Betsey, and William Kimball, Oct.10,1798.*

David, and Nancy Holt, June23,1808.CR2*

Susanna, and William Whitney, int.Oct.31,1838.

Joseph, and Olive Maria Rogers, July31,1843.*


William, of Lunenburg, and Sarah Stevens, July11,1733.*

William [of Hampstead.CR1], and Martha Parker, Oct.9,1760.*

Hannah, and Abijah Fuller, Nov.14,1782.*

Ashl [resident in Andover. int.], and Lucy Frost, May10,1787.*

Judith A., of Dunbarton, NH, and Zadock L. Freeman, int.Sept.22,1827.

John [O. int.], and Elizabeth Frye, Sept.22,1836.*

Jesse, Rev., and Ann P. Little of Atkinson, NH, int.Dec.31,1836.

Joseph, and Mary F. Goodridge of Haverhill, int.Apr.17,1847.


Elijah D., of Madison, ind., and Lydia P. [R. int.] West, Sept.22,1835.*


Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Peabody, Nov.3,1802.*

Sarah M., of Derry, NH, and Leonard Farnham, int.Oct.9,1830.

John C., of Salem, NH, and Mary E. Faulkner, int.May18,1834.

Catharine, a.26y., and Lawrence Whittaker, a.21y., mechanic, Dec.12,1844.*


Mary, and Benjamin Frie, May23,1678.

Joseph, and Elizabeth Bridges, Oct.7,1680.

Stephen, and Mary Marstone [mason (Marstone).CTR], Dec.1,1680.

Hannah, and John Tyler, Sept.14,1682.

Elizabeth, and John Farnum, Apr.10,1684.

Elizabeth [Barker.CTR], and Samuell Hutchinson, Feb.26,1686. [Feb.19,1687.CTR]

John, and Hannah Browne, May24,1687.

Ruth, and James Gile of Haverhill, Feb.21,1688.CR1

Stephen, and Susanna Devereux of Marblehead, at Marblehead, Jan.10,1694-5.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Wright, Oct.6,1702.CR1

Mary, and James Bodwell [of Haverhill. int.], Feb.6,1710-11.*

Joseph, and Abigail Michel [of Haverhill. int.], Feb.6,1711-12.*

Joseph, and Mary Emery, Dec.31,1722.*

Martha, and Joseph Tuck [of], Feb.2,1726-7.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Chadwick [of], Sept.19,1727.*

Phebe, and John Varnum of Dracut, at Dracut, July15,1730.*

Nathan, and Elizabeth Gadge of Bradford, int.Nov.28,1730.

James, and Phebe Ingalls, Aug.12,1731.*

Mary, and Joseph Faulkner, Aug.12,1731.*

Joseph, and Martha Barker, July4,1734.*

Peter, and Hannah Swan, Aug.14,1734.*

Samuel, and Esther Daves of Billerica, at Billerica, Sept.18,1734.

Timothy, of Reading, and Priscilla Carlton, Mar.18,1735-6.*

Joseph, and Martha Johnson, Apr.10,1735.*

Nathan, and Hannah Stevens, June26,1735.*

Jonathan, and Hannah Frie, May5,1737.*

Samuel, of Bradford, and Mary Stevens, May3,1742.*

Jonathan, of Reading, and Mary Hincher, int.Nov.17,1744.

Joanna [of], and [Dr. int.] Nehemiah Abbot, at Chelmsford, Dec.7,1748.

Asa, and Sarah Marbel, Feb.27,1752.*

Anne, and John Bragg, May8,1753.*

Joseph, jr. [], and Hannah Abbot, Apr.25,1754.*

Martha, wid., and Lt. Robert Rusel of Reading, int.Apr.17,1755.

Luce, Mrs., of Dracut, and Daniel Abbot, jr., int.Mar.24,1756.

Joseph, 3d, and Elezebith Martain, Apr.26,1757.*

Hannah, and Cyrus Marble, Sept.25,1760.*

Martha, and William Page [of Hampstead.CR1], Oct.9,1760.*

James, jr., and Mary Lovejoy, Sept.24,1765.CR2*

Peter, jr., and Phebe Marble, June5,1766.*

Jonathan, jr., and Hannah Robinson, Feb.17,1767.*

Tabbatha, and David Frye, June6,1769.*

Joseph, and Lydia Chandler, at Methuen, Dec.7,1769.

Anna, of Bradford, and Nathaniel Parker, at Bradford, Sept.20,1770.*

Nathaniel, and Anna Parker of Bradford, at Bradford, Sept.20,1770.*

Michael, and Phebe Farrington, Oct.11,1770.*

John, and Abigail Osgood, Feb.7,1771.*

Martha [resident in Andover. int.], of Bradford, and Jeremiah Chandler, at Bradford, Oct.22,1772.*

Hencher, of Methuen, and Anna Phelps, June15,1773.CR2*

Mary, and Timothy Stevens, jr., May19,1774.CR2*

Phineas, and Hannah Chandler, Sept.21,1775.*

Carlton, and Susannah Holt, Apr.18,1776.*

Daniel, of Reading, and, wid.Mary Chandler, Nov.10,1779.*

Asa, and, wid.Apphia Spofford of Rowley, at Rowley, Mar.1,1780.

Hannah [Mrs.CR1], and John White, Apr.10,1780.*

William, and Mary [] Hovey of Boxford, at Boxford, Aug.30,1781.

Lydia, wid., and Thomas Kenny, Apr.30,1782.*

John [jr. int.], and Hannah [] Bailey of Haverhill, at Haverhill, June27,1782.

Aaron, and Hannah Abbot of Billerica, at Billerica, Jan.21,1787.

Phebe, and Seth Kimbal of Bradford, Sept.11,1794.*

Sally, of Harvard, and Joseph Bullard, at Harvard, Jan.8,1797.

Dolly, and Samuel Foster, of Amherst [NH. int.], Aug.30,1798.*

Hannah, of Concord, and Daniel Bartlett, int.Sept.4,1799.

Warren, of Dracut, and Elizabeth Frye, int.Apr.4,1800.

Kendal, and Joann Floyd of Medford, at Medford, May20,1800.

Benjamin, and Lucy Pushard of Dresden, int.Aug.20,1800.

Susanna, and Stephen Morse of Methuen, Sept.9,1800.*

Samuel, Capt., of Barnstable, and Mrs.Mary Freeman, resident in Andover, Sept.3,1801.CR2*

Hannah, and James Yalden, resident in Andover, Oct.1,1801.*

Sarah, and John Russ of Methuen, June9,1802.*

Mary [], and Jonathan Cummings, Dec.30,1802.*

Phebe [], and Israel Wood of Danvers, Aug.17,1803.*

Michael, jr., and Fanny Town, Dec.11,1804.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Griffin of Plattsburg, NY, Nov.10,1805.*

Joseph, of Billerica, and Lydia Parker, Dec.30,1806.*

Lydia, and Joseph Parker, of Billerica, Dec.30,1806.*

Lydia, and Henry Poor, May14,1807.*

Lois, of Methuen, and Jonathan Noyes, int.Mar.11,1809.

Clarisa B., and John Baldwin of Billerica, Nov.15,1810.*

Phebe, and Stephen Poor of Greenfield NH, [Hancock, NH. int.], Dec.30,1813.*

Michael, jr., and Mehitable Fox of Dracut, int.Sept.30,1815.

Washington, of Methuen, and Fanny Noyes, int.Mar.25,1816.

Lucretia, of Lynn, and Amasa Holt, int.Aug.2,1817.

Almira, and Richard Kimball [jr. int.] of Bradford, Feb.2,1818.*

Moses, and Hannah [Dorcas.CR2] B. Chandler, Dec.27,1820.*

Carlton, of Charlestown, and Mary Abbot, Apr.4,1822.*

Persis, and Peter French, jr., Oct.16,1822.*

Oliver, of Reading, and Phebe Farnum, Dec.8,1823.*

Nathaniel, of Reading, and Mary Woodbridge, Dec.23,1824.*

Charlotte, and Dr. Stephen Huse of Methuen, June14,1826.*

Fanny T., and William Jones of Frankfort, NY, int.Aug.5,1826.

John, and Sophia Gage, int.Aug.22,1828.

Amanda, of Cavendish, VT, and Asa H. Brown, int.Sept.26,1829.

Rosena, and Seth Kimball, Apr.27,1831.*

Peter, and Sally K. Lovejoy, Oct.17,1831. [Nov.17.CR1]*

Frances M., and Caleb Abbott, jr., Dec.16,1834.*

Augusta, and Enoch Stevens, Feb.26,1835.*

Mary, of Lowell, and Nathan Parker, Sept.18,1836.

Nathan, and Mary Parker of Lowell, Sept.18,1836.

George G., Esq., and Hannah H. Woods, both of Ashburnham, Dec.26,1836.

John B., and Sarah E. Towner, May18,1837.*

Sally K., and John H. Grush of Boston, Dec.2,1838.

Mehitable, and Joshua Twing of Danvers [South], May5,1839.*

Benjamin, of Malden, and Mary Ann Tucker, Apr.27,1841.*

Eliza Jane, and Nathaniel F. Dearborn, Dec.30,1841.*

Stephen H., and Anna M. Abbott of Concord, NH, int.Jan.1,1842.

Winthrop A., of Rochester, NY, and Lucy Lilley, int.Apr.21,1843.

Simeon, and Fanney Jeffrey of Reading, int.May27,1843.

Carlton, jr., and Patience M. Newell of South Berwick, ME, int.Apr.5,1843. [dup. int.Mar.27,1845.]

Charles S., painter, s.Carleton, and Catharine H. Lord, Feb.19,1846.*

George H., a.21y., carpenter, s.Carlton and Mary, and Mary L. Putnam, a.19y., d.Alfred and Mary, July14,1847.*

Julia H., of Dracut, and David N. McClary, int.Mar.11,1848.

Mary, Mrs., and Layfaette Hall of Lowell, int.Nov.2,1849.


Lydia, of Wilton, NH, and Chandler Phelps, int.Feb.4,1815.


PARSON (Parsons)

Lucy [Pearson. int.and.CR2], and Joshua Sylvester, May19,1816.*

John U., and Harriet Nye of Bangor, ME, int Aug.11,1831.

PARSONS (Parson)

Thomas, of South Hampton, and Anne Poor, int.July22,1758.

George, and Nancy Marston, int.July6,1837.

Phebe S., and Jedidiah C. Ricker, int.Dec.24,1840.


Henry F., and Nancy Abbot, May24,1821.*

Nancy Maria, and Hiram Curtis Travis of Roxbury, int.May12,1847.


Sarah, resident in Andover, and Joel Marshal of Tewksbury, Feb.21,1770.*

John, of Ipswich, a.35y., lawyer, s.John and Judith and Margaret A.G. Poor, a.22y., d.Daniel A. and Emily G., June30,1846.*


Margaret, and William Cheyne, residents in Andover, Jan.末,1844.


Lois F., of Danvers, and Henry Barker, int.July23,1826.

PATTEN (Pattin)

Lydia, wid., and Asa Holt, July5,1781.*

Elijah, and Elsey O'Niel of Methuen [resident in Andover. int.], at Methuen, Dec.29,1798.*


James, and Elizabeth Holmes of Portsmouth, NH, int.Sept.4,1830.

PATTIN (Patten)

Elijah and Lydia Stevens, Apr.29,1773.CR2*


Jane [resident in Andover. int.], and Nathan Abbot of Methuen, Jan.11,1759.*

Eliza Jane, and George Poor, engineer, s.Joseph and Mary, June4,1848.


Eliphalet, of Wiscasset, and Betsey Bradley, July15,1802.*

Carlton, of Lawrence, trader, and Mary P. Ames, d.Simeon and Dorcas, June13,1847.*

PEABODY (Pebody)

Samuell, and Lydia Holt, Jan.27,1701-2.

Allice [of], and Thomas Holt, Dec.14,1708. [Dec.15.CR1]*

Bethiah, and Robert Holt [of Windham, CT. int.], Dec.13,1727.*

Lydia, and Robert Gray, May1,1728.*

Moses, and Sarah Holt, June12,1728.*

Allice, of Boxford, and Henry Gray, int.May15,1736.

Thomas, and Ruth Cole, Feb.28,1738-9.*

Thomas [of], and Ruth Osgood, Nov.21,1738.*

Bethiah, of Boxford, and Aaron Gray, at Boxford, July18,1744.

Joseph [of], and Mary Holt, Oct.24,1744.*

Sarah, and James Stevens, Aug.1,1745.*

Nathaniel, of Boxford, and Hepzibah Barker, at Boxford, Feb.26,1755.*

Lydea, and Joshua Foster, jr., May26,1756.*

Mehetabel, and Solomon Wood of Boxford, Dec.17,1761.*

Elizabeth, and Moses Coburn of Dracut, Apr.15,1762.*

John, jr., and Mary Pearly of Boxford, int.Apr.24,1764.

Samuell, and Elizabeth Wilkins of Reading, int.June15,1765.

Jonathan [of Boxford.CR1], and Mary [Mercy.CR1] Kimball, Dec.1,1767.*

Ruth, Mrs.[of], and David Foster, at Boxford, Dec.31,1767.

Rebecca, and John Styles of Boxford, int.Nov.10,1770.

Sarah, and Peabody Dole of Rowley, Mar.30,1779.*

Deborah, and Stephen Cummings, Mar.29,1780.*

William, jr., and Abigail Dupee, Jan.22,1781.*

Hannah, and Asa Cummings, Jan.22,1782. [Mar.7.CR1]*

Rebecca, and Alaxander Montgomery, Dec.29,1785.*

Dudley, of Boxford, and Rebecca Town, int.Sept.10,1791.

Nathaniel, and Elizabeth Palmer, Nov.3,1802.*

Lucy, and James Phillips of Salem, June30,1805.*

Anna, wid., and Abraham Tyler of Boxford, int.Jan.18,1812.

Fanny, of Middleton, and Samuel Needham, int.Apr.25,1817.

Jesse, of Salem.And Susan Leach, Dec.14,1823.*

Huldah, of Boxford, and Stephen Elliot, int.Mar.15,1827.

Charlotte, of Lowell, and Roderick Bailey, Apr.15,1827.*

Clarissa [of Lowell. int.], and Omar Bailey, Sept.末,1827.CR3 [int.Apr.12,1828.]*

Susanna, and Hermon Towne, Apr.1,1833.*

Harriett, of Boxford, and Joshua Emery, jr., int.Apr.17,1835.

Sarah A., of Boxford, and John P. Foster, int.Nov.14,1845.


Timothy, of Windham [CT. int.], and Elisabeth Stevens, Aug.24,1722.*

Alicne [], of Boxford, and Stephen Barker [jr. int.], at Boxford, Aug.3,1791.*

Simeon, of Boxford, and Mary Carlton, int.Aug.15,1820.

George, and Abigail T. Kimball, both of Boxford, int.Oct.13,1825.

PEARLEY (Perley)

Jeremiah, of Boxford, and Eunice Foster, int.May2,1778.

PEARLY (Perley)

Moses [of Boxford.CR1], and Hannah Frie, Feb.7,1739-40.*

Mary, of Boxford, and John Peabody, jr., int.Apr.24,1764.

Eunice [; of Andover.CR1], and Daniel Gould, both of Boxford, Dec.25,1788.*

PEARSE (Pierce)

Mary, of Portsmouth, and David Blunt, int.Apr.7,1739.

PEARSON (Pearsons, Peirson, Pierson)

James [Preston.CR1] Capt., of Lynn, and Mrs.Hannah Osgood, Nov.5,1724.*

Frances, Mrs., of Haverhill, and Mr. John Johnson, at Haverhill, Sept.24,1746.*

Susanna, and William Ingalls, May26,1761.*

Rebecca [Mrs.CR1], and Benjamin Ingalls, Aug.3,1762.*

John, jr., and Abigail Tyler, Aug.3,1769.*

Moses, resident in Andover, and, wid.Hephzibah Fish, int.Aug.17,1776.

Eliphalet, and Priscilla Holyoke, July17,1780.*

Bethiah, and William Gordon, June6,1782.*

Moses, of Wilmington, and Lois Holt, at Wilmington, Jan.4,1785.

Eliphalet, and Sarah Broomfield of Harvard, at Harvard, Sept.29,1785.*

Abiel, Dr., and Polly Adams of York, int.Apr.21,1788.

Elizabeth, and Benjamin Jinkins of Wilmington, Feb.20,1793.*

Moses, jr., resident in Andover, and Susannah Wimar, int.Aug.28,1804.

Mary H[olyoke. int.], and Rev. Ephraim Abbot of Greenland, NH, Jan.5,1814.*

Joseph, and Sally Foster [residents in Andover. int.], Oct.23,1814.*

Mary E., a.23y., d.Joseph and Sarah, and Josiah H. Currier of Medford, a.23y., teamster, s.David and Susan, June30,1846.*

Joseph J., and Dorcas Chadwick, int.Oct.30,1847.

Hannah T., a.30y., d.Joseph and Sarah, and Albert Bancroft, a.29y., stone mason, s.William and Caroline, May11,1848.*

PEARSONS (Pearson)

Thomas, and Lucy Trow, Nov.21,1811.*

Hepsibeth, of Wilmington, and William Tucker, jr., int.July14,1815.

Abiel, Dr., and Deborah Sparhawk of Portsmouth, NH, int.June8,1816.

Belinda, of Lynnfield, and Benjamin Boynton, int.Mar.7,1817.

David S., and Sarah Wildes of Charlestown, int.Oct.21,1820.

Jabez W., of Boston, and Olive P. Tucker, jr., int.Sept.15,1823.

Mary J., and George Pearsons of Reading, int.Mar.17,1842.

George, of Reading, and Sarah A. Pearsons, Apr.14,1842.

Sarah A., and George Pearsons of Reading, Apr.14,1842.

Harriet L., and Silas Buck, mechanic, both of Wilmington, Nov.28,1844.


Robert [of], and Elizabeth Emery, Feb.28,1716-17.CR1*

Daniel [of], and Abigail Hutchinson, May6,1717.CR1*


Lydia, of Kingstown, and Samuel Spafford, int.May3,1797.

PEAVE (Pevey)

Peter [of Hampton. int.], and Esther Barker, July15,1720.*

PEAVEY (Pevey)

Mary, and Eliakim Wordwill [Wardwell.CR2], May5,1748.*

PEBODY (Peabody)

Anna, and Joseph Abbot, 3d, Feb.9,1748-9.*

Daniel, of Middleton, and Phebe Foster, June4,1750.*

Oliver, and Sarah Robinson, Nov.9,1752.*

Lydea, and Ebenezer Holt, jr., Feb.15,1753.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Frie, Nov.13,1753.*


Solomon, Rev., of Amherst, and Elizabeth Sarah Reeves Hooker, May11,1826.*


Ann, Mrs.[of Haverhill. int.], and Mr. Samuel Chandler, at Haverhill, Sept.12,1738.*

John, of Bradford, and Elizabeth Morse, Feb.26,1801.*

Rachel, of Methuen, and Enoch Holt, int.Apr.13,1808.


Elizabeth, of Beverly and Jacob Lefavour, at Beverly, Aug.24,1749.*


Catherine, a.28y., d.John and Margarett, and Alexander Smart, a.30y., flax-dresser, s.Alexander and Dorothy, Jan.19,1847.*


Elizabeth, and James Taylor, Mar.17,1833.*

Joseph, of Hamilton [], and Susanna Peel, Aug.4,1839.*

Susanna, and Joseph Peel of Hamilton [], Aug.4,1839.*

Joseph, and Marilla De Putrin of Ware, int.July8,1843.

William, manufacturer, and Sarah Jane Reed, spinner in factory, May1,1845.*


Josiah, Rev., of Norridgewock, D.M. [ME. int.], and Sarah [A. int.] Herrick, Sept.8,1814.*

PEETERS (Peters)

Elizabeth, and James Johnson, Apr.26,1692.

Samuel, and Phoebe Frie, Dec.15,1696.

Samuel, and Mary Robinson, June11,1722.*

PEEVEY (Pevey)

Thomas, and Dorcas Holt, Mar.22,1759.*

PEIRCE (Pierce)

Priscilla E. [], and Loami Baldwin, Nov.24,1836.*

PEIRSON (Pearson)

Jonathan, and Tabitha Cowdry of Reading, int.July11,1747.


Briget, Mar., of Boxford, and Jeremiah Foster, Aug.14,1755.


Timothy, and Hannah Buckstone [of Salem Village. int.], Feb.2,1713-14.*

Mary, and Ephraim Smith of Wenham, at Wenham, Dec.30,1725.

Elizabeth, and David Smith of Salem, at Salem, Dec.14,1726.

William, and Hannah Berry of Salem, at Salem, Apr.3,1728.*

Hannah, Mrs.[of Middleton. int.], and Joseph Russel, Nov.27,1746.*

Sarah, of Middleton, and Joshua Lovejoy, jr., int.Apr.30,1769.

Phebe, of Middleton, and Benjamin Berry, jr., int.Mar.30,1770.

Andrew [Parkhirst.CR2;], of Wilton, and Lydia Chandler, Mar.2,1784.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Berry, jr., May25,1784.*

Polly, of Hampton Falls, and Aaron Wood, int.Sept.10,1784.

Betsey, of Middleton, and Kimball Carlton, May19,1825.*

Almira Ann, of Boxford, and Naom Augustus Fish, int.Nov.6,1847.

Joseph B., of Boxford, a.23y., shoemaker, s.Berry and Betsey, and Julia M. Spofford of Boxford, a.18y., d.Aaron and Betsey, Nov.2,1848.

PERLEY (Pearley, Pearly)

Sarah, of Boxford, and Dane Robinson, int.Apr.17,1725.

Henry, and Eunice Hood of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Oct.27,1781.*

Louisa, and Daniel C. [David C. int.] Smith of Georgetown, Oct.末,1841.*

Leverett S., a.25y., machinist, s.Abraham and Betsy, and Phebe F. Taggard, a.25y., d.John and Hannah, Sept.26,1847.*


Thaddeus [of Lynn. int.], and Anna Hayward, Mar.29,1769.*

Thaddeus, of Royalstown [VT.], and Hannah Berry, Sept.27,1780.*

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Elizabeth Holt, May15,1803.*

William, resident in Andover, and Tamer Whiting of Hingham, int.Jan.12,1805.

Martha A., of Lowell, and William D. Stark, int.Nov.14,1843.

PETENGILL (Pettengill)

Samuel, and Mary Holt, Nov.4,1756.*

PETERS (Peeters)

Andrew, and Elizabeth Farnum, Feb.8,1685.

Mary, and Thomas Chandler, May22,1686.

Mercy, and John Allen, May22,1686.

Margret, and James Wilson of Cambridge [Cambridge], Apr.17,1704.CR1*

John, and Phebe Carlton, Mar.20,1732-3.*

James [of Suncook. int.], and Elisabeth Farnum, Dec.31,1736.*

William, of Haverhill, and Jane Lunegen, resident in Andover, int.Dec.6,1746.

Benjamin, and Hannah Chickren, Mar.22,1753. [Mar.11.CR1]*

John, and Sarah Stevens, wid.James, Aug.7,1759.*

Phebe, and Daniel Faulkner, Aug.7,1760.*

Andrew, and Hannah Kimball, Oct.18,1768.*

Mary, and Jonathan Richardson of Middletown, Oct.14,1779.*

Benjamin, jr., and Martha Brown of Reading, at Reading, Oct.7,1783.*

Mehitable, and Daniel Faulkner of Bluehill, Nov.12,1795.*

Joseph [Ens.CR1], and Mehitable Adams, Dec.24,1795.*

John, and Elizabeth Farrington Davis, Sept.24,1801.*

Daniel, and Susanna Frye, July8,1802.*

Hannah, and Nathaniel Frothingham, jr. of Boston, Nov.24,1803.*

Hannah, and Isaac Wilson, Dec.22,1825.*

Sarah, and David Gray, jr., Mar.20,1834.*

Mehitable, and Daniel Foster, 2d, Dec.25,1834.*

Charlotte, and Abiel Stevens, jr., of Methuen, Jan.22,1835.*

Hannah K., and John Howlett of Saugus, July12,1838.*

William, and Elizabeth P. Gardner, Dec.25,1838.*

Emily [A. int.], d.John and [Col. int.] John Hobart Clark, butcher, s.Hobart, June1,1847.*

PETTENGELL (Pettengill)

Enoch A., and Sarah B. Odiorne, Jan.22,1834.*

PETTENGILL (Petengill, Pettengell, Pettingal, Pettingill)

James, and Betsy Averill, int.Dec.20,1810.


Philo C., and Lydia L [Louisa L. int.] Foster, Apr.8,1840.*


Jane R., d.Mark, and Daniel O'Donnell, s.William, June8,1848.CR4*

PETTINGAL (Pettengill)

Nathaniel, and Susannah Abbott, July14,1720.*

PETTINGILL (Pettengill)

Joseph, and Sarah Farrington, Mar.22,1764.*

Susanna, and Joseph Averil of Muddleton, Dec.12,1780.*

William, of Wilton, and Rhoda Hagget, Feb.28,1782.*

Dorcas, and Robert Calahan, June3,1802.

James, and Ruth Wardwell, Sept.6,1818.*

PEVEY (Peave, Peavey, Peevey, Pevy)

Rachel, and Jonathan Wordwill [Wardwell.CR2], Apr.5,1748.*

Hannah, and William Benit [of Groton. int.], Mar.28,1758.*

Hannah, and Peter Johnson, Sept.10,1795.*

PEVY (Pevey)

Dorcas, and George Smith, Mar.2,1794.*


Joshua [Phelps, jr. int.], and Mary Gilson of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Jan.13,1796.*

PHELPS (Phelleps)

Edward, and Ruth Andrews, Mar.9,1682. [-3.CTR]

Samuell, and Sarah Chandler, May29,1682.

Ruth, and Thomas Carter of Woburn, Dec.25,1706.CR1

Samuell, and Hannah Dane, June30,1708.*

Joseph, and Elizabeth Abbott, Mar.13,1710-11.*

John, and Sarah Andrew [of], Nov.4,1714.*

Elizabeth, and Jonathan Lovjoy, Dec.23,1717.*

Henery, and Abigail Lovejoy, Dec.8,1718.*

Sarah, and Samuel Field, Feb.4,1719-20.

Annis, and Benjamin Stevens of Haverhill, Feb.20,1720-21.*

Thomas, and Mary Blanchard, July4,1722.*

Deborah, and Stephen Blanchard, Aug.10,1724.*

Thomas, and Prudence Wimon, Nov.7,1727.*

Hannah, and Eohraim Abbott, jr., Feb.14,1733-4.*

Samuel, jr., and Priscilla Chandler, Jan.22,1735-6.*

Mary, and John Stevens, jr., Nov.3,1737.*

John, and Deborah Lovejoy, Dec.16,1740.*

Francies, and Phebe Holt, Jan.11,1742-3.*

Sarah, and Reubin Muzzey [of Kingstown. int.], May10,1743.*

Joseph, and Lydea Osgood, June6,1749.*

Lois, of Reading, and Nickless Holt, jr., int.Feb.7,1750-51.

Hannah, and Hezekiah Lovejoy [of Souhegan. int.], Apr.9,1751.*

Hannah, and George Flynt, jr. [of Reading. int.], Oct.18,1753.*

Mary, and John Osgood, 3d, Nov.29,1753.*

Prudence, and Daniel Dane, Feb.21,1760.*

Henry, and, wid.Susanna Kittridge of Tewksbury, int.Apr.24,1760.

Thomas, and Mary Shattuck, Oct.17,1765.CR2*

Joshua, and Lowis Ballard, Feb.17,1767.*

Susanna [Mrs.CR2], and Thomas Kidder [of Billerica.dup.], at Billerica, July7,1767.

Hannah, and Benjamin Mooar, Sept.29,1767.*

Hannah, and Samuel Osgood, jr., Nov.22,1768.*

Priscilla, and Philemon Dane, July11,1769.*

Joseph, and Ruth French of Tewksbury, int.Feb.2,1771.

Phebe, of Tewksbury, and Jacob Foster, jr., int.Aug.15,1772.

Joseph, and, wid.Abigail Blancherd, Dec.22,1772.CR2*

Anna, and Hencher Parker of Methuen, June15,1773.CR2*

Henry, and Mary Ballard, Oct.31,1780.*

William, of Salem, and Hannah Holt, Jan.4,1781.*

Lois, and Isaac Blunt, jr., Dec.13,1791.*

Hannah, and Nathan Abbot, 3d, Dec.11,1792.*

Elisha, and Rhoda Tay of Wilmington, at Woburn, Oct.28,1795.*

Joseph, jr., and Rebeccah Abbot, June28,1798.*

Isaac, and Dorcas Ames, Oct.31,1799.CR2*

Mary, and Joseph Chandler, jr., Dec.18,1806.*

Jonathan, and Abigail Abbot, Dec.21,1811.*

Abner [Dr. int.], of Reading, and Delia H[ubbel. int.] Clark, Mar.22,1814.*

Chandler, and Lydia Parkhearst of Wilton, NH, int.Feb.4,1815.

Mary, and Levi Beane, Mar.12,1819.*

Joshua, and Dolly Watson of Bedford, int.Mar.28,1822.

Joel, and Lydia A. Thompson of Charleston [Charlestown. int.], Dec.23,1824.*

Lydia, and [Capt. int.] Jonathan Abbot, jr., Feb.16,1826.*

Henry, of Methuen, and Eliza Merrill, int.Sept.29,1831.

Chandler, and Hannah T. [F. int.] Ballard, May7,1834.*

Hermon, and Esther B. Merrill of Lowell, int.Oct.26,1841.

Austin, Rev., of Boston, and Elizabeth Stuart, int.Aug.10,1842.

Joel, and Lucinda Favor, Nov.13,1842.*

Elizabeth A., and Richard Moore, Oct.26,1843.*

Priscilla F., a.24y., d.Jonathan and Abigail, and George Gutterson, of Milford, NH, a.25y., farmer, s.Josiah and Phebe, July29,1846.*

Jacob S., a.27y., farmer, s.Chandler and Lydia, and Rebecca Chandler, a.31y., d.Joseph and Mary, May11,1848.*


Samuell [Rev. int.], and Hannah White, Jan.17,1712.*

Mary, of Salem, and George Abbot, at Salem, Nov.29,1721.*

Mary, and Samuel Appleton [of Haverhill. int.], Oct.12,1736.*

Samuel [jr. int.], and [] Elisabeth Barnard, July11,1738.*

Lydia, Mrs., and Dr. Parker Clarke, May18,1742.*

Samuel, jr., and Phebe Foxcroft of Cambridge, int.June12,1773.

Samuel, 3d, and Mehitable Hagget of Bradford, int.Jan.3,1788.

Sally [of Boston. int.], and Mark Newman, at Boston, Sept.29,1795.*

James, of Salem, and Lucy Peabody, June30,1805.*

Phebe F., and Jonathan Clemant, int.May6,1824.

Samuel, Maj., and Sarah A. Swett of Boxford, int.Sept.8,1827.

Elizabeth B., and Amos Spaulding, Esq., int.Nov.20,1832.

Mary Ann, and William Gray Brooks of Boston, Sept.9,1833.*

Nathaniel, of Taunton, and Martha Hawley, Nov.11,1833.*

Elizabeth B., and William Stevens, June20,1839.*

Julia, and Isaac Tompkins of Chester, NH, July26,1842.*

Rosey, and Patrick Gorman, int.Jan.21,1848.

PHILPS (Phillips)

Elizabeth [Phillips.CTR], and Joseph Ballerd, Feb.28,1665.

PHIPPS (Phips)

Abner J., and Elizabeth F. Abbe of Roxbury, Dec.7,1842.*

PHIPS (Phipps)

Frances [resident in Andover. int.], and Timothy Trumbal, Jan.20,1778.*


Marcia, Mrs., of Rowley, and Joseph Holt, int.Jan.16,1825.


Mary F., of Cambridgeport, and Ezra Merrill, int.Jan.25,1845.

PIERCE (Pearse, Peirce)

Daniel, of Woburn, and Dinah Holt, at Woburn, July3,1705.*

Summers, of Woburn, and Martha Holt, Mar.3,1725-6.*

Elizabeth, and James Blanchard, May16,1758.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Young, Sept.19,1776.*

Jesse, Capt., of Monmouth [ME. int.], and Catharine Johnson, Oct.22,1822.CR1*

Thomas S., of Petersburg, Virginia, and Anne B. Marland, Sept.6,1836.*

Edwin, and Eliza S. Mulliken of Lexington, int.Sept.10,1845.

PIERSON (Pearson)

John [of Lynn. int.], and Rebecca Osgood, June16,1732.*


Sarah A., and John K. Hall of Boston, at Charlestown, Apr.30,1836.*

John, of Bradford, and Eliza A. Tuck, Dec.10,1840.*

Austin F., of Franklin, NH, a.26y., lawyer, s.Uriah and Mary, and Elizabeth Farley, a.23y., d.Isaac and Louisa, Aug.18,1846.*

Willard, 2d m., a.58y., tallow chandler, b. Phillipstown, s.David and Joanna, of Phillipstown, and Betsey Hardy, a.40y., d.Stephen and Sarah, Nov.29,1849.*

PILLSBURY (Pilsbury)

Paul P., widr., a.50y., farmer, s.Daniel and Eunice, and Sarah A. Stevens, a.32y., d.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.10,1848.*

PILSBURY (Pillsbury)

Phebe [], of Newbury, and James Dane, at Newbury, June6,1799.*


Mary, of Salem, and Nathan W. Hazen, Esq., int.Oct.2,1830.

Asa, and Mary C. Kilborn, both of Topsfield, Feb.3,1841.


Thomas, and Sarah Ballard, Mar.31,1774.CR2*

Sally, and William Rogers of Tewksbury, Dec.24,1807.*


Hannah, wid.[resident in Andover. int.], and Moses Town, Nov.28,1791.*

John E., and Susan H. Couch of Newburyport, int.Nov.14,1836.


John, and Elizabeth Jorden, Jan.15,1792.*


Maria, and Uriah Russel, int.May10,1829.

PLATS (Platt)

Ann, of Bradford, and Nathan Barker, int.Dec.11,1736.

Ednah, of Boxford, and Joseph Abbot, jr., int.Nov.1,1766.

PLATT (Plats, Platts)

Frances, and Warren Mears, int Sept.21,1845.

PLATTS (Platt)

Mary, of Rowley, and Henry Abbott, int.Oct.27,1721.


Sally, and Nathanael Heriman of Bradford, int.Oct.5,1794.

Moses, and Phebe Poor of Methuen, at Methuen, Nov.22,1796.*

Mary, of Londonderry, and Capt. Stephen Poor, int.Aug.24,1801.

Hezekiah Smith, and Betsey Sympson Poor, Apr.3,1806.*

Maria [Betsy S. int.], and Sam uel Poor, Nov.27,1828.CR3*

Maria Ann, and Franklin Barnard, Apr.18,1833.*

Elizabeth C., of Lancaster, and Edmund Fletcher, int.Oct.2,1840.

Almira E., and Simeon Bordwell, Mar.16,1843.*


Isabella, and Charles Dole [Dale, of], Aug.末,1833.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Abiathar Holt, Sept.15,1836.*

POLAND (Polland)

Amos [resident in Andover. int.], and Hannah Johnson, Apr.1,1755.*

Rebecca [wid.CR1], and Benjamin Johnson, Nov.30,1769.*

POLLAND (Poland)

Joanna L., and John S.H. Moses of Lincoln, int.Oct.26,1844.


Dustin B., of Pelham, NH, and Hannah F. Swan, Apr.15,1841.*


Samuel, of Watertown, and Nancy Holt, Apr.12,1812.*

POOL (Poole)

Mary, and Michael Sweetser [of Reading. int.], Apr.9,1761.*

POOLE (Pool)

Mary, Mrs., of Lynn, and Timothy Osgood, Apr.11,1728.*

Sarah, and Ephraim Swan, May23,1738.*

POOR (Pore)

Martha, and John Granger, at Chelmsford, Feb.9,1679.

Hannah, and Francis Deane [Dane.CTR], Nov.16,1681.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Marstone, Apr.7,1686.

Prissilla, and Abraham Moore, Dec.14,1687.

Daniel, and Mehetabell Osgood, Apr.25,1688.CR1

Deborah, and Timothy Osgood, May29,1689.

Ruth, and John Steevens, Dec.20,1689.

Lucy, and Samuel Astin, Oct.11,1691.

Daniel, and Dorothy Kimball of Bradford, int.Jan.19,1711-12.

Abigail, of Newbury, and Ephraim Foster, at Newbury, Jan.17,1715-16.*

John, and Mary Faulkner, Feb.14,1715-16.*

Mary, and Benjamin Stevens, Oct.5,1721.*

Joseph, and Rebecca Osgood, May20,1725.*

Thomas, and Mary Adams of Newbury, at Newbury, Sept.30,1728.*

Sarah, and Thomas Russ, July16,1730.*

Mehetable, and Joseph Frie, Mar.22,1732-3.*

Mehetabel, and Jonathan Farnum, May31,1733.*

Debrah, and James Allin, Aug.27,1736.*

John [jr. int.], and Rebecca Stevens, Oct.18,1739.*

Dorathy, and Isaac Robinson, June19,1740.*

Jonathan, and Elisabeth Dane, May24,1744.*

Timothy, and Mary Stevens, Nov.20,1744.*

Mary, and John Maston, Apr.3,1746.*

Mary, and Nathan Stevens, Apr.22,1746.*

Martha [], and Benjamin Howard of Chelmsford, Jan.12,1747-8.*

Presila, and Benjamin Gage [jr. int.] of Bradford, Feb.22,1749-50.*

Rebeca, and Amos Curtis [of Middleton.CR1], Mar.28,1749.*

Abigail, and Isaac Carlton, Feb.28,1750-51.*

Deborah, and Stephen Barker of Methuen, Oct.18,1750.*

Sarah, and Timothy Stevens, Oct.15,1751.*

Benjamin, and Phebe Varnam of Dracut, int.Feb.1,1752.

Mary, and Abial Faulkner, Mar.5,1752.*

Peter, and Sarah Wood of Boxford, at Boxford, Oct.11,1753.*

Ebenezer, and Susanna Varnam of Dracut, int.Feb.19,1757.

Joseph, and [] Ruth Barnard, June7,1757.*

Anne, and Thomas Parsons of South Hampton, int.July22,1758.

Daniel, and Hannah Frye, Mar.31,1763.*

Joseph, jr, and Mary Abbot, Dec.26,1768.*

Daniel, 3d, and Sarah Kimball, Apr.18,1769.*

Jonathan, and Susa Poor, Dec.5,1769.*

Susa, and Jonathan Poor, Dec.5,1769.*

Abraham, and Elizabeth Barker, Apr.19,1770.*

Mary, and David Farnum [of Pembroke. int.], Jan.10,1771.*

Hannah, and Phineas Johnson, June6,1771.*

Sarah, and Zachariah Chickering, int.Nov.20,1771.

Rebecca, and Jeddediah Farnum, Dec.26,1771.*

Hannah, and Jeduthun Abbot, Nov.26,1772.*

Lydia, and Ephraim Abbot, Oct.27,1774.*

Mary, and Abial Lovjoy, Apr.30,1776.*

John, 3d, and Chloe Lovejoy, Dec.26,1776.*

Peter [jr. int.], and Elisabeth Sargent of Methuen, at Methuen, July23,1777.

Phebe, and John Farington, jr., Nov.4,1777.*

Timothy, jr., and Mary Sargent of Methuen, at Methuen, Mar.1,1781.*

Daniel, 3d, and Hannah Frye, May23,1782.*

Frances, and Wiley Richardson of Westford, May15,1783.*

Elizabeth, and Peter Coburn [jr. int.] of Dracut [for sometime a resident in Andover.CR2], May20,1783.*

Betty, and Timothy Johnson, Apr.29,1784.*

Bette, and Nathan Adams, Dec.1,1785.*

Hannah, and Samuel Frye, 3d., Sept.21,1790.*

Mary, and Joshua Bradly of Dracut, Nov.4,1790.*

Peter, Lt., and Elizabeth Frye, Mar.17,1791.*

Isaac, and Lydia Bragg, Apr.28,1791.*

Theodore, and Sarah Downing, Jan.12,1794. [Jan.2.CR2]*

Susannah, and Capt. Luke Wilder of Salisbury, NH, Jan.23,1794.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Betsey Stevens, Sept.8,1794.*

Stephen, and Betsey Dustin of Winham, int.Oct.25,1795.

Mary, and Aaron Robinson of Boxford, Mar.24,1796.*

Phebe, of Methuen, and Moses Plummer, at Methuen, Nov.22,1796.*

Lemuel, and Elizabeth Richardson of Woburn, Dec.28,1797.*

Hannah, and Ezra Abbot, Apr.24,1798.*

Mary, and Samuel Johnson, jr., int.Aug.17,1799.

Jonathan, and Ruth Porter of Boxford, at Boxford, Aug.25,1799.*

Sarah, and Rev. James Kendal of Plymouth, July22,1800.*

Catharine, and Joshua Grover of Charlestown, Aug.3,1800.*

Joseph, and Mary Bradley, Apr.16,1801.*

Frederick, and Mercy Barber of Peterboro, int.July9,1801.

Stephen, Capt., and Mary Plummer of Londonderry, int.Aug.24,1801.

Anna, and Rev. Joshua Bates of Dedham, Sept.4,1804.*

John, 3d, and Mary Osgood Bradley, Dec.28,1804.*

Sally, and Bodwell Lovejoy, Dec.31,1805.*

Betsey Sympson, and Hezekiah Smith Plummer, Apr.3,1806.*

Henry, and Lydia Parker, May14,1807.*

Pamela, and Amos Clark, Oct.11,1807.*

James, Capt., of Belfast, and Anna Johnson, Oct.21,1807.*

Daniel, jr., and Deborah Bower Baker, Dec.1,1808.CR2*

Stephen, of Greenfield, NH [Hancock, NH int.], and Phebe Parker, Dec.30,1813.*

Lydia A., and Solomon Symonds [resident in Andover. int.], Feb.14,1815.*

Mary, and Joseph Cummings, Dec.19,1815.*

Betsey, of Rindge, NH, and Henry Lovejoy, int.Mar.8,1816.

Cloe, and Nathan Bailey, Jan.4,1819.*

Ann, and James Shaw of Strafford, VT, Mar.6,1821.*

Dorcas, and Simeon Ames, jr., Nov.20,1823.*

Timothy, and Hannah Bodwell of Methuen, int.Nov.22,1823.

Isaac, and Elizabeth Foster, Dec.12,1823. [int.Feb.13,1824.]*

Ebenezer, Rev., of Beverly, and Clarissa Abbot, Feb.1,1825.*

Sarah, of Methuen, and Isaac Mooars, int.Sept.29,1825.

Mary O., and Parker Richardson, Oct.26,1826.*

Mary, and Joel Russell, jr., Apr.30,1827.*

Sarah, and Timothy Bailey [], June7,1827.CR3*

Elizabeth, and Isaac Stevens, Nov.27,1828.*

Samuel, and Maria [Betsy S. int.] Plummer, Nov.27,1828.CR3*

William, of Methuen, and Hannah G. White, May14,1829.*

Benjamin, of Andover, ME, and Catharine, A. Montgomery, Oct.30,1832.*

Timothy, 2d, and Jane P. Colwell, May14,1833.*

Sarah W., and Henry Reed [jr., of], May23,1833.CR3*

Rebecca, and David Barnard, 3d, int.Dec.27,1833.

Sarah B., and Stephen W. Butman, Mar.9,1835.*

Mary A[nne. int.], and Hosea B. Bryant of Lowell, Oct.26,1837.*

Thomas B., and Beular S. French of Tewksbury, int.June21,1843.

Elizabeth, d.Samuel and Betsy, and Washington G. Mathers.[], mason, Feb.26,1846.*

Margaret A.G., a.22y., d.Daniel A. and Emily G., and John Patch of Ipswich, a.35y., lawyer, s.John and Judith, June30,1846.*

Susan, of Lowell, a.29y., d.Joseph and Mary, and A. Chipman Turner of Lexington, a.34y., railroad conductor, s.Timothy and Sarah, Dec.23,1846.

George, engineer, s.Joseph and Mary, and Eliza Jane Paul, June4,1848.

PORE (Poor)

Daniel, and Mary Farnum, at Boston, Oct.20,1650.


Benjamin, jr. [of Boxford.CR1], and Ruth Foster, Nov.8,1744.*

Hasadiah, of Ipswich, and Anna Johnson, at Chebacco Parish of Ipswich, Mar.23,1756.*

Lucy, of Boxford, and Asa Barker, int.Sept.9,1767.

Lydia, of Boxford, and Daniel Farnum, int.Sept.24,1768.

Nehemiah, of Boxford, and Susanna Robinson, Jan.7,1772.*

Benjamin, 3d, of Boxford, and Mary Sergant, int.Jan.21,1778.

Tyler, of Boxford, and Mrs.Abigail Johnson, at Boxford, Dec.23,1779.*

Phebe [], of Danvers, and Michael Carlton, at Danvers, Nov.14,1782.*

Nathaniel, and Sarah Austin, July21,1785.*

Hannah, and Capt. Peter Osgood, jr., Nov.27,1788.*

Jonathan, of Medford, and Phebe Abbot, Nov.7,1790.*

Ruth, of Boxford, and Jonathan Poor, at Boxford, Aug.25,1799.*

Sarah [wid.CR1], of Boston, and Lt. Alexander Montgomery, June18,1807.*

Isaac, resident in New York, and Mary Foster, int.May19,1811.

Benjamin, resident in Andover, and Sally Runnels, int.Mar.31,1821.

Sarah A., and John Averill, Dec.29,1825.*


Mary, wid., and John Bridges, Mar.1,1677-8.


Eunis, and John Fry, Oct.4,1660.

Elsis, of Ipswich, and Isaac Johnson, int.Jan.1,1779.


Susanna, of Boston, and Rev. William Symmes, int.July7,1774.


Triphenah, of Groton, and Samuel Flood, resident in Andover, int.Oct.29,1743.


Francis [of Boston. int.], and Elizabeth G. Irving, Aug.7,1849.*


Rebecca, of Reading, and Jonathan Jenkins, int.Jan.9,1808.

Thomas, and Anna Foster, both of Medford, Jan.19,1837.CR2

John G., and Olivia Evans of Reading, Mar.26,1837.*

Harriet A., and Jonas W. Davis, Oct.19,1841.*


Charles, and Sarah C. Abbot, Nov.30,1837.*

Dorothy M.V., and Hiram Hathaway, int.Jan.28,1843.

PREBLE (Prable)

PRENTISS (Printis)

Mary A., a.21y., and Rev. Erastus B. Claggett, a.28y., minister, Feb.25,1845.*


Abel, and Eleanor Harvey of Bow, NH, int.July14,1819.

James C., and Abigail Nichols, int.May2,1835.

Jacob E., and Annah Nichols, int.May14,1838.

James M., and Lucy Abbot [int.Nov.7,1840.]*

PRESSON (Preston)

Ebenezer, of Wilmington, and Lydia Eavens, at Wilmington, June13,1744.*

PRESTON (Presson)

末末, wid., and Nicholas Holt, May21,1666.

Samuell, and Susanna Gutterson, May27,1672.

John, and Sarah Holt, Nov.2,1687.CTR

Samuel, and Sarah Bridges, Apr.2,1694.

Mary, and Benjamine Russell, Mar.26,1702.

Jacob, and Sarah Willson, June17,1702.

Elizabeth, and John Holt, Jan.16,1705-6.*

Susannah, and James Holt, May24,1705*

John, and Mary Heines of Haverhill, Jan.10,1706-7.*

Joseph, and Rebecka Preston, Dec.21,1709.*

Rebecka, and Joseph Preston, Dec.21,1709.*

Ruth, and Hugh Tayler [a "stranger and sayler. ". int.], June7,1710. [June8.CR1]*

Samuell, sr., and [] Mary Blodgett, Sept.24,1713.*

Lydia, and Daniel Holton, int.Jan.22,1714-15.

Priscilla, and George Holt, Feb.22,1714-15.*

Rececka [], and Robert Holt, May22,1718.*

Mary, and Christopher Lovjoy, int.Dec.27,1718.

Hannah, and Nathaniel Farnem, May19,1719.*

Sarah, and John Stacy of Hampton, Jan.24,1723-4.*

Samuel, and Hannah Bridges, Apr.8,1728.*

Jacob [of], and Sarah Foster, Sept.21,1730.*

Ruth, and Nathaniel Barnard, May10,1733.*

Ruth, of Salem, and Samuel Kimball, at Salem, Jan.2,1752.*

Hannah, of Danvers, and Moses Kimball [], at Danvers, July9,1793.*

Jedadiah, of Hillsboro, NH, and Hepzibah Hardy, Feb.5,1799.*

Hitty, of Danvers, and Ebenezer Berry, int.Feb.9,1808.

Ebenezer C., of Boston, and Ruby Bridges, Mar.3,1823.*


Ann, Mrs., and Dudly Bradstreet, Nov.12,1673.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Thomas Barnard, Dec.14,1686.

William, of Ashford [CT. int.], and [] Sarah Preston, Oct.18,1722.*


Sarah, and Joseph Lovejoy, May26,1685.


Thomas, of Salem, and Hannah Stevens, May30,1812.*


Caleb S., and Martha J. Stevens, Nov.11,1832.*

PRINTIS (Prentiss)

Charles, and Hannah Stedman, July4,1811.*


Elizabeth, and John Bolman, Aug.25,1795.*

PROCTER (Proctor)

Eliza Ann, and Ozro Mason, Sept.12,1841.TC

PROCTOR (Procter)

William, and Mary Ann McAllister, June22,1840.*


Benjamin H., and Martha S. [L. int,] Marland, Oct.14,1829.*


Mary, and Fordyce F. Lincoln, Jan.25,1824.*

Ellen H., and Ebenezer Foster, jr., May9,1833.*

David, and Ann E. Frye, Jan.17,1836.*


Lucy, of Dresden, and Benjamin Parker, int.Aug.20,1800.

PUTNAM (Putnum)

Elezebeth, of Salem, and Daniel Farington, int.July24,1731.

Daniel, of Reading, and Hannah Ingalls, Dec.13,1744.*

Phyneas, of Danvers, and Mary Whipple, at Danvers, Aug.12,1752.*

Tarant [jr. int.], of Sutton, and Easter Foster, Nov.11,1756.*

Stephen [of Wilton. int.], and Olive Varnum, Oct.18,1764.*

Joshua, of Reading, and Eunice Hayward, Apr.2,1807.*

Lucy, wid., of Reading, and Jacob Osgood, int.May25,1811.

Israel W., Rev., of Portsmouth, NH, and Harriot Osgood, Dec.2,1815.*

Hiram, of Danvers, and Elizabeth Osgood, Aug.6,1816.*

Simeon, and Abby B. Fay of Concord, int.Nov.21,1816.

Alfred, and Mary O. Merrill, Nov.17,1825.*

George A., of Danvers, and Lydia Osgood, Dec.11,1832.*

Alfred, and [] Harriet S. Bradley, Dec.13,1843.*

Israel W., a.23y., trader, s.Israel, and Hannah L. Flanders, a.26y., d.Simon, Nov.9,1845.*

Israel, and Abigail Hildreth of Lyndeboro, NH, int.Jan.6,1846.

Mary L., a.19y., d.Alfred and Mary, and George H. Parker, a.21y., carpenter, s.Carlton and Mary, July14,1847.*

Nancy Jane, and Luther Jenkins of Reading, int.Apr.28,1849.


Damaris, and Nathan Dennis [residents in Andover.], July6,1725.*

PUTNUM (Putnam)

Sarah, of Reading, and Henry Ingalls, int.July10,1742.

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