniel Felton, Dec.12,1765.*

Mary, and Stephen Osborn, jr., Dec.31,1765.*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Tarbell, jr., int.Mar.25,1767.

Mary, and Ephraim Skerry of Salem, Dec.14,1769.*

Desier, and John Reed, Jan.18,1774.*

George, and Mrs.Hannah Crowell of Salem, Feb.4,1774.

Sarah, and Joseph Foster of Salem, Mar.5,1775.*

Robert, jr., and Elisabeth Liscomb of Salem, Sept.15,1775.

Mary, of Salem, and Archelaus Rea [jr. int.], Mar.6,1777.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Pike of Woburn, int.Mar.29,1777.

Mercy, and James Symonds, 4th of Salem, int.Nov.22,1782.

Abigail, and Daniel Watts of Lynn, Dec.19,1790.*

Henry, and Hannah Sprague, Apr.10,1791.*

William, and Nancy Glover of Beverly, int.May19,1798.

Hannah, of Salem, and Thaddeus Stimpson, int.Mar.16,1799.

Susanna Sprague, and Ebenezer Shillaber, Oct.10,1816.*

Henry, and Eunice Winchester of Salem [at Salem.dup.], Dec.29,1816. [Dec.28. dup.]*

Benjamin, of Gardiner, and Abigail Creesy, Mar.8,1818.*

Hannah, of Salem, NH, and Samuel Merrill, int.Aug.5,1820.

Joseph, of Reading, and Betsey Needham, int.Apr.10,1824.

George F., and Abigail F. Shute of Hopkinton, NH, int.July3,1824.

Edward, and Margaret Nevers, at Salem, Aug.末,1839.

Samuel, and Mahala C. Cady, both of Hartford, Dec.4,1839.CR4

Lydia S., and Calvin Farnum of Salem, June28,1843.*

David, and Mary Melchman, at New Ipswich, NY, Apr.7,1847.

Rufus King, and Mary Jewett Bray, Dec.5,1847. [Dec.2. dup.]*

Hannah S., and Rev. Francis L. Robbins of Enfield, CT, int.Dec.11,1847.

Edward [], and Bridget Cadigan, 2d w., at Salem, Nov.3,1849.*

COOKE (Cook)

Hannah, and James Collins, Mar.末,1756.*


Elizabeth Thom, and Benjamin Hutchinson Osgood, at Milford, NH, Sept.20,1840.


Sarah, of Rowley, and Israel Smith, int.June26,1766.

Ezekiel, and Hannah Smith, Oct.23,1766.*

Elijah, and Deborah Nourse, May24,1789.*


Elizabeth, and William Freto, July13,1769.*

Elizabeth, of Reading, and William Russel, Nov.21,1771.*


John C., and Louisa Stiles, Oct.30,1833. [Oct.31.CR4; Oct.20. dup.]*

Hannah, and Charles A[ugustus.dup.] Nevers, May11,1845. [1844. dup.]*

COREY (Cory)

Susannah [Carey.dup.], of Salem, and William Skidmore, June3,1805.*

Anthony, and Eliza Ann Emery, at Hampton, Dec.9,1841.


Ellen, and Michael Wherity, at Salem, Oct.28,1847.


Priscilla, of Lowell, and Horace Hamblet, int.Oct.24,1837.

CORNING (Carning)

Anna, and James Taylor, both of Beverly, Aug.5,1784.

CORY (Corey)

John, of Salem, and Nancy Hoyt, Oct.8,1817.*


Patrick, and Mrs.Honora Spilland, int.Aug.11,1848.


Francis Anthony Smith, and Harriet Newhall Tapley, Sept.6,1846.*


Eliza, and Timothy [H. int.] Brown of Topsfield, Apr.16,1829.*


Mary, and John Perrcy, int.Mar.31,1787.


Hannah, of Salem, and Henry Trask, Oct.14,1798.*


Joseph, and Ann E. Foster, Mar.22,1829.*


George, Rev., and Elizabeth Ripley Adams [of Andover. int.], at Andover, July13,1828.*


Mary, of Woburn, and Eliphalet Dodge, int.Nov.14,1801.

Francis Richardson, and Lydia Cook Shed, at Salem, Sept.3,1837.


Eliza, of Salem, and Augustus G. Reed of Nashua, NH, June21,1843.CR4


Hiram, of New York, and Miranda Tapley, int.Oct.19,1839.

CRAMPSEY (Crampsy)

Maria, and Henry Wilburn, b. Hamilton, at Beverly, Dec.27,1843.

CRAMPSY (Crampsey)

Charlotte, Mrs., and Henry Wilbern, Nov.30,1838.*


Ralph, and Hephzibah Webb, Apr.4,1784.

Samuel, and Sally Dustin of Windham, NH, int.Aug.26,1815.

Mary D. [of Dorchester. dup.], and Philip Osborn, at Dorchester, Nov.29,1826.*

Lemuel, and Margaret S. Wilson, June10,1830. [June30. dup.]*

Mary D., and Martin Davis of Sterling, int.Oct.25,1843.

CREASY (Cressy)

Benjamin, of Beverly, and Lydia Thurstin, int.Aug.30,1807.


Lavina Jane, and Ira N. Glines, at Canaan, VT, Sept.12,1832.

Hannah, and Charles Benjamin, at Salem, Apr.8,1833.

Mary, and Geheil Webb, both of Salem, Sept.末,1835.*


George Woodbury, and Catherine Wentwort McCondaliea, in Nova Scotia, Jan.18,1823.

CREESY (Cressy)

Lydia, of Salem, and John Ingleson, Apr.26,1764.

Dimon, of Beverly, and Jonna Batchelder, Dec.14,1780.*

Nancy, of Beverly, and Elias Endicott, Aug.23,1791.*

Abigail, and Benjamin Cook of Gardiner, Mar.8,1818.*

Enoch T[hurston. dup.], of Beverly, and Sally Whittier, Oct.20,1841. [Aug.19,1821. dup.]*


Anora, and David Gleason, at Boston, Oct.29,1848.

CRESSY (Creasy, Creesy)

Sally, and Stephen Floyd, Sept.24,1797.*


Mary, and James Richardson, July17,1783.*


Richard, and Mehitabel Moulten, jr., June4,1778.*

William, of Salem, and Mary Dawson, resident in Danvers, Aug.29,1782.*

Mehitable, and William Hardwick of Salem, Dec.21,1784.*

Hitty, and John Nichols, int.Oct.16,1801.

CROEL (Crowell)

John, jr., and Betty Masury, Sept.4,1777.*

CROLLY (Crowley)

Bridget, and John Sullivan, at Lowell, Apr.12,1847.


Zenas, and Hannah Richardson, July14,1814.*


Patty, Mrs., and Jeremiah Page, June12,1776.PR88

Esther, and Allen Colby, Apr.10,1832.*

Mary F., a.20y., d.John and Mary, and Francis P. Merriam of Middleton, b. Middleton, s.Andrew and Ann Jane, of Middleton, Nov.21,1844.*

CROSE (Cross)

Michael, and Mary Rea of Beverly, Dec.25,1758.*

CROSS (Crose)

Peter, and Mary Procter, Oct.24,1754.*

Emma, and John Hayward, Apr.13,1757.*

Emma, and Ebenezer Brown, June10,1790.*

John, and Hannah Prince, Dec.24,1793. [Dec.10,1794.]*

Peter, jr., and Betty Peabody of Middleton, int.Oct.18,1798.

Anna, and Caleb Prince, Dec.9,1798.*

William, and Phebe Berry of Middleton, int.Sept.20,1800.

Peter, jr., and, wid.Hannah (Preston) Kimball, Jan.21,1807.*

John, and Mary Crowell, July21,1811.*

Nancy P., and Samuel Clarke, at Boxford, Sept.13,1812.

Sally, and Samuel Legroo, jr., Aug.19,1821.*

Sally, and Perly Tapley, Jan.16,1825.*

Joshua H., and Eliza Horton of Salem, int.Apr.22,1826.

Nathan, and Sally H. Hutchinson, Apr.27,1828.*

Nathan, jr., and Elizabeth B. Batchelder, May7,1828.*

William, and Phebe U[pton. int.] Munroe, Dec.25,1828.*

Syrena P., and William Preston, Oct.15,1829.*

Leonard, and Lucy C. Small, Nov.5,1829.*

Susan, and Hananiah Parker Legroo, Sept.22,1830.*

Amos P., and Mrs.Ruth Howard, Jan.9,1831.*

Phebe, and George [W.CR4] Winslow, Mar.27,1833.*

Betsey P., and Ebenezer Putnam, July15,1835.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Swinerton of Malden, June15,1837.*

Jareb P., and Nancy P. Gifford, at Topsfield, Sept.17,1839.

Charles B., and Caroline L. Cummings of Lowell, int.July1,1848.

Ellen Elizabeth, and Joseph L. Baker, at Haverhill, July4,1848.


Ellen, and John Murphy, at Lowell, May29,1845.

CROWEL (Crowell)

Hannah, and Samuel Cooes of Boston, int.Mar.4,1780.

Patty, and Grindleff Sevy, int.July25,1805.

Patty, and Ephraim Hartshorn, resident in Danvers, May25,1807.*

Sally, of Hamilton, and James Haynes, int.Mar.18,1826.

CROWELL (Croel, Crowel)

John, and Sarah Fowls [Fowler. int.], Dec.28,1756.*

John, and Mary Masury, int.Mar.31,1770.

Hannah, Mrs., of Salem, and George Cook, Feb.4,1774.

Lydia, and Jedediah Richardson, Oct.30,1791.*

Mary, and John Cross, July21,1811.*

CROWLEY (Crolly)

Mary, and James Gleason, at Salem, Dec.末,1848. [Jan.6,1849. int.]*


John, of Salem, and Maria Crowninshield, int.Mar.19,1814.

Maria, and John Crowninshield of Salem, int.Mar.19,1814.

Hannah, and Lt. James Armstrong of the U.S. Navy, int.Mar.13,1819.

Margaret R., and Calvin Brown, at Salem, Sept.10,1838.

Elizabeth, and Daniel C. Goodwin, int.July2,1842.

CUMINGS (Cummings)

Ruth, and Nathaniel Smith of Hillsboro, NH, int.Sept.26,1818.

CUMMINGS (Cumings)

Lydia, and Daniel Goodhue of Andover, Mar.15,1814.*

Mary R[oberts.dup.], of Salem, and Joseph Walton, Nov.17,1828. [Nov.28. dup.]*

Jane, and Ivory Young, int.Nov.9,1839.

Caroline L., of Lowell, and Charles B. Cross, int.July1,1848.


Ann, and John McDonald, at Paisley,末蔓末,1815.


Nathaniel, of Rowley, and Betty Dwinel, int.July25,1772.

David, and Dorcas Newhall, Mar.4,1802.*

David, jr., and Elizabeth Smiler of Salem, int.Apr.17,1813.

Moses J., and Ruth P. Batchelder, July1,1841.*

Catherine, and William Fegan, at Haverhill, Feb.3,1842.

Caleb Strong, and Emily Glover Warren [of Salem.dup.], Jan.1,1843.*

Rachel T., and Harvey Galeucia of Salem, Jan.21,1847.*

CURTICE (Curtis)

Anna, and James Johnson, May8,1754.*

Eunice, and Zerubbale Hart of Lynn, June22,1762.*

William, and Elisabeth Frayle, Feb.28,1765.*

Rebekah, of Middleton, and John White, int.Dec.31,1776.

John, and Mary Collines, Nov.30,1777.*

Lydia, and Henry Dwinel of Newbury, June16,1779.*

Andrew, and Sukey Easty of Salem, int.Nov.16,1799.

Ann, and James Osborn, Oct.26,1800.*

CURTIS (Curtice, Curtise)

Ruth, and James Wood, Oct.8,1766.*

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Moulton, Mar.31,1772.*

Andrew, and Hannah Small, June5,1776.*

Rachel, and John Mead of Hillsboro, NH, June30,1789.*

Allen, and Betsey Estes [], Oct.末,1795.*

Hannah, of Stoughtonham, and James Porter, Nov.9,1797. [1777. int.]*

Hannah, and Ephraim Larabee, Sept.12,1799. [1800. dup.]*

Mary, and Isaac Munro, Sept.8,1807.*

Ira, and Clarisa Southwick, Sept.17,1815.*

Rachel, and John Hawkes of Lynn, int.Nov.25,1815.

Charles, and Susan Verry, Dec.29,1816.*

Perly P., and Betsey Pickering, July29,1821.*

Hannah, and Daniel Gallucia, Aug.21,1823.*

Susan, and Daniel Goldthwait, jr., int.Jan.31,1824.

Louisa [of Salem.dup.], and Robert Shillaber Saunders, Jan.27,1831.*

Andrew, and Elizabeth Newbury Arbuckell, Apr.3,1839.*

Betsey, and Daniel S. Roberts, Mar.20,1842.*

Martha Ann, and George Raddin, May1,1842.*

Charles [of], and Levina Shaw, at Lynn, Feb.24,1843. [1844. int.]*

Samuel, and Mary Galeucia of Salem, May21,1843.*

Samuel, and Mary Prescot, Oct.21,1844.*

Sally P., and James Braley Jowders, at Lynn, Jan.14,1845.*

Mary F., and George R. Emerson of Haverhill, July1,1847.*

Sarah E., and Eben K. Townsend, Oct.25,1848.*

George Warren, and Ann Reed, Apr.1,1849.*

Harriet, and Cornelius P. Van Ness Kimball [Kendall. int.], at Lynn, Apr.1,1849.*

Mary [C. int.], and Charles Richardson Kelley, May8,1849. [May29. dup.]*

CURTISE (Curtis)

Daniel, of Topsfield, and Mary Goodale, int.Sept.15,1757.


Ethan S., of Springfield, VT, and Lydia O. Stanley, Sept.20,1835.*

Jane M., 2d w., and Asher Austin Davis, at Westfield, O., Dec.4,1838.

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Jonathan [Dr. int.], and Martha Trask of Beverly, Dec.11,1760.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Lufkin of Gloucester, int.Mar.18,1777.

Abigail, of Beverly, and Ebenezer Dale, int.Nov.17,1780.

Mary, and Stephen Small, int.Oct.5,1782.

William, and Betsy Swinerton, Apr.18,1794.*

Eliza [of Hamilton. int.], and Fitch Pool, at Hamilton, June13,1802.*

Sally, and Jefferson Putnam, at Lexington, Feb.9,1829.

William, and Sally Maria Pearsons, Sept.8,1840.*

John, and Martha M. Jacobs, July18,1844.*

CUTTLER (Cutler)

Elisabeth, and Ebenezer Jacobs, May1,1755.*

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