Ede, d.Amos and Hannah (Preston), at Reading,末蔓末, 末末.

Phebe, w.Gilburd, May5,1770.

末末, wid., consumption, Oct.末,1774.PR10

Daniel, s.Gilbert and Phebe, Aug.10,1775. [in his 25th y.PR92]

Aaron, Dec.18,1776.PR92

Emme, d.Amos and Hannah, Dec.24,1781.

Gilbert, h.Jane, Jan.1,1798.

末末, w.Gilbert, June29,1798.PR7

Gilbert, s.Gilbert, jr. and Jane, "on his passage from West Indies," May22,1799.

Gilbert, May6,1806. [in his 85th y.PR92]

David [h.Mary.dup.], s.Amos and Hannah (Preston), May3,1807.

Phillip Preston, s.Amos and Hannah (Preston), "on his passage from N. Orleans to Boston," June8,1819.

Sophronia, d.David and Mary Cheever (Putnam), Mar.2,1823.

Gilbert, h.Mary, Oct.14,1825.

Hannah, w.Amos, Oct.20,1825. [a.71y.PR92]

末末, ch.Rufus, Dec.31,1828.PR8

末末, s.Rufus and Rebeccah (Joselyn), Feb.末,1829, a.18h.

William P., s.Perley and Sally (Cross), dropsy, Mar.12,1829. [a.1y.GR11]

John S., s.William and Eliza L., Sept.6,1829, a.14m.GR48

末末, inf.ch.R., Oct.22,1829.PR8

Aaron [h.Ede (Swinerton). dup.], s.Amos and Hannah (Preston), June3,1830.

Amos, jr., s.Amos and Hannah (Preston), at Lynn, Sept.1,1830.

Eliza L., w.William, Sept.15,1830, a.36y.GR48

末末, s.Rufus and Rebeccah (Joselyn), Oct.末,1830, a.abt. 6h.

Mary [F., d.Asa and Elizabeth.GR11], Nov.17,1830. [Nov.18, a.23y.GR11]

Juliet Graves, d.twin, Alvan and Esther (Flint), Aug.28,1833.

Elizabeth, w.Asa, Oct.9,1834, a.70y.[Oct.7. dup.]

John Joselyn, s.Rufus and Rebeccah (Joselyn), Oct.18,1834.

Lydia (Putnam), w.Nathan, Feb.25,1835. [a.32y.dup.]

Amos, h.Hannah (Preston), Sept.6,1835. [in his 87th y.PR8]

Asa, h.Elizabeth (Smith), July22,1836. [a.75y.dup.]

Adeline Augusta, d.Rufus and Rebeccah (Joselyn), July23,1836.

Alvan, h.Esther (Flint), Aug.30,1836.

Harriet Augusta, d.Alvan and Esther (Flint), Jan.1,1838.

Mary Cheever (Putnam), w.David, Apr.7,1841.

Rebeccah (Joselyn), w.Rufus, typhus fever, Sept.7,1842.

Moses Perley, s.Perley and Sally (Cross), inflammation of bowels, Oct.1,1842. [a.9y.GR11]

Fidelia Jane, d.Gilbert and Fidelia (Robinson), consumption, May4,1843. [a.21y.10m.2d.dup.]

Sally, w.Perley, consumption, June4,1845, a.43y.

Helen S., d.George and Hannah E., throat distemper, Feb.16,1846, a.3y.2m.14d.

Perley, widr., s.Asa and Elizabeth, consumption, Feb.28,1848, a.47y.

Francis H., shoemaker, s.Rufus and Rebecca, typhus fever, Aug.5,1848, a.15y.11m.7d.

Thomas Herbert, s.Rufus and Rebeccah (Joselyn), Aug.5,1848.

Helen Sprague, d.George and Hannah Elizabeth (Walcott), dysentery, Sept.16,1849.

TARBEL (Tarbell)

末末, ch.Jonathan, jr., Oct.末,1773.PR10

TARBELL (Tarbel, Tarble)

Esther, Mrs., June末,1831.GR50

TARBLE (Tarbell)

Cornelius, Dr., Aug.5,1765, a.75y.9m.


末末, ch.David, Dec.12,1803.PR7

William J., Nov.7,1818, a.16m.8d.GR8

Susanna Stevens, Aug.5,1819, a.10y.GR8

Salley, Jan.20,1820, a.31y.GR8

Samuel, July24,1820, a.32y.GR8

David, Sept.26,1820, a.54y.GR8


末末, Mr., old, Dec.末,1773.PR10

Eliphalet, June19,1782.

Lydia, d.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), Nov.9,1799.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Betsey, Oct.末,1800.

Daniel, s.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), Sept.8,1801.

Lydia, d.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty),末蔓末,1803.

James, s.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), Apr.9,1805.

James, s.Daniel and Betsey, Apr.末,1812.

Mary, Mar.19,1813.

Samuel, Apr.末,1821.

Lydia, d.Daniel and Betsey,末蔓末,1823.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah (Peele), Apr.末,1824.

Daniel, jr., h.Betsey (Douty), Dec.9,1825. [a.55y.GR40]

Hannah, w.Samuel, Jan.13,1827, a.60y.GR40

Hannah (Peele), w.Samuel, Feb.4,1828.

Daniel, h.Elice, Apr.末,1828.

Hannah, d.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), Oct.1,1829.

John, s.John and Maria (Perkins), Dec.5,1829.

Joseph, s.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), Dec.23,1830.

Betsey, d.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), at Lynn, May29,1831.

Ellen Augusta, d.Alfred and Aseneth (Mayhew), May16,1833. [a.7m.23d.GR52]

Lucy, d.Daniel, jr. and Betsey (Douty), Nov.15,1833.

Oliver, s.Daniel and Elice (Nourse), at Lynnfield,末蔓末,1834.

Ellen Augusta, d.Alfred and Asenath (Mayhew), July6,1836. [a.1y.10m.23d.GR52]

Elizabeth Marsh, d.Benjamin and Hannah Flint (Marsh), Nov.28,1836.

John, s.Daniel and Elice (Nourse), Jan.3,1837.

Jerusha E., d.Eben M. and Mary A. (Twiss), Apr.3,1846. [a.5y.GR38]

Mehitable, housewife, w.Samuel, palsy, May14,1846, a.77y.2m.6d.

Hetta, May29,1846, a.75y.PR14

Elizabeth, w.Daniel, jr., Nov.15,1848, a.77y.GR40

Samuel, h.Mehitable, Feb.16,1849. [a.82y.GR40]


George Scott, s.George M. and Abigail Elliott (Swan), Jan.25,1841.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.George M. and Abigail Elliott (Swan), Apr.14,1844. [a.4m.dup.]


Moses Edward, s.Moses and Mary Ann (Northend), Apr.24,1837.

TEWKESBURY (Tewksbury)

Abigail, d.Henry and Abigail, Apr.8,1790.

Henry, s.Henry and Abigail, Oct.11,1798. [sic]

TEWKSBURY (Tewkesbury, Tuexbery, Tukesbury)

Henry, h.Abigail (Goldthwait), June8,1819.

Abigail (Goldthwait), w.Henry, Dec.4,1836.


Sarah, Mar.13,1800.PR7

Sally Bethiah, w.G.F., b.末蔓末,1818, d.末蔓末,1845.GR8

John Calvin, s.John and Polly (Gifferds), Aug.4,1827.

Mary Eliza, d.illegitimate, Esther, May19,1842.

末末, s.stillborn, George Putnam and Mary Ann (Stafford), Mar.3,1846.

末末, s.stillborn, George P. and Mary Ann (Stafford), Mar.31,1847.


Sarah Elizabeth, b. Salem, d.Henry and Elizabeth, bowel complaint, Oct.5,1846, a.6m.10d.

Lydia, b. Salem, w.Henry A., drowned at Fisher's Island, Nov.27,1846, a.28y.1m.18d.

Ureen Allen, b. Salem, s.Henry A., drowned at Fisher's Island, Nov.27,1846, a.3y.


Nabby (Black), w.James, Jan.26,1820.

TIBBETS (Tibbetts)

Levi Augustus, s.Benjamin Blake and Anna (Goldthwait), Oct.末,1831.

末末, d.stillborn, Horace, May12,1847.

Alice Ermina, d.Horace and Mary Ann P., Sept.6,1849, a.14m.11d.GR52

TIBBETTS (Tibbets)

John S., s.Ichabod and Martha Stocker (Mclntire), [teething. dup.], Apr.14,1846. [a.1y.4m.dup.]

末末, d.stillborn, Horace and Mary Ann Peirce (Spofford), June24,1847.


George Augustus, s.George Perley and Elize Hamblet (Daken), Feb.10,1830.

Eliza H., w.George P., several diseases, Mar.23,1848, a.49y.

Sarah F.B., w.Rev. David, Oct.3,1848.GR52


Phebe O., d.Eli and Emily Jane, cholera infantum, Aug.16,1848, a.1y.


末末, d.stillborn, John and Elizabeth W. (Benjamin), Sept.10,1838, a.1h.

Andrew, s.Andrew and Clarissa (Stevens), bowel complaint, Oct.5,1842. [a.7y.GR52]


Hannah, wid.Dea.Joseph, Sept.25,1805, a.78y.GR48

TOWN (Towne)

末末, ch.William, jr., Mar.23,1803.PR7

Mehitable, May20,1827.


Mary, July末,1844, a.101y.2m.19d.PR113

Joanna, d.Stephen Francis and Mariam (Downes, nee Varney), scarlet fever, Apr.24,1849.

William Henry, s.Stephen Francis and Mariam (Downes, nee Varney), scarlet fever, May1,1849.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Stephen Francis and Mariam (Downes, nee Varney), scarlet fever, May27,1849.

TOWNE (Town)

Amos, s.Amos P. and Mehitable P., Aug.21,1831.GR52

末末, d.Eben, drowned, July28,1834.PR83

Lydia Ann, d.Amos P. and Mehitable P. (Knight), July15,1835. [a.10m.GR52]

Elizabeth C., w.Daniel, July2,1837, a.32y.GR1

Mary, w.William, old age, July30,1843, a.101y.3m.4d.

Daniel Putnam, s.Joseph and Hannah (Putnam)[throat distemper. dup.], Jan.12,1844. [a.3y.27d.dup.]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Arnos P. and Mehitable P. (Knight) [dropsy in the head.dup.], Aug.7,1844. [a.6y.10m.23d.dup.]


Arthur Daniel, s.Daniel Hacker and Rebecca Ophelia (Gould), Aug.30,1848.

末末, s.Eben K. and Sarah E. (Curtis), debility, Aug.2,1849.


末末, ch.Amos, Nov.末,1774.PR10

末末, ch.末末, Jan.末,1775.PR10

末末, w.Amos, Mar.末,1775.PR10

Deborah, w.Henry, Nov.末,1784.

Martha, w.William, Jan.4,1791.

末末, sister Hannah (Preston) Tapley, Aug.末,1795, in her 52d y.PR92

Henry, h.Deborah, Mar.31,1796.

Abigail, d.Joseph and Mary (Whittemore), Mar.15,1800.

John, s.William and Abigail (Putnam), Apr.末,1801.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary (Whittemore), June20,1803.

John, s.William and Abgail [2d, w.?], Aug.末,1804.

Sally, d.William, Oct.6,1805.

Mary Phelps, d.Levi and Mary (Grant), Dec.19,1805.

Abigail, d.Henry and Debby (Phillips), Aug.27,1806.

William, s.William, Apr.末,1810.

Hersey, s.Levi and Mary (Grant), Apr.22,1810. ["Apr.26, by the Sextons book."]

Mehetable, unrn., Oct.24,1812.

William, s.William and Abgail [2d, w.?], Aug.3,1813.

Levi, s.Levi and Mary (Grant), Apr.11,1814.

Mary, w.Joseph, May20,1821. [a.50y.GR48]

Lydia, wid.Henry, Dec.20,1823, a.75y.GR48

William Smith, s.twin, Moses and Mary (Cole), Aug.20,1825.

Mary (Cole), w.Moses, Aug.31,1825.

Francis Grant, s.Levi and Mary (Grant), May27,1827.

William, h.Abgail [2d, w.?], Sept.24,1828, [a.63y.GR8]

Abigail (Putnam), w.William, Jan.21,1829.

Kisiah, Feb.8,1829.

末末, ch.末末, Apr.20,1829, a.1w.CR5

Sally, d.William and Abigail (Putnam), July13,1829. [1838 written in later.]

末末, s.Moses and Mary Dennis (Salter), 2d w., at Salem, Apr.末,1831, a.abt. 3h.

Mary (Grant), w.Levi, July8,1831.

Levi, s.Levi and Betsey (Melvin), at Londonderry, Mar.14,1832.

末末, ch.Moses, Mar.19,1832.

Thomas, s.Moses and Mary Dennis (Salter), 2d w., at Salem, Mar.18,1834.

Mehitabel, d.William and Martha, Nov.3,1836, a.66y.GR48

Anne, Mrs., Jan.23,1839.PR85

Philip Ulmer, s.Thomas and Eliza (Osborn), Aug.31,1840. [a.9m.GR52]

Samuel Putnam, s.Elbridge and Mary Herrick (Putnam), Mar.23,1842. [a.5y.5m.GR11]

末末, s.Elbridge, Mar.24,1842.PR8

Sarah Ann, Mrs., July末,1842.PR85

Lucy Ann, w.John, d.John and Lucy Ross, July24,1842, a.24y.GR11

Sarah, d.Edward Dodge and Hannah Leach (Brown), Nov.28,1842.

Susan Maria, d.Thomas and Eliza (Osborn) [bowel complaint.dup.], Aug.3,1844. [Aug.31. dup.;, a.6m.GR52]

Mary, d.Henry and Hannah (Cowan), at Lynn, May10,1848.

John Ross, s.John and Roxana (Littlefield), 2d w., typhus fever, Sept.23,1848. [a.3y.8m.GR11]

Sarah, d.William and Abigail, influenza, Dec.17,1848, a.81y.

Samuel P., July20,1849, a.43y.GR8

TROFATTER (Troffetter)

Hannah, w.Samuel, June28,1794, a.24y.GR48

TROFFETTER (Trofatter)

William Henry, Oct.21,1829, a.4y.4m.GR48

John George, Mar.27,1847, a.55y.GR48


John, Mar.31,1788.GR48

Betty, w.Capt. Jonathan, June27,1788, a.37y.GR48

Sally, w.Edward, June29,1788, in her 33d y.GR48

Jonathan, Capt., Dec.28,1791, a.45y.GR48

Lydia, wid.Capt. John, Oct.16,1793, a.44y.GR48

Edward, Oct.2,1802, a.49y.GR48

Daniel, Feb.1,1810, a.27y.GR48

Edward, Feb.25,1814, a.26y.GR48

Desire, wid.Capt. Samuel, Aug.11,1819, a.70y.GR48

Caroline E., d.Joseph and Mary, Mar.3,1843, a.21y.GR52

TUEXBERY (Tewksbury)

Abigail, d.Henry and Abigail (Goldthwait), abt. Apr.12,1789.

Henry, s.Henry and Abigail (Goldthwait), Oct.16,1797.


Oliver Saunders, s.twin, Joseph and Lucy, Oct.11,1813.

Mary Ann, d.Joseph and Lucy (Elliott), Dec.26,1818.

Margaret, d.Grimes and Fanny (Wilkins),末蔓末,1831, a.abt. 3w.

Henry Warren, s.Joseph W. and Martha Frye (Abbott), July13,1838.

Hannah Martin, d.Joseph W. and Martha Frye (Abbott), July31,1839.

Amos, Dea., Nov.26,1839, a.77y.PR47


Frederick A., s.Joseph and Esther Dickson,末蔓末,1843.GR52

Deborah, Mrs., Mar.24,1843, a.77y.PR47

末末, s.stillborn, Richard Palmer and Mary (Brown), Feb.3,1846.

Fanny (Wilkins), w.Grimes [consumption. dup.], Aug.7,1846. [a.46y.GR11 and dup.; Aug.7. dup.]

Esther, b. Cambridge, wid.Joseph, old age, Jan.2,1848, a.90y.4m.10d.

Eliza B., w.Robert D., Sept.13,1849, a.42y.GR36

TUKESBURY (Tewksbury)

末末, Mrs., Mar.末,1776.PR10


Ann, d.David and Elizabeth (Canning), in Scotland, July31,1838.

William Lambert, s.William Saunderson and Clarissa Ann, Aug.30,1848.

Lawrence, weaver, s.Lawrence and Elizabeth (Williams), dysentery, Aug.末,1849.


Sally, d.Christopher and Sally, Mar.17,1796, a.2 1-2y.GR48

Loring Thayer, s.Benjamin and Charlotte (Hamilton), cholera morbus, Aug.23,1828. [Aug.9, a.7m.GR11]

Horatio B., s.Benjamin and Charlotte H., Oct.19,1840, a.8m.GR11

末末, ch.末末, Oct.10,1841.PR8


Selwin, s.Samuel and Mary (Winchester), at Wilmington, Jan.21,1832.

TWISS (Twist)

John, Jan.末,1778.

Elias, s.Joseph and Mary, Dec.10,1799.

Eunice, d.Joseph and Mary, Oct.16,1800.

Judith, Dec.25,1806, a.23y.GR42

Mary, w.Joseph, Dec.28,1814.

末末, ch.Daniel and Betsy, Dec.27,1815, a.2d.

Jonathan, h.Esther, Aug.30,1817. [a.37y.GR38]

末末, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dwinnell), at Londonderry, Apr.5,1827.

Elizabeth, Miss, Jan.22,1829, a.70y.GR42

Peter, s.Daniel and Betsy, at Lynnfield, July14,1832.

John, h.Affa, consumption, Aug.10,1833.

William, Jan.9,1837, a.57y.GR36

William, s.Isaac and Betsey (Shaw), at Salem, May1,1839.

William Wallis Town, s.Isaac [and Betsey (Shaw). dup.], bowel complaint, Aug.20,1843, a.2y.[Aug.22. dup.]

Clarissa Friend, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dwinnell), at Beverly, Jan.16,1844.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dwinnell), at Beverly, Feb.27,1844.

Daniel Batchelder, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dwinnell), at Beverly, Mar.16,1844.

Sally, d.Daniel and Betsy, Apr.末,1845.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dwinnell), at Beverly, Feb.4,1846.

M. Virginia, d.Hezekiah and Martha T., Mar.11,1847, a.16m.GR35

Louisa, d.George and Sarah, Sept.2,1848, a.2y.10m.GR40

末末, s.George and Sarah (Taylor), canker, Sept.23,1848.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth (Dwinnell), inflammation, Nov.22,1848.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Eliza, Dec.22,1848, a.15y.5m.GR8

Everett E., s.Hezekiah and Martha T., Oct.20,1849, a.2y.7m.GR35

TWIST (Twiss)

末末, ch.William, June22,1768, a.12y.PR79

Elias, consumption, Apr.末,1771.PR10

末末, Mr., July末,1772.PR10

Stephen, fever, Sept.末,1773.PR10

末末, ch.William, Nov.末,1773.PR10

Sally, Feb.7,1808, a.35y.PR39


Mercy Ann, d.John and Mary Ann, Sept.24,1826, a.14w.GR9

末末, ch.wid., Jan.2,1832.PR8

Otis, s.Job and Lucy (Meady), at Haverhill, July27,1833.

Ellen M[aria.GR4], b. Boxford, d.John and Mary Ann, typhus fever, Aug.29,1844, a.16y.4m.13d.

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