John, and Ann Maria Merrill of Salem, Nov.13,1838.*


Abraham [Gaye.CR5], and Mrs.Nancy Peters, Nov.4,1840.*

Harriet, and Sylvester Proctor, jr., at Charlestown, Jan.18,1827.


Abigail, of Salem, and Sylvester Proctor, Jan.18,1763.*

Abigail, and Amos Fletcher, Apr.15,1817.

Lydia, and Jonathan Walcut,末蔓末, 末末.

Sarah, and James Birch, int.Dec.13,1788.

William R., and Eliza B. Harriman, at Gardiner, ME, Aug.17,1845.

GALEUCIA (Galleucia, Gallucia, Gallusha, Gallushee, Galucia, Galusha, Gelucia)

Charity, of Salem, and Alpheus W[oodbury.dup.] Bancroft, Mar.1,1832.*

Daniel S., 2d, of Salem, and Margaret Rhodes, int.Oct.8,1836.

Ellison, of Salem, and Harriet Shaw, Jan.21,1841.*

Eliza, and Joseph Wirth, Sept.5,1845.*

Betsey [of Lynn. int.], and John Needham, 3d, at Lynn, May末,1806.*

Elizabeth, a.16y., d.Perley, and Daniel T. Twiss, a.20y., farmer, s.George, Apr.4,1847.*

Hannah, and Joseph Newhall, jr., at Lynn, Dec.末,1795.

Hannah, and Daniel Manning, Dec.27,1835.*

Hannah, and Charles Brown, Aug.21,1844.

Harriet, and James Madison Demeritt, Feb.16,1832.*

Harvey, of Salem, and Rachel T. Currier, Jan.21,1847.*

John Lindsey, and Mary Smothers, at Salem, Mar.1,1799.

John N., and Sarah Galeucia, at Marblehead, Jan.21,1824.

Mary, of Salem, and Samuel Curtis, May21,1843.*

Mary S., and George W. Goodwin of Reading, int.Nov.12,1848.

Sarah [of Lynn. int.], and John N. Galleucia, at Marblehead, Jan.21,1824.*

Sally N. [of Lynn. int.], and Joseph Warren Putnam, at Salem, July9,1849.*

Simeon, and Dorcas Newhall, Mar.30,1797.

GALLAVAN (Gallivan)

William, and Mary McNamara, int.Sept.27,1849.

GALLEUCIA (Galeucia)

Hannah L., and Isaac Munro, Dec.31,1843.*

Sally P. [of], and Nathaniel Putnam, Aug.28,1849. [Aug.15. dup.]*

GALLIVAN (Gallavan)

GALLOP (Galloup)

Amos, and Anna Porter, Apr.6,1781.*

GALLOUP (Gallop)

Daniel P., and Mary F. Ropes of Salem, int.Feb.18,1837.

David B., and Rebecca Richards, at Salem, July16,1829.

GALLUCIA (Galeucia)

Daniel, and Hannah Curtis, Aug.21,1823.*

Elizabeth, and Caleb Osborn, jr., May25,1820.*

Betsey S., and Simon Jones of Lynn, int.May12,1832.

Hannah, and Edmund Jaffery of Lynnfield, June23,1812.*

Mary, of Lynn, and Henry Williams, jr., int.Mar.11,1820.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Newhall, May21,1826.*

Perly, of Salem, and Ruth Carlton, int.Dec.17,1825.

GALLUSHA (Galeucia)

Daniel, jr., of Lynn, and Desire Needham, int.Jan.2,1802.

Jacob, of Lynn, and Sally Newhall, int.Apr.12,1794.

GALLUSHEE (Galeucia)

Daniel, of Norton, and Hannah Lindsey, Dec.29,1768.*

GALUCIA (Galeucia)

Elizabeth A., of Lynn, a.19y., d.Nathaniel, and James B. Newhall of Salem, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Thomas, Jan.18,1846.

GALUSHA (Galeucia)

Susannah, and Thomas Stone, Nov.29,1827.*


Michael Joseph, and Margaret Dailey, at Salem, June27,1848.


Lydia, and Anthony Buxton, Jan.25,1773.*


Mary, of York, ME, and Gloud Wilson, int.July6,1839.


Anna, and Capt. Crispus Brewer of Salem, Sept.14,1758.*

Anna, wid., and Andrew Conant of Concord, July19,1764.*

Asa, and Mary Ann Needham [of], at Lynnfield, May29,1817.*

Benjamin, and Molly Smith, Sept.25,1764.*

Charles A., and Mary Ann West, at Salem, Oct.18,1835.

Daniel, and Amee Rea, Sept.1,1763.*

Daniel, of Lyndeboro, NH, and Eunice Putnam, Mar.8,1810.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Whittradge, Jan.28,1772.*

Elisabeth, and Henry Gardner of Newburyport, Feb.11,1778.*

Betsey, and David Upton, July4,1822.*

Eunice, and Jonathan Tucker [of], Dec.23,1753.*

George, and Elizabeth Needham of Lynnfield, int.Mar.16,1805.

Hannah, and Benjamin Procter, jr., Dec.15,1787.*

Hannah, of Beverly, and Moses W. Foster, int.Mar.8,1828.

Hannah, and David Messer, Dec.22,1838.

Henry, of Newburyport, and Elisabeth Gardner, Feb.11,1778.*

Henry, and Rebekah Ashton, int.June29,1781.

Israel, and Elizabeth Southwick, Dec.7,1769.*

John, jr., and Hitty Goodale, Feb.14,1797.*

John, 3d, of Salem, and Martha Southwick, int.Oct.5,1816.

John, jr., Capt., and Maria G. Endicott, Aug.19,1822.*

Joseph, and Anna Edee of Salem, Dec.17,1772.

Lydia, and Hugh Clark, Oct.25,1764.*

Mary, and Humphry Mash, July30,1756.*

Mary, jr., and Eleazer Pope, jr., Oct.5,1780.*

Mehitabel, Mrs., of Salem, and George Ervin, Oct.12,1773.

Mehitable, Mrs., and Samuel Taylor, Apr.5,1829.*

Nelson, Dr., and Maria Bradstreet of Andover, int.Mar.22,1843.

Ruth [], and Samuel Easty of Salem, May19,1763.*

Samuel, and Patty Williams of Lynn, int.Nov.20,1762.

Samuel, and Sarah Upton, June9,1774.*

Samuel, 4th, of Salem, and Mary Jane Granger, int.Sept.14,1839.

Sarah, and John Walcut, Feb.19,1761.*

Sally, and Calvin Wolcott, Sept.4,1811.*

Thomas, and Mary Buffington of Salem, June13,1755.*

Thomas, jr., and Rebekah Pope, jr., Nov.28,1781.*


Abigail, and Thomas P. Pingree of Salem, July17,1828.*

Josiah B., and Susan Hull, int.Apr.28,1842.

Martha, and Rev. J.O. Choales of Newport, Dec.26,1827.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Lydia Jacobs, Aug.21,1798.*


Margaret, and William Freeman,末蔓末,1825.


Isaiah, and Mrs.Mary Baker of Salem, int.Oct.14,1832.

GAWSS (Goss)

Stephen, of Salem, and Ruthy Robinson, int.Aug.1,1812.

GAY (Guy)

Abigall, of Salem, and Ebenezer Nourse, Feb.12,1815.*


Hannah, wid., and John Mansfield, at New York City, Oct.17,1834.

Jonas, of Leominster, and Polly Putnam of Sterling, Feb.12,1786.

Lorene, and John Mansfield, jr., at New York City, July8,1832.

GELUCIA (Galeucia)

Hersey, and Susan H. Rhodes, Dec.23,1834.*


Asa, and Adeline Kemp, Apr.25,1832.*

Mary, of Lowell, and Oscar C. Stiles, int.Sept.16,1842.

Sarah Elizabeth, and Joshua Nay, at Salem, May9,1841.

Trustin, of Middleton, and Hannah Upton, int.Feb.18,1786.


Benjamin, of Stoneham, and Mrs.Betsey Parker, May25,1830.*

Elbridge, and Mary Amelia Raddin, int.Oct.23,1848.

Susan, and William Bedell, at Alfred, ME, Oct.9,1823.


Ephraim, and Isabella P. Goodale, int.Dec.28,1849.


Hannah, and Mark Hill Davis, at Lynn, Nov.7,1835.


Henry, and Mercy Prescott, Oct.29,1781.*


Mercy Prentiss, and John Maze Armstrong, at Roxbury, Jan.9,1834.

GIDDENS (Giddings)

Mercy, of Wenham, and Matthew Whipple, int.June10,1775.

GIDDINGS (Giddens)

Edward, and Sophia A. Brown, Oct.29,1846.*

Fanny, and Moses Porter, Jan.1,1826.*

Hannah, and Mathew Putnam, jr., Oct.17,1811.*

Mary, of Salem, and Nicholas Rowlin, Jan.19,1777.

Nancy, of Boxford, and George Wyatt, Dec.11,1806.*

Solomon, and Nancy Endicott, Mar.2,1794.*

GIFFARD (Giffords)

Nancy P., and Jareb P. Cross, at Topsfield, Sept.17,1839.*

GIFFARDS (Giffords)

Porter P., and Mary Small, Oct.18,1818.*

William, and Lydia Putnam, Sept.18,1781.*

William, and Nancy Wilkins [of Middleton. int.], at Middleton, Nov.末,1813.*

GIFFORDS (Giffard, Giffards)

Lydia [], and Jonathan Butterfield, jr. of Nottingham West, NH, May6,1806.*

Polly, and John Thomas, Nov.14,1816.*

Miriam, and Josiah Goodale, Mar.18,1813.*

GILBERT (Gilbord)

Aaron, and Mary Pope, June4,1777.*

Hannah, and Daniel Rea of Topsfield, Apr.20,1800.*

Lavina, and Moses Aborn, Oct.30,1800.*

GILBORD (Gilbert)

Eunice, and Amos Flint, Apr.1,1783.*

GILE (Giles)

Benjamin, of Boston, and Huldah Southwick, Nov.11,1810.*

Mary T. [F. int.], of Northfield, NH, and John S. Barr, May14,1845.*

Mary Flagg, and John Symonds Barr, May14,1848.

GILES (Gile, Gyles, Jiles)

Charles Sias, and Sarah Ricker, at Boston, May18,1842.

Edward, and Sarah Smith, both of Beverly, May2,1785.

John, and Margaret Masury, Feb.15,1763.*

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Twiss, Apr.26,1757.*

Martha, and Ichabod Southwick of New Salem, Dec.4,1757.*

Sarah, and John Freeto of Marblehead, Oct.6,1757.*

GILFORD (Gilfords, Guildford, Guilford)

Aaron, and Judith Moulton, Feb.6,1782.*

Benjamin, and Lydia [Sarah.dup.] Goodale, Mar.17,1755.*

David M., and Harriet Groves, Apr.17,1826.*

Elizabeth, and Walter Larkin, Mar.19,1761.*

Betsey, and Nathaniel Gilford, Mar.25,1813.*

Betsey, of Salem, and Elijah Flint, int.June15,1843.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and John Clement of Salem, int.Mar.27,1846.

Esther, and John Trophater of Salem, int.July11,1813.

Eunice, and Amos Flint, Apr.1,1783.

Levi, and Sarah F. Hadley, both of Andover, Dec.25,1833.*

Lydia, and John Oakman, int.May22,1778.

Polly [], and George G[ardner. int.] Smith, Nov.21,1797.*

Moses, and Salley Coes, Nov.12,1778.*

Nathaniel, and Betsey Gilford, Mar.25,1813.*

Phebe, and Daniel Marrs of Salem, int.Feb.14,1801.

Ruthy, and Cornelius Delano, int.Jan.26,1806.

Sarah, and Elisah Upton of Middleton, int.Nov.3,1770.

Sarah A., a.18y., d.David M. and Harriet, and Lewis Very, a.22y., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Polly, Sept.21,1849. [Oct.11. dup.]*

Simeon, and Naby Marble, Nov.8,1787.*

William, and Jane Bryers, Sept.6,1763.*

GILFORDS (Gilford)

Aaron, and Mary Handley, int.Sept.14,1822.

Sally, and John Putnam of Petersham, int.Aug.21,1806.


James, and Jennet Ogilvic, int.July10,1845.


James, and Hephsibah Haywood, Mar.7,1765.*

John, and Phebe Peabody of Middleton, int.Jan.30,1814.


Daniel, resident in Lynn, and Mary Southwick, Nov.3,1825.*

Daniel, and Eliza Thayer [2d, w.dup.], of Charlestown, June29,1845. [1844. dup.]*

Lucinda Maria [Gilson. dup.], and Lauriston Stiles, at Lynn, Jan.2,1842.


Mary A., a.22y., d.Luther, and Philip Hitchborn, a.20y., baker, s.Alexander, June17,1844.*

GINNINGS (Jenings)

John, of Salem, and Hannah Skidmore, int.Apr.11,1801.


Anna, and John Goldthwait, Jan.12,1769. [Nov.末,1768. dup.]*

Mary, and Ebenezer Upton of Reading, int.Feb.21,1756.

William, and Polly Skidmore, Aug.17,1792.*


Ann, and Henry Burnett Waterhouse, at New York, Sept.末,1846.


Rebecah, of Salem, and Isaac P. Morgan, int.Jan.4,1830.


Mary A., and Joseph J. Fuller, at Tristan da Couha, May7,1833.


David, and Anora Cresoly, at Boston, Oct.29,1848.

James, and Mary Crowley, at Salem, Dec.末,1848. [Jan.6,1849. int.]*


Mark, and Harriet Holder, July7,1846.


Ira N., and Lavina Jane Cree, at Canaan, VT, Sept.12,1832.


Charity F., and James Ford, at Boston, May19,1826.

Nancy, of Beverly, and William Cook, int.May19,1798.


Daniel, of Beverly, and Hannah Perkins, Jan.19,1758.*


Clarissa, of Andover, and John Wilson, at Andover, June21,1831.*

Emily Elizabeth, and Nathaniel McIntire Hooper [of Boston. int.], Feb.18,1847.*

Sarah Ann, and Levi Spaulding, Mar.12,1844.*

GOLDTHWAIT (Goldthwaite, Goldthwright, Goldthwrite)

Abigail, and Henry Tewkbury, Apr.24,1788.*

Abigail [of Salem.CR4], and Stephen Blaney, Apr.14,1842. [Apr.12. dup.]*

Anna, and John King, Aug.8,1794.*

Ann, and Benjamin B. Tibbets, Mar.23,1823.*

Augustus, and Almira Newhall, Dec.4,1839.*

Daniel, and Polly Burns, int.June11,1796.

Daniel, jr., and Susan Curtis, int.Jan.31,1824.

Dennison Wallis, and Adaline Johnson Wiggin, at Salem, Aug.末,1831.

Ebenezer, and Mary Smith, Dec.7,1817.*

Eliab, and Betsey [Mary.dup.] Beach of Salem, Mar.16,1823.*

Eliab Putnam, and Sarah Ellen Lendall, at Salem, Mar.12,1846.

Eliza Ann, and Samuel Rhodes of Lynn, int.Dec.18,1847.

Elizabeth, and Nathan Upton, Apr.14,1768.*

Betsey, and George Abbot, Dec.11,1817. [Dec.12. dup.]*

Eunice, and Edmund Woodbury, Nov.20,1825.*

Hannah, and Amos Trask, Oct.16,1764.*

Hannah, and Samuel Noah, Nov.8,1821.*

Hannah, of Salem, and Thomas Hardy, Sept.10,1843.*

James, and Hannah Whittimore, Jan.19,1769.*

John, and Anna Girdler, Jan.12,1769. [Nov.1768. dup.]*

John, and [Mrs.dup.] Eunice Thomas, Nov.29,1795.*

John, jr., and Olive Bean of Candia, NH, int.June16,1821.

Jonathan, and Rebeckah Trask of Salem, July2,1770.*

Jonathan Marble, and Lucy Ann Wiggin of Lynn, at Marblehead, June22,1840.

Jonathan M., and Lucinda S. Munroe, July9,1840.*

Mary, and Andrew Russel, Aug.24,1806.*

Nathaniel, and Abihail Eustis, Apr.17,1783.*

Sarah, Mrs., and Enos Putnam, May5,1774.*

Sarah, and Richard Smith, jr., Oct.30,1809.*

Sally A., and Moses S. Peirce [Price. int.] of Gilmanton, NH, May24,1846.*

William, and Abigail King, Feb.28,1765.*

William, jr., and Pamela Shelden of Salem, Jan.12,1800.*

William, jr., and Sally Andrews, at Salem, Aug.3,1820.

William H., and Almira F. Haskell of Deer Isle, ME, int.June1,1844.

GOLDTHWAITE (Goldthwait)

Joseph, and Ruth Andrews, Aug.9,1829.*

Rebecca, and Lewis Bond, Nov.5,1829.*


Thomas, and Lucey Flint, July15,1759.*

GOLDTHWRITE (Goldthwait)

Esther, and Abraham Shaw, Dec.9,1759.*

Joseph [jr. int.], and Mary Goldthwrite, Jan.7,1759.*

Mary, and Joseph Goldthwrite [jr. int.], Jan.7,1759.*

GOODALE (Goodell)

Anna, of Salem, and Benjamin Trask, int.Oct.16,1781.

Daniel, and Betsey Hackleton, July30,1792.*

Daniel, and Sally [ dup.] Warner, May8,1799.*

Ebenezer, and Hitty Upton, May5,1802.*

Ebenezer, a nd Emily Hannah Purdy Sullivan, Mar.23,1837.*

Elisabeth, and Jeremiah Shelden, June11,1781.*

Elizabeth, of Salem, and Ebenezer Pike, Apr.23,1788.*

Betsey, and Daniel Wallis, Mar.28,1809.*

Elizabeth [Betsey T. int.], and Willard Putnam, May29,1825.*

Elizabeth W., and Samuel W. Kelley, Nov.10,1842.*

Elizabeth True [of], and Benjamin [C. int.] Dodd, May3,1843.*

Emme, and Ezra Prince, Mar.1,1770.*

Esther, and Samuel Goodridge, July16,1816.*

Eunice [2d, w.dup.], and Timothy Fuller, Mar.17,1779.*

Ezekiel, of Salem, and Betsey Hayward, Dec.11,1791.*

Hannah, 2d w., and James Goodale, June20,1776.*

Hannah, 2d w., and John Jacobs, Nov.11,1807.*

Hannah, and Samuel King, Sept.30,1811.*

Hannah U., and John Bodge Kelley, Mar.24,1835.*

Holten, and Ruth Swinerton, int.Nov.30,1803.

Isabella P., and Ephraim Getchell, int.Dec.28,1849.

Jacob, jr., and Hannah Upton, Dec.19,1763.*

Jacob, and Hannah Upton, Dec.19,1773.

Jacob, and Rebeccah Newhall, Dec.28,1788.*

Jacob, and Sophia Barnes, Aug.5,1834.*

Jacob P., a.29y., farmer, s.Perley and Caroline, and Rebecca Farnum, a.25y., d.Paul and Betsey, of Wakefield, ME, Nov.15,1849.*

James, and Sarah Johnson, Apr.5,1757.*

James, and Hannah Goodale, 2d w., June20,1776.*

James, of Marblehead, and Barbara Bullock, Aug.19,1787.*

James, jr., and Phebe Goodale, Apr.2,1793.*

James, and Augusta Joscelyn, July15,1829. [July29. dup.]*

John, and Anna Prince, Apr.11,1760.*

Josiah, and Miriam Giffords, Mar.18,1813.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Gilford, Mar.17,1755.

Maria P., and John H. Martin, Sept.8,1828.*

Mary, and Ebenezer Aborne, jr. of Lynn, Nov.9,1752.*

Mary, and Samuel Stoning, int.Oct.26,1754.

Mary, and Daniel Curtise of Topsfield, int.Sept.15,1757.

Hitty, and John Gardner, jr., Feb.14,1797.*

Mehitable, and John Gardner, jr., Feb.14,1797.

Mehitable, and Libeas Hodges of Taunton, June4,1807.*

Mehitable W., and Jonathan Perry [jr.CR4], Jan.1,1834.*

Perley, and Caroline Tapley, June18,1818.*

Phebe, and James Goodale, jr., Apr.2,1793*

Phebe, and John Felton, int.Mar.20,1802.

Phebe, Mrs., 2d w., and Eben Putnam, July14,1808.*

Phebe Ann Putnam, and Joel Kimball, Apr.3,1842. [Apr.7. dup.]*

Rebecca, and Joseph Hutchinson of Middleton, Dec.11,1796.*

Ruth, and Joseph Dwinil, Dec.5,1769.*

Ruth, and Daniel Fuller, Nov.24,1812.*

Sarah, and Daniel Silver, Dec.6,1753.*

Sarah [], and Benjamin Gilford, Apr.17,1755.*

Sally, and Samuel Bodge, Aug.11,1796.*

Sarah, and Amos Pope, Jan.16,1806.*

Sarah, and Stephen Nichols of Middleton, Dec.7,1820.*

Sally, and Elbridge Putnam, Nov.13,1825.*

Sally Bodge, and Amos Putnam Swinerton, Oct.18,1838.*

Sophronia T., and Deren N. Stoddard of Wolfboro, NH, Dec.6,1846.*

William, and Hitty Preston, Apr.5,1807.*

William, jr., and Abigail Currier Griffin [of Methuen. int.], Sept.末,1835.*

GOODELL (Goodale)

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Elizabeth Brown, Nov.10,1773.*

Eleaser, and Sarah Downing, int.Nov.5,1767.

Eliazer, and [] Sarah Swinerton [2d, w.dup.], Nov.8,1770.*

Hannah, and Ezra Upton, int.Aug.21,1762.

James, and Sarah Whittredge, int.Jan.12,1767.

Job, of Gill, and Polly Southwick, int.May17,1794.

Lydia, and John Hutchinson [of Middleton. int.], Sept.12,1766.*

Mehitabel, jr., and Ezra Upton, Sept.25,1765.*

Samuel, of Salem, and Sally Putney, int.Nov.27,1777.

Sarah, and David Upton, Mar.5,1771.*


Daniel, of Andover, and Lydia Cummings, Mar.15,1814.*

Daniel, jr., and Mary Reed Flint, June17,1841.*

Ebenezer, and Mary Wilkins of Middleton, Oct.2,1816.*

Francis, and Elizabeth W. Poland of Hamilton, int.Nov.4,1844.

Margaret Ann, 2d w., and Seth Stetson, jr., Dec.25,1845.*

Mary, and Michael Coes, May30,1755.*

Samuel, and Sarah Bickford of Salem, int.Dec.23,1779.

Stephen, of Salem, and Martha Prescott, int.Sept.12,1767.

William, and Sarah Ingalls of Middleton, Mar.6,1828.*


Samuel [Goodridge. int.], and Mrs.Sarah Philbrick, May15,1845.*


Benjamin, and Charlotte Rowel of Salem, June14,1807.*

Benjamin, and Polly Barker of Marblehead, int.Apr.5,1819.

Francis Augusta, of Beverly, a.19y., d.William and Augusta, and Isaac P. Friend of Beverly, a.25y., shoe manufacturer, s.William and Lydia, June20,1847.

Lydia, and Nathan Porter, Mar.23,1773.*

Mary E., and Daniel Warren of Boston, int.Jan.10,1847.

Samuel, of Beverly, and Sarah Putnam, int.Feb.12,1768.

Samuel, and Esther Goodale, July16,1816.*

Samuel, and Susan Emerson [of], 2d w., at Salem, Aug.23,1837.*

Samuel, and Sarah Philbrick, 3d w., wid.Diah P., d.末末 Gibson, May15,1844.

Sarah Ann, a.32y., "occupation, doing good,", d.Benjamin and Charlotte, and Thomas Russell of Kingston, widr., a.34y., manufacturer, s.George and Amelia, July25,1844.*

Sewall, Rev., of Lyndeboro, NH, and [] Phebe Putnam, Feb.1,1769.*

William, and Betsey Case of Reading, Feb.27,1814.*

William, and Clara Endicott Mayhew, Mar.25,1838. [Mar.11,1839. int.]*

William, and Jane Andrews Dawson [of], 2d w., at Salem, July3,1845.*

Zachariah, and Abigail Bancroft, at Lynn, Nov.24,1836.


Calvin, and Elizabeth Hall, May1,1849.*

Daniel C., and Elizabeth Crowninshield, int.July2,1842.

Ivory, and Mary Coffin, at Sandford, ME, Dec.1,1836.

Jane, and Peter Dodge of Salem, at Wenham, Nov.10,1842.

Mary A.L., and Amos G. Dinsmore, int.Aug.22,1845.

Mary A.L., and Amos G. Dinsmore, int.Sept.13,1845.

Nancy, and Jonathan Copp Gray, at Lowell, May27,1832.

Theodore, and Hannah A. Dulloff, Aug.30,1838.CR2*

Thomas L., and Betsey Wentworth, at Great Falls, NH, Apr.25,1841.

GOOLD (Gould)

Abigail, and Jonathan Barnard of Sutton, Apr.10,1760.*

George, jr., and Rachel Putnam, June20,1754.*

John [of Gloucester. int.], and Sarah Procter, July16,1761.*


Rebeckah, and William Roberts, Sept.24,1782.*


Charles P., of Boston, and Sally Searles, July15,1823.*

Hiram E., of Salem, and Bethiah D. Putnam, int.Aug.9,1843.

Oliver S., of Boston, and Lydia Symonds, Dec.30,1822.*


Mary and Timothy McKeag, in Ireland, Nov.末,1842.

GOSS (Gawss)

Abigail, of Marblehead, and Peter Putnam, Mar.10,1818.*

Hannah V., and William Putnam, June23,1836.*

Joshua, and Rachel [P. int.] Fuller, Sept.4,1839.*

Joshua, a nd [] Ellen Burns Bent, 2d w., Dec.4,1849.*

Judith M., and Orra C. Sargent, int.Nov.7,1845.

Richard, and Lucy Jane Hutchinson of Middleton, Apr.15,1846. [Apr.13. dup.]*


Elizabeth, and Moses Titcombe, Oct.13,1768.*

Hannah, of Wenham, and Samuel Clark, Feb.12,1756.*

Lydia, and Timothy Leech, int.Dec.17,1791.

Martha, and Ebenezer Proctor of Salem, Mar.29,1769.*

Martha, of Wenham, and Francis Porter, Apr.10,1772.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Dr. Amos Putnam, July2,1760.*

William, of Pembroke, NH, and Betty Dale, int.Feb.23,1785.

GOUDEY (Gowdey)

GOULD (Goold)

Abigail Lamson, and Charles A. Elliott, at Topsfield, Oct.29,1844.

Albert A., and Abby Derby of Salem, Oct.14,1847.*

Allen, and Martha Brown of Hamilton, int.Aug.19,1820.

Allen, and Mary Ann Potter, June27,1830.*

Amos, of Topsfield, and Mary Herrick, Apr.13,1797.*

Andrew, and Amelia [Emily.dup.] Webb, Nov.14,1816. [Nov.16. dup.]*

Andrews, and Rebeccah Putnam, Sept.25,1821.*

Anna, and Joshua Chamberlain of Cambridge, Nov.11,1792.*

Caroline Elizabeth, and Israel Putnam Boardman, at Boston, July11,1842.*

Cornelius, of Topsfield, and Phebe Porter, Feb.3,1791.*

Daniel, and Mary Ann Sears, at Topsfield, Nov.20,1844.

Eliezer, and Abigail Brown, both of Topsfield, Sept.17,1821.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Southwick, Nov.4,1764.*

Harriet Augusta [of Georgetown. int.], and William Francis Sumner, at Newbury, Mar.末,1840. [Mar.24,1841. int.]*

John, of Boxford, and Polly Prince, July18,1799.*

Joseph, jr., of Topsfield, and Ruth Porter, Apr.7,1795.*

Julia A., and James Wilkins, at Stonington, CT, Sept.26,1844.

Lydia, of Topsfield, and Nathaniel Fisk, Feb.27,1764.*

Mary, Mrs., resident of Danvers, and Gideon Gowing, Apr.26,1814.*

Mary, Mrs., and John M. Abbott, Oct.29,1818.*

Mary, and Porter Cheever [of], Mar.19,1826.*

Mary, and Benjamin Hewes, both of Lynnfield, Nov.15,1831.*

Mary Ann, and William White, at Andover, Aug.14,1839.

Mary Ann, and Alanson Long of Boston, Apr.23,1841.*

Mary E., and John C. Dalton of Salem, Nov.18,1843.*

Moses, and Hitty Upton, Feb.23,1818.*

Moses A., and Abigail M. Prescott, both of Middleton, Apr.8,1839.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Betsey Porter, Feb.4,1793.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Lydia Porter, May19,1795.*

Nathaniel, and Sellome Foster of Topsfield, int.Mar.17,1806.

Nathaniel F., housewright, and Irena C. Kent, Sept.21,1847.*

Phebee, and Jonathan Procter, jr., Nov.24,1799.*

Priscilla, b. Bradford, and Joseph G. Sprague, at Salem, Nov.13,1823.

Rebecca Ophelia, and Daniel H. Townsend, Dec.24,1840.*

Sally, of Middleton, and Asa Felton, int.July10,1790.


Caroline M., and William Osborn, Nov.27,1843.*

Huldah Brown, and James Needham Estes, at Weare, NH, Sept.29,1831.

GOWAN (Gowing)

Nancy, and Joshua Day, both of Salem, Jan.14,1835.*


James [of], and Abigail Newhall [of Lynn, both now residents of], Dec.6,1764.*

GOWEN (Gowing)

Ebenezer, and Louisa H. Rhoades, Dec.25,1833.*

Eliza A., of Lynn, and Benjamin F. Jeffery, int.Oct.23,1847.

Hannah, and Sumner Southwick, May24,1836.*

Henry, and Mary Flint, int.Sept.18,1847.

Nancy, and John Hall of Danville, VT, Sept.29,1793.*

GOWING (Gowan, Gowen)

Daniel, jr., of Lynn, and Hannah Butler, jr., Mar.24,1781.*

Betty, o f Lynn, and David Whittemore, Sept.9,1767.*

Ezra, of Lynn, and Avis Richardson, Oct.12,1836.*

Gideon, of Lynnfield, and, wid.Anna Woolson [Walden. int.], Feb.18,1773.*

Gideon, and Mrs.Mary Gould, resident of Danvers, Apr.26,1814.*

Hannah, of Lynn, and Jonathan Trask, jr., int.Feb.20,1767.

Hannah [Mrs.dup.], and John Otis, Feb.18,1844.*

Hannah Maria, d.Hiram G. and Desire, and Joseph F. Peabody of Salem, laborer, Mar.18,1844.*

Henry, a.22y., shoemaker, s.Robert and Elizabeth, and Mary Flint, a.18y., d.Hezekiah and Rebecca, Nov.23,1847.

Hiram G., and Eliza D. Harwood, Jan.10,1825.*

Hiram Green, and Desire Harwood, Feb.11,1825.

Joanna, of Lynnfield, and Abijah Lyndsey, June9,1775.*

John, and Hannah Brown, May15,1834.*

Mary, and Emmons Smith [of], July18,1799.*

Mary Ann, and Cyrus Starkey, Mar.25,1847.*

Mary Ann, a.53y., 2d m., b. Portsmouth, NH, d.Edmund and Lydia Davis of Portsmouth, NH, and Nathaniel Parker, a.53y., cordwainer, 2d m., b. Reading, s.Ebenezer and Lucretia, of Reading, Dec.25,1849.*

Rebecca, of Lynn, and Benjamin Twist, Oct.11,1770.*

Samuel, and Mary Ann Davis, at Lynnfield, Apr.10,1813.

William, of Lynnfield, and Ruthy Taylor, Dec.7,1817.*


James, of Beverly, and Sarah Stickney, Mar.16,1804.*

Jane, and Peter Derivan, in Ireland, Aug.28,1842.

Rufus Kittredge, and Sarah Ann Rollins, at Salem, May12,1839.

Sarah Jane, and James Morris, at Salem, Oct.29,1848.*


Hans, and Jane Burdick, Nov.11,1785.*


George, of Lynn, and Mary Shaw, Sept.12,1822.*

George Warren, and Lydia Ann Newhall [of], at Lynn, June16,1846.*

Hannah, and Ezra Putnam, June16,1813.*

Mary, and John Chamberlain, at Lynn, Nov.14,1822.

Mary Jane, and Samuel Gardner, 4th of Salem, int.Sept.14,1839.


Phebe, and Benjamin Porter, 4th, int.Aug.20,1767.


Hiram, and Martha N. Pendergast, at Lynn, Oct.9,1836.

John S., and Lucy Ann Ramsdell, at Lynn, Apr.9,1835.

Polly, of Salem, and Archelaus Howard [Hayward, jr. int.], Feb.3,1793.*

Mary [of], and Levi Trask, July21,1805.*

Mary [of], and Andrew Porter, at Salem, Nov.7,1843.*


Charles H., and Elizabeth Twiss, int.Oct.26,1839.

Charles H., and Elizabeth Chadwick of Woburn, at Lynnfield, July5,1840.*

Stephen, and Elizabeth Brackett Wilkins, (nee Wiggin), July3,1845.*


Joanna S., and John Abbott, jr., Apr.20,1845.*


Andrew Woodbury, and Malinda Bancroft, Dec.22,1842.*

Daniel, and Abigail Brown, Aug.10,1809.*

Elizabeth, a.20y., d.Josiah and Eunice, and Horace Kimball, a.23y., mason, s.Caleb and Mary, Sept.16,1849.*

James, and Betsy Endicott, Feb.17,1800.*

Jonathan Copp, and Nancy Goodwin, at Lowell, May27,1832.

Joseph, jr., and Clara H. Bassett [of], at Salem, June30,1847.*

Josiah, and Eunice Fuller, June25,1826.*

Mary, and William H[enry.dup.] Sawyer, Dec.21,1845. [Jan.26,1846. dup.]*

Nathaniel, and Phebe Friend [of], at Beverly, June7,1822. [June7,1823. int.]*

Rebecca, of Rowley, and William Moody of Newbury, Dec.23,1835.*

Susannah, and Nathan Page, int.Apr.3,1790.

William, and Polly Diman, July26,1785.*


Almira, Mrs., and John Wilson, jr., int.Sept.23,1843.

Anna, and Nathaniel Walden, Dec.1,1763.*

Elizabeth, of Beverly, and Francis Symonds, June21,1759.*

Elisabeth, and Josiah Convers, at Stoneham, Dec.11,1783.

Isaac, and Hannah Hall of Lynn, int.June29,1805.

John, Capt., of Beverly, and Lydia Page, June7,1781.*

Molly, and Joshua Trask of Salem, Apr.26,1768.*

Mary Ann, and James William Farnworth, int.Aug.15,1848.

Mehitable, of Lynnfield, and George Shillaber, int.Nov.30,1816.

Micajah, of Weare, NH, s.Isaiah, and Deliverance Osborn, d.Samuel, deceased, of Danvers, 2:4m:1778.CR8

Rebeccah P[atten. int.], of Salem, and David Foster, jr., May2,1801.*

Sarah, and Joseph King of Salem, Oct.26,1780.*

Stephen, s.John, of Kensington, NH, and Mary, and Hannah Purinton, d.Daniel, of Danvers, deceased, and Ruth, Mar.7,1771.CR8


Benjamin, Hon. Esq., of Newburyport, and Mrs.Lucy Derby of Beverly, Jan.22,1784.


Robert, and Mary Naylor, at Bolton, Eng., June29,1842.


Jenet, and Peter Kenyon of Thompsonville, CT, Sept.21,1847.*

Robert, and Magdalene Law, in Scotland, Oct.末,1827.

GRIFFESS (Griffith)

Elizabeth, of Salem, and James Stone, int.Dec.4,1773.


Abigail Currier [of Methuen. int.], and William Goodale, jr., Sept.末,1835.*

John, of Salem, and Mary Style, Mar.17,1839.*

Joseph, and Mehitable Kimball [of Andover. int.], at Andover, Mar.22,1804.*

Joseph, jr., and Eliza Ann Jackson, Nov.1,1838.*

Mary, and Jefferson Kimball of Andover, Nov.25,1835.*

Mehitable, and James Hurd of Sandford, ME, int.Dec.16,1848.

Michael, and Lydia Connosaugh, int.July27,1816.

GRIFFITH (Griffess)

John G., and Caroline Kindell, Sept.18,1834.*


Edwin, and Mary Boden, Feb.5,1827.*

Eliza Ann, and Sylvanus R. Elliot, at Manchester, NH, Aug.16,1847.


David Augustus, and Elizabeth Amelia Flint, at Rutland, June8,1837.

David A., Dr., of Reading, and Edith Tapley, Apr.23,1839.*

Ebenezer, Rev., of Scituate, and [] Elisabeth Clark, Feb.2,1764.*

Sally E., of Reading, and Rufus Tapley, int.Sept.2,1843.


John, and Sally P. Smith, Dec.2,1830.*


Jane, and George Shove, Apr.28,1808.*


Sylvia W., of Salem, and John C. Clough, int.June7,1847.

Sylvia W., of Salem, and John C. Clough, int.Aug.26,1848.


Elizabeth Quiner, b. Marblehead, and Samuel White, formerly Whitefoot, b. Salem, at Salem, Apr.2,1817.

Hannah R., of Marblehead, and William Peirce of West Cambridge, Nov.4,1834. [Nov.5. dup.]*

Harriet, and David M. Gilford, Apr.17,1826.*

William L., and Sarah Ann Tarbox of Lynn, int.Mar.17,1849.


Ede, and Samuel Chipman of Salem, Nov.24,1813.*

Ruthy, and Joseph Conant of Ipswich, Apr.30,1807.*

GUILFORD (Gilford)

Elbridge Gerry, and Susanna Hayward Whipple, June21,1825.*

Levi, and Sarah Martin [Marston. int.], Jan.5,1797.*

Lydia, and Anthony Snow, Sept.21,1823. [ Sept.24,1824. dup.]*

Mary, and Moses Yell of Lynn, Aug.30,1841.*

Olive D., and Lot Cheever, Apr.6,1837.*

Phebe, and Joseph Daland of Middleton, Apr.18,1802.*

Sarah, and Caleb Clark, jr., Aug.11,1795.*

Sally, and William Stabbs of Boston, June24,1835.*

Sophronia, and Charles B. [Charles Rowley.dup.] Fisher, May6,1835. [1836. dup.]*


Elisabeth, of Salem, and Jonathan Symonds, int.July4,1778.

GUY (Gay)

Harriet A., of Salem, and Henry Trask, July12,1837.*

GYLES (Giles)

Abigail, and Benjamin Jeffry [of Boston. int.], June17,1756.*

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