ABBOTT (Abbot)

Ann, resident in Andover, and Joseph Gage, at Andover, Sept.4,1740.

John, of Andover, and Sarah Carlton, Mar.1,1753.CR1

Joshua, of Concord, NH, and Eliza Chandler, Oct.23,1766.CR1

Rhoda, and James Wyman of Methuen, at Methuen, Oct.11,1797.

Jesse, of Concord, NH, and Abigail Kimball, Dec.27,1803.

Mary, and Moses Gage, Apr.11,1805.

Warren, Dr., of Boston, and Myra Greenough, Sept.6,1824.

Orlando, of Andover, and Lydia Kimball, Nov.23,1827.

Mary J., of Andover, and Eben Greenough, Jan.29,1846.PR1

Charles W., a.30y., shoemaker, s.William and Charlotte, of Boston, and Elizabeth M. Gage, a.32y., d.Jonathan and Mary, Nov.19,1846.

Elizabeth A., wid., a.34y., d.Jonathan and Mary A. Gage, and Elon Kimball, a.38y., shoemaker, s.John and Lydia, Apr.4,1849.

ADAMS (Adames)

Samuel [of Rowley.CR1] and Sarah Burbank, June28,1732.

Elizabeth, of Rowley, and Reubin Hardy, at Rowley, Mar.21,1743.

Samuel, and Mary Stickney, Sept.15,1764. [ Sept.25.CR2]

John, of Rowley, and Merrebe Stickney, Sept.18,1764.

Benjamin, of Rowley, and Betty Woodman, May21,1778.

Samuel, of Rowley, and Elizabeth Plummer, Aug.末,1786.

Samuel [jr.CR2], and Peggy Harriman of Rowley, Aug.23,1792.

Samuel, jr., and Mary Savory, Dec.31,1809.

Polly, and Aaron Clark of Danvers, Dec.25,1822.

Enoch, and Mary Ann Willey, Sept.27,1825.

Moses, and Sally Colby, June14,1830. [Jan.14.CR2]

William, jr., of Boston, and Mary M. Heath, Sept.30,1841.


Benjamin, of Suffield, and Abigail Jaques, Oct.23,1718.CR1

Betsey, and Rev. Thomas A. Merrill of Middlebury, VT, June18,1812.

Jonathan, Rev., and Mrs.Mary Little, Dec.2,1821.

Esther and Eri Pettingale, Nov.2,1826.

Enoch, of Manchester, and Eliza Peabody, Dec.17,1828.CR1

Mary Ann, and Oliver W. Osborne of Exeter, NH, Apr.27,1837.

AMES (Ames, Eames, Eams)

Lydia, and John Kelley, sr. of Newbury, at Newbury, Mar.15,1715-16.

Jerimiah, and Sarah Kimbel, Apr.2,1734.

Nathan, and Mary Burpey, May6,1735.

Daniel [of Wilmington.CR1], and [wid.CR1] Mary Chadwick, Aug.9,1748.

Daniel, Capt. [of Haverhill.CR1], and Prisaler Kimball, Feb.26,1756.

Jeremiah, and Joaney Tenney, Mar.5,1761.

Priseler, and Timothy Hardy, jr., Feb.14,1765.

Rebekah, d.Nathan and Mary (Burpee), and William Tenny, s.Phillip and Jane (Hale), Feb.14,1765.

Mary, and Jonathan Bailey, jr., Jan.24,1773.

Nathan, and Sarah Richardson, Apr.19,1775.

Mary, Mrs., and Dea.Timothy Hardy, May22,1775.

Martha, and Joseph Rollins, Nov.5,1778.

Abigail, and Abraham Foster of Topsfield, May末,1783. [1785.CR2]

Noyes, and Rebecca Kimball, June14,1789.

Nathan, and Susanna Bailey, Jan.21,1793.

Pamealy, and David Cross of Haverhill, July末,1805.

Nathan, of Newbury, and Margaret Jewet [Sweet.CR2], Aug.11,1805.

Isaiah, and Mary K. Pemberton, Apr.24,1827.

Anne E., of Haverhill, and James Kimball, jr., Feb.7,1839.

Harriet, of Dracut, and Simeon Coburn of Salem, NH, Oct.29,1840.


Lucy, Mrs., and John Baptist Dermazer, both of Newburyport, Sept.4,1793.


Elizabeth, of Newbury, and Robart Savory, at Newbury, Jan.10,1717-18.


Thomas of Nottingham West, NH, and Adner Saunders, May14,1821.

ANNIS (Annes, Annice)

John, of Newbury, and Abigail Rolf, at Newbury, Dec.16,1724.

Ezra, and Sarah Long, Dec.20,1752.

Sarah, and Thomas Mitchel [of Haverhill.CR1], Jan.18,1756. [Jan.13.CR1]

Rolfe, and Sarah Rawlings, at Newbury, Sept.1,1757.


Mary, and Samuel Woodman, Sept.24,1745.


Samuel S., of Charlestown, and Sarah L. Payson, [Nov.23,1830.CR1].


Phillip, of Salem, and Sarah Tenney, at Salem, July23,1684.

Sarah, and James Head, Feb.13,1709-10.

Rachel, and James Fry, Dec.20,1715.

Elisabeth, and Nathaniel Fals, Jan.21,1722.

William, and Abigail Runels, Dec.24,1739.

Zechariah, and Mary Bacon, May7,1741.

Hannah, and William Greenough, Jan.12,1747-8.

Samuel, and Sarah Rowe, Oct.5,1748.

Samuel, and Mary Uran, of Newbury, at Newbury, Aug.15,1751.

William, and Sarah Bradly, Mar.29,1757.

Mary, and Lt. Timothy Burbank, Nov.16,1758.

Benjamin, and Martha Hardy, Apr.21,1763.

William [jr.CR2], and Jane Hardy, Apr.2,1765.

Sarah, and John Hony [Stone.CR2] of Bolton, Oct.31,1765.

Mary, and Charles Walker, Aug.29,1773.

Jesse, and Abigail Hardy, Dec.31,1778.

Hannah, and John Jennings, May末,1782.

Anna, and John Mansfield, of Salisbury, Aug.19,1782.

Joseph, and Caty Lufkin [Katharine Lookin of Gloucester. dup.], at Gloucester [at Haverhill. dup.], June27,1783.

Abigail, and Daniel Clough of Methuen [of Dracut.CR2], May [15.CR2], 1785.

Benjamin, and Polly Coleby, Aug.末,1786.

Jane, and Joseph Holden of Reading, Aug.30,1788.

Abigail, and Josiah Bacon, Sept.8,1788.

Moses, and Polly [Mary.dup.] Tenny [at Haverhill. dup.], Nov.17,1788.

Hannah, and William Burbank, May5,1789.

Tamer, and Joseph Moores of Haverhill, Oct.末,1789.

Simeon, and Hannah Bradley of Haverhill, at Haverhill, Nov.14,1790.

Polly, and Samuel Stickney, Apr.29,1792.

Rhoda, and Thomas Johnson, May17,1793.

Molly, and Timothy Hardy, Nov.26,1803. [1804.CR2]

Polly, and Robert Trickey, Mar.24,1805.

Maria, and William Hopkinson, Nov. [21.CR2], 1811.

Eliphalet, and Sally Parker, Oct.7,1813. [Oct.17.CR1]

Aaron and Susanna Burbank, Dec.9,1813.

John, and Hannah Gage, Mar.3,1814.CR2

Daniel, and Hannah Tenny, Mar.20,1832.

Moses, and Ruth A. Bradley of Maine, Nov.28,1833.PR1

Moses P., and Laura A. Spofford, Feb.1,1841.

Augustus H., and Dolly A.M. Boynton, June4,1846.PR1

George, a.27y., shoe manufacturer, s.Aaron and Susannah, and Abigail P. Parker, a.28y., d.Stephen and Mehitable, Sept.17,1846.

Bradley, cordwainer, s.Simeon and Mary H., and Sarah Ann Stacey, d.Timothy and Sarah, Sept.2,1847.


Sophronia, and Stephen Hoyt [Holt.CR1], jr., of Andover, Mar.15,1826.

Elizabeth Ann, and William Henry Pearsons, shoemaker, s.Joseph, at Plaistow, NH,末蔓末,1849.

AYER (Air)

Samuel, of Haverhill, and Mehitble Mighill, Apr.末,1788.

Richard, of Haverhill, and Hitty Head, Nov.5,1815.

Fanny, Mrs., and Nathaniel Woodman, Apr.8,1830.

Lydia, of Haverhill, and William Hale, July31,1832.CR1

Martha K., of Haverhill, and Samuel C. Sawyer, May7,1839.

Frances D., and James Day, Mar.19,1840.

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