James G., of Georgetown, a.24y., shoemaker, b. Epsom, NH, s.John and Judith, of Epsom, NH, and Hannah H. Spofford of Georgetown, a.26y., d.Daniel and Hannah Hardy of Georgetown, June11,1844.


Jacob W., of Boston, and Ruhamah B. Tenney, Oct.3,1826.

Waterman, and Deborah Ann Dexter, Nov.25,1841. [ Sept.25. dup.]


Ruth, of Haverhill and James Simpson, at Haverhill, Apr.22,1786.


John A., and Hannah R. Burbank, Nov.26,1840.

REYNOLDS (Reynnolds)

Stephen, and Hester Hovey of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.20,1728.

Job, and Abigail Hovey of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Nov.19,1733.


Betsey [of Boxford.dup.], and Benjamin Kimball of Boxford, Jan.12,1819.


Hepsibah, and Moses Davis of Haverhill [at Haverhill. dup.] Apr.24,1740.

Sarah, and Joseph Chandler of Andover, Dec.10,1741.

Joseph, and Dorothy Rowe, May10,1747.

Phebe, and Samuel Page [both of Haverhill, at Haverhill. dup.], Jan.24,1750.

Sarah, and Nathan Eames, Apr.19,1775.

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Noyes of Newbury, at Newbury, Feb.7,1782.

Sarah, and Daniel Hopkinson, Jan.末,1783. [June, 1781.PR22]

Daniel, and Polly Morse, Sept.末,1786.

David, and Betsey Burbank, Sept.14,1794.

Mary, and Bezaleel Carleton, Feb.13,1797. [Feb.1.CR1]

Doratha, and William Sawyer of Amesbury, Oct.4,1798.

Hannah, and Folansbee Noyes of Newbury, Oct.15,1805.

Stephen, and Anna Wilkins, Mar.末,1813.

James, and Mary H. Carleton, Apr.6,1825.

John, of Haverhill, and Patty Parker, Dec.21,1826.

John [jr.CR2], and [wid.CR2] Philomelea Gile, Apr.15,1827.

Sarah, and Bezaleel Carleton, Apr.10,1828.CR1

Henry, widr., of Dracut, a.39y., farmer, s.Jonas and Joanna, and Sarah Carlton, a.35y., d.Benjamin and Sally, May16,1849.


William, Rev., see Ruhey, William, Rev.


Josiah, and Rebecca K. Townes, Aug.30,1836.

ROBERTS (Roberds)

Thomas, and Johannah Haseltine, Feb.14,1742-3.

Alice [Elizabeth.CR2], and Stephen Hooper of Newburyport, Dec.末,1780.


Asa, of Boxford, and Lois Hardy, Sept.末,1784. [Apr.13,1785.CR2]

ROBINSON (Roberson)

Ephraim [Robinson, of Andover.CR1] and Hannah Kimball, Dec.6,1750.

Betsey, of Haverhill, and Nathan Johnson, at Haverhill, Nov.21,1797.

John, and Alma H. Carleton, Mar.28,1837.


Joel, and Betsey [Elizabeth.PR9] Greenough, Dec.18,1789.

Luther, Dr., of Portland, ME, and Hannah Bailey of West Newbury, June23,1834.CR2

Sophia H., of Rowley, and Nathaniel H. Griffith, Oct.29,1834.

ROLFE (Rolf)

Abigail, and John Annis of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.16,1724.

Mary, and Samuel Bailey, Feb.2,1727-8.

Ezra, and Ruth Tuttle of Ipswich, at Ipswich, Sept.17,1728.

Hannah, and Elizer Burbank, Apr.14,1731.

Elisebeth, and Joseph Genins, Dec.5 [15.CR2], 1735.

Martha, and John Marsh of Dracut, Dec.1,1737.

Rebackah, and Benjamin Hardy, Sept.27,1738.

Easter, and Nathaniel Burpe, Apr.19,1748.

Susanna, and William Wicoim [Wicom.CR1], Mar.12,1750.

Elisabeth, and Capt. Daniel Thurston, at Newbury, Sept.17,1767.

ROLLINS (Rawlens, Rawlings, Rawlins, Rolenings, Rolens, Rollin, Rollings, Rolons)

Samuel of Exeter, NH, and Elis[abeth.dup.] Palmer, May21 [12. dup.], 1714.

John and Mary Savory, July31,1722.

Hannah, and Job [Jacob.CR2] Hardy, Sept.24,1744.

Eliphelet, and Mary Lessen, Dec.20,1748.

Eliphalet, and Hannah Follensby of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.23,1755.

Sarah, and Rolf Annis, at Newbury, Sept.1,1757.

Jese, and Bettee Chaney, Nov.10,1763.

Hannah, of Newbury, and Jonathan Chace of Newburyport, Aug.13,1767.

Joseph, and Martha Ames, Nov.5,1778.

Eliphalet, jr., and Patty [Polly.CR2] Sergeant, Sept.末,1782.

Polly, and Thomas Savory, Sept.末,1786.

Eliphalet, and Sarah Carlton, Mar.24,1789.

Jabez, and Lydia Harskell, July15,1792.

Joseph, and Rachel Latham, Oct.6,1799.

Hannah, and John Tenny, jr., Apr.9,1820.

Eliphalet, and Alice George, Dec.1,1835.

Catherine W., and Jeremiah M. Holt, Nov.7,1838.

Charles P., and Sarah R. Gale, June7,1842.

Sarah W., wid., of Haverhill, a.47y., d.Matthew & Anna A. Pettengill, and Moses E. French, widr., a.45y., chaise maker, s.John & Sarah E., Oct.31,1847.


Benjamin G., of Apalachicola, FL, and Caroline Silsby, Oct.2,1840.


Abigail, and John Haseltine, Aug.11,1701.

Susannah, and John Gage, Dec.25,1706.

Sally, and Israel [Alfred.CR2] Varnum of Andover, June7,1810.

ROWE (Row)

Dorothy, and Joseph Richardson, May10,1747.

Sarah, and Samuel Atwood, Oct.5,1748.

James, and Abigail Buswell, Oct.18,1814.


William, Rev. [Richey.CR1], of Canton, and Clarissa Kimball, June29,1811.

RUNDLETT (Rundlet)

Edmund P., and Catharine [H.CR2] Stickney, July3,1831.

James H., shoemaker, and Martha A. Watson, Oct.15,1843.

RUNNELS (Runels, Runiels, Runils, Runnils)

Samuel, and [wid.CR1] Anna Sessions, Feb.18,1730.

Sarah, and Nathaniel Lakeman [of Boxford.CR1], Jan.23,1733-4.

Abigail, and William Atwood, Dec.24,1739.

Abigail, and Jeremiah Kimball [jr.CR1], Dec.6,1757.

Samuel, and Joanah Plats, Mar.14,1758.

John, and Sarah Kimbal, June8,1758.CR1

Job, and Mary Woodman, Oct.5,1758.CR1

Mary, and Daniell Buzzil, Jan.25,1759.CR1

Sarah, and Nathaniel Griffin, Dec.31,1778.

Abigail, of Haverhill, and Benjamin Hagget, at Haverhill, June30,1785.

Thomas, of Haverhill, and Lucy Lapham, Aug.末,1792.

Samuel, of Boxford, and Anna Hardy, Sept.1,1795.

Jonas, of Boxford, and Anna Merril, Nov.25,1802.

Theodore, of Boxford, and Mehitable, Phillips, June22,1816. [June20.CR1]

Moses C., of Haverhill, and Eliza B. Perry, Sept.29,1825.

Leonard, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Theodore and Hitty, and Sarah M.S. Bradley, Nov.13,1843.

RUSSELL (Russel)

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Hutchins, at Newbury, Sept.19,1722.

Stephen, of Dracut, and Abigail Gage, Oct.25,1743.

Lucy, and Samuel Wood, July末,1783. [Jan., 1784.CR2]

Polly, and Lt. Ephraim Emery of Newbury, Sept.末,1785.

Lucy, and Nathaniel Balch, Oct.2,1790.

Sally, and John Wardwell, jr. of Andover, June26,1796.CR2

Betsey, and Moses Merrill of Newbury, Oct.4,1802.

Sally, and Moses Gale, jr. of Haverhill, Nov.25,1802.

John G., and Hannah Kimball, Jan.9,1820.

Lydia, and George Burroughs, Apr.26,1827.

Jeremiah, of Rowley, and Judith D. Peabody, Sept.22,1831.CR1


Alexander [of Boston.CR1], and Betsey Kimball, Apr.1,1827.

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