GAGE (Gadge)

Josia, and Liddea Lad, May15,1669.CTR

Benjamin, and Prudence Levar, Oct.11,1671.CTR

Prudence, and Samuell Stickney, Apr.6,1674.CTR

Samuell, and Faith Stickney, June10,1674.CTR

Daniell, and Sarah Kimball, May3,1675.CTR

Daniel, and Martha Burbank, Mar.9,1697-8.

John, and Susannah Ross, Dec.25,1706.

Samuel, and Mary Watson, Feb.20,1709-10.

Mary, and Benjamin Thirston of Newbury, at Newbury, June24,1718.

Nathaniel, and Mehetabel Kimbal, Aug.18,1719.CR1

Mehetabell, and Benjamin Barker of Andover, at Andover, Jan.21,1720.

Benjamin, and Rebach Mullicken, Aug.2,1722.

Samuel, and wid.Elizabeth Page, at Haverhill, Sept.30,1725.

Ebenezar, and Prisila Kimball, Nov.7,1728.

Sarah, and Edmond Hardy, May16,1731.

Elisabeth, and Nathan Parker, Oct.2,1731.

Mary, and Joseph Jewet, Jan.20,1731-2.

Dorkis, and David Hardy, Dec.6,1732.

Moses, and Mary Heaseltine, Apr.12,1733.

Jemima, and Richard Kimbal [jr.CR1], Nov.8,1733.

Thomas, and Phebe Frie of Andover, at Andover, Apr.30,1734.

Prudence, and Aaron Carlton, Apr.21,1735.PR24

Naomi, and David Hall, Sept.22,1737.

Ester, and Jonathan Currier of Methuen, Aug.1,1739.

Joseph, and Ann Abbott, resident in Andover, at Andover, Sept.4,1740.

Amos, and Meheteble Kimball, Dec.18,1740.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Johnson of Andover, Apr.22,1742.

Daniel, and Margaret Boynton of Rowley, at Rowley, May12,1742.

Susanna, and Timeothy Stevens of Newbury, at Newbury, Oct.11,1743.

Abigail, and Stephen Russel of Dracut, Oct.25,1743.

Mary, and Gideon Hardy, May24,1744.

Aaron, and Hannah Stevens of Andover, at Andover, May16,1745.

Sarah, and Ebenezer Webster, June24,1746.

Jabes, and Elizebeth Willson, "took each other as Husband and Wife before several Witness as well as myself. Thomas Kimball, Justice Peace. "末蔓末,1746-7.

Abigail, of Haverhill, and Phineas Hardy, at Haverhill, May末,1749.

Benjamin, jr., and Presila Poor of Andover, at Andover, Feb.22,1749-50.

Aaron, and Sarah Hall, Apr.23,1752.

Richard, and Anna Crummy, Aug.20,1752.

James, and Rebakah Kimball, Aug.18,1757.

Nathaniel, jr., and Doroty Kimball, Oct.6,1757.

Moses, jr., and Elizabeth Thurston, June22,1758.CR1

Sarah, and Nehemiah Carlton, Oct.12,1758.CR1

Mercy, and James Scales of Andover, Nov.29,1764.CR1

Abijah, and Deborah West, Oct.13,1768.

William, and Rhoda Norton, Nov.25,1769. [Nov.21.CR1]

Asa, and Olive Hovey, Aug.30,1770.

Phebe, and Asa Dresser, of Amherst, NH, Sept.6,1770.

Moses [jr.CR1], and Abigail Kimball of Methuen, Nov.1,1770.

Timothy, and Hannah Thurston, Mar.14,1771.

Hannah, and Timothy Beetle of Haverhill, at Haverhill, June24,1773.

Peter, and Molly Webster, Dec.16,1773.

Betty, and Asa Plummer of Rowley, Sept.1,1774.

Thaddeus, and Abigail Merril, Nov.30,1775.

Mehitable, and Amos Mullicken, May14,1776.

Rebecca, and Edmund Kimball, Feb.25,1779.

Daniel, of Pelham, NH, and Elizabeth Greenough, May27,1779.

Sally, and Reuben Mills,末蔓末,1780.CR2

Sally, and Mariner Kent of Newburyport, Feb.末,1780.

Abigail, and Abner Kimball, Dec.18,1781.

Abigail, and Amos Haseltine of Lunenburg, Feb.17,1785.

Uriah, and Hannah Tenny, Jan.25,1787.

Mehitable, and Daniel Carlton, Mar.末,1787.

William, and Mehitable Kimball, Mar.末,1789.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Kimball, May31,1792.

Isaac, of Falmouth [of Portland, ME.CR1], and Elizabeth Chadwick, Oct.末,1793. [ Sept.CR1]

Asa, Lt., and Polly Kimball, Feb.末,1795.

Polly, and Jonathan Payson, Mar.末,1795.

Michael, and Hannah Kimball of Methuen, Aug.20,1795.

Dolly, and William Shortridge of Haverhill [of Portsmouth, NH, at Haverhill. dup.], July23,1796.

Judith, and Moses Porter, Apr.末,1797. [Mar.CR1]

Polly, and Joshua Buswell, Apr.末,1797.

Susanna, and Moses Webster, Apr.末,1797.

Daniel, and Hannah Trask, July9,1798.

Daniel, and Mary Curtis, Feb.13,1800.

Richard, and Jane Kimball, Jan.16,1801.

Hannah, and Samuel Chadwick, Oct.20,1801.

Mary, and Phinehas Johnson of Methuen, Apr.28,1802. [Apr.18.CR1]

Mary, and William Bodwell, Apr.7,1803.

Deborah, and Washington Hovey of Newburyport, Aug.30,1803.

Betsy, and John Bootman of Haverhill, July22,1804.

Moses, and Mary Abbot, Apr.11,1805.

Rebecka, and James Fisk, May26,1807.

Betsy, and Daniel Kimball, Mar.20,1808.

Jonathan, and Mary A[lmira.CR1] Colby, Nov.14,1813.

Hannah, and John Atwood, Mar.3,1814.CR2

Nancy, and John Ingersol of Haverhill, Sept.27,1814.

Charlotte, and Rev. William Gould of Dracut, Aug.28,1816.

Jula, and Uriah Baley of Newbury, Dec.2,1818.

Hannah, and William Crombie of Boston, Dec.22,1821.CR1

Rebeca, and Maj. Richard Haseltine, Apr.8,1823.CR1

Ruby, and Capt. Nathaniel Thurston, Apr.10,1823.CR1

Ann, and Col. Jeremiah Mitchel, June21,1826.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Gage, Nov.30,1826.

Nathaniel, and Hannah Gage, Nov.30,1826.

William, and Eleanor Kimball, Dec.18,1827.CR1

Eliza, and Benjamin Thurston of Methuen, Dec.31,1827.

Samuel K., of Pelham, NH, and Myra Parker, Apr.22,1830.

Abigail, and David Poor, June16,1830.

Hannah E., and Moses Dustin, Apr.19,1832.

Charlotte, and Joshua Holt, Apr.12,1836.

Priscilla, and Nathaniel Carleton, Dec.1,1842.

Elizabeth M., a.32y., d.Jonathan and Mary, and Charles W. Abbott, a.30y., shoemaker, s.William and Charlotte, of Boston, Nov.19,1846.

Samuel B., of Lawrence, a.26y., merchant, s.Moses and Sybyl, and Harriet Day, a.20y., d.John and Harriet, Dec.27,1847.

Daniel, a.21y., shoemaker, s.Jonathan and Mary, and H. Matilda Stevens, a.24y., d.Enoch and Hannah, Apr.2,1848.

James Munroe, shoemaker, s.Jonathan, and Eliza Ann Haseltine, d.Richard, at Providence, RI, June6,1849.


Moses, jr., of Haverhill, and Sally Russell, Nov.25,1802.

Mary A. [of Haverhill.CR2], and Abner Hardy, Feb.8,1832.

Sarah R., and Charles P. Rollins, June7,1842.

Moses H., a.23y., shoe manufacturer, b. Amesbury, s.Jacob, and Ellen E. Whittier, a.21y., d.John, Dec.27,1849.


March, Mrs., and John Dumer, Esq., Feb.12,1721-2.

Samuel, and Hannah Walker, May22,1796.

Samuel, and Molly Walker, July29,1802. [July4.CR1]

Anthony, of Boston, and Mary Tyler, Jan.21,1841.


Benjamin, and Margaret Walinford, Aug.8,1728.

Susanna, of Haverhill, and Nathan Kimball, at Haverhill, Dec.13,1750.

Martha, see Gorse, Martha.

William, of Haverhill, and Hannah Pearson, Feb.21,1815.

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Ruth Cottle, Apr.27,1817.

Abigail, of Newburyport, and Charles Hardy, Aug.27,1833.

Alice, and Eliphalet Rollins, Dec.1,1835.


Judith, and Daniel Thirston, at Newbury, Sept.10,1761.


Susan Brewster, and George Chadwick, Oct.25,1830.PR6

William H., Rev., widr., of Westminster, VT, a.32y., s.Ezra and Rebecca, and Mary Goodridge, a.25y., d.Joseph and Roxana, Apr.10,1849.

GILES (Gile, Guild, Guile)

Benjamin, and Zilpha Hardy, Nov.1,1791.

David, of Haverhill, and Polly Wood, Mar.11,1800.

Enoch E. [of Haverhill. int.], and Philamela Wood, Oct.末,1820. [int.Oct.14.]

Philomela [wid.CR2], and John Richardson [jr.CR2], Apr.15,1827.


John, of Manchester, a.31y., mechanic, s.William, and Ann Maria Johnson, a.25y., d.Frederick and Nancy, Jan.20,1846.


Rachel, and Phinehas Merrill, Sept.5,1776.

GOODRIDGE (Goodrich, Gootridg)

Anne, and Samuel Porter, May28,1735.

Mary, of Newbury, and Joseph Carleton, at Newbury, Oct.12,1742.

James, and Nancy Parker, Jan.24,1793.

Ruthy, of Newbury, and John Savory, July30,1810.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Leonard Hardy, Oct.12,1826. [Oct.22.CR2]

Mary, a.25y., d.Joseph and Roxana, and Rev. William H. Gilbert, widr., of Westminster, VT, a.32y., s.Ezra and Rebecca, Apr.10,1849.

GOODWIN (Gooden)

Susanna, and Nathaniel Jewet, Dec.25,1734.

GORSE (Goos, Goss)

John, and Mehitable Baily, July30,1728.

Martha [George.CR2], and Moses Pearson, Nov.9,1766.

Polly, and Joshua Hardy, jr., Apr.14,1796.

John, and Phebe Hardy, Apr.8,1823.

Allen H., and Sophronia Parker, Oct.23,1834.


William, Rev., of Dracut, and Charlotte Gage, Aug.28,1816.

Ruth, and John Merrill, May14,1826.

Jonathan, and Nancy Brown, both of Dracut, Sept.10,1840.


Daniel, of Haverhill, and Sophia Dodge, May20,1806. [1807.CR1]


Elizabeth, and William Hutchins, Apr.30,1685.CTR


Martha, of Haverhill, and Solomon Kimball, at Haverhill, Nov.8,1750.

William, a.25y., blacksmith, b. England, s.John, of England, and Maria Dodson, a.19y., b. England, d.Daniel, Nov.29,1849.

GREELEY (Greely)

Mary, and Joseph Brown, May3,1768.

Stephen, of Haverhill, and Betsy Balch, May7,1793.


Mary, and Abraham Kimball, May8,1700.

Thomas, and Hannah Haseltine, Aug.7,1700.

Hannah, and Edward Steward, June5,1718.CR1

Mary, and Job Kimball, Feb.19,1728-9.

Elizabeth, and William Heath, jr. of Haverhill, at Haverhill, June18,1730.

Mehetibel, and Ezra Mireck [of Methuen.CR1], July3,1735.

John, and Sarah Stevens, both of Newbury, Sept.7,1735.

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Kimball, jr., Feb.13,1744.

Peter [of Haverhill.CR1], and [wid.CR1] Sarah Hall, Jan.7,1752.

Ezekel, Capt., and Maria E. Parker, Dec.16,1816.


Benjamin, and Lucretia Kimball, Oct.末,1821.PR10

Emily A., a.25y., d.Benjamin and Lucretia K., and John B. Tewksbury of West Newbury, a.24y., shoecutter, b. West Newbury, s.James and Mehitable B., of West Newbury, Nov.23,1848.

Caroline, and Henry C. Parker, Nov.17,1849.PR17

GREENOUGH (Grenough)

William, and Hannah Atwood, Jan.12,1747-8.

Benjamin, and Susannah Burbank, Jan.6,1756.

Samuel, and Susanah Baley, Jan.26,1758.

Samuel, and Susannah Bailey, June26,1758.PR9

James, and Mary Jaques, at Newbury, Dec.13,1759.

Susannah, and Abraham Parker, Nov.10,1763.

Hannah, and Lemuel Marden, Feb.4,1770.

Rachel, and William Marden, Aug.15,1776. [Aug.18.PR9]

Anne, and Samuel Parker, Mar.27,1777. [May27.PR9]

Polly, and William Bacon, Dec.1,1778.

Elizabeth, and Daniel Gage of Pelham, NH, May27,1779.

末末, and John Jennings,末蔓末,1781.CR2

Mary, and John Silleway of Haverhill, Apr.末,1782.

James, and Hannah Balch, Mar.末,1784.

William, and Abigail Parker, Feb.14,1785.

Susannah, and Day Mitchell, Apr.末,1786.

Betsey [Elizabeth.PR9], and Joel Rogers, Dec.18,1789.

Mary, and Reuben Silliway of Haverhill, at Haverhill, [1790-1791?].

Samuel, and Hannah Burbank, Feb.2,1790.

Benjamin, and Lucy Dutch, June24,1792.

Moses, and Eunice Kimball, Sept.23,1794.

Hannah, and William Loud of Haverhill, Jan.10,1796.

Parker, and Hannah Kimball, May23,1797.

Lucy, and Peter Mitchel, Sept.30,1798. [1797.PR9]

Bailey, and Betsey Parker, Nov.12,1807. [1808.PR9]

Sophia, and Moses Lyford, Sept.4,1809.

Eliza P., and Timothy Souther of Ipswich, Aug.13,1822.

Myra, and Dr. Warren Abbot of Boston, Sept.6,1824.

William, and Mrs.Priscilla Parker, Feb.7,1827. [1824.PR1]

Maria, and James Morse, Apr.8,1830.

Catharine, and James Greenough of Portland, ME, Oct.18,1830. [1829.CR2]

James, of Portland, ME, and Catharine Greenough, Oct.18,1830. [1829.CR2]

Huldah, and Jacob Kimball, Apr.5,1831.PR8

Rebecca, and Thomas Morse, Oct.12,1831.

Ebenezer, and Judith J. Hopkinson, June24,1835.

Betsey P., and George W. Noyes, Oct.27,1836.

Mary Ann, and John I. Ladd, Nov.2,1837.

Thomas, and Ellen Maria Savory, Oct.20,1842.

Eben, and Mary J. Abbott of Andover, Jan.29,1846.PR1

Tamyson, and Phineas Parker, [bef. 1847.]PR9

GRIFFIN (Greffin, Grefing, Grifen, Griffen, Griffing, Grifin)

Lydia, and Martin Forde, Mar.25,1684.CTR

Nathaniel, and Hannah Barker, [Jan.6.CR1], 1709.

Abigail, and Daniel Way, July10,1710.

Elizabeth, and David Craage, Apr.15,1725.CR1

John, jr., and Mehitable Clemant of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Dec.13,1727.

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Parker of Haverhill, Dec.16,1727. [Dec.15.CR1]

John, and wid.Mary Baker of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Aug.11,1730.

Jonathan, and Ednah Bailey, Oct.28,1731.

Sarah, and John Mulicken, Jan.29,1732-3.

Daniel, of Newbury, and Buelah Bailey, Feb.24,1735-6.

Nathaniel, jr., and Elisebath Fails, Jan.20,1746.

Ebenezer, and Prisciler Kimball, Jan.2,1755.

Mehetabel, and Isaac Kimball, May6,1756.

Alisabeth [wid.CR1], and David Spofford, Nov.26,1761.

John, and Eunice Kimball, Dec.2,1773.

Nathaniel, and Sarah Runnels, Dec.31,1778.

Betty, and John Cogswell, jr. of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Feb.29 [Mar. dup.], 1784.

Ebenezer, and Judith Procter, June27,1785.

Priscilla, and Lt. Ebenezer Davis, July末,1785.

Hannah, and Amos Childs of Peckersfield, NH, Jan.末,1793.

William, and Mehitable Walker, Nov.5,1795.

Betsey, and Thomas Kimball, Nov.29,1798.

Harriet, and Nathaniel Thurston Kimball, Apr.15,1828.CR1

Ann Maria, and Samuel A. Kimball, June13,1833.

Johnson, and Sophronia Clement, Apr.11,1836.

Maria Jane, and Francis W. Brown of Brownville, ME, Oct.28,1839.


Elizabeth P., and Thomas L. Lucy, Nov.28,1833.

Nathaniel H. and Sophia H. Rogers of Rowley, Oct.29,1834.

Martha E., and Charles G. [G.S. dup.] Savary, Nov.30,1841.

Sarah, and Walter H. Hopkinson, June15,1847.PR22


Albert, widr., of Cambridge, a.38y., machinist, s.Jeremiah and Lucy, and Abigail J. Hopkinson, a.20y., d.Daniel and Sarah, May6,1846.


Henry, of Haverhill, a.36y., shoemaker, s.Asa and Betsy, and Elisabeth A.F. Downing of Haverhill, a.25y., d.Sally, July19,1849.


Elisabeth, and James Palmer, Dec.31,1690.

GRUSHA (Grashca)

John [Grewshea.CR2], and Sarah Bailey, Dec.14,1732.

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