VALPEY (Valpy)

Samuel G., and Sarah C. Holt, int. Nov. 7, 1840.

Daniel G.A., and Eliza Ann Stevens, Dec. 29, 1844. CR4*

Elizabeth M., d. Samuel S., and Joseph R. Millett, s. Jonathan, Dec. 25, 1845. CR4*

VALPY (Valpey)

George of Salem, and Dorcase Abbot, int. Feb. 1, 1803.

Samuel S., and Elizabeth Abbot, Nov. 27, 1817.*


Hannah S., a. 19 y., d. Phillip S. and Jane M., and Lauren Armsby, a. 29 y., clergyman, s. Amos and Margarett, May 3, 1846.*

VARNAM (Varnum)

Phebe, of Dracut, and Benjamin Poor, int. Feb. 1, 1752.

Lydea, of Dracut, and Jacob Tyler, jr., int. Aug. 31, 1754.

Hannah, of Dracut, and Benjamin Stevens, jr., int. May 1, 1756.

Susanna, of Dracut, and Ebenezer Poor, int. Feb. 19, 1757.

VARNUM (Varnam)

John, of Dracut, and Phebe Parker, at Dracut, July 15, 1730.*

Rachel, and John Holt, 4th, Mar. 10, 1757.*

Olive, and Stephen Putnam [of Wilton. int.], Oct. 18, 1764.*

James, Col., of Dracut, and Nelly [Eleanor. int.] Bridge, at Dracut, Feb. 12, 1793.*

Jonathan, of Dracut, and, wid. Hannah Stevens, June 3, 1796.*

Jonathan, of Dracut, and Dolly Stevens, Nov. 28, 1799.*

Parker, Esq., of Dracut, and Abiah Osgood, int. Nov. 7, 1801.*

Hannah, of Dracut, and Frederick Noyes, int. May 19, 1809.


Amelia [of Ossipee, NH int.], and Walter Mears, June 2, 1845.*


Abigail, of Danvers, and Humphrey Holt, at Danvers, Sept. 21, 1775.*

Abigail, a. 20 y., d. Samuel, of Danvers, and James H. Meeder, a. 21 y., farmer, s. James and Phebe, Aug. 17, 1846.*


Zeruiah, and Jonathan Griffen, May 1, 1794.*


William D., of Reading, and Naamah K.J. Sims, int. May 5, 1832.


Sarah, of Milton, and Dr. George Osgood, int. Jan. 20, 1803.

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