SADIE (Sady)

Elizabeth, and Walter Wright, Sept.9,1684.

SADY (Sadie)

Samuel, and, wid.Mary Hernden, Sept.25,1704. [Sept.28.CR1]*


Patty, and Daniel Russ of Methuen, June20,1781.*

Sarah, wid., of Salem, and Ephraim Abbot, int.Aug.26,1789.

Daniel, of Boston, and Ann Eliza Turner, June26,1833.*


Joseph, jr., s.Joseph, and Mary Byers, d.James, Mar.10,1847.CR4*


Richard Henry, M.D., of Norwich, CT, and Abbie W. Woods, d.Rev. D[r. Leonard], Apr.29,1835.*


Ruth, and Benjamin Farnum, jr., May15,1794. [May1.CR1]*


Abigail, of Londonderry, and Robert Denvir, int.Aug.16,1825.

Mary, and William Clark, int.Aug.9,1828.

Huldah C., of Londonderry, and Phineas Foster, jr., int.Oct.4,1833.

Lydia A., of Londonderry, NH, and Albert V. Stevens, int.Nov.1,1838.

Turner C., and Eliza W. Holly, Jan.21,1840.*

SANDARS (Saunders)

Mary [resident in Andover. int.], and Joseph Foster, jr., Jan.22,1750-51.*

SANDERS (Saunders)

Susan B., of Lowell, and John E. Chase, int.Nov.14,1843.

Daniel, jr., and Mary J. Livermore of Lowell, int.Sept.18,1846.

SARGEANT (Sargent)

William, and Hannah Frye, Aug.22,1771.*

SARGENT (Sargeant, Sergant)

Moses, Mr., of Methuen, and Mrs.Elizabeth Chickeren, May24,1757.CR1*

Elisabeth, of Methuen, and Peter Poor [jr. int.], at Methuen, July23,1777.*

Mary, of Methuen, and Timothy Poor, jr., at Methuen, Mar.1,1781.*

Abel, and Lucinda French of Boston, int.Oct.26,1839.

Martha A., a.16y., d.Jesse, and Samuel L. Hodges, a.20y., manufacturer, s.George, Oct.1,1844.*

Ephraim W., of Dracut, a.23y., operative, s.Asa and Sarah, and Sarah J. Gilcreast, a.21y., d.Amos and Hannah, Sept.14,1847.

SAUNDERS (Sandars, Sanders)

Daniel, and Phebe F. Abbot, June21,1821.*

Mary, of Wilmington, and Daniel Kellay, int.Apr.26,1823.

Timothy [of Middleton. int.], and Rhoda French, June14,1831.CR3*

Lucinda, of Tewksbury, and Abiel Holt, int.Sept.22,1837.

James, manufacturer, and Ann Watson, Aug.8,1844.*

Benjamin P., machinist, and Lavinia Merrill, Dec.10,1846.*


Moses [Sweetser. int.], of Newburyport, a.24y., merchant, s.Morrill and Mary R., and Elizabeth D. Foster, a.24y., d.Timothy and Lydia, Sept.22,1847.*


Theophilas P., and Martha M. Mason, Jan.1,1838.CR2*


Abigail, and Ebenezer Flint of Reading, int.May6,1738.

Josiah, and Hannah Gowing of Lynn, int.Dec.11,1742.

Cula [], of Methuen, and Thomas Austin, at Methuen, Mar.19,1752.*

Reuben, of Methuen, and Sarah Bayley, at Methuen, Nov.15,1752.*

Josiah [of Dracut. int.], and Lydia Barnard, Sept.3,1767.*

Nathaniel, and Prudence Abbot, Oct.13,1778.*

Nathaniel, of Salem, and Mary Stevens, resident in Andover, June1,1817.*

Amos, of Reading, and Betsy [O. int.] Hayward, Sept.14,1820. [Sept.4.CR2]*

Susan, of Plaistow, NH, and Isaac McRobia, int.Oct.7,1826.

Sally, of Reading, and Josiah Blanchard, int.Feb.9,1829.

Sarah Ann, of Boxford, and Samuel Lamson, int.June16,1832.

Ebenezer, of Methuen, and Susan S. McColister, Sept.26,1833.*

Samuel, 2d, of Methuen, and Cynthia Hutchinson, Nov.28,1833.*

Mary A., of Westminster, and Rev. William C. Jackson, int.Aug.16,1835.

Betsey O[sborn. int.], Mrs., and Andrew Munroe of Reading, Nov.2,1837.*

Mary, and Burnham S. White of Stoneham, int.July30,1842.

Sarah Jane, and Willard Mason, int.Oct.14,1846.

Joseph W., and Myranda T. Mills, int.Oct.29,1846.

Warren W., and Julia A. Burnham of Haverhill, int.July4,1847.


Elisabeth, of Boxford, and Thomas Abbot [], at Boxford, Apr.26,1759.*

SCALES (Scals)

Oliver [resident in Andover. int.], and Abigail Barnard, Feb.23,1742-3.*

James, and Martha Gage of Bradford, int.Oct.20,1764.

Sarah, and Jesse Abbot, Sept.27,1765.CR2*

Lydia, and Samuel Holt, jr., int.June1,1782.

SCALS (Scales)

Moses [Scales.CR1; resident in Andover. int.], and Rebecca Barnard, Jan.20,1735-6.*


Randolph, of Tewksbury, and Louisa Wedge, int.Oct.21,1843.


Benjamin, and Eliza C. Abbot of Framingham, int.Aug.15,1833.


Sally, and David Dwenell [resident in Andover. int.], Apr.25,1811.*


Susan, of Ashburnham, and Edwin Leigh, int.Mar.20,1839.


Helen, of Boston, and Andrew Howarth, int.Sept.13,1823.

Thomas, and Mary Simpson, Sept.23,1825.*

Mary B., and George L. Greenleaf of Salem, NH, June3,1841.*

Ann, and Alexander Stevens, Apr.13,1843.*

Jane M., and Hector Linn, int.Sept.29,1848.

James, and Catharine M. Sloane of Cambridge, int.Feb.2,1849.

James, and Lydia A. Gile, int.Nov.14,1849.


Eliza A., and Nathaniel [T. int.] Kent [resident in Andover. int.], Nov.20,1823.*

SEATON (Seatown, Seetown)

Martha, and John Wason, May22,1744.*

Ismenia, and James Moore of Charlestown, int.Jan.1,1816.

SEATOWN (Seaton)

James [Seaton.CR1], and Elezebeth Robinson, May5,1748.*

Samuel [Seaton.CR1], and Ruth Smith, Dec.14,1756.*

SEAVEY (Seavy)

Nathan B., and Almira Swan, Dec.27,1832.*

SEAVY (Seavey)

Augustus, of Pelham, NH, and Louisa A. Swan, Apr.5,1838.*


Augustine, and Sarah Crowley, int.Nov.1,1845.

SEETOWN (Seaton)

Mary, resident in Andover, and John Man of Methuen, int.Dec.3,1737.

Ismana, and John Seetown of Boxford, int.Oct.19,1744.

John, of Boxford, and Ismana Seetown, int.Oct.19,1744.

SEMONS (Simmonds)

Joseph H. [Simmons.CR1], and Mary E. Foster, Nov.30,1843.*

SERGANT (Sargent)

Mary, and Benjamin Porter, 3d, of Boxford, int.Jan.21,1778.

SESSIONS (Sesions)

Allexander, and Elizabeth Spaford, Apr.24,1672.

Elizabeth, and Richard Carrier, July18,1694.

Samuel, and Mary Cox of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Feb.17,1707-8.*

Josiah, and Anne Cole of Lynn, int.June30,1716.

Timothy, and Abigail Black of Boxford, at Boxford, Feb.27,1738[-9].*

Samuel [jr. int.], and Hannah Gray, Jan.8,1739-40.*

David, and Mary Lanksford [resident in Andover. int.], Dec.29,1743.*

Hannah, wid., and Dea.David Foster [jr. int.] of Ashuelot, NH [of Andover. int.], May31,1750.*

Mary, and Stephens Johnson, Mar.30,1758.*

Abigail, wid., and Amos Kimball of Boxford, int.June23,1765.


Mary, of Kennebunk, ME, and Rev. Edmund Garland, int.Aug.19,1831.


Hannah, of Springfield, and Asa Farwell, Dec.10,1845.CR2*

Mary A., of Springfield, and Asa Farwell, int.July26,1849.


John [of], and Darcus Lovejoy, Oct.26,1727.*

Joshua, and Lydia Lovejoy, Dec.24,1735.*

John, and [] Hannah Lancaster of Methuen, at Methuen, Nov.27,1751.*


Jacob, and Phebe N. Abbot, int.Apr.22,1849.


Daniel, and Emily Noyes, int.Mar.19,1847.

SHATTOCK (Shattuck)

Hannah, and Samuel Stevens, jr., July5,1753.*

Isaac, and Mary Barnard, Mar.3,1757.*

SHATTUCK (Shattock)

Joseph, and Joanna Chandler, June3,1728.*

Joseph, jr., and Anne Johnson, Apr.13,1756.*

Sarah, and John Barnard, Jan.6,1757.*

Zebadiah, and Elizabeth Abbot, Aug.30,1759.*

Elizabeth, and Paul Hunt, Sept.27,1780.*

Zebadiah, and, wid.Sarah Holbrook, Dec.25,1781.*

Nathaniel, and Molly Burns of Dracut, Nov.28,1782.*

Elizabeth, and Barachias Holt, Oct.14,1783.*

Dolly, and Jacob Russel, Feb.26,1784.*

Joseph, and Hannah Chandler, June1,1784.*

Isaac, jr., and Rebecca Ingalls, Jan.11,1785.*

Abiel, and Phebe Shattuck, July25,1786.*

Phebe, and Abiel Shattuck, July25,1786.*

Hannah, and James Swan, resident in Andover [of Sudbury,], May17,1787.*

Joseph, and Phebe Abbot, Mar.30,1790.*

William, of Hillsboro, and Abigail Foster, Nov.17,1791.*

Zebadiah [jr. int.], and Elizabeth Martin, Mar.15,1792.*

Samuel, and Lucy Chandler, Feb.18,1794.*

Lydia, and Daniel Flint of Hillsborough [NH. int.], Jan.28,1795.*

Peter, and Susannah Clark, May5,1795.

Hannah, and Samuel [Lemuel. int.] Clark of Dorchester, Nov.16,1797.*

Mary, and Enoch Frye, Aug.2,1798.*

Sarah, and Richard Trow, Nov.26,1801.*

Zebadiah, jr., and Sarah Durant, Nov.29,1804.*

Hannah [Chandler. int.], and Charles Newal, Nov.28,1805.*

Abraham, of Temple, NH and Sarah Gray, int.Apr.3,1807.

Phebe, of Hillsboro, NH, and John B. Upton [resident in Andover. int.], July21,1814.*

Abigail, and Isaac Lovejoy, Apr.30,1815.*

Tameson, and John Gleason, Feb.22,1816.*

Isaac, 3d, and Fanny Frye, June9,1818.*

Peter, jr., and Lucy C. Mooar, Aug.7,1818.*

Lucy, and Peter Stevens, jr., Aug.18,1818.*

Henry, and Sophia Rogers of Methuen, int.Oct.10,1818.

Anna, and Amos Wardwell, Dec.3,1818.*

Samuel, and Hannah Mansor of Pelham, int.Mar.19,1819.

Nathaniel, and Catharine Rogers of Methuen, int.Apr.10,1819. [dup. Int. Dec.23,1820].

Jacob, and Elizabeth Chandler of Concord, NH, int.June10,1819.

Ezra, and Rebecca Silvester, June1,1820.*

Ruth P., and David Jones, Oct.18,1822.CR1*

Nathan, of Billerica, and Mary F. Abbot [Shattuck.CR2], Dec.12,1823.*

Phinehas, and Elvira [Elisa.CR2] Hill, Aug.12,1824.*

Phinehas, and Rhoda George, Oct.23,1825.*

Harriot, and William Bradley of Worcester, May末,1826.*

Joseph [Capt.CR1; jr. int.], and Hannah Bailey, May25,1826.*

Leonard, and Harriet Clark of Tewksbury, int.Jan.3,1828.

Franklin, and Elizabeth Kendall, of Amherst, NH, int Sept.11,1829.

Rebecca, and Nehemiah Abbott, Aug.6,1832.CR3*

Simeon, and Antress Hill, Dec.13,1832.*

Rhoda, and Elijah Merrill, Aug.末,1833.CR3*

Thomas C., and Salome N. Bailey, int.Apr.4,1835.

John K., and Martha T. Gray of Wilmington, Sept.7,1835.*

Phebe A., and William Merrill, Feb.4,1836.*

Catherine, and Augustus Merrill, July2,1837.*

Susan, and George Bradley, Oct.29,1839.*

Charles, and Rosetta Hopkins, June18,1840.*

Hannah, and James Midgely, Dec.20,1840.*

Rebecca, and Willard Robbins of Townsend, Mar.末,1844.*

William W., of Woburn, and Lucy A. Cross, int.Dec.20,1844.

Martha Jane, a.20y., d.Samuel and Hannah, and Daniel A. Davis, a.28y., carpenter, s.Eliphalet and Eunice, Nov.10,1846.*

John T., a.23y., machinist, s.Peter and Lucy C., and Elizabeth C. Chandler, a.22y., d.Joshua and Susan, Oct.19,1847.*

Lucy C., wid., a.47y., d.Benjamin and Phebe Mooar, and Thomas C. Foster, widr., a.57y., farmer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Nov.1,1847.*

Rebecca, a.16y., d.Samuel and Hannah, and William Gray, a.23y., cordwainer, s.Jacob and Betsey B., Apr.23,1848.*

Samuel, and Mrs.Ruth Upton of Wilmington, int.May27,1848.


Gilbert, resident in Andover, and, wid.Margaret Malchi, int.Apr.15,1774.

James, of Strafford, VT, and Ann Poor, Mar.6,1821.*

Ruth F., of Salem, and Mark W. Ham, Sept.27,1836.CR2

Sarah, of Newmarket, NH, and Henry Kenniston, int.Mar.10,1848.

SHEARMAN (Sherman)

Martial, and Hannah Jacob of Hingham, int.Feb.12,1825.

Seth, and Mary Rust of Hamilton, int.Mar.17,1832.


Prissilla, of Billerica, and Joseph Barker, int.Nov.18,1726.

Benjamin, of Tewksbury, and Lydia Blanchard, Feb.23,1796.*

Jacob, and Hannah Nowel, Oct.15,1820.*

Peter S. [F. int.], and Mary P. Blunt, Oct.23,1823.*

Henry, and Mary Gerrish of Canterbury, NH, int.Sept.3,1829.

Elizabeth P., a.23y., and Samuel N. Grout of Stratton [VT. int.], a.31y., clergyman, b. Stratton, VT, Oct.31,1849.*

Almira, a.18y., b. Tewksbury, and Simeon Foster, a.30y., shoemaker, s.Phineas and Sarah, Dec.11,1849.*


Hannah [Shafal. int.], and Paul Faulkner, Jan.3,1723-4.*

SHELDEN (Sheldon)

Abraham, of Reading, and [] Lydia Abbott, at Reading, Dec.22,1774.*

Rebecca, of Reading, and Peter Town, June26,1777.*

Zachariah, of Reading, and Polly Jones, at Reading, Oct.20,1785.*

Phebe, of Reading, and Israel Farnum, int.Aug.3,1786.

Mary Johnson, and William McRobe, residents in Andover, Feb.28,1799.*

SHELDING (Sheldon)

Abraham, of Reading, and, wid.Phebe Holt, int.Dec.5,1750.

SHELDON (Shelden, Shelding)

Deborah, of Billerica, and Isaac Lovejoy, at Billerica, Feb.28,1750.*

Prudence, of Billerica, and David Abbot [jr. int.], at Billerica, Dec.28,1752.*

Luther H., of Townsend, a.28y., church clerk, s.Luther and Sarah, of Easton, and Sarah Flagg, a.24y., d.Timothy and Sarah, July24,1844.*

Henrietta M., of Middleton, and Willard Symonds, int.Oct.11,1844.

SHEPARD (Shepard)

Jonathan [of Haverhill. int.], and Joanna Barker [at Haverhill. dup.], Sept.11,1744.*

SHEPHARD (Shepard, Shepheard, Shepherd)

John, and Eveline D. Lewis, int.Oct.3,1845.

SHEPHEARD (Shephard)

Mary, of Marblehead [], and James Turner, at Danvers, Feb.20,1755.*

SHEPHERD (Shephard)

Sarah, and John Briarly, Sept.4,1831.*


Emerline, and Willard Mason, int.Dec.19,1835.

SHERMAN (Shearman)

Mary, Mrs., of Middleton, and John Russell, int.Dec.21,1810.

John S., and Selina S. White of Fairhaven, int.Apr.19,1837.

Frances M., a.32y., b. Albany, NY, d.Josiah and Hannah, and A.B. Jones of Manchester, a.37y., merchant, b. Manchester, CT, s.William Nov.29,1849.*

SHERWIN (Sherwine)

Samuel, and Mary Stanley, June2,1762.*

Asa, and Mercy Kimball [of Boxford.CR1], Nov.1,1768.*

Sarah, and Jesse Fox [residents in Andover. int.], Aug.3,1769.*

SHERWINE (Sherwin)

Elisabeth, of Boxford, and James Carleton, at Boxford, Aug.25,1761.*


William, of Lowell, and Sally Dane, May17,1827.*


Moses W., and Agnis T. Grieve, at Amesbury, Dec.18,1842.*


John, of Newburyport, and Mary Chickering, Oct.25,1770.*


Emeline, and Willard Mason, Mar.29,1837.*


Elizabeth, and Thomas Farnum, July8,1660.


David, resident in Andover, and Esther Fowler, int.July18,1785.

George V., of Salem, and Phebe H. Abbott, Apr.28,1836.*


Elezebith, and Henery Abbot, jr., int.Oct.2,1750.


Elisabeth, of Methuen, and Stephen Barnard, jr., at Methuen, May26,1742.*

Sarah, and Allen Richardson of Boxford, int.Aug.1,1772.

SILVESTER (Sylvester)

Rebecca, and Ezra Shattuck, June1,1820.*


Henry H., a.23y., wheelwright, s.George and Ann, and Olive T. Clemons, a.19y., d.Robert and Olive E., July5,1848.*

SIMONDS (Symonds)

Samuel, and Caroline Woodbury, int.Dec.2,1842.

Abigail, and Elbridge [G. int.] Hardy of Amherst, Apr.27,1843.*

Mary A., and Richard Woodbury, Apr.27,1843.*


Samuel, and Eleanor Magee, Apr.12,1830.*

SIMPSON (Simson, Sympson)

Mary, and Thomas Scott, Sept.23,1825.*

Jane, and Asa K. Wardwell, Apr.23,1835.*

Lydia L., and Stephen H. Lovejoy, Apr.13,1837.*

Robert, and Mary Agnes Hayward, int.Mar.27,1841.

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Lee, Mar.17,1842.*


Rebecka [of], and Ebenezer Osgood, Dec.20,1710.*

Naamah K.J., and William D. Vinall of Reading, int.May5,1832.

SIMSON (Simpson)

Hannah, of Nottingham, NH, and Benjamin Gray, int.Sept.12,1818.


Unity, and Thomas Eaton, both of Haverhill, Jan.6,1658.


John, and Ann Tigh, int.Nov.15,1849.


Henry, and Mary Hayward of Acton, int.June2,1824.


Samuel [Slater. int.], of Ackworth [NH. int.], and Phebe Bridges, Feb.28,1796.*


Catharine M., of Cambridge, and James Scott, int.Feb.2,1849.


Phillip, of Bradford, and Hannah Faulkner, int.Oct.29,1787.


William, and Sarah Clark, Aug.23,1733.*


Alexander, a.30y., flaxdresser, s.Alexander and Dorothy, and Catherine Pedre, a.28y., d.John and Margarett, Jan.19,1847.*


Francis, of Peterboro, NH, and Sarah Ames, Feb.4,1810.*


Sarah, of Boxford, and James Johnson, Aug.28,1716.*

Martha, wid., of Boxford, and Capt. John Barker, int.June15,1717.

Martha, and Aaron Foster, Mar.13,1721-2.*

Mary, and Andrew Foster, Jan.11,1725-6.*

Ephraim, of Wenham, and Mary Perkins, at Wenham, Dec.20,1725.*

Tabitha, and William Cobuorn of Dracut, Jan.10,1726[-7].*

David, of Salem, and Elizabeth Perkins, at Salem, Dec.14,1726.*

William, of Boxford, and Sarah Barker, Feb.12,1727-8.*

Margaret, and John Stockwell [of Sutten. int.], Oct.21,1730.*

Samuel, and Sarah Stockwell of Sutton, int.Sept.11,1731.

Abigail, and Jonathan Wakefield of Dudley, June22,1733.*

Benjamin, of Newbury, and Dorothy Ballard, Aug.16,1734.*

Mehittable, and Thomas Lasall [of], Sept.23,1734.*

Priscilla, and Benjamin Berry [of Middleton. int.], July1,1736.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Lovejoy, Nov.27,1736.*

Rebecca, and William Peabody of Boxford, int.Mar.1,1739-40.

Abigail, of Salem, and Stephen Foster, int.May12,1744.

John, and Mary Aylmer [Armor, resident in Andover. int.], July19,1744.*

Dorathy, wid., and Obadiah Johnson, Sept.26,1748.*

Samuel, and [] Hannah Faulkner, Feb.9,1756.*

Ruth, and Samuel Seatown [Seaton.CR1], Dec.14,1756.*

Dorothy, and Jeremiah Blanchard, May17,1759.*

Abigail, and James Blanchard, Mar.9,1762.*

Molly, of Shrewsbury, and Joseph Ballard, at Shrewsbury, Sept.10,1771.*

Thomas [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary Harris, Aug.11,1772.*

Mary, and Benjamin Bingham, resident in Andover, int.July10,1784.

George, and Dorcas Pevy, Mar.2,1794.*

John, of Hamilton, and Unice Goldsmith, Nov.29,1798.*

Thomas, and Betsy Russel, Sept.27,1804.*

Elizabeth, and Israel Brown of Tyngsboro, June18,1805.*

Mary, and Jeremiah Goodhue, Feb.5,1807.*

Catherine, of Cambridge, and Galen Ware, resident in Andover, int.June25,1810.

Isabella, and Jacob Humphrey Holt, both of Gloucester, Oct.10,1810.

John, of Concord, NH, and Abigail Bailey, June24,1813.*

Dustin K., and Betsy Jaquith of Wilmington, int.Dec.8,1820.

Thomas M. [Rev. int.], of Portland, ME, and Mary G. Woods, Sept.27,1822.*

Sarah, of Nottingham, NH, and William Whitney, int.Oct.25,1825.

Lucy B., of Ipswich, and Stephen Coburn, int.Feb.11,1826.

Henry, of Gloucester, and Susan J. [G.CR1] Farnham, Apr.21,1827.*

Dolly, of Danvers, and Isaac Wardwell, int.Jan.26,1828.

Betsy, of Antrim, NH, and Samuel Gilcreast, int.Feb.13,1829.

John [], and Agnes Ferguson, Oct.27,1829.CR3*

Mary Ann, and Isaac Carlton, Sept.19,1830.*

Elizabeth P., and William W. Wardwell, Dec.11,1831.*

Alonzo, and Hannah Holt, Oct.10,1832.*

Louisa E., and Justus E. Wardwell, Feb.22,1835.*

Mary, of Chelmsford [of Lowell. int.], and Nahum Weatherbee, Apr.30,1835.*

Peter, and Esther H. Ward, June4,1835.*

Phebe A., and Paschal Abbott, 2d, Oct.14,1835.*

Asa D., Rev., of New York City, and Sarah Ann Adams, Nov.9,1836.*

John, and Sarah A. Tuck, Dec.21,1837.*

Abigail, and William McNammara, Aug.26,1838.CR4*

Hannah M., of West Springfield, and William H. Wells, int.July4,1840.

Mary, and Robert Ross, Aug.10,1841.*

Daniel C. [David C. int.], of Georgetown, and Louisa Perley, Oct.末,1841.*

Mary A., and William Fellows, jr., Aug.21,1842.*

Eliza, and Albert Blood, Oct.16,1842.*

Thomas, and Harriet P. Trulan, Feb.18,1844.*

Sarah Jane, and William Osgood, Apr.19,1845.*

Deborah, and Albert D. Drury, May7,1846.CR4*

Daniel F., a.23y., carpenter, s.Ebenezer and Lydia, and Susan M. Ellis, a.22y., d.George and Susan, June4,1846.*

Edward, and Charlotte Lindley, int.Oct.2,1847.

Jeanette M., d.Peter and Rebecca, and Stephen P. Holt, merchant, s.Solomon and Mary, Dec.2,1847.*

James H., a.28y., blacksmith, s.Caleb and Ann, and Charlotte Cornell, a.22y., d.James and Mary, Dec.23,1847.*

Harriet E. [Stevens, of West], and Samuel M. Barker, Jan.12,1848.CR1*

Lewis W., of West Newbury, a.25y., comb maker, s.Moses and Mary A., and Rhoda Parker of West Newbury, a.25y., d.Winthrop and Lydia, Oct.25,1848.


Asa, and Betty [] Hope [resident in Andover. int.], Oct.22,1783.*


Isaac, of Charleston [Charlestown. int.], and Susanna Bridges, Dec.1,1788.*

Caroline, of Ware, and Jason Chapin, int.Sept.8,1831.

SPAFFARD (Spofford)

Judith, and David Stevens of Merrimac, Dec.15,1778.*

SPAFFORD (Spofford)

Phineas, and Sarah Chadwick, int.Apr.8,1780.

Moody, and Dolly Farnum, Sept.8,1788.*

Martha, and [] Joshua Johnson, Mar.2,1790.*

Samuel, and Lydia Peasley of Kingstown, int.May3,1797.

Dolly H[olt. int.], and Abel Kimball of Sanbornton, NH, Feb.16,1813.*

Sally, of Rowley, and Robert Harvey, int.May29,1813.

Solomon, and Catherine Carlton, int.June10,1828.

SPAFORD (Spofford)

Elizabeth, and Allexander Sessions, Apr.24,1672.


Deborah, of Portsmouth, NH, and Dr. Abiel Pearsons, int.June8,1816.


John, and Ann Ballard, at Chelmsford, 20:7m:1681.

Andrew, Dea., of Westford, and Mrs.Mehetable Crossbey, Nov.26,1745.*

Mary, of Tewksbury, and John Bridges, int.Jan.18,1762.

John, and Olive C.B. Kendall of Dunstable, int.Sept.4,1828.

Rufus, and Nancy Jones of Lunenburg, int.June22,1832.

Amos, Esq., and Elizabeth B. Phillips, int.Nov.20,1832.


Julia A., of Lowell, and Moses H. Boynton, int.Dec.8,1849.

SPELLER (Spiller)

Martha, and George Butters, int.July26,1835.


Ebenezer Peck, of Cornwall, VT, candidate for the ministry, and Mary Holyoke French, d.the late Rev. Jonathan, Apr.17,1812.*

Harriet J., and Owen Frost of Tewksbury, int.Oct.29,1842.

SPILLER (Speller)

Louisa K., of Georgetown, and William C. Whitehouse, int.Nov.3,1848.

SPOFFORD (Spaffard, Spafford, Spaford)

Sarah, and William Spofford of Rowley, Nov.8,1770.*

William, of Rowley, and Sarah Spofford, Nov.8,1770.*

Apphia, wid., of Rowley, and Asa Parker, at Rowley, Mar.1,1780.*

Phineas, and Sarah Chadwick, at Boxford, Oct.7,1780.

Eunice, and Jonathan Hale of Bradford, at Boxford, Oct.21,1783.*

Isaac, and Mehitable Wood [of], at Boxford, June21,1792.*

Sophia, and Rev. Noah Creasy of Norway, Oct.2,1809.*

Henry, and Hannah F[uller. int.] Johnson, Apr.末,1824.*

James, Col., of Kingston, NH, and Martha Johnson, int.Nov.20,1824.

Lucy, and Stephen Nichols, jr. of Amesbury, Jan.28,1830.*

Abiah, and Seth H. Waldo, int.Mar.29,1834.

Harriet, and John P. Coker of Rowley, June2,1836.*

William H., and Fidelia R. Swan, int.July8,1847.


James, and Abiah Johnson of Brookfield, NH, int.Mar.29,1816.

SPRAGUE (Spreague)

Katherine, and Timothy Johnson, May3,1705.*

Joanna, and James Frye, May25,1708.*

Abigail, and Daniell Lovett of Mendon, Mar.28,1710.*

Edward [resident in Andover. int.], and Martha Luck [of], Feb.22,1720-21*

SPREAGUE (Sprague)

Sarah, and Ebenezer Stevens, Jan.13,1702-3.


Mary, of Peterboro, NH, and Joshua Bailey, int.Feb.6,1824.


Lewis, of Roxbury, and Mary Flower, int.Dec.4,1841.


John, of Hampton, and Sarah Preston, Jan.24,1723-4.*

Timothy, of Newmarket, NH, and Sally Carlton, int.Sept.6,1823.


Agnes, a.31y., d.William and Isabelle, and George Fairgraive, a.30y., spinner, s.George and Alison, Oct.16,1846.*

STANDLEY (Stanley)

Jacob, and Hannah Lovejoy, June23,1748.*

STANLEY (Standley)

Elisabeth, resident in Andover, and Joshua Stevens, int.Apr.28,1744.

Mary, and Samuel Sherwin, June2,1762.*

Sylvester, of Wilmington, and Ann Blunt, June12,1828.*

Harrison, of Plaistow, NH, and Mary R. Fillebrown, int.Oct.29,1846.


Sarah, and John H. Twambley, Sept.12,1847.CR2*


John [Capt., of Pembroke, NH. int.], and Ann Abbot, Oct.末,1824.*


Elizabeth Jane, of Freeport, ME, and Daniel Lane, int.Aug.17,1843.


William D., and Martha A. Perry of Lowell, int.Nov.14,1843.


John, and Levina Hardy, June22,1828.*

STEARNS (Sterns)

Mary, and Thomas Hagget, 3d, Feb.1,1774.CR2*

Nathaniel, and Lucretia [Lucinda.CR1] Hutchinson, Nov.17,1829.*

Charles B. [D. int.], widr., a.31y., cordwainer, s.William and Betsy D., and Jane L. Tucker, a.23y., d.William and Hepsibeth, Dec.24,1846.*


Hannah, and Charles Printis, July4,1811.*

STEEL (Steele)

Nichalos, and Phebe Stevens, Nov.7,1734.*

Elizabeth, and Joshua Ingalls, Sept.9,1760.*

Rachel, and Dudly Foster of Boxford, int.Dec.11,1767.

Benjamin, and Hannah Lovejoy, June16,1768.*

Phebe, and John Abbot, 3d, int.Nov.22,1776.

STEELE (Steel)

James C., and Mary J. Andover of Londonderry, NH, int.Apr.7,1848.

STEEVENS (Stevens)

John, and Hanna Barnard, June13,1662.

John, and Ehster Barker, Aug.10,1676.

Joseph, and Mary Ingalls, May28,1679.

Ephraim, and Sarah Abbott, Oct.11,1680.

Nathan, and Elizabeth Abbot, Oct.24,1692.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Barker, May15,1707. [May13.CR1]*

Sarah, and Stephen Abbott, July22,1708.*

Benjamine, Capt. and Mrs.Susanna Chickerin of Bradford, int.Sept.3,1715.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Hannah, and Samuel Lovjoy, Apr.23,1717.*

John, and Elizabeth Chandler, Apr.23,1717.*

Mary, and Benjamin Austin, July17,1718.*

Joseph, of Danvers, and Sarah Abbott, at Danvers, July7,1772.*

John, and Lydia Burnham, resident in Andover, Nov.22,1810.*


Sarah, and Ralph Farnum, Oct.9,1685.

STERNS (Stearns)

Mehitabel, and Ebenezer Holt, Dec.4,1729.*

Josiah, of Billerica, and [] Sarah Abbot, Dec.4,1755.*

Samuel, Rev., of Bedford, and Abigal French, May9,1797.*

STEVEENS (Stevens)

Joshua, wdr., and Mary Frie, Dec.22,1696.

STEVEN (Stevens)

John F., and Lydia F. Holt of Winthrop, ME, int.Aug.24,1833.

STEVENS (Steevens, Stephens, Steveens, Steven)

Elizabeth, and Joshua Woodman, Jan.22,1665.

Mary, and John Barker, July6,1670.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Brown of Salem, at Salem, Nov.13,1700.

Ebenezer, and Sarah Spreague, Jan.13,1702-3.

Abial, and Deborah Barker, Mar.19,1707-8.*

Elizabeth, and Joseph Robinson, Mar.20,1707. [1706-7.CR1]*

Hannah, and Robert Swan of Haverhill, Mar.17,1708-9.CR1*

James, and Dorathy Fry, Mar.8,1712-13. [Mar.18.CR1]*

Nathan [jr. int.], and Hannah Robinson, Nov.3,1715.CR1*

Benjamin, and Hannah Farnum, Apr.18,1717.*

Mary, and James Ingalls, Nov.5,1719.*

Hannah, and Samuel Ames [resident in Andover. int.], Jan.13,1720-21.*

Benjamin, of Haverhill, and Annis Phelps, Feb.20,1720-21.*

Timothy, and Rebecca Barnard, Jan.9,1721-2.*

Benjamin, and Mary Poor, Oct.5,1721.*

Priscilla, and Daniel Austin, June26,1722.*

Elizabeth, and Timothy Pearl of Windham [CT. int.], Aug.24,1722.*

Deborah, and Samuel Carlton [of], June20,1726.*

Joshua, and Martha Stevens, July30,1728.*

Martha, and Joshua Stevens, July30,1728.*

Elezabeth, and Josiah Bayley [of Lunenburg.CR1; of Turkey], Oct.31,1728.*

Mary, and Benjamin Lee [of Manchester. int.], Feb.25,1730-31.*

John [of Charlestown. int.], and Elizabeth Ingalls, Apr.22,1731.*

Aaron [of Pennecook. int.], and Debora Stevens, May4,1732.*

Debora, and Aaron Stevens [of Pennecook. int.], May4,1732.*

Sarah, and William Page of Lunenburg, July11,1733.*

Joanna, and Ebenezer Everett [resident in Andover. int.], Mar.28,1734.*

Phebe, and Nichalas Steel, Nov.7,1734.*

Hannah, and Nathan Parker, June26,1735.*

Phebe, and Benjamin Harrod [of Boston. int.], June17,1736.*

John, and Lydia Gray, Apr.7,1737.*

Samuel, and Hephzibah Incralls, Aug.9,1737.*

John, jr., and Mary Phelps, Nov.3,1737.*

Mary, and Samuel Appleton of Haverhill, May8,1739.*

Annis, and John Stevens, sr., June21,1739.*

Rebecca, and John Poor [jr. int.], Oct.18,1739.*

Isaac, and Mary Barker, Oct.25,1739.*

Mary, and Mark How of Middleton, Apr.22,1740.*

Hannah, and Abner Tyler [of], Feb.11,1741-2.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Joanna Farnum, Apr.2,1741.*

Mary, and Samuel Parker of Bradford, May3,1742.*

Asa, and Mehetable Farnum, Sept.9,1742.*

Sarah, of Methuen, and Samuel Fields, at Methuen, Sept.30,1742.*

Lydia, and Francies Ingalls, Jan.9,1743-4.*

Joshua, and Elisabeth Stanley, resident in Andover, int.Apr.28,1744.

Elisabeth, and Samuel Ames, July11,1744.*

Mary, and Timothy Poor, Nov.20,1744.*

Esther, and Thomas Wilkins [of Middleton. int.], Mar.5,1745-6.*

Hannah, and Aaron Gage of Bradford, May16,1745.*

James, and Sarah Peabody, Aug.1,1745.*

Benjamin, and Rebecca Hunt, Dec.5,1745.*

Deborah, and John Holt, jr., Jan.22,1746-7.*

Nathan, and Mary Poor, Apr.22,1746.*

Elisabeth, and Daniel Reddington [of Topsfield.CR1], July3,1746.*

Thomas, and Sarah Gray, Jan.14,1747-8.*

Jacob, and Tabitha Farnam, Dec.7,1748.*

Elezebith, and Cristefor Carlton, Dec.15,1748.*

David [jr. int.], and Abigall Martain, Aug.16,1749.*

Abial [jr. int.], and Dorathy Martain, June7,1750.*

Daniel, and Hannah Barker of Methuen, at Methuen, Sept.25,1750.

Annis, and Daniel Mooar, jr. [of Dunstable. int.], Dec.13,1750.*

Elezebith, and Nathaniel Holt, Aug.1,1751.*

Timothy, and Sarah Poor, Oct.15,1751.*

Susanna, and Jacob Hoyt of Rumford, Sept.2,1752.*

Jonathan, and Lydea Felch, June14,1753.*

Samuel, jr., and Hannah Shattuck, July5,1753.*

Esther, and John Johnson, 3d, Feb.20,1754.*

Deborah, and John Ingals, May8,1755.*

Benjamin, jr., and Hannah Varnam of Dracut, int.May1,1756.

Rebeca, wid., and Joseph Faulkner, June17,1756.*

John, and, wid.[] Moss, resident in Andover, Nov.11,1756.*

Ephararn, and Mrs.Elezebith Barker, both of Methuen, Jan.4,1757.

Sarah, and Josiah Osgood of Methuen, Mar.3,1757.*

Sarah, wid.James, and John Peters, Aug.7,1759.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.CR1], and Israel Adams [jr. int.], Nov.20,1760.*

Eleanor, and John Blanchard, Feb.5,1761.*

Joseph, and Allis Kidder of Billerica, int.Apr.18,1761.

Simmeon, and Mary Barker, int.Jan.2,1762.

Sarah, and Israel Wood, jr., May13,1762.*

Benjamin, and, wid.Hannah Martain, Dec.9,1762.*

Peter, and Nabby Johnson, July5,1763.*

Jonathan, and Jemima Russell, Sept.8,1763.*

Amos, and Sarah Stevens, Sept.25,1764.*

Sarah, and Amos Stevens, Sept.25,1764.*

Lydia, and Samuel Gutterson, Nov.8,1764.*

Deborah, and Jacob Hagget, Dec.6,1764.*

Sarah, and Abraham Moore, Dec.13,1764.*

Joshua, and Hannah Burnet [of Reading. int.], July29,1766.*

Lydia, and Jacob Abbot, Dec.1,1767.*

Mehetabel [] and Samuel Chickering, Jan.5,1768.

William, and Martha Cross, Apr.6,1769.*

Abiel, jr., and Tabitha Holt, Nov.16,1769.*

Abigail, and Samuel Ames, jr., July10,1770.*

Mary, and John Merril, Sept.6,1770.CR2*

Simeon, of Billerica, and Mariah Ingalls, at Billerica, Feb.7,1771.*

Daniel, jr., and Susanna Abbot, Nov.14,1771.*

Hepsibah, and Jabez Abbot of Concord, NH, int.Aug.28,1772.

Thomas, jr., and Sarah Ingalls, Oct.8,1772.*

Martha, and Aaron Gage, Mar.30,1773.*

Lydia, and Elijah Pattin, Apr.29,1773.CR2*

Hannah, and James Stevens, jr., Aug.31,1773.*

James, jr., and Hannah Stevens, Aug.31,1773.*

Sarah, and Nathaniel Abbot, Aug.31,1773.*

Dorothy, and Joshua Willson, int.Sept.15,1773.

Jonathan, and Susanna Bragg, Dec.15,1773.*

Sarah, and Dea.Ebenezer Cummings of Nuttingham West, NH, Apr.12,1774.*

Timothy, jr., and Mary Parker, May19,1774.CR2*

Theodore, of Wilton, and Annah Abbot, Aug.18,1774.CR2*

Hepzabah, and Moses Mooars of Haverhill, Dec.12,1776.*

Hephzibah, and Peter Holt, int.Dec.28,1776.

Hannah, and Isaac Holt, Jan.8,1778.*

Samuel, jr., and Mary Mooar, Apr.23,1778.*

Mary, of Merrimac, and Daniel Kimbal, jr., int.Sept.2,1778.

Simeon, and Hannah Foster, Sept.29,1778.*

James, and Elizabeth Lacey, Oct.6,1778. [Oct.1.CR1]*

David, of Merrimac, and Judith Spafford, Dec.15,1778.*

Abiel, and Elizabeth Holt, Jan.7,1779.*

Dorcas, and Asa Osgood, June19,1780.

John, of Sterling, and Elizabeth Frye, Apr.30,1783.*

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Frye, July21,1783.*

Joshua, jr., and Mary Chandler, Sept.3,1784.*

David [Dea.CR1], and Sarah Abbot, Dec.28,1784.*

Susanna, and Abraham Mooars, July7,1785.*

Abigail, and David Tarr of Danvers, Feb.2,1786.*

Phillip, and Sarah Hardy, May25,1786.*

Peter, jr., and Susanna Wardwell, Apr.5,1787.*

John, of Sudbury, Canada, and Hannah Holt, Nov.15,1787.*

Amos, and Lydia Brown, Oct.5,1789.*

Prudence, and Dr. Ward Noyes, May19,1791.*

Phebe, and Nathan Wardwell, May22,1791.*

Jonathan [jr. int.], and Martha Mooar, Aug.7,1791.*

Theodore, and Dorcas Osgood, Oct.4,1791.*

Hannah, and Thomas Osgood, May15,1792.*

Ebenezer, and Mrs.Elizabeth Bridges [], Jan.15,1793.*

Jonas, and Hannah Marble, Jan.24,1793.*

Jemima, resident in Louden, and Jonas Ames, int.Nov.23,1793.

Betsey, and Ebenezer Poor, jr., Sept.8,1794.*

Hannah, wid., and Jonathan Varnum of Dracut, June3,1796.*

James, and Betsey Carleton of Methuen, at Methuen, June23,1796.*

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Gennings of Pembroke, NH, July19,1796.*

Joseph, 3d, and Phebe Frye, Dec.22,1796.*

Susanna, and Daniel Chickering, Sept.5,1797.*

Persis, and Isaac Farnum, jr., Jan.11,1798.*

Sally, and John Bridge of Danvers, at Danvers, Jan.15,1799.*

Anna, and Timothy Abbot Holt of Bethel, Jan.17,1799.*

Phineus, and Becca Farnum, July18,1799.*

Dolly, and Jonathan Varnum of Dracut, Nov.28,1799.*

Simeon, jr., and Sally Mansor of Dracut, int.Jan.17,1801.

Enoch, and Hannah Hubbard, Mar.8,1801.*

Patty, and John Austin, jr., July15,1802.*

Prudence, and Joshua Wardwell, Nov.3,1803.*

James, jr., and Mary Mansor of Dracut, int.Apr.21,1804.

Joanna, and Phineas Carlton, May26,1805.*

Mary, and Phineas Barker, Sept.26,1805.*

Samuel, jr., and Susannah Manning of Charlestown, int.Oct.2,1806.

Joseph, 3d, and Phebe Eastman of Concord, NH, int.Nov.8,1806.

Leonard, and Mary Chandler, Feb.24,1807.*

Daniel, and Sarah Bailey, Nov.19,1807.

Joshua, jr., and Lucy Butterfield, Nov.24,1807.*

John, and Hannah Pike Trickey of Boxford, int.Jan.5,1808.

Phebe [K. int.], and Robert Cain, resident in Boston, July9,1809.CR2*

Rhoda, and Dr. William Brown [resident in Windham, NH. int.] Mar.5,1811.*

Samuel, and Phebe Ames, Oct.22,1811.*

Hannah, and Thomas Prime of Salem, May30,1812.*

Jonas, of Danvers, and Hannah Barker, resident in Andover, Nov.26,1812.*

Isaac, and Hannah Cummings, Sept.29,1814.*

Abiel, and Pamelia Stevens, July12,1815.*

Pamelia, and Abiel Stevens, July12,1815.*

Nathaniel, Ens., and Harriot Hale of Chelmsford, int.Oct.14,1815.

Phebe, and Isaac York, July30,1816.*

Mary, resident in Andover, and Nathaniel Sawyer of Salem, June1,1817.*

Hannah, and Palfry W. Downing, Aug.28,1817.*

Hannah S., and Osgood Woodbridge, July31,1818.*

Peter, jr., and Lucy Shattuck, Aug.18,1818.*

Benjamin, and Hannah [Susann.CR2;] Stevens, Apr.13,1819.*

Hannah [Susann.CR2;], and Benjamin Stevens, Apr.13,1819.*

Enoch, jr., and Hannah Perry of Bradford, June25,1819.*

Hannah, and Thomas G. Dennett of Byfield [of Newbury.CR1], Apr.3,1821.*

Nancy [] W., and John Hyde of Methuen, Aug.2,1821.*

Elizabeth M., and Elisha Tower of Boston, int.July4,1824.

Nathan F., of Danvers, and Persis Fish, Dec.2,1824.*

Sarah, and Joseph Mooar, Dec.13,1825.*

Rebecca, and Daniel P. [S.CR1] Fuller, Mar.30,1826.*

Elizabeth A., and John Adams, 5th, Jan.18,1827.*

Sarah, and Dr. Jonas Underwood, int.Feb.14,1827.

Mary K., and Zenas Fuller of Boston, Feb.25,1828.*

Miriam F., of Norway, ME, and John Wardwell, int.Apr.26,1828.

Isaac, and Elizabeth Poor, Nov.27,1828.*

Charlotte, and Benjamin G. Wilder [of Boston. int.], Mar.2,1829.CR3*

Eliza [], and Warren Stevens, Apr.6,1830.*

Warren, and Eliza [] Stevens, Apr.6,1830.*

Benjamin, jr., and Huldah Keith, int.Apr.10,1830.

Bimsley, and Mary Noyes, Oct.21,1830.CR3*

Clarissa, and Edward R. Dike, Sept.8,1831.CR3*

Jonathan P., and Mary F. Bragg, Sept.10,1831.*

Maria, and Russell B. Jordan, Sept.29,1831.*

Simeon, jr., and Jane Merrill, Feb.22,1832.*

Samuel, and Phebe Stevens, int.June30,1832. (Publishment forbidden.)

Hannah, and Caleb Richardson, jr., Nov.8,1832.*

Martha J., and Caleb S. Prince, Nov.11,1832.*

Hannah, and Stephen Moor of Lowell, Mar.21,1833.*

Irene F., and Moses Marshall, int.Oct.30,1833.

James [], and Mary Dike, Feb.27,1834.CR3*

Sarah, and Joseph Reed, Apr.17,1834.*

Daniel C., and Rebecca Manser, Aug.28,1834.*

Joseph [], and Rebecca Holt, Sept.15,1834.*

Abiel, jr., of Methuen, and Charlotte Peters, Jan.22,1835.*

Enoch, and Augusta Parker, Feb.26,1835.*

James, 2d, and Lydia Gardner of Beverly, int.May23,1835.

Dianthe, and John Burnham, Nov.8,1835.*

Mary Jane, and John G. Robinson, Dec.3,1835.*

Charlotte V., and Orlando Abbot, Sept.20,1838.*

Albert V., and Lydia A. Sampson of Londonderry, NH, int.Nov.1,1838.

William, and Elizabeth B. Phillips, June20,1839.*

Daniel, and Mary Noyes, Feb.6,1840.*

Peter, and Lucy C. Hill, Dec.12,1841.*

Lucy, and Stephen Towns, May5,1842.*

Lucy Ann, and Timothy Bailey, 3d, int.May23,1842

John F., and Mary [B. int.] Flanders, Oct.23,1842.*

Sarah Foster, and Charles Callahan, Nov.13,1842.CR4*

Isaac M., and Ruby Barnard, Nov.17,1842.*

Alexander, and Ann Scott, Apr.13,1843.*

Harriet J., and Timothy W. Hodgdon, June24,1843.*

Henry H., and Eliza P. Osborne of Danvers, int.Oct.7,1843.

Seneth, and Kimball I. Dike of Sebago, ME, Nov.2,1843.*

Jonathan, 2d, and Eliza Barnard, int.July26,1844.

John K., and Hannah Hill, int.July27,1844. (Publishment forbidden by Ezra Stevens.)

Warren, widr., trader, s.Samuel, and Sarah Jane Low, d.Joseph L., Sept.18,1844.*

Sarah M., of Lowell, and George L. Abbott, int.Dec.14,1844.

Eliza Ann, and Daniel S.A. Valpey, Dec.29,1844.CR4

John K[], and, wid.[] Hill, Apr.6,1845.*

Mary W.D., and Willard Durant, int.June5,1847.

Harriet E., of West Newbury, a.17y., d.Moses and Hannah, of West Newbury, and Samuel M. Barker, a.25y., farmer, s.Samuel F. and Lydia, Jan.末,1848.*

Sarah A., a.32y., d.Daniel and Sarah, and Paul P. Pillsbury, widr., a.50y., farmer, s.Daniel and Eunice, Jan.10,1848.*

Moses A., widr., a.40y., machinist, s.Joel and Olive, and Lavina R. Gay of Dedham, a.32y., d.Jotham and Lydia, Sept.6,1848.*


Abigail H., of Wolfboro, NH, and John Hackett, int.Oct.29,1846.

STEWARD (Stuart)

Sara, and Thomas Abbet, Dec.15,1664.

Solomon [of], and Martha Farington, June28,1727.*

Robert, and Lydia Blair, Feb.22,1732-3.*

John, and Keturah Holt, Dec.17,1741.*

STEWART (Stuart)

William, operative, and Elizabeth Ennison, July4,1847.*

STICKNE (Stickney)

Mehetabel, of Bradford, and Quartermaster John Barker, int.June21,1729.

STICKNEY (Stickne)

Hannah, of Boxford, and Joseph Emmory, at Boxford, June2,1763.*

Lemuel, and Rebecca Kimball, Nov.16,1769.*

Silas Richard, and Sarah Upton of Reading, Sept.1,1774.CR2*

John, and Rachel Farnum, May4,1775.

Moses, of Jaffrey, and Mary Bailey, Dec.9,1787.*

Jonathan, resident in Andover, and Sarah Abbot, June11,1793. [July11.CR2]*

Betsey, and John Foster, jr., July26,1796.*

Abigal, and Benjamin Burt, Feb.4,1802.*

Thomas, of Bradford, and Hitty Foster, Mar.23,1802.*

John, jr., and Lucretia Lovejoy, May8,1804.*

Sarah, and Aaron Hardy, Mar.4,1805.*

Isaac, and Sybill Adams, int.Mar.12,1807.

Abraham, jr., and Mary Beard of Wilmington, int.Mar.7,1808.

Elizabeth, and Hermon Barnard, July4,1822.*

Lucretia, and Daniel Carlton, Sept.7,1823.*

Abraham, and Hannah Holt of Tewksbury, int.Jan.2,1826.

Mary [A. int.], and William Goldsmith, Dec.27,1829.CR3*

Ruth, and Amos Holt, jr., int.Oct.9,1830.

Jacob, 3d, of Newburyport, and Sarah Loring, Nov.27,1833.*

Jane [M. int.], and William Goldsmith, Apr.3,1834.*

Benjamin, and Lydia Bodwell, Dec.29,1836.*

Julia, and Mark Averril, both of Tewksbury, at Tewksbury, July22,1838.

Hannah, Mrs., and Richard Barker, Aug.7,1842.*

William, and Eliza Ricker of Lowell, int.Dec.5,1842.

Louisa B., and Noah Clapp of Wilmington, Mar.10,1844.*

Mary L., and William Morrison, int.June23,1844.

Caroline E., and Arthur N. Bean, int.Mar.6,1847.

William, of Reading, and Issabella White, int.Dec.17,1847.

Eliza L., a.30y., d.Joseph and Eliza L., and Gilman Davis, a.31y., farmer, s.William and Betsey, Nov.8,1848.*


Robert, and Elizabeth Fry, Oct.4,1660.

STILES (Styles)

Hannah, of Boxford, and Abiel Barker, int.Aug.12,1732.

Mehetable, of Middleton, and John Barnard, int.Dec.9,1733.

Hezekiah [of Middleton. int.], and Hannah Barnard, Nov.24,1736.*

Gideon [of], and Sarah Faulkner, Nov.30,1736.*

Benjamin, of Boxford, and Elisabeth Foster, int.Nov.26,1737.

Ephraim, and Elisabeth Lanksford [resident in Andover. int.], Nov.26,1741.*

John [jr. of], and Hannah Holt, Nov.16,1752.*

Hezekiah, and Hannah Lovejoy, Dec.27,1752.*

Ezra [of Boxford.CR1], and, wid.Sarah Johnson, Apr.29,1760.*

David, and Hannah Norton, Aug.7,1760.*

Timothy, of Boxford, and Phebe Kimball, Aug.15,1764.*

Hannah, Mrs., and Elijah Hutchinson, July31,1765.CR1*

Stephen, and Huldah Wardwell [], Jan.9,1772.*

Noah, and Mrs.Lydia Curtis [of], at Boxford, June16,1772.*

Mary, Mrs., and Amos Kimball, at Boxford, Nov.23,1779.*

Cyrus, and Hannah Curtis of Middletown, int.Feb.17,1781.

Hezekiah, and Phebe Austin of Lunenburg, int.June8,1782.

Elijah, of Middleton, and Tabby Gray, Nov.6,1806.*

David [of Middleton. int.], and Nancy Farnum, Mar.12,1812.*

Andrew [of Middleton.CR1], and Phebe Hadley, Apr.末,1825.*

Phebe, and William Lovejoy, June19,1825.*

Elijah, jr., and Mary E. Runnels of Boxford, Nov.11,1829.*

Lydia, and Jesse Runnels of Boxford, int.Aug.4,1831.

Hannah, of Middleton, and Ezekiel Hardy, int.Apr.20,1833.

William A., and Eliza Towne, int.Feb.10,1837.

Mary, and George Chrispeen of Londonderry, NH, int.May27,1839.

Martha, and Samuel B. Carleton of Boxford, int.Feb.16,1844.

STIMPSON (Stimson)

Nathaniel, of Cambridge, and Hepsibah Ames, Nov.17,1793.*

Eliza [C. int.], and Henry Howard, Dec.26,1813.*

STIMSON (Stimpson)

William [Simson.CR1], and Besey Nickerson [Nickolson.CR1], Apr.9,1799.*


John [of Sutten. int.], and Margaret Smith, Oct.21,1730.*

Sarah, of Sutton, and Samuel Smith, int.Sept.11,1731.

STOLE (Stott)

Thomas [Stott.CR1], and Ann Willis, Nov.20,1842.*


Hew, and Hannah Foster, Oct.15,1667.

John, and Mary Russ, Nov.14,1690.

Hannah Elisabeth, of Boston, and Palfrey Ward Downing, int.Apr.26,1812.

Clarissa, and Joseph Brown, int.Sept.27,1831.

Timothy D.P. [S. of Concord, NH. int.], and Phebe C. Holt, Aug.19,1835.*

Eunice E., Mrs., of Rindge, NH, and Capt. George French, jr. int.Jan.2,1836.


Henry, and Mary [Ruby.CR1 and int.] F. Farnham, July9,1832.*


John Denson, manufacturer, and Mary Jolly, July25,1844.*


Ephraim, of Ipswich, and Hannah Burnam Goldsmith, Feb.19,1804.*

STOTT (Stole)

Joseph D., and Sophia A. Mason, int.May6,1843.

James, and Margaret Love, int.Apr.17,1844.

Joshua H., a.18y., laborer, s.James and Phebe, and Adeline S. Mason, a.23y., d.Daniel and Martha, July18,1844.*

Joseph D., and Isabella Hamilton, int.Dec.9,1844.

George, and Mary Huller, int.July5,1845.

Robert, and Jane Walker, int.Feb.4,1846.

James, s.Jonas, and Anne Briggs, d.Benjamin [residents in Andover. int.], June18,1846.CR4*

STOWEL (Stowell)

David [of Pomfret. int.], and Mary Foster, Jan.1,1732-3.*

STOWELL (Stowel)

Mary J., s.Cornelius, and William I. [J. int.] Hill, s.William, June7,1848.CR4*

STRATTEN (Stratton)

Samuell, resident in Andover, and Sarah McIntire, int.Oct.5,1767.

STRATTON (Stratten)

Ann, of Charlestown, and Dr. Rueben Hatch of Hillsboro, NH, Oct.2,1833.CR6

STUART (Steward, Stewart)

Elizabeth, and Rev. Austin Phelps of Boston, int.Aug.10,1842.

George, operative, and Sarah Ann Busfield [Basfield.CR3], Apr.9,1846.*

Sarah C., and Prof. R.D.C. Robbins of Middlebury, VT, int.July22,1848.

STYLES (Stiles)

John, of Boxford, and Rebecca Peabody, int.Nov.10,1770.

Martha, and John Town, May15,1771.*

Elizabeth, of Middleton, and Samuel Lacey, int.Sept.7,1771.

Mary, and Augustus Lovejoy, Mar.29,1838.*


John, resident in Milton, and Nancy Jordan, Sept.11,1796.*


Thomas, s.William, and Ann Thop, d.John, July20,1846.CR4*

SUTCLIFF (Sutcliffe)

Ann, d.Joshua, and Arno P. Ellis, operative in factory, Nov.28,1844.*

SUTCLIFFE (Sutcliff, Sutliffe)

James, and Mary L. Kent, int.Jan.4,1849.


Julia, a.21y., d.George and Rebecca, and Charles Redmane, a.24y., machinist, s.Thomas and Mary, Apr.6,1848.*

SUTLIFFE (Sutcliffe)

Sally, and Thomas Barron, Dec.13,1829.*


Oliver, jr., of Reading, and Mary Hayward, int.Apr.3,1809.

Benjamin, of Reading, and Asenath Trull, Mar.20,1823.*

John, and Pamela Beverly, Apr.4,1824.*

Sophia, and David Mooar of Amesbury, May22,1826.*

Otis, and Mary Johnson, Aug.21,1826.*


Elizabeth, and Thomas Cogswell, May9,1824.*


Joshua, formerly of Haverhill, mariner, and Sarah Ingles, at Woburn, Jan.6,1701.

Robert, of Haverhill, and Hannah Stevens, Mar.17,1708-9.CR1*

Asa, and Pheobe Fry, Jan.29,1712-13.*

Assa, of Haverhill, and Deborah Osgood, int.Dec.5,1716.

Robert, and Elezabeth Farnaum, Dec.9,1731.*

Asie, of Methuen, and Mrs.Lucy Austin, at Methuen, Feb.6,1734-5.*

Hannah, and Peter Parker, Aug.14,1734.*

Ephraim, and Sarah Poole, May23,1738.*

Elisbeth, and Nathaniel Lovejoy, July4,1743.*

Francis, of Methuen, and Lydia Frie, Mar.20,1745-6.*

Caleb, of Methuen, and Mrs.Dorathy Frie, May19,1752.*

Susanna, and Abiel Messer of Methuen, int.Nov.10,1753.

Ephraim, jr., and Mrs.Martha Farrington, Oct.24,1765.CR1*

Robert, and Aphia Farington, Apr.29,1773.*

Martha, wid., and Thomas Clark, Dec.30,1777.*

Nathan [Lt.CR1], of Methuen, and Lydia Tyler, Aug.26,1779.*

Joshua, of Methuen, and Deborah Burbank, at Methuen, Oct.28,1784.*

James, resident in Andover [of Sudbury,], and Hannah Shattuck, May17,1787.*

Robert, and, wid.Susanna Abbot, May21,1789.*

Martha, and John Trow of Beverley, Sept.13,1792.*

Hannah, and Daniel Foster [jr.CR1], Oct.30,1797.*

Elizabeth, and William Farnum, Jan.13,1801.*

Joseph, and Mary Kimbal Allen, Dec.20,1807.*

Jerusha Baron, and John Frye, 4th, June1,1809.CR2*

Fanney, of Methuen, and John Bradley, int.Nov.27,1811.

Caleb, of Methuen, and Sena Town, Sept.27,1814.*

Ruby, and Jacob Gould, of Schenectady, NY, Aug.15,1816.*

Fidelia, and Reuben Reed of Salem, int.July24,1824.

Almira, and Nathan B. Seavey, Dec.27,1832.*

Louisa A., and Augustus Seavy of Pelham, NH, Apr.5,1838.*

Joseph B., and Sarah J. Webster of Salem, NH, int.Mar.18,1840.

Hannah F., and Dustin B. Pollard of Pelham, NH, Apr.15,1841.*

Abigail S., of Chester, NH, and Kimball Wardwell, int.Feb.末,1842.

Fidelia R., and William H. Spofford, int.July8,1847.


Michael [of Reading. int.], and Mary Pool, Apr.9,1761.*

Joseph A., of New York City, and Catherine Dickinson, Nov.4,1835.*


Sally, Mrs.[Sarah Sweet. int.], and Dr. [Rev. int.] 末末 Eaton of Boxford, Jan.25,1824.CR1 [int.Aug.17,1824.].*

Sarah A., of Boxford, and Maj. Samuel Phillips, int.Sept.8,1827.


Jonathan, and Silence White of Weymouth, at Weymouth, Dec.11,1783.*

Nathanael, and Sarah Abbot, Nov.27,1803.*

John R. [Jonathan R. int.], and Sarah F. Johnson, Dec.25,1828.*

Nathaniel, jr., and Martha J. Kidder, Oct.10,1832.*

Sarah F., and Rev. Jeffries Hall of Hopkinton, June19,1833.*

Catherine, and John F. Trow of New York City, Aug.12,1834.*

Nathaniel, and Almena Jacobs of Dorchester, int.Sept.24,1847.


Lydia [of Danver. int.], and [Capt. int.] Jabez Howard, Jan.29,1812.*

SYLVESTER (Silvester)

Joshua, and Lucy Parson [Pearson. int.andCR2], May19,1816.*

Nathaniel, and Lydia Richardson, Aug.1,1833.*


William, Rev., and Mrs.Anna Gee of Boston, int.Apr.21,1759.

William, Rev., and Susanna Powell of Boston, int.July7,1774.

Anna, and Isaac Caznue of Boston, Dec.7,1793.*

SYMONDS (Simonds)

Hepzabah, of Topsfield, and Simeon Town, int.Jan.23,1779.

Jonas, and Patty Kimball, Dec.30,1813.*

Solomon [resident in Andover. int.], and Lydia A. Poor, Feb.14,1815.*

Lydia A., and Richard Luscomb, Nov.29,1832.*

Lydia A., and Rodney A. Lewis of Medford, Jan.31,1839.

Samuel, and Sarah [L. int.] Grover, at Salisbury, Dec.16,1840.*

Willard, and Henrietta M. Sheldon of Middleton, int.Oct.11,1844.

Martha J[ane.CR1], a.22y., d, Jonas and Martha, and George N. Foster of Boxford, a 29y., farmer, bo. Boxford, s.Jonathan and Mary, of Boxford, Dec.17,1846.*

SYMPSON (Simpson)

Alice [], and Andrew Davison, May18,1828.*

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