Sarah, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), Feb.16,1751.OS

Samuel, s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), July1,1753. [Aug.1. dup.]

Mary, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), Sept.9,1755.

Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), Feb.26,1758.

Anna, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), Mar.31,1760.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), Nov.20,1764.

Nathan, s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Andrew), Apr.18,1767.

Daniel, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Feb.3,1769.PR88

John, s.John and Sarah, bp. Feb.4,1776.CR2

Samuel, s.John and Sarah, bp. Apr.7,1776.CR2

Jeremiah, jr., s.Jeremiah and Pattey, May30,1777.

John, s.Jeremiah and Pattey, Jan.22,1779. [1778. dup.]

Clarissa, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Nov.18,1779.

Patty, d.Jeremiah and Pattey, Oct.15,1780.

Nancy, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Nov.10,1781.

Becca, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Aug.21,1783.

Sally, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Oct.14,1785.

Betsy, d.twin, Samuel and Rebecca, Apr.8,1788.

Samuel, s.twin, Samuel and Rebecca, Apr.8,1788.

William [Putnam.CR1], s.Samuel and Rebecca, Mar.18,1790.

Enoch, at Weare, NH, 11:7m:1790.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Nov.4,1792.

Eliza, d.Samuel and Rebecca, Aug.20,1794.

Jeremiah, s.Samuel and Rebecca, June2,1796.

Nathan, at Weare, NH, June2,1796.

Lydia, at Weare, June22,1796.

Ruth, at Weare, NH, Nov.5,1797.

Martha, d.Jeremiah, jr. and Martha, Feb.7,1802.

Rebeccah E., d.Jeremiah, jr. and Martha, Sept.27,1805.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Aug.28,1806.

Martha Crosby, d.twin, John and Mary, Mar.10,1808.

Sally Putnam, d.twin, John and Mary, Mar.10,1808.

Jeremiah Endicott, s.Jeremiah and Martha (Endicott), Dec.15,1808.

John Crosby, s.John and Mary, Mar.11,1811.

Harriet Newhall, d.John and Mary, June11,1814.

Jeremiah E., s.Jeremiah, jr. and Martha, Dec.19,1814.

Charles, s.John and Mary, June22,1816.

Timothy E., s.Jeremiah, jr. and Martha, Feb.11,1817.

Sarah Putnam, d.John and Mary, Nov.20,1818.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, Jan.27,1821.

Maria Sawyer, d.Nathan and Mary (Sawyer), at Lincoln, VT, July5,1821.

Peace, d.Enoch and Sophronia N.J. (Forster), at Henniker, NH, 10:11m:1822.

John Sawyer, s.Nathan and Mary (Sawyer), Dec.20,1822.

Louisa, d.John and Mary, Nov.20,1823.

Nathan, jr., at Lincoln, VT,末蔓末,1825.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary (Sawyer), Feb.22,1825.

Nathan C., s.Enoch and Sophronia N.J. (Forster), at Lynn, 18:8m:1827.

Ann Lemist, d.John and Mary (Fowler), Oct.5,1828.

Julia Ann, d.Enoch and Sophronia N.J. (Forster), 8:8m:1829.

Eunice Gove, d.Nathan and Mary (Sawyer), June15,1832.

Lydia, d.Nathan and Mary (Sawyer), Mar.22,1835.

Sarah O., d.Phillip, machinist, and Eliza, Jan.13,1845.

John Sawyer, s.Nathan [gardener. dup.] and Mary (Sawyer), Apr.2,1845.


Edward, at Salem, June8,1832.

PALMER (Parmer)

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Sally, Nov.3,1797.

Sally, d.Jeremiah and Sally, Sept.8,1799.

Nellie M., at Lowell, Mar.28,1841.

PARDY (Purdy)

Augustus F., s.Charles, wheelwright, Oct.12,1846.


Pheba, at Reading, May21,1757.

Sally, at Reading, Feb.19,1779.

Gilman, at Topsfield, Sept.19,1802.

Mary, at Bradford, Jan.6,1805.

Jonathan Orrin, at Wilmington, Feb.2,1805.

Malinda, d.Thomas and Esther, Feb.27,1807.

William, s.Henry and Judith (Brown), July末,1819. (should be Oct.30,1818.)

Josiah Worcester, at West Newbury, Oct.22,1820.

Lydia, d.Henry and Judith (Brown),末蔓末,1821. (should be Feb.13,1820.)

May, d.Henry and Judith, Aug.6,1822.

Ruth, d.wid.Esther, bp. June1,1823.CR1

Lucy Ann, d.Gilman and Lucy (Holt), Sept.22,1823.

Elizabeth M., at Salem, May18,1825.

末末, s.Henry and Phebe (Town), Feb.末,1828.

George E., at Groveland, Jan.3,1829.

Eliza, d.Henry and Phebe (Town), Feb.14,1829.

Judith Augusta, d.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Sept.28,1830.

Thomas Alonzo, s.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Apr.9,1831.

George Jefferson, s.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Nov.28,1832.

Benjamin, s.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Nov.14,1833.

Ellen, d.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Oct.19,1835.

Eliza, d.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Mar.8,1838.

Phebe, d.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Apr.28,1839.

John Holroyd, s.Gilman and Abigail (Welch), 2d w., Nov.9,1839.

Thomas Gilman, s.Gilman and Abigail (Welch), 2d w., Feb.10,1842.

Eben, s.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Mar.29,1842.

George Forrester, s.Josiah Worcester and Lucy Buswell (Bartlett), at West Newbury, July29,1842.

Agnes Isabelle, d.Josiah Worcester and Lucy Buswell (Bartlett), Aug.25,1844.

Elizabeth Orrin, d.Jonathan Orrin and Olive (Newhall), at Lynnfield, Aug.27,1844.

Lucy A., d.Gilman [cordwainer. dup.] and Abigail (Welch), 2d w., Dec.5,1844.

Luther, s.Henry, cordwainer, Aug.19,1846.

Lucy Ann, d.Josiah Worcester and Lucy Buswell (Bartlett), at Salem, Aug.29,1846.

Frank Oscar, s.Jonathan Orrin and Olive (Newhall), at Lynn, May25,1847.

Luther, s.Henry and Phebe (Town), 2d w., Aug.24,1848.

Mary Elizabeth Snow, d.Josiah Worcester and Lucy Buswell (Bartlett), June20,1849.

Frank Oscar, s.Jonathan Orrin and Olive (Newhall), at Lynnfield, Sept.17,1849.

Abby Jane, d.Gilman and Abigail (Welch), 2d w., Dec.6,1849.

PARMER (Palmer)

Hannah Berry, d.adopted, Benjamin Russel, bp. July6,1817.CR1


Francis, at Phial, Portugal, May25,1786.

Mary, d.Francis and Elizabeth (Martin), July3,1817.

George, s.Francis and Elizabeth (Martin), at Salem, Aug.30,1819.


Emeline Jane, at Lynn, July31,1817.


Samuel Stanwood, at Boston, Oct.31,1819.

Sarah Ann, at Kittery, ME, Dec.29,1821.

John, at Old York, ME, June16,1826.

Dalia Ann, d.Samuel Stanwood and Hannah Ann Louisa (Draper), at Lowell, Feb.13,1843.

末末, d.Samuel Stanwood and Hannah Ann Louisa (Draper), at Salem, July29,1844.

Louisa Ann, d.Samuel Stanwood and Hannah Ann Louisa (Draper), at Salem, Aug.11,1846.

Samuel Stanford, s.Samuel Stanwood and Hannah Ann Louisa (Draper), Oct.31,1848.


Ephraim, s.Samuel, bp. June22,1755.CR1

Henry, s.Nathan and Hannah, bp. Dec.11,1757.CR1

Olive Sweetser, at Reading, June12,1818.

Harriet Newhall, at Beverly, Oct.23,1836.

Warren P., at Francistown, NH, Mar.12,1838.


Eliphalet, at Salem, NH, Aug.30,1775.

Hannah, d.Eliphalet and Abigail (Saunders), at Salem, NH, Oct.13,1802.

Louis S[aunders.dup.], s.Eliphalet and Abigail (Saunders), Dec.5,1806.

Seth, s.Eliphalet and Abigail (Saunders), Oct.4,1809.

Abigail, d.Eliphalet and Abigail (Saunders), Oct.13,1812.

George Whitfield, s.Eliphalet and Abigail (Saunders), Sept.23,1820.


John R., at Temple, NH, Feb.28,1808.

John R., s.John R. and Sarah (Jefts), at Boston, July26,1833.

Samuel Thompson, s.John R. and Sarah (Jefts), at Lynn, Oct.25,1835.

Sarah Hellen, d.John R. and Sarah (Jefts), July25,1840.

末末, d.J.R., physician, and Sarah, Dec.25,1844.


William, in Scotland,末蔓末,1785.

Clement (name changed from Nathaniel Peabody), at New Boston, NH, Aug.27,1806.

Rebekah, d.Wiliam and Rebekah (Southwick), Feb.4,1813.

Rebecca, d.William and Rebecca (Southwick), July4,1814.PR35

Rebecca, July4,1818.

Sarah, at Philadelphia, Nov.4,1833.

John Reith, s.Clement and Elizabeth (Reith), Feb.1,1834.

Nathaniel Clement, s.Clement and Elizabeth (Reith), Aug.31,1835.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Clement and Elizabeth (Reith), May2,1838.

Joseph, s.Clement and Elizabeth (Reith), May17,1840.

Benjamin F., s.Nathaniel P.C., victualler, and Elizabeth, Dec.16,1843.

Elizabeth, d.Clement and Elizabeth (Reith), Aug.7,1849.

PEABODY (Pebody)

Augustus Symonds, s.John and Margaret (Brown), Mar.8, 末末.

Mehettable, at Middleton, Mar.3,1760.

John, at Topsfield, Oct.30,1784.

George, s.Thomas and Judith, Feb.17,1795. [Feb.18.PR40]

Mary, at Haverhill, Jan.28,1796.

Charles, at Haverhill, May22,1798.

Judith, d.Thomas and Judith, Apr.5,1799.

Almira, at Middleton, June13,1804.

Dorothy, at Boxford, June15,1804.

Ruth, at Middleton, Nov.8,1804.

Emme, d.Warren and Lydia, Jan.23,1805.

William, June29,1806.

Sally, d.Warren and Lydia, July27,1807.

Mary, d.Warren and Lydia, at Middleton, Jan.6,1809.

Salome, at Boxford, July24,1810.

Elbridge, s.Warren and Lydia, at Boxford, Sept.9,1810.

Nancy, at Topsfield, Apr.17,1811.

Rebeccah, d.Allen and Rebeccah, Dec.21,1811.

Lucy, d.Warren and Lydia, Feb.1,1812.

Jeremiah Flint, at Middleton, Aug.12,1812.

Abigail, s.Joseph and Nabby, Dec.5,1812.

George, s.Warren and Lydia, Sept.9,1813.

Benjamin, at Middleton, Mar.29,1814.

Joseph, s.twin, Joseph and Nabby, July2,1815.

Mary, d.twin, Joseph and Nabby, July2,1815.

Margaret, d.Warren and Lydia, Mar.13,1816.

Allen, s.Allen and Rebeccah, July15,1816.

William Henry, at Boston, Sept.9,1819.

Eunice, at Norway, ME, June8,1821.

Mary Ann, at Salem, June12,1821.

Robert M., at Newburyport, Mar.9,1823.

John Brown, s.John and Margaret (Brown), Oct.5,1823.

Eunice Goodhue, Mar.9,1829.

Sarah Jane, d.Charles and Hannah (Howe), Aug.4,1833.

William Augustus, s.William and Hannah (Prince), June4,1834.

Charles Horace, s.Charles and Hannah (Howe), Apr.6,1835.

George Howe, s.Charles and Hannah (Howe), Sept.5,1836.

Elisabeth Prince, d.William and Hannah (Prince), June11,1837.

Hannah Prescott, d.Charles and Hannah (Howe), Feb.18,1838.

Joseph Augustine, s.Benjamin and Harriet (Brown), July18,1839.

Mary Maria, d.Charles and Hannah (Howe), Dec.30,1839.

Jerusha, d.Benjamin and Harriet (Brown), Apr.5,1842.

Benjamin Augustus, s.Charles and Hannah (Howe), May4,1842.

Almira Perley, d.William and Hannah (Prince), Oct.31,1842.

Olive, d.Benjamin [teamster. dup.] and Harriet (Brown), Feb.16,1844. [Feb.18. dup.]

Samuel C., s.Daniel, yeoman, and Sarah S., May11,1845.

Charles Augustus, s.Jeremiah Flint [cordwainer. dup.] and Betsey (Wilkins), June4,1845.

Henry Amos Lamson, s.William Henry and Sarah Ann (Lamson), at Boston, Aug.1,1846.

Daniel Dexter, s.Daniel, bp. May23,1847.CR1

Emma Flint, d.Jeremiah Flint [yeoman. dup.] and Betsey (Wilkins), Aug.27,1847.

Frances Adelaide, d.William Henry and Sarah Ann (Lamson), at Boston, July6,1848.

Francis Albert Newbury, s.William Henry and Sarah Ann (Lamson), Sept.13,1849.

PEARCE (Pierce)

Elijah Allen, s.Leonard, July17,1827.

Mehitable, in Nova Scotia, Apr.17,1841.


Lydia Ann, at Wilmington, Sept.23,1821.


Nathan, at Dunstable, Aug.12,1788.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Sally (Abbott), July19,1816.

Sally Maria, d.Nathan and Sally (Abbott), June3,1818.

PEART (Pert)

PEASLEE (Peasley)

Moses Flint, s.Ruben and Ruth, Jan.13,1801.

PEASLEY (Peaslee)

Eunice, at Kingston, Nov.3,1764.

Daniel, at Kingston, NH, Nov.28,1798.

Moses, Jan.13,1801.PR92

John, at Henniker,末蔓末,1804.

Jeremiah, at Pittsfield, NH, Oct.2,1804.

Anna Currier, at Weare, NH, Dec.3,1804.

Abigail, at Lewiston, ME, Aug.17,1806.

Eliza B., d.Daniel and Mary (Osborn), Sept.13,1819.

Paul O., s.Daniel and Mary (Osborn), July18,1821.

Esther B., d.John and Dorcas (Osborn), Dec.25,1821.

Lydia O., d.Daniel and Mary (Osborn), June8,1824.

Sarah O., d.Daniel and Mary (Osborn), Feb.13,1827.

Sally Richardson, d.John and Dorcas (Osborn), May10,1828.

John Alfred, s.John and Dorcas (Osborn), Apr.13,1830.

Sally Richardson, d.John and Dorcas (Osborn), Jan.25,1832.

Elizabeth Maria, d.John and Dorcas (Osborn), Aug.15,1834.

Ann Maria, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Baker), Nov.8,1835.

Martha Jane, d.twin, John and Dorcas (Osborn), Mar.31,1836.

Mercy Ann, d.twin, John and Dorcas (Osborn), Mar.31,1836.

Elizabeth Symonds, d.Jeremiah and Sarah (Baker), Feb.7,1838.

Francis Warren, s.John and Dorcas (Osborn), May31,1838.

Charles W., s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Baker), Nov.19,1839.

Austin J., s.Jeremiah and Sarah (Baker), Oct.3,1841.

Mary Jane, d.Jeremiah [tanner. dup.] and Sarah (Baker), Sept.9,1843.

George Francis, s.John and Dorcas (Osborn), Oct.2,1843.

PEBODY (Peabody)

Betty, d.Nathaniel, bp. May23,1762.CR2


Sarah, at Marblehead, Nov.15,1815.

PEIRCE (Pierce)

John, at Mystic, Nov.12,1762.

David, Jan.23,1799.

John B., Nov.26,1803.

William, at West Cambridge, Mar.15,1805.

Benjamin, June15,1816.

Mary Ann, June27,1820.

Alfred Putnam, s.John B. and Sarah Ann (Hallowell), Aug.26,1835.

Eunice Pope, d.David and Emma (Hutchinson), Jan.12,1836.

Eliza Ann, d.Benjamin and Mary (Fairfield), July31,1836.

Charles Page, s.David and Emma (Hutchinson), at Salem, June25,1837.

George, s.William and Hannah R. (Groves), June26,1837.

Mary Ellen, d.John B. and Sarah Ann (Hallowell), Sept.17,1837.

Charles Leonard, s.Benjamin and Mary (Fairfield), June6,1838.

Charles Page, s.David and Emma (Hutchinson), July16,1838.

Alice Breed, d.John B. and Sarah Ann (Hallowell), Aug.3,1839.

David Hutchinson, s.David and Emma (Hutchinson), Mar.17,1840.

Joseph Henry, s.Benjamin and Mary (Fairfield), Sept.3,1840.

Mary Ellen, d.William and Hannah R. (Groves), Aug.26,1841.

Abba Ann, d.Benjamin [laborer. dup.] and Mary (Fairfield), June7,1843. [June2. dup.]

Mary Eveline, d.Benjamin [morocco dresser. dup.] and Mary (Fairfield), Dec.20,1846. [Dec.15. dup.]

Samuel Wallis, s.David [morocco dresser. dup.] and Emma (Hutchinson), Aug.13,1847.

Abby, d.Benjamin and Mary (Fairfield), Aug.27,1849.


Francis Kimball, at Bradford, Sept.13,1813.

Ellen Halsall, d.Francis Kimball and Adeline Kent (Buswell), at Bradford, May16,1839.

Ellen Halsall, d.Francis Kimball and Adeline Kent (Buswell), at Bradford, July11,1840.

Frank Arthur, s.Francis Kimball and Adeline Kent (Buswell), May11,1844.

Henry Augustus, s.Francis Kimball [morocco dresser. dup.] and Adeline Kent (Buswell), Oct.26,1845.

PENDAR (Pinder)

Samuel Dutch, Feb.末,1813.

William Putnam, s.Samuel Dutch and Martha Burnham (West), July31,1846.

PENDER (Pinder)

Alice, d.John, currier, and Hannah, Sept.5,1847. (8.)


Polly, d.John and Sarah, Sept.6,1763.

John, Aug.15,1769.

John, s.John and Sarah, Aug.21,1769.

John, Aug.15,1770.

Mary, Mrs., Aug.21,1770.

Polly, w.John, at Lynn, Aug.21,1775.

Betsey, d.John and Polly (Leathe), Mar.27,1795.

John, s.John and Polly, Sept.15,1797.

John, s.John and Polly (Leathe), Sept.24,1798.

Ebenezer, s.John and Polly (Leathe), May4,1802. [May24. dup.]

Thirza Ann, d.Ebenezer and Thirza (Needham), May17,1828.

Eben Francis, s.Ebenezer and Thirza (Needham), Oct.9,1829.

Sylvanus Lapham, s.Ebenezer and Thirza (Needham), Oct.26,1831.


Hannah, d.Jacob and Martha, bp. Oct.17,1762.CR2

Lucy, d.Jacob and Martha, Mar.27,1764.

Annah, May27,1765.

Walter, s.Walter and Ann (Townsend), Jan.17,1773.

Elizabeth, at Lynnfield, Sept.17,1777.

John, at Shapleigh, ME, Feb.20,1801.

Robert, at Topsfield, May17,1801.

Sophia, at Essex, Mar.13,1802.

Maria, at Essex, Jan.8,1803.

John, at Shapleigh, ME, Feb.28,1803.

Ann, at Wenham, Aug.28,1803.

Cynthia, d.Moses and Lucy, Nov.11,1804.

Lydia, at Essex, Dec.5,1804.

Mary, at Topsfield, Jan.13,1805.

Mary Ann, at Salem, July9,1806.

Jesse, s.Moses and Lucy, Mar.28,1808.

Lois Loiza, d.Moses and Lucy, Nov.18,1809.

Israel, at Salem, May8,1812.

James, at Hope, ME, Aug.13,1814.

Amelia, d.Moses and Lucy, Jan.14,1816.

Emeline, Jan.14,1816.

Pyam Dodge, at Newbury, Sept.9,1818.

Phebe Wildes, at Topsfield, Oct.21,1822.

John, Dec.15,1822.

Eliza Jane, d.William and Hannah, Aug.6,1825.

Martha Jane, d.John and Martha (Fowler), June26,1830.

Louisa Crosby, d.John and Martha (Fowler), at Salem, Nov.17,1831.

Caroline Augusta, d.John and Martha (Fowler), Dec.15,1833.

Elvira, d.John and Martha (Fowler), at Lynn, May15,1835. [May10. dup.]

Charles Hooper, s.John and Martha (Fowler), at Lynn, Jan.5,1837.

Israel Williams Dodge, s.Israel and Mary Annah (Dodge), Aug.11,1837.

Catherine Seymour, d.Israel and Mary Annah (Dodge), Nov.22,1839.

Alfred, s.John and Martha (Fowler), Sept.15,1841.

Albert Henry, s.Pyam Dodge and Maria (Marshall), at Bradford, NH, Feb.25,1842.

Albert Morton, s.Israel and Mary Annah (Dodge), Dec.11,1842.

Ellen Augusta, d.James and Nancy H. (Carkin), Feb.9,1843.

Sarah E., d.James, millwright, and Nancy, Sept.2,1844.

George Bonorest, s.Israel [grocer. dup.] and Mary Annah (Dodge), Aug.11,1845.

Sarah E., d.James and Nancy H. (Carkin), Sept.28,1845.

Sarah Maria, d.John [currier. dup.] and Marcia Plummer (Ferguson), Feb.2,1846.

Horace Marshall, s.Pyam Dodge [baker. dup.] and Maria (Marshall), June6,1846.

William Henry, s.John [currier. dup.] and Marcia Plummer (Ferguson), Sept.16,1847.

George Henry, s.Henry Augustus [carpenter. dup.] and Emily Batchelder (Sleeper), Dec.28,1847.

Harriet Maria, d.Pyam Dodge [grocer. dup.] and Maria (Marshall), Feb.28,1848. [Feb.27. dup.]

Frank Cosligin, s.Israel and Mary Annah (Dodge), May17,1848.

John Albert, s.John and Marcia Plummer (Ferguson), Dec.29,1848.


John, at Topsfield, May29,1779.

John, at Rowley, Sept.3,1782.

William, at Boxford, Feb.10,1801.

Proctor Jefferson, s.John and Mehitable (Proctor), at Salem, June17,1802.

Frederic, at Boxford, July1,1802.

John Andrews, s.John and Mehitable (Proctor), at Salem, June1,1804.

Amos Proctor, at Boxford, Jan.15,1807.

Elbridge Gerry, s.John and Mehitable (Proctor), at Salem, Feb.9,1808.

Eliza Ann, d.John and Mehitable (Proctor), at Salem, Mar.17,1809.

Elbridge Gerry, s.John and Mehitable (Proctor), at Salem, June29,1810.

Jacob, s.John and Mehitable (Proctor), Nov.29,1812.

Harriot Augusta, at Boxford, Apr.15,1817.

Eliza, at Salem, Apr.26,1825.

George Leverett, s.William and Lucy Symonds (Chapman), at Salem, Mar.30,1826.

Almira Putnam, d.Frederick and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, July5,1827.

Alexander Augustus, s.William and Lucy Symonds (Chapman), at Salem, Mar.10,1828.

Mary Wilder, d.Proctor J. and Lydia (Perkins), Feb.24,1829.

Susan Maria, d.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, Aug.30,1829.

Lucy Ann, d.William and Lucy Symonds (Chapman), Oct.4,1829.

Lucy Ann, d.Proctor J. and Lydia (Perkins), Nov.16,1830.

Frederic Wallace, s.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, Mar.30,1831.

Sarah Francis, d.William and Lucy Symonds (Chapman), Mar.21,1832.

Greenleaf Proctor, s.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, Oct.13,1832.

Sarah Louisa, d.Phineas and Sally (Hook), Apr.20,1834.

Emeline Augusta, d.William and Lucy Symonds (Chapman), May8,1834.

Elbridge [G.PR39], s.Proctor J. and Lydia (Perkins), July5,1834.

Edwin Sanborn, s.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, July11,1834.

Sarah Maria, d.twin, Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, Nov.29,1835.

Susan Marinda, d.twin, Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, Nov.29,1835.

Susan Ellen, d.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), at Topsfield, Nov.14,1837.

Maria Taylor, d.Proctor J. and Lydia (Perkins), Jan.29,1839.

Caroline Augusta, d.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), Sept.22,1841.

Maria Adelia, d.Frederic and Almira Putnam (Batchelder), Nov.19,1843.

Maria Adaline, d.Fred, trader, and Almira P., Sept.19,1844.

Helen Eliza, Oct.12,1846.PR47

Abbie Frothingham, June29,1848.PR47

Emma, d.Amos Proctor and Sarah Felton (Martin, née Batchelder), July22,1848.

Henry, s.Amos Proctor and Sarah Felton (Martin, née Batchelder), July13,1849.


Jonathan, at Cambridge, Mar.5,1782.

Rebeccah, at West Cambridge, Dec.27,1785.

Lois, at West Cambridge, Sept.2,1793.

James, at Dublin, NH, Aug.18,1804.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Rebeccah, Jan.30,1809.

Mary Hill, d.Jonathan and Rebecah, Jan.21,1811.

Benjamin Wellington, s.Jonathan and Rebeccah, Jan.17,1813.

Rebeccah, d.Jonathan and Rebeccah, Jan.17,1815.

Horace [Horatio.CR1 and dup.], s.Jonathan and Rebeccah, Oct.23,1816.

James Munro, s.Jonathan and Rebeccah, Dec.24,1818.

Harriet, d.Jonathan and Rebeccah (Wellington), Mar.21,1820. (21.)

Nancy Crafts, d.Jacob F. and Anna B. (Dodge), Oct.8,1824.

Lucy Shaw, at Charlestown, Feb.10,1825.

Henry, s.Jonathan and Rebeccah, July19,1825.

Jacob Foster, s.Jacob F. and Anna B. (Dodge), Aug.11,1826.

Albert Foster, s.Jacob F. and Anna B. (Dodge), Mar.21,1828.

James Albert, s.James and Maria (Friend), at Beverly, Jan.10,1829.

William Francis, s.James and Maria (Friend), at Beverly, Nov.22,1830. [1831. dup.]

William Augustus, s.James, bp. Apr.3,1831.CR1

Maria, d.Jacob F. and Anna B. (Dodge), Apr.6,1831.

Ellen Maria, d.Jacob F. and Anna B. (Dodge), Jan.4,1834.

Adaline, d.James and Maria (Friend), at Beverly, Feb.7,1835.

Emaline, d.James and Maria (Friend), June16,1837.

Walter Scott, s.Jacob F. and Anna B. (Dodge), Apr.30,1838.

Maria Adelaide, d.James and Maria (Friend), May5,1840.

Harris D., s.James, victualler, and Mariah, Aug.6,1845.

Horace Derby, s.James and Maria (Friend), Aug.6,1845.

Horatio Wellington, s.Horatio [yeoman. dup.] and Serena (Putnam), Apr.9,1847.

Louisa Thurstin, d.James Albert and Caroline Augusta (Ray), May15,1848.

James Otis, s.Horatio and Serena (Putnam), Oct.2,1848.

Albert Francis, s.James Albert and Caroline Augusta (Ray), June25,1849.


Louisa, at Manchester, Apr.17,1808.

Margaret, at Marblehead, Jan.7,1813.


Amy, at Medford, Dec.9,1802.

PETTENGILL (Pettingell)

John, s.Joseph and Lucy, Sept.1, 末末.

Ephraim S., s.Joseph and Lucy, May12,1794.

Josiah, s.Joseph and Lucy, Jan.21,1796.

George, Jan.7,1824.

[Moses E., s.Moses and Lydia, Aug.15,1826.PR117Addenda]

[Lydia A., d.Moses and Lydia, Sept.23,1828.PR117Addenda]

[Elizabeth H., d.Moses and Lydia, Apr.10,1831.PR117Addenda]

[David A., s.Moses and Lydia, May25,1833.PR117Addenda]

Oliver, at Topsfield, Mar.11,1836.

Arthur, s.Amos, bp. July4,1847.CR1

PETTINGELL (Pettengill, Pettingill)

Sarah, at Salem, Jan.27,1810.

Oliver Peabody, s.Moses, bp. Nov.2,1834.CR1 [and Lydia, Mar.11,1835.PR117Addenda]

William Harrison, s.Moses, bp. July9,1837.CR1 [and Lydia, Jan.28,1837.PR117Addenda]

Mary Louisa, d.Moses, bp. Nov.22,1840.CR1 [and Lydia, July16,1839.PR117Addenda]

Alice, d.Moses, bp. July8,1849.CR1

PETTINGILL (Pettingell)

Harriet Braman, d.Moses, bp. Mar.26,1843.CR1 [and Lydia, Oct.4,1841.PR117Addenda]

PHALAN (Phalen)

PHALEN (Phalan)

Mary, d.William and Sarah (Kurwinn), at Salem, June25,1838.

John, s.William and Sarah (Kurwinn), at Salem, Sept.4,1839.

Elizabeth, d.William and Sarah (Kurwinn), at Marblehead, Feb.22,1841.

Thomas, s.William and Sarah (Kurwinn), at South Berwick, ME, June15,1843.

Sarah, d.William [yeoman. dup.] and Sarah (Kurwinn), Nov.11,1845.

William, s.William and Sarah (Kurwin), Mar.25,1848.


Francis, at Tewksbury, Nov.30,1772.

Joseph, at Tewksbury, Apr.3,1774.

Thedore, at Tewksbury, Aug.9,1795.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Eunis (Gardner), Nov.18,1804.

Elizabeth Cleveland, d.Francis and Hannah, Dec.2,1805.

Mary Buffington, d.Joseph and Eunis (Gardner), Dec.16,1806.

James G[ardner. dup.], s.Joseph and Eunis (Gardner), June5,1808.

Abigail Ropes, d.Francis and Hannah (Dunklee), Oct.21,1808.

Mary, d.Francis and Hannah (Dunklee), Aug.6,1810. [Aug.17. dup.]

Francis, s.Francis and Hannah (Dunklee), Sept.4,1812.

William, s.Francis and Hannah (Dunklee), Oct.30,1814.

Sally Ropes, d.Francis and Hannah (Dunklee), Jan.31,1817.

Joel French, at Northfield, NH, May4,1822.

Joseph Augustus, s.James Gardner and Sophia (Andrews), Feb.16,1834.

George, s.James Gardner and Sophia (Andrews), June8,1836.

Abba Churchill, d.Francis and Abigail March (Churchhill), May2,1842.

Ruth Ann, d.Joel French and Eliza (Townsend), July12,1846.

Morris Franklin, s.Joel French [cordwainer. dup.] and Eliza (Townsend), Nov.29,1848.


Charles, s.Charles and Mary (Welch), Mar.4,1849.



Julia Therese, at Rowley, Jan.23,1802.

Alonzo Platts, at Rowley, May2,1804.

Oscar, s.Alonzo Platts and Louisiana (Dodge), July27,1833.

Elizabeth Mercy, d.Alonzo Platts and Louisiana (Dodge), June12,1837.

Lydia Maria, d.Alonzo Platts and Louisiana (Dodge), Sept.6,1839.

Lydia Maria, d.Alonzo Platts and Louisiana (Dodge), Jan.3,1842.

Lucy Dodge, d.Alonzo Platts [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Louisiana (Dodge), Oct.6,1844.


Eliza, d.George, cordwainer, and Lydia, Aug.26,1844.

Lydia, d.George, cordwainer, and Lydia, Mar.20,1846.


William, s.David, at the Iron Factory, and Maria, Oct.29,1844.


James, s.James and Sarah, Aug.15,1798.

Betsy, d.James and Sarah, Feb.4,1801.

Betsy, Feb.4,1805.

PICKET (Pickett)

Perley, "a child of Hitty Perley," Aug.末,1834.

PICKETT (Picket)

Almira, at Georgetown, Feb.16,1818.

William, s.John, laborer, and Mary, Mar.8,1848.

PIERCE (Pearce, Peirce)

William, s.Leonard, at West Cambridge, May15,1805.

Oliver, s.Leonard, at Charleston, Sept.13,1807.

Leonard, s.Leonard, at Woburn, Dec.17,1809.

Mahala, d.Leonard, Apr.2,1811.

Benjamin, s.Leonard, June15,1816.

Mary Ann, d.Leonard, June27,1820.

Betsey, d.Leonard, Aug.19,1824.

PIETMAN (Pitman)

George, s.George, cordwainer, and Sarah, Nov.27,1844.


John, at Falmouth, ME, Sept.23,1798.

Elias, at Boston, July2,1803.

Eliza or Mary, d.John and Mercy (McMellen), Nov.6,1825.

James, s.John and Mercy (McMellen), Oct.19,1827.

Phebe Ann, d.John and Mercy (McMellen), July18,1829.

Elizabeth, d.Elias and Jane (Raddin), Oct.10,1830.

Sarah Ellen, d.John and Mercy (McMellen), July23,1831.

Harriet, d.Elias and Jane (Raddin), Oct.3,1833.

Benjamin Franklin, s.John and Mary Libbey (Starbird), 2d w., Nov.30,1835.

Warren Libbey, s.John and Mary Libbey (Starbird), 2d w., Feb.26,1838.

Adalaide [Adaline. dup.], d.John [blacksmith.dup.] and Mary Libbey (Starbird), 2d w., July3,1843. [July5. dup.]

末末, s.William G., mechanic, Nov.28,1846.

Horace Evelyn, s.John and Mary Libbey (Starbird), 2d w., June1,1848.


Eliza Fulsom, at Newburyport, Nov.21,1799.

PINDAR (Pinder)

John, s.Simon and Mehitable (Dutch), June30,1773.

Samuel, s.Simon and Mehitable, Nov.19,1774.

Mehitable, d.Simon and Mehatable, Feb.28,1778.

Prescilla P., d.Samuel and Hitty (Putnam), Jan.7,1804.

Mary O., Apr.末,1805.

William P., s.Samuel, morocco dresser, and Martha, July29,1846.

PINDER (Pendar, Pender, Pindar)

William, s.Simon and Mehitable, Dec.25,1779.

Hannah, d.Simon and Mehitable, Jan.2,1782.

Sally, d.Simon and Mehitable, Jan.22,1784.

Polly, d.Simon and Mebitable, Nov.3,1788.

Simon, s.Samuel and Hitty, Aug.1,1800.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hitty, Apr.11,1801.

Mary, d.Samuel and Hitty, Apr.22,1803.

Priscilla P., d.Samuel and Hitty, Jan.7,1806.

Mehetable D., d.Samuel and Hitty, Nov.14,1808.

Samuel D., s.Samuel and Hitty, Feb.3,1811.

Josiah A., s.Samuel and Hitty, Aug.17,1815.

John, at Ipswich, Jan.14,1824.

Hannah Wade, d.John [currier. dup.] and Hannah (Wade), July12,1845.

Alice, d.John and Hannah (Wade), Sept.5,1847.

William Wade, s.John and Hannah (Wade), Feb.末,1849.


Hicks, at Madbury, NH, Oct.7,1806.

Charles Freeman, s.Charles, of Madbury, NH, s.adopted, Hicks and Mary Buffington (Phelps), at Madbury, NH, Jan.11,1829.

Mary Allen, d.Hicks and Mary Buffington (Phelps), Jan.8,1835.

Ephraim Gardner, s.Hicks and Mary Buffington (Phelps), Jan.20,1839.

PITMAN (Pietman)

George, at Barnstead, NH, June21,1814.

Sarah Trask, d.George and Sarah Elliot (Friend), Sept.13,1839.

Sarah T., Sept.23,1840.

Mary Ellen, d.George and Sarah Eliot (Friend), June13,1841.

George, s.George and Sarah Elliot (Friend), Nov.27,1844.

Joseph, s.George and Sarah Eliot (Friend), May27,1848.

PLUMER (Plummer)

Richard, at Sandwich, NH, Dec.28,1804.

Oliver Ambrose, s.Richard and Philura W. (Hutchins), at Sandwich, NH, Mar.5,1834.

PLUMMER (Plumer)

Emeline, at Gloucester, Jan.6,1809.

George, s.Hiram and Sarah Ann (Demerritt), Aug.2,1840.

Samuel Demerritt, s.Hiram and Sarah Ann (Demerritt), Jan.15,1843.

Joseph Hiram, s.Hiram [currier. dup.] and Sarah Ann (Demerritt), Sept.14,1845.

William, s.Hiram and Sarah Ann (Demerritt), Mar.29,1849.


Oliver, at Hamilton, Aug.18,1805.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Oliver and Mary (Lee), at Essex, Oct.2,1830.

William Henry, s.Oliver and Mary (Lee), at Essex, Jan.2,1831.

Augusta Hellen, d.Oliver and Mary (Lee), at Salem, Aug.26,1835.

Mary Louisa, d.Oliver and Mary (Lee), Dec.30,1837.

Laura Ann, d.Oliver and Mary (Lee), May31,1841.

Julia Maria, d.Oliver [wheelwright. dup.] and Mary (Lee), May15,1844.


Jane, at Paisley, Scotland,末蔓末,1804.

POOL (Poole)

William, s.William and Mary, Nov.6,1756.

Mary, d.William and Mary, Dec.6,1758.

Ward, s.William and Elizabeth, Apr.17,1763.

Zachariah, s.William and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.14,1764.CR2

Zachariah, s.William and Elisabeth, Sept.3,1765.

Nathaniel, s.William and Elizabeth, Sept.30,1766.

Benjamin, s.William and Elizabeth, bp. Oct.2,1768.CR2

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1770.

Fitch [s.William and Elizabeth.CR2], Feb.13,1772. [1773. dup.]

Rebekah, d.William and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1774.

William, s.Ward and Sarah, Jan.21,1794.

Joseph P[erry.CR2], s.Ward and Sarah, Nov.8,1795.

Joseph, s.Ward and Rebecka, 2d w., Dec.30,1797.

Ward, jr., s.Ward and Rebecka, 2d w., Jan.30,1799.

Rebekah, d.Ward and Rebecka, 2d w., Oct.8,1800.

Fitch, jr., s.Fitch and Elizabeth, June13,1803.

Eliza, d.Fitch and Eliza, Jan.22,1805.

Leonard, s.Fitch and Eliza, July12,1807.

Maria, d.Fitch and Eliza, Oct.30,1808.

Sally Perry [Berry.dup.], d.Fitch and Eliza, Dec.26,1810.

Edward, s.Fitch and Eliza, May15,1812.

Horace, s.Fitch and Eliza, Sept.18,1815.

Rebecca, d.Fitch and Eliza, Aug.23,1819. [1818. dup.]

Samuel Augustus, s.Fitch and Eliza, Dec.12,1820.

Maria, d.Fitch and Eliza, Jan.17,1823.

William, s.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), Nov.8,1824.

Charles Henry, s.Fitch and Eliza, Feb.5,1825.

Francis, s.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), Feb.7,1827.

Elisabeth, d.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann, June12,1829.

Theodore, s.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), July14,1832.

Sarah, d.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), Mar.25,1835.

Horace, s.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), Dec.18,1836.

Elizabeth Frost, d.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), Apr.29,1839.

Arthur F., s.Fitch, jr. [leather dresser. dup.] and Mary Ann (Poor), Sept.24,1844.

Edmund Alden, s.Fitch, jr. and Mary Ann (Poor), June21,1849.

POOLE (Pool)

Leonard, Jan.12,1807.

Joshua Hall, s.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), Oct.15,1819.

William Frederick, s.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), at Salem, Dec.21,1821.

Henry Ward, s.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), at Salem, Sept.13,1825.

Lucius, s.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), Jan.3,1833.

Mary Wilder, d.Leonard and Mary M. (Wilder), Oct.11,1834.

Eliza Wilder, d.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), at Worcester, Aug.1,1835.

Emily Herrick, d.Leonard and Mary M. (Wilder), Feb.1,1837.

George Sanger, s.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), at Worcester, July28,1839.

Joseph Converse, s.Ward, jr. and Eliza (Wilder), at Worcester, May5,1844.

Sarah Webster, d.Leonard [tanner. dup.] and Mary M. (Wilder), Apr.13,1846.


James [or wife Mary], Aug.31,1762.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary (Abbot), Mar.28,1771.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.26,1773.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Mary, Apr.30,1775.

Enoch, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.20,1777.

Sally, June16,1779.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Mary, July21,1779.

George Abbot, s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.26,1781.

Enoch, jr., at Andover, May19,1782.

Nancy, d.Joseph and Mary, May4,1784.

Nathan, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.15,1786.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Mary, June27,1789.

Betsey, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.21,1791.

James, s.James and Mary, Aug.25,1792.

Sally, d.James and Mary, Oct.29,1794.

Martha, d.Joseph and Mary, June20,1795.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph, jr. and Tammison, Mar.24,1796.

Rachel, d.James and Mary, Sept.10,1798.

Henry, s.Joseph, jr. and Tammison, Jan.16,1799.

Sarah Woods, at Andover, May30,1800.

Nicholas Melford, s.James and Mary, Nov.14,1800.

George, s.Joseph, jr. and Tammison, Feb.26,1801.

Margaret, d.James and Mary, May2,1802.

William, s.Enoch and Sarah, Oct.29,1804.

Joseph, jr., s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., July7,1805.

Mary Ann, d.Enoch and Sarah, May14,1806.

Tamison, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., Aug.1,1807.

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., Oct.2,1809.

Susan Silver, d.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), Aug.13,1810.

Elizabeth, d.Enoch and Sarah, Oct.26,1810.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., Aug.16,1811.

Margaret Silver, d.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), Feb.20,1812.

Nancy, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., July13,1813.

Caroline, d.Enoch, jr. and Hannah (Bodwell), Oct.16,1813.

Nathan Holt, s.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), May23,1814.

Mary, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., May27,1815.

Fidelia, d.Enoch, jr. and Hannah (Bodwell), Apr.11,1816. [Apr.16. dup.]

Nathan H., s.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), May11,1816.

Rebekah, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., July31,1817.

Nathan H., s.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), Nov.14,1817.

John Robbinson, s.Enoch, jr. and Hannah (Bodwell), Jan.28,1818.

Harriet C., d.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), July26,1820.

Martha, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., Sept.24,1820.

Daniel, s.Enoch, jr. and Hannah (Bodwell), Apr.19,1822.

George Abbot, s.Nathan and Margaret (Silver), Sept.5,1822.

Daniel, s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., Oct.24,1822.

Eben Sprague, s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Mar.15,1823.

Franklin O., s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Dec.31,1824.

Enoch, s.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, 2d w., June17,1825.

Eliza Ann, d.George and Eliza (Reed), Nov.7,1826.

Susan O., d.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Jan.28,1827.

Joseph, s.Ebenezer and Clarissa (Abbot), at Beverly, Nov.1,1827.

Nathan Holt, s.Nathan, bp. Sept.14,1828.CR2

Tamson S., d.George and Eliza (Reed), Nov.19,1828.

Henry Cook, s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Nov.23,1828.

Edward Payson, s.Ebenezer and Clarissa (Abbot), Aug.25,1829.

Sarah, d.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Oct.29,1830.

John Osborn, s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Nov.4,1830.

Warren Augustus, s.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Apr.13,1832.

Mary, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.15,1832.CR2

Charles Carroll, s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Dec.9,1832.

Mary Ellen, d.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Apr.2,1834.

Joseph Everett, s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Sept.16,1834.

Emily Gray, d.Ebenezer and Clarissa (Abbot), at Berkeley, July19,1835.

Ellen, d.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Aug.23,1835.

Mary Ann, d.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Oct.1,1835.

Lydia, d.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Mar.2,1837.

Leverett, s.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Feb.23,1838.

Caroline, d.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Sept.8,1839.

Eliza Munroe, d.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Aug.22,1840.

Lydia Frances, d.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Mar.24,1841.

John Augustus, s.John Robbins and Sarah Sprague (Dole), Sept.10,1841.

Nathan H., s.George Abbot and Lavina (Welch), Apr.14,1842.

Albert Augustus, s.Henry and Mary (Osborn), Feb.24,1843.

Augusta, d.George, bp. June2,1844.CR2

Lucinda Munroe, d.Joseph, jr., bp. June2,1844.CR2

Sally Sprague, d.George, bp. June2,1844.CR2

Eliza Frothingham, d.Nathan H. [currier. dup.] and Abigail (Morrill), Aug.13,1844.

George Horace, s.Joseph, jr. [tanner. dup.] and Eliza (Munroe), Nov.10,1844.

Horace A., s.George Abbot and Lavina (Welch), Jan.10,1845.

Frank Walker, s.Nathan H. [currier. dup.] and Abigail (Morrill), Dec.18,1845. [Dec.10 and Dec.28. dup.]

Albert Francis, s.Joseph, jr. [tanner. dup.] and Eliza (Munroe), Sept.6,1846.

William Abbott, s.Henry C., tanner, and Catherine Augusta, June12,1847.

Ellen Maria, d.twin, Eben Sprague [hide and leather dealer. dup.] and Mary E. (Harris), 2d w., Nov.10,1847.

Franklin Osborn, s.twin, Eben Sprague [hide and leather dealer. dup.] and Mary E. (Harris), 2d w., Nov.10,1847.

William Albert, s.Henry Cook and Catherine Augusta (Carkin), Jan.12,1848.

Daniel Edward, s.John Robbins [trader. dup.] and Sarah Sprague (Dole), Feb.19,1848.

Joseph Abbott, s.Enoch and Fanny (Lowd), at Randolph, VT, May8,1848.

Joseph Alvan, s.Joseph, jr. and Eliza (Munroe), Aug.31,1848.

Louisa Osborn, d.Henry Cook and Catherine Augusta (Carkin), Mar.21,1849.

George, s.George Abbot and Lavina (Welch), Sept.21,1849.

William Edwin, s.Enoch and Fanny (Lowd), Oct.13,1849.


Mary, d.Nathaniel and Mary (Swinerton), Dec.12,1748.

Eunice, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Feb.21,1751.OS [Feb.19. dup.]

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.22,1753.

Rebeckah, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Apr.16,1755.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Aug.21,1757.

Eliezar, s."first born", Eliezar and Nancey, Feb.4,1758.

Jasper, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.10,1759.

Rebeccah, d.Eliezer and Nanny, Dec.31,1759.

Ruth, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Nov.7,1761.

Molley, d.Eliezer and Nanny, Apr.16,1762.

Zephaniah, s.Nathaniel and Mary, May6,1764.

Joseph, s.Eleazer and Nancy, June28,1764.

Elijah, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Jan.28,1766.

Mehetable, d.Eleazer, bp. Nov.15,1767.CR1

Mehetabel, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Apr.3,1768.

Nane, d.Eleazer, bp. Aug.27,1769.CR1

Alien, s.Eleazer, bp. July12,1772.CR1

Huldah, d.Eleazar, bp. Dec.5,1773.CR1

Perley Putnam, s.Elizer, bp. July9,1775.CR1

Betsey, d.Eli, bp. Sept.28,1777.CR1

Jesper [s.Eli.CR1], Jan.1,1780.

Samuel Carroll, at Salem, Nov.25,1783.

William Walton, s.Eliezer, bp. Oct.31,1784.CR1

Mary [d.Eleazar and Esther.PR24], at Salem, July16,1788.

Nathaniel, s.Elijah and Hannah, Aug.2,1792.

Hannah, d.Elijah and Hannah, Sept.29,1794.

Betsey, d.Elijah and Hannah, Feb.18,1797.

Amos, s.Nathaniel, bp. June3,1798.CR1

Mary, d.Elijah and Hannah, Apr.19,1799.

Gertrude, Aug.14,1799.

Jasper, s.Elijah and Hannah, July14,1802.

Abigail Lander, d.Jesper and Abigail (Lander), at Salem, June14,1805.

Phebe P., d.Elijah and Hannah, Mar.8,1807. [Mar.9.PR99]

Ann Hall, d.Samuel Carroll and Frances (Dissmore), at Salem, Nov.13,1807.

Zephaniah, s.Amos and Sarah, Dec.15,1807.

William Allen, s.Jesper and Abigail (Lander), at Salem, Apr.30,1808.

Samuel Lysander, s.Samuel Carroll and Frances (Dissmore), at Salem, Jan.20,1809.

Elijah, jr., s.Elijah and Hannah, July13,1809.

Orlando Ebenezer, s.Samuel Carroll and Frances (Dissmore), at Salem, Mar.17,1810.

Ann Putnam, d.Jesper and Abigail (Lander), at Salem, Mar.29,1810.

Eunice, d.Amos and Sarah, May30,1810.

Caroline, d.Jesper and Abigail (Lander), at Salem, Nov.3,1811.

Frances Dissmore, d.Samuel Carroll and Frances (Dissmore), at Salem, Dec.25,1811.

Matilda, d.Jesper and Abigail (Lander), at Salem, July18,1814.

Mehetable Carroll, d.Samuel Carroll and Frances (Dissmore), at Salem, Dec.2,1815.

Horatio Gates, s.Jesper and Abigail (Lander), at Salem, Dec.7,1815.

Elizabeth Putnam, d.Nathaniel and Abi, Feb.12,1816.

Harriet Adeline, d.Nathaniel and Abi, Sept.8,1817.

Mary Putnam [d.Nathaniel and Abi. dup.], July26,1819.

Aseneth Preston, d.Nathaniel and Abi, Sept.19,1821.

Ira Preston, s.Nathaniel and Abi, Sept.11,1823.

John Reith, at Salem, Sept.末,1824.

Daniel Putnam, s.Nathaniel and Abi, Mar.8,1826.

Daniel P., June2,1828.

Hannah Putnam, d.Nathaniel and Abi, June2,1828.

Phebe Mansfield, d.Nathaniel and Abi (Preston), May12,1830.

Jasper Felton, s.Nathaniel and Abi (Preston), Apr.4,1832.

Francis Elijah, s.Elijah, jr. and Eunice (Prince), May29,1832.

Laura C., at Salem, Oct.21,1832.

Frances R., d.Orlando E. and Rebecca S. (Fairfield), Dec.19,1832.

Orlando Lysander, s.Orlando E. and Rebecca S. (Fairfield), Dec.10,1834.

George Stephen, s.Orlando E. and Rebecca S. (Fairfield), July29,1836.

Nathaniel A., s.Elijah, jr. and Eunice (Prince), Dec.24,1837.

Amos A., s.Zephaniah and Nancy (Mudge), Feb.16,1838.

Elizabeth Mehitabel, d.Orlando E. and Rebecca S. (Fairfield), Sept.11,1838.

Orlando George, s.Orlando E. and Rebecca S. (Fairfield), July29,1840.

Sarah Ann, d.Zephaniah and Nancy (Mudge), May5,1842.

Elizabeth, d.Nathaniel, bp. July2,1843.CR1

George O.H., s.Orlando E. [hairdresser. dup.] and Rebecca S. (Fairfield), Oct.5,1844.

Samuel Putnam, s.Elijah, jr. [farmer. dup.] and Eunice (Prince), Dec.16,1844.

Caroline Eunice, d.Zephaniah [yeoman. dup.] and Nancy (Mudge), Feb.2,1847.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Elijah, jr. [yeoman. dup.] and Eunice (Prince), June14,1847.

Emily, d.Ira Preston [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Eliza Cogswell (Batchelder), Jan.19,1848. [Jan.14. dup.]

Esther, d.John Reith and Mary Jane (Brown), Sept.11,1849.


Ruth, Jan.16,1731.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Feb.28,1739.

Sarah, d.Israel and Mary, Aug.20,1739.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Apr.4,1740.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Oct.28,1740.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Mar.29,1742.

Amos, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.24,1742.

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Sept.22,1744.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Mary, Dec.18,1744.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.5,1745-6.

Israel, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Oct.3,1746.

Francis, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Sept.22,1748.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan, Feb.13,1750.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Aug.11,1752.OS

Ame, d.Benjamin and Ame, Oct.18,1753.

Nathaniel, s.Ebenezer, bp. Dec.9,1753.CR1

Apphia, d.John and Apphia, bp. Oct.20,1754.CR1

James, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Jan.13,1755.OS

Mary, d.Benjamin and Ame, Mar.27,1755.

John, s.Benjamin and Sarah, bp. Mar.21,1756.CR1

Anna, d.John, bp. May30,1756.CR1

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mercy, Aug.6,1756.

Peter, s.Benjamin and Eunice, May9,1757.OS

Aaron, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Oct.24,1757.

Mary, d.Thomas and Marcy, Nov.15,1758.

Huldah, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Mar.20,1759.NS

Allen, s.Benjamin and Eunice, May13,1761.

James, s.Thomas and Marcy, July6,1761.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Mar.30,1762.

[Mary, d.Zerubbabel and Mary, Oct.8,1762.PR119Addenda]

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Eunice, Mar.10,1763.

Jonathan, jr., at Exeter, NH, May1,1763.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, June22,1763.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah (Brown), Nov.25,1763.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Feb.1,1764.

John, s.John and Hannah, bp. July1,1764.CR2

Rebecca, d.John and Hannah, bp. July1,1764.CR2

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.5,1765.

Daniel Clark, s.Thomas and Marcy, Oct.9,1766.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, bp. Sept.27,1767.CR2

Marcy, d.Thomas and Mercy, July7,1768.

Mehitable, at Exeter, NH, Sept.4,1768.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Phebea, 2d w., Aug.20,1769.

Molly, d.Joseph and Phebea, 2d w., Jan.20,1771.

Dudley, s.Dudley and Sarah, bp. Feb.10,1771.CR2

Daniel, s.Benjamin Porter and Sarah (Brown), Oct.1,1771 or 1773.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Phebea, 2d w., June7,1772.

Samuel, s.Dudley and Sarah, bp. Jan.10,1773.CR2

Israel, s.Israel and Huldah, Mar.27,1773.

Ruth, d.Joseph and Phebea, 2d w., May12,1774.

Abijah, s.Israel and Huldah, Aug.2,1776.

Eunice, at Topsfield, Jan.8,1778.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Eunice, May27,1778.

Hannah, d.James and Hannah, bp. Feb.21,1779.CR2

Greenleaf, s.Dudley and Sarah, bp. July18,1779.CR2

Simon, s.Amos, bp. Nov.21,1779.CR1

Zacheus, s.James and Hannah, bp. Nov.12,1780.CR2

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Eunice, June30,1781.

Benjamin, s.Israel and Huldah, Sept.7,1786.

Samuel H., s.Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, Nov.17,1788.

Warren, s.Zerobabel and Mary, Sept.30,1789.

Cynthia, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia, Oct.24,1789.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, Apr.2,1790.

Lydia, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia, Aug.13,1791.

Samuel H., s.Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, Mar.23,1792.

Alfred, s.Zerobabel and Mary, May1,1792.

John, s.Jonathan, 3d, and Mehetable, Nov.11,1793.

Eunice, d.Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, 末蔓23,1794.

Moses, s.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia, May2,1794.

George Washington, s.Daniel and Ruth, May24,1795.

Huldah, d.Israel, jr. and Sally, Apr.20,1796.

Mary, d.Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, May31,1796.

Nancy, d.Jonathan, 3d and Mehetable, July28,1796.

Hannah, d.Jonathan, bp. Apr.2,1797.CR1

Sarah Rea, d.Daniel and Ruth, May14,1797.

Sally, d.Israel, jr. and Sally, Oct.16,1797.

Sarah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia, Dec.24,1797.

Sally, d.twin, Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, 末蔓12,1798.

Samuel H., s.twin, Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, 末蔓12,1798.

Rebecca, d.Abijah and Sally, Feb.13,1799.

Elisabeth Robinson, d.Daniel and Ruth, Apr.28,1799.

Rocksean, d.Israel and Sally, Oct.23,1799.

Rebecca Cleaves, d.Abijah and Sarah (Dodge), at Danville, VT, Feb.13,1801.

Isaac, s.Abijah and Sarah (Dodge), at Wheeler, VT, Feb.22,1803. [1802. dup.]

Joseph, at Beverly, July28,1804.

Israel, s.Abijah and Sarah (Dodge), at Wheeler, VT, Oct.11,1804.

Cynthia, d.twin, Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, Feb.22,1805.

Israel P., s.twin, Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, Feb.22,1805.

Sarah, d.Abijah and Sarah (Dodge), at Wheeler, VT, May5,1805.

David, s.Andrew and Eunice, Jan.30,1806.

William, s.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia, Feb.18,1806.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin and Rhoda (Berry), Nov.1,1808.

George, at Beverly, Feb.6,1809.

Joseph, s.Andrew and Eunice (Dwinnell), at Mt. Vernon, NH, Aug.23,1809.

Alfred Rea, s.Aaron and Eunice (Hathorne), at Salem, Aug.27,1810. [1809. dup.]

Mary Ann Abigail, d.Benjamin and Rhoda (Berry), Jan.24,1812. [Jan.25. dup.]

Rhoda Berry, d.Benjamin and Rhoda (Berry), Apr.23,1814. [Apr.17. dup.]

Rebecca, at Wheelock, ME, July31,1815.

Israel, s.Benjamin and Rhoda (Berry), Mar.15,1816.

Israel, s.Benjamin and Rhoda (Berry), at Marblehead, Apr.10,1817.

Elias Endicott, s.Alfred and Clarisa, Aug.22,1819.

Huldah Smith, d.Benjamin and Rhoda (Berry), at Marblehead, Sept.19,1819. [ Sept.17. dup.]

Rebecca, at Wheelock, VT,末蔓末,1824.

Luther Elliott, s.Isaac and Sarah (Hoyt), at Wheelock, VT, Aug.18,1824.

Mary Endicott, d.Warren and Ann, Nov.11,1824.

Allen Kimball, s.Isaac and Sarah (Hoyt), at Hartland, VT, Mar.31,1826.

Alfred, s.Warren and Anne, June11,1826.

John Henry, s.Benjamin and Nancy (Kent), 3d w., at Marblehead, Dec.7,1826.

Sarah Rebecca, d.Isaac and Sarah (Hoyt), at Hartland, VT, Feb.10,1828.

Ann Fairfield, d.Hathorne and Mehetable, Apr.11,1828.

Israel, s.Hathorne and Mehetable, Apr.18,1830.

Warren, s.Warren and Ann, Apr.19,1830.

Fanny Maria, d.Moses and Fanny (Giddings), May21,1830.

Andrew W., s.Andrew and Mary O. (Pindar), Sept.15,1830.

Eliza Maria, d.Isaac and Sarah (Kent), 2d w., at Cornish, NH, Dec.19,1831.

Hitty P., d.Andrew and Mary O. (Pindar), Feb.5,1832.

Frederick, s.Hathorne and Mehetable, Apr.13,1832.

Nancy Charlotte, d.Benjamin and Nancy (Kent), 3d w., at Marblehead, June1,1832. [June6. dup.]

Alonzo Dwinnell, s.David and Melinda (Wells), Jan.1,1833.

Matilda Welch, d.Warren and Ann (Welch), Apr.30,1833.

Caroline Allen, d.Hathorne and Mehetable, Jan.15,1834.

Daniel Webster, s.David and Melinda (Wells), Sept.22,1834.

Melville Augustus, s.Joseph, jr. and Elizabeth Whittredge (Hutchinson), Dec.12,1834.

Charles B., s.Andrew and Mary O. (Pindar), July7,1835.

John Welch, s.Warren and Ann (Welch), Sept.27,1835.

Martha Almira, d.Hathorne and Mehetable, July18,1836.

Edward Everett, s.David and Melinda (Wells), Sept.6,1836.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin and Nancy (Kent), 3d w., at Marblehead, May10,1837.

Leverett Henry, s.Joseph, jr. and Elizabeth Whittredge (Hutchinson), Sept.11,1837.

Charles, s.Warren and Ann (Welch), May30,1838.

Herbert, s.Alfred and Elizabeth C., Oct.26,1838.PR50

Melvill Augustus, s.Joseph, jr. and Elizabeth Whittredge (Hutchinson), Dec.26,1839.

Adeline Augusta, d.Isaac and Eliza (Joselyn), 3d w., Feb.5,1840.

Francis Alfred, s.Alfred and Elizabeth C., Dec.7,1840.PR50

Henrietta Wentworth, d.Isaac and Eliza (Joselyn), 3d w., Aug.3,1841.

Leonidas King, s.David and Melinda (Wells), Feb.1,1842.

Martha Ann, d.Isaac [farmer. dup.] and Eliza (Joselyn), 3d w., Jan.10,1843. [June. dup.]

Leverett Henry, s.Joseph, jr. [shoemaker. dup.] and Elizabeth Whittredge (Hutchinson), June23,1843.

Elizabeth Johnson, d.Israel Putnam and Martha Jane (Tucker), 2d w., Jan.5,1844.

Mary Trask, d.Joseph, wheelwright, and Abigail P. (Henderson, née Batchelder), Apr.21,1844.

Sarah H., d.Andrew and Eunice (Dwinnell) [Mary (Grant), 3d, w.dup.] Apr.18,1846.

Joseph Franklin, s.Joseph, wheelwright, and Abigail P. (Henderson, née Batchelder), Apr.6,1847.

Luella Ann, d.Joseph, jr. and Elizabeth Whittredge (Hutchinson), Apr.7,1847.

Arvilla, d.Samuel M., laborer, and Mary, Sept.15,1847.

Sarah P., d.twin, Edward, cordwainer, and Mary, Feb.1,1848.

Martha Adeline, d.Luther Elliot and Martha Jane (Flint), June20,1848.

末末, s.Luther Elliot and Martha (Flint), Dec.26,1849.


Benjamin, at Hamilton, May6,1771.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Ipswich, Nov.29,1794.

William Kinsman, s.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Hamilton, Apr.9,1796.

Henry, s.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Hamilton, Aug.27,1797.

William Kinsman, s.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Wenham, May9,1800.

Dudley, s.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Wenham, Dec.25,1802.

Mary Ann, d.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Marblehead, Dec.5,1804.

Rachel Matilda, at Manchester, Dec.20,1804.

Charles, at Wenham, Nov.6,1806.

Louisa Brown, d.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Marblehead, Oct.7,1807.

Elizabeth Safford, d.Benjamin and Anna (Kinsman), at Marblehead, Aug.6,1809.

Henry Austin, s.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), at Wenham, Jan.11,1819.

Laura Ann, d.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), at Salem, Dec.6,1820.

William, at Salem, June26,1822.

Martha Washington, d.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), at Beverly, Sept.17,1823.

Albert Galliton, s.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), at Beverly, Aug.25,1825.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), at Beverly, Mar.5,1827.

Frederick, s.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), Dec.6,1830.

Mary Stanley, d.Charles and Lydia (Brown), Dec.10,1833.

Fidelia, d.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), at Beverly, Mar.16,1834.

Hannah B., d.Charles and Lydia (Brown), May30,1836.

Ann Bailey, d.Benjamin and Ann (Bailey), Aug.25,1837.

Charles Austin, s.Charles and Lydia (Brown), Dec.30,1841.

Abby Jane, d.William and Ednah (Brown), at Hamilton, July16,1843.

Mary Esther, d.Henry, morocco dresser, and Lydia, Aug.13,1843.

Maurice O., s.Henry A., trader, and Lydia, Apr.8,1845.

末末, d.Henry A., morocco dresser, and Lydia, Apr.27,1846.

Charles Henry, s.William [butcher. dup.] and Ednah (Brown), Sept.7,1846.

Dennison Brown, s.Charles [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Lydia (Brown), Nov.11,1846.

Lydia A., d.Henry A., trader, and Lydia, Sept.15,1847.

Edward, s.William and Ednah (Brown), Oct.26,1849.


Susan, at Salem, Mar.4,1809.

Leonard, at Pembroke, NH, Apr.12,1819.


Jeremiah Henry, at Shapleigh, ME, Oct.13,1831.

Samuel F., at Salem, July21,1839.


Mary Abigail, at Marblehead, Sept.8,1819.

Emily Helen, at Marblehead, Sept.27,1821.

Henry, at Marblehead, Aug.14,1823.

Eliza J., at Marblehead, Feb.4,1839.


Rebecca, d.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, May20,1742.

Martha, d.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, Nov.23,1744.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, Mar.14,1746.

James, s.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, Mar.16,1748.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin jr. and Rebecca, Dec.1,1752.

Mercy, d.Benjamin, jr. and Rebecca, Feb.5,1755.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin jr. and Rebecca, Oct.22,1757.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Rebecca, May9,1760.

Jonathan Cass, at Sanbornton, Oct.25,1792. (sbould be 1790.)

David, at Holderness, NH, Oct.12,1808.

James M., s.Jonathan and Mary (Foot), at Sanbornton, Dec.24,1815.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Mary (Foot), at Bristol, NH, Oct.3,1818.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Mary (Foot), at Bristol, NH, Mar.末,1821.

Joseph Warren, at Epping, NH, Apr.15,1821.

George, at Meredith, NH, Nov.16,1822.

George, at Meredith, NH, Nov.26,1823.

George, s.Jonathan and Mary (Foot), Jan.末,1824.

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan and Mary (Foot), Dec.11,1829.

Susan Walis, d.David and Mary Shaw (Trask), at Salem, Apr.5,1831.

Charles Augustus, s.David and Mary Shaw (Trask), at Salem, June15,1833.

John-Murry, s.David and Mary Shaw (Trask), at Salem, Feb.3,1836.

Charles Augustus, s.David and Mary Shaw (Trask), Mar.14,1839.

Susan Augusta, d.David and Mary Shaw (Trask), at Salem, May17,1843.

Julitta, d.Joseph Warren and Julitta Messer, Mar.30,1845.

末末, d.Joseph W., carpenter, Apr.3,1845.

David, s.David and Mary Shaw (Trask), at Salem, Aug.26,1845.

Emeline Jane, d.Lewis, teamster, and Jemima, Apr.14,1846.

Olive Maria, d.George and Susan M. (Batchelder), Dec.24,1846.

Olive Maria, d.George and Susan Martin (Batchelder), Dec.24,1848.


Elizabeth, d.John and Hannah (Putnam), May9,1745.

John, s.John and Hannah, Sept.8,1746.

Phillip, s.John and Hannah, Oct.30,1748.

Joshua, s.John and Hannah, Mar.22,1751.

David, s.John and Hannah, Mar.20,1752.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Aug.8,1754.

Levi, s.John and Hannah, Oct.21,1756.

Moses, s.John and Hannah, Apr.20,1758.

Aaron, s.John and Hannah, Mar.24,1760.

Daniel, s.John and Hannah, June11,1761.

末末, d.John and Mehitabel, Oct.1,1772.

Hannah, Jan.4,1774.

John, s.John and Mehitabel, Jan.2,1776.

David, s.John and Mehitable, Nov.30,1777.

Betsey, d.John and Mehitabel, Nov.11,1779.

Abel Nichols, s.Levi and Mehittable, Feb.25,1780.

Moses, s.Moses and Sarah, July6,1780.

Joshua, s.John and Mehitabel, Sept.23,1781.

Hitty, d.Levi and Mehittable, Nov.29,1781. [1782. dup.]

Levi, s.Levi and Mehittable, Dec.5,1783.

Daniel, s.Levi and Mehittable (Nichols), Jan.19,1786.

Ira, s.John and Mehitable, Nov.3,1786.

Sally, d.Moses and Sarah, Feb.25,1787.

Susan, d.Levi and Mehittable, July19,1788.

Asenath, d.John and Mehitabel, Aug.13,1788.

Sally, d.Samuel and Sarah, bp. Oct.19,1788.CR2

John, s.Levi and Mehittable, Dec.16,1790.

Abi, d.John and Mehitabel, Feb.13,1791.

Samuel, s.Levi and Mehittabel, Nov.12,1792.

Polly, d.Levi and Mehittable, Apr.7,1795.

Hiram, s.Levi and Mehittable, Jan.2,1798.

Eliza, d.Levi and Mehittable, Mar.23,1800.

Moses Nichols, s.Abel N. and Sally (Preston), Jan.12 or 28,1811.

Abel, s.Abel N. and Sally, Nov.5,1812.

Levi W., s.Levi, jr. and Rebekah (Felton), Dec.11,1812.

Moses Warren, s.Abel N. and Sally, May17,1815.

Rebekah, d.Levi. jr. and Rebekah (Felton), Jan.17,1816.

Daniel Johnson, s.Daniel and Lucindia, Feb.13,1817.

Nathaniel Whitmore, s.Ira and Jane (Whitmore), Apr.5,1817.

Ira Mills, s.Ira and Jane (Whitmore), Apr.11,1818.

Edward, s.Abel N. and Sally, May16,1818.

Levi Augustus, s.Levi, jr. and Rebekah (Felton), July8,1818.

Lydia Proctor, d.Daniel, deceased, d.adopted Samuel and Lydia Waters (Proctor), Oct.8,1819.

Charles Putnam, s.John and Clarisa, Sept.24,1820.

Sarah Berry, d.Abel N. and Sally, Jan.30,1821.

Lucinda Nichols, d.Daniel and Lucinda, Feb.27,1822.

Joseph Augustus, s.John and Clarisa, Jan.25,1823.

Mary Putnam, d.Samuel and Lydia, Feb.13,1823.

Eliza Whittridge, d.Daniel and Lucinda, Aug.2,1824.

Mary Putnam, d.Samuel and Lydia, May30,1825.

Clarisa Adeline, d.John and Clarisa, July11,1826.

Martha Abigail, d.Levi, jr. and Abigail (Abbot), Nov.8,1826.

Louesa Procter, d.Samuel and Lydia, Jan.4,1828.

Eliza Ann, d.Moses and Betsey (Felton), Dec.6,1828.

Frances Amelia, d.John and Clarisa, Sept.4,1829.

Rebekah Felton, d.Levi, jr. and Abigail (Abbot), Dec.6,1829.

Samuel Warters, s.Samuel and Lydia, Aug.26,1831.

Martha, d.Levi, jr. and Abigail (Abbot), Sept.9,1832.

Julia Putnam, d.John and Clarisa, Jan.18,1833.

Almira, d.William and Syrena P. (Cross), Sept.13,1833.

William Addison, s.William and Syrena P. (Cross), June13,1836.

Harriet Waters, d.Samuel and Lydia Waters (Proctor), Aug.6,1836.

John L., s.Levi, jr. and Abigail (Abbot), May6,1837.

Maria Augusta, d.William and Syrena P. (Cross), Oct.15,1837.

Edward W., s.Abel and Jane (Tuttle), May14,1838.

William Henry, s.William and Syrena P. (Cross), Sept.9,1840.

Levi, s.Levi, jr. and Abigail (Abbot), Oct.12,1840.

John, s.Abel and Jane (Tuttle), July21,1842.

Fidelia Jane, d.William [yeoman. dup.] and Syrena P. (Cross), Aug.2,1843.

Sarah Ellen, d.Abel [housewright. dup.] and Jane (Tuttle), Jan.20,1844. [Jan.3. dup.]

Sarah, d.Abel, carpenter, and Jane, Jan.3,1845.

John Stuart, s.Charles Putnam [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Sarah Hubbard (Hooke), Apr.3,1846.

Catherine Seaver [R. dup.], d.William [yeoman. dup.] and Syrena P. (Cross), Apr.10,1847.

Walter Augustus, s.Charles Putnam and Sarah Hubbard (Hooke), June13,1848.

Ebenezer Putnam, s.William and Syrena P. (Cross), Nov.12,1849.


John, in County of Surrey, Eng., Dec.25,1779.

William, s.John and Sally, Feb.1,1809.

John, s.John and Sally, Nov.3,1811.

Edward, s.John and Sally, June5,1817.

Sally Jane, d.John and Sally, Dec.22,1819.

John, at Salem,末蔓末,1831.

Ellen Matilda, d.William and Lydia (Felton), Mar.12,1835.

Lydia Ann Proctor, d.William and Lydia (Felton), June13,1836.

Sarah Jane, d.William and Lydia (Felton), Dec.5,1838. [Dec.22. dup.]

William Harrison, s.William and Lydia (Felton), Aug.22,1841.

Eliza F., d.William [yeoman. dup.] and Lydia (Felton), Nov.20,1844.


James, s.James and Hannah (Putnam), Sept.15,1731.

Jonathan, s.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, Jan.21,1734.

Huldah, d.James and Hannah, Feb.9,1734.

Daniel, s.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, Sept.12,1735.

Nathan, s.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, June21,1738.

David, s.James and Hannah, Nov.27,1738.

Ezra, s.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, Nov.9,1741.

Mary, d.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, May27,1744.

Samuel, s.Timothy and Mary, Nov.9,1745.

John, s.James and Hannah, Nov.20,1745.

Asa, s.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, Feb.22,1747.

Amos, s.James and Hannah, Feb.7,1748.

Phebe, d.Timothy and Mary, Dec.9,1748.

Sarah, d.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, July13,1749.

Ruth, d.Dr. Jonathan and Mary, July28,1751.OS

Betty, d.Timothy and Mary, Dec.17,1751.

Moses, s.James, jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.14,1756.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Huldah, Nov.3,1756.

Hannah, d.Timothy and Huldah, Oct.13,1760.

Joseph, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth, June27,1761.

James, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Aug.28,1763.

Caleb, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1769.

Jonathan, s.Asa and Elizabeth, Apr.29,1771.

Hannah, d.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Feb.2,1772.

Polly, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Jan.15,1774. [Jan.25. dup.]

Bettesy, d.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.24,1774.

Amos, s.James, jr. and Elizabeth, Aug.30,1776.

Betsey, d.James and Phebee, Aug.9,1788.

Moses, s.James and Phebee, Apr.18,1790.

James, jr., s.James and Phebee, Mar.22,1792.

Elzaphan, s.James and Phebee, Oct.22,1794.

Nathan, s.James and Phebee, Jan.16,1797.

Joseph, s.James, bp. Aug.4,1799.CR1

Michael, s.Caleb and Anna, Jan.1,1800.

Caleb Strong, s.Caleb and Anna, May30,1802.

Charllotte, d.Amos and Eunice, June13,1805.

Nancy, d.Caleb, bp. Sept.29,1805.CR1

Ruth Fuller, d.Amos and Eunice, Feb.14,1808.

Moses, s.Amos and Eunice, June19,1809.

Eunice, d.Amos and Eunice, May19,1811.

Hannah, Sept.24,1811.

Hannah, d.Amos and Eunice, Sept.14,1813.

末末, ch.Amos and Eunice, Sept.3,1815.

Elizabeth Preston, d.Amos and Eunice, Jan.9,1817.

Elizabeth, d.Elzaphan and Betsey, Apr.16,1819.

Mary Jane, d.Amos and Eunice, July16,1819.

Mary, d.Elzaphan and Betsey, Jan.16,1820.

John, Rev., at Beverly, Apr.18,1820.

Amos, s.Amos and Eunice, June1,1821.

Nathan, s.Elzaphan and Betsey, Nov.9,1822.

James, s.Amos and Eunice, Apr.4,1823.

Harriet Searle, d.Elzaphan and Betsey, Oct.16,1824.

Matthew Hooper, s.Alzaphan and Betsey (Hiers), Jan.7,1836.

Mary Parker, d.Rev. John and Mary Parker (Burnham), at Essex, Mar.24,1843.

Elizabeth Hardy, d.Rev. John [clerk. dup.] and Mary Parker (Burnham), Mar.31,1845. [1844. dup.]

John Howard, s.Rev. John and Mary Parker (Burnham), Mar.30,1847. [Mar.13. dup.]

PROCTER (Proctor)

Elisabeth, d.Jonathan, Feb.13,1750.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Kezia, July5,1761.

Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

Hannah, d.John and Mary, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

Lydia, d.John and Mary, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

Mary, d.John and Mary, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

Sarah, d.John and Mary, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

John, s.John and Mary, bp. Nov.22,1761.CR2

Daniel, s.Stephen and Elizabeth, June2,1762.

John, s.Benjamin and Keziah, Oct.4,1763.

Prudence, d.John and Ruth, bp. July29,1764.CR2

Nathan, s.Nathan, jr. and Abigail, Sept.18,1764.

Nabby, w.Daniel, Sept.27,1764.

Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, Oct.2,1765.

Johnson, s.John and Ruth, Oct.29,1765.

Jacob, s.Nathan and Abigail, bp. Mar.1,1766.CR2

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Keziah, Mar.22,1766.

Jacob, s.Nathan, jr. and Abigael, Feb.23,1767.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Keziah, July12,1768.

Jonathan, jr., s.Jonathan and Judith, Mar.19,1770.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Kaziah, July31,1771.

Sarah, d.Nathan, jr. and Abigael, Dec.24,1771.

Rebecca, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, May2,1773.

Judith, d.Jonathan and Judith, Sept.12,1773.

Sarah, d.Sylvester and Mehitable, 2d w., Nov.20,1773.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Judith, bp. Oct.15,1775.CR2

Judith, d.Jonathan and Judith, bp. Oct.15,1775.CR2

Mehitible, d.Sylvester and Mehetible, Dec.19,1775.

James, s.Benjamin and Kezia, Aug.6,1776.

Joseph, s.William and Sarah, bp. June29,1777.CR2

Betty, d.Nathan, jr. and Abigail, July25,1777.

Betty, d.Jonathan and Judith, Jan.6,1778.

Polly, d.Benjamin and Kezia, Aug.17,1778.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Judith, June1,1780.

Betty, d.Silvester and Mehitable, bp. Aug.11,1780.CR2

Thorndike, s.Jonathan and Judith, July21,1786.

John, jr., s.John and Ruth, and grands.Benjamin, Mar.18,1788.

Benjamin G., at Gardner's plain [?], s.Benjamin and Hannah, Dec.26,1788.

Henry, s.Nathan, jr. and Abigail, Apr.16,1789.

Polly, d.John and Ruth, and grands.Benjamin, Apr.2,1791.

Phebe, d.Nathan, jr. and Abigail, July6,1791.

John W., s.Johnson and Lydia, July30,1791.

Perley, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Jan.9,1792.

Lydia, d.Johnson and Lydia, May16,1793.

Lucindia, d.Johnson and Lydia, Jan.31,1795.

Elisabeth, d.Daniel and Nabby, Mar.3,1795.

Lavinia, d.Nathan, jr. and Abigail, Apr.20,1795.

William, s.Daniel and Nabby, Apr.23,1797.

Daniel, s.Francis and Sarah, Feb.25,1798.

Clarinda, d.Johnson and Lydia, bp. Sept.末,1798.CR2

John, s.Johnson and Lydia, bp. Sept.末,1798.CR2

Lydia, d.Johnson and Lydia, bp. Sept.末,1798.CR2

Nabby, d.Daniel and Nabby, Apr.19,1799.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Abigail, bp. Apr.27,1799.CR2

Benjamin, s.Francis and Sarah, Dec.10,1799.

Clarisa, d.Jonathan, jr. and Phebe, Sept.13,1800.

Francis, s.Francis and Sarah, Sept.6,1801.

Nathan, s.Daniel and Nabby, Dec.6,1801.

Daniel, s.Daniel, jr. and Hannah, Feb.2,1802.

Phebe, d.Francis and Sarah, Mar.11,1803.

Asseneth, d.Jonathan, jr. and Phebe, May10,1803.

Eliza, d.Francis and Sarah, Jan.21,1805.

Susannah, d.Amos and Sukey, June21,1805.

Betsey Reed, d.Jonathan, jr. and Phebe, Apr.26,1806.

Polly, d.Daniel, jr. and Hannah, May23,1806.

Edward T[rask. dup.], s.Daniel and Nabby, Dec.9,1806.

Rebeccah K., d.James and Desire, Nov.18,1807.

Sarah Endicott, d.Francis and Sarah, Dec.17,1809. [1810.PR56]

Mary Ann Graves, d.Amos and Sukey, July末,1811.

Mehitable Felton, d.Jonathan, jr. and Phebe, Sept.27,1814.

Hannah Burril, d.Benjamin G. and Hannah, Mar.25,1818.

John Putnam, s.John and Betsey, Aug.10,1818.

Elizabeth, d.John and Betsey, Mar.29,1820.

William, s.Benjamin G. and Hannah, Apr.15,1822.

Martha Ann, d.John and Betsey, June15,1822.

Harriet, d.Benjamin G. and Hannah, Nov.25,1823.

Loisa, d.Joseph S. and Lois, Mar.23,1824.

Mary Ingersoll, d.John W. and Mary (lngersol), Aug.3,1825.

Joseph, s.Joseph S. and Lois, Oct.2,1825.

Henry, s.Benjamin G. and Hannah, Feb.7,1826.

Elizabeth Osborn, d.John W. and Mary, Sept.11,1827.

John, s.Daniel, jr. and Mary, Jan.4,1828.

Charles, s.Joseph S. and Lois, Apr.18,1828.

Alfred, s.Benjamin G. and Hannah, Apr.20,1828.

John Augustus Holyoke, s.John W. and Mary (Ingersol), Aug.1,1829.

Elizabeth Osborn, d.John W. and Mary (Ingersol), Oct.16,1831.

Martha, d.Benjamin G. and Hannah, Dec.19,1833.

PROCTOR (Procter)

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary (Whittredge), Oct.12,1695.

Priscilla, d.Benjamin and Mary (Whittredge), Dec.11,1699.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary (Whittredge), Jan.2,1702.

John, s.Benjamin and Mary (Whittredge),末蔓末,1705.

John, s.John and Lydia (Waters), Sept.14,1728.

Lydia, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Mar.31,1730.

Mary, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Dec.3,1733.

Sarah, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Aug.21,1736.

Sylvester, s.John and Lydia (Waters), Oct.26,1738.

Prudence, d.John and Lydia (Waters), Nov.21,1740.

Daniel, s.John and Lydia (Waters), May14,1746.

Mary, d.John and Mary (Eppes), Nov.13,1752.

Hannah, d.John and Mary (Eppes), Dec.5,1753.

Lydia, d.John and Mary (Eppes), Feb.14,1755.

Elizabeth, d.John and Mary (Eppes), July11,1756.

Sarah, d.John and Mary (Eppes), Jan.29,1758.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Kezia, Sept.5,1759.

Anna, d.John and Mary (Eppes), May18,1760.

Elizabeth, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.24,1763.CR2

Abigail, d.Sylvester and Abigail, Nov.7,1763.

John, s.John and Ruth (Rea, née Porter), 2d w., Nov.17,1763.

Hannah, d.Silvester and Abigail, May16,1765.

Johnson, s.John and Ruth (Rea, née Porter), 2d w., Oct.29,1765.

Lydia, d.Sylvester and Abigail, Apr.29,1767.

Hannah, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, Dec.17,1767.

Hannah, d.John and Ruth (Rea, née Porter), 2d w., Mar.30,1768.

Abigail, d.Nathan and Abigail, June13,1769.

Sylvester, s.Sylvester and Abigail, July1,1769.

Hannah, at Salem, Aug.4,1770.

Mehitable, d.John and Ruth (Rea, née Porter), 2d w., Feb.16,1771.

Daniel, s.Sylvester and Abigail, May13,1771.

Rebecca, d.John, jr. and Abigail (Douty), May2,1773.

Sarah, d.Sylvester and Mehetable (Porter), Nov.20,1773.

Francis, s.Benjamin and Keziah, Mar.26,1774.

Abigail, d.Nathan and Abigail, Dec.23,1774.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1775.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Judith, Nov.1,1775.

Mehitable, d.Sylvester and Mehetable (Porter), Dec.19,1775.

Mary, d.Sylvester and Mehetable (Porter), Nov.18,1777.

Mehitable, Dec.19,1777.

Betsey, d.Sylvester and Mehetable (Porter), Jan.5,1780. [Aug. dup.]

Amos, s.Jonathan and Judith, July5,1782.

Prissey, d.Sylvester and Mehetable (Porter), May14,1783.

George, s.Jonathan and Judith, Dec.23,1789.

John Waters, s.Johnson and Lydia (Waters), July30,1791.


Daniel, at Albany, ME, Dec.18,1797.

Lydia Waters, d.Johnson and Lydia, Mar.14,1798.

Abel, s.Johnson and Lydia, Mar.28,1800.

Joseph S., at Lyndeboro, NH, Sept.13,1800.

Sylvester, jr., at Watertown, June6,1801.

Phebe Wood, Mar.11,1803.

Desire Jacobs, d.James and Desire (King), Mar.3,1806.

Susanna, d.Amos and Susannah, bp. Apr.末,1806.CR2

末末, ch.Amos and Sukey (Newhall), Apr.30,1807.

Francis Littlefield, s.Francis and Sarah (Endicott), June23,1807.

Phebe, d.Jonathan, jr. and Phebe (Gould), July5,1809.

Jonathan, jr., s.Jonathan and Phebe, Mar.24,1811.

Israel Putnam, s.Johnson and Mary (Putnam), Sept.1,1811.

Mary Endicott, d.Francis and Sarah (Endicott), Mar.31,1813.

Aaron Cheever, s.Johnson and Mary (Putnam), Nov.21,1813.

Mehitable Felton, Sept.27,1814.

末末, s.twin, Benjamin Gardner and Hannah Rea (Nourse), Feb.17,1817.

末末, d.twin, Benjamin Gardner and Hannah Rea (Nourse), Feb.17,1817.

Lavinia Deming, at Essex, Mar.17,1817.

Nathan Stephen, s.Stephen and Mary (Felton), Dec.3,1818.

Benjamin Gardner, s.Benjamin Gardner and Hannah Rea (Nourse), Apr.2,1820.

Ebenezer Warren, s.Stephen and Mary (Felton), Mar.8,1822.

Mary, d.Sylvester, jr. and Harriet (Gage), Mar.11,1830.

Almira Elizabeth, d.Joseph S. and Lois (Perry), Apr.23,1830.

Lydia Waters, d.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), Nov.21,1831.

Alfred Putnam, s.Joseph S. and Lois (Perry), Jan.16,1832.

末末, s.Benjamin Gardner and Hannah Rea (Nourse), Apr.9,1832.

Abel Johnson, s.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), May19,1833.

Jonathan Augustus, s.Jonathan, jr. and Sally (Colby), Aug.7,1833.

John Webster, s.John W. and Mary Ingersol (Osborn), Dec.7,1834.

Phebe Ann, d.Jonathan, jr. and Sally (Colby), Jan.12,1835.

Matilda Southwick, d.Joseph S. and Lois (Perry), June30,1835.

Caroline Waters, d.John W. and Mary Ingersol (Osborn), Mar.26,1836.

Abel Johnson, s.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), June12,1836.

Mehitable Cummings, d.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), Dec.14,1837.

Sarah Ellen, d.Jonathan, jr. and Sally (Colby), July17,1838.

Augusta Osborn, d.John W. and Mary Ingersol (Osborn), Dec.28,1838.

Sarah Ann Emerson, d.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), Jan.12,1839.

Mary Putnam, d.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), Dec.16,1840.

Henry Harrison, s.John W. and Mary Ingersol (Osborn), Dec.18,1840.

Elizabeth Putnam, d.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), May27,1842.

Allen Johnson, s.Aaron Cheever and Irene Flint (Upton), Sept.14,1842.

Edward Waters, s.John W. and Mary Ingersol (Osborn), Mar.4,1843.

Phebe Ann, d.Jonathan, jr. [wheelwright. dup.] and Sally (Colby), Sept.9,1843. [ Sept.7. dup.]

Edward Putnam, s.Aaron Cheever [yeoman. dup.] and Irene Flint (Upton), Dec.7,1844.

Augusta, d.Abel [merchant. dup.] and Lydia Porter (Emerson), Dec.20,1844. [1843. dup.]

末末, s.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), July末,1846.

David Poland, s.Jonathan, jr. [wheelwright. dup.] and Sally (Colby), Oct.4,1846.

Ellen Osborn, d.Abel and Lydia Porter (Emerson), June18,1848.

PUDNEY (Putney)

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.6,1763.CR2

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.6,1763.CR2

Martha, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.6,1763.CR2

Sally, d.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Nov.6,1763.CR2


Nancy, at Portsmouth, VA, Oct.11,1804.


Jennett, in Scotland, Sept.10,1813.

PURDY (Pardy)

Prissilla, in Nova Scotia, Mar.7,1824.

PURINGTON (Purinton)

Mathew, s.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.4,1762.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Abigail, Dec.5,1764.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Abigail, Nov.4,1766.

Abijah, s.Samuel and Abigail, Nov.6,1768.

Daniel, 2d, s.Samuel and Abigail, Mar.24,1774.

Abigail, d.Samuel and Abigail, Mar.3,1778.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Abigail, May17,1781.

Elisa, d.Abijah and Beulah, Jan.26,1800.

PURINTON (Purington, Purrington)

Amos, Mar.8,1740.

Mary, d.Amos and Mary, Feb.10,1775.

Abijah, Mar.3,1778.


Content, d.Amos and Mary, Nov.1,1771.


Amos, Oct.11,1722.

Enoch, Feb.18,1732.

Hannah, w.Enoch, May13,1736.

Jeremiah, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.31,1737.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.2,1738.

Eleazer, s.Henry and Hannah, June5,1738.

Elijah, s.Henry and Hannah, July23,1741.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Aug.29,1742.

Nathan, s.John, jr., and Ruth, Nov.13,1742.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Dec.10,1742.

Roger, s.Henry and Hannah, Oct.10,1743.

John, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Dec.10,1743.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.11,1745.

James P., s.Amos, jr. and Hannah, Apr.21,1745.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, May17,1745.

John, s.Henry and Hannah, Oct.11,1745.

Huldah, d.Edmond and Anna, May18,1746.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Sarah, July15,1747.

Daniel, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Apr.19,1748.

Bethiah, d.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.10,1748.

Billing, s.Henry and Hannah, May11,1749.

Hannah, d.Amos, jr. and Hannah, Sept.18,1749.

Andrew, s.Edmond and Anna, Jan.15,1750.

David, s.David, jr. and Anna, July5,1750.

James, s.John, jr. and Ruth, July17,1750. [July16. dup.]

Rufus, s.Samuel, sr. and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1750.

Ruth, d.Archelaus, jr., bp. Jan.12,1751-2.CR1

Eunice, d.Benjamin and Sarah, July31,1751.

Levi, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Aug.1,1751.

Benjamin, s.Henry and Hannah, Aug.26,1751.

Amos, s.John, jr. and Ruth, May25,1752.

Oliver, s.Oliver, bp. Feb.4,1753.CR1

Peter, s.Asa, bp. Feb.18,1753.CR1

Phinehas, s.Phinehas and Mary, Feb.23,1753.

Elizabeth, d.Amos, jr. and Hannah, Mar.8,1753.

Hannah, d.Samuel, sr. and Elizabeth, Mar.19,1753.

Rebeckah, d.William and Elizabeth, at Lancaster, Apr.22,1753.

Hannah, d.Gideon and Hannah, May2,1753.

Anne, d.Samuel, jr., bp. May13,1753.CR1

Israel, s.Joseph, jr., bp. June24,1753.CR1

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Sarah, June26,1753.

Caleb, s.Archelaus, sr., bp. July22,1753.CR1

Nehemiah, s.Ezra, bp. Oct.21,1753.CR1

Henry, s.Henry, bp. Dec.2,1753.CR1

Jesse, s.David, sr., bp. Jan.13,1754.CR1

Perley, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.17,1754.

Israel, June末,1754.

Mitchell, s.Samuel, jr., hp. June16,1754.CR1

Israel, ch.Edmond and Anna, Nov.20,1754.

Hannah, d.Asa and Sarah, Jan.9,1755.

Andrew, s.William and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1755.

Israel, s.Israel and Betty, Apr.15,1755.

Hannah, d.Gideon, bp. July13,1755.CR1

Mary, d.Samuel, jr., bp. July13,1755.CR1

David, s.David, jr., bp. Aug.17,1755.CR1

Mary, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Sept.14,1755.CR1

Sarah, d.Archelaus and Mehitabell, Sept.14,1755.

Peter, s.John, jr. and Ruth, Oct.3,1755.

Mary, d.Samuel, sr. and Elizabeth, Oct.24,1755.

Jethro, s.Enoch and Hannah, Dec.22,1755.

Hannah, d.Asa, bp. Jan.18,1756.CR1

Phinehas, s.Phinehas, bp. Apr.25,1756.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. May2,1756.CR1

Anna, d.Peter and Lydia, July4,1756.

Matthew, s.Phinehas and Mary, Aug.2,1756.

Aaron, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.6,1756.

Gideon, s.Gideon and Hannah, Sept.19,1756.

Timothy, s.Timothy, deceased, and Elizabeth, bp. Nov.14,1756.CR1

Sarah, d.Edmund and Anna, Dec.19,1756.

Israel, s.wid.Betty, bp. Feb.20,1757.CR1

William, s.William and Elizabeth, Mar.15,1757.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Apr.28,1757.

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr., bp. May8,1757.CR1

Houlton, s.David, jr., bp. Aug.28,1757.CR1

Peter, s.Peter and Lydia, Jan.15,1758.

Lydia, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Feb.26,1758.CR1

Anna, d.Samuel, jr., bp. Aug.6,1758.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel, jr., bp. Aug.6,1758.CR1

Eleazer Porter, d.Tarrant and Mary, Dec.7,1758.

Anna, d.Enoch and Hannah, Apr.22,1759.

Eleazer, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, May4,1759.

Solomon, s.Gideon and Hannah, May24,1759.

Caleb, s.Peter and Lydia, July20,1759.

Lydia, d.Aaron and Lydia, Oct.27,1759.

Israel, s.Tarrant and Mary, Nov.22,1760.

John, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Jan.18,1761.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Feb.26,1761.

Hannah, d.Peter and Lydia, Mar.13,1761.

Anna, d.Gideon and Hannah, Apr.12,1761.

Joseph, s.Phinehas and Mary, Apr.12,1761.

Elijah, s.Dea.Samuel, bp. June7,1761.CR1

Archelaus, s.Archelaus, jr. and Abigael, Jan.16,1762.

Hannah, d.Samuel, sr. and Elizabeth, Feb.1,1762.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Lydia, Apr.17,1762.

John, s.Peter and Lydia, Sept.20,1762.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1762.

Allen, s.Henry and Sarah, Oct.25,1762.

Abraham, s.Gideon and Hannah, Dec.16,1762.

Lucy, d.Oliver, bp. Jan.30,1763.CR1

Asa, s.Tarrant, bp. May1,1763.CR1

Thomas, s.Jeremiah and Rachel, Oct.8,1763.

Betty, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Oct.30,1763.CR1

Caleb, s.Archelaus, jr. and Abigail, Nov.24,1763.

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth, Mar.25,1764.

Lydia, d.Samuel, jr. and Lydia, Apr.9,1764.

Rufus, s.Aaron and Lydia, May1,1764.

Mary, d.Peter and Lydia, Sept.7,1764.

Ollive, d.Henry and Sarah, Sept.25,1764.

Jonathan, s.Gideon and Hannah, Feb.12,1765.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1765.

Mary, d.Dea.Asa and Mary, 2d, Aug.4,1765.

Fanny, d.Enoch and Hannah, Aug.7,1765. [1764. dup.]

Mary, d.Samuel, jr. and Lydia, Aug.9,1765.

Asa, s.Elisha and Rebekah, Sept.23,1765.

Lydia, d.Archelaus, jr. and Abigail, Oct.25,1765.

Asa, s.Tarrant and Mary, Dec.28,1765.

Eunice, d.Jeremiah and Rachel, Jan.3,1766.

Israel, s.Aaron and Lydia, July2,1766.

Caleb, s.Peter and Lydia, July3,1766.

Jonathan, s.Henry and Sarah, Sept.13,1766.

Elizabeth, d.Gideon and Hannah, Oct.27,1766.

Sarah, d.Samuel, jr. and Lydia, Jan.24,1767.

Mary, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Jan.26,1767.CR1

Phebe, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Jan.26,1767.

Hannah, Feb.2,1767.

Elizabeth, d.Asa and Mary, 2d w., Feb.21,1767.

Eben, s.William, jr., bp. July19,1767.CR1

Ruth, d.John, jr., bp. Aug.9,1767.CR1

Asa, s.Elisha, bp. Sept.6,1767.CR1

Becky, d.Elisha, bp. Nov.29,1767.CR1

Mehetable, d.Archelaus, jr., bp. Dec.6,1767.CR1

Lois, d.Peter, bp. Mar.6,1768.CR1

Samuel, s.Gideon and Hannah, May13,1768.

Elijah, s.Jeremy, bp. Oct.30,1768.CR1

Rhoda, d.Henry, bp. Oct.30,1768.CR1

John, s.John, jr., bp. Feb.26,1769.CR1

Samuel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, May23,1769.

Lydia, d.Peter, bp. July2,1769.CR1

Sally, d.Tarrant, jr. and Sarah, Oct.5,1769.

Sarah, d.William, jr., bp. Oct.29,1769.CR1

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Rachel, Nov.21,1769.

Porter, s.Joseph, jr., bp. Mar.25,1770.CR1

Lucretia, d.Henry, bp. Nov.25,1770.CR1

Mary, at Wilton, NH, Dec.5,1770.

Elijah, s.Gideon and Hannah, Feb.26,1771.

Mary, d.Tarrant and Mary, Apr.5,1771.

Ezra, s.Phinehas, bp. Apr.28,1771.CR1

Hannah, d.Enoch and Hannah, May24,1771.

Elizabeth, d.Tarrant, jr. and Sarah, Aug.9,1771.

Edmund, s.Edmund and Anna, Jan.15,1772.

Amos, s.James P. and Molly, Feb.4,1772.

Abijah, s.William, jr., bp. Feb.12,1772.CR1

Allen, s.Israel, bp. Apr.26,1772.CR1

Rebecca, d.Peter, bp. Apr.26,1772.CR1

Apphia, d.Jeremiah and Rachel, May23,1772.

Ruth, d.Joseph, 3d and Ruth, June29,1772. [June28. dup.]

Frederick, s.Henry, bp. Jan.17,1773.CR1

Nathan, s.Nathan and Hannah, Mar.18,1773.

Mary, d.Aaron, bp. May30,1773.CR1

Samuel, s.Tarrant, jr. and Sarah, July30,1773.

Sally, d.Elisha, bp. Aug.15,1773.CR1

Hannah, d.Gideon and Hannah, Jan.29,1774.

Daniel [s.Israel.CR1], Mar.8,1774.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Mar.22,1774.

Betsy, d.Tarrant, jr., bp. May8,1774.CR1

Sally, d.Tarrant, jr., bp. May8,1774.CR1

Stephen, s.Stephen, bp. May8,1774.CR1

Anna, d.Joseph, 3d and Anna, May10,1774.

Mary, d.Aaron and Lydia, May23,1774.

Elias, s.Jeremiah, bp. June19,1774.CR1

Rufus, s.James P. and Molly, July19,1774.

David [s.Joseph, 2d.CR1] and Ruth, Oct.10,1774.PR96

Eunice, d.James and Eunice, May9,1775.

Moses [s.Stephen.CR1], Nov.4,1775.

Simeon, s.Aaron, bp. Nov.26,1775.CR1

William, s.William, jr., bp. Mar.3,1776.CR1

David [s.Joseph, jr.CR1] and Ruth, May4,1776.PR96

Nathaniel, May17,1776. [sic]

Mary Cheever [d.Henry.CR1], Sept.10,1776.

Israel, s.Israel, bp. Sept.29,1776.CR1

Simeon, s.Aaron and Lydia, Nov.22,1776.

Perley, s.Tarrant, jr. and Sarah, Dec.16,1776.

Joseph, s.Joseph [3d.CR1]and Anna, Feb.15,1777.

John, Apr.末,1777.

Levi, s.Jeremiah, bp. Apr.6,1777.CR1

Susannah [d.Stephen.CR1], Apr.22,1777.

Eunice, d.James, bp. Apr.27,1777.CR1

Sarah, d.Tarrant, bp. Apr.27,1777.CR1

Hitty, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Sept.17,1777.

Ruth, d.Benjamin, jr. and Meriam, Oct.12,1777.

Jesse [s.Joseph, jr.CR1], Apr.3,1778.

Phinehas, s.Matthew and Ruth, Sept.10,1778.

Parly, s.Nathan and Hannah, Sept.16,1778.

Polly, d.James P. and Molly, Sept.29,1778.

Amos, s.Daniel and Elizabeth, Oct.11,1778.

Ruth [d.Stephen.CR1], Jan.1,1779.

Betty, d.Elisha, bp. Jan.17,1779.CR1

Daniel, s.Tarrant, bp. Jan.17,1779.CR1

Sally, d.Israel, bp. Mar.7,1779.CR1

Rachel [d.Jeremiah.CR1], Mar.10,1779.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.3,1779.

Seth, s.Benjamin, jr. and Meriam, Dec.22,1779.

Mary, d.James and Eunice, Mar.20,1780.

Tarrant, s.Tarrant, bp. July30,1780.CR1

Lydia, d.Joseph and Anna, Aug.14,1780.

Meely, d.Ruth, Nov.13,1780.PR96

Marcy, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Nov.19,1780.CR1

Hitty [d.William.CR1], Dec.3,1780.

Ward, at Lyndeboro, NH, Nov.末,1781.

Phebe, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Nov.15,1781.

Hitty, d.Elisha, bp. Nov.25,1781.CR1

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, 3d and Miriam, Mar.20,1782.

John, s.Joseph and Anna, June17,1782.

Betsey, Oct.9,1782.

Samuel [s.Stephen.CR1], Oct.31,1782.

Polly, d.Mathew and Ruth, Apr.29,1783.

Hannah, d.James P. and Molly, Sept.23,1783.

Rebeckah, d.Nathaniel and Mary, Oct.11,1783.

Molly, d.James Philips, bp. Nov.30,1783.CR1

Polly, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.16,1784.CR1

Eleanor, d.David and Elenor, May29,1784.

David, s.Israel, bp. Aug.15,1784.CR1

Miriam, d.Benjamin, jr. and Miriam, Oct.4,1784.

Sally, d.Elezer and Sarah, Dec.14,1784.

Peter, s.Joseph and Anna, Jan.15,1785.

Eben, jr., Feb.4,1785.

Amos, s.Nathan and Hannah, Feb.10,1785.

Eben, s.Stephen, bp. Feb.20,1785.CR1

Matthew, s.Matthew and Ruth, May26,1785.

Priscilla, d.Nathaniel and Mary, June25,1785.

Ruth, d.James and Eunice, Oct.16,1785.

Betsey, d.James P. and Molly, Nov.11,1785.

David, s.David and Elenor, Mar.13,1786.

Ruth, Mar.25,1786.

Hannah Philips, d.Nathan and Hannah, Nov.23,1786.

Israel, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Nov.24,1786.

Hannah, d.Stephen, bp. Jan.21,1787.CR1

Hiram, s.Col. Jethro and Polly, Jan.30,1787.

Eunice, d.Benjamin, jr. and Meriam, May14,1787.

Hariot, d.Col. Jethro and Polly, May22,1787.

Archelaus, s.Nathaniel and Mary, June19,1787.

Mehetable, d.Joseph, jr., bp. Nov.4,1787.CR1

Mehittable, d.Joseph and Anna, Oct.14,1788.

Betsy, d.Eleazer and Sarah, Dec.22,1788.

Thomas Fits, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.3,1789.

Andrew, s."of the daughter of Jeremiah Page, afterwards Kent, now deceased," bp. Feb.18,1789.CR1

Huldah, d."of the daughter of Jeremiah Page, afterwards Kent, now deceased", bp. Feb.18,1789.CR1

Israel, s."of the daughter of Jeremiah Page, afterwards Kent now deceased ", bp. Feb.18,1789.CR1

Harriet, May22,1789.

Elias, s.Israel, 2d and Anna, June7,1789.

Joshua, s.David and Elenor, Sept.3,1789.

Philemon, s.Col. Jethro and Polly, Oct.12,1789.

Anna "(should be Emma)", d.Benjamin, jr. and Meriam (Flint), Nov.9,1789.

Emma [d.Benjamin jr.CR1], Nov.9,1789.PR92 [Nov.17. dup.]

Polly, d.Joseph and Anna, Dec.7,1789.

Lucy, at Middleton, May22,1790.

Sally, d.Nathaniel and Ruth, 2d w., Apr.11,1791.

David, at Medford, Apr.20,1791.

John, s.Nathan and Hannah, May20,1791.

Catharina, d.Joseph, bp. May22,1791.CR1

James, s.Thomas and Mary, July20,1791.

Joel, s.Israel, 2d and Anna, Aug.2,1791.

Daniel, s.Daniel, jr., bp. Jan.15,1792.CR1

Ruth, d.twin, Mathew and Ruth, Jan.26,1792. [Jan.27. dup.]

Sally, d.twin, Matthew and Ruth, Jan.27,1792.

Clarissa, d.Joseph, 3d and Fanny, Aug.2,1792.

Lydia, d.James P. and Molly, Aug.7,1792.

Israel, s.Israel and Polly, Aug.9,1792.

Archelaus Fuller, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Oct.3,1792.

Anna, d.David and Elenor, Oct.27,1792.

James A., Dec.1,1792.

Sally, d.Benjamin, jr. and Meriam, Mar.26,1793.

Rebecca, d.Nathaniel and Ruth, 2d w., May3,1793.

Allen, s.Thomas and Mary, Dec.12,1793.

Betsy, d.Daniel, 2d, bp. May18,1794.CR1

Betsy, d.Matthew and Ruth, May26,1794.

Samuel, s.Eleazer and Sarah, July14,1794.

Elbridge, s.Timothy and Hannah, Sept.4,1794.

Lydia, d.Eben and Lydia, Feb.4,1795.

Thomas, jr., s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.14,1795.

Sally, d.Stephen, bp. Mar.22,1795.CR1

Rachael, d.Israel and Polly, Apr.9,1795.

Permelia, d.Nathaniel and Ruth, 2d w., May9,1795.

Holten, s.David and Elenor, July14,1795.

Nancy, d.Israel, 2d and Anna, Oct.30,1795.

Willard, s.Timothy and Hannah, June13,1796.

Eunice, d.Asa and Ede, Sept.17,1796.

Peter, s.Peter, bp. Oct.9,1796.CR1

Ruth, d.Peter, bp. Oct.9,1796.CR1

Sally, d.Peter, bp. Oct.9,1796.CR1

Nathaniel, jr., s.Nathaniel and Polly, Oct.11,1796.

Allen, s.Israel, jr. and Polly, July18,1797.

William, s.Eben and Lydia, Aug.7,1797.

Jerrimiah Smith, s.Thomas and Mary, Aug.20,1797.

Lois, d.Nathaniel and Ruth, 2d w., Sept.20,1797. [ Sept.2. dup.]

Nathan, s.Nathan, jr., bp. Oct.1,1797.CR1

Salome, d.Amos and Desire (Felton), Oct.28,1798.

Eliza, d.Daniel and Susannah, Nov.10,1798.

Hezekiah, s.Asa and Ede, Mar.3,1799.

Mehitable, d.Jeremiah and Mehitable, Mar.16,1799.

Mary, d.Porter and Sally (Tapley), Apr.28,1799.

Hannah, d.Matthew and Ruth (Smith), May末,1799.

Sally, d.Eben and Lydia, July30,1799.

Albert, s.Thomas and Mary, Feb.23,1800.

James Augustus, s.Archelaus, bp. Apr.13,1800.CR1

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah (Pindar), May14,1800.

Emma, d.Daniel and Susannah, Nov.6,1800.

Sally, d.Ezra and Sally, Jan.5,1801.

Alfred, s.Amos and Desire, at Hopkinton, Jan.10,1801.

Lucy, d.Israel, jr. and Polly, Mar.6,1801.

Julia, d.Jeremiah and Mehitable, July12,1801.

Sally, d.Porter and Sally (Tapley), Aug.31,1801.

Polly, d.Eben and Lydia, Oct.11,1801.

Benjamin Whipple, s.Joseph, 4th, and Marcy, Oct.29,1801.

Alden, s.Israel, 2d and Anna, Nov.2,1801.

Mary, d.Eleazer and Sarah, Nov.13,1801.

Hannah, d.Seth and Polly, Feb.22,1802.

Hezekiah, 2d, s.Asa and Ede, Apr.19,1802.

Nathaniel, jr., s.Nathaniel and Hannah, 2d w., May4,1802.

Mary Fitts, d.Thomas and Mary, Sept.26,1802.

Allen, s.Daniel and Susannah, Oct.31,1802.

Jeremiah, jr., s.Jeremiah and Mehitable, Dec.10,1802.

Kindell, s.Ezra and Sally, Jan.3,1803.

Juliana, d.Amos and Desire, at Hopkinton, Jan.26,1803.

Lydia, d.Simeon and Deborah, Feb.19,1803.

George Washington, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.9,1803.

Adrian, s.Timothy and Hannah, June14,1803. [June13. dup.]

John, s.Porter, bp. Sept.18,1803.CR1

Alfred, s.Moses and Betsey, Feb.13,1804.

James Hervey, s.Joseph, 4th and Marcy, Feb.26,1804.

Matilda Sharon, d.Thomas and Mary, June14,1804.

Catharine, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, 2d w., June24,1804.

Mary, Sept.2,1804.

Polly, d.Israel, 2d and Anna, Sept.2,1804.

Daniel Franklin, s.Daniel and Susannah, Oct.20,1804.

Jefferson, at Charlton, Oct.20,1804.

Newton, s.Ezra, bp. Jan.13,1805.CR1

Catherine, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Apr.4,1805.

Simeon, s.Simeon and Deborah, June3,1805.

Mary Anna, d.Eleazer and Sarah, 2d w., Aug.5,1805.

Clarissa, d.Porter, bp. Aug.11,1805.CR1

Abigail Devereaux, d.Thomas and Mary, Oct.17,1805.

Amos, s.Amos and Desire, at Hopkinton, Feb.11,1806.

Charlote, d.Benjamin and Nancy, Mar.24,1806.

Harriet, d.Moses and Betsey, May11,1806.

Robert, s.Asa and Ede, June20,1806. [1805. dup.]

Polly, d.Seth and Polly, Aug.9,1806.

Ebenezer, s.Eben and Lydia, Aug.15,1806.

Mary P., Mrs., Aug.28,1806.

Franklin, s.Ezra, bp. Jan.4,1807.CR1

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Nancy, Mar.24,1807.

William Pinder, s.Thomas and Mary, Mar.30,1807.

Aaron, s.Simeon and Deborah, Apr.9,1807.

Ahira Herrick, s.Daniel and Susannah, May21,1807.

Ward, s.Ward and Sally, May28,1807.

Judith (Stone), w.Jefferson, at Gloucester, Feb.9,1808.

Sally Epes, d.Moses and Betsy, Apr.21,1808.

Asa, s.Asa and Ede, May20,1808.

Clarisa, d.Porter and Sally (Tapley), June29,1808.

George A[dams.dup.], s.Samuel and Molly, July23,1808.

Elizabeth, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Jan.6,1809. [Jan.16. dup.]

Ancil, s.Daniel and Susannah, Jan.21,1809.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Nancy, Jan.21,1809.

Clarissa, June29,1809.

Aaron Lee, s.Ward and Sally, July30,1809.

Loisa, d.Moses and Betsey, Aug.16,1809.

Seth, s.Seth and Polly, Sept.11,1809.

Mary Whipple, d.Ezra, bp. Oct.22,1809.CR1

Augustus, s.Simeon and Deborah, Apr.22,1810.

Elizabeth Cheever, d.Nathaniel and Betsey, 3d w., May30,1810.

Edwin F[rancis.dup.], s.Eben, jr. and Betsey, July19,1810.

Stephen, s.Samuel and Molly, July19,1810.

Sally Collins, d.Phinehas and Ruth, Nov.19,1810.

Mary Felton, d.Amos and Desire, Dec.18,1810.

Francis P[erly.dup.], s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Apr.6,1811. [Apr.2. dup.]

William Richardson, s.Daniel and Susannah, May23,1811.

William, s.Daniel, bp. May26,1811.CR1

John Porter, s.Porter and Sally (Tapley), Aug.8,1811.

Joseph P., s.Jeremiah and Eunice (Porter), 2d w., Nov.22,1811.

Sally, d.Ward and Sally, Nov.25,1811.

Gustavus, s.Timothy and Hannah, Dec.6,1811.

Mary Herrick, d.Samuel and Molly, Feb.23,1812.

Joseph Collins, s.Phinehas and Ruth, Feb.28,1812.

Addison Webb, s.Eben, jr. and Betsey, Mar.4,1812.

Susan Herrick, d.Moses and Betsey, Apr.20,1812.

Susanna Herrick, d.Moses, bp. Apr.26,1812.CR1

Edward B., s.Simeon and Deborah, May24,1812. [May25. dup.]

Betsey, June17,1812.

Orin, s.Matthew and Hannah (Giddings), Sept.24,1812.

Mary W., d.Nathaniel and Betsey, 3d w., Oct.5,1812.

Joel, s.Elias and Eunice, Mar.15,1813.

Susanna, d.Daniel and Susannah, Mar.27,1813.

Henry F[lint.dup.], s.Jesse and Elizabeth, June2,1813.

Meriam, d.Benjamin and Nancy, July20,1813.

John P., Aug.8,1813.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Molly, Oct.18,1813.

Mariah, d.Phinehas and Ruth, Feb.13,1814.

Elizabeth Ann, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey, Mar.4,1814.

Clarissa, d.Moses and Betsey, May8,1814.

Ward, s.Ward and Sally, June6,1814.

Maria, d.John and Polly, July17,1814.

Ezra Granger, s.Ezra, bp. Aug.14,1814.CR1

Lydia Waters, d.Nathaniel and Betsey, 3d w., Sept.3,1814.

David, s.David and Mary, Oct.21,1814.

Emila [Emily.dup.], d.Elias and Eunice, Dec.31,1814.

Elizabeth Gardner, d.Simeon and Deborah, Feb.14,1815.

William, s.Ezra, bp. May14,1815.CR1

Calvin, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, May30,1815.

Betsey, d.Porter and Sally (Tapley), June17,1815. [June16,1816.PR109Addenda]

Sophia, d.Benjamin and Nancy, June26,1815.

William, s.Samuel and Molly, Aug.10,1815.

Sally Herrick, d.Eben, jr. and Betsy, Feb.11,1816.

Maria, d.Daniel and Susannah, Feb.12,1816.

Margaret, d.Elias and Eunice, Feb.24,1816.

Israel Epes, s.Moses and Betsey, Oct.20,1816.

Hervey, s.David and Mary, Nov.24,1816.

Daniel, s.John and Polly, at Reading, Jan.21,1817.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Hiram, bp. May8,1817.CR1

Mary Jane, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, July1,1817.

Mary Shaw, d.Ward and Sally, July23,1817.

Juliann, d.Daniel and Susannah, Aug.4,1817.

Thomas Meady, s.Samuel and Molly, Sept.15,1817.

Nancy, d.Elias and Eunice, Sept.22,1817. [ Sept.24. dup.]

Nancy, d.Benjamin and Nancy, Nov.26,1817.

Margaret Dale, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey, Dec.24,1817.

Sally Noyce, d.twin, Nathaniel and Betsey, 3d w., Apr.22,1818.

William Chever, s.twin, Nathaniel and Betsey, 3d w., Apr.22,1818.

Serena, d.Seth and Polly, Aug.3,1818.

Moses Watts, s.Moses and Betsey, Oct.9,1818.

John C[ollins.dup.], s.Phinehas and Ruth, Dec.23,1818.

Mary Ann, d.David and Mary, Jan.17,1819.

Israel H[erbert. dup.], s.Simeon and Deborah (Brown), Jan.18,1819. [Jan.19. dup.]

Maria, Feb.13,1819.

Albert, s.Samuel and Molly, Feb.18,1819.

John Phillips, s.John and Sally, Feb.19,1819.

Elias [Endicott. dup.], s.Elias and Eunice, July28,1819.

Martha Ann, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Aug.19,1819.

Dolly, d.John and Polly, at Topsfield, Oct.8,1819.

Hannah Jane, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey, Nov.11,1819.

John Augustus, s.James A. and Sarah, Feb.15,1821.

末末, ch.John and Sally, Feb.16,1821.

Ansil, s.Daniel and Susannah, Mar.1,1821.

Caroline H[amilton. dup.], d.Seth and Polly, Mar.20,1821.

Bethiah, d.David and Mary, Apr.5,1821.

Charles Augustus, s.Samuel and Molly, May3,1821.

Emeline, d.Moses and Betsey, June15,1821.

Mary Ann, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey, July30,1821.

Israel Alden, s.Elias and Eunice, Aug.12,1821.

Sally Webster, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Sept.17,1821.

William, s.Ward and Sally, Oct.21,1821.

Eleanor Jane, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, Oct.27,1821.

Sarah Caroline, d.James A. and Sarah, Dec.12,1822.

Almira Augusta, d.Samuel and Molly, Apr.3,1823.

Lucy Blythe, d.Philemon and Lucy C. (Blythe), Apr.28,1823.

Mary Ann, d.Joshua and Elizabeth, June24,1823.

Eunice Adeline, d.Eben, jr. and.Betsey, Aug.25,1823.

Joseph Warren, s.David and Mary, Sept.5,1823.

Charles Augustus, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Sept.20,1823.

Loisa Jane, d.Elias and Eunice, Mar.14,1824.

Elizabeth H., d.Samuel and Molly, Feb.6,1825.

Mary Foster, at Washington, VT, May7,1825.

Sarah Ingersoll, d.Philemon and Lucy C. (Blythe), at Salem, Aug.23,1825.

Emily Augusta, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey, Sept.26,1825.

Benjamin Wadsworth, s.Daniel and Susannah, Oct.2,1825.

Horace Bishop, s.James A. and Sarah, Nov.5,1825.

Emily Almira, d.Jesse and Elizabeth, Dec.2,1825.

Sarah, d.David and Mary, Mar.9,1826.

Caroline A., d.Matthew and Hannah (Giddings), Mar.27,1826.

Sarah Ann, d.Elbridge and Sally (Goodale), June28,1826.

Mary, d.Thomas, bp. July2,1826.CR1

Hannah Augusta, d.Willard and Elizabeth, Aug.1,1826.

Alfred Porter, s.Elias and Eunice, Jan.10,1827.

Henry Alonso, s.Samuel and Molly, May13,1827.

Henry Bridges, s.Philemon and Lucy C. (Blythe), at Windsor, VT, Sept.23,1827.

Eben Henry, s.Eben, jr. and Betsey, Dec.16,1827.

John Milton, s.Jesse and Elizabeth, Mar.1,1828.

Mary Augusta, d.Elias and Eunice, Apr.15,1828.

Daniel P., s.Benjamin and Nancy (Peaslee), at Washington, VT,末蔓末,1829.

Nathaniel Davis, s.David and Mary (Davis), Feb.28,1829.

George Clinton, s.James A. and Sarah (Marston), May18,1829.

Martha J., d.Samuel and Polly (Herrick), July1,1829.

Caroline Amanda, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey (Webb), Aug.31,1829.

Harriet Adams, d.Elbridge and Sally (Goodale), Sept.12,1829.

Arthur Alvin, s.Elias and Eunice (Ross), Nov.18,1829.

Eliza Lawrence, d.Philemon and Lucy C. (Blythe), at Franconia, NH, Sept.11,1830.

Ellen M., d.Samuel and Polly (Herrick), Mar.28,1831.

Franklin Weston, s.Eben, jr. and Betsey (Webb), Sept.17,1831.

Simeon Augustus, s.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), Nov.13,1831.

Martha Mariah, d.Jefferson and Sally (Cutler), at Lexington, Dec.10,1831.

Hannah Elizabeth, d.Elbridge and Sally (Goodale), Jan.4,1832.

Eunice, d.Robert and Mary (Hutchinson), at Groton, NH, Oct.8,1832.

Harriet Mariah, d.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), Jan.16,1833.

Otis Flint, s.Adrian and Fanny (Flint), Feb.18,1833.

Alfred Walter, s.Alfred and Mary (Page), Mar.19,1833.

Ellen Merriam [Marion.PR58], d.Elias and Eunice (Ross), June21,1833.

Ellen Louisa, d.Gustavus and Ruth (Colcord), July3,1833.

Charles Henry, s.David and Mary (Davis), Feb.16,1834.

Eliza Kettelle, d.Daniel Franklin and Susan Herrick (Putnam), Mar.7,1834.

Martha Ellen, d.George A. and Lydia (Osgood), Apr.4,1834.

Adrian Lewis, s.Adrian and Fanny (Flint), Aug.29,1834.

Martha Page, d.Alfred and Mary (Page), Sept.11,1834.

Granville Bradstreet, s.Ahira Herrick and Sarah (Bradstreet), Aug.27,1835.

Angeline, d.George A. and Lydia (Osgood), Sept.16,1835. [1836. dup.]

Elizabeth Gardner, d.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), Dec.26,1835.

Ellen Olivea, d.Edwin F. and Olivea (Woodbury), Mar.14,1836.

Clarissa Fidelia, d.David and Mary (Davis), Mar.17,1836.

Aaron Francis, s.Aaron and Leafy (Francis), May7,1836.

James Brainard, s.Adrian and Fanny (Flint), Sept.5,1836.

Susan Maria, d.Daniel Franklin and Susan Herrick (Putnam), Sept.25,1836.

Alonzo Moses Saunders, s.John P. and Ednah H. (Saunders), Oct.30,1836.

Wallace Ahira, s.Ahira Herrick and Sarah (Bradstreet), Dec.6,1836.

Joseph Henry, s.Joseph Collins and Louisa (Roberts), Mar.20,1837.

Charles Orin, s.Orin and Sally P. (Nourse), Mar.22,1837.

William Lewis, s.William and Hannah V. (Goss), Mar.28,1837.

William, s.Robert and Mary (Hutchinson), Apr.14,1837.

Abba Brown, d.twin, Augustus and Abigail Ann (Bomer), Apr.25,1837.

Augustus Brown, s.twin, Augustus and Abigail Ann (Bomer), Apr.25,1837.

Georgiana, d.Eben, jr. and Betsey (Webb), Apr.28,1837.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Andrew Merriam and Sarah Putnam (Fowler), June19,1837.

Harriet, d.Ebenezer and Betsey P. (Cross), July13,1837.

Leverett Osgood, s.George A. and Lydia (Osgood), Aug.25,1837.

William Edward, s.Edward B[rown. dup.] and Margaret Safford (Francis), Nov.19,1837.

Deborah Brown, d.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), Dec.9,1837.

Joseph Porter, s.Jeremiah, jr. and Sarah N. (Lord), Jan.1,1838.

Martha Moriah, d.Jefferson and Judith (Stone), 2d w., Jan.15,1838.

Lyman Holten, "upon the Death of W.A. Putnam took the name of Wallace A. Putnam, Oct.29,1839,", s.Ahira Herrrick and Sarah (Bradstreet), Feb.23,1838.

Clarissa, d.Willard, bp. Apr.26,1838.CR1

Eliza Gertrude, d.David and Mary (Davis), May26,1838.

Addison Webb, s.Edwin F. and Olivea (Woodbury), May29,1838.

Albert Francis, s.Francis P. and Pamelia F. (Upton), May29,1838.

Mary Frances, d.Adrian and Fanny (Flint), June5,1838.

Mary Susan Louisa, d.Joseph Collins and Louisa (Roberts), Aug.20,1838.

George Franklin, s.Orin and Sally P. (Nourse), Aug.29,1838.

John Goss, s.William and Hannah V. (Goss), May31,1839.

Thomas Jefferson, s.Jefferson and Judith (Stone), 2d w., July4,1839.

Henry Porter, s.John P. and Ednah H. (Saunders), July26,1839.

Lydia, d.George A. and Elizabeth (Putnam), 2d w., Oct.18,1839.

Alven Proctor, s.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), Oct.22,1839.

Fidelia Francis, d.Edward B. and Margaret Safford (Francis), Nov.15,1839.

Angeline, d.David and Mary (Davis), Jan.7,1840.

Daniel Franklin, s.Daniel Franklin and Susan Herrick (Putnam), Jan.13,1840.

Charles Henry, s.Augustus and Abigail Ann (Bomer), Feb.24,1840.

末末, d.Joseph Collins and Louisa (Roberts), Mar.17,1840.

Hiram Brainerd, s.Eben, bp. Apr.26,1840.CR1

Eugene, s.Andrew Merriam and Sarah Putnam (Fowler), June17,1840.

Elmira, d.Robert and Mary (Hutchinson), July15,1840.

Adelaide Eliza, d.Orin and Sally P. (Nourse), Jan.16,1841.

Hiram Brainerd, s.Ebenezer and Betsey P. (Cross), Jan.27,1841.

Albert Francis, s.Edwin F. and Olivea (Woodbury), Jan.31,1841.

James Franklin, s.Joseph Collins and Louisa (Roberts), Mar.2,1841.

Frederick M., s.James A. and Sarah (Marston), Apr.26,1841.

Mary W., d.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), June18,1841.

Harriet Adeline Pope, d.Andrew Merriam and Sarah Putnam (Fowler), June30,1841.

Almira, d.Samuel, bp. July4,1841.CR1

Elizabeth, d.Samuel, bp. July4,1841.CR1

Mary Barton, d.Jefferson and Judith (Stone), 2d w., Aug.1,1841.

Abi Adaline, d.Henry F. and Harriet A. (Pope), Jan.10,1842.

Laura Jane, d.David and Mary (Davis), Feb.5,1842.

John Brown, s.Augustus and Abigail Ann (Bomer), Mar.22,1842.

Ednah Sophia, d.John P. and Ednah H. (Saunders), Sept.8,1842.

Thomas Lord, s.Jeremiah, jr. and Sarah N. (Lord), Oct.9,1842.

John Bradford, s.Joseph Collins and Louisa (Roberts), Nov.22,1842.

Maria Phelps, d.William Richardson and Mary (Phelps), at Wenham, Apr.5,1843.

末末, d.Philemon and Mary C. (Noyes), at Franconia, NH, May末,1843.

Louisa Lancaster, d.Andrew Merriam and Sarah Putnam (Fowler), May26,1843.

Louisa Fowler, d.Andrew M., sea captain, and Louisa F., May28,1843.

Henry Calvin, s.William [yeoman. dup.] and Hannah V. (Goss), June14,1843.

Horace Granville, s.Orin and Sally P. (Nourse), Sept.16,1843.

Robert, jr., s.Robert [shoemaker. dup.] and Mary (Hutchinson), Oct.3,1843.

Lydia Tapley, d.Simeon [carpenter. dup.] and Harriet (Whittier), Oct.6,1843.

Otis Granville, s.Aaron and Leafy (Francis), Dec.11,1843.

Benjamin Austin, s.Benjamin C., merchant, and Elmira W., Feb.18,1844.

Lucy Mary, d.Philemon and Mary C. (Noyes), at Franconia, NH, Aug.4,1844.

Austin F., s.I.H., shoe manufacturer, and E.L., Aug.22,1844.

Clara Elizabeth, d.Francis P. and Pamelia F. (Upton), Sept.10,1844.

Alonzo Calvin, s.Calvin and Mary Putnam (Pope), Nov.19,1844.

Edward Austin, s.Edwin F. and Olivea (Woodbury), Dec.3,1844.

Alice M., d.Henry F. and Harriet A. (Pope), Dec.31,1844.

James Warren, s.William [farmer. dup.] and Hannah V. (Goss), Mar.9,1845. [1844. dup.]

Melvin Burton, s.Joel [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Fidelia (Poor), Apr.8,1845. [June7. dup.]

Robert Winthrop, s.William Richardson [yeoman. dup.] and Mary (Phelps), May22,1845.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.John P. [cordwainer. dup.] and Ednah H. (Saunders), June14,1845. [June18. dup.]

Albert E., s.Orin [yeoman. dup.] and Sally P. (Nourse), Nov.4,1845.

Amanda Melvina, d.Hervey [laborer. dup.] and Amanda Melvina (Bunker), Nov.20,1845.

Edward Brown, s.Augustus and Abigail Ann (Bomer), Jan.24,1846. [Jan.20. dup]

John Franklin, s.John C. [yeoman. dup.] and Louisa R. (Knights), Feb.21,1846.

末末, s.Calvin, housewright, Mar.末,1846.

Laura C., d.Israel H. and Caroline, Mar.6,1846.

Laura Marston, d.Israel Herbert and Sarah Caroline (Putnam), Mar.6,1846.

Nathaniel, s.Calvin and Mary Putnam (Pope), Mar.21,1846.

Jasper Merriam, s.Andrew Merriam [mariner. dup.] and Elizabeth Putnam (Pope), 2d w., Apr.20,1846.

Louisa Roberts, d.Joseph Collins [teamer. dup.] and Louisa (Roberts), May5,1846.

Fanny, d.Philemon and Mary C. (Noyes), at Franconia, NH, June28,1846.

Susan Josephine, d.Albert and Louisa R. (Kent), Sept.4,1846.

Josephine Louisa, d.Albert, shoe manufacturer, and Louisa, Sept.14,1846.

Leonard P., s.Joel, shoe manufacturer, Mar.4,1847.

Daniel Poor, s.Joel and Fidelia (Poor), Mar.24,1847.

Lucinda Proctor, d.George A. [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Lydia Proctor (Preston), May10,1847. [May1. dup.]

Hermon Chandler, s.Ebenezer [yeoman. dup.] and Betsey P. (Cross), June14,1847.

Sarah Porter, d.John P. [cordwainer. dup.] and Ednah H. (Saunders), Sept.20,1847.

Herbert Weston, s.Orin [yeoman. dup.] and Sally P. (Nourse), Nov.21,1847.

William Herrick, s.William Richardson [yeoman. dup.] and Mary (Phelps), Jan.21,1848. [Jan.22. dup.]

末末, d.Elias, shoe manufacturer, and Lydia, Feb.末,1848.

Lydia, d.Elias and Lydia P. (Batchelder), Feb.25,1848.

Otis G. [L. dup.], s.Simeon [housewright. dup.] and Harriet (Whittier), Mar.20,1848.

Flora Abbott, d.Thomas Meady and Eunice Leavitt (Perkins, née Cram), Apr.20,1848.

末末, d.Thomas M., cordwainer, Apr.20,1848.

Fidelia Poor, d.Joel and Fidelia (Poor), June17,1848.

Sarah Mills, d.John C. and Louisa R. (Knights), June28,1848.

Augustus Fletcher, s.Thomas Meady and Eunice Leavitt (Perkins, née Cram), Aug.22,1848.

David, s.Hervey and Amanda Melvina (Bunker), Sept.6,1848.

Eleanor Restieaux, d.Albert and Louisa R. (Kent), Oct.3,1848.

James Oscar, s.Augustus and Abigail Ann (Bomer), Apr.30,1849.

末末, s.Augustus, farmer, and Abba (Bomer), Apr.30,1849.

Henry Clarance, s.Henry F. and Harriet A. (Pope), July23,1849.

Wallis Perley, s.Simeon and Harriet (Whittier), Dec.29,1849.

PUTNEY (Pudney)

Hepzebah, w.Stephen, at Lynnfield, Oct.3,1767.

Stephen [s.Jonathan and Sarah.CR2], Oct.8,1767.

Stephen, jr., s.Stephen and Hepzebah, May11,1791.

Jonathan, s.Stephen and Hepzebah, Feb.1,1795.

Ebenezer, s.Stephen and Hepzebah, Aug.10,1797.

Samuel, s.Stephen and Hepzebah, Aug.11,1800.

Joseph, s.Stephen and Hepzebah, Dec.4,1801.

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