FAGAN (Fegan)

Catherine, in Ireland,末蔓末,1831.


Anjenette C., at Exeter, NH, July24,1829.


Rebecca ?, at Salem, Apr.6,1810.

Olive, at Saco, ME, Dec.4,1810.

Mary, at New Boston, NH, June23,1815.

William Boutley, at Boston, Jan.24,1827.

William Alden, s.William Boutley and Mary Butman (Ross), Oct.1,1847.

William Wallace, s.William L., cordwainer, and Mary, Oct.1,1847.

Mary Mahela, d.William Boutley and Mary Butman (Ross), Jan.9,1849.

FAREWELL (Farwell)

Chandler C., at Georgetown, Apr.4,1828. [Apr.11. dup.]


Augusta Peach, d.John E.W. and Martha Hadley (Peach), Nov.6,1849.

FARNHAM (Farnum)

Calvin, at Wakefield, NH, Dec.26,1819.

Sarah E., d.Alfred, morocco dresser, and Susan, Nov.18,1845.

Melvina, d.Calvin [shoe dresser. dup.] and Lydia S. (Cook), June17,1846.

Amanda, d.Calvin and Lydia S. (Cook), June4,1849.

FARNUM (Farnham)

Alfred, at Bridgton, ME, Sept.7,1822.

Francis Ellison, s.Alfred and Susan (Renou), at Haverhill, Sept.2,1837.

Edwin Henry, s.Alfred and Susan (Renou), at Charlestown, Dec.7,1840.

George Alfred, s.Alfred and Susan (Renou), at Charlestown, Aug.7,1841.

Lucy Ann, d.Alfred and Susan (Renou), Apr.16,1843.

Mariete, d.Calvin [cordwainer. dup.] and Lydia S. (Cook), Jan.7,1844.

Elizabeth, d.Alfred and Susan (Renou), Nov.18,1845.

Elizabeth, d.Alfred, currier [and Susan (Renou). dup.], Apr.6,1847.

William, s.Alfred and Susan (Renou), Nov.14,1848.


John C., at Manchester, Eng., Mar.1,1826.

FARWELL (Farewell)

Mary Elizabeth, at Vassalboro, ME, Jan.1,1819.

FAVER (Favor)

Hannah, d.Willeby and Hannah, bp. Aug.9,1767.CR2

FAVOR (Faver)

Louisa Elizabeth, at New Chester, NH, Jan.24,1846.


Margaret, d.Edward, Oct.18,1849.

FEGAN (Fagan)

William, at Boston, June末,1823.

William, s.William and Catherine (Currier), at Georgetown, Feb.27,1845.

Margaret Ann, d.William and Catherine (Currier), at Somersworth, NH, Nov.26,1848.


Harriet, at Tamworth, ME, Apr.1,1835.


Alfred, at Ipswich, May末,1818.

Mary Ann, at Salem, Apr.18,1822.

George, s.George, weaver, July12,1844.

Emily Putnam, d.Alfred [carpenter. dup.] and Nancy (Putnam), July28,1846.

Lavina, d.Alfred and Nancy (Putnam), Aug.25,1848.



Anna, d.Nathaniel and Dorcas, Nov.5,1754.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Dorcas, Mar.28,1756.

David, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.20,1757.

Dorcas, d.Nathaniel and Dorcas, Jan.26,1758.

Asa, s.Samuel and Mary, Jan.10,1759.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Dorcas, Aug.5,1759.

Anna, d.Nathaniel, bp. Nov.16,1760.CR2

Mary, d.Nathaniel, bp. Nov.16,1760.CR2

Ruth, d.Samuel and Mary, Nov.17,1761.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Hannah, Dec.8,1765.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Mary, Aug.29,1766.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Hannah, bp. Apr.3,1768.CR2

Jedediah, s.Anthony and Elizabeth, May17,1768.

Hannah, d.Timothy and Hannah, Aug.4,1768.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Mary, Sept.6,1768.

Nathan, s.Timothy and Hannah, June15,1770.

Phebe, May28,1771.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Nov.24,1772.

Desier, d.Timothy and Hannah, June9,1773.

Ebenezer, s.Timothy and Hannah, Nov.25,1775.

Mary, d.Samuel, bp. June15,1777.CR2

John, s.Timothy and Hannah, Apr.21,1779.

Jonathan, jr., s.Jonathan and Nanny, Nov.17,1779.

Mary, d.Timothy and Hannah, Dec.17,1781.

Polly, d.Asa and Mary, June1,1782.

James, s.Asa and Mary, Sept.11,1786.

Sally [d.Benjamin.PR74], at Brookfield, Feb.27,1787.

Thorndike, s.Timothy, jr. and Polly, July31,1788.

Rebekah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Mar.20,1789.

Betsey, d.Timothy and Hannah, Oct.17,1789.

Clarissa, d.Timothy, jr. and Polly, Feb.16,1791.

Fanny, d.Asa and Sarah, 2d w., Aug.17,1791.

Nathaniel, jr., s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Oct.6,1791.

Phebe, d.Asa and Sarah, 2d w., Mar.9,1793.

David, s.David and Hannah, Feb.3,1794.

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, May13,1794.

Ezra, s.Asa and Sarah, 2d w., May5,1795.

John Swinerton, s.David, bp. Oct.4,1795.CR2

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Nov.13,1795.

Mehetable, d.Nathan and Lydia, May15,1797.

Martha P., Oct.23,1797.

Patty, d.Asa and Sarah, Oct.23,1797.

Andrew, s.David and Hannah, Dec.17,1797.

Nathan, jr., s.Nathan and Lydia, June14,1799.

Mary P., d.Nathaniel and Hannah, June30,1799.

Zachariah, s.Asa and Sarah, 2d w., Feb.4,1800.

Hannah, d.David and Hannah, Oct.30,1800.

Hannah Procter, d.Nathan and Lydia, Feb.25,1802.

George, s.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, Jan.3,1803.

Harriet, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Sept.19,1803.

Syrena, d.John and Phebe, Oct.16,1803.

Lydia, d.Nathan and Lydia, Aug.25,1804. [ Sept. dup.]

Phebe, d.John and Phebe, Apr.17,1805.

Sophia Jane, d.Jonathan, jr. and Betsey, July10,1805.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Jan.4,1807.

Timothy Proctor, s.John and Phebe, Jan.14,1807.

Eliza Matilda, d.Nathan and Lydia, Feb.28,1809.

Elizabeth Clarinda, d.John and Phebe, Oct.25,1811.

Jane, w.Samuel, Mar.11,1813.

Samuel, July3,1813.

Phebe M., d.John S. and Sally (Wood), at Amesbury, Oct.4,1816.

Sarah Augusta, d.John S. and Sally (Wood), at Amesbury, Sept.29,1818.

William Henry, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Polly, Dec.25,1821.

Joseph O., s.Amory and Mary, Jan.1,1822.

Abigail Kenney, Mrs., at Lynn, Jan.4,1822.

George, Mar.9,1822.

Charles T., s.John S. and Sally, Nov.9,1822.

William Amory, s.Amory and Mary, Feb.13,1824.

Mary Frances, d.Amory and Mary, Apr.3,1825.

Martha Abigail, d.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Dec.11,1825.

Mary Eliza, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Polly (Preston), Aug.16,1826.

Eliza Ann, d.Amory and Mary, Dec.31,1826.

Caroline Thatcher, d.John S. and Sally, Apr.7,1827.

James Porter, s.James and Sophronia (Webb), Feb.15,1828.

Nathan Augustus, s.Daniel and Hannah P., Apr.6,1828.

Harriet, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Polly (Preston), Nov.3,1828.

Margaret Jane, d.James and Sophronia (Webb), Jan.25,1830.

Sarah Derby, d.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Oct.7,1830.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.John S. and Sally (Wood), Nov.21,1830.

Levi Preston, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Polly (Preston), Jan.16,1831.

Lydia Ann, d.James and Sophronia (Webb), Sept.1,1832.

Nathaniel Ward, s.Nathaniel, jr. and Polly (Preston), July5,1833.

Sarah Ann, d.James and Sophronia (Webb), Feb.4,1835.

Daniel Henry, s.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Mar.6,1836.

Mehitable Berry, d.Nathaniel, jr. and Polly (Preston), May25,1837.

Caroline, d.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Mar.23,1839.

Lewis Edward, s.James and Sophronia (Webb), July23,1840.

Zachariah, jr., s.Zachariah and Abigail K. (Towne), June22,1842.

Harriot Pope, d.Daniel and Hannah P. (Felton), Dec.1,1842.

Joseph Epps, s.James and Sophronia (Webb), Oct.31,1844.

Lois Ann Augusta, d.Timothy Proctor and Lydia Ann (Haskell), Apr.4,1845.

Martha Abigail, d.Daniel [yeoman. dup.] and Hannah P. (Felton), Aug.26,1846.

FERGERSON (Ferguson)

Abba Ann, d.Elisha, currier, and Sarah Maria, Aug.13,1843.

FERGURSON (Ferguson)

Elisha G., at Eliot, ME, June12,1819.

FERGUSON (Fergerson, Fergurson, Furgerson)

Paulina, at Shapleigh, ME, Mar.23,1819.

Marcia Plummer, at Sandwich, NH, Aug.19,1823.

Abby Merrill, at Shapleigh, ME, June27,1826.


Stephen, at Kittery, ME, Sept.14,1808.

末末, s.Stephen and Susan (Tibbets), Sept.16,1841.

John Prince, s.Stephen [currier. dup.] and Susan (Tebbets), July27,1845.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Stephen [currier. dup.] and Susan (Tebbets), Oct.12,1847. [Nov.12. dup.]


Salvador, at Eaton, NH, Oct.24,1811.

Wealthy Melvina, at Eaton, NH, Dec.5,1817.

Lorana M., at Eaton, NH, Mar.30,1824.

Hannah R., at Eaton, NH, Nov.22,1831.

Samuel Warren, s.Salvador and Huldah L. (Davis), Feb.8,1839.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Salvador and Huldah L. (Davis), Nov.13,1840.

Caroline Amanda, d.Salvador and Huldah L. (Davis), Mar.1,1843.

Julia Malissa, d.Salvador [yeoman. dup.] and Huldah L. (Davis), Mar.6,1845.

Albert Augustus, s.Salvador [laborer. dup.] and Huldah L. (Davis), July18,1847.


Thomas Power, Rev., at Northfield, Jan.12,1814.

Charles, at Boston, Oct.3,1814.

Sarah, at Weymouth, Sept.6,1826.

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Martha Ann (Edgerly), Feb.18,1844.

Maria Daniels, d.Rev. Thomas Power and Maria Augusta (Daniels), Nov.2,1844.

Edward Augustus, s.Rev. Thomas Power and Maria Augusta (Daniels), June14,1847.

Sarah Jane, d.Charles and Martha Ann (Edgerly), at Dover, NH, July6,1847.

Thomas Abbott, s.Rev. Thomas Power and Maria Augusta (Daniels), Sept.14,1849.


Elizabeth Ann, d.Abigail, at Concord, NH,末蔓末,1823.


Hannah, at Andover, Aug.4,1786.

Levi, s.Levi and Betsey, Aug.5,1811.

Elizabeth, Dec.13,1814.

Martha Wilkins, d.Levi and Nancy (Wilkins), at Middleton, June3,1838.

Albert Stevens, s.Levi and Nancy (Wilkins), at Middleton, Mar.2,1840.

Nehemiah Putnam, s.Levi and Nancy (Wilkins), at Middleton, Feb.4,1842.

James Leavitt, s.Levi and Nancy (Wilkins), Nov.13,1844.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Levi and Nancy (Wilkins), Feb.10,1847.

末末, s.Levi and Nancy (Wilkins), Oct.2,1849.


Samuel, at Chichester, NH [at Brentwood, ME. dup.], Mar.4,1814. [1813. dup.]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Nancy Peabody (Rea), July29,1837.

William Franklin, s.Samuel and Nancy Peabody (Rea), July15,1840.

Franklin Whittredge, s.Samuel and Nancy Peabody (Rea), Nov.2,1842.

Charles Gilman, s.Charles Rowley and Sophronia (Gilford), Apr.29,1845.

Sarah Eloise, d.Charles Rowley and Sophronia (Gilford), June24,1848.

FISK (Fiske)

William, s.Samuel, of Salem, bp. Apr.5,1752.CR1

Sarah Elizabeth, at Salem, July19,1805.

Mary Dodge, at Newburyport, Feb.28,1806.

Mary, at Marblehead, Feb.14,1809.

Nathaniel P., s.Levi and Betsey, Dec.15,1812.

Elizabeth, d.Levi and Betsey, Dec.13,1814.

Henry, s.Levi and Betsey, Sept.2,1816.

Albert Richard, at Beverly, Apr.1,1825.

Albert Franklin, s.Albert Richard and Elizabeth White (Safford), at Beverly, Aug.27,1847.

Henry Safford, s.Albert Richard and Elizabeth White (Safford), Mar.28,1849.

FISKE (Fisk)

Sally, wid., at Beverly, May19,1786.


Mary Hilliard, at Salem, Aug.4,1809.

FITS (Fitz)

Ezekiel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, bp. Dec.4,1774.CR2

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, bp. Dec.7,1777.CR2

FITZ (Fits)

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, bp. Oct.20,1771.CR2

Ezekiel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, bp. July19,1772.CR2

Sally, at Boston,末蔓末,1776.




Amos, at Plymouth, NH, July13,1790.

Abigail, d.Amos and Abigail, Sept.14,1817.

Amos, s.Amos and Abigail, Jan.5,1821.

James, at Acton, Sept.5,1823.

Joseph, s.Amos and Abigail, Aug.14,1824.

Zeruah, at Belgrade, ME, May18,1827.

Sarah Jane, d.Amos and Sally (Gould), 2d w., May17,1833.

Martha Allen, d.Amos and Sally (Gould), 2d w., Mar.31,1835.

Charles Asa, s.Joseph [cordwainer. dup.] and Eunice Goodhue (Peabody), Jan.21,1848. [Jan.4. dup.]

末末, d.Franklin, pedlar, and S.S., Apr.末,1848.

Charles Henry, s.Rodney C. and Maria M. (Messer), at Salem, Apr.9,1849.


Lydia, at Reading, Aug.末,1743.

Betty, at Reading, Apr.30,1745.

Amos, s.William and Ruth, Nov.25,1752.

Anna, d.John, bp. July29,1753.CR1

Joseph, s.Joseph, bp. June30,1754.CR1

John, s.John, bp. Mar.7,1756.CR1

Sarah, d.Joseph, bp. Apr.4,1756.CR1

William, Jan.12,1758.

Mehetable, d.Elisha, bp. Jan.15,1758.CR1

Ruth, d.Samuel and Ede, Oct.17,1758.

Joseph, jr., s.William and Ruth, Apr.21,1759.

Miriam, d.Capt. Elisha, bp. Nov.12,1759.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ede, Aug.23,1760.

Amos, s.William and Ruth, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

Joseph, s.William and Ruth, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

William, s.William and Ruth, bp. Oct.11,1761.CR2

Elijah, s.Samuel and Ede, July16,1762.

Jonathan, s.William and Ruth, bp. June19,1763.CR2

Hannah, d.Capt. Elisha, bp. Nov.13,1763.CR1

Hezekiah, s.Samuel and Ede, Jan.31,1766.

John, s.Samuel and Ede, Feb.16,1768.

Molly, d.Samuel and Ede, May25,1770.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ede, June9,1772.

Benjamen, s.Samuel and Ede, Nov.25,1774.

William, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Apr.13,1777.CR2

Nancy, d.Samuel and Ede, Sept.19,1777.

Sally, d.William and Mehittable, Dec.17,1780.

Ruth, d.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.29,1782.

William, s.William and Mehittable, Oct.10,1782.

Joseph, s.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Apr.19,1784.

Eunice, d.Amos and Eunice, May25,1784.

Betsey, d.Elijah and Hannah, Oct.21,1784.

James, s.William and Mehittable, June10,1785.

Amos, jr., s.Amos and Eunice, Aug.22,1785.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph, jr. and Elisabeth, Nov.17,1786.

Samuel, s.Elijah and Hannah, Jan.8,1787.

Samuel, s.William and Mehittable, Apr.10,1787.

Aaron, s.Amos and Eunice, Apr.3,1788.

Irene, at Middleton, Feb.19,1789.

John, s.William and Mehittable, Mar.12,1789.

Elijah, jr., s.Elijah and Hannah, Apr.23,1789.

Ruth, d.Amos and Eunice, July23,1790.

Sarah, at Middleton, Sept.8,1790.

Benjamin, s.William and Mehittable, July17,1791.

Perley, s.Elijah and Hannah, Aug.4,1791.

Charles, s.William and Mehettable (Peabody), Dec.11,1793. [Dec.7. dup.]

Hannah, May23,1794.

Lydia, s.Amos and Eunice, May23,1794.

Tarrant P[utnam.CR1], s.Elijah and Hannah, Mar.21,1795.

Hannah, d.Amos and Eunice, Oct.4,1795.

Lydia, d.William and Mehittable, July13,1796.

Fanny, at Middleton, Oct.25,1796.

Hannah, d.Elijah and Elisabeth, 2d w., Jan.13,1798.

Hezekiah, s.twin, William and Mehittable, Feb.28,1799.

Nathaniel, s.twin, William and Mehittable, Feb.28,1799.

Sally P., d.Hezekiah and Sally, Dec.20,1800.

Andrew Peabody, s.William and Mehittable, Mar.13,1801. [Mar.12. dup.]

Charlot, d.Elijah and Elisabeth, 2d w., May12,1801.

Thomas, s.Elijah and Elizabeth (Putnam), 2d w., Oct.11,1802.

Benjamin H., s.Hezekiah and Sally, June6,1804.

Mary, d.Elijah and Elisabeth, Mar.29,1805.

Mary Putnam [d.Elijah.CR1], Mar.29,1805.

Olive, at Reading, July27,1805.

Esther, at Reading, Dec.26,1805.

Kendal, s.Elijah and Elisabeth, 2d w., Feb.4,1807.

Richard, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Nov.24,1807.

Rebeccah B., d.Samuel and Rebecca, Dec.22,1809.

Mary R[eed.dup.], d.Samuel and Rebecca, May22,1810. [May21,1811. dup.]

Samuel Cook, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Aug.29,1812.

Ebenezer Sprague, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Apr.17,1815.

Samuel, Aug.9,1815.

Elizabeth Amelia, at Rutland, Dec.26,1815.

E.J., at North Reading, July2,1816.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Feb.末,1818.

Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Dec.7,1818.

William, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Jan.末,1820.

Charles, s.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Jan.12,1820.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Rebecca, Aug.末,1821.

Ede, d.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Sept.5,1821.

Malinda, d.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Apr.4,1824.

Eliza, d.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Jan.22,1825.

Warren [Augustus.dup.], s.Andrew and Betsey, Dec.9,1825. [Dec.8. dup.]

Margaret, d.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Sept.12,1826.

Eliza Adeline, d.Nathaniel and Rachel, June14,1827.

Rebeccah, d.Hezekiah and Rebeccah, Jan.8,1828.

Rebekah Caroline, d.Nathaniel and Rachel (Larrabee), Jan.20,1830.

Mary, d.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), Feb.28,1830. [Feb.24. dup.]

Charlotte, d.Thomas and Sophia F., Dec.31,1831.

James Francis, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), July8,1832.

Benjamin, s.Andrew and Betsey (Downing), Aug.10,1832.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Rachel (Larrabee), July19,1833.

Putnam, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), Apr.27,1834.

Pierpont Putnam, s.Thomas and Sophia F., at Lowell, July30,1834.

Sally, d.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), June末,1835.

Andrew Jackson, s.Andrew and Betsey (Downing), Oct.24,1835.

Maria, d.Nathaniel and Rachel (Larrabee), Apr.13,1836.

Sophia Emily, d.Thomas and Sophia F., at Lowell, Sept.10,1836.

Daniel, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), Feb.5,1838.

Sarah Jane, d.Nathaniel and Rachel (Larrabee), July12,1838.

George Albert, s.Thomas and Sophia F., Jan.25,1839.

Sally, d.Andrew and Betsey (Downing), Apr.3,1839.

Horace Sprague, s.Samuel and Rebecca (Porter), Apr.3,1840.

Daniel Hezekiah, s.Hezekiah and Rebekah Chamberlain (Woodward), Apr.15,1840.

Edward Thomas, s.Thomas and Sophia F., at Boston, June20,1841.

Charles Edwin, s.Charles and Mary Hilliard (Fithin), May28,1842.

George Warren, s.Warren Augustus [cordwainer. dup.] and Sophronia Isabelle (Leadbetter), Oct.5,1846. [Oct.31. dup.]

末末, d.Elijah, jr. and Esther Newton (Clay), 2d w., Oct.24,1846.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Charles [cordwainer. dup.] and Mary Hilliard (Fithin), Aug.11,1847.


Emily Jane, at Lynn, July14,1812.

Louisa, at Lynn, Apr.17,1817.


Stephen, at Boston, Jan.末,1774.

Nabby, d.Stephen and Sally, June16,1798.

Sally, d.Stephen and Sally, June26,1800.

Isaac, jr., at Medford, Jan.11,1801.

George, s.Stephen and Sally, July8,1803.

Lydia Hall, d.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), at Wilmington, Mar.25,1830.

Martha Morrill, d.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), July24,1833.

Elizabeth Walker, d.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), Aug.6,1835.

Harriet Newhall, d.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), July14,1836.

Mary Jaquith, d.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), Jan.27,1838.

Edward Tufts, s.Isaac, jr. and Sophia (Morrill), Dec.31,1839.


Julia, in Ireland, Mar.15,1822.



Sarah Rowland, at Exeter, NH, Aug.12,1795.

Peter Gilman, at Exeter, NH, Nov.1,1800.

Charles Gilman, s.Peter Gilman and Charlotte (Dennis), at Salem, Nov.10,1828.

Mary Elizabeth, d.Peter Gilman and Charlotte (Dennis), Oct.31,1833.

Caroline Maria, d.Peter Gilman and Charlotte (Dennis), Oct.11,1836.

Eliza Ann, d.Peter Gilman and Charlotte (Dennis), July4,1842.


Mary, at Amesbury, July12,1789.

FORBUSH (Furbish)

Sarah Rebecca, at Abbot, ME, Aug.20,1833.


Charles E., s.James and Charity F. (Glover), Nov.27,1827.

Elizabeth H., d.James and Charity F. (Glover), Nov.4,1832.


Wood, at Beverly, Apr.15,1798.

Joseph W., at Beverly, Mar.6,1806.

Elenor, at Beverly, Oct.16,1809.

Mary Wood, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Beverly, Oct.28,1821. [1822. dup.]

Edward, s.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Beverly, Dec.25,1823.

Ellen Maria, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Nov.2,1826.

Martha, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Mar.4,1828.

Clarissa Lovett, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Dec.27,1830.

Joseph, s.Joseph W. and Catherine (Searl), at Salem, Aug.15,1831.

Elizabeth Cowles, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Jan.11,1833.

Joanna Augusta, d.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Mar.14,1835.

Henry, s.Joseph W. and Catherine (Searl), at Salem, Mar.27,1836.

Augustus Wood, s.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, Dec.25,1836.

William Lovett, s.Wood and Ruth (Lovett), at Salem, June13,1840.

Francis, s.Wood and Huldah, 2d w., at Salem, Jan.25,1843.

John Lovett, s.Wood, bp. Aug.18,1844.CR2

FORSTER (Foster)

Sophronia N.J., at Gilmanton, NH, 7:7m:1795.


Ambrose, s.Daniel, tanner, and Harriet, Jan.16,1844.

FOSTER (Forster)

Gideon, Oct.10,1709.

Lydia, w.Gideon, May7,1710.

Lydia, d.Gideon and Lydia, May22,1733.

Gideon, "first son," Gideon and Lydia, May23,1741.

James, at Reading, Apr.30,1742.

Lydia, "second daughter," Gideon and Lydia, Apr.12,1747.

Gideon, "second son," Gideon and Lydia, Feb.13,1749.

Benjamin, s.Gideon and Lydia, June12,1750.

Sarah, w.Joseph, Nov.4,1750.

Mercy, w.Gideon, Nov.6,1750.

Joseph, Nov.6,1752.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, bp. Aug.26,1759.CR2

Lydia, d.Joseph, bp. May3,1761.CR2

Mehitable, d.Joseph, bp. May29,1763.CR2

Daniel, s.twin, Joseph, bp. June21,1767.CR2

Samuel, s.twin, Joseph, bp. June21,1767.CR2

Ruth, d.Joseph, bp. Dec.15,1771.CR2

Gideon, s.Gideon and Mercy, Jan.18,1774.

Hannah, d.David and Rachel, July6,1774.

Joseph, jr., s.Joseph and Sarah, Aug.4,1775.

Aaron, s.James and Betty, at Reading, Oct.19,1775.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. June30,1776.CR2

Sarah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.27,1777.

David, s.David and Rachel, Sept.19,1778.

Lydia, d.Gideon and Mercy, Jan.13,1780.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.25,1780.

Nathaniel, s.David and Rachel, Sept.9,1781.

John, s.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Dec.16,1781.CR2

Gideon, s.Gideon and Mercy, Apr.23,1782.

John, s.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.11,1782.

Nancy, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.31,1784.

Mercy, d.Joseph and Sarah, bp. Apr.11,1784.CR2

Rachel, d.David and Rachel, Oct.6,1784.

John, s.Gideon and Mercy, June2,1785.

Polly, d.Joseph and Sarah, Mar.13,1786.

Suckey, d.Joseph and Sarah, Dec.29,1788.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.26,1791.

Betsey, Dec.10,1791.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Sarah, Oct.5,1794.

Phebe, at Ipswich, Jan.30,1797.

Elizabeth Flint, d.Aaron and Hannah, Dec.22,1800.

Rebeccah G., d.David, jr. and Rebeccah, Jan.3,1802.

Mary Nurse, d.Aaron and Hannah, Jan.28,1802. [Jan.8.PR38]

Mary Nurse, d.Aaron and Hannah, Jan.11,1805.

James Gould, s.Aaron and Hannah, Feb.19,1807.

Catherine Brown, d.David, jr. and Rebeccah, May31,1807.

Julia H., at Gilmanton, NH, Dec.9,1808.

Nathan, s.Aaron and Hannah, Apr.16,1809.

Cynthia Adams, d.Aaron and Hannah, Mar.12,1811.

Enoch Perly Putnam, s.Enoch and Susannah, Jan.14,1812.

Clarissa, d.Aaron and Hannah, Apr.9,1813.

Louisa, d.Aaron and Hannah, Dec.22,1816. [1815.PR38]

George, s.Aaron and Hannah, Nov.6,1818.

William, at Gloucester, Dec.12,1819.

Nathan A., at Brunswick, ME, May10,1825.

David, s.David B., cordwainer, and Eliza, May1,1844.

Warren, s.末末, cordwainer, July21,1845.

末末, d.David B., cordwainer, and Eliza, Sept.28,1845.

Abigail Ann, d.Perkins, cordwainer, and Martha, Mar.30,1847.

William Elwell, s.William and Caroline Matilda (Harvey), July31,1849.

FOWL (Fowle)

Holten, s.Benjamin and Mehitable, Feb.21,1775.

FOWLE (Fowl, Fowles, Fowls)

Nathaniel, at West Cambridge, July21,1767.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Lovey (Fowle, née Hill), at West Cambridge, Sept.29,1793.

Rebecca, d.Samuel and Rebeccah, at Wenham, Sept.10,1813.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rebeccah, Aug.20,1815.

Loisa, d.Samuel and Rebeccah, July30,1817.

Martha Watts, d.Samuel and Rebeccah, Aug.2,1819.

William, s.Samuel and Rebeccah, Aug.10,1821.

Ruthy Perry, d.Samuel and Rebeccah, July19,1824.

Joseph Braman, s.twin, Samuel and Rebeccah, Dec.23,1827.

Mary Parker Willington, d.twin, Samuel and Rebeccah, Dec.23,1827.


Anna, d.Nathaniel and Anna, Apr.28,1775.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.15,1776.

Salle, d.Nathaniell and Anna, Dec.26,1777.

John, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.15,1778.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, bp. June20,1779.CR2

Polly, d.Nathaniell and Anna, July6,1780.

Jacob, s.Samuel and Sarah, bp. Sept.23,1781.CR2

Sally, d.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.14,1783.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Anna, Oct.15,1783.

Phillip, s.Nathaniell and Anna, Mar.19,1786.

Polly, d.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.9,1787.

Ruth, at Salisbury, Feb.3,1798.

Samuel Page, s.Samuel and Clarisa, Apr.22,1800.

John P[age. dup.], s.John and Patty, Apr.25,1801.

Abigail, at Salem, Aug.5,1801.

Clarisa Page, d.Samuel and Clarisa, Apr.14,1802.

Jeremiah Page, s.John and Patty, Dec.15,1802.

Rebecca P[utnam.dup.], d.Samuel and Clarisa, July9,1804.

Jeremiah Putnam, s.John and Patty, June23,1805.

William Putnam, s.Samuel and Clarisa, Mar.11,1807.

Martha, d.John and Patty, Sept.20,1808. [1807. dup.]

Henry, s.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), Sept.15,1809.

Sarah P[utnam.dup.], d.John and Patty, Mar.12,1811.

Loisa Crosby, d.John, bp. Aug.7,1814.CR1

Sally Page, d.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), June25,1815.

Louisa, July30,1817.

Eliza Page, d.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), Apr.20,1818.

Maria Louisa, d.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), Dec.15,1822.

Albert Francis H., s.Samuel and Clarisa (Page), Dec.14,1826.

Clara Putnam, d.Samuel Page and Harriet (Putnam), Mar.20,1836.

Clarence, s.Augustus and Emily (Putnam), Sept.26,1838.

Samuel Page, s.Samuel Page and Harriet (Putnam), Dec.6,1838.

Henry Putnam, s.Henry and Sally H. (Putnam), Feb.24,1839.

Addison Webb, s.Henry and Sally H. (Putnam), May26,1841.

Albert Augustus, s.Augustus and Emily (Putnam), June4,1841.

Harriet Putnam, d.Samuel Page and Harriet (Putnam), July25,1841. [1842.PR59]

Adelaide, d.Henry [tanner. dup.] and Sally H. (Putnam), Sept.23,1843. [ Sept.22. dup.]

Betsey Putnam, d.Henry and Sally H. (Putnam), Nov.4,1846.

Eliza Page, d.Henry and Sally H. (Putnam), Jan.24,1849.

FOWLES (Fowle)

Ruth, grandd.Hannah, bp. Nov.3,1754.CR1

FOWLS (Fowle)

Charles Porter, s.Holten and Nancy, at Beverly, Mar.3,1802.


Caroline, at Dracut, Apr.24,1806.

Sarah Jane, d.Lawrence [dyer. dup.] and Bridget (Dannel), Oct.10,1847.

Michael Henry, s.Lawrence and Bridget (Dannell), Oct.末,1849.


Sarah, at Palmyra, ME, Oct.26,1811.

Sarah Maria, d.Joel, June24,1822.

Caroline E.P., d.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), June5,1831.PR46

Mary H., d.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), Jan.2,1834.PR46

Deborah, d.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), Apr.30,1836.PR46

Samuel A., s.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), Aug.13,1838.PR46

James F., s.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), Nov.28,1840.PR46

William P., s.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), July24,1843.PR46

Deborah, d.Samuel Masury and Susanna Palfrey (Hunt), Apr.8,1846.PR46


George, in Yorkshire, Eng., June2,1809.

Mary, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), in Yorkshire, Eng., Aug.10,1833.

John, s.George and Amelia (Naylor), at Yorkshire, Eng., Aug.21,1835.

Elizabeth, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), at Yorkshire, Eng., Oct.18,1837.

Sarah, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), at Yorkshire, Eng., Nov.16,1839.

Titus, s.George and Amelia (Naylor), at New York, Aug.6,1841.

Ellen, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), at Poughkeepsie, NY, June1,1843.

Rachel Ann, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), in New Jersey, Oct.3,1844.

William Henry, s.George and Amelia (Naylor), May8,1848.

Emeline, d.George and Amelia (Naylor), Aug.15,1849.


Benjamin, s.Benjamin, bp. Sept.9,1760.PR10

Emme, at Beverly, June14,1773.

William, at Beverly, Oct.2,1777.

Leafy, d.William and Leafy (Brown), at Beverly, Nov.8,1806.

William, jr., s.William and Leaffy, at Beverly, May1,1807.

John, s.William and Leaffy, Nov.22,1808.

Parker Brown, s.William and Leaffy, Jan.31,1811.

Edwin, s.William and Leaffy, Feb.15,1813.

Margaret Safford, s.William and Leaffy, June13,1815.

Martha, d.twin, William and Leaffy, May26,1818.

Mary, d.twin, William and Leaffy, May26,1818.

Fidelia, d.William and Leaffy, Jan.13,1821.

Lydia, d.William and Leaffy, Oct.27,1826.

Edwin, s.William and Leaffy, Sept.12,1827.

William Trask, s.William, jr. and Sally (Trask), July5,1838.

Mary B., d.Parker B., shoe manufacturer, Dec.13,1846.


Joseph, s.Joseph and Rachel, bp. Sept.1,1782.CR2


William, in Scotland,末蔓末,1807.

William, s.William and Margaret (Garvook), in Scotland,末蔓末,1826.

Thomas, s.William and Margaret (Garvook), in Scotland,末蔓末,1829.

Ellen, d.William and Margaret (Garvook), in Scotland,末蔓末,1831.

John, s.William and Margaret (Garvook), at Lowell,末蔓末,1833.

Margaret, d.William and Margaret (Garvook), in Scotland,末蔓末,1833.

Isabella, d.William and Margaret (Garvook),末蔓末,1839.

Janet, d.William and Margaret (Garvook),末蔓末,1841.


George William, at Bedford, NH, July26,1819.

Charles Tapley, s.George William and Mary Ann (Tapley), at Amherst, NH, Apr.11,1845.

George William, s.George William [trader. dup.] and Mary Ann (Tapley), Jan.21,1847. [Jan.25. dup.]

Sarah Nourse, d.George William and Mary Ann (Tapley), Mar.19,1849.


Elizabeth, w.William, "in that part of Salem now Danvers," Oct.31,1750.

James, s.William and Elisabeth, Oct.14,1769.

William, s.William and Elisabeth, Dec.4,1771.


Nancy, at Beverly, Feb.7,1798.

Phebe, at Beverly, Feb.27,1802.

Maria, at Beverly, Apr.16,1804.

Fanny, at Beverly, May22,1804.

Emeline, at Littleton, Sept.27,1814.

Sarah Elliot, at Beverly, Dec.1,1815.

Alfred, at Salem, Aug.末,1831.


Nathan Holt, s.William and Sarah, Sept.4,1778.

Benjamin, s.John and Lucy, Mar.5,1783.

William, s.John and Lucy, Oct.29,1784.

John, s.John and Lucy, Dec.20,1786.

Sarah Low, d.John and Lucy, July18,1789.

Caleb L., s.John and Lucy, Mar.15,1792.

Stephen L., s.John and Lucy, Mar.31,1795.

George W., s.John and Lucy, Feb.22,1797.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Caleb L. and Sally (Daniels), Nov.19,1821.

Lucy Frye, d.Caleb L. and Sally (Daniels), June16,1825.

John, s.Caleb L. and Sally (Daniels), Sept.2,1833.

Charles, s.Caleb L. and Elizabeth, 2d w., Apr.23,1839.


James, s.Jonathan, bp. July5,1761.CR2

Huldah, d.Jonathan and Huldah, bp. July3,1763.CR2

Mary, d.Jonathan and Huldah, bp. May18,1766.CR2

Stephen, s.Jonathan and Huldah, bp. Jan.22,1769.CR2

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Huldah, bp. Nov.17,1771.CR2

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Huldah, bp. Aug.2,1778.CR2

John, s.James and Phebe, bp. Apr.18,1790.CR2

Richard Sprague [s.James and Phebe.CR2], at Salem, June10,1792.

William, s.James and Phebe, bp. Feb.2,1794.CR2

Caleb Brooks, s.Jonathan and Mehitable, bp. Aug.24,1794.CR2

Sarah, d.James, bp. Apr.15,1798.CR2

Abigail Tufts, d.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), Feb.20,1817.PR47

Amos Tufts, s.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), Feb.20,1817.PR47

Emeline Sprague, d.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), at Salem, Nov.8,1817.

Eliza Harris, d.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), Sept.27,1818.PR47

William Pillsbury, s.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), at Salem, Jan.30,1819.

Mary Eliza, d.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), Mar.7,1821. [1820. dup.]

Josiah Austin, s.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), Aug.29,1821.PR47

Edward Morse, s.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), July24,1823.PR47

Frances Miranda, d.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), at Salem, Sept.13,1823.

Sally Maria, d.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), at Salem, Jan.12,1828.

John Fulsom, s.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), at Salem, Nov.17,1831.

John Ludlow, s.末末, bp. Sept.16,1832.CR2

Gustavus, s.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), at Salem, Apr.20,1836.

Sarah Webster, d.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), Feb.5,1838.CR2

Elizabeth Sprague, d.Joseph and Deborah (Tufts), Feb.8,1840.PR47

Daniel Dana, s.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), Apr.29,1840.

Daniel Dana, s.Richard Sprague and Eliza Fulsom (Pilsbury), July28,1842.


Daniel, s.William and Sarah, Feb.16,1799.

John, s.William and Sarah, Oct.4,1800.

Joseph S., s.William and Sarah, Jan.10,1802.

Tamsen, d.William and Sarah, Oct.14,1804.

Lucy, d.William and Sarah, June3,1805.

Elizabeth Neal, at Salem, Feb.22,1807.

Sarah Wilkins, at Andover, May19,1807.

Mary, at Andover, Sept.17,1809.

William, s.William and Sarah, June13,1810.

Phillip, s.William and Sarah, Apr.17,1812.

Mary C., d.William and Anna, 2d w., Apr.16,1816.

Caleb B., s.William and Anna, 2d w., Feb.16,1818.

James [s.William and Anna, 2d, w.dup.], at Salem, May9,1821. [1820. dup.]

Ann B., d.William and Anna, 2d w., Mar.3,1822.

Stephen N., s.William and Anna, 2d w., Mar.12,1824.

Sarah Abigail, d.John and Mary, Aug.末,1824.

Catherine, d.William and Anna, 2d w., Sept.3,1826.

Peace, d.William and Anna, 2d w., Aug.31,1828.

Peace Buffington, d.James and Subra (Furbish), Nov.28,1847.

Ann Elizabeth, d.James and Subra (Furbish), Nov.27,1849.


Elizabeth, at Newburyport,末蔓末,1770.

Israel, s.Timothy and 末末,1st w., Jan.末,1777.

Esther, d.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w.,末蔓末,1779.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w.,末蔓末,1781.

Eunice, d.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w., June17,1783.

Sally, d.Timothy and Eunice (Goodale), 2d w., July12,1785.

Timothy, jr., s.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w., May13,1787.

Richard, at Middleton, Aug.18,1787.

Elijah, at Middleton, May18,1789.

Ruth, d.Timothy, bp. Nov.11,1792.CR1

John Beal, at Middleton, July31,1793.

Joseph, s.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w.,末蔓末,1794.

Betsey, d.Andrew, June14,1794.

Nehemiah Putney, at Middleton, Sept.29,1794.

Ruth, d.Timothy and Eunice, 2d w.,末蔓末,1795.

Lucy, at Middleton, July31,1795.

Martha, d.Andrew, Jan.23,1796.

David, s.Timothy, bp. July24,1796.CR1

David, s.Timothy and Eunice (Goodale), 2d w.,末蔓末,1797.

Nancy, d.Andrew, Nov.28,1797.

Mary, d.Andrew, Dec.8,1799.

Eunice, d.Andrew, Feb.4,1802.

Ruth W., d.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), May30,1808.

Daniel Wheeler, at Wheelock, VT, Oct.29,1808.

Timothy, s.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, Aug.28,1809.

Joseph, s.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, June5,1811.

Joseph J., at Nottingham West, NH, June5,1811.

Polly, Sept.4,1811.

Sally Osgood, d.Elijah and Huldah, Sept.4,1812.

Benjamin, s.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, Dec.14,1812.

Edward, at Salem, Nov.24,1813.

Elizabeth W., d.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, July24,1814.

George Osgood, s.Elijah and Huldah, Mar.末,1816.

Israel Hutchinson, s.Richard and Anna (Smith), Apr.4,1816.

Samuel W., s.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, Oct.22,1816.

Sarah Killam, at Nottingham West, NH, Dec.6,1818.

Sarah L., d.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, Dec.6,1818.

Eliza Seldon, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), Dec.24,1818.

Sarah P., at Middleton, Mar.22,1819.

Rachel, July15,1820.

Jeremiah Fowler, s.Richard and Anna (Smith), at Beverly, June7,1821.

Richard Putnam, s.Elijah and Huldah, July15,1821.

Lucy P., d.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, Apr.26,1822.

Harriet Ann, d.Timothy, jr. and Ruth (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, May29,1824.

Lydia Ann, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), June24,1824.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Aug.30,1824.

Martha Ann, d.twin, Elijah and Huldah, July19,1825.

Mary Jane, d.twin, Elijah and Huldah, July19,1825.

Esther, d.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Mar.20,1826.

Mary, at Salem, Dec.11,1826.

Charlotte, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), Apr.16,1827.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), at Middleton, Nov.13,1827.

Margret Fidelia, d.Elijah and Huldah, Nov.6,1828.

Elijah, s.Richard and Anna (Smith), May13,1829.

Timothy, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), at Middleton, Apr.21,1830.

N.P., at Middleton, May17,1830.

Timothy, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Aug.25,1831.

Charlotte, d.Richard and Anna (Smith), Dec.20,1832.

Harriet A., d.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Tristan da Couha, July25,1834.

Calvin Wilkins, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), at Hudson, NH, Mar.11,1835.

Hannah Very, d.Timothy, 3d and Hannah (Dale), July24,1835.

Moses S., s.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Tristan da Couha, Dec.28,1835.

Sarah Putnam, d.Daniel Wheeler and Clarissa (Putnam), July15,1837.

John Bean Holroyd, s.Richard and Anna (Smith), July25,1837.

Maria Louisa, d.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Tristan da Couha, Oct.2,1837.

Timothy Joseph, s.Timothy, 3d and Hannah (Dale), July15,1838.

Thomas, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Feb.13,1839.

Laura Jane, d.Timothy, 3d and Hannah (Dale), July23,1839.

Joseph John, s.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Tristan da Couha, Oct.13,1839.

Clarissa Elizabeth, d.Daniel Wheeler and Clarissa (Putnam), Jan.20,1840.

Samuel, s.Timothy, 3d and Hannah (Dale),末蔓末,1841.

Edward Little, s.Edward and Eliza Ann (Little), Apr.11,1841.

Richard Welch, s.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Tristan da Couha, Oct.10,1841.

Daniel, s.Benjamin and Esther (Wilkins), Sept.3,1842.

Israel Freeman, s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Mansfield), Oct.21,1842.

Robert M., s.Edward [shoe manufacturer. dup.] and Eliza Ann (Little), June3,1843.

Frederick Augustus, s.Timothy, 3d and Hannah (Dale), July3,1843.

Enos, s.Benjamin [farmer. dup.] and Esther (Wilkins), July15,1844.

Benjamin Mills, s.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Tristan da Couha, Sept.10,1844.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah, seaman, and Elizabeth, Dec.18,1844.

George Augustus, s.Daniel Wheeler and Clarissa (Putnam), June23,1845.

Mary Jane, d.Daniel Wheeler and Clarissa (Putnam), Sept.12,1846.

Jeremiah, jr., s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth (Mansfield), Dec.21,1846.

Zephaniah Pope, s.Benjamin [yeoman. dup.] and Esther (Wilkins), Mar.11,1847.

Alfred Augustus, s.Edward and Eliza Ann (Little), Aug.21,1847.

Jennet, d.Hugh, weaver, and Jennet, Feb.27,1848.

Alfred Augustus, s.Edward, laborer, and Eliza Ann, Aug.20,1848.

William Henry, s.Joseph J. and Mary A. (Glass), at Congelan, Sept.11,1848.


Hugh, in Scotland, Dec.末,1805.

John, s.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), at Lowell, Aug.末,1834.

Agnes, d.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), at Lowell, Dec.末,1837.

Catherine, d.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), Dec.25,1839.

David, s.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), at Poughkeepsie, NY, June末,1842.

Robert, s.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), at Lowell, May末,1844.

William, s.Hugh [weaver. dup.] and Jennett (Pulson), at Saxonville, July22,1846.

William H., s.Hugh, weaver, and Jennette (Pulson), at Saxonville, July22,1846. [July21. dup.]

Jannett, d.Hugh and Jennett (Pulson), Feb.27,1848.

FURBISH (Forbush)

Subra, at Fairfield, ME, May27,1825.

FURGERSON (Ferguson)

Margaret, at Salem, Apr.11,1807.

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