Jane, and Stephen Waters of Salem, Apr.3,1775.*

Mehitable, and Benjamin Ashton of Marblehead, July2,1776.*


Mary R., of Salem, and Joseph B. Mayo, int.Nov.6,1845.


Richard, of Reading, and, wid.Elizabeth Putnam [2d.int.], July5,1757.*


Abigail Allen, and Amos Merrill, Dec.19,1844.*

Alexander, and Emily Tapley, May3,1843.*

Andrew, and E.J. Flint, at North Reading, Jan.1,1832. [Dec.14,1833. int.]*

Anna, and John Russell, jr., Oct.4,1756.*

Asa, and Elizabeth Webber, June12,1758.*

Augustus, and Aseneth Lamkin of Lynnfield, int.Dec.11,1843.

Benjamin, and Miranda Scarlett, at Lowell, Mar.1,1830.

Catherine K., and Ezra Hanson, July26,1833.*

Daniel, and Susanah Upton, Feb.18,1756.*

David, and Sarah Goodell, Mar.5,1771.*

David, and Lucy Herrick of Reading, int.Aug.10,1793.

David, and Betsey Gardner, July4,1822.*

David, and Eliza Mann [of Beverly.int.], at Beverly, Oct.8,1826.*

Eben, and Mary King, Jan.1,1810.*

Eben S., and Sally Richardson, Apr.28,1814.

Eben, jr., and Sally S. Saunders [Sanborn. int.], Sept.22,1816.*

Eben, jr., of Salem, and Lucy M. Carey, Apr.21,1839.*

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Mary Girdler, int.Feb.21,1756.

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Polly Putnam, Jan.16,1806.*

Ede, of Reading, and Samuel Flint, jr., int.July23,1757.

Ede [P. int.], and Thomas Symonds of Ashby, Feb.14,1813.*

Edward, and Betsey Davis, at Woburn, Oct.12,1815.

Edwin, and Lydia Ann Pearson, at Wilmington, Jan.1,1846.

Eli, and Ede Swinerton, Oct.22,1782.*

Eli, jr., Capt., and Matilda Parker, Aug.23,1818.*

Elijah, and Phebe Wood, July2,1809.*

Elijah W., and Louisa King, Sept.12,1832.*

Elijah Wood, a.37y., glue manufacturer, 2d m., s.Elijah and Phebe, and Lucy Elizabeth Winchester, a.27y., d.Bancroft and Sarah L., June14,1848.*

Elisha, of Middleton, and Sarah Gilford, int.Nov.3,1770.

Elisha C., and Irene Flint, at Middleton, Apr.7,1811.

Eliza, and Oliver C. Felton, Nov.15,1821.*

Eliza L., and Benjamin Wiley of Lynnfield, Mar.6,1840.*

Elizabeth, and John Swinerton, jr., Dec.12,1790.*

Elizabeth, and Ezra Upton, June17,1821.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Chandler of Andover, int.Dec.3,1825.

Elizabeth B., and William B. Patterson, Feb.28,1830.*

Elizabeth, Mrs.(Swinerton), and Martin Hart, Dec.5,1830.*

Elvira L., and Benjamin Wiley of Lynnfield, Mar.6,1839.

Eunice, and Peter Twiss, jr., Dec.26,1754.*

Eunis, of Reading, and George Upton, May20,1773.*

Ezra, and Hannah Goodell, int.Aug.21,1762.

Ezra, and Mehitabel Goodell, jr., Sept.25,1765.*

Ezra, and Elizabeth Upton, June17,1821.*

Ezra, and Mary Ann Bowditch of Salem, int.July28,1836.

Franklin, and Sarah Augusta Felton, Jan.28,1840.*

Hannah, and Ebenezer Sprauge [of Salem.int.], Jan.9,1760.*

Hannah, and Jacob Goodale, jr., Dec.19,1763. [1773. dup.]*

Hannah, and Trustin George of Middleton, int.Feb.18,1786.

Hannah, and Daniel Dodge, Mar.11,1799.*

Irene Flint, and Aaron Cheever Proctor, Aug.24,1841. [Aug.5. dup.]*

Jane H., and Thomas E. Dodge of Salem, int.Oct.19,1833.

Jesse, and Molly Upton of Reading, Mar.31,1791.*

Jesse, and Elizabeth Wood of Woburn, Nov.22,1798.*

Joannah, and James H. Turner of Salem, Aug.25,1831.*

John, of Reading, and Mary Southwick, int.May22,1756.

John, and Joanna Dodge of Beverly, Dec.3,1767.*

John, jr., and Mary Needham, Nov.24,1793.*

John S., and Elizabeth Swinerton, Jan.16,1813.*

Jonathan, and Sally Woodbury, Dec.26,1811.*

Joseph, and Hannah L. Colby, Aug.2,1846.*

Joseph Warren [of Greenfield.int.], and Elizabeth Merrill of Andover, Sept.12,1849.*

Lucy, and Daniel Nutting of Gardiner, ME, July6,1820.*

Margaret (Anderson) Mrs., and James Perkins, Mar.15,1849.*

Martha, and Daniel Brown, jr., Apr.7,1822.*

Mary, and John Wardwell of Andover, Oct.30,1783.*

Molly, of Reading, and Jesse Upton, Mar.31,1791.*

Mary, and Benjamin Annible of Salem, Oct.13,1799.*

Mary, 2d w., and Hercules H. Joselyn, Aug.5,1810.*

Mary Ann, and Charles Lambert, Oct.22,1835. [Oct.23. dup.]*

Mary, and Jesse C. Ferrin, Dec.2,1845.*

Mehitable, and Daniel Putnam, Nov.25,1794.*

Hitty, and Ebenezer Goodale, May5,1802.*

Hitty, and Moses Gould, Feb.23,1818.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Goldthwait, Apr.14,1768.*

Pamelia F., and Francis P. Putnam, Apr.28,1836.*

Phebe, and Capt. Daniel King, Nov.12,1798.*

Phebe, and Joseph Hutchinson, Feb.9,1806.*

Rebecca, of Reading, and David Preston, int.Sept.18,1802.

Ruth [wid.int.], and Isaac Reed, July20,1761.*

Samuel, jr., and Rebekah Spinner, Apr.1,1765.*

Sarah, and Samuel Gardner, June9,1774.*

Sarah, 3d w., and Hercules H. Joselyn, May27,1827.*

Sarah Sprague, and John M.C. Noyes, Apr.12,1838.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Wheeler, at Salem, NH, Feb.1,1820.*

Susanah, and Daniel Upton, Feb.18,1756.*

Thomas, and Atta Frost of Andoyer, June20,1782.

Timothy, and Ruth Flint, Dec.24,1755.*

William [jr. int.], of Reading, and Hannah Felton, Dec.9,1755.*


Daniel, and Margaret Carrol, 2d w., Oct.,1795.*

Serene C., and George Porter, Aug.4,1835.*

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