Charles, at Lynn, Nov. 19, 1799.

George Stone, s. Charles and Hannah (Shaw), at Lynn, Dec. 1, 1818.

Charles Henry, s. Charles and Hannah (Shaw), Oct. 3, 1820.

Rebecca Pinson, d. Charles and Hannah (Shaw), at Lynn, Nov. 30, 1822.

Joseph Shaw, s. Charles and Hannah, at Lynn, Feb. 12, 1825.

David, at Lynn, Feb. 16, 1825.

Martha Ann, at Chelsea, Nov. 7, 1826.

Amos Edward, s. Charles and Hannah (Shaw), at Lynn, June 9, 1828.

George Eaton, s. Joseph Shaw [laborer. dup.] and Lydia Fowler (Eaton), Feb. 21, 1848.


Mary Hodges, d. George, bp. July 16, 1809. CR1

Eliza, d. George, bp. July 4, 1813. CR1

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