Marianne, d.Peter, currier, and Jane, Sept.24,1846.


Mehitable, at Andover, May25,1784.


Mary, Mrs., at Littleton, Oct.17,1781.

Nathan, at Manchester, Aug.3,1804.

Elizabeth, Mrs., Oct.26,1810.

Nathan, jr., s.Nathan and Elizabeth (Poor), Dec.21,1833.


Porter Rea, s.John and Polly, bp. Feb.22,1784.CR2

Charles, at Salem, Jan.17,1811.

Emily Augusta, d.Charles and Mary Ann (Upton), Oct.16,1836.

Sarah Upton, d.Charles and Mary Ann (Upton), July9,1841.

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Mary Ann (Upton), Jan.18,1843.


Robert, s.Sylvester, cordwainer, Feb.10,1845.

LAMPHIER (Lanphear)

Sarah, at Salem, Nov.22,1814.


Simon, s.Simon, of Marblehead, bp. Sept.24,1775.CR1


Betsey, d.William and Sarah (Richardson), Mar.10,1810. [Mar.11. dup.]

Levi W., at Mount Vernon, NH, Mar.16,1811.

William, s.William and Sarah (Richardson), Feb.22,1812.

Joseph, s.William and Sarah (Richardson), Dec.15,1814.

Edward F., at Beverly, Jan.3,1815.

Mary J., at Beverly, Feb.9,1822.

Sarah Ann, at Salem, Nov.27,1823.

Martha, at Beverly, Jan.27,1825.

Samuel Woodbury, s.Levi W. and Elizabeth W. (Fuller), Feb.8,1836.

Eliza Ann, d.Edward F. and Eliza Ann (Jacobs), June24,1836.

Martha N., d.Edward F. [currier. dup.] and Eliza Ann (Jacobs), Aug.10,1844.

Mary Ellen, d.Edward F. and Eliza Ann (Jacobs), Apr.8,1846.


Abigail, at Salem, June11,1782.

Sally, at Salem, June8,1788.

William Augustus, at Salem, May8,1816.

Lucy Allen, d.William Augustus and Caroline Elizabeth (Dodge), at Salem, June29,1839.

William, s.William Augustus and Caroline Elizabeth (Dodge), at Salem, Feb.23,1842.

Catherine, d.William Augustus and Caroline Elizabeth (Dodge), at Salem, May4,1844.

Mary, d.William Augustus [yeoman. dup.] and Caroline Elizabeth (Dodge), Nov.19,1845.

Helen Dodge, d.William Augustus [gentleman. dup.] and Caroline Elizabeth (Dodge), Nov.3,1847.


Benjamin Tilton, at Chichester, NH, Jan.13,1812.

Oliver A., at Hampton, NH, June末,1824.

Ellen Frances, at Gloucester, Dec.9,1828.

Amos Shelden, s.Benjamin Tilton and Nancy Cole (Shelden), at Beverly, Dec.31,1834.

Benjamin Allen, s.Benjamin Tilton and Nancy Cole (Shelden), at Beverly, Nov.11,1836.

Mary Shelden, d.Benjamin Tilton and Nancy Cole (Shelden), at Beverly, June22,1838.

George Austin, s.Benjamin Tilton and Nancy Cole (Shelden), Oct.10,1843.

Abba Elizabeth, d.Benjamin Tilton and Nancy Cole (Shelden), Oct.3,1849.


Ann, in Kilkenny, Ireland, Apr.13,1825.


Archibald, at Paisley, Scotland,末蔓末,1802.

Walter, s.Archibald and Jane (Polson), at Paisley, Scotland, Dec.末,1825.

Agnes, d.Archibald and Jane (Polson), at Paisley, Scotland, Mar.6,1827.

Walter, s.Archibald and Jane (Polson), at Paisley, Scotland, Mar.17,1829.

David, s.Archibald and Jane (Polson), at Paisley, Scotland, June2,1831.

Janet, d.Archibald and Jane (Polson), on the ocean, Jan.10,1835.

David, s.Archibald and Jane (Polson), at Lowell, Mar.27,1837.

Elizabeth, d.Archibald and Jane (Polson), at Lowell, Jan.21,1839.

Mary, d.Archibald and Jane (Polson), Feb.2,1841.


Samuel, at Portsmouth, NH, June末,1781.

Edward Dearborn, at Portsmouth, NH, Apr.21,1804.

Abigail Ellen, d.Edward Dearborn and Charlotte (White), Mar.10,1835.


William, at Chichester, NH, Nov.12,1789.

Mary, Sept.26,1796.

Mary Ann, d.William and Mary (Perkins), at Beverly, Aug.18,1815.

William, s.William and Mary (Perkins), at Chichester, NH, Mar.12,1817.

Cynthia, d.William and Mary (Perkins), at Beverly, Mar.1,1818.

Nancy, d.William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich, Feb.8,1821.

Horatio Russell, s.William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich, Apr.16,1823.

Elizabeth, d.William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich, May16,1825.

末末, d.William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich,末蔓末,1827.

Caroline, d.twin, William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich, Nov.18,1830.

末末, d.twin, William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich, Nov.18,1830.

Charles, s.William and Mary (Perkins), at Ipswich, Sept.28,1832.

Sarah Perkins, d.William and Mary (Perkins), Nov.18,1834.

Martha Walker, d.William and Mary (Perkins), at Beverly, July6,1837.

LANPHEAR (Lamphier)

Judith, at Gloucester, Feb.9,1808.

LARABEE (Larrabee)

Sally, d.Stephen and Sally, Nov.22,1777.

Blaner [Blaney.CR2], s.Stephen and Sally, Dec.31,1779.

Stephen, s.Stephen and Sally, June23,1787.

Charles, s.Stephen and Sally, Oct.3,1796.

Eben, s.Stephen and Sally, Mar.28,1799.

LARIBEE (Larrabee)

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer, bp. Apr.6,1799.CR2


Patrick, s.Thomas and Mary (Kay), in Ireland, Apr.15,1846.

James, s.Thomas [laborer. dup.] and Mary (Kay), Mar.19,1848.

LARRABEE (Larabee, Laribee, Larrebee)

Ephraim, s.Ephariam and Rebekah, Jan.14,1775.

Rebekah, d.Ephariam and Rebekah, Nov.19,1777.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Anne, Oct.22,1778.

Jacob, s.Ephariam and Rebekah, Oct.9,1781.

John, s.Benjamin and Anne, Aug.20,1782.

Sally, wid., June24,1783.

Marcy, d.Ephariam and Rebekah, Nov.9,1785.

Hannah, Mar.23,1794.

Tamersin, d.Ebenezer and Rebekah, June19,1800.

Anna, at Lynn, Dec.末,1800.

Rachel, d.Ephraim [jr. dup.] and Hannah (Curtis), July5,1801. [July6,1800. dup.]

Mary, d.Ephraim and Hannah Curtis, Apr.5,1804. [Jan.5,1803. dup.]

John, jr., s.John and Sarah, Oct.30,1804.

James, s.Ephraim and Hannah (Curtis), Jan.5,1805. [Apr.5,1804. dup.]

Ann, d.John and Sarah, Jan.末,1807.

David, s.Ephraim and Hannah (Curtis), Jan.10,1808. [Feb.21. dup.]

Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, Mar.末,1809.

John Upton, s.Ephraim, jr. and Hannah, July15,1810. [July10. dup.]

Sally, d.John and Sarah, Oct.31,1811.

Hersey, s.John and Sarah, May25,1814.

Hiram, s.John and Sarah, Sept.4,1816.

Eliza, d.Ephraim and Hannah (Curtis), July2,1817. [July5,1816. dup.]

Augusta Maria, d.John and Sarah, Jan.7,1819. [1818. dup.]

David, s.John and Sarah, Apr.22,1823.

Joseph Motey, s.John, jr. and Sarah, Oct.6,1823.

John Turner, s.John, jr. and Sarah, Mar.27,1826.

Sarah Ann, d.John, jr. and Sarah, Apr.10,1828.

Mary Jane, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Carlton), Sept.13,1830. [ Sept.11. dup.]

Joseph Mottey, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Carlton), Mar.6,1833.

Eliza Carlton, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Carlton), Mar.27,1835.

Henry Darius, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), Sept.8,1836.

Angeline, d.John, jr. and Sarah (Carlton), July12,1838.

Jonathan Harris, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), Feb.3,1839.

Ebenezer W., at Lynnfield, May6,1839.

James, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), May5,1841.

Daniel Warren, s.John, jr. and Sarah (Carlton), July28,1841.

John Henry, s.John U. and Mercy (Woodward), Apr.24,1842.

James Henry, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), Jan.6,1843.

Maria Franklin, d.John U. [cordwainer. dup.] and Mercy (Woodward), Aug.25,1843. [Aug.22. dup.]

George Jacobs, s.John, jr. [stone cutter. dup.] and Sarah (Carlton), Sept.13,1843.

Henry, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), Sept.30,1844. [ Sept.29. dup.]

Gustavus B., s.Benjamin, laborer, and Sally, July29,1845.

Franklin, s.John, jr. [stone cutter. dup.] and Sarah (Carlton), Jan.21,1846.

Albert Evanda, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), May29,1846.

Otis, s.Hersey and Olive (Boutwell), Mar.25,1848.

LARREBEE (Larrabee)

Hepzibah, at Lynnfield, Oct.3,1767.

LARREY (Larry)

LARRY (Larrey)

Michael, in Ireland,末蔓末,1822.

Daniel, s.Michael and Mary (Barrett), Apr.28,1849.


George, s.Stephen and Sarah, bp. Nov.4,1792.CR2


Magdalene, in Scotland, Mar.10,1808.


Charles, at Salem, Oct.7,1795.

Dolly, at Lynnfield, Apr.5,1806.

William H., s.Charles and Lucy Ann (Ward) [bef. Nov.29,1846].


Mary Ellen, d.Edward F., currier, and Eliza Ann, Apr.8,1846.


Mary, in England, Feb.23,1829.

LEACH (Leech)

Hannah, at Salem, Nov.7,1816.


Sophronia Isabelle, at Weston, Sept.18,1826.

LEARNED (Lerned)

Hannah, at Watertown, Aug.23,1782.

Jedidiah, at Boston, Aug.末,1806.

John Henry, s.Jedidiah and Mary (Stowell), at Boston, Sept.30,1833.

George Franklin, s.Jedidiah and Mary (Stowell), at Boston, Sept.1,1835.

Mary Persis, d.Jedidiah and Mary (Stowell), at Salem, Dec.18,1837.


John A., at Boston, June11,1808.

John S., s.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), Aug.13,1832.

Charles Henry, s.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), June7,1834.

Lewis Milton, s.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), Apr.2,1836.

Addison Putnam, s.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), Feb.10,1838. [Feb.11. dup.]

Sarah Stacy, d.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), Jan.21,1841.

Elmer, s.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), July21,1843.

Henrietta, d.John A. and Sarah (Silvester), Feb.8,1845.

Mary E., d.John A. [currier. dup.] and Sarah (Silvester), Apr.7,1847.


Timothy, in Ireland, Jan.16,1817.

John, s.Timothy and Hannah (Freeman), Nov.25,1841.

Ellen, d.Timothy and Hannah (Freeman), Feb.20,1843.

Jeremiah Arthur, s.Timothy and Hannah (Freeman), Aug.12,1844.


Sarah, Nov.6,1771.

Polly, at Lynn, Aug.21,1775.


Frances, at Dover, NH, Oct.9,1799.

Joseph, at Shapleigh, ME, Jan.28,1815.

末末, twin sons, Joseph and Hannah (Hall), Jan.末,1842.

末末, twin daughters, Joseph, brickmaker, and Hannah, Feb.21,1844.

Caroline Augusta, d.Joseph [brickmaker. dup.] and Ruth Maria (Hatch), 2d w., Dec.11,1845.

Laura Frances, d.Joseph [cordwainer. dup.] and Ruth Maria (Hatch), 2d w., Oct.24,1847.

Mary Isabella, d.Joseph and Ruth Maria (Hatch), 2d w., Sept.14,1849.


Ruth, d.Josiah and Sarah, bp. Sept.10,1775.CR2

Bethiah, at Manchester, May末,1806.

Mary, at Salem, Apr.末,1808.

Olive, at Manchester, Aug.20,1808.

Caroline Matilda, at Salem, June18,1825.

LEECH (Leach)

John, s.Asa and Elizabeth, bp. Apr.28,1765.CR2

Ezra, s.Asa and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.13,1767.CR2

Mary Chipman, d.Timothy and Lydia, Feb.12,1793.

Hannah, at Salem, Jan.3,1803.


LEGRO (Legroo, Legrove)

Ann Wildes, d.twin, Joseph W. and Arethusa (Wildes), July6,1848.

Caroline Pope, d.twin, Joseph W. and Arethusa (Wildes), July6,1848.

LEGROO (Legro)

Samuel, at Malden, Jan.3,1777.

Edmund R., at Reading, June22,1809.

Hananiah Parker, at North Reading, June28,1809.

Joseph Warren, s.Samuel and Sally, Aug.12,1819.

Loisa, d.Samuel, jr. and Sally, Nov.2,1821.

Lucretia Parker, d.Samuel and Sally, July17,1822.

Samuel Otis, s.Samuel, jr. and Sally, Oct.6,1823.

Ruth Bixby, d.Samuel and Sally, Sept.24,1824.

Susan, d.Samuel, jr. and Sally, Dec.9,1825.

Sarah Caroline, d.Samuel, jr. and Sally (Cross), Mar.17,1829.

Phebe Ann, d.Samuel, jr. and Sally (Cross), Jan.4,1831.

Hananiah Porter, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), June24,1831.

Porter, June26,1831.

William Augustus, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), June7,1832.

Edmund, s.Samuel, jr. and Sally (Cross), Jan.25,1833.

Ruth P., d.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), July30,1833.

Leonard Cross, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), May8,1834.

Alonzo L., s.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), June1,1835.

Albert Eustis, s.Samuel, jr. and Sally (Cross), Mar.12,1836.

Susan Ann, d.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), Sept.12,1836.

Charles S., s.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), Oct.30,1836.

George Henry, s.Samuel, jr. and Sally (Cross), June17,1838.

Mary Emeline, d.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), Oct.27,1838.

John C.P., s.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), Apr.6,1839.

Edward Lawrence, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), June6,1840.

Sarah M., d.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), Oct.29,1840.

Louisa Ellen, d.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), Feb.1,1842.

Caroline, d.Samuel, jr. and Sally (Cross), June3,1842.

Orin Parker, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), Apr.16,1843.

Arthur, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), June21,1845.

Orrin Parker, s.Hananiah Parker [cordwainer. dup.] and Susan (Cross), Jan.10,1848.

Hannah Isabella, d.Edmund R. and Maria (Putnam), July11,1849.

James Austin, s.Hananiah Parker and Susan (Cross), Oct.29,1849.


Clarance, s.Parker, cordwainer, June20,1845.


Christiana, in Scotland, Jan.18,1819.


Sarah Ellen, July12,1829.

LERNED (Learned)

Ebenezar Brooks, s.John H. and Precilla, Apr.9,1819.


Nancy, at Whitehall, NY, June26,1802.


Honora, in County Cork, Ireland, Mar.末,1823.

Hannah, in Ireland, Dec.22,1823.

Charles, in NH, Sept.21,1829.

Charles E., s.Charles and Esther Ellen (Taylor), Oct.27,1849.


Mary Abbott, at Sandwich, VT, Apr.18,1817.


Frances Eliza, at Boston, Apr.13,1832.


Nichols, at Hingham, Oct.4,1816.

Temperance Smith, d.Silas S., tanner, and Elizabeth Lowd, Aug.10,1847. [Aug.11. dup.]


Benjamin, at Lynn, Sept.11,1801.

Mary Ann, d.Benjamin and Mary (Perkins), at Lynn, Aug.25,1825.

John Perkins, s.Benjamin and Mary (Perkins), Aug.19,1829.

Sarah Perkins, d.Benjamin and Mary (Perkins), July4,1831.

Benjamin Newhall, s.Benjamin and Mary (Perkins), Nov.4,1833.


Esther, at Jefferson, ME, Oct.27,1822.




William W., at Salem, NH, Aug.18,1778.

Mary, at Newbury, July6,1782.

Elizabeth Bailey, d.William W. and Mary, Jan.7,1807.

William Henry, s.William W. and Mary, Sept.19,1808.

Plummer, at Newbury, Nov.15,1809.

Elizabeth Mary, d.William W. and Mary, Jan.1,1811.

末末, s.William W. and Mary, Jan.28,1816.

George Henry, s.William Henry and Mary Ann K. (Easkeot), May1,1839.

George Henry, s.William Henry and Mary Ann K. (Easkeot), Mar.29,1841.

末末, ch.William Henry and Mary Ann K. (Easkeot), Sept.10,1842.

Eben Sutton, s.Plummer and Elizabeth Mary (Little), July10,1843.

Eliza L., d.Plummer, tanner, and Elizabeth, July10,1843.

Adeline Augusta [Austin. dup.], d.William Henry [tanner. dup.] and Mary Ann K. (Easkeot), Dec.27,1843.


Roxana, at Sanford, ME, Feb.20,1822.

Ellen Clark, at Portland, ME, May23,1829.

Levina A., d.Ralph, tinman, and Lavina, Oct.10,1844.

Nancy Elizabeth, d.Dependance [shoe cutter. dup.] and Priscilla (Welch), Oct.10,1846.

Stephen Spaulding, s.Dependance and Priscilla (Welch), Aug.8,1848.


Lydia Rust, at Jefferyboro, NH, Apr.14,1821.


Caroline S., at Sanborntown, NH, May末,1807.

Abigail, at Burlington, Aug.12,1809.

Mary E., at Portsmouth, NH, Nov.26,1817.

Christiana, at Lowell, Oct.19,1843.


Bridget, d.Dennis and Bridget (Derivan), in Ireland, Dec.25,1843.

Catherine, d.Dennis and Bridget (Derivan), in Ireland, Dec.23,1846.

Patrick Henry, s.Dennis and Bridget (Derivan), Mar.3,1849.


Fanny, in Ireland, Nov.末,1820.


Nancy, at Newburyport, Apr.29,1802.

Elizabeth, in Ireland, Sept.9,1820.


Patrick, in Ireland, Mar.17,1824.


Elizabeth, at Concord, May6,1831.


James, at Ipswich, Jan.末,1799.

Jacob S., at Ipswich, Feb.5,1810.

Sarah N., at Newburyport, Apr.1,1811.

Joseph G., at Newburyport, May16,1813.

John Augustus, at Buxton, ME, Aug.20,1813.

William Holmes, at Buxton, ME, Nov.15,1815.

William N., at Charlestown, Dec.15,1815.

William Augustus, at South Berwick, May11,1817.

Betsey Emeline, at Salem, May6,1825.

Edward A., at Ipswich, June17,1825.

Daniel Augustus, s.James and Sally (Mann), July15,1825.

James Alfred, s.James and Sally (Mann), July22,1827.

Eben Francis, s.James and Sally (Mann), Sept.26,1829.

Susan Frances, d.Joseph G. and Susan P. (Hopkins), at Dedham, Apr.5,1837.

Jacob Sullivan, s.Jacob S. and Mehitable H. (Haskell), at Gloucester, Feb.25,1838.

Clara Maria Adams, d.Jacob S. and Mehitable H. (Haskell), at Gloucester, June12,1840.

Anna, d.John Augustus and Eliza Ann (Downing), July5,1840.

Caroline Augusta, d.Joseph G. and Susan P. (Hopkins), Apr.16,1841.

Helen Augusta, d.John Augustus and Eliza Ann (Downing), Mar.27,1842.

Caroline Augusta, d.Joseph G. and Susan P. (Hopkins), Nov.9,1842.

Augusta Chaplin, d.William N. and Caroline A. (Ward), Jan.3,1843.

Ellen Frances, d.William Holmes and Cloe (Wardwell), at Otisfield, June17,1844.

George Franklin, s.William Augustus [tinman. dup.] and Hannah (Bean), July21,1844.

Mary Eliza, d.John Augustus [currier. dup.] and Eliza Ann (Downing), Sept.13,1844. [ Sept.11. dup.]

Caroline Newman, d.twin, William N. [currier. dup.] and Caroline A. (Ward), Jan.21,1846.

Elizabeth J., d.twin, William N. [currier. dup.] and Caroline A. (Ward), Jan.21,1846.

Louisa Upton, d.John Augustus and Eliza Ann (Downing), Oct.1,1846.

Mary E., d.John A., currier, Oct.1,1846.

Richard Mason, s.Jacob S. and Mehitable H. (Haskell), at Lynn, Oct.13,1846.

Elizabeth, d.William Holmes and Cloe (Wardwell), Apr.13,1847.

Charles Eugene, s.William Augustus and Hannah (Bean), at Salem, July24,1847.

Merrill Herbert, s.Jacob S. and Mehitable H. (Haskell), at Lynn, Nov.8,1847.

Isaac, s.Timothy Holmes and Mary Wood (Fornis), Dec.4,1848.

Albert Smith, s.William Augustus and Hannah (Bean), July31,1849.

John Augustus, s.John Augustus and Eliza Ann (Downing), Aug.20,1849.


Richard, at Newbury, June21,1790.

Joseph Blake, at Boston, May15,1804.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Richard and Sarah, Dec.2,1819.

Harriot Orne, d.Richard and Sarah, Sept.14,1821.

Mariah, d.twin, Richard and Sarah, Feb.26,1827.

Mary, d.twin, Richard and Sarah (Baker), Feb.26,1827.

Martha, d.twin, Richard and Sarah (Baker), Feb.27,1827.


Lucy, at Duxbury, Oct.1,1751.


David, at Andover, Nov.20,1782.

James Carr, s.David and Mehetable (Carr), at Salem, Nov.27,1811.

Gertrude Elizabeth, May26,1827.


Ruth, at Beverly, Oct.8,1802.


Caleb, h.Sarah, July7,1739.

Sarah, w.Caleb, Dec.28,1739.

Lucy, d.Caleb and Sarah, May1,1764.

Stephen, s.Caleb and Sarah, Mar.28,1767.

Caleb, s.Stephen and Sally (Jacobs), May31,1796.

Lucy, d.Stephen and Sally (Jacobs), Dec.26,1800.

Susan Maria (Strong, née Low), 2d, w.Caleb,末蔓末,1810.

Darling, at Shapleigh, ME, Aug.2,1813.

Caleb Francis, s.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Aug.28,1825. [Aug.26. dup.]

Mary, at Shapleigh, ME, Nov.16,1825.

Elisabeth O., d.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Jan.6,1827.

Caleb Francis, s.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Apr.5,1829.

Edward West, s.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), July19,1830.

Sarah J., d.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Dec.15,1831.

Sally J., d.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Jan.27,1833.

Betsey Emeline, d.Darling and Phebe (Rhoads), at Salem, May5,1834.

Sylvester, s.Darling and Phebe (Rhoads), at Salem, Dec.27,1835.

Alonzo Sylvester, s.Darling and Phebe (Rhoads), Sept.24,1837.

Mary Frost, d.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Dec.末,1837.

Phebe Augusta, d.Darling and Phebe (Rhoads), Nov.19,1839.

Edward West, s.Caleb and Betsey (Osborn), Dec.23,1841.

James Wesley, s.Darling and Phebe (Rhoads), Mar.26,1842.


Abba, at Conway, NH, Sept.13,1813.

Fanny, at Conway, NH, Nov.27,1824.


Andrew, at Newbury, Mar.5,1797.

John C., at Newbury, Sept.28,1798.

Almira, d.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), Jan.23,1822.

Caroline Agusta, d.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), Feb.19,1825.

Andrew Francis, s.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), May12,1827.

Almira Angeline, d.John C. and Catherine Brown (Foster), at Salem, July26,1827.

Harriet Ann, d.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), Mar.29,1829.

John Augustus, s.John C. and Catherine Brown (Foster), at Salem, June8,1830.

Caroline Augusta, d.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), Jan.8,1832.

Catherine Foster, d.John C. and Catherine Brown (Foster), at Salem, Apr.2,1832.

John Augustus, s.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), Apr.29,1835.

Henrietta, d.John C. and Catherine Brown (Foster), Jan.4,1837.

Rebecca Green, d.Andrew and Rebakah (Foster), May15,1837.

Frances Ellen, d.John C. and Catherine Brown (Foster), July7,1839.


Ellen, at Salem, Feb.1,1822.


Joseph, in Ireland, Dec.24,1813.

Margaret, in Ireland,末蔓末,1824.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Ellen (Sullivan), in Ireland, Jan.1,1841.

Ellen F., d.John, laborer, and Ellen (Scott), Aug.22,1848.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Ellen (Sullivan), Aug.3,1849.

Mary, d.John and Margaret (Hogan), Sept.13,1849.

LYNDSEY (Lindsey)


Peter, at Dublin, Ireland, May25,1816.

Simon, s.Peter and Mary (Mulligan), at Dublin, Ireland, Feb.2,1843.

Mary, d.Peter and Mary (Mulligan), at Dublin, Ireland, June14,1845.

Thomas, s.Peter and Mary (Mulligan), at Dublin, Ireland, Aug.4,1848.

LYONS (Lions)

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