Elizabeth, wid., and Samuel Gage, at Haverhill, Sept.30,1725.

Samuel, and Phebe Richardson [both of Haverhill, at Haverhill. dup.], Jan.24,1750.

Abagail, and Jacob Low of Rowley, Apr.11,1767. [Apr.14.CR2]

Samuel, and Abigail Stephens, Jan.27,1811.

Joseph, of Newburyport, and Sarah Trask, Dec.末,1821.CR1

Abel, of Haverhill, and Mary Ann Kimball, June26,1827.

John, of Windham, NH, and Maria Jaques, Apr.12,1831.

Paul, and Mehittable J. Davis, May3,1838.

Thomas H., and Sarah J. [I.CR2] Poor, May8,1838.

Thomas H., and [Mrs.dup.] Mary A. Wood, Sept.2,1841.

Mary Jane, and William A. Holmes of Londonderry, NH [Derry, NH. dup.], Dec.16,1841.

John, and Susan Jaques, Feb.28,1844.

Eben S., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Reuben and Eliza S., of Newburyport, and Mary S. Foster, a.23y., d.Stephen and Martha, of Portland, Feb.7,1845.

PALMER (Parmer)

Elizabeth, and Nicholas Wallingford, Dec.4,1678.

James, and Elisabeth Growth, Dec.31,1690.

Sarah, and William Huchens, Jan.26,1718-19.CR1

Elis[abeth.dup.], and Samuel Rawlens of Exeter, May21 [12. dup.], 1714.

Sarah, and Richard Cawley of Stratham, at Newbury, July15,1728.PR23

Elizebeth, and Ebenezer Curtis, Nov.14,1729.

Martha, and Joseph Worster, Apr.29,1730.

Martha, and Ebenezer Hardy, Nov.8,1731.

Mary, and Nathan Bailey, Oct.18,1732.

Andrew, and Jemima Hardy, Dec.6,1732.

Abigail and Jonas Platts, Dec.19,1732.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Bailey of Haverhill, Apr.3,1740.

Betty, and Samuel Hopkinson, May28,1741.

Benjamin, and Martha Worstor, Dec.21,1742.

Joseph, and Hannah Harriman of Rowley, at Rowley, Oct.1,1745.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Savory, Jan.24,1749.

Ebenezer, and Susannah Bacon, Dec.10,1751.

Mary, and John Wood, Mar.15,1755. [Mar.18.CR2]

Martha, and Enoch Harriman of Rowley, at Rowley, June5,1759.

Ebenezer, and Rebeckah Burbank, at Haverhill, Aug.19,1760.

James, and Mary Hopkenson, Mar.15,1764.

Molly, and Ebenezer Stickney, Jan.9,1770.

Joanna, and David, Hardy of Rowley, at Rowley, Aug.6,1772.

David, and Sarah Palmer, June15,1777.

Sarah, and David Palmer, June15,1777.

Elizabeth, and Nathan Burbank, Feb.末,1781.

William, and Mehetable Balch, Oct.16,1781.

John and Sally Harriman, Jan.18,1788.

Pheba, and Stephen Webster, 4th, of Haverhill, Jan.12,1796.

David, jr., and Judith Morse, Feb.17,1805.

John Eliot, and Betsey Kimball, May1,1805.CR1

Timothy, of Warner, and Judith Hardy, Mar.30,1807.

Mehitable, and Stephen Parker, May7,1807.

Moses H., of Rowley, and Polly Hale, Oct.26,1819.

James, of Londonderry, NH, and Bethiah Carleton, June25,1821. [June5.CR2]

James M., of Haverhill, and Mary A. Head, Oct.15,1840.

Elisabeth H., a.22y., b. Derry, NH, d.Moses H. and Polly H., and Charles Wallingford, a.31y., shoe manufacturer, s.Nathaniel and Mary, Dec.31,1844.


Daniel, and Sarah Mors of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.26,1713.

Grace, and Abel Mors, June3,1714.

Elizabeth, of Haverhill, and Ebenezer Grifin, Dec.16,1727. [Dec.15.CR1]

Elisabeth, and Job Tyler of Boxford, July17,1730.

Nathan [of Andover.CR1], and Elisabeth Gage, Oct.28. [2.CR1], 1731.

Abraham, jr., and Hannah Chase of Newbury, at Newbury, Dec.14,1738.

Nathaniel, and Rachel Sargent of Newbury, at Newbury, Nov.25,1739.

Hannah, and Daniel Thiston, Sept.3,1741.

Samuel, and Mary Stevens of Andover, at Andover, May3,1742.

Daniel, and Esther Pillsbury, June1,1742.PR18

Ann, and Moses Leavitt [Esq.CR2] of Stratham, Jan.27,1742-3.

Abraham, jr., and Hannah Harthen, Feb.17,1745-6.

Bradstreet, and Rebackah Balch, Nov.1,1750.

Betty, and Stephen Danford, Jan.5,1758.

Mary, and Thomas Carlton, jr., Jan.8,1760.

Ebenezer, and Mary Lacount [Lavant.CR1], Feb.4,1762.

Abraham, and Susannah Greenough, Nov.10,1763.

Nathaniel, jr., and Judith Hopkinson, Mar.29,1768.

Retire Hathorn, and Ednah Hardy, May19,1768.

Anna, and Nathan Parker of Andover, Sept.20,1770.

Nathan, of Andover, and Anna Parker, Sept.20,1770.

William, and Hannah Hardy, Nov.21,1771.

Martha, and Jeremiah Chandler of Andover, Oct.22,1772. [Oct.9.CR2]

Samuel, and Anne Greenough, Mar.27,1777.

Stephen, and Abigail Bailey of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Nov.20,1777.

Free, and Susanna Hardy, Dec.4,1777.

Moses, and Sarah Eaton of Haverhill, at Haverhill, May24,1781.

Nathaniel, Lt., and Ruth Bayley of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.22,1782.

Abigail, and William Greenough, Feb.14,1785.

Alice, and Nathaniel Mitchell, June21,1787.

Mary, and Joseph Chadwick, June30,1787.

Hannah, and Stephen Burbank, Feb.3,1788.CR2

Rebecca, and Joseph Mitchell, Jan.9,1790. [Jan.27.CR2]

Rachell, and William Latham, Feb.5,1790.

Timothy, see Barker, Timothy.

Nancy, and James Goodridge, Jan.24,1793.

Broadstreet, of Salem, and Hannah Parker, Nov.7 [17.CR2], 1793.

Hannah, and Broadstreet Parker of Salem, Nov.7,1793. [Nov.17.CR2]

Paul, and Betsey Young, Apr.24,1794.

Phebe, of Andover, and Seth Kimball, at Andover, Sept.11,1794.

William, jr., and Anna Stickney, Apr.21,1796.

Ednah, and Jeremiah Dow of Exeter, NH, Nov.30,1797.CR2

William, jr., and Martha Tenney, Apr.末,1798.

Nathan, and Abigail Burbank, Aug.4,1800.

Hannah, and Daniel Kimball [jr.CR2], Oct.15,1800.

Abigail, and Joseph Hill Ordway of Haverhill, Aug.10,1801.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Hardy, Sept.末,1801.

Retier, and Priscilla Savory, Apr.15,1802.

Abigail, and Day Mitchel, Oct.24,1802.

John, and Hannah Spofford, Mar.22,1803.

Mehitable, and Phineas Emerson, Aug.1,1803.

Daniel, and Mehitable Burbank, Sept.5,1803.

Sally, and Elijah Clerk, July2,1806.

Abigail, and Peter Parker, Dec.25,1806.

Peter, and Abigail Parker, Dec.25,1806.

Stephen, and Mehitable Palmer, May7,1807.

Theodore, and Mary Marden, Sept.15,1807.

Eliza, and John Marble, Oct.6,1807.

Betsey, and Bailey Greenough, Nov.12,1807. [1808.PR9]

Judith, and Thomas Morse, jr., Nov.18,1807.

Susannah, and John Pemberton, June15,1808.CR2

Sally, and Benjamin Merrill, Apr.16,1809.

Olive, and Phineas Hardy, jr., May1,1810. [Apr.24.PR11]

Sally, and George Carleton, Nov.28,1810.

Benjamin, and Anna Lapham, June末,1811. [June2,1810.PR18]

Sally, and Eliphalet Atwood, Oct.7,1813. [Oct.17.CR1]

Hannah, see Barker, Hannah.

Hannah, wid., and Daniel M. Spofford of Rowley, Jan.19,1814.CR2

Hannah, and John Woodman, of Haverhill, Apr.7,1814.

William, jr., and Abigail Hopkinson, Nov.7,1815.

Hannah, and Asa Lufkin of Buxton ME, Nov.20,1815.

Lydia, and Benjamin Savory, Dec.8,1815.

Maria E., and Capt. Ezekel Green, Dec.16,1816.

Free G[roves.CR2], and Betsey Carleton [wid.CR2] of Haverhill, June3,1818.

Cynthia [S.CR2], and Moses Foot, Dec.11,1821.

Ann, and Daniel B. Stickney, Apr.30,1822.

Daniel, Capt., and Mrs.Mary Morse, Dec.25,1822.

Elizabeth M., and Charles Fairbanks of Topsfield, Sept.8,1823.

Abigail, and William Balch, 3d, May3,1825.

Hannah B., and Varnum Marsh, Dec.10,1825.

Patty, and John Richardson of Haverhill, Dec.21,1826.

Priscilla, Mrs., and William Greenough, Feb.7,1827. [1824.PR1]

Mary Ann, and Oliver Brown of Haverhill, Mar.25,1828.CR1

Betsey, and Abner Chase, June20,1828. [Apr.20.CR2]

Theodore, and Mrs.Elizabeth Noyes [of Georgetown.PR1], Dec.8,1828.

Myra, and Samuel K. Gage of Pelham, NH, Apr.22,1830.

Solomon H., Capt., and Sally Jones of West Newbury, Dec.2,1830.

Nathaniel, and Mehitable [P.CR2] Stickney, June1,1831.

Abigail, and George Cogswell, Aug.4,1831.

Mary E. [G.CR2], and Tyler Hardy, Dec.22,1831.

Amos, and Sophia Adams Kimball, May16,1832. [1822.PR18]

Theodore, and Hannah Hardy, Dec.29,1833.CR2

Elvira, and Tristram S. Pike of Hampton Falls, NH, July27,1834.

Sophronia, and Allen H. Goss, Oct.23,1834.

Sally C., and Josiah G. Hardy, Mar.17,1835.

Warren L., and Mary Jane Pemberton, Nov.19,1835.

Gilman, and Sophia Hopkinson, Jan.12,1836.

Lucy L., and E. James M. Hale of Haverhill, Feb.2,1837.

Amos, Esq., and Mrs.Louisa S[hattuck.CR2] Balch, Mar.21,1837. [Mar.2.PR18]

Harriet, and Hazen Whittier, Nov.30,1837.

Dean, and Rebecca K. Foster, Nov.26,1840.

Ednah D., and Thomas Carpenter, Mar.30,1841.

Peter, jr., merchant, and Sarah C[ampbell.CR2] Perry, Nov.2,1843.

Eldred S., a.24y., s.Benjamin and Hannah, and Martha W. Savary, a.21y., d.George and Loisa B., Dec.24,1844.

Adaline, a.34y., d.Benjamin and Ann L., and Alfred Parker, a.38y., shoe manufacturer, s.Stephen and Mehitable, May20,1846.

Alfred, a.38y., shoe manufacturer, s.Stephen and Mehitable, and Adaline Parker, a.34y., d.Benjamin and Ann L., May20,1846.

Abigail P., a.28y., d.Stephen and Mehitable, and George Atwood, a.27y., shoe manufacturer, s.Aaron and Susannah, Sept.17,1846.

Phineas, and Tamyson Greenough, [bef. 1847.]PR9

Phebe P., a.21y., d.Benjamin and Anna L., and Samuel Perly, a.28y., shoemaker, s.Nathan and Delia, Nov.10,1847.

Henry C., and Caroline Greenleaf, Nov.17,1849.PR17


Joann, of Strafford, NH, a.23y., b. Strafford, NH, d.John, of Strafford, NH, and James T. Carlton, a.29y., farmer, s.Benjamin and Sally, Nov.29,1848.


Joseph, jr., Rev., and Mrs.Frances Usher of Charlestown, at Charlestown, Jan.7,1729.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Rev. Jedediah Jewet of Rowley, Oct.29,1765.


Mary K., a.21y., d.John and Mary, of Saco, ME, and Moses Poor, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Hannah, Nov.25,1846.


Eliot, of Rowley, and Mary Haseltine, Nov.30,1760.CR1

Mary, and Samuel Webster, June27,1785.

Jonathan, and Polly Gage, Mar.末,1795.

Mary, Mrs., and Dea.Richard Walker, Dec.5,1801.

Sarah L., and Samuel S. Arnold of Charlestown, [Nov.23,1830.CR1]


Richard, and Ruth Kimbal, Mar.7,1716.

Abiah, and Joseph Kimbaill, Jan.19,1724.

Sarah, of Boxford, and Joseph Kinsman of Ipswich, Apr.27,1736.

Susannah, and John Chadwick, Jan.12,1743.

Ruth, of Boxford, and Benjamin Mullikin, Aug.4,1763.CR1

Stephen, Rev., of Atkinson, NH, and Mary Hazeltine, Jan.19,1773.

Rebekah, and Samuel Trask, jr., Sept.16,1773.

Elizabeth, Mrs.Boxford, and David Currier, at Boxford, May30,1780.

Andrew, of Boxford, and Molly Morse, Jan.15,1788.

John, and Alice Carleton, Sept. [15.PR1], 1788. [Oct., 1789.CR1]

Richard, of Boxford, and Dolly Kimball, May9,1789. [May13.CR1]

Rebeca, and Jonathan Hardy, jr., Feb.12,1796.

Jeremiah, of Salem, and Catharine Kimball, Dec.23,1804.

Andrew, and Hannah Kimball, May末,1805.

Sally, and Benjamin Carlton, Sept.末,1808.

Mary, and Ebenezer Carleton, Apr.11,1810.

Mehitable, and Samuel Wood, jr., Apr.8,1813.

Perthenia, and Benjamin Brown, Mar.12,1815.

Charlotte, and James P. Bishop, Apr.末,1818.

Nathaniel, and Mary Foot, Mar.18,1821.

John, and Elizabeth B. Horn, Aug.11,1821.CR1

Mary G., and Caleb Marsh of Danvers, Apr.12,1827.CR1

Eliza, and Enoch Allen of Manchester, Dec.17,1828.CR1

Judith D., and Jeremiah Russell of Rowley, Sept.22,1831.CR1

Martha Jane, a.23y., d.Nathaniel and Mary, and Amos P. Johnson, a.24y., shoemaker, s.Jesse and Rebecca, Dec.11,1844.


Jane, and Thomas Messer, July9,1722.CR1

Sarah, of Boxford, and Abel Kimball, at Boxford, Oct.4,1753.

Lucy, of Boxford, and Phinehas Kimball, Dec.13,1770.

Sally, of Boxford, and James Buswell, at Boxford, Dec.16,1792.

Horatio, a.30y., farmer, b. Boxford, s.Peter, of Boxford, and Theresa Jane Hall, a.22y., d.Joseph, Sept.11,1849.


Bartholomew, of Newbury, and Love Boynton, at Newbury, May25,1737.

David, jr., of Newbury, and Sarah Danford, at Newbury, Nov.6,1750.

Moses, and Martha Gorse [George.CR2], Nov.9,1766.

Broadstreet, of Rowley, and Sally Hale, Oct.末,1780.

Jesse, of Newbury, and Hitty Plumer, June25,1788.

Polly, and William Pearson of New Milford NH, Oct.18,1808.

William, of New Milfor NH, and Polly Pearson, Oct.18,1808.

Hannah, and William George of Haverhill, Feb.21,1815.

Joseph, and Mary Thurston, Dec.2,1819.

Ora, Rev., of Kingston, NH, and Mary Kimball, June15,1827.CR1

John, of Bangor, ME, and Sophia Savary, Sept.21,1836.

Benjamin L., a.24y., shoemaker, s.Joseph and Mary, and Susan W. Buswell, a.23y., d.Humphrey and Rebecca, July9,1846.

Hiram A., a.23y., tailor, s.Thomas and Mary H., of Haverhill, and Mehitable Kimball, a.21 y, d.Rufus and Lucy, Oct.15,1848.

William Henry, shoemaker, s.Joseph, and Elizabeth Ann Austin, at Plaistow, NH,末蔓末,1849.

Eliza H., a.24y., b. Boton, d.Benjamin, and Andrew H. Field of Portland, ME, a.25y., carpenter, b. Mercer, ME, s.David, Nov.27,1849.


Chevers, and Betsey Curtis, June30,1794.

Sarah, and William Fowler, Oct.6,1822.

Abigail, and Patrick Johnston, May6,1828.

Elizabeth, and James Mills, Oct.2,1832.

Joseph C., a.28y., shoemaker, s.Bartholomew C. and Betsy, and Martha Ann Jameson, a.23y., d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb.13,1849.

PEMBERTON (Pemerton)

John, and Martha Wooster, Jan.18,1710-11.

John, and Rebecca Bristly of Rowley, at Rowley, Oct.21,1729.

Mary, and Daniel Dresser, Apr.9,1730.

Ephraim, of Amesbury, and Ann Jewet, Apr.16,1737. [Apr.6.CR2]

Mathew [Martha.CR2], and Benjamin Petengil, Feb.11,1755.

Hannah, and Joshua Hale of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.13,1761.

Abel, and Mary Kimball, Jan.13,1799.

William, and Mehitable Kimball, July3,1805.

末末, and 末末 Kimball, Sept.18,1805.CR2

John, and Susannah Parker, June15,1808.CR2

William, and Emily Howard of Newbury, Dec.21,1820.

Mary K., and Isaiah Ames, Apr.24,1827.

Jonathan K., and Elizabeth Williams, May12,1827.

Joseph K., and Lucy Jameson, Mar.23,1830.CR2

Mary K., and Charles S. Kimball, Dec.4,1834.

Mary Jane, and Warren L. Parker, Nov.19,1835.

Lucy, and Erastus B. Stickney, Nov.3,1839.

Rebecca G., and William H. Morse, Apr.29,1841.

Tameyson G., and George P. Carleton, Nov.17,1842.

Sarah E., a.21y., d.John and Susan, and Charles A. Shaw, a.24y., carpenter, s.James and Sarah A., Nov.19,1846.


Philadelphia, and Robert Moore [both from England.CR2], Dec.25,1822.

John [W.CR2], and Mary Wood, Feb.27,1823.


Sarah, and Bezaleel Carlton, Jan.20,1763.CR1

Sarah, of Boxford, and James Lindall, Jan.26,1775.

Thomas, of Topsfield, and Mary Balch, Mar.29,1786.

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Eliphelet Savery, at Ipswich, Mar.9,1797.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Saunders, Dec.22,1822.

Eunice A.H., adn Albert S. Hills, both of Rowley, June4,1835.CR2

PERLEY (Pearley, Perley, Perly)

Hannah, of Boxford, and Stephen Kimball, Dec.6,1736.

Lydia(Hale), of Boxford, and Jonathan Tenney, at Boxford, Apr.29,1740.

Asa, Maj., of Boxford, and Mrs.Ruth Kimball, Dec.8,1781. [Dec.13.CR1]

Sally, and Lt. Samuel Bacon, Feb.25,1788.CR2

Amos, of Salem, and Hannah Carleton, Mar.31,1810.

Lois, and Jeremiah Hardy, Dec.29,1813. [Jan.20,1814.CR2]

Martha, and George Bachelor, Feb.15,1814.

Elbridge, of Rowley, and Sarah Kimball, Dec.3,1835.

Betsey, and Asa Kimball, Jan.17,1838.

Samuel, a.28y., shoemaker, s.Nathan and Delia, and Phebe P. Parker, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Anna L., Nov.10,1847.

PERRY (Parry, Perrey)

Richard, and Esther Hardy, Jan.26,1743.

Obadiah, and Elisabeth Kimball, Jan.10,1750.

Esther, and John Wool, Apr.2,1761.CR2

William, and Mary Hardy, Jan.23,1774.

Ebenezer, and Dorothy Stickney, May5,1774.

John, and Sally Woodward, Sept.末,1791.

David, and Patience Morse of Methuen, at Methuen, Aug.15,1799.

Henry Elwell, and Rachel Lowe, Nov.6,1812.

Betsey, and Abel Butrick, Mar.末,1813.

Eliza B., and Moses C. Runnels of Haverhill, Sept.29,1825.

Gardner B., Rev., and Sarah Brown of West Newbury, May22,1827.PR1

Maria Parker, and William Henry Shackford of Exeter, NH, Dec.19,1839.

Sarah C[ampbell.CR2], and Peter Parker, jr., merchant, Nov.2,1843.

Alvan H., a.26y., clerk, s.Alvan and Fanny, and Phebe B[raman.CR2] Perry, a.24y., d.Gardner B. and Eunice, Sept.23,1847.

Phebe B[raman.CR2], a.24y., d.Gardner b. and Eunice, and Alvan H. Perry, a.26y., clerk, s.Alvan and Fanny, Sept.23,1847.

Mary E., wid., a.41y., b. Maine, d.M.C. Card, and William O. Sides, widr., a.38y., shoemaker, s.Samuel and Sarah, July14,1848.


Benjamin, and Mathew [Martha.CR2] Pemberton, Feb.11,1755.

Richard, of Methuen, and Abigail Kimball, Sept.末,1791.

PETTINGALE (Petengil, Pettengail)

Clarisa, and Samuel Cole of Boxford, Feb.19,1824.

Eri, and Esther Allen, Nov.2,1826.

PETTY (Petee)

Seth, and Dorkcas Savory, Mar.30,1730.

Elisabeth, of Haverhill, and Ebenezer Lurvey, Jan.8,1739-40.

PHILLIPS (Philips)

Cathron, and Thomas Edlegsly, Dec.5,1751.

John, and Elisabeth Hagget, Dec.29,1757.

Timothy, and Deborah Busswell, Oct.末,1787.

Samuel, and Mehitable Hagget, Feb.末,1788.

Betsy, and Enoch Carleton, Dec.7,1809. [1810.CR1]

Mehitable, and Theodore Runnels of Boxford, June22,1816. [June20.CR1]

Ruby, and Daniel Head, May10,1818.

Leonard, and Sarah Head, Jan.20,1819.

Alonzo, of Princetown, and Rebeckah Kimball, Nov.末,1820.CR1

Samuel, and Edny Kimball, Nov.末,1824.CR1

Mary, and John Kimball, jr., June5,1828.CR1

Sarah A., and Charles H. Brown, Apr.20,1841.


Timothy, Esq., of Salem, and Rebecca White, late of Boston, Apr.8,1776.


Joanna, and William Sawyer, Oct.7,1825. [Oct.3.CR2]

PIERCE (Peirce, Perse)

Mary, and John Simmons, July19,1678.

Mary, and Francis Nelson, May30,1745.

Daniel, and Mary Burnham, Nov.26,1799.


Hannah, Mrs., and Thomas Symmes, Mar.28,1714-15.

Tristram S., of Hampton Falls, NH, and Elvira Parker, July27,1834.

Georgianna H.M., of Newburyport, and Amos G. Bartlett of Boston, July20,1840.

Stephen, jr., shoemaker, and Julia Ann Varrill, May7,1843.

PILLSBURY (Pilsbury)

Esther, and Daniel Parker, June1,1742.PR18

William, and wid.Mary Hardy, Oct.21,1762.CR2

Moses, 3d, of Newbury, and Sarah Hale, Jan.17,1772. [Jan.1.CR2]


Judith S., wid., and Thomas Smith, both of West Newbury, Nov.25,1839.CR2

PLATTS (Plaats, Plats)

Jonas, and Anne Baily, Sept.10,1702.

Abigail, and Ephriam Noyce, Feb.4 [2.CR2], 1730-1.

Elisabeth, and David Hopkinson, Dec.22,1731.

Hannah, of Rowley, and John Carleton, at Rowley, Apr.4,1732.

Jonas, and Abigail Palmer, Dec.19,1732.

Ann, and Nathan Barker of Andover, Jan.2,1736.

Isaac, and Margaret Bartlett of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.10,1735-6.

Hannah, and Eliphalit Hardy, Jan.4,1738-9.

Jonas, and Sarah Wolenford, Feb.27,1738-9.

Abagail, and James Dwenel, Dec.18,1753.

Joanah, and Samuel Runnels, Mar.14,1758.

John, and Mrs.Sarah Hale, at Boxford, Sept.7,1773.

Isaac, jr., and Rachel Chase of Sutton, at Sutton, Sept.21,1773.

Sarah [Susanna.CR1], and Ebenezer Mulliken, Mar.28,1776.

PLUMMER (Plumer)

John, of Hampstead NH, and Jane Hardy, at Haverhill, July17,1753.

Nathaniel, of Rowley, and Hannah Walker, Oct.21,1766.CR1

Asa, of Rowley, and Betty Gage, Sept.1,1774.

Silas, and Joanna Chandler, Oct.4,1778.

Stephen, and Martha Hale, May24,1781.

Elizabeth, and Samuel Adams of Rowley, Aug.末,1786.

Hitty, and Jesse Pearson of Newbury, June25,1788.

POOR (Pore)

Daniel, and Dorothy Kimbal, Mar.20,1711-12.

Mary, of Newbury, and John Mullican, at Newbury, Nov.15,1717.

Samuell, and Deborah Kimbal, Aug.18,1719.CR1

Enoch [of Newbury.CR1], and Bethiah West, Sept.11,1735.

Elisabeth [of Andover.CR1], and Stephen Woodman, May12,1737.

Presila, of Andover, and Benjamin Gage, jr., at Andover, Feb.22,1749-50.

Henry, of Rowley, and Sarah Hale, at Rowley, May20,1751.

Joseph, and Margret Bayel [Bayly.CR2], Apr.22,1756.

Joseph, of Rowley, and Hannah Wood, May31,1797.

Moses, and Elizabeth Hale, July17,1806.

William T. [David.CR2], of Rowley, and Sally Spofford, Mar.5,1809.

Sarah, and Daniel Hopkinson, Dec.1,1816.PR22

Ebenezer, Capt., of Newbury, and Alma Hall, June末,1822.CR1

Julia, of Rowley, and Ira Hopkinson, June5,1823.

Mary, and Greenleaf Mores of West Newbury, May末,1824.CR1

David, and Abigail Gage, June16,1830.

Daniel N., and Ann B. Sumner, Nov.3,1832.

Sarah J. [I.CR2], and Thomas H. Page, May8,1838.

John D., of Deerfield, NH, and Lucy Kimball, Aug.23,1840.

Henry R., of Boston, and Mary Jane Day, Nov.28,1842.

Moses, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Samuel & Hannah, and Mary K. Partridge, a.21y., d.John & Mary, of Saco, ME, Nov.25,1846.


Samuel, and Anne Gootridg, May28,1735.

Moses, of Boxford, and Mary Chadwick, Dec.3,1741.

Hannah, of Boxford, and Zechariah Bacon, at Boxford, Dec.2,1792.

Moses, and Judith Gage, Apr.末,1797. [Mar.CR1]


Samuel, and Esther Hardy, Mar.4,1730-1. [Mar.2.CR2]

Laura A., of Beverly, and Charles W. Hopkinson, at Danvers, Apr.18,1848.


Ebenezer G., and Hannah H. Stickney, Apr.9,1835.

PROCTOR (Procter)

Judith, and Ebenezer Griffin, June27,1785.

Thorndike, of Salem, and Emma Silsby, June30,1842.


Joseph, and Joanna Middleton, June9,1716.


Sarah G., a.23y., d.Joshua & Eunice, and George W. Hopkinson, a.26y., shoemaker, s.Uriah & Lucy, May12,1846.

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