Sarah Jane, Mar.22,1848, a.3y.GR48


Mary, May8,1825, a.64y.PR57


James McLane, b. Ireland, d.Jan.25,1833, a.23y.

FARNHAM (Farnum)

Betsey, May7,1837, a.49y.GR48

Amanda, d.Calvin and Lydia S. (Cook), consumption, July17,1849.

Marietta, d.Calvin and Lydia S. (Cook), dysentery, Sept.26,1849.


Harriett C., w.John D., Apr.11,1819, a.28y.GR52

Harriet P., d.John D. and Harriet C., Nov.21,1849, a.10m.GR52

FARNUM (Farnham)

Elizabeth, d.Alfred and Susan (Renou), May29,1846.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Alfred and Susan, lung fever, May29,1846, a.6m.11d.

William, s.Alfred and Susan (Renou), dysentery, Aug.10,1849.


Charlotte Elizabeth (Southwick), w.John C., Aug.16,1830.


Lavina, d.Alfred and Nancy (Putnam), bowel complaint, Oct.31,1848.


Ruth, d.Samuel and Mary, Jan.22,1765.

Mary (Epes), w.Asa, Sept.12,1769.

Samuel, father of Samuel, Oct.5,1772. [a."almost" 90y.PR10]

Ebenezer, Oct.末,1775.PR10

Nathaniel, h.Dorcas, Feb.8,1776.

John, Jan.末,1777, a.abt. 90y.PR10

Zachariah, Mar.23,1780, a.54y.GR46

Elizabeth (Pickard), w.Anthony, Aug.2,1781.

Samuel, jr., h.Mary (Smith), Feb.末,1782.

Anthony, h.Elizabeth, Apr.26,1789.

David, jr., s.David and Hannah, Nov.5,1796. [Nov.6, a.2y.9m.GR48]

Ezra, s.Asa and Sarah, 2d w., Oct.29,1797.

Andrew, s.David and Hannah, Jan.9,1798.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Nov.10,1798.

Asa, h.Sarah, July16,1800.

Dorcas, wid.Nathaniel, Mar.23,1803.

Elizabeth (Nichols), 2d, w.Anthony, Aug.2,1808.

Mary, w.Samuel, Feb.12,1810.

Jonathan, h.Nanny, Feb.23,1811.

Timothy, h.Hannah, Oct.12,1811. [a.69y.GR46]

Mehitable, d.Nathan and Lydia, Apr.14,1813. [a.16y.GR46]

Hannah, wid.Timothy, Sept.19,1815. [a.72y.GR46]

Sally A., d.John S. and Sally, Sept.29, [1816?].

Phebe M., d.John S. and Sally, Oct.4,1816.

Nathan, jr., s.Nathan and Lydia, at Gardiner, ME, Aug.10,1818. [a.19y.GR46]

Rebekah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah (Felton), Nov.18,1824.

Hannah, w.Nathaniel, Sept.6,1825. [a.57y.GR46]

Charles T., s.John S. and Sally, Oct.15,1826.

Eliza Ann, Feb.28,1828, a.2y.CR5

Francis O., Sept.12,1828, a.6m.CR5

Caroline, d.John S. and Sally, Feb.末,1829.

Nathan, Esq., Feb.26,1829, a.58y.GR46

Sarah Derby, d.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Sept.25,1832. [a.2y.GR46]

Lydia [w.Nathan, Esq.GR46], Nov.28,1832. [a.61y.GR46]

Nathan, h.Lydia (Proctor), Nov.28,1832.

Nathaniel, h.Hannah, May20,1836. [a.76y.GR46]

Caroline, d.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Mar.3,1840. [1839, a.11m.GR46]

Zachariah, h.Abigail K. (Towne), Mar.22,1842. [a.42y.GR46]

Zachariah, jr., s.Zachariah and Abigail K. (Towne), Mar.4,1843.

Harriet, d.Nathaniel and Hannah (Felton), Nov.24,1844.

Martha A[bigail.GR46], d.Daniel and Hannah P. [(Felton). dup.], typhus fever, July20,1845, a.19y.3m.22d.

Sarah (Gould), w.Asa, July末,1848. [Aug.9, a.84y.GR46]

Hannah P., w.Daniel [d.Nathan Felton, Esq.GR46], fever, Apr.5,1849. [a.47y.GR46]


末末, s.Stephen and Susan (Tebbets), Oct.6,1841.


Charles Henry, s.Charles and Martha Ann (Edgerly), at Chelsea, Sept.7,1844.

末末, s.stillborn, Charles and Martha Ann (Edgerly), at Salem, Oct.末,1845.


Samuel S., b. Deerfield, NH, school teacher, s.Sanborn and Hannah, typhus fever, Nov.30,1844, a.25y.9m.16d.


Lydia, b. Topsfield, wid.Benjamin, old age, June16,1847, a.72y.2m.


末末, ch.Samuel, Feb.2,1843, a.2 1/2y.PR8

William Franklin, s.Samuel and Nancy Peabody (Rea), July31,1843.

Samuel [h.Nancy Peabody (Rea). dup.], cordwainer, b. Chichester, NH, s.Thomas and Mehitable, inflammation, July6,1844, a.31y.4m.2d.


Lydia, w.Benjamin, June17,1847, in her 73d y.GR52

FITS (Fitts)

末末, ch.Mr., fever, Oct.末,1773.PR10

FITTS (Fits)

末末, Mrs., old, Oct.末,1774.PR10


Abigail [S.GR48] (Gale), w.Amos, July1,1829. [a.33y.GR48]

Martha Allen, d.Amos and Sally (Gould), 2d w., Sept.12,1835.


Samuel, elder, s.Samuel, Oct.15,1769.

末末, oldest, d.Joseph, drowned, Jan.14,1775.PR10

末末, ch.Joseph, Oct.末,1775.PR10

Aaron, s.Amos and Eunice, Apr.10,1791.

Hannah, w.Elijah, Aug.末,1796. [Aug.23, a.34y.6m.22d.GR24]

末末, w.Elijah, Aug.23,1796.PR7

Mary, wid., June7,1803.PR7

Rebeccah B., d.Samuel and Rebeccah (Reed), Aug.23,1810.

Ruth, d.Amos and Eunice, Oct.20,1810, a.20y.2m.28d.GR24

Ede Upton, w.Capt. Samuel, "who was killed in the battle of the Revolution at Stillwater, New York, 1776," July6,1812, a.73. y.GR24

Hezekiah, h.Sally, Sept.22,1818.

Benjamin, s.Hezekiah and Sally (Putnam), Nov.9,1820.

Tarrat P., s.Elijah and Hannah, in Ohio, Oct.6,1822.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Rebeccah (Reed), Aug.末,1823.

Amos, h.Eunice (Gilford), Oct.末,1829.

Amos, Dec.10,1832, a.80y.GR24

Putnam, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), Apr.28,1834.

Perley, s.Elijah and Hannah (Putnam), at Dorchester, July末,1835.

Hannah L., Nov.17,1836.PR8

Sophia Emily, d.Thomas and Sophia F., lung fever, at Lowell, Oct.27,1837.

Sally, d.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), May5,1839. [a.4y.GR24]

Daniel, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), May7,1839. [a.15m.GR24]

Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), May27,1839. [a.20y.GR24]

Hannah (Marsh), w.William, jr., Aug.18,1841. [Aug.19, a.68y.GR41]

Eliza, d.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), typhus fever, at Lowell, Nov.末,1841. [Nov.2, a.16y.GR24]

Elijah, h.Hannah (Putnam), palsy, Nov.26,1841. [a.79y.GR24]

Mary (Bruce, née Tewksbury), w.Elijah, jr., consumption, Feb.26,1842.

William, h.Mehettable (Peabody), old age, Feb.末,1843. [Feb.6, a.84y.PR8]

Jonathan, Feb.28,1843, a.80y.GR24

Rebekah Caroline, d.Nathaniel and Rachel (Larrabee), consumption, June7,1843. [a.12y.5m.18d.dup.]

末末, d.Nathaniel, June9,1843.PR8

Samuel [h.Rebeccah (Reed). dup.], m., yeoman, s.William and Mehitable [(Peabody). dup.], inflammation by a fall, Dec.31,1843, a.56y.8m.21d.

Maria, d.Nathaniel R. and Rachael [(Larrabee). dup.], croup, Dec.28,1844, a.9y.8m.15d.[a.8y.8m.12d.GR23]

Benjamin Asa, s.Andrew and Betsey [(Downing). dup.], croup, Apr.20,1845, a.12y.9m.23d.

Susan W., w.Eben S., consumption and dropsy, July7,1845, a.31y.

Betsey, d.Elijah and Hannah (Putnam), consumption, Mar.22,1846.

Emeline J., b. Milford, NH, w.Joseph P., slow fever, Apr.6,1846, a.22y.3m.

Mehitable [(Peabody). dup.], b. Boxford, wid.William, June18,1846, a.91y.8m.11d.

末末, d.Elijah, jr. and Esther Newton (Clay), 2d w., Oct.24,1846.

William, [h.Hannah (Marsh). dup.], s.William and Mehitable, "killed on the Essex Railroad in Salem, Frye's Mill," Jan.20,1847, a.65y.[a.64y.GR41; Jan.2. dup.]

Betsey, s.Elijah and Hannah, consumption, Mar.20,1848, a.63y.5m.


末末, Mrs., at Salem, Oct.19,1776.PR10

Stephen, h.Sally (Cressey), Oct.11,1807. [1808. dup.]

Elizabeth Walker, d.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), scarlet fever, Apr.12,1842.

Harriet Newell, d.Isaac and Sophia, Apr.12,1842, a.6y.GR52


James, h.Charity F. (Glover), June24,1834, a.34y.

Charles, b. Brooklyn, NY, laborer, s.James and Charity, typhus fever, July8,1847, a.18y.8m.


Ruth, w.Wood, July10,1840, a.37y.GR52


Joanna Augusta, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Apr.8,1835. [Apr.6, a.22d.GR52]

Clarissa Lovett, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Mar.24,1839. [a.8y.GR52]

Elizabeth Cowles, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Apr.23,1839. [a.6y.GR52]

Ellen Maria, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), Apr.2,1845.

Martha, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), Aug.10,1848. [Aug.9.GR52]


Benjamin, Jan.12,1848, a.38y.PR105


Lydia, d.Gideon and Lydia, May23,1741.

Gideon, "first son" Gideon and Lydia, June13,1741.

Prisila, Nov.16,1767, a.68y.PR77

Gideon, suddenly, Oct.末,1772.PR10

Samuel, Aug.末,1773.PR10

末末, wid.Gideon, fever, Sept.末,1773.PR10

David, Dec.末,1774, a.abt. 84y.PR10

末末, ch.Capt. Gideon, Nov.末,1775.PR10

Gideon, s.Gideon and Mercy, Nov.18,1775.

Joseph, suddenly, Oct.末,1776.PR10

Mary, w.Capt. Robert, Mar.25,1778, a.33y.GR48

John, s.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.21,1785.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.25,1793.


Lydia, d.Capt. Robert and Sarah, June6,1796, a.12y.GR48

Sarah, w.Capt. Robert [and, d.Jeremiah Page.PR88], Aug.23,1802, a.52y.GR48

Rachel, w.David, "about"末蔓末,1804.

Mary N[ourse.GR37], d.Aaron and Hannah, Dec.8,1804. [a.3y.GR37]

Betty (Flint), w.James, Nov.1,1813. [a.67y.GR37]

Experience, w.Capt. James, Aug.26,1818.PR122

David, h.Rachel, "about,"末蔓末,1820.

James, father Aaron [at Salem.dup.], Mar.26,1823. [a.81y.GR37]

Mercy, w.Gideon, Sept.7,1825.

David, h.Rebeccah, Nov.21,1827.

Judith, Mar.18,1832.PR8

Cynthia Adams, d.Aaron and Hannah (Brown), Nov.14,1833. [a.22y.GR37]

Nathan, s.Aaron and Hannah (Brown), Mar.4,1834. [a.24y.GR37]

Aaron, s.James, Jan.22,1844. [a.68y.GR37]

Henry Ette, d.David B. and Eliza K., bowel complaint, Aug.7,1844, a.2m.26d.

Gideon, [h.Mary.dup.], farmer, s.Gideon, consumption, Nov.1,1845, a.97y.

Daniel, Capt., May17,1848, a.83y.PR83

FOWL (Fowle)

Benjamin, Mar.14,1814.

FOWLE (Fowl)

Mehitable, Jan.13,1824.

Lovey (Hill), w.Nathaniel, Jan.31,1835.

Rebecca, b. Cambridge, housewife, w.Samuel, heart complaint, Feb.19,1848, a.65y.

Nathaniel, h.Lovey (Fowle, nee Hill), old age, Oct.11,1849.


Isaac, Nov.末,1774.PR10

Jeremiah Page, s.John and Patty, Oct.1,1803. [a.9m.GR8]

Samuel, h.Sarah, Apr.20,1813.

William Putnam, s.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), at Havana, May9,1825.

Patty, w.John, Mar.18,1827.

Albert Francis H., s.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), Sept.13,1827.

末末, ch.Samuel, Jan.3,1833.PR8

末末, Mrs., Feb.2,1834.PR8

Anna, Jan.末,1842.CR3

Emily (Putnam), w.Augustus, Mar.9,1843.

Sarah, wid., old age, Nov.19,1847, a.92y.


Mary, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), in New York, Nov.27,1833.

Titus, s.George and Amelia (Naylor), in New Jersey, Aug.9,1842.

Ellen, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), at Poughkeepsie, NY, Sept.3,1843.

William Henry, s.George and Amelia (Naylor), whooping cough, Sept.1,1848.


末末, Mr., old, Sept.13,1772.PR10


Edwin, s.William and Leaffy (Brown), Oct.末,1819. [a.5y.GR8]

John, s.William and Leaffy (Brown), in Florida, Oct.末,1836. [a.28y.GR11]

Fidelia, d.William and Leaffy (Brown), May10,1838. [a.17y.GR8]

Sally (Trask), [d.William and Abigail Trask.GR8], w.William, jr., July13,1838. [a.29y.GR8]

William Trask, s.William, jr. and Sally (Trask), Oct.末,1839. [Oct.5, a.1y.3m.GR8]

Leaffy (Brown), w.William, Jan.12,1841. [a.59y.GR8]

Lydia R., d.William and Leafey, Sept.2,1841, a.16y.GR8

Martha, d.William and Leaffy (Brown), Dec.末,1845. [a.27y.GR11]


William, s.William and Margaret (Garvook), in Scotland,末蔓末,1832.

John, s.William and Margaret (Garvook), cough, at Lowell,末蔓末,1838.


Ann, Feb.末,1831.

Mary Ashby, d.William and Anne G., at Salem, Sept.7,1839, a.52y.GR15

Charles Tapley, s.George William and Mary Ann (Tapley), at Amherst, NH, Dec.27,1845. [a.8m.16d.GR9]


末末, Capt., "Mrs.Epes's father," Sept.7,1776.PR10

Stephen L., s.John and Lucy (Low), at Havana, June末,1807.

Lucy E., w.Capt. John, Sept.27,1821, a.27y.GR48

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Caleb L. and Sally (Daniels), Nov.19,1822.

John, s.John and Lucy, Feb.17,1824, a.6m.15d.GR48

Benjamin, s.John and Lucy (Low), "Lost at sea," May末,1828.

John, h.Lucy (Low), Feb.18,1829.

Sally (Daniels), w.Caleb L., Sept.28,1833.

Elizabeth Lakeman, w.Caleb L., May1,1839. [a.29y.PR83]

Lucy (Low), wid.John, July22,1842.


Joseph Seccomb, s.Jonathan and Mehitable, July18,1793, a.17m.GR48

Huldah, w.Jonathan, Mar.11,1799, a.61y.GR48

Jonathan, May9,1802, a.69y.GR48

Mehitable, w.Jonathan, Aug.26,1804, a.40y.GR48

Huldah, July6,1811, a.48y.GR48

Daniel Dana, s.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), dysentery, Apr.15,1841, a.11m.17d.

Richard Sprague, h.Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), May10,1842, a.49y.

Joseph, Aug.12,1846, a.74y.9m.PR47

Edward Morse, Dec.13,1847, a.24y.PR47


Sarah, w.William, Aug.17,1812.

Prudence, w.Capt. Daniel, May9,1813, in her 73d y.GR48

Daniel, Capt., Nov.23,1813, in his 57th y.GR48

Moses, July26,1816, a.45y.GR48

Sarah, Feb.22,1822, a.66y.GR48

Benjamin, Dec.7,1828, a.76y.GR48

Andrew W., s.Joseph S. and Hannah, Nov.14,1839.PR87


Esther (Swinerton), w.Timothy, at Middleton, Mar.末,1777.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w.,末蔓末,1781.

末末, ch.Timothy, Oct.27,1796.PR7

David, s.Timothy and Eunice (Goodale), 2d w.,末蔓末,1797, a.abt. 9m.

Ruth, d.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w., Feb.12,1808.

Joseph, June末,1822.PR102

Esther, d.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Apr.6,1826.

末末, ch.Richard, Dec.末,1827.PR8

Charlotte, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), Jan.4,1828.

Betty, May7,1828, a.96y.PR86

Elijah, h.Huldah (Smith), June6,1829.

Timothy, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Aug.2,1830.

末末, ch.Benjamin, Aug.9,1830.PR8

Sarah, w.Elijah, Feb.25,1833.PR102

Esther, d.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Feb.7,1834.

Ruth (Wilkins), w.Timothy, jr. [brought from Hudson.PR8], Jan.末,1835. [Jan.11, a.46y.PR8]

Eunice, Mrs., Apr.27,1836, a.82y.PR8

Timothy, h.Eunice (Goodale), 2d w., June21,1837.

Eliza Seldon, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), Nov.18,1838.

Israel Hutchinson, s.Richard and Anna (Smith), Dec.8,1838. [a.24y.PR102]

Debby, w.late David, of Middleton, Oct.14,1841, a.81y.GR11

Hulda, d.Margret, Aug.18,1842.PR8

Timothy, jr. [h.Hannah (Dale). dup.], m., b. Hudson, NH, victualler, s.Timothy and Ruth, liver complaint, June17,1843, a.33y.11m.11d.

Samuel, s.Timothy, 3d and Hannah (Dale), [croup. dup.], Dec.7,1843, a.1y.11m.8d.

Abigail W., d.Benjamin and Esther [(Wilkins). dup.], consumption, Jan.27,1845, a.20y.7m.28d.

George, s.Daniel W. and Clarissa, consumption, Sept.27,1845, a.3m.7d.

Harriet A., d.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), June15,1847.

George Augustus, s.Daniel Wheeler and Clarissa (Putnam), Sept.27,1847.

Benjamin, b. Hudson, NH, stone cutter, s.Timothy and Ruth, cancer, Nov.5,1847, a.34y.10m.21d.

Zephaniah Pope, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Nov.5,1847.

Jannet, b. Renfew, Scotland, w.Hugh, childbirth, Mar.10,1848, a.34y.6m.10d.

William Edward, s.Nehemiah Putney and Mary Ann (Perkins), consumption, Dec.12,1848. [Dec.8, a.4y.9m.28d.GR9]

Lydia Ann, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), Sept.28,1849.

FULTEN (Fulton)

Jennet [Polson.GR9], b. Scotland, housekeeper, w.Hugh, childbirth, Mar.10,1848, a.34y.6m.10d.

FULTON (Fulten)

Jannett, d.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), croup, Aug.末,1849.

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