Sophia, and Nathaniel P. Sanborn, both of Manchester, Mar.29,1840.

EATON (Eaten)

Andrew L., and Caroline E. Allen, Dec.1,1833.*

Charles F., and Betsey P. Watson of Salem, int.Nov.30,1843.

Betsy, and William Dodge, 2d, May7,1801.*

Emma [Mrs.int.], and Thomas Farris, Dec.4,1821.*

Fanny [Eton. int.], and Richard Pickett, Dec.23,1804.*

Hannah, and Richerd Patch, Sept.11,1704.*

Harriet, of Manchester, and Hezekiah Knowlton, int.July29,1838.

Joseph, and Sarah Grover, July14,1703.

Joseph, and Hannah Sallows [jr. int.], Jan.27,1708-9.*

Joseph [resident of Beverly.int.], and Hannah Greeen, Aug.1,1779.CR1*

Joseph [2d.CR1], and Sally Mack, Oct.28,1798.*

Mary A., and Samuel Crowell, both of Manchester, Oct.末,1848.

Mercy, and John Cleaves, June26,1699.*

Nancy, of Framingham, and Rev. Joseph Emerson, int.Sept.25,1803.

Prissilah, of Reading, and Joseph Dodge, jr., int.July9,1705.

Sarah, and Joseph Dodge, Feb.21,1671.

Sarah, and Peter Davison, July30,1735.*

William Green, and Emma Elliott, May16,1816.*


John, of Salem, and Rebecker Trask, May18,1749.


James, of Malden, and Ann Woodberry, Apr.3,1828.*


John, and Sarah Beckford, Nov.4,1777.CR1*

EDWARDS (Edwords)

Abigail, of Wenham, and Jacob Dodge, at Wenham, Jan.1,1740.*

Abigail, and Isaac Gray, Nov.14,1776.CR1*

Nabby [Abigail.PR14], and Richard Dodge, June7,1804.*

Abraham, and Nancy Hill, Feb.16,1809.*

Abraham, of Salem, and Susan Glover, Aug.12,1827.*

Anna, Mrs., of Wenham, and Ezra Loveitt, int.Feb.23,1783.

Anna, and Peter C. Edwards, int.Aug.20,1809.

Anna, of Wenham, and Zachariah M. Cole [June28,1810.PR28].*

Anna, a.28y., of Wenham, d.Benjamin and Susan, of Wenham, and John Conant, 4th, a.28y., housewright, s.Ezra and Molly, at Wenham, Nov.22,1846.*

Asa B[aker. int.], of Salem, and Mary Stone, at Salem, June7,1798.*

Asa, and Lucy Story of Essex, May20,1824.*

Augusta, and Abraham Dodge, 2d, of Wenham, Sept.24,1829.*

Azariah, of Manchester, and Nabby Smith, Dec.8,1801.*

Benjamin, of Wenham, and Mrs.Abigal Thorndike, June17,1756.*

Benjamin, jr., of Wenham, and Mrs.Hannah Corning, int.Oct.20,1782.

Benjamin, and Joanna Lovett, Jan.10,1802.*

Benjamin, and Betsy Andrews, Feb.1,1807.*

Clara [Elenor. int.], of Wenham, and Josiah Dodge, at Wenham, May14,1771.*

Edith, and Isaac Patch, both of Wenham, Mar.10,1708-9.

Eliza, and Nehemiah Perkins, Apr.29,1819.*

Elizabeth, and John Coy, June23,1679.

Betsy [of Wenham.int.], and Benjamin Cleaves, 3d, Jan.24,1805.*

Elizabeth W. [H. int.], and Azor Roundy, at Wenham, Oct.19,1834.*

Elisabeth W., a.33y.9m.25d., d.Abraham and Nancy, and Joseph P. Stickney, widr., a.45y., farmer, of Concord, NH, Aug.31,1843.*

Ellen M., b. May20,1818d.Ezra, and W. Isaac Smith, widr., b. Oct.23,1816, at Lynn, cordwainer, s.Simeon and Mary, at Wenham, Aug.17,1845.*

Esther [Eleanor. int.], of Wenham, and Andrew Dodge, at Wenham, Jan.14,1736.*

Ester, of Wenham, and Richard Standely, at Wenham, Nov.29,1759.*

Ezra, and Miriam Andrews, int.Oct.7,1810.

Ezra, jr., and Elizabeth G. Thissel [Thissell. dup.], Mar.30,1843.*

Francis R., of Wenham, and Martha Conant, May17,1840.*

Franklin, and Rebecca S. Foster, Jan.4,1845.PR175

Hannah, and John Porter [of Wenham.int.], Aug.8,1812.PR233*

Hannah, and Jeremiah Choate of Gloucester, at Wenham, July末,1833.*

Hester, of Wenham, and Thomas Tarbox, Mar.13,1706-7.

Israel O., farmer, and Cynthia Burnham [of Essex. int.; at Essex. dup.], Oct.30,1843.*

Jacob, of Wenham, and Sarah Cole, Nov.3,1770.*

Jacob D., and Martha Putnam, Dec.1,1822.*

Jerusha, and David Standley of Wenham, int.Feb.23,1834.

Joanna, and Sylvester Wilkins, Nov.21,1799.*

Joanna O[ber.PR18], and Abraham H[obbs.PR18] Fisk of Peeling, NH, Oct.30,1823.*

Joanna, and Phillip F. Nichols, Nov.13,1823.*

Joanna H., of Wenham, and Jeremiah Foster, 2d, int.Dec.2,1838.

John, and Mary Solart [Selare. dup.], May21 [20. dup.], 1666.

John, and Mary Lovett, Oct.13,1770.*

John, jr., and Hannah Dodge, int.June30,1805.

Louisa S., and John R. Grush, May19,1836.*

Lucy, of Wenham, and Mark Dodge, at Wenham, Dec.21,1742.*

Lucy [Mrs.int.], and Isaac Crampozie [Crampasee. int.], Jan.8,1787.*

Lucy Ann, a.21y., d.Asa and Lucy, and Robert N. Lee, a.30y., cordwainer, s.Larkin T. and Elisabeth L., Dec.7,1848.*

Lydia L. [S. int.], and Jonathan A. Herrick, at Wenham, May18,1834.*

Margery, of Wenham, and Benjamin Larcom, at Wenham, May10,1738.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Robert Herrick, at Wenham, Oct.16,1722.*

Mary, of Wenham, and Jonah [Jonas.int.] Dodge [jr. dup.], at Wenham, Feb.22,1738.*

Mary, and Charles Thissel Harris, Dec.13,1792.*

Mary, and Amoss Smith, Mar.19,1793.*

Polly [Molly.int.], of Wenham, and Asa Taylor, at Wenham, Mar.31,1796.*

Mary, and James Lee of Wenham, int.Dec.5,1841.

Mary L., and Issachar Foster, at Wenham, Nov.17,1842.*

Hittie [of Wenham.int.], and Samuel Smith [int.Sept.2,1804.]*

Nancy, of Hamilton, and Mishael West Larcom, Dec.16,1802.*

Nancy H., a.22y., d.Abraham and Nancy H., and John P. Webber, jr., 2d m., a.34y., trader, s.John P. and Desire W., Feb.14,1849.*

Oliver, and Fanny W. Kimball of Wenham, int.May24,1835.

Peter C., and Anna Edwards, int.Aug.20,1809.

Reuben, a.26y., farmer, s.Ezra, and Lucy D. Standley, a.18y., d.Nicholas and Lydia, at Wenham, Apr.21,1847.*

Robert, resident of Beverly, and Lucy Cavenneigh, June8,1765.*

Robert, jr., and Hannah Batch [Balch.int.], 2d, Jan.1,1793.*

Samuel, and Lydia White, Oct.22,1806.*

Sally, and Jonathan Griffen, Sept.14,1796.CR2*

Thomas, and Mary Stone, int.Mar.28,1813.

William, and Lydia Ann Smith, Mar.11,1838.*

William, widr., a.30y.8m.26d., painter, b. Salem, s.Joseph, of Salem, and Sarah Ellen Dodge, a.17y.5m.16d., d.Thomas and Mary, Apr.6,1845.*


Elener, and Will Peath, Mar.18,1674.


Anna, a.21y.1m.1d., d.West D. and Anna, and James D. Abbott, a.23y.1m.16d., cordwainer, s.Dudley and Pamelia, Oct.10,1844.*

Elisabeth, a.20y., d.West D. and Anna, and Henry S. Tappan, of Manchester, Dec.17,1846.*

Issachar T., and Elisabeth Pride, Nov.5,1840.*

James T., a.26y., cordwainer, s.West D. and Anna, and Eliza A. Bartlett, [int.Nov.20], 1847.*

Joseph E., and Hannah O. Herrick, [Feb.4.PR157], 1841.*

West, and Anna Thissell, Dec.12,1810.*

William W[est. int.], and Mary E[lizabeth.int.] Ober, Mar.24,1836.*


Anna, and Benjamin Woodbury, jr. [2d.int.], Mar.25,1781.CR1*

Benjamin, and Anna Clarke [both residents of Beverly.int.], Nov.17,1774.CR1*

Benjamin, and Love Hilton, Aug.8,1779.CR1*

Hannah, and Nehemiah Smith, Apr.12,1774.CR1*

John, and Sarrah Morrell, Mar.30,1698.*

Joshua [jr. int.], and Sarah Wallis, Feb.18,1776.CR1*

Margaret, and James Cole of Salem, Dec.19,1779.CR1*

ELITHORP (Elethrap, Elithorp, Elithrop, Ellitrapp)

John, of Marblehead, and Martha Bisson, Sept.24,1719.*

John, of Marblehead, and Abigal Backer, int.Apr.22,1733.

John, jr., of Marblehead, and Abigail Patch [wid.Freeborn. int.], Nov.15,1735.*

Martha, and Isaac Gray, sr., Apr.13,1738.*

Martha, and Daniell Woodbery, May8,1764.*


Mary, and Joseph W. Stafford, both of Salem, Mar.末,1845.

ELLINGWOOD (Elenwood, Elinwood, Ellenwood, Ellinwood)

Abiel, and Richard Thistle, jr., Feb.24,1742.*

Abigail, and John Martin, jr., int.Feb.5,1743. "The Banns publickly forbid by Nehemiah Smith, Feb.11. "

Abigal, and Andrew Ston, May22,1744.*

Abigal, and John Martin, int.Sept.19,1745.

Abigail, and James Hurley, resident in Beverly, Apr.20,1763.*

Nabby, and Samuel Cox, May6,1798.*

Andrew, and Elisabeth Wallis, int.Oct.6,1728.

Andrew, jr., and Mary Herrick, Oct.17,1758.*

Anna, and John Leech, int.July12,1730.

Anna, and Cornelius Harris, both residents of Beverly, Dec.30,1782.CR2*

Anne, and Isaac Grey, Dec.3,1735.*

Benjamin, and Susannah Corning, June5,1747.*

Benjamin, and Mrs.Anna Woodberry, Sept.12,1771.*

David, and Joanna Balch, Dec.23,1719.*

David, and Margeret Wallis, Dec.6,1725.*

Ebenezer, and Sarah Tuck, Mar.23,1718-19.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Corning, May24,1744.*

Ebenezer [2d.int.], and Esther Hibbard, at Gloucester, May29,1744.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Sarah Dean of Ipswich, int.Jan.27,1771.

Ebenezer [of Lynn. int.], and Anna Whitmarsh, Oct.12,1823.*

Eliner, and Jonathan Woodbery, Mar.25,1708.*

Elisha, and Mrs.Lydia Kimball of Wenham, int.Nov.21,1779.

Elizabeth and John Cann of Salem, Nov.23,1757.*

Betsy, and John Hill, int.Nov.23,1817.

Betsy, and Willoughby Woodberry, Feb.9,1819.*

Esther, and Edmand Giles, July9,1744.*

Eunice, and Zebulen Woodbery, Oct.22,1729.*

Eunice, and James Gordon, Dec.8,1754.*

Unice, and Thomas Smith, Apr.19,1795.*

Ezra, Capt., and Elizabeth Haskell, May13,1834.*

Ezra, widr., a.57y.10m.24d., merchant, s.John and Hannah, and Mary Ann Haskell, a.23y.8d.[milliner. int.], d.Samuel and Peggy, Nov.2,1845.*

Fanny, of Hamilton, and Henry Larcome, int.July13,1800.

Hannah, and Jonathan Byles, jr., Aug.25,1768.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Samuel Dane, Nov.26,1771.*

Hannah G. and Harvey Cook, mariner [of Provincetown. int.], Dec.31,1843.*

Hipsibath, and Paul Thissel, Feb.20,1767.*

Joanna, and Miles Trask, July27,1758.*

Joanna, and Joseph Green, June24,1790.*

Joanna, and Benjamin Brown, Sept.23,1800.*

John, and Mrs.Hannah Glover, of Marblehead, int.Dec.3,1780.

John W., and Nancy Dike, int.Dec.25,1803.

John, and Esther Woodberry, Mar.31,1807.*

John, jr., and Polly Endicot, Oct.18,1808.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Foster, May5,1767.*

Joshua, and Joanna Ober, July15,1744.*

Joshua, and Anny [Anna.int.] Elliott Shale, Sept.27,1803.*

Martha, and Nehemiah Smith, Dec.13,1724.*

Mary, and Robert Smith of Salem, at Salem, June7,1720.*

Mary, wid., and William, Whitteredge, Dec.2,1762.*

Mary, and Henry Coggan, Dec.25,1764.*

Peter, and Rebekah Butman, June12,1730.*

Priscila, and Robert Woodbery, jr., Nov.2,1715.*

Ralph, and Martha Rowlandson, at Marblehead, Aug.19,1691.

Ralph, and Marthew Robison, Aug.21,1691.

Ralph, and Sarah Woodbery, int.Feb.3,1711-12.

Ralph [jr. int.], and Eleanor Woodberry, Jan.2,1734.*

Rebecca, and Caleb Clark, Oct.7,1735.*

Rebecca, and John Clark, Mar.16,1761.*

Return, and Philip Piles, int.Aug.24,1712.

Robert, and Abigail Ober, Oct.5,1725.*

Robert, and Mary Foster, Dec.13,1763.*

Sarrah, and John West, int.Mar.15,1728-9.

Sary, and Zebulan Allen of Salem, int.May31,1730.

Sarah, and Robert Haskull [jr. int.], Apr.22,1760.*

Sarah, and Eleazar Giles, of Salem, Mar.1,1768.*

Susanna, and Peter Abbott of Hamilton, int.Sept.5,1802.

Susanna, and Andrew Welch, resident of Beverly, int.Mar.30,1806.

Thomas and Abbigal Wallis, Sept.15,1726.*

William, and Abigel Woodbery of Salem, int.Dec.30,1711.

William, and Abigail Woodberry of Salem, at Salem, Feb.14,1718.

William, and, wid.Mary Swinerton of Salem, at Salem, May14,1735.*

William, and Elezabeth Woodbery, May12,1737.*

William, and Molly Dane of Ipswich, int.June16,1776.

William, and Mary Harmon, Dec.23,1792.*

ELLIOTT (Eliot, Eliott, Elliot)

Abigail, and Cornelas Larcom, June19,1752.*

Abigail, and William Morgan, July15,1753.*

Abigail, and Israel Lovett, May27,1802.*

Abigail, and William Herrick, 4th, Apr.27,1834.*

Abigail [A. int.], and John Wentworth of Danvers, July19,1840.*

Abigail, a.22y.11m.25d., d.John and Rebecca, and Ezra S. Foster, a.23y.17d., cordwainer, s.Jeremiah and Lydia, Dec.21,1843.*

Abigail, a.25y.2m.2d., d.Thomas and Rebecca, and Abraham Trout, jr., a.28y.9m.28d., cordwainer, s.Abraham and Ruth, Dec.25,1845.*

Adaline, and Benjamin Williams, Nov.19,1840.*

Andrew, jr., and Mercy Shattack of Salem, Dec.9,1680.

Andrew, and Mary Herick, May7,1707.

Andrew, and Mary Trask, Nov.15,1734.*

Andrew, and [wid.int.] Elizabeth Ober, Sept.5,1738.*

Andrew, and Jane Standley, Apr.14,1767.*

Andrew, and Hannah Thistle, June23,1774.CR1*

Andrew, jr. [2d.int.], and Sarah Roundey, Apr.11,1775.CR1*

Andrew, and Hannah Elliot, Mar.27,1791.*

Andrew, jr., and Mary Elliott, Apr.25,1799.*

Andrew, a.24y.4m., cordwainer, s.Benjamin and Susanna, and Eliza Jane Woodberry, a.21y.5m.14d., d.Peter and Hannah, Jan.22,1846.*

Anna, and Peter Groves, at Ipswich, July27,1733.*

Anna, and Bartholomew Peart, July13,1760.*

Anna [wid.int.], and William Furnald [Furnel. int.] of Portsmouth, NH, Apr.19,1764.*

Anna B., and Luke Morgan, Aug.29,1824.*

Anna P., and Timothy M. Standley, Nov.21,1839.*

Anne, and Zachariah Stone, int.Oct.18,1730.

Benjamin, and Abigail Groves, at Ipswich, Sept.5,1732.*

Benjamin, and Susannah Smith, Apr.20,1817.*

Benjamin, widr., a.55y.7m.29d., farmer, s.Andrew and Sarah, and Lucy C[reasy.int.] Friend, wid., a.36y., d.Jonathan and Ruth Creesy, Oct.8,1845.*

Charles, and Hannah [Harriott. int.] Ober, Aug.16,1807.*

Charles, a.21y., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, and Abby J. Osborne, a.19y., d.John M. and Hannah, [int.Dec.14.], 1848.*

Ebenezer T., and Susan B. Littlehale of Chelmsford, int.Mar.27,1831.

Elisabeth, and Robert Stone, Jan.23,1723.*

Elizabeth, and Andrew Woodbery, Feb.26,1733-4.*

Elizebeth, and John Canaday, Mar.24,1752.*

Elisabeth, and Jonathan Stickney, Apr.11,1809.*

Betsy, and William Cook Dodge of New Boston, NH, Aug.26,1810.*

Elizabeth, and Isaac R. Lovett, Oct.21,1819.*

Emma, and George Herrick, June5,1722.*

Emma, and Jeremiah Butman, Feb.13,1762.*

Emme, and Benjamin Lovett, Jan.18,1789.*

Emma, and William Green Eaton, May16,1816.*

George, a.26y.3m.23d., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, and Abigail S. Nutter, b. Essex, Mar.12,1845.*

Grace, and William Bradford [jr. int.], Dec.25,1707.*

Hannah, and Peter Woodberry, resident of Beverly, int.May1,1763.

Hannah, and John Pulcifer, Sept.26,1769.CR2*

Hannah, and Andrew Elliot, Mar.27,1791.*

Hannah, and Samuel Dodge, jr. [2d.int.], Aug.13,1809.*

Harriet, and Nathan Currier, Oct.11,1835.*

Harriet M., and David P. Roberts, a.43y.[cordwainer, s.David P. and Rebecca, int.Apr.4], 1849.*

Henry, and Lydia Baker, Dec.18,1800.*

Israel, and Mary Trask, Apr.29,1742.*

Israel, and Rebeckah Cleaves, int.May3,1772.

Israel, and Olive Mann, Apr.29,1832.*

Israel, and Clarissa Thomas, June24,1838.*

James, and [Mrs.int.] Lydia Woodberry, May31,1787.*

James, and [Mrs.int.] Sarah Trofatter, Sept.2,1791.*

Jane, and Israel Smith, Nov.19,1764.*

Jane, Mrs., and Francis Smith, int.June20,1784.

Jane, and Francis Smith, jr., Jan.27,1791*.

John, and Elizabeth Balch, Apr.20,1715.*

John, and Hannah Waldran of Wenham, Apr.20,1720.*

John, 2d, and Sarah B. Dobben, int.Oct.4,1812.

John, 2d, and Sophia Dane [of Chelmsford.int.], Apr.16,1826.*

John, jr., and Harriet M. Kent, Nov.2,1841.*

Joseph, and Nabby Patch, Aug.13,1822.*

Joseph, 2d, and Lydia Smith, Sept.17,1822.*

Joseph, a.22y.[mariner. int.], s.Joseph and Abigail, and Martha E. Kent, wid., Jan.1,1848.*

Judith, and Thomas Cocks, Dec.15,1709.*

Judath, and Thomas Polen of Ipswich, int.Sept.21,1748.

Lewis, of Portsmouth, NH, and Lydia Dodge, Jan.19,1823.*

Luke, and Mary Conant, Dec.22,1801.*

Lydia, and Nicholas Woodberry, Dec.30,1730.*

Lydia [Mrs.int.], and Robert Green, July13,1785.*

Lydia [末末 Thissell.CR1], and Samuel Williams, Nov.2,1810.*

Lydia, and William Friend, jr., Dec.8,1818.*

Lydia, and Samuel Thissell, 2d, int.Feb.12,1837.

Lydia S., a.21y.4m., d.Joseph and Lydia, and Jacob Young, a.24y.3m., music teacher, s.William and Abigail, of Wenham, Oct.末,1844.*

Margret, and Andrew Standley, July31,1750.

Martha, and Eujean Linch, int.Oct.17,1714.

Mary, and Nicholas Woodburie, at Salem, June4,1684.

Mary, and William Tuck, int.Aug.12,1711.

Mary, and Benjamin Trask, July1,1742.*

Mary [jr. int.], and John Baker, Oct.25,1753.*

Molly [Mrs.CR2], and Cornelius Baker of Wenham, Mar.19,1765.*

Mary, and Archelaus Dale, Nov.8,1774.CR1*

Mary, and Andrew Elliott, jr., Apr.25,1799.*

Polly, and Thomas Dodge, 3d, Nov.11,1810.*

Molly, and Samuel Foster, int.Apr.12,1812.

Mary S[usan. int.], and Bradstreet Allen, Mar.2,1841.*

Hitty, and Thomas Bowden, Nov.22,1802.*

Hitty, and Charles Harris, June4,1816.*

Marcy, and Edward Trask, June28,1705.*

Rebecca, and William Bowles, Oct.31,1775.CR1*

Rebekah, and Isaac Smith, 2d, Apr.19,1835.*

Robert, and Jane Tuck, Dec.16,1761.*

Robert, and Mrs.Hittee Dodge, int.Nov.15,1784.

Robert Green, and Sarah Creesy, Oct.2,1828.*

Robert G., and Mrs.Clarissa Kelly, Nov.28,1839.*

Samuell, and Martha Glin, June24,1708.

Sally, and Joseph Porter, Nov.9,1802.*

Sally M., and Robert Cary, int.Feb.19,1826.

Sarah G., d.Robert G. and Sally, and Charles Carrico, a.27y.5m., cordwainer, s.Joseph and Margaret, Mar.24,1846.*

Stephen P., a.23y., cordwainer, s.John and Abigail, and Hannah M. Osborne, a.22y., d.John M. and Hannah, [int.May1.], 1847.*

Thomas, and Rebecca Woodberry, Nov.16,1809.*

Thomas, jr., and Hitty W. Marshall, Feb.4,1836.*

Thomas, and Lydia Pride, Dec.11,1836.*

William, and Mary Parker, June10,1681.

William, jr., and Anna Porter of Salem, Oct.21,1708.*

William, and Emma Trask, Mar.26,1747.*

William, jr., and Elizabeth Woodbury, Feb.12,1754.*

William, jr. [2d.int.], and Anna Raymond, Mar.8,1757.*

William, jr., and [Mrs.int.] Hitty Marvel, Mar.18,1788.*

William, 3d, and Elizabeth Putnam, Sept.20,1828.*

Billy, and Rebecca Cleaves of Wenham, int.Jan.11,1829.

ELLIS (Elles, Ellis)

Mary, and John Hooper of Marblehead, June6,1745.*

Matthew, resident of Beverly, and Abagail Hurley, June20,1803.*

Richard, and Susanna Todd of Rowley, at Rowley, Sept.12,1755.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Ober, May28,1746.*

Sarah, and Luke Higgins, May10,1807.*

Susanna, and Russell Trevett of Marblehead, Mar.21,1742.*

Susanna, and Nathaniel Wakefield, Apr.3,1791.*

Thomas, and Mary Pickeren [of Salem.int.], Aug.末,1740. [int.Aug.3,1740.]*


Martha, and Joshua Wright, May28,1816.


Anna, and John Sallows, May17,1753.*

Isaac, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Standley, int.May24,1829.

Joanna, of Gloucester, and Joseph Glitten, at Gloucester, Dec.25,1795.

Jonathan, and Lidia Sallows, int.Nov.8,1722.

Lucy, and John Hall, resident of Beverly, Sept.26,1764.*

Lidyea, and Micaell Farrell, int.Apr.22,1744.

Lydia, and Thomas Carey, July23,1747.*

Nathaniel and Rebeckah Grover, Mar.15,1753.*

Susan, Mrs., of Gloucester, and Henry Kenniston, Jan.7,1840.*


Joseph, Rev., and Nancy Eaton of Framingham, int.Sept.25,1803.

Joseph, Rev., and Rebecca Hasseltine of Bradford, int.Dec.10,1809.

Lucy, of Ipswich, and Jonathan Cole, jr., at Chebacco, May21,1747.*

Rebecca B., 2d m., of Salem, and Solomon D. Cole, 2d m., a.35y., cordwainer, s.Oliver and Polly, Oct.末,1848.*


Sally, of Wenham, and Samuel Lamson, int.Sept.7,1806.

Sally Ann, of Portsmouth, NH, and Richard Fifield, Apr.15,1834.*

ENDICOTT (Endicot)

Elias, of Danvers, and Nancy Creesy, at Danvers, Aug.23,1791.*

Mary, and Edward Dodge, Apr.27,1783.*

Polly, and John Ellingwood, jr., Oct.18,1808.*

Samuel, and Hannah Holt of Epping, NH, int.June11,1820.

Samuel, Capt., and Sarah Farnham Holt of Exeter, NH, int.May21,1826.

Sarah, Mrs., of Danvers, and Benjamin Jones [Janes.int.], Esq., Dec.20,1757.*

William, and Joanna L. Rantoul, Sept.26,1824.*

William, of Danvers, and Lydia Woodberry, at Danvers, Feb.5,1835.*

ENGLISH (Engelish)

John W., a.26y.3m.17d., housewright, s.Philip and Rebecca, and Betsey [Rebecca.CR5] B. Foster, a.26y.8m.20d., d.Joseph and Rebecca, Jan.22,1846.*

Lydia O., a.22y.3m.6d., milliner, d.Philip and Rebecca, and Stephen Woodberry, jr., a.37y.6m.7d., mariner, s.Stephen and Elisabeth, May27,1845.*

Phillip, of Salem, and, wid.Eunice Gourden, Feb.21,1760.*

Phillip, of Salem, and Rebecca Bryant, Aug.30,1814.

William [resident of Beverly.int.], and [Mrs.int.] Miriam Craft, Nov.6,1785.*

William G., a.28y.10m.14d., hair manufacturer, s.Philip and Rebecca, and Lydia M. Hildreth, a.22y.10m.21d., d.Alvan and Mary, Dec.26,1844.*


John, and Mrs.Mary Glidden, int.Mar.20,1785.

Mary, and Israel Woodberry, Jan.25,1795.*

ESCOT (Easkoot, Eastcoot)

John [Eastcot, jr. int.], of Manchester, and Christian Mors, Dec.26,1753.*

Mary [Esket. int.], and William Badcock [jr. int.], of Manchester, Feb.18,1745.*

Philip [Easkoot. int.], of Manchester, and Annis [Anna.int.] Mors, Feb.5,1789.*


Sukey, of Lexington, and Benjamin Winn, int.Mar.29,1801.

ESTY (Easte, Easty, Estey)

Caroline, Mrs., of Danvers, and Zachariah P. Symmes, int.Sept.19,1841.

Jacob, of Ipswich, and Jemime Raymond, int.May21,1749.

Jemima, and John Orriston, late of London, now resident in Beverly, Feb.26,1754.*

Jonathan, widr., a.30y.10m., house carpenter, of Topsfield, s.John and Sarah, of Topsfield, and Hepsibah P. Whipple, wid., a.30y.8m.25d., d.Jeremiah and Hepsibah Trask, Jan.26,1845.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Mehitable Preston, at Danvers, Sept.26,1771.*

Wealthy Jane F., and Joshua B. Whitney, int.Jan.23,1842.


Harriet W., and William F. Dodge, Jan.14,1841.*

Mary Jane, and Herbert Dodge of Hamilton, int.Sept.18,1842.

EVANS (Evens)

Elizabeth, and James Williams, both residents of Beverly, int.July20,1783.

Harriet, of Salem, and William Stone of Danvers, July23,1837.

Joanna, and William Halley [Hawley, both residents of Beverly.int.], Apr.9,1780.CR1*

Nathanel [Evans.CR2], of Marblehead, and Mary Dodge, May19,1725.*

Richard [resident in Beverly.int.], and Joanna Eborns, Aug.31,1764.*

EVELETH (Evoleth)

Caroline, and Wilson Flagg, Jan.2,1840.*

Ebenezer, and Emily Adams, Oct.27,1808.*

Francis, of Danvers, and Lucy I. Stocker, Feb.1,1842.

James, and Elizabeth Williams, July22,1783.

John, and Anna Roundey, Sept.7,1780.CR1*

John, and Lucy Twiss, int.Sept.18,1803.

Jonathan S., of Danvers, and Emeline C. Caldwell, d.David H., [int.Sept.18.], 1847.*


Ebenezer, Esq., of Brunswick, and Joanna B. Prince, July4,1819.*

Stephens [Stevens.int.], Rev., of Hallowell, ME, and Emily Abbot, d.Rev. Dr. Abiel, Sept.29,1824.*


Mary, of Ipswich, and Ebenezer Maxey, int.Nov.21,1736.

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