Caleb, s.wid.Rebecca, bp. July20,1766.CR1

Thomas, s.wid.Rebecca, bp. July20,1766.CR1

William, s.Caleb and Mehittable, July1,1799.

Nancy, d.Caleb and Mehittable, Oct.17,1800.

Nancy, d.Caleb and Mehittable, Dec.28,1802.

Mehitable, d.Caleb and Mehittable, Nov.29,1807.




Israel F., at Beverly, Jan.1,1800.

Jacob Lofty, at Manchester, Apr.22,1809.

Abigail Foster, at Beverly, Dec.22,1815.

George S., s.Josiah and Martha, Apr.15,1823.

Maria F., d.Israel F. and Catherine (Putnam), at Beverly, Sept.8,1835.

Israeletta F., d.Israel F. and Catherine (Putnam), at Beverly, Jan.23,1839.


Ellen Exzaria, at Cork, Ireland, May25,1819.

Mary, in Ireland,末蔓末,1826.

Mary Ann, in Ireland, Mar.12,1826.

O'CONNEL (Connell)

Peter, s.Peter, laborer, May4,1846.


Timothy, in Ireland,末蔓末,1815.

Mary, in Ireland, May1,1818.


Eunice, at Beverly, Aug.20,1820.

David, at Salem, Dec.16,1825.

George Henry, s.David and Sarah (Pulsifer), at Salem, Oct.16,1848.


Frederick, in France, Mar.9,1806.

Frederick, s.Frederick and Eliza (Hurd, née Courtly), Mar.5,1846.

Eliza, d.Frederick and Eliza (Hurd, née Courtly), Mar.29,1849.


John F., s.William, tanner, and Harriett, Mar.24,1845.


Willimene L., at Hooksett, NH, July26,1821.

Clarinda, at Concord, NH, Dec.9,1824.


Eliza Ette, at Lynn, Nov.24,1817.


Susannah, at North Yarmouth, Feb.2,1734.

Mary, at Lynn, Dec.11,1817.

末末, s.Daniel, morocco dresser, and Eliza, Feb.27,1846.

OSBORN (Osborne, Osburn)

Samuel, sr., Apr.14,1718.

Patience, w.Samuel, sr., Aug.15,1720.

Joseph, Aug.26,1726.


Mary, w.John, Jan.11,1734.

Benjamin, June末,1735.


James, July20,1738.

Samuel, Oct.26,1742.

Peresis, w.James, at Wells, Nov.23,1742.

Deliverance, d.Samuel and Patience, 2:9m:1752.CR7

Sarah, w.Samuel, Oct.17,1752.

Aaron, Nov.15,1752.

David, s.Samuel and Patience, 22:12m:1754.CR7

Moses, s.Samuel and Patience, 15:3m:1757.CR7

Sylvester, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.10,1758.

Hannah, d.Esther, wid., bp. Aug.19,1759.CR2

Marble, s.Esther, wid., bp. Aug.19,1759.CR2

Patte, d.Esther, wid., bp. Aug.19,1759.CR2

Abigial, d.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 30:9m:1759.PR17

Content, Nov.5,1759.

Caleb, May1,1760.

Paul, jr., Nov.3,1760.

Paul, jr., s.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 25:11m:1760.PR17

Rachel, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.31,1761.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Patience, 2:12m:1761.CR7

Desire, d.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 4:4m:1762.PR17

Elisabeth, d.John and Mary, Apr.10,1763. [1762. dup.]

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Mary, Aug.30,1763.

Robert, s.Samuel and Patience, 4:6m:1764.CR7

Eunice, w.Paul, jr., at Kingston, Nov.3,1764.

Lucy [Lucretia.PR18], d.John and Mary, May15,1765. [1764.PR18]

John, s.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 2:7m:1765.PR17

John, s.Joseph and Mary, Nov.22,1765.

James, jr., s.James and Peresis, Oct.26,1766.

Israel, s.Israel and Lois, bp. Nov.1,1767.CR2

Mehitable, d.Israel and Lois, bp. Nov.1,1767.CR2

Dorcas, d.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 24:2m:1768.PR17

John, s.John and Mary, May11,1768.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Mary, Sept.10,1768.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.20,1769.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Aug.末,1769.

Richard, s.James and Peresis, Aug.26,1769.

David, s.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 5:4m:1770.PR17

Mary, d.John and Mary, May6,1770. [1769.PR21]

Nathaniel, s.twin, Israel and Lois, bp. July22,1770.CR2

Sarah, d.twin, Israel and Lois, bp. July22,1770.CR2

William, s.Benjamin, Oct.30,1770.PR53

Phebe, d.Samuel and Patience, Mar.22,1771.

Jonathan, s.James and Peresis, Jan.26,1772.

Ezra, first ch.Abel and Lydia, Feb.1,1772.

Daniel, s.John and Mary, 6:5m:1772.PR21

Amos, s.Joseph and Mary, Apr.2,1773.

Mary, d.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 13:7m:1773.PR17

Esther, d.John and Mary, Nov.5,1773. [1774.PR21]

Nancy, w.David, at Salem, Dec.25,1773.

Lydia, d.Abel and Lydia, Feb.9,1774.

Lois, d.Israel and Lois, bp. Mar.6,1774.CR2

Stephen, s.James and Peresis, June2,1774.

David, s.Samuel and Sarah, Feb.24,1775.

John Procter, s.Aaron and Lydia, Feb.26,1775.

Anna, w.Amos, Apr.28,1775.

Hannah, d.Aaron and Lydia, June10,1776.

Mary, d.Paul and Abigail (Chase), 2:11m:1776.PR17

Hannah, d.James and Peresis, Jan.20,1777.

Jonathan, s.John and Mary, May22,1777.

Lois, d.Israel and Lois, bp. Sept.14,1777.CR2

Elisabeth, d.Aaron and Lydia, Jan.8,1779.

Abel, s.Abel and Lydia, May15,1779.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, Aug.14,1779.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.7,1779.

Ebenezer, s.Sylvester and Susanna, Dec.21,1779.

Douglass, s.James and Persis, Feb.28,1780.

Joshua, jr., s.Joshua and Susanna, Aug.9,1780.

Sarah, d.Aaron and Lydia, Feb.3,1781.

Sylvester, jr., s.Sylvester and Susanna, May12,1782.

Micajah, s.Joshua and Susanna, May19,1782. [1781. dup.]

Sarah, d.Abel and Lydia, May22,1782.

Content, d.Samuel and Sarah, June18,1783.

Patience, d.Samuel and Sarah, June18,1783.

Persis, d.James and Peresis, June26,1783.

Susanna, d.Joshua and Susanna, May9,1784.

Lydia, d.Aaron and Lydia, Aug.17,1784.

Betsy, d.John, 3d and Lydia, June23,1785.

Elizabeth, June23,1785.

Suckey, d.Johnathan and Suckey, Sept.2,1785.

Hannah, w.Daniel, 3d, 20:11m:1785.PR18

George, s.Jonathan and Suckey, Feb.14,1786.

Hannah, d.Caleb and Hannah, May26,1786.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Lydia, May27,1786.

Deborah, d.Joshua and Susanna, Aug.15,1786.

Lydia, d.John, 3d and Lydia, Apr.8,1787.

Nancy, d.Sylvester and Susanna, Apr.11,1787.

Richard, s.Jonathan and Suckey, Feb.8,1788.

Ezra, s.Aaron and Lydia, Aug.7,1788.

Caleb, s.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.19,1788.

Joseph, 3d, s.Joseph, jr. and Mary (Shillaber), jr., Sept.6,1788.

Henry, s.John, 3d and Lydia, July4,1789.

Abigail, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Aug.8,1789.

Christopher, s.Joshua and Susanna, Dec.15,1789.

Abigail, d.Caleb and Hannah (Trask), Feb.10,1790.PR15

Jonathan, s.Aaron and Lydia, Aug.14,1790.

Hannah, d.Caleb and Hannah, bp. Sept.5,1790.CR2

David, s.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Feb.17,1791.

Mary, d.Joseph, jr. and Mary, Nov.16,1791.

Mary S., Nov.16,1791.

Miles, s.John, 3d and Lydia, May16,1792.

Clarisa, d.Joshua and Susanna, May19,1792.

George, 2d, s.Jonathan and Suckey, Sept.25,1792.

Daniel, 3d, at Weare, NH, Dec.30,1792.

Elisabeth Meder, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Jan.8,1793.

William, s.Aaron and Lydia, Mar.23,1793.

Mary, d.Joseph, jr. and Mary, Dec.24,1793.

Amos, s.Caleb and Hannah, Feb.12,1794.

Silas, s.Jonathan and Suckey, July26,1794.

Miles, s.John, 3d and Lydia, Mar.6,1795. [1794. dup.]

John, at Weare, NH,末蔓末,1796. [12:6m:1795.PR18]

Kendall, s.John, 3d and Lydia, July22,1796.

Dorcas, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Sept.2,1796. [1797. dup.]

Caleb, s.Caleb and Hannah, Nov.20,1796 or 1797. [bp. 1796.CR2; 1796.PR15]

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Mary, bp. Dec.15,1796.CR2

William, s.Joseph, jr. and Mary, bp. Dec.15,1796.CR2

Benjamin Clerk, s.twin, James, 3d and Elisabeth, Feb.23,1797.

Richard Sprague, s.twin, James, 3d and Elisabeth, Feb.23,1797.

Rachel, d.Jonathan and Suckey, Apr.26,1797.

末末, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice (Peasley),末蔓末,1798.

Sally C., d.Amos and Anna, Nov.28,1798.

Polly, d.John, 3d and Lydia, Jan.25,1799.

Ann Frances, d.Joseph, jr. and Judith, 2d w., Oct.26,1799.

Mary, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Nov.8,1799. [Nov.1. dup.]

Augustus K., s.Sylvester and Elisabeth, 2d w., July7,1800.

Phillip, s.Amos and Anna, July19,1800.

Jonathan, s.Richard and Hannah, Sept.28,1800.

Mary [Polly.dup.], d.John, 3d and Lydia, Feb.4,1801.

末末, ch.Caleb and Abigail, bp. June28,1801.CR2

Samuel Buffum, s.David and Nancy, Aug.31,1801.

Judith, d.Joseph, jr. and Judith, 2d w., Oct.21,1801.

Eunice, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Nov.18,1801.

Jacob, s.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.2,1802.

Nancy, d.Amos and Anna, Sept.24,1802.

Franklin, s.John, 3d and Lydia, Feb.9,1803.

Eben Francis, s.Joseph, jr. and Judith, 2d w., Feb.28,1803.

Nancy, d.David and Nancy, Nov.19,1803.

Mary Ingersoll, d.Sylvester and Elisabeth, 2d w., Mar.2,1804.

Jonathan W., s.Richard and Hannah, Mar.31,1804.

Moses, at Henniker, NH, July31,1804.

Mercy, d.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Feb.2,1805.

Matilda, d.David and Nancy, Apr.8,1805.

Rachel Low, d.Joseph, jr. and Judith, 2d w., Apr.11,1805.

Susanna, d.John, 3d and Lydia, May22,1805.

Harriot F., d.Amos and Anna, Nov.2,1805.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Suckey, May16,1806.

Martha, d.Richard and Hannah, July6,1806.

Rachel Howard, d.Jonathan, bp. Aug.末,1806.CR2

Susannah, d.Sylvester, jr. and Nelly, Dec.20,1806.

Ezekeal Wellman, s.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), at Salem, June29,1807.

John, s.John, 3d and Lydia, July18,1807.

Amos, jr., s.Amos and Anna, Nov.22,1807.

Abraham, s.Paul, jr. and Eunice, Dec.31,1807.

Rebecca P., d.Sylvester and Elisabeth, 2d w., Feb.29,1808.

Margaret D., June30,1808.

George Abbot, s.Richard and Hannah, Sept.7,1808.

Philip Leach, s.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Nov.20,1808.

Joshua, s.Micajah and Sarah (Swan), Dec.20,1808.

Susan, d.Micajah and Sarah (Swan), Jan.17,1809.

John Buffum, s.David and Nancy, June15,1809.

Eben T., s.Eben and Sally, Aug.28,1809.

Hannah [Smith.dup.], d.Jonathan and Suckey, Feb.5,1810.

Nancy Reed, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Aug.19,1810.

James W., s.Sylvester, jr. and Nelly, Sept.1,1810.

James Harvey, s.Richard and Hannah, Dec.30,1810.

Benjamin, s.Micajah and Sarah (Swan), Sept.10,1811.

Esther, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), May30,1812.

Edward F., s.Henry and Betsey, Aug.17,1812.

Lucy Ann, d.Richard and Hannah, July21,1813.

David Sands, s.David and Nancy, Dec.8,1813.

Esther, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Feb.4,1814.

Jane T., d.Henry and Betsey, Oct.3,1814.

Mercy, Mrs., Feb.3,1815.

Rachel, d.Micajah and Sarah (Swan), Oct.11,1815.

Stephen, s.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Nov.4,1815.

Catherine, d.Richard and Hannah, May19,1816.

Dennison W[heeler. dup.], s.Richard and Alice (Wheeler), Dec.12,1816.

John, s.Henry and Betsey, Mar.20,1817.

Jonathan Edwards, s.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), at Salem, Dec.15,1817.

William S., s.Richard and Alice (Wheeler), Jan.4,1819.

Lydia, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), at Salem, Aug.14,1819.

Maria, d.Henry and Betsey, Dec.17,1819. [1820. dup.]

William Sumner, Jan.末,1820.

Caroline Augusta, d.Sylvester, jr. and Nelly, Jan.21,1821.

Lydia, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Feb.26,1821.

Caleb Warren, s.Caleb and Elisabeth (Galeucia), Apr.14,1821.

Almira, d.Richard and Alice (Wheeler), Aug.30,1821.

Eben, s.Miles and Eliza (Poor), Sept.25,1821.

Abraham Clark, s.Daniel, 3d and Hannah, Oct.12,1821.

末末, s.David and Abagail (Roundy),末蔓末,1823.

Hannah, d.Caleb and Elisabeth (Galucia), Jan.7,1823.

Eliza, d.twin, Miles and Eliza (Poor), Nov.30,1823.

Miles, s.twin, Miles and Eliza (Poor), Nov.30,1823.

Mary Elisabeth, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Dec.1,1823.

Lydia, d.Daniel, 3d and Hannah, Nov.29,1824.

Sally, d.Kendall and Sally (Bushby), Apr.17,1825.

Mary Elisabeth, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), Aug.12,1825.

Haffield White, s.twin, Amos, jr. and Levinia (White), May11,1826.

Mehetable, d.twin, Amos, jr. and Levinia (White), May11,1826.

Joseph, s.David and Abagail (Roundy), May29,1826.

George Poor, s.Miles and Eliza (Poor), June12,1826. [July12. dup.]

Ellen Maria, d.Sylvester, jr. and Nelly, Sept.13,1826.

Caroline, d.Kendall and Sally (Bushby), Mar.18,1827.

Emeline, d.Jonathan, jr. and Lydia (Wellman), July22,1828.

Emila, d.Miles and Eliza (Poor), Aug.31,1828.

Augusta, d.Sylvester, jr., bp. Nov.2,1828.CR5

Louis, s.Caleb and Elisabeth (Galucia), Jan.5,1829.

Haffield W., s.Amos, jr. and Lavinia (White), Jan.12,1829.

George Francis, s.Jonathan W. and Mary (Arrington), Mar.11,1829.

Kendal, s.Kendall and Sally (Bushby), May1,1829.

Henry M., s.Henry and Betsey, May12,1829.

Lucy, d.Phillip and Mary D. (Crane), Dec.25,1829.

Susan, d.Miles and Eliza (Poor), Dec.20,1830.

Jacob, s.Caleb and Elisabeth (Galucia), Dec.25,1830.

Mary Augusta, d.Jonathan W. and Mary (Arrington), Feb.末,1831.

Thomas Johnson, s.Amos, jr. and Hannah Pike (Dustin), Feb.17,1831.

Benjamin G., s.Kendall and Sally (Bushby), Mar.26,1831.

Mary Adams, d.David and Abagail (Roundy), June8,1831.

Abigail Peasley, d.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), Jan.7,1832.

Franklin, s.Franklin and Nancy P. (Jacobs), June9,1832.

Harriet, d.Miles and Eliza (Poor), Mar.31,1833.

Louisa, d.Kendall and Sally (Bushby), July7,1833.

Elijah, s.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), July18,1833.

Francis Augustus, s.Augustus K. and Mary (Shove), Sept.22,1833.

Stephen Augustus, s.Benjamin C. and Abi, Oct.29,1833.PR20

Mary Adalaide, d.Phillip and Mary D. (Crane), June10,1834.

末末, s.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), at Sandwich, NH, Jan.31,1835.

Lyman, s.Kendall and Sally (Bushby), Apr.2,1835.

John, s.David and Abagail (Roundy), Apr.9,1835.

Elizabeth, d.Caleb and Elisabeth (Galucia), July7,1835.

Edward Hacker, s.Augustus K. and Mary (Shove), July16,1835.

末末, s.Philip Leach and Elizabeth Neal (Frye), Dec.16,1835.

Lydia, d.Miles and Eliza (Poor), Dec.17,1835.

Eunice Peasley, d.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), Feb.12,1836.

Alice Buxton, d.Ezekiel Wellman and Abigail (Buxton), May10,1836.

Elizabeth Hawkes, d.Philip Leach and Elizabeth Neal (Frye), June30,1836.

Augusta, d.Amos, jr. and Hannah Pike (Dustin), Nov.17,1836.

Mary Sprague, d.Benjamin C. and Abi, Jan.27,1837.PR20

Sylvester Kendall, s.Augustus K. and Mary (Shove), Aug.28,1837.

Elizabeth Peasley, d.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), Nov.18,1837.

Stephen, s.Jonathan W. and Mary (Arrington), Mar.13,1838.

Mary Lander, d.Philip Leach and Elizabeth Neal (Frye), Sept.23,1838.

Stephen Warren, s.Stephen, jr. and Elizabeth (Mackintire), Oct.17,1838.

Calvin Putnam, s.Benjamin C. and Abi, Feb.11,1839.PR20

Paul, s.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), Apr.2,1839.

Mary Ann, d.Franklin and Nancy P. (Jacobs), July17,1839.

Charles Howland, s.Augustus K. and Mary (Shove), Oct.12,1839.

Elizabeth [Bancroft.PR15], d.Caleb and Elisabeth (Galucia), Nov.10,1839.

Amos, s.Amos, jr. and Hannah Pike (Dustin), Apr.10,1840.

Lydia S., d.Miles and Sally (Brown), Sept.5,1840.

Lydia Wellman, d.Philip Leach and Elizabeth Neal (Frye), Nov.26,1840.

Mary Sprague, d.Benjamin C. and Abi, June11,1841.PR20

Joseph, s.Franklin and Nancy P. (Jacobs), Jan.7,1842.

Mary Shove, d.Augustus K. and Mary (Shove), Mar.17,1842.

末末, s.Abraham and Anna Currier (Peasley), at Saugus, Nov.21,1842.

John William, s.Moses and Abigail (Peasley), Apr.17,1843.

Sarah A., d.Benjamin, cordwainer, and Mary, Sept.22,1843.

Augustus Littlefield, s.Jonathan W. [painter. dup.] and Mary (Arrington), Apr.12,1844.

George Gove, s.William S. [potter. dup.] and Caroline M. (Gove), Sept.12,1844.

John Buxton, s.Abraham [laborer. dup.] and Anna Currier (Peasley), at Saugus, Nov.21,1844. [Nov.14. dup.]

Daniel Wheeler, s.Abraharn Clark [farmer. dup.] and Matilda (Stone), Dec.24,1844.

Lydia Wellman, d.Philip Leach [farmer. dup.] and Elizabeth Neal (Frye), Dec.25,1844.

Charles E., s.Moses [cordwainer. dup.] and Abigail (Peasley), Jan.11,1846.

Nancy P., d.Benjamin, leather dresser, and Mary, Mar.31,1846.

Alice Wheeler, d.Dennison Wheeler [tanner. dup.] and Nancy Jane (Stevens), Apr.14,1846.

Harriet F., d.George A., cashier of bank, and Hannah S.M., June1,1846.

Caroline Matilda, d.Abraham Clark [yeoman. dup.] and Matilda (Stone), Oct.21,1846.

John, s.Franklin and Nancy P. (Jacobs), June23,1847.

Hazen, s.Dennison Wheeler and Nancy Jane (Stevens), Aug.19,1849.

Charles Sumner [Charlotte. dup.], s.William S. and Catherine Ann (Stevenson), 2d w., Sept.3,1849.

George Miles, s.George Poor and Elizabeth (Shaw), Dec.2,1849.

OSBORNE (Osborn)

Benjamin, Aug.28,1758.PR53

Elizabeth, Feb.15,1760.PR53

Margaret, Apr.12,1762.PR53

Patience, Jan.23,1764.PR53

James, June22,1766.PR53

Abigal, Aug.30,1768.PR53

William, s.Joseph, jr, and Mary, Jan.29,1786.

Mehittable, d.Caleb and Hannah, Aug.3,1791.

Thomas Whittredge, s.George and Sarah Waters (Whittredge), Sept.17,1832.

Eliza Deland, d.George and Sarah Waters (Whittredge), July27,1834.

George S., s.George and Sarah Waters (Whittredge), Dec.12,1838.

George Abbot, s.George Abbot and Elvina (Smith), Dec.21,1840.

Alfred, s.George Abbot and Elvina (Smith), Feb.15,1842.

Hannah Frances, d.George Abbot and Elvina (Smith), June1,1846.

Theodore, s.George Abbot and Hannah S. (Moody), 2d w., Nov.25,1849.

OSBURN (Osborn)

Hitty, d.Caleb and Hannah, June8,1800.


Joseph, s.Dr. Joseph and Lucretia, bp. Dec.15,1771.CR2

Nathaniel Ward, s.Dr. Joseph and Lucretia, bp. Sept.2,1774.

Peggee, d.Dr. Joseph and Lucretia, bp. Sept.8,1776.CR2

George, Dr., at Fairhaven, Mar.25,1784.

Joseph, at Salem, Dec.31,1804.

Lydia, at Andover, Nov.14,1809.

Timothy, Mar.12,1811.PR55

John Woodbury, at Hampstead, NH, Jan.28,1813.

John, s.John W. and Sarah, Feb.14,1815.

Elizabeth A., d.Joseph and Hannah, June7,1815.

Josiah, at Milford, NH, July末,1816.

Benjamin Hutchinson, at Milford, NH, June18,1819.

Hannah M., d.Joseph and Hannah, Feb.13,1820.

Henry, at Hampstead, NH, Feb.23,1820.

Eliza Welch, d.Daniel, at Hampstead, NH, Jan.23,1822.

Sarah M., Mar.29,1822.

Sarah A., d.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.29,1822.

Sarah Ann, d.George and Nancy, Nov.24,1822.

Moses Endicott, s.George and Nancy, Nov.26,1824.

末末, d.Dr. George and Nancy (Endicott), 2d w., Jan.30,1827.

末末, d.Dr. George and Nancy (Endicott), 2d w., Apr.5,1828.

Joseph Henry, s.Joseph and Maria (Winchester), Aug.31,1833.

John Henry, s.John Woodbury and Rebecca (Fowles), Dec.3,1834.

Rebecca Ann, d.John Woodbury and Rebecca (Fowles), Oct.11,1836.

Sally Winchester, d.Joseph and Maria (Winchester), Apr.12,1837.

Thaddeus, at Alfred, ME, Nov.末,1837.

Joseph Henry, s.Joseph and Maria (Winchester), Sept.12,1839.

Alonzo Frye, s.John Woodbury and Rebecca (Fowles), Sept.29,1839.

Elizabeth Augusta, d.John Woodbury and Rebecca (Fowles), Dec.7,1841.

George Frederick, s.Joseph and Maria (Winchester), July13,1842.

George Edwin, s.Benjamin Hutchinson and Elizabeth Thom (Coon), at Milford, NH, Aug.26,1842.

Henrietta Lucretia, d.Henry and Lucretia Parker (Legro), July8,1844.

Emma A., d.B.H., sadler, and E., Nov.29,1844.

Emeline, d.John and Rebbecca, Dec.末,1845.

Emeline, d.John Woodbury [shoe cutter. dup.] and Rebecca (Fowles), Jan.10,1846. [Jan.11. dup.]

Josephine Eliza, d.Josiah and Willimene L. (Ordway), Feb.4,1846.

Charles Sewell, s.Joseph and Maria (Winchester), Sept.4,1846. [ Sept.11. dup.]

Thaddeus, s.Thadeus [painter. dup.], Sept.14,1846. [ Sept.16. dup.]

George E., s.Jeremiah, wheelwright, and Willmane, June20,1847.

Charles Eliot, s.Josiah and Willimene L. (Ordway), Aug.20,1847.

Miner Josiah, s.Josiah and Willimene L. (Ordway), Jan.5,1849.

Charles, s.Charles Asa and Mary Elizabeth (Cate), May8,1849.

Emma Elmira, d.Benjamin Hutchinson and Elizabeth Thom (Coon), Nov.24,1849.

O'SHEA (Shea)

William, s.Timothy and Julia (Symes), at Troy, NY, Jan.5,1842.

Thomas, s.Timothy and Julia (Symes), at Boston, Jan.1,1844.

John, s.Timothy and Julia (Symes), Sept.25,1845.

Mary, d.Timothy and Julia (Symes), June10,1847.

Mary, d.William, laborer, and Julia (Symes), June19,1848.

Hannah, d.Timothy and Julia (Symes), Apr.6,1849.


John Q.A., at Dover, NH, Jan.19,1818. [1819. dup.]

George Brooks, s.John Q.A. and Hannah (Gowing, née Brown), Nov.2,1844. [Nov.8. dup.]


Mary Anna, d.Adrian Alexander and Nancy, Jan.12,1799.


Levi J., at Deering, NH, Nov.4,1839.

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