KEEFEE (Keffee)

Honora, d.Jeremiah and Honora (Ragan), at Cork, Ire., Dec.末,1844.

Timothy [should be Jeremiah.], s.Jeremiah and Honora (Ragan), May7,1849.

KEFFEE (Keefee)

Bridget, d.David and Hannah (Barrett), in Ireland, Mar.22,1843.

Mary, d.David and Hannah (Barrett), in Ireland, Jan.29,1841.


David Brainad, s.John Bodge and Hannah U. (Goodale), Feb.20,1849. [a.13m.GR20]

Esther James, d.James and Bethsheba (Needham), lung complaint, Mar.5,1849.

James Winn [Edmund N.PR85], s.James and Bethsheba (Needham), typhus fever, Nov.23,1848.

John, Capt., drowned, bur. at Salem, NH, Nov.27,1832.PR8

Luella Jane Frances, d.Samuel Willey and Elizabeth Wallis (Goodale), Apr.19,1845.

Luella W., d.Samuel W. and Elizabeth W., lung fever, Apr.19,1846, a.11m.

KELSEY (Kilsee)


Mary, w.David, Oct.25,1828, a.38y.GR48


Augustus, schoolmaster, Aug.2,1795, a.27y.GR48

Daniel Brickett, s.Daniel B. and Lucy Gage (Bray) [fits.dup.], Aug.25,1846. [a.1y.10m.dup.]

Mary Ann, d.Daniel B. and Lucy Gage (Bray), at Salem, Dec.18,1840.


Elizabeth Dodge, d.twin, James and Elizabeth Hatch (Coffin) [weakness.dup.], May31,1846. [May30, a.3d.dup.]

Harriet Coffin, d.twin, James and Elizabeth Hatch (Coffin) [weakness.dup.], May31,1846. [May30, a.3d.dup.]

Mary Elizabeth, d.Daniel and Mary Ann (Roney), Apr.14,1848.

KENNEY (McKenney)

John, h.Rachel (Putnam), Nov.17,1838.

Mary Elizabeth, d.William J.C. and Elizabeth (Whittier), Feb.1,1837.

Rachel [(Putnam). dup.], wid.John, heart disease, Mar.27,1846, a.67y.

KENT (Knt)

Abigail (Berry), w.Benjamin, July15,1820.

Almira, d.George W. and Alice E., Feb.15,1835, a.3y.5m.GR8

Anna, w.Benjamin, June26,1804.

Benjamin, Oct.27,1800.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hannah (Conant), Sept.末,1831.


Benjamin, h.Hannah (Herrick), Feb.18,1849.

Charles F., Sept.4,1843, a.7m.GR8

Hannah (Tappan), w.John [d.Enoch and Mary Tappan of Newbury.GR8], Aug.8,1823. [a.23y.8m.GR8]

John Tappen, s.Moses and Hannah Green (Kent), at Newbury, July7,1824. [a.15m.GR8]

John F., Apr.15,1842, a.5m.GR8

Lucy [Thurston.GR8], w.Joseph, July14,1817. [a.37y.GR8]

Marcia Hannah, d.Moses and Hannah Green (Kent), June5,1842. [a.14y.GR8]

Martha, d.Joseph and Lucy,末蔓末,1824.

Mary (Felton), w.Benjamin, Aug.12,1786.

Sarah (Foye), b. Palermo, ME, w.John [only, d.John and Anna Foy of Palermo, ME], consumption, Dec.9,1843, a.32y.1m.13d.

William, s.Joseph and Lucy, July11,1807.

KETTELL (Kettle)

John, jr., s.John and Lydia, Apr.28,1793.

John, h.Anne, Mar.4,1801. [Apr.4, a.46y.GR9]

Jonathan, Esq., Dec.28,1810, a.28y.GR9

Lydia, w.John [d.Hon. S. Holten.GR9], Jan.8,1789. [a.30y.GR9]


Elias, May17,1811, a.25y.GR9

Lydia H., Aug.19,1834, a.12y.PR8

KETTLE (Kettell, Kettelle, Kittel, Kittle)

Elias, s.Elias and Fidelia (Bridges), Sept.14,1811.

Elias W., h.Fidelia (Bridges), May17,1820.

Samuel Holten, s.John and Lydia (Holten), Jan.26,1797. [Jan.22. dup.;, a.18y.PR51]


John, "at Capt. Hez. Flint's," June1,1800.PR7


末末, eldest, s.Benjamin, Sept.末,1837, a.8y.PR83

Albert, s.Moses T. and Lucy, Aug.24,1849, a.8m.5d.GR9

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin Porter and Abigail Davis (Brown), at Beverly, Oct.25,1837.

Charles W., s.Moses T. and Lucy, inflammation of the bowels, Aug.12,1847, a.7m.6d.

Charles Walter, s.Moses [T. dup.] and Lucy (Towne), Aug.13,1848.

Jonathan Edward, s.Richard and Martha Ann (Ingalls), at Chelsea, June8,1848.

Julia Ann, d.Joel and Phebe Ann Putnam (Goodale), Feb.21,1829. [Feb.26,1849, a.3y.GR11]

Marietta Franklin, ch.末末, Sept.末,1841.PR83

Mary D. [(Kenney). dup.], w.Jeremiah L., heart complaint, Apr.3,1848, a.33y.9m.18d.

Rachel Putnam, d.twin, Jeremiah L. and Mary D. (Kenney), Oct.2,1848. [a.7m.GR11]

Sally, Mrs., May17,1790, a.30y.PR65

Susan Lord, d.twin, Jeremiah L. and Mary D. (Kenney), Oct.9,1848. [a.7m.GR11]


末末, d.James Putnam and Wealthy Melvina (Ferrin), Jan.2,1841.

Amos, h.Mary, Apr.27,1831. [Apr.28, a.80y.GR47]

Anna, wid.late John, Nov.末,1838, a.61y.GR42

Daniel, jr., Feb.21,1845, a.52y.GR47

Daniel, s.Zachariah and Desire, consumption, Dec.13,1846, a.77y.9m.[Dec.9.GR42]

Desier, w.Zachariah, Dec.29,1799. [a.53y.GR42]

Ebenezer, s.Zachariah and Desire, abt. Aug.末,1775.

Ebenezer, Dec.30,1847, a.71y.GR42

Betsy,末蔓末,1827, a.79y.CR5

Hannah, w.Zachariah, jr., Mar.21,1800. [a.29y.GR42]

Hannah, Dec.11,1813. ("error. ")

Henry, s.Zachariah, jr. and Hannah, Oct.4,1810. [a.19y.GR42]

John, June24,1805, a.33y.GR42

Jonathan, Mar.16,1825, in his 81st y.GR42

Jonathan, Feb.11,1849.PR70

Mariah, d.Ebenezer and Betsey, Sept.16,1824. [a.20y.GR42]

Mary, wid.Amos, and, d.末末 Marsh, old age, Aug.15,1843, a.73y.8m.10d.[Aug.14, a.83y.GR47]

Nathan, s.Amos and Mary (Marsh), June7,1821. [1829, a.27y.GR47]

Rebecca (Cleaves), w.Daniel, Apr.13,1796. [a.22y.GR42]

Rebeckah, d.Zachariah, jr., and Hannah, Nov.末,1799.

Rebeccah Cleaves, d.Daniel and Phebee (Upton), Nov.26,1805.

Rebekah (Hutchinson), w.Amos, 3d, Aug.27,1821. [a.24y.GR47]

Rebecca, July31,1847, a.13d.GR47

Robert, s.Zachariah, jr. and Hannah,末蔓末,1797.

Sarah [d.Zachariah and Anna?], Apr.17,1827. [a.73y.GR42]

Sarah Elizabeth, d.Amos and Abigail, consumption, Apr.30,1844, a.22y.[Apr.29. dup.]

Zachariah, jr., h.Hannah, Feb.20,1810. [a.43y.GR42]

Zachariah, Feb.末,1825.PR7

Zachariah, jr., June10,1832, a.42y.GR47

Zachariah, h.Desire (Jacobs), Nov.16,1832. [a.88y.GR42]

Zachariah, s.Amos and Mary (Marsh), July18,1833.

KITTEL (Kettle)

末末,, Jan.24,1801.PR7

KITTLE (Kettle)

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Feb.5,1739-40, a.12y.GR48

Elizabeth, w.Jonathan, Aug.25,1745, a.41y.GR48

John, May6,1827. [May5, a.29y.GR9]

Jonathan, Jan.1,1763, a.62y.GR48

Porter, June20,1830. [a.42y.GR9]

KNIGHT (Knights)

末末, Mr.,末蔓末,1827.

末末, w.Mr.,末蔓末,1827.

Elizabeth, unm., May9,1836.PR8

[Helen E.GR6], d.Allen and Maria Theresa (Clark), Aug.5,1842. [a.3m.GR6]

Hitty Putnam [Mahitable. dup.], d.William and Polly, Oct.4,1828.

Samuel Clarke, s.Allen and Maria Theresa (Clark), erysipelas, Mar.8,1839. [a.15m.GR6]

Sarah Clarke, d.Allen and Maria Theresa (Clark), [croup. dup.], Nov.17,1843. [a.4y.3m.13d.dup. andGR6]

Walter Bridgeman, s.Allen and Maria Theresa (Clark), scarlet fever, Aug.15,1848. [a.4m.GR6]

William, h.Polly, Jan.末,1816.

KNIGHTS (Knight)

Eliza Seldon, w.William [and, d.Richard Fuller.PR102], Nov.18,1838. [a.21y.PR102]


Charles Wesley, s.Samuel Wesley and Lydia Rust (Livey), at Lynn, June3,1843. [a.6m.GR11]

KNT (Kent)

Marey, Mrs., d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Nov.23,1788.PR88

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