Mary, and John Durhim of Londonderry, NH, Mar.6,1739.


Gorham P., and Elizabeth F. Stickney, Nov.17,1828.


William, and Martha Chase, May22,1775.

TENNEY (Tenny, Tinney)

John, and Susanna Woodbery, Dec.2,1668.CTR

Ruth, and William Hardye, May3,1678.CTR

Daniell, and Elizabeth Stickney, July21,1680. [Aug.17.CTR]

Sarah, and Phillip Atwood, of Salem, at Salem, July23,1684.

Samuel, and Sarah Boynton, Dec.18,1690.

Samuel, and Hannah Moody of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.26,1709-10.

Mercy, and Moses Woster, Jan.26,1718-19.CR1

Samuel, and Sarah Woster, Jan.5,1719-20.

Anne, and Ephraim Kimball, Jan.12,1720-1.

Sarah, and Samuel Tyler, Jan.12,1720-1.

Joseph, and Abigail Wood, Feb.14,1722-3.

Dorathy, and Nathaniel Kimball, Jan.9,1728-9.

Philip, and Jane Haile, June30,1730.

Daniel, and Ann Coleman of Newbury, at Newbury, May15,1733.

Sarah, and John Bracklebank, jr., both of Rowley, June1,1738.

Jonathan, and Lydia(Hale) Perley of Boxford, at Boxford, Apr.29,1740.

Samuel, see Kinney, Samuel.

Merebath, and Samuel Stickney, jr., Oct.11,1743.

Hannah, and Phillip Hardy, Dec.22,1743.

John, and Abiah Merrel, Mar.16,1747.

Samuel [of Littleton.CR1], and Elizibath Fails, Dec.28,1749.

Ebenezer, and Mary Cheney, Apr.14,1757.

Sarah, and Thomas Stickney, jr., Jan.6,1761. [Jan.8.CR2]

Joaney, and Jeremiah Ames, Mar.5,1761.

Daniel, and Joannah Cheaney, June25,1761.

Rebackah, and John Hopkinson [jr.CR2], Oct.8,1761.

Solomon, and Bettay Savory, Dec.31,1761.

Lydia, and Stephen Morss, Nov.9,1762.

William,s, Phillip and Jane (Hale) and Rebakah Ames,d.Nathan and Mary (Burpee), Feb.14,1765.

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Daniel Kimball, at Rowley, Jan.12,1769.

Samuel, and Elisabeth Smith, at Newbury, Jan.17,1771.

John, Dr., and Anna Johnson of Newbury, at Newbury, May4,1774.

Asa, and Polly [Molly.CR2] Hale, Oct.末,1780.

Hannah, and Jonathan Savory, Mar.末,1783.

John, Lt. and Mrs.Hannah Hall, Feb.末,1786.

Samuel, and Elizabeth Merril of Boxford, Oct.末,1786.

Hannah, and Uriah Gage, Jan.25,1787.

Polly [Mary.dup.], and Moses Atwood [at Haverhill. dup.], Nov.17,1788.

Silas, and Rebeca Bailey, Oct.28,1795.

Martha, and William Parker, jr., Apr.末,1798.

Savory, and Betsey Morse, Feb.28,1799.

Phillip, and Hannah Carleton, Nov.27,1800.

William, and Abigail Jaquish, Mar.末,1801.

Rebecca, and Moses Foster, Dec.24,1801.

Sally, and Benjamin Lapham, Aug.20,1802.

William, Capt., and Mary Titcomb of Newburyport, Apr.30,1804.PR20

Nancy, and John Clement, Dec.27,1804.

Bethiah, and Benjamin Burbank, jr., Feb.10,1805.

Solomon, and Abigail Emerson, of Haverhill, Nov.5,1816.

Henrietta, and Mark Lane of Stratham NH, July7,1818.

John, jr., and Hannah Rollins, Apr.9,1820.

Ruhamah B., and Jacob W. Reed of Boston, Oct.3,1826.

Hannah, and Daniel Atwood, Mar.20,1832.

Adeline, and Leonard Tenny, June29,1832.

Leonard, and Adeline Tenney, June29,1832.

William, 3d, and Hannah L. Little, Apr.22,1833.

Charlotte C., and Daniel Kimball of Boston, June19,1838.

Sophia B., and Thomas H. Balch, Nov.12,1838.

Charles, shoemaker, and Sophia S. Day, dressmaker, Nov.14,1843.


John B., of West Newbury, a.24y., shoecutter, b. West Newbury, s.James & Mehitable B., of West Newbury, and Emily A. Greenleaf, a.25y., d.Benjamin & Lucretia K., Nov.23,1848.


Moses [of Haverhill.CR2], and Sophia H. Currier [of Plaistow, NH.CR2], June2,1831.

David, of Haverhill, a.27y., shoemaker, s.Noah & Susan, and Mary E. Foss of Plaistow, NH, a.19y., d.Chadborn & Susan, June6,1847.

THURSTON (Thirston, Thuston)

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Mary Gage at Newbury, June24,1718.

Daniel, and Hannah Parker, Sept.3,1741.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Kimball, Feb.19,1744.

Sarah [wid.CR1], and James Head, Dec.14,1748.

Mary, and James Chadwick, Mar.5,1752.

Elizabeth, and Moses Gage, jr., June22,1758.CR1

Sarah, and Asa Tucker, Feb.23,1759.CR1

Daniel, and Judith Gerrish, at Newbury, Sept.10,1761.

Betty, and Peter Kimbal, Mar.8,1763.CR1

Mehiteble, and Jonathan Kimbal, Dec.31,1765.CR1

Daniel, Capt., and Elisabeth Rolfe, at Newbury, Sept.17,1767.

John, of Fitchburg, and Lydia Kimball, Apr.28,1768.

Hannah, and Timothy Gage, Mar.14,1771.

Mary, and Richard Walker, May21,1771.

Nathaniel, and Betty Webster, Jan.30,1780.

Daniel, and Susanna Crumme, Nov.5,1782.

Nathaniel, Capt., and Patty Bridges of Andover, at Andover, Nov.18,1791.

Betsy, and Benjamin Kimball, Oct.20,1801.

Sally, and David Walker, Sept.22,1802.

Benjamin, jr., of Newbury, and Susanna Hardy, Sept.18,1805.

Susanna, and George Elsars [Ellis.CR1], Sept.14,1814.

Clarisa T., and George Spofford, Mar.25,1819.

Mary, and Joseph Pearson, Dec.2,1819.

Nathaniel, Capt., and Ruby Gage, Apr.10,1823.CR1

Benjamin, of Methuen, and Eliza Gage, Dec.31,1827.

Aroline A., a.21y., d.Nathaniel B. & Reuby, and Allison Wheeler of Haverhill, a.26y., shoecutter, s.Isaac & Alice C., of Haverhill, Sept.23,1845.


Joseph, and Mary Stickney, Aug.30,1722.


Niles, and Rebecca Balch, Nov.26,1786.


Mary [Martha.CR2], and Stephen Foster of Portland, Nov.14,1803.

Mary, of Newburyport, and Capt. William Tenney, Apr.30,1804.PR20

Paul, of Newburyport, and Priscilla Kimball, Nov.8,1808.


Thomas, and Elisabeth Carlton, Oct.22,1753.


Jacob N., and Rebeca R. Hardy, Oct.26,1831.


Rebecca R., and Josiah Ricker, Aug.30,1836.


Samuel, and Hannah Hibard, Nov.25,1746.

Samuel, and Sarah Martin, Feb.27,1752.

Samuel, jr., and Rebekah Peabody, Sept.16,1773.

Sarah, and Caleb Whitney, Dec.18,1777.

Ezra, and Betsey Buswell, Nov.末,1787.

Hannah, and Daniel Gage, July9,1798.

Sophia, and Thomas Morrison, Oct.29,1813.

Sarah, and Joseph Page of Newburyport, Dec.末,1821.CR1

Irene, and William Elliott, May20,1834.


Mary, and Robert Haseltine,末蔓末,1709.


Robert, and Polly Atwood, Mar.24,1805.

Catharine, and Richard Walker, Dec.10,1807.


Miranda, of Haverhill, and James Bartlett, Nov.16,1837.


Asa, and Sarah Thurston, Feb.23,1759.CR1


Ruth, of Ipswich, and Ezra Rolfe, at Ipswich, Sept.17,1728.

Susanna, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Hale, at Ipswich, Nov.10,1729.

TYLER (Tiler, Tylor)

James, and Mary Kimbal, Jan.19,1708-9.

Jacob, and Abigail Kimball, Feb.12,1719-20.

Samuel, and Sarah Tenny, Jan.12,1720-1.

Job, of Boxford, and Elisabeth Parker, July17,1730.

Moses, and Miriem Bailey, Sept.25,1734.

Phebe, and Josepph Mullickim, June3,1736.

Betty, of Boxford, and Joseph Millikan, at Boxford, Apr.13,1763.

Hannah, and Joshua Hardy, Oct.15,1765.PR19

Moses, of Boxford, and Sarah Lindall, May末,1783.

Samuel, and Fanny Hardy, July6,1796.

Mary, of Boxford, and John Day, at Boxford, Feb.25,1798.

Flint, and Jerusa Hardy, Nov.26,1815.

Dorcus [wid.CR2], and Daniel Chaney, Nov.23,1816.

Phineas P., and Sarah Ann Day, Mar.20,1825.

Jeremiah, and Mary Ann Tyler, July27,1828.

Mary Ann, and Jeremiah Tyler, July27,1828.

George W., and Frances b. Ordway of West Newbury, Aug.23,1836.

Mary, and Anthony Gardner of Boston, Jan.21,1841.

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