Rosina C., at Winslow, ME, Apr.4,1829.


Prince E., at Weymouth, Feb.1,1821.

Prince Warren, s.Prince E. and Sarah (Field), at Weymouth, Feb.12,1845.

William Henry, s.Prince E. and Sarah (Field), at Weymouth, June1,1847.

Henrietta, d.Prince E. and Sarah (Field), at Weymouth, Dec.25,1849.


Louisa, at Buxton, ME, July6,1820.

William H., s.James H. and Hannah (Welch), Feb.13,1837.

Esther A., d.twin, James H. and Hannah (Welch), Feb.16,1839.

Martha A., d.twin, James H. and Hannah (Welch), Feb.16,1839.

Harriet, d.Daniel, laborer, and Lucretia, Oct.16,1843.


Joshua, at Ossipee, NH, Aug.3,1819.

Joseph Brackett, s.Joshua and Sarah Elizabeth (George), at Salem, Sept.6,1841.

Sarah Francis, d.Joshua and Sarah Elizabeth (George), Feb.20,1843.

Philip S., s.Joshua [laborer. dup.]and Sarah Elizabeth (George), Dec.29,1844.


Amelia, in Yorkshire, Eng., Oct.20,1811.

Mary, in Great Eaton, England, Sept.1,1824.


Julia, d.Charles, weaver, and Sarah, rec. May末,1848.


Stephen, s.Jasper and Mary, "in that part of Salem, now Danvers," Oct.15,1732.OS

Daniel, s.Jasper and Mary, "in that part of Salem now Danvers," June15,1735.

Benjamin, s.Jasper and Mary, Aug.6,1738.OS


Daniel, s.Stephen and Elisabeth (Moulton), Dec.10,1760.

John, s.Ruth, wid., bp. Jan.17,1762.CR2

Jasper, s.Stephen and Elizabeth, Aug.12,1763.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, June15,1765.

Mary, d.Stephen and Elizabeth, Mar.26,1770.

John, s.Benjamin and Lydia, Jan.19,1772.

David, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, Aug.27,1772.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Lydia, June7,1773.

Mary, Mrs., Dec.17,1773.

Lydia, d.Benjamin and Lydia, July5,1777.

Betsey, d.Daniel and Ede, Jan.6,1784.

John, s.John and Desire, May10,1784.

Edmund, at Salem, Feb.12,1786.

Desire, d.John and Desire, Apr.27,1786.

Ruth, d.John and Desire, Feb.6,1789.

Sally, d.Daniel and Ede, May5,1789.

Mary Ann, May19,1791.

Polly, d.Daniel and Ede, May19,1791.

Stephen, s.Stephen, jr., bp.末蔓末,1792.CR2

George, s.John and Desire, Sept.28,1794. [ Sept.29. dup.]

Jasper, s.Jasper and Mary, Mar.31,1796.

Betsy, d.John, jr. and Abigail, July15,1797.

Benjamin, s.John, jr. and Abigail, Oct.11,1799.

Elisabeth, d.Jasper and Mary, Sept.25,1800.

Thomas, s.John, jr. and Abigail, Dec.25,1801.

Jonathan Tarbell, s.Jasper and Mary (Twiss), Aug.2,1803.

Mary, d.Jasper and Mary (Twiss), Sept.9,1805.

Sophia F., wid.David, of Lynnfield, at Roxbury, June4,1806.

Betsey, d.John, 3d and Betsey, June5,1807.

Rebecca, d.John, jr. and Rebecca, 2d w., Jan.1,1808.

Thirza, d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Nov.26,1808.

Bathsheba, d.Edmund and Margaret, at Salem, Feb.3,1809.

Stephen Procter, s.John, jr. and Rebecca, 2d w., Mar.14,1810.

Desire, d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., June18,1810.

Hannah, d.Edmund and Margaret, Nov.13,1810.

Mahala, d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Jan.20,1812.

Margaret, d.Edmund and Margaret, Nov.28,1813.

John, s.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Dec.18,1813.

Mary Ann, d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Sept.27,1815.

Susan P., d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Mar.28,1817.

Sarah, d.Edmund and Margaret, Dec.14,1817.

Hannah Rea, d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Jan.22,1819.

Joseph Shed, s.Elias and Pamelia (Hawkes), Feb.5,1819.

Edmund, s.Edmund and Margaret, July22,1820.

Joel Fox, s.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Dec.14,1820. [1821. dup.]

John Hawkes, s.Elias and Pamelia (Hawkes), Feb.10,1821.

William, s.Edmund and Margaret (Winn), June30,1822.

Emily, d.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Aug.28,1822.

Elias, jr., s.Elias and Pamelia (Hawkes), Mar.30,1823.

Albert, s.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., June3,1824.

Sylvester, s.John, 3d and Thirza, 2d w., Apr.16,1826.

William, s.Edmund and Margaret, June30,1826.

Catharine Augusta, d.David and Sophia F., at Lynnfield, Dec.末,1827.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Benjamin, jr. and Mary, July9,1828.

Pamelia, d.Elias and Pamelia (Hawkes), Jan.3,1833.

Benjamin Flint, s.Benjamin, jr. and Mary Putnam (Flint), Oct.15,1833.

Abigail Putnam, d.Benjamin, jr. and Mary Putnam (Flint), Apr.23,1839.

Sarah Jane Clarkson, d.Joseph Shed and Julia Augusta (Van Arsdalen), July6,1842.

末末, s.William and Anna Maria (Spiller), Aug.6,1843.

Augusta Leighton, d.Joseph Shed [cordwainer. dup.] and Julia Augusta (Van Arsdalen), Feb.11,1844.

Sarah E., d.John and Sarah H. (Shillaber), July18,1844.PR34

George Augustus, s.Benjamin, jr. [yeoman. dup.] and Mary Putnam (Flint), July11,1845.

Louisa, d.William and Anna Maria (Spiller), Nov.17,1845.

Elias, s.Joseph Shed [cordwainer. dup.] and Julia Augusta (Van Arsdalen), Feb.21,1847. [1848. dup.]

Alonzo, s.William [carpenter. dup.] and Anna Maria (Spiller), Feb.6,1848.

John Sylvester, s.John and Sarah H. (Shillaber), June8,1849.PR34

Alvah O., s.Joel Fox and Content M. (Newhall), July31,1849.PR34

Charles Alvah, s.Joel Fox and Content Mansfield (Newhall), July31,1849.


Mehitable, at New Rowley, Nov.19,1813.

Reuben G., at Kingston, NH, June24,1822.

Betsey Jane, d.Joseph and Betsey (Blood), at Hartford, ME, Dec.6,1829.

Leander Fritz Hazel, s.Joseph and Betsey (Blood), at Hartford, ME, July11,1834.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Betsey (Blood), Aug.6,1838.


Charles Augustus, at Wilmington, VT, Jan.末,1823.

Charles Warren, s.Charles Augustus [currier. dup.] and Hannah (Copp), Nov.22,1845.

George Albert, s.Charles Augustus and Hannah (Copp), Sept.12,1847.

George Albert, s.Charles Augustus and Hannah (Copp), Nov.3,1849.


Joseph, Sept.23,1743.

Rebekah, d.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Feb.4,1762.

Joseph, s.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Nov.18,1764.

Nathaniel, jr., s.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Oct.20,1766.

Anna, d.Joseph and Dorcas, July11,1768.

Betsy, d.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Sept.28,1768.

Joseph, jr., s.Joseph and Dorcas, Jan.29,1770.

Bethiah, d.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Oct.21,1770. [1769. dup.]

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Apr.10,1772.

Martha, d.Joseph and Dorcas, May16,1773.

Patty, May16,1773.

David, s.David and Sarah, July19,1773.

Sally, d.Nathaniel and Rebakah, Dec.10,1774.

Dorcas, d.David and Sarah, Mar.17,1776. [1775. dup.]

Hannah, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Sept.15,1777.

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, May13,1778.

Dorcas, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Apr.17,1779.

Tharza, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Nov.22,1780.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Sept.11,1782.

Betsy, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Aug.24,1784.

Sukey, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Aug.27,1786.

Eli, s.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Oct.18,1788.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Sept.10,1790.

Anna, d.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Sept.8,1792.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., Oct.25,1794. [Oct.5. dup.]

Hannah, "daughter of Sarah Newhall, her father said to be John Gallucia of Lynn," Feb.25,1795.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Apr.18,1796.

Betsey, d.David, jr. and Bethiah, at Lynnfield, July20,1796.

Allen, s.Joseph and Hannah, 2d w., July12,1798.

Ashley, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Feb.13,1799.

David, s.David, jr. and Bethiah, Aug.13,1799.

Benjamin, s.David, jr. and Bethiah, Aug.22,1801.

Hannah Gallucia, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Nov.14,1801.

Lydia, at Saugus, Aug.6,1802.

Cynthia, d.David, jr. and Bethiah, Aug.24,1803.

Dorcas, d.Joseph and Hannah, June1,1805.

John, July26,1806.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Jan.15,1808.

Lydia, d.David, jr. and Bethiah, Jan.1,1811.

Ann Barrett, d.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Mar.5,1811.

Samuel Kittredge, s.Samuel and Betsey (Newhall), Oct.19,1812.

Elbridge, s.David, jr. and Bethiah, Dec.18,1812.

Lydia, at Saugus, Jan.7,1813.

Henry H., s.David, jr. and Bethiah, June29,1814. [1815.PR34]

Eliza, d.Samuel and Betsey, Dec.31,1814.

Eleazar Lyndsey, s.Joseph, jr. and Hannah, Feb.20,1815.

Henry H., June28,1815.

Mary Ann, d.Samuel and Betsey, Dec.8,1816.

Almira, d.Samuel and Betsey (Newhall), Dec.8,1818. [1819. dup.]

Cynthia, d.Samuel and Betsey (Newhall), Feb.13,1820.

H. Levina, d.David and Hannah, Apr.8,1820.

Betsey Melinda, d.Allen and Betsey, Jan.5,1823.

Olive, d.David and Hannah, Mar.30,1823. [1822. dup.]

James Brown, s.Thomas and Lydia, June13,1823.

Catherine, d.Samuel and Betsey (Newhall), Aug.8,1823.

Elizabeth, d.David and Hannah, Mar.22,1824.

Benjamin Sylvester, s.Benjamin and Hannah, June19,1824.

Allen Augustus, s.Allen and Betsey, Oct.16,1824.

Content Mansfield, d.Thomas and Lydia, Jan.24,1825.

Ann, d.David and Hannah, Jan.18,1826.

David, s.Benjamin and Hannah, June17,1826.

Elizabeth Ann, June18,1826.

Hannah Lorana, d.Thomas and Lydia, Dec.19,1826.

Hannah Irene, d.Allen and Betsey, June3,1827.

Varnum Stacy, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Stacy), Mar.13,1828.

John, s.John and Dolly (Lawrence), May28,1828.

Thomas Rea, s.Thomas and Lydia, Jan.8,1829.

Hannah, at Lynn, Mar.24,1829.

Susan Elvira, d.Allen and Betsey (Douty), Dec.20,1829.

Everett, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Stacy), May8,1830.

Lydia Ann, d.Thomas and Lydia, Dec.8,1830.

Benjamin Moulton, s.John and Dolly (Lawrence), at Lynnfield, June10,1831.

Emerline Mesilna, d.Allen and Betsey (Douty), Sept.24,1831.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hannah (Stacy), June14,1832.

Hannah, d.John and Dolly (Lawrence), at Lynn, Mar.24,1833.

Edwin Constantine, s.Allen and Betsey (Douty), Feb.21,1834.

Sally, d.Thomas and Lydia, Mar.26,1834.

Samuel Stacy, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Stacy), June29,1834.

Benjamin E., at Augusta, ME, Sept.4,1834.

Joseph Warren, s.Thomas and Lydia, Nov.25,1835.

Henry A., s.Henry H. and Susan P. (Needham), July18,1836.

Theron Palmer, s.Allen and Betsey (Douty), Feb.19,1837.

Elbridge Gerry, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Stacy), Sept.27,1837.

Syrena, d.Thomas and Lydia, at Salem, Jan.19,1838.

Susan E.J., d.Henry H. and Susan P. (Needham), July24,1838.

George Frederick, s.Allen and Betsey (Douty), July26,1839.

David Mansfield, s.Henry H. and Susan P. (Needham), Jan.20,1840.

Nancy M., d.Thomas and Lydia, Mar.25,1840.

Mary Ann, d.Samuel Kittredge and Lydia (Shaw), Oct.14,1840.

Silvanus L., s.Henry H. and Susan P. (Needham), Oct.1,1841.

David, s.Benjamin and Hannah (Stacy), Nov.10,1842.

Abby Ann, d.Allen and Betsey (Douty), Mar.11,1843.

Alvertin, s.Samuel K., stone cutter, and Lydia, June19,1843.

Samuel Alverton, s.Samuel Kittredge and Lydia (Shaw), June19,1843.

Joshua Hubbard, s.Henry H. [stone cutter. dup.] and Susan P. (Needham), Aug.19,1843. [Aug.21. dup.]

Albert Loring, s.Henry H. [stone cutter. dup.] and Susan P. (Needham), Dec.17,1845.

末末, d.Samuel Kittredge and Lydia (Shaw), June末,1846.

John Needham, s.Henry H. [stone cutter. dup.] and Susan P. (Needham), Aug.14,1847.

George Frederick, s.Allen [yeoman. dup.] and Betsey (Douty), Mar.13,1848.

Elizabeth Cornelia, d.James Brown and Elizabeth Angeline (Galeucia), May6,1849.

Orlando French, s.Henry H. and Susan P. (Needham), Aug.19,1849.


Ann, at Newbury, Oldtown, Apr.25,1794.

Samuel, at Ipswich, Dec.31,1809.

Charles Eugene, s.Samuel [trader. dup.] and Catherine Aurelia (Gray), at Ipswich, Aug.30,1844. [Aug.29. dup.]

Frances, d.Anthony W., laborer, Nov.26,1846.


Eliza Celia Safford, at Salem, Apr.10,1820.


John, s.John and Elizabeth (Prince), Apr.8,1753.

Andrew, at Middleton, Apr.3,1757.

Unice, d.John and Elizabeth, May7,1757.

Mehitable, d.John and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1759.

Betsey, d.Andrew and Eunice, June6,1777.

Hannah, at Middleton, May4,1780.

John, s.Andrew and Eunice, Dec.31,1780.

Andrew, s.Andrew and Eunice, Nov.22,1785.

Ruth, at Middleton, Jan.21,1788.

Ebenezer, at Reading, Jan.20,1790.

Lucy Blanchard, d.Benjamin, bp. Dec.4,1791.CR1

Nancy, d.Benjamin, bp. Dec.4,1791.CR1

Rebecca, d.Benjamin, bp. Dec.4,1791.CR1

Abel, s.Andrew and Eunice, July9,1792.

Betsy, d.Benjamin, bp. Mar.31,1793.CR1

Rebeccah, at Washington, NH, Mar.25,1795.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. May31,1795.CR1

Blanchard, s.Benjamin, bp. Mar.5,1797.CR1

Mary Eliza, at Andover, Jan.31,1813.

Abel, s.Abel and Sally (Putnam), June4,1815.

John, jr., at Reading, Nov.3,1816.

Betsey Averill, d.Ebenezer and Susan (Averill), Jan.17,1818.

Sarah Putnam, d.Abel and Sally (Putnam), May31,1818.

Susan Howard, d.Ebenezer and Susan (Averill), Mar.26,1821.

Mary Augusta, d.Dr. Andrew, jr. and Mary Holyoke (Ward), 2d w., Sept.20,1836.

Andrew, s.Dr. Andrew, jr. and Mary Holyoke (Ward), 2d w., Sept.17,1837.

Eliza Ann, d.John, jr. and Dorcas (Brown), June23,1838.

John Joseph, s.Dr. Andrew, jr. and Mary Holyoke (Ward), 2d w., Oct.26,1839.

Clara Frances, d.John, jr. and Dorcas (Brown), Dec.21,1840.

Mary Ward, d.Dr. Andrew, jr. and Mary Holyoke (Ward), 2d w., Jan.14,1842.

John Holyoke, s.Dr. Andrew and Mary Holyoke (Ward), 2d w., May8,1843.

Emily, at Methuen, May18,1843.

Mary Adelaide, d.John, jr. [cordwainer. dup.] and Dorcas (Brown), Aug.9,1843.

Jemima C., d.Abel, portrait painter, and Jemima, Sept.10,1845.


Ansol, in Nova Scotia,末蔓末,1836.


Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Aug.19,1822.

John G., s.Samuel and Hannah, Dec.6,1823.


Mary, d.末末, bp. Oct.末 末,1805.CR2

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. June6,1807.CR2


William E., at Beverly, May13,1819.

Ann Elizabeth, in Ireland, Feb.16,1827.

Clarissa Bradley, d.twin, Thomas C., cordwainer, and Aurelia P., Jan.17,1844.

Clarissa Preston, d.twin, Thomas C., cordwainer, and Aurelia P., Jan.17,1844.


Mary Ann, at Newbury, Sept.8,1809.

Sarah Adams, at Newbury, Feb.7,1819.

John, s.Charles and Lucy Ann (Moody), at Troy, NY, Oct.28,1835.

Charles Augustus, s.Charles and Lucy Ann (Moody), May3,1840.

David Page, s.Charles [school teacher. dup.] and Lucy Ann (Moody), Sept.11,1846.

Louisa H., d.William D., lawyer, and Susan, Feb.22,1848.


Jonathan, at Chester, NH, Apr.18,1798.

Eliza, Jan.9,1805.

Henry Morrill, s.Jonathan and Nancy (Long), at Salisbury [at Beverly.dup.], June17,1822. [1821. dup.]

Sally Ann, d.Jonathan and Nancy (Long), at Salisbury, Jan.11,1825.

Daniel Page, s.Jonathan and Nancy (Long), at Salisbury, Apr.11,1831.

Rebecca P., Aug.9,1834.

Rebecca Page, d.Jonathan and Nancy (Long), Aug.7,1835.

Cyrus Hill, s.Henry Morrill [laborer. dup.] and Sarah Ann (Kent), Jan.26,1845. [Jan.26,1846.PR116Addenda]

NOURSE (Nurse)

Sally, Dec.1,1790.

Clarissa, d.Philip, bp. Aug.24,1794.CR1

Mary Waldron, July8,1805.

Sarah Douty, June18,1813.

Salome, d.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, Aug.9,1829.

Lary, s.Calvin and Caroline S. (Locke), at Salem, Mar.6,1830.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, July3,1830.

Mary, d.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, Dec.9,1831.

Lydia Ann, d.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, Nov.27,1833.

Luther C., s.Calvin and Caroline S. (Locke), at Salem, Apr.17,1836.

William Henry, s.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, May18,1836.

Hannah Ellen, d.Samuel Putnam and Mary Endicott (Proctor), Aug.13,1837.

Caroline A., d.Calvin and Caroline S. (Locke), June12,1838.

Harriet Ellen, d.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, Oct.11,1838.

Allen, s.Samuel Putnam and Mary Endicott (Proctor), Nov.12,1839.

Lucy Holt, d.Samuel and Salome (Rust), at Salem, Mar.4,1841.

Samuel Walter, s.Samuel Putnam and Mary Endicott (Proctor), Aug.19,1841.

Harrison, s.Calvin and Caroline S. (Locke), Nov.3,1841.

Albert Freeman, s.Calvin, farmer, and Caroline S., July21,1843.

Mary Endicott, d.Samuel Putnam and Mary Endicott (Proctor), Mar.16,1844.

Sarah P., d.Samuel P., shoemaker, and Mary P., Mar.16,1844.


Henry P., s.Moses, laborer, Mar.31,1848.


Emma Clough, at Enfield, Nov.12,1799.

Harriet L., at Atkinson, NH, Nov.21,1808.

John M.C., at Atkinson, NH, Apr.1,1812.

Francis, at Atkinson, NH, Apr.9,1814.

Minerva, at Hebron, NH, Feb.20,1818.

Eben Upton, s.John M.C. and Sarah Sprague (Upton), Dec.31,1839.

Sarah Caroline, d.John M.C. and Sarah Sprague (Upton), May16,1842.

Alden Abbott, s.Francis [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Lucy (Rice), June11,1846.

Albert Miller, s.Francis and Lucy (Rice), July27,1848.

NURSE (Nourse)

Samuel, s.Francis and Eunice, Dec.28,1741.

Peter, s.Francis and Eunice, Mar.25,1743.

Phillip, s.Francis and Eunice, July10,1748.

Jonathan, Apr.19,1751.

Eunice, d.Francis and Eunice, May2,1752.OS

Hannah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah (Rea), July1,1753.

Aaron, s.George and Hannah, bp. Sept.末,1754.CR2

Benjamin, s.Francis and Eunice, Apr.5,1755.

Ely, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Dec.31,1755.

Nathaniel, Jan.21,1756. [Jan.11. dup.]

Eunice, d.Francis, bp. Feb.15,1756.CR1

Eli, s.Eben, jr. and Hannah, bp. July3,1757.CR1

Hannah, d.Eben, jr. and Hannah, bp. July3,1757.CR1

Phebe, d.Francis and Eunice, Sept.21,1757.

Samuel, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Dec.25,1757.

Michel, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.14,1759.

Jacob, s.Francis and Eunice, May11,1760.

Roger, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, Nov.3,1761. [Nov.10. dup.]

Abigail, d.Francis and Eunice, Jan.13,1762.

Rufus, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Jan.3,1764.

Ede, d.Francis and Eunice, May17,1765.

Ruth, w.Nathaniel, July1,1765.

Elisabeth, d.Caleb, jr. and Mary, July13,1766.

Deborah, d.Ebenezer and Hannah, Dec.28,1766.

Samuel, s.Peter and Lydia, June1,1767.

Mehatable, d.Caleb, jr. and Mary, July5,1768.

Francis, s.Peter and Lydia, Dec.11,1768.

Aaron, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Dec.19,1768.

末末, d.Caleb, jr. and Mary, Mar.3,1770.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Aug.8,1772.

Jacob, s.Philip and Sarah, Aug.26,1773.

Sally, d.Philip and Sarah, Jan.25,1775.

Eunice, d.Philip and Sarah, Nov.6,1776.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.16,1777.

Jonathan, jr., s.Jonathan and Hannah, Dec.26,1778. [1779. dup.]

Polly, d.Philip and Sarah, Dec.18,1779.

Emme, d.Philip and Sarah, Feb.11,1782.

Francis, s.Benjamin and Ruth, Aug.22,1782.

David, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Apr.15,1783.

John, s.Nathaniel and Ruth, May13,1783.

Lydia, d.Nathaniel and Ruth, Jan.11,1787.

Nancy, d.Philip, bp. June8,1788.CR1

Hannah Rea, d.Roger, Jan.28,1789.

Betsy, d.Philip, bp. Mar.21,1790.CR1

Sally, d.Roger, Dec.1,1790.

Caleb, s.Nathaniel and Ruth, Mar.14,1792.

Philemon, s.Philip, bp. June24,1792.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Aaron and Sally, Aug.18,1792.

Debby, d.Aaron and Sally, July8,1794.

Lydia, d.Roger and Molly, Nov.3,1795.

Lucy, d.Philip, bp. Jan.15,1797.CR1

Sally, d.Aaron and Sally, Feb.28,1797.

Nancy, d.Rogers, June19,1798.

Amos, s.Aaron and Sally, Apr.1,1800.

Polly, d.Allen and Ruth, Aug.29,1800.

Samuel, s.Roger, Sept.27,1800.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, July4,1801.

Pamela, d.Allen and Ruth, June6,1802.

William, s.Aaron and Sally, June30,1802.

Eliza, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, Apr.17,1803.

Eli, s.Roger and Molly, Oct.25,1803.

Ruthy, d.Allen and Ruth, Dec.6,1803.

George, s.Aaron and Sally, Mar.17,1805.

Mary, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, July8,1805.

Samuel Putnam, s.Allen and Ruth, Feb.14,1806.

Rea, s.Aaron and Sally, May30,1807.

Hannah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, June5,1807.

Daniel Endicott, s.Allen and Ruth, Apr.5,1808.

Margaret, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, July14,1809.

Hows, s.Aaron and Sally, Sept.13,1810.

Hannah Endicott, d.Allen and Ruth, Dec.25,1810.

Abner, s.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, June11,1811.

Aaron, s.Aaron and Sally, Apr.21,1813.

George, s.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, July2,1813.

Sally Putnam, d.Allen and Ruth, Oct.3,1813.

Sarah, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, June18,1815.

Eliza Flint, d.Allen and Ruth, Dec.26,1816.

Hariet, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, Apr.2,1817. [Apr.7. dup.]

Hudah Collins, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, Nov.17,1819.

Sophronia Batchelder, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, Jan.26,1822.

Margaret Collins, d.George and Sally Francis (Jones), Jan.8,1833.

George, s.George and Sally Francis (Jones), Feb.12,1838.


Agnes, at Berry, England, Nov.22,1831.


Russell Freeman, at Milton, NH, Oct.17,1815.

Phebe Ann, d.Russell Freeman and Hannah Lock (Hayes), Aug.8,1842.


Henry, at Essex, Feb.12,1809.

Mary, at Essex, Nov.27,1812.

Mary, at Essex, Nov.27,1814.

Cyrus S., at Essex, Feb.21,1825.

Lucy Ann, d.Henry and Amanda (Bailey), at Wenham, May3,1835.

Henry Colby, s.Henry and Amanda (Bailey), at Wenham, June15,1837.

Hannah Colby, d.Henry and Amanda (Bailey), at Wenham, May3,1843.

Sophronia Bailey, d.Henry and Amanda (Bailey), at Wenham, Oct.4,1846.


John B., at Salem, Feb.27,1771.

James, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.15,1782.CR2

Daniel, s.John B. and Huldah, May6,1792.

Mercy, d.John B. and Huldah, Nov.1,1794. [1795. dup.]

John, s.John B. and Huldah, Oct.1,1798.

John, s.John and Eliza (Smith), Aug.21,1826.

Eliza Ann, d.John and Eliza (Smith), Dec.5,1827.

Henry Clay, s.John and Eliza (Smith), Aug.31,1829. (Should be 23,1830.)

Joseph Warren, s.John and Eliza (Smith), Mar.4,1832.

Sally, d.John and Eliza (Smith), Dec.29,1834.

John Henry, s.John and Eliza (Smith), May2,1837.

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