GALEUCIA (Galucia, Galusha)

John, s.Simeon and Dorcas Newhall, fever, at Lynn, May1,1799.

Mary B., w.Harvey, b.末蔓末,1802d.末蔓末,1841.GR11

John F., s.John N. and Sarah, dropsy, at Salem, Aug.8,1825.

Jane, d.John N. and Sarah, consumption, at Salem, Oct.4,1825.

Daniel, Dec.9,1825, in his 86th y.PR63

Daniel, Capt., of Lynn, "came from Norton,"末蔓末,1826.GR53

Mary, inf.d.twin, John N. and Sarah, at Salem, Sept.8,1826.

William, inf.s.twin, John N. and Sarah, at Salem, Sept.8,1826.

Samuel Smothers, s.John Lindsey and Mary (Smothers), Dec.22,1831.

Jacob, jr., Jan.12,1835, in his 38th y.PR63

Hersey, s.Jacob and Sally, "drowned on a Fishing vessel Run down by a British vessel on the banks of Newfoundland," June6,1838.PR63

Nathaniel, s.Jacob and Sally, drowned on a Fishing vessel Run down by a British vessel on the banks of Newfoundland, June6,1838.PR63

Perley,末蔓末,1845, a.40y.GR53

Sally, w.Jacob,末蔓末,1846.GR53 [Dec.10, in her 73d y.PR63]

Perley, s.Jacob and Sally, Feb.26,1846, in his 39th y.PR63


Rebecca (Richards), w.David B., consumption, at Salem, Oct.4,1838.

GALUCIA (Galeucia)

Simeon, Capt., Apr.20,1842, a.66y.GR50

John, Mar.19,1848, a.18y.11m.7d.GR50

Hannah, w.Benjamin S., Apr.2,1849, a.44y.9m.18d.GR50

GALUSHA (Galeucia)

末末, ch.末末, Jan.1,1828, a.2y.CR5

GARDINER (Gardner)

George, Esq., Feb.13,1821, a.39y.GR28

GARDNER (Gardiner)

Daniel, Sept.15,1759.

末末, ch.Samuel and Patty, May20,1764.

Patty, w.Samuel, Feb.28,1765.

Israel, consumption, Apr.末,1771.PR10

Elizabeth Needham, wid.Col. George, b. Jan.6,1784d.Aug.2,1836.GR28

Thomas, h.Mary (Buffington), Sept.23,1788.

Betsey, d.Samuel and Sarah, 2d w., Jan.31,1796. [Feb.28, a.8y.GR21]

Samuel, jr., s.Samuel and Sarah, 2d w., Nov.27,1797. [a.23y.GR21]

James, s.Thomas and Mary, Oct.11,1809.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Mary, Jan.末,1818.

Samuel, father Asa, Sept.22,1818. [a.82y.GR21]

Mary, w.Thomas, July20,1819.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, July12,1822.

John, jr., h.Mehitable (Goodale) [s.Thomas and Mary.dup.], Apr.12,1823. [Apr.11. dup.;, a.61y.GR22]

Mary P., d.John and Maria, Dec.26,1827, a.2y.GR3

Sally, d.Thomas and Mary, Feb.12,1829. [a.58y.GR48]

Sarah, w.Samuel, Jan.24,1830. [a.82y.GR28]

Betsey (Needham), w.George, Aug.3,1836.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Mary (Buffington), July12,1837. [a.69y.GR48]

Hannah, July12,1837.CR2


Nathaniel, Capt., at Baltimore,末蔓末, 末末.GR48

Sally, d.Nathaniel and Lydia, July30,1807. [a.8y.4m.GR48]

William, only, s.Capt. Nathaniel and Lydia, at Baltimore, Oct.24,1839, a.33y.GR48

Lydia, d.Capt. Nathaniel and Lydia, at Salem, Aug.14,1841, a.28y.GR48

Lydia, w.Capt. Nathaniel, at Baltimore, Jan.22,1843, a.68y.5m.GR48


Elbridge, m., b. Stoneham, dropsy, Nov.11,1847, a.82y.

Betsey, wid.Benjamin, Aug.21,1849, a.70y.GR52


George Leverett, s.Joshua and Lucy Whittredge (Brown), at Hamilton, June27,1842.


William, h.Lydia (Putnam), Aug.11,1796.

Lydia (Putnam), w.William, Nov.19,1839.


Aaron, h.Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary Pope, Oct.1,1778, a.30y.11m.21d.GR21

Mary, wid.Aaron, Nov.21,1780, a.31y.11m.21d.GR21

GILE (Giles)

Benjamin, h.Huldah, Apr.16,1834.

GILES (Gile)

James Albert, s.Charles Sias and Sarah (Ricker), Dec. [1849?]. [Aug.12,1848, a.3m.12d.GR11]

GILFORD (Guilford)

Simeon, s.Benjamin and Lydia, Sept.11,1765.

Elisabeth, wid., Oct.9,1766.

Benjamin, June30,1796.PR7

William, Aug.15,1797.PR7

Moses, "found dead in the road," May20,1798.PR7

Lucy, d.Aaron and Judith (Moulton) [Nov.29,1800.PR7], a.abt. 16y.

Jane, Mar.21,1816.

末末, ch.Nathaniel, Jan.15,1823.

Elisabeth, Oct.9,1826.

Abigail, Aug.18,1828.


William Groves, s.David M. and Harriet (Groves), Feb.6,1835.


James, m., b. Glasgow, currier, s.James, mortification, Aug.18,1845, a.21y.9m.28d.


George Henry, s.Daniel and Mary (Southwick), at Lynn, Mar.9,1837.

Mary, w.Daniel, consumption, Nov.13,1844, a.42y.4m.28d.

Hannah Maria, d.Daniel and Mary (Southwick) [consumption. dup.], Dec.11,1844. [a.18y.28d.dup.]


Harriet (Holder), w.Mark, consumption, Oct.26,1849.


Hannah, May18,1801.PR7


Joseph, Feb.14,1759.PR81

William, s.William and Abigail, Aug.11,1771, a.abt. 6h.

Mehittable, d.William and Abigail, Sept.6,1772.

John, suddenly, Jan.末,1773.PR10

Elijah, s.William and Abigail, Oct.16,1775.

Elisabeth, d.William and Abigail, May19,1780.

George, s.Nathaniel and Abihail, July13,1798.

末末, child of William and Pamelia (Shelden),末蔓末,1801, a.1d.

Abihail [Abagail. dup.] Eustis, w.Nathaniel, Oct.末,1806. ["should be Nov.25. "]

William, h.Abigail (King), Mar.26,1808.

Esther, d.William and Abigail (King), Sept.22,1810.

Sally, d.William, jr. and Sally (Andrews), May25,1821.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Eliab and Mary (Beech), Aug.23,1828.

Joseph L.,末蔓末,1833, a.2y.3m.2d.GR53

William F., inf.s.Dennison W. and Adeline J.,末蔓末,1833.GR11

Joseph Lyman, s.Joseph E. and Ruth, June4,1833.GR53

末末, wid., June末,1838, a.94y.CR2

Anna, d.William and Abigail (King), Oct.18,1840.

Eunice, d.John and Eunice (Thomas), Dec.13,1840.

Charles Dennison, s.Dennison Wallis and Adaline Johnson (Wiggin), at Lynn, Sept.末,1841.

Ellen Maria, d.Eliab and Mary (Beech), Sept.23,1841.

Nathaniel, old age, at the Alms House, Nov.18,1841, a.88y.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan Marble and Lucinda (Munroe), Dec.1,1841. [a.22m.GR53]

Nathaniel, at the almshouse, Apr.2,1842.

William, h.Pamelia (Shelden), Oct.30,1842.

Charles A., s.Augustus and Almira, Aug.15,1843, a.7m.5d.GR52

Francis Cusneau, s.Dennison Wallis and Adaline Johnson (Wiggin), at Lynn, Sept.末,1844.

Sarah Chadwell, d.Dennison Wallis and Adaline Johnson (Wiggin), at Lynn, Sept.末,1844. [1843.GR11]

GOODAL (Goodale, Goodell)

Josiah, Mar.8,1831.PR8

GOODALE (Goodal)

Experience, w.Joshua, Aug.14,1748, a.38y.GR48

Jacob, Sept.17,1773.

Abigail, d.James and Hannah, Aug.28,1778.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Sarah, 2d w., Feb.23,1779.

David, Mar.28,1784.PR14

Anna, w.Joshua, Nov.11,1789, a.76y.GR48

Jacob, Oct.8,1791.PR14

Abraham, Apr.4,1794, a.83y.PR99

William, Oct.30,1796.PR120

Joshua, May18,1798, in his 90th y.GR48

末末, ch.Daniel, Apr.15,1801.PR7

末末, w.Daniel, May13,1801.PR7

Aaron, July3,1801.PR120

James, Apr.20,1803.PR7

Eleazer, Apr.6,1804.PR7

James, Sept.末,1806, a.39y.GR20

Jane, Feb.23,1810.

Hannah, Nov.24,1813, a.71y.PR14

Rebeca Putnam, d.Perly and Caroline (Tapley), Sept.19,1819.

George Henry, s.Perley and Caroline (Tapley), June18,1824. [June19. dup.]

Ebenezer, s.James and Sarah (Whittredge), July18,1839.

Mary Alice, d.Ebenezer and Emily Hannah Purdy (Sullivan), May5,1840.

William, h.Hitty (Preston), Oct.30,1849. [a.68y.GR20]

Hitty (Preston), w.William, Nov.10,1849. [a.66y.GR20]

James Franklin, s.James and Augusta (Joselyn), "Dropsy in the head," Dec.20,1849. [a.7m.GR20]

GOODELL (Goodale)

Hannah, unm., Mar.11,1834. [Mar.13, a.90y.PR8]


Malintha, w.William, Feb.末,1826.

Lydia, d.Daniel and Lydia (Cummings), Jan.18,1833. [a.15y.GR15]

Hannah, wid., cancer, Oct.26,1844, a.57y.6m.

Mary Ella, d.Daniel, jr. and Mary Reed (Flint), scarlet fever, Sept.4,1849.


Betsy, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, June25,1774.

Lydia, w.William, May19,1810, a.25y.GR17

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Charlotte (Rowel), Aug.15,1811. (The Sexton says Aug.27.)

Charlot, w.Benjamin, Oct.末,1817. [Oct.6, a.29y.GR48]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Esther (Goodale), Aug.15,1821.

Lydia W., d.Benjamin and Polly, 2d w., Oct.22,1825.

Susan (Emerson), 2d, w.Samuel, Aug.21,1839.

Clarissa [Endicott. dup.], w.William, brain fever, Feb.13,1845, a.24y.4m.

Henry Thomas, s.James L. and Mary F., Feb.23,1846.GR52

末末, twin sons, stillborn, Samuel and Sarah (Philbrick, nee Gibson), Aug.23,1848.

George Dawson, s.William and Jane Andrews (Dawson), 2d w., bowel complaint, Sept.29,1848.


Eben W., s.Thomas L. and Betsey (Wentworth), at Great Falls, Nov.30,1842.

Alexander, s.Ivory and Mary (Coffin), May13,1845.

Charles W., s.Ivory and Mary, lung fever, May13,1845, a.5m.6d.

Hiram Alonzo, s.Thomas L. and Betsey (Wentworth), at Great Falls, Aug.21,1846.


Eliza [Ella.dup.] Gertrude, d.Hiram E. and Bethiah, bowel complaint, Aug.27,1846, a.11m.22d.


William Henry, s.Joshua and Rachel (Fuller), Nov.2,1841.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Joshua and Rachel (Fuller) [John and Rhoda P. dup.], Sept.10,1847. [a.13m.8d.dup.]

Lucy Jane (Hutchinson), w.Richard, dropsy in the chest, June8,1848.

Rachel (Fuller), w.Joshua, consumption, Aug.8,1849.


Samuel, s.Daniel, late of Wenham, and Mary, Sept.13,1766, a.22y., "Except One Day."


Allen, ch.Allen and Else, Feb.22,1811.

Allen, 2d, s.Allen and Else, Dec.8,1813.

Nathaniel Andrews, s.Andrews and Rebecca (Putnam), Oct.末,1827.

Moses, h.Mehitable (Upton), Jan.14,1829.

Mary, d.Eliezer and Abigail (Brown), July9,1832.

Sarah Ann Brown, d.Andrew and Emily (Webb), Mar.15,1835. [a.5y.2m.GR8]

Mehitable (Upton), w.Moses, Apr.8,1839.

Harriet Augusta, d.Eliezer and Abigail (Brown), Mar.10,1841.

Mary Ann (Sears), w.Daniel, heart complaint, at Boxford, July10,1847. [a.28y.6m.16d.GR11]

John Henry, s.Daniel and Mary Ann (Sears), diarrhoea, at Topsfield, Oct.20,1847. [Nov.1, a.4m.GR11]


Ezra, of Weare, NH, at Danvers, 13:3m:1843.CR7

George, m., laborer, s.Ezra and Abigal, consumption, Oct.18,1844, a.23y.

Caroline M., d.Ezra and Abigail, 25:8m:1845.CR7


Abigail, wid., Aug.18,1817.

GOWEN (Gowing)

末末, Mr., May24,1840.PR8

Samuel, Mar.23,1843, a.52y.GR52

Eben, b. Lynnfield, shoemaker, s.Ezra and Sally (Stiles), consumption, June5,1843, a.33y.

GOWING (Gowen)

Mary, d.Ezra and Sally, Dec.7,1825.

John, at Lynnfield, Sept.11,1840.


John, b. Liverpool, mortification, May29,1846, a.41y.5m.27d.


末末, s.Rufus Kittredge and Sarah Ann (Rollins), Nov.12,1839.


Alice, May8,1842, a.53y.10m.11d.PR67

John Wesley, s.John S. and Lucy Ann (Ramsdell), [lung fever. dup.], Apr.5,1846. [a.2m.14d.dup.]

Mary Eliza, d.John S. and Lucy Ann (Ramsdell), at Lawrence, Jan.23,1849.


Eleazer, m., b. Marblehead, heart complaint, July5,1847, a.37y.10m.9d.

GRAY (Grey)

Ruth, Oct.31,1827.PR83

Samuel F., s.Josiah and Eunice (Fuller), Sept.27,1834. [a.15m.GR11]

Phebe (Friend), w.Nathaniel, Apr.6,1841. [a.39y.GR11]

Mary A[bby.dup.], b. Dover, NH, d.Jonathan C[opp. dup.] and Nancy [(Goodwin). dup.], cholera infantum, Sept.13,1846, a.1y.4m.22d.

Walter Francis, s.Joseph, jr. and Clara H. (Bassett), Sept.14,1848.


Mary, July末,1771.PR10

Lydia, w.Capt. John [and, d.Jeremiah Page.PR88], Mar.5,1792, a.30y.GR8

Samuel, Aug.22,1822.

末末, wid.S., Dec.末,1822.

GREY (Gray)

Debby, Oct.14,1799.PR7


Joseph, s.Joseph and Mehitable (Kimball), May12,1810. [May11. dup.]

Mary Kimball, d.Joseph, jr. and Eliza Ann (Jackson), Feb.25,1841. [a.1y.6m.GR52]

Levi, s.Levi and Sophronia, Feb.15,1842, a.4y.GR52

Mary E., b. Gloucester, croup, Dec.6,1843, a.8y.

Levi, b. Methuen, s.Levi and Sophronia, inflammation of the bowels, Feb.14,1844, a.3y.4m.22d.

Joseph, h.Mehitable (Kimball), [gardener, various diseases.dup.], Jan.2,1846. [a.70y.6m.GR52]

Caroline Matilda, d.Caroline, Oct.8,1849, a.14y.GR52


Ede, Sept.14,1840.PR92


末末, ch.John, Apr.21,1840.PR85

Caroline Augusta, d.John and Sally P. (Smith), June13,1840.


William, June14,1839.

GUILFORD (Gilford)

Levi, s.Levi and Sarah (Martin), Sept.10,1805. [ Sept.9.PR106]

Simeon, Nov.2,1805.PR4

Eliza, d.Levi and Sarah (Martin), July10,1810.

Abigail, Nov.24,1824.PR4

Polly, d.Levi and Sarah (Martin), June3,1829.

末末, Mr.,末蔓末,1830, a.17y.

Emily Brown, d.Elbridge Gerry and Susanna Hayward (Whipple), Aug.23,1833.

末末, ch.D.M., Feb.8,1835.PR8

Levi, Apr.4,1841.PR8

Sarah, Mrs., June3,1841, a.61y.PR8

Emily M., b. Salem, d.Elbridge and Susan, dropsy in the head, Aug.10,1844, a.6m.16d.

George A., s.David M. and Harriet [(Groves). dup.], measles, Apr.28,1847, a.1y.4m.6d.


Elisha Augustus, s.Elisha and Hannah, Jan.14,1818, a.3m.GR48

William, Nov.末,1839.PR83

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