FAIRBANK (Fairbanks)

Joseph B.V., and Margret Hadden, Apr.27,1826.*

FAIRBANKS (Fairbank)

Hollis W., a.26y., mechanic, and Caroline P. Tripp, a.25y., d.Robert and Hannah, Dec.25,1844.*


Henry A., and Margaret S. Heath of Bath, ME, int.May21,1836.


George, a.30y., spinner, s.George and Alison, and Agnes Stalker, a.31y., d.William and Isabelle, Oct.16,1846.*

FALKNER (Faulkner)

Mary, and John Sullivan Abbot, late Resident in Portland, now resident in Andover, Dec.12,1802.*

FARINGTON (Farrington)

Elizabeth, and Mark Graves, Nov.14,1667. [Nov.12.CTR]

Edward, and Martha Browne, Apr.9,1690.

Martha, and Solomon Steward [of Rowley.int.], June28,1727.*

John, and Sarah Holton of Salem, int.Oct.17,1730.

Daniel, and Elezebeth Purnam of Salem, int.July24,1731.

Lydea, and Ebenezer Abbot, 4th, Jan.1,1752.*

Daniel, jr., and Hannah Farnam, Nov.13,1753.*

John, jr., and Phebe Poor, Nov.4,1777.*

FARLEY (Farly)

Samuel, jr., and Elizabeth Johnson, May30,1765.*

Samuel, of Pepperell, and Hannah Chandler, Mar.5,1778.*

Elizabeth, a.23y., d.Isaac and Louisa, and Austin F. Pike of Franklin, NH, a.26y., lawyer, s.Uriah and Mary, Aug.18,1846.*

FARLY (Farley)

Mary, of Reading, and Ephraim Johnson, int.Feb.28,1765.


Edward [of Dracut. int.], and Sarah Abbot, Mar.1,1757.*

Lydia, and Peter Foster, Aug.30,1787.*

Simeon, of Billerica, and Mary Noyes, Feb.20,1800.*

Eliza, of Lowell, and John Ferguson, int.Feb.5,1830.

Naomi, and Henry Cochran of Tewksbury, int.Apr.30,1847.

FARNAM (Farnham)

Sarah, and Benjamin Abbott, Apr.22,1685.

Berechiah, and Hepsabah Harnden of Reading, at Reading, Jan.1,1723-4.*

Tabitha, and Jocob Stevens, Dec.7,1748.*

Ann, and Richard Barker [of Pelham.int.], June22,1749.*

Precilla, wid., and Stephen Johnson of Hampstead, NH, Aug.28,1750.*

Jemima, and James How [jr. int.] of Methuen, Feb.16,1752.*

Mary, and Joshua Foster, jr., int.June27,1752.

Susanna, and Isaac Abbot [jr. int.], May29,1753.*

Hannah, and Daniel Farington, jr., Nov.13,1753.*

Lydia, wid., and John Holt, 4th, Nov.28,1753.*

Mary, and Joseph Wood of Boxford, Jan.2,1754.*

Rachel, and James Burck [John Burch, resident in Ipswich.CR1], of Ipswich, Oct.17,1754.*

Phebe, and Joshua Holt, jr., Dec.2,1755.*

Thomas [jr. int.], and Lydea Abbot, Jan.13,1756.*

Phebe, and Thomas Richardson [residents in Andover. int.], Sept.1,1757.*

Asa, and Susanna Towne of Topsfield, at Topsfield, Mar.16,1758.*

David [jr.CR1], and Damaris Faulkner, July6,1762.*

Sarah, and Briggs Hollowell Emory, June25,1795.*

Lucien, Rev., and Louisa Denham of Conway, int.Aug.28,1830.

FARNAUM (Farnham)

Sarah, and Samuel Barker, May13,1725.*

Stephen, and Hannah Richardson [resident in Andover. int.], Dec.8,1726.*

Ephraim, and Mary Ingalls, Nov.12,1728.*

Samuel, and Mary How [of Middleton. int.], Jan.13,1730-31.*

Elezabeth, and Robert Swan, Dec.9,1731.*

Ebenezer, and Priscilla Ingalls, Feb.12,1732-3.*

Priscilla, and John Russ [of Penecook. int.], July25,1732.*

Josiah, and Mary Frie, Oct.30,1733.*

Thomas, and Phebe Towns, Nov.23,1733.*

Rebecca, and Benjamin Hall of Bradford, int.Sept.20,1735.

James, and Lydia Kimbol, Dec.27,1748.*

FARNEM (Farnham)

Anna, and Thomas Russ, Apr.17,1701.

Mary, and John Johnson, May18,1708. [1707.CR1; int.1708.]*

Elizabeth, and Ebenezer Frye, Dec.23,1708.*

John, and Joanna Barker, Jan.26,1709-10.*

Sarah, and Henery Lovjoy, Feb.14,1711-12.*

David, and Dorathy Dunkan of Boston, int.Feb.12,1712-13.

Henery, and Pheoby Russell, June12,1712.*

Abigail, and James Abbott, Jan.6,1713-14.*

William, and Anne Flint of Salem, int.Dec.10,1714.

Lydia, and David Foster, Aug.29,1716.*

Nathaniel, and Hannah Preston, May19,1719.*

FARNHAM (Farnam, Farnaum, Farnem, Farnum)

Edwin, and Harriot Herrick, Oct.12,1826.*

John [jr. int.], and Almira Ames, Apr.末,1827.*

Susan J. [G.CR1], and Henry Smith of Gloucester, Apr.21,1827.*

Joseph, and Maria Carlton, Dec.27,1827.*

Elizabeth, and Nathaniel Mores of Malden, int.Apr.26,1828.

Dolly, and Isaac Abbott, jr., Nov.4,1828.*

Leonard, and Sarah M. Palmer of Derry, NH, int.Oct.9,1830.

Edwin, Capt., and Susan B. Webber of Lowell, int.Mar.9,1832.

Rebecca P., and Calvin C. Damon of Framingham, Mar.13,1832.*

Mary [Ruby.CR1 and int.] F., and Henry Stoodly, July9,1832.*

Martha, and Thomas B. Brown, Jan.1,1833.*

Mary M., and Capt. John H. Davis of Gloucester, May1,1834.*

Isaac, Capt. [jr. int.], and Sarah A. [Mary A.CR1] Chickering, June18,1834.*

Jesse, and Elizabeth Clark, June19,1834.*

Seth, and Sarah Tucker, May14,1835.*

Fanny, and Benjamin [P. int.] Grant, Dec.3,1835.*

Sarah B., and Jesse Bickford, Sept.29,1836.*

John C., and Dorcas S. Abbot, Apr.13,1837.CR2*

Susan B., and Samuel Abbot, June20,1839.*

Phebe J., and George H. Gilbert, Dec.10,1839.*

Charles H., and Sarah Green of Chelsea, int.May28,1842.

Maria, and George W. Harris, int.Oct.29,1844.

John P., a.22y., mason, s.Timothy and Nancy, and Abby M. Chick, a.22y., d.Samuel and Huldah, Nov.14,1844.*

Eliza B., a.21y., d.Benjamin and Ruth, and Henry Cummings of Middletown [Westford.int.], a.22y., s.Joseph and Mary, Oct.28,1845. [Oct.27.CR1]*

Chloe, a.53y., d.Peter and Chloe, and Edmund Morse, widr., of Haverhill, a.57y., carpenter, s.David and Abigail, Mar.10,1846.*

John C., and Sarah Tufts of Charlestown, NH, int.Apr.7,1846.

Rebecca [F. int.], a.21y., d.Jacob and Rebecca, and William S. Jenkins, a.24y., carpenter, s.Benjamin and Betsey, May22,1849.*


Prudence, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Bailey, int.Dec.6,1823.


Harriet, of Salem, NH, and Benjamin Farrington, int.Feb.16,1828.

FARNUM (Farnham)

Mary, and Daniel Pore, at Boston, Oct.20,1650.

Sara, and Georg Abbet [jr.CTR], Apr.26,1658.

Ralfe, and Elizabeth Holt, Oct.26,1658. [1657.CTR]

Thomas, and Elizabeth Sibbons, July8,1660.

John, and Rebecka Kent, Nov.12,1667.

Mary, and William Lovejoy, Nov.29,1680.

John, and Elizabeth Parker, Apr.10,1684.

Elizabeth, and Andrew Peters, Feb.8,1685.

Ralph, and Sarah Sterling, Oct.9,1685.

Hannah, and Samuel Holt, Mar.28,1693.

John, and Mary Tyler, June30,1693.

Mehitabell, and Peter Johnson, Nov.29,1693.

Tabitha, and John Frie, Nov.1,1694.

Samuel, and Hannah Holt, Jan.4,1697-8.

Elizabeth, and George Holt, May10,1698.

Ephraim, and Priscilla Hoult, Mar.20,1699-1700.

Jonathan, and Elizabeth Barker, at Newbury, Oct.16,1708.*

Hannah, and Benjamin Stevens, Apr.18,1717.*

Thomas and Dorathy Lacy, Aug.3,1720.*

Hannah, and David Beverly [of Haverhill. int.], Nov.11,1720.*

Phebe, and Joseph Ingalls, Dec.29,1720.*

James, and Joanna Grainger, July10,1722.*

Rebecca, and Obadiah Holt, Nov.14,1726.*

Timothy, and Dinah Ingalls, Jan.18,1727-8.*

Deborah, and Timothy Faulkner, Feb.4,1729-30.*

Tabitha, and Israel Adams, Mar.20,1732-3.*

Jonathan, and Mehetabel Poor, May31,1733.*

Elisabeth, and James Peters [of Suncook. int.], Dec.31,1736.*

John, and Sarah Frie, Dec.26,1738.*

Mary, and Stephen Holt [of Suncook. int.], July12,1739.*

Elisabeth, and Samuel Barker, jr. [3d.CR1], Apr.2,1741.*

Joanna, and Ebenezer Stevens, Apr.2,1741.*

Mehetable, and Asa Stevens, Sept.9,1742.*

Joanna, and John Flint [of Reading. int.], June6,1744.*

Hannah, and John Abbot, June17,1746.*

Priscilla, and Dr. Jonathan Ballard, Sept.4,1760.*

Phebe, and Jonathan Martain, Feb.11,1762.*

Josiah, jr., and Mehetabell Kimball, Sept.25,1766.*

Benjamin, and Dolly Holt, Nov.26,1767.*

Daniel, and Lydia Porter of Boxford, int.Sept.24,1768.

Abiah, and John Ayer, Apr.4,1769.*

David [of Pembroke. int.], and Mary Poor, Jan.10,1771.*

Jeddediah, and Rebecca Poor, Dec.26,1771.*

Dorothy, and John Fowler [jr.CR1] of Ipswich, Mar.10,1774.*

Lydia, and Thomas Holt, jr., Oct.27,1774.*

Samuel, and Dorcas Bragg, Feb.22,1775.*

Rachel, and John Stickney, May4,1775.

Peter, and Sarah Descomb, Dec.4,1783.*

Phebe, and David Hovey of Boxford, Mar.30,1784.*

Asa, and Lucinda Abbot, Dec.2,1784.*

John, jr., and Mary Frye, Jan.13,1785.*

Sarah, and Dean Chickering, Jan.23,1786.*

Israel, and Phebe Shelden of Reading, int.Aug.3,1786.

Timothy, and Susanna Berry of Middletown, int.Sept.23,1786.

Simeon, of Gorham, and Elizabeth Johnson, Oct.22,1787.*

Dolly, and Moody Spafford, Sept.8,1788.*

Sally, and Timothy Osgood, jr., Nov.13,1788.*

Peter, and Cloe Wilson, Sept.15,1789.*

Dorcas, and Nathan Jones, Dec.25,1789.*

Abiah, and Asa Johnson, Nov.15,1792.*

Sarah, and Enos Abbot, Sept.10,1793.*

Benjamin, jr., and Ruth Saltmarsh, May15,1794. [May1.CR1]*

Daniel, jr., and Dorcas Holt, Apr.17,1796.*

Jedidiah, jr., and Susanna Johnson, Aug.17,1797.*

Isaac, jr., and Persis Stevens, Jan.11,1798.*

Rebecca, and Jedediah Frye of Dracut, Jan.25,1798.*

Jacob, and Elizabeth Foster Lovejoy, Dec.20,1798.*

Phebe, and Osgood Worcester of Chelmsford, Dec.27,1798.*

Becca, and Phineus Stevens, July18,1799.*

William, and Elizabeth Swan, Jan.13,1801.*

Hannah, and Amos Carlton, jr., July2,1801.*

Lydia, and Samuel Holt, jr., May10,1803.*

Benjamin, of Concord, NH, and Lydia Johnson, Jan.18,1804.*

Mary, and Amos Towns, Jan.30,1806.*

Enoch, and Mary Osgood, May1,1806.*

Mary, and Christopher Carlton, Oct.23,1806.*

Chloe, and John Carlton, jr., Dec.24,1807.*

Hannah, and Uriah Holt, Esq. Of Albany, ME, Feb.4,1808.*

Susan, of Salem, and Dr. Daniel Berry, Aug.8,1809.*

Alfread, and Sally Ross of Bradford, int.Apr.4,1810.

Elizabeth F. [wid.int.], and Dr. Dean Robinson, Apr.21,1811.*

Nancy, and David Stiles [of Middleton. int.], Mar.12,1812.*

Levi, and Betsy Lacy, May14,1816.*

Polly S. [R.CR1], and William Jenkins, May21,1818.*

Timothy, and Nancy Chandler, Feb.8,1820.*

Susan [Susannah.int.], and Hezekiah [W. int.] Jones, Jan.末,1821.*

Persis, and Nathan Clark, Jan.30,1823.CR1*

Phebe, and Oliver Parker of Reading, Dec.8,1823.*

Ruby, and Jacob Brown, Mar.4,1824.*

Jerry, and Sarah Wardwell, Apr.末,1824.*

Hannah, and Richard Lewis of Malden, Nov.16,1825.*

Samuel P., and Olive T. Kimball of Lowell, int.Dec.13,1834.

Samuel P., and Sarah B. Maynard, Nov.26,1840.*

Julia A., and Darius Richardson, int.June9,1847.


Lucy, and James Russel, Jan.15,1741. [1740-41.CR2]*

Samuel, Esq., and Mrs.Phebe Hooker of Norwich, CT, int.Oct.8,1814.


William, of Medford, a.35y., farmer, b. Medford, s.John and Lucy, of Medford, and Christiana A. Woodbridge, a.26y., d.John B. and Asenath, Feb.8,1847.

FARRINGTON (Farington)

Elizabeth, and David Wood of Bradford, Nov.18,1714.*

John, and Sarah Houghton [Holton. int.], of Salem, at Salem, Nov.12,1730.*

Hannah, and Jacob Feaver, July5,1732.*

Mary, and John Grow, Oct.26,1742.*

Elizabeth, and James Descomb of Lunenburg, Nov.23,1758.*

Phineas, and Anna Johnson, Aug.28,1760.*

Sarah, and Joseph Pettingill, Mar.22,1764.*

Martha, Mrs., and Ephraim Swan, jr., Oct.24,1765.CR1*

Philip, and Sarah Frye, Sept.18,1770.*

Phebe, and Michael Parker, Oct.11,1770.*

Benjamin, and Sarah Bachelder, Dec.13,1770.*

Hannah, and John Kimball, Mar.7,1771.*

Aphia, and Robert Swan, Apr.29,1773.*

Benjamin, and Sally Wardwell, Apr.23,1795.*

Sarah, and Zebadiah Abbot, Oct.18,1796.*

Sarah, wid., and Gilbert Tapley of Danvers, June6,1799.*

Lydia, and Hermon Abbot, Oct.3,1799.CR2*

Phillip, Capt., and Judith Ingails, Feb.1,1810.*

Benjamin, and Harriet Farnsworth of Salem, NH, int.Feb.16,1828.

Mary P., and Bradstreet Chadwick of Bradford, May31,1832.*


Elisabeth, of Tyngsborough, and Hobart Clark, Esq., int.Aug.27,1814.

Asa, and Hannah Sexton of Springfield, Dec.10,1845.CR2*

Asa, and Mary A. Sexton of Springfield, int.July26,1849.

FAUKNER (Faulkner)

Francis, and Abigall Dane, Oct.12,1675. [Oct.8.CTR]

FAULKNER (Falkner, Faukner, Fawkner)

John, and Sarah Abbott, Oct.19,1682.

Hannah, and Pascoe Chubb, May24,1689.

Abigail, and Thomas Lamson [of Ipswich.int.], Apr.6,1708.CR1*

Dorothy, and Samuel Nurse of Salem Village, Nov.25,1708.CR1

Edmond, and Elizabeth Marston, Feb.19,1714-15.*

Paul, and Sarah Lamson, int.Oct.17,1714.

Mary, and John Poor, Feb.14,1715-16.*

Hannah, and James How [of Haverhill. int.], Jan.8,1722-3.*

Paul, and Hannah Sheffield [Shafal. int.], Jan.3,1723-4.*

Daniel, and Francis Faulkner, May12,1724.*

Francis, and Daniel Faulkner, May12,1724.*

Ammi Ruhamah, and Hannah Ingalls, June7,1726.*

Joseph, and Damaris Johnson, Jan.16,1727-8.*

Timothy, and Deborah Farnum, Feb.4,1729-30.*

Edmond, and Darcus Buckston of Salem, int.Aug.17,1730.

Joseph, and Mary Parker, Aug.12,1731.*

Daniel, and Hannah Lovejoy, Feb.2,1736-7.*

Sarah, and Gideon Stiles [of Boxford.int.], Nov.30,1736.*

Hannah, and William Martin [of Chelmsford.int.], July19,1741. [July9.CR2]*

Dorathy, and Samuel Dillaway, Aug.31,1749.*

Abial, and Mary Poor, Mar.5,1752.*

Hannah [wid.int.], and Samuel Smith, Feb.9,1756.*

Joseph, and, wid.Rebeca Stevens, June17,1756.*

Daniel, and Phebe Peters, Aug.7,1760.*

Damaris, and David Farnam [jr.CR1], July6,1762.*

Hannah, and Samuel Noyes, Jan.24,1765.*

Joseph, jr., and Hannah Hovey of Boxford, int.May17,1765.

Damaras, and Daniel Wardwell, Mar.29,1774.*

Mary [Mrs.CR1], and Abijah Hovey of Lunenburg, June29,1775.*

Abiel, and Hannah Abbot, Feb.6,1777.*

Hannah, and Phillip Sluea of Bradford, int.Oct.29,1787.

Dorcas, and John Adams, jr., Dec.8,1789.*

Abiel, and Lydia Osgood, Dec.20,1791.*

Daniel, of Bluehill, and Mehitable Peters, Nov.12,1795.*

Lovel, and Martha Abbot, May16,1805. [May15.CR1]*

Lovel, and Dorcas Barker [of Methuen. int.], Mar.5,1812.*

John, and Hannah Holt, June14,1812.*

Abiel, and Clarissa Dillaway, int.Apr.7,1817.

Lovel, and Betsey Holmes, int.Nov.19,1831.

Mary E., and John C. Palmer of Salem, NH, int.May18,1834.

Eliza, and Moses Allen of Lynn, June11,1834.*

Elbridge C., and Martha Town, int.May10,1839.

Sarah, and Samuel B. Cross, int.Aug.20,1842. (stopped).

Mary J., and Joel Richardson, int.Jan.8,1846.

FAVOR (Lefavour)

Lydia, and Isaac Goldsmith, jr., Sept.26,1832.*

Lucinda, and Joel Phelps, Nov.13,1842.*

John B., of Manchester, NH, and Nancy Woodbridge, int.May3,1849.

FAVOUR (Lefavour)

Moses, and Eda W. Ellingwood, Oct.31,1824.*

FAWKNER (Faulkner)

Edmund, and Dorathy Robinson at Salem, Feb.4,1647.

Mary, and Joseph Marble, May30,1671.


Abby B., of Concord, and Simeon Putnam, int.Nov.21,1816.

Samuel A., Rev., of Northboro, and Hannah H. Newman, Sept.26,1833.*

FEAVER (Lefavour)

Jacob, and Hannah Farrington, July5,1732.*


Ebenezer, of Reading, and Lydia Chandler, May17,1728.*

Lydea, and Jonathan Stevens, June14,1753.*

Charles E., a.21y., carpenter, b. Tamworth, NH, s.Jedediah and Mary H., and Mary E. Buzzel, a.20y., b. Barrington, NH, d.John and Elizabeth, Dec.26,1849.*

FELLOWES (Fellows)

Margaret [of Salisbury, NH int.], and Benjamin F. Choate, Apr.27,1834.*

FELLOWS (Fellowes)

Mary Ann, and Michael L. Whidden of Danvers, Feb.28,1840. [int.Feb.15,1841.]*

William, jr., and Mary A. Smith, Aug.21,1842.*


Joshua [of Attleboro. int.], Rachel Osgood, Nov.24,1743.*

Anne, and Robert Russel, Dec.5,1745.*

Aaron, and Hannah Atwell of Lynn, int.Dec.20,1764.

Jonathan, of Peckersfield, and Martha Holt, Nov.23,1775.CR2*

FERGUSON (Furgason)

Agnes, and John Smith [2d.int], Oct.27,1829.CR3*

John, and Eliza Farmer of Lowell, int.Feb.5,1830.


Daniel, a.24y., carpenter, and Sarah M. Flanders, a.27y., d.Simon and Hannah, Sept.26,1849.*


Samuel, of Francistown, NH, and Mrs.Judith Hadley, Mar.1,1838.*


Moses, of Newbury, and Susanna Barker, int.Nov.6,1777.

FEVER (Lafavour)

Mary [Faver. int.], and Benjamin Russell, Oct.7,1762.*

FIEFIELD (Fifield)

Abigail, of Hampton, and Humphrie Holt, int.Dec.30,1715.

FIELD (Fields)

Samuel, and Sarah Phelps, Feb.4,1719-20.

Masten, and Hannah Osgood, Sept.19,1771.*


Ellen, and James J. Eaton of Bradford, int.Sept.3,1844.

FIELDS (Field)

Samuel, and Sarah Stevens of Methuen, at Methuen, Sept.30,1742.*

Henry, and Rebecca Kitteridge, Aug.16,1768.*

Prentice, and Meriam [Maryan.CR1] Mitchel, Oct.26,1806.*

George, and Mary Taylor, Feb.21,1822.*


Moses, of Chichester, NH, and Eliza Foster, Dec.28,1826.*

James, and Margaret Robinson [Robertson. int.], Dec.29,1842.*

FIFELD (Fiefield)

Daniel [of Hampton. int.], and Margret Haggit, Mar.27,1752.*

Abner, and Abigail S. Bean of Candia, NH, July24,1836.*


Mary R., and Harrison Stanley of Plaistow, NH, int.Oct.29,1846.


Sarah, of Woburn, and William Fisk, int.May6,1729.

Benjamin [resident in Andover. int.], and Mary Johnson, Mar.6,1744-5.*

Ebenezer, and Phebe Curtice of Boxford, int.June9,1770.

Phoebe, wid., and Humphrey Holt, jr., May12,1774.CR2*

Hephzibah, wid., and Moses Pearson, resident in Andover, int.Aug.17,1776.

David, and Bette Fisk, Nov.27,1777.*

Susanna, and Moses Town, Mar.27,1780.*

Nanney, and George Holt, Sept.7,1780.*

Sarah, and Gershome Flagg of Wilmington, Sept.21,1780.*

Elizabeth, wid., and Simeon Ingalls, Jan.16,1787.*

Rachel, and Samuel Town, June10,1790.*

Martha, and Elijah Town, Jan.31,1796.*

Benjamin, jr., and Lydia Johnson, May22,1801.*

Ebenezer, and Abigail Anger of Reading, Aug.2,1812.*

Benjamin, jr., and Mary C. Frye, Mar.15,1821.*

Persis, and Nathan F. Stevens of Danvers, Dec.2,1824.*

Isaac, and Sophronia Moulton, Nov.2,1826.*

Fanny E., of Seekonk, and William H. Crain, int.May9,1836.

Lydia, and Otis M. Clark, Sept.6,1838.*

Abigail, a.26y., d.Eben and Abigail, and Samuel Evens, jr., a.24y., farmer, Apr.16,1846.*

Sarah Jane, a.21y., d.Benjamin and Mary C., and Francis E. Kingsbury of Dedham, a.20y., yeoman, s.Eliphalet and Mary Ann, of Dedham, Apr.8,1847.*

Naom Augustus, and Almira Ann Perkins of Boxford, int.Nov.6,1847.

George W., a.23y., cordwainer, s.Eben and Abigail, and Mary T. Bradley of Hampstead, NH, a.18y., Nov.25,1847.*

Mary, and Thomas Russell of Boxford, int.Oct.6,1849.


Martha [of Boxford.int], and [Quartermaster. int.] Moses Tiler, sr., Aug.13,1718.CR1*

Mary, and Francis Johnson [jr. int.], Jan.22,1723-4.*

William, and Mary Kenney of Salem, at Salem, Dec.3,1723.*

Abigail, of Boxford, and Thomas Holt, int.Oct.12,1727.

Ebenezer, and Susanna Buck of Woburn, int.Jan.10,1729-30.

William, and Sarah Buck [Fish.int.], of Woburn, at Woburn, May22,1729.*

Ruth, and David Killburn [of Rowley.int.], Dec.16,1731.*

Phebe, and John Abbott, jr., Sept.28,1732.*

John, and Mary Briges, May31,1750.*

Jonathan [of Danvers.int.], and Deborah Abbot, Sept.18,1766.*

Bette, and David Fish, Nov.27,1777.*

Hepsibah, and Isaac Abbott, jr., July5,1798.*

Charles [R.CR2], Rev., of Wrentham, and Hannah Burt, Sept.24,1828.*

Solon, s.Leonard and Josephine K. [R. int.] Griffin, d.Eldad, Apr.18,1848.CR4*


Benjamin [of Bedford.int.], and Miriam Gray, Feb.28,1731-2.*


Gershome, of Wilmington, and Sarah Fish, Sept.21,1780.*

Timothy, and Hannah Trow of Hopkinton, NH, int.Nov.14,1818.

Elizabeth T., of Exeter, NH, and Mark Colbath, int.June16,1832.

Sarah H., a.24y., d.Timothy and Sarah, and Luther H. Sheldon of Townsend, a.28y., church clerk, s.Luther and Sarah of Easton, July24,1844.*


Mary [B. int.], and John F. Stevens, Oct.23,1842.*

Hannah L., a.26y., d.Simon, and Israel W. Putnam, a.23y., trader, s.Israel, Nov.9,1845.*

Simon, jr., and Hannah E. Gordon of Windham, NH, int.Oct.13,1848.

Emeline N., a.24y., d.Simon and Mary, and Horatio B. Ellis, a.29y., finisher of flannels, s.Arno and Susan, Nov.30,1848.*

Sarah M., a.27y., d.Simon and Hannah, and Daniel Fernandez, a.24y., carpenter, Sept.26,1849.*

FLECHER (Fletcher)

Sarah, of Nottingham, and Daniel Ingalls, int.Oct.27,1744.


James, of Tewksbury, a.24y., farmer, b. Tewksbury, s.Jesse and Sophia, of Tewksbury, and Caroline C. Holt, a.23y., d.Jonas and Pamelia, Dec.25,1849.*

FLENT (Flint)

Elisabeth, of Reading, and Isaac Osgood, int.Dec.1,1744.

FLETCHER (Flecher)

Zacheus, of Chelmsford, and Adeline Austin, Dec.31,1823.*

Susan, Mrs., and John Turner of Saugus, int.Mar.23,1839.

Edmund, and Elizabeth C. Plummer of Lancaster, int.Oct.2,1840.

Samuel, and Mrs.Hannah C. Briggs of Dedham, int.Jan.30,1847.

Parker, and Abiah Frost, Oct.10,1848.*

James, of Danvers, a.26y., clergyman, b. Acton, s.John and Clarissa, of Acton, and Lydia Middleton Woodward, a.25y., b. Island of Ceylon, d.Henry and Lydia W., Oct.10,1849.*

Emma, of Roxbury, and James Walton, int.Dec.26,1849.


Cetherine, and James Keys, Feb.17,1838.CR4

FLINT (Flent, Flynt)

Anne, of Salem, and William Farnem, int.Dec.10,1714.

Joshua [of Salem.int.], and Deborah Ingalls, Oct.6,1715.CR1*

Abigail [of Salem.int.], and Robert Russell, June22,1716.*

Ebenezer, of Reading, and Abigail Sawyer, int.May6,1738.

Eunice, of Reading, and Josiah Ingalls, int.Mar.19,1742-3.

John [of Reading. int.], and Joanna Farnum, June6,1744.*

Mary, of Reading, and Joshua Osgood, int.Nov.9,1750.

John [of Reading. int.], and Elezebith Foster, Jan.13,1757.*

Peggy, of Reading, and Benjamin Jenkins, at Reading, Feb.11,1779.*

Ede [wid.int.], of Danvers, and Joseph Dane, at Danvers, Apr.14,1784.*

Adam, of Reading, and Mary Osgood, June7,1792.*

Ebenezer, of Hillsboro, and Dorcas Lovekin, Mar.14,1793.*

Daniel, of Hillsboro [NH. int.], and Lydia Shattuck, Jan.28,1795.*

Nabby, of Reading, and Abner Holt, at Reading, Jan.29,1795.*

Ephraim, of Reading, and Eleanor Holt, Jan.22,1799.*

Nancy, and Enoch Abbot, July4,1799.CR2*

Caleb Pilsbury, of Methuen, and Sarah Merrill, Feb.14,1802.*

Amos, and Abigal Morse, Feb.3,1803.*

Simeon, and Martha Furbush, Apr.18,1805.*

Lucinda, and William B. Abbot, Dec.9,1816.*

John [jr.CR2], and Lydia C. Abbot, June6,1822.*

Eliza, and Joshua Chandler [jr. int.], Nov.30,1826.*

Alanson, and Hannah Griffen, Dec.11,1828.*

Caleb P. [Capt. int.], and Anna Hunt, Jan.11,1838.*

Miles, and Catherine Hardy, Apr.26,1838.*

Fidelia Jane, of Reading, and Samuel Wardwell, int.Feb.10,1842.

Samuel, of Reading, and Mary F. Jenkins, int.Dec.7,1844.

FLOOD (Flud)

Samuel, and Joanna Lewiss, residents in Andover, int.Jan.25,1737-8.

Samuel, resident in Andover, and Triphenah Powers of Groton, int.Oct.29,1743.

Anna, and William Wilson, jr., May2,1759.*

William, and Lidia Damon of Reading, at Reading, Apr.8,1798.*

FLOWER (Flowers)

Frances A., and Charles F. Abbot, int.Oct.21,1831.

Mary, and Lewis Stack of Roxbury, int.Dec.4,1841.

FLOWERS (Flower)

Louisa, of Wrentham, and Charles F. Abbot, int.Oct.17,1840.


Joann, of Medford, and Kendal Parker, at Medford, May20,1800.*

Lucy, of Chelsea, and Henry Abbott, 3d, int.Nov.26,1825.

George, and Esther Wood, Feb.1,1834.*

FLUD (Flood)

Anne, of Newbury, and Samuel Johnson, at Newbury, Nov.23,1727.*

FLYNT (Flint)

George, jr. [of Reading. int.], and Hannah Phelps, Oct.18,1753.*


Louisa Ann, of Bradford, and John Boynton, int.Sept.12,1841.

FOLENSBEE (Follansbee)

Judith, and Henry Abbot, May20,1807.*

FOLENSBY (Follansbee)

Sally, and Moody Morse of Newbury, int.Aug.4,1806.

FOLLANSBEE (Folensbee, Folensby)

Paul B. [of West Newbury.int.], and Eliza [Ann. int.] Chase, Aug.4,1834.*


Elizabeth B., of Stark, ME, and Alva Dearborn, int.Feb.26,1848.

Lois Maria, of Stark, ME, and Benjamin Dearborn, int.Feb.1,1849.


Enoch, resident in Andover, and Ruth Ingals, Mar.8,1747-8.*


Charles, jr., and Hannah Gilson of Pepperell, at Pepperell, Dec.6,1784.


Hannah, of Wilmington, and Job Foster, at Wilmington, Mar.27,1760.*

Dennis, and Sarah Whitehead, int.Apr.28,1838.

FORSTER (Foster)

David [Dea.int.], and Judith Norton of Salisbury, at Salisbury, Oct.4,1748.*

Elizabeth [Mrs.int.], and Nathaniel Lovejoy, Nov.3,1768.*

Sarah, and Timothy Bradley [jr.CR1] of Concord, NH, Dec.23,1773.*

Nabby, and Phineas Barker, June23,1774.*

Isaac, and Mary Hartwell of Fitchburg, int.Aug.10,1779.

John, 3d, and Dorcas Town, int.Feb.1,1782.

Joseph, and Mary Forster of Reading, int.Jan.28,1783.

Mary, of Reading, and Joseph Forster, int.Jan.28,1783.


Gilman P., and Catharine P. Taylor, int.June7,1846.

FOSTER (Forster)

Andrew, and Mary Ruse, June7,1662.

Hanna, and Hew Stone, Oct.15,1667.

Mary, and Laurence Lacy, Aug.5,1673.

Abraham, and Esther [Hester.CTR] Foster, July13,1681.

Esther [Heaster.CTR], and Abraham Foster, July13,1681.

Hannah, and Thomas Astin, Sept.15,1690.

Nathaniel, of Chelmsford, and Francis Lovejoy, at Charlestown, Apr.29,1701.

Abraham, and Mary Johnson, June29,1703. [July24.CR1]

Esther, and Daniel Kembal, int.Apr.5,1712.

John, and Rebecka Roe [of Boxford.int.], Jan.7,1713-14. [int.Dec.11,1714.]*

Sarah, and Benjamin Johnson, July2,1713.*

Joseph, and Deliverance Dane, June23,1714.*

Sarah, and Nehemiah Abbott [of Westown. int.], Nov.2,1714.*

David, and Elizabeth Abbot, Nov.25,1714.*

Ephraim, and Abigail Poor of Newbury, at Newbury, Jan.17,1715-16.*

David, and Lydia Farnem, Aug.29,1716.*

Esther, and Simon Stone, Dec.末,1716.CR1 [int.Dec.8.]*

Mary, and Timothy Abbott, Dec.9,1717.*

Moses, and Elizabeth Rodgers of Boxford, int.Nov.27,1719.

Aaron, and Martha Smith, Mar.13,1721-2.*

Ruth, and Jacob Abbott of Brookfield, May1,1722.*

Hannah, and John Lovejoy [at Woburn. dup.], June25,1722.*

John, and Mary Osgood, Jan.13,1724-5.*

Andrew, and Mary Smith, Jan.11,1725-6.*

Lydia, and David Blunt, Feb.14,1727-8.*

Abigail [of Boxford.int.], and Jacob Tyler, July13,1727.*

Abraham, and Sarah Frost [resident in Andover. int.], Feb.2,1729-30.*

Joshua, and Mary Barker, May7,1730.*

Sarah, and Jacob Preston [of Windham.int.], Sept.21,1730.*

Moses, and Mary Gray, Nov.26,1730.*

Mary, and David Stowel [of Pomfret. int.], Jan.1,1732-3.*

John, and Darcus Hovey of Boxford, int.Sept.16,1732.

Asa, and Elizabeth Abbott, Oct.26,1732.*

Ephraim, and Mary West of Bradford, int.Nov.25,1732.

Mehetabel, and Joseph Lovejoy, Jan.24,1736-7.*

Hannah, and John Russel, jr., Feb.16,1737-8.*

Elisabeth, and Benjamin Stiles of Boxford, int.Nov.26,1737.

Abigail [Mrs.Elizabeth.CR1; Abigail. int.], and Capt. Samuel Kemball [of Wenham.CR1], Dec.27,1737.*

Abigail, and [Lt. int.] Nathaniel Frie, June28,1739.*

John, jr., and Deborah Barker, June25,1740.*

Sarah, of Suncook, and Francies Carr, int.Mar.26,1743.

Jacob, and Abigail Frost of Tewksbury, int.Aug.13,1743.

Stephen, and Abigail Smith of Salem, int.May12,1744.

Ruth, and Benjamin Porter, jr. [of Boxford.CR1], Nov.8,1744.*

William, and Mrs.Margaret Gold, Nov.13,1744.*

Asa, of Suncook, and Mary Carr, int.Dec.1,1744.

Joseph, and Mary Dows of Billerica, at Billerica, Oct.22,1745.*

Mary, and William Fuller [of Middleton. int.], Apr.16,1746.*

Benjamin, and Mary Lewes of Reading, int.May16,1747.

Sarah, and Jonathan Dreser [of Boxford.int.], Nov.24,1748.*

Joseph, jr., and Mary Sandars [resident in Andover. int.], Jan.22,1750-51.*

David, Dea.[jr. int.], of Ashuelot, NH [of Andover. int.], and, wid.Hannah Sesions, May31,1750.*

Phebe, and Daniel Pebody of Middleton, June4,1750.*

Mehitable, and Nathan Andrews of Boxford, at Boxford, Apr.23,1751.*

Joshua, jr., and Mary Farnam, int.June27,1752.

Andrew, jr., and Hannah Berey of Middleton, int.Mar.17,1753.

Daniel, of Suncook, NH, and Anne Ingals, Feb.14,1754.*

Esther, and Simon Darbey [of Harvard.int.], May22,1754.*

William, jr., and Hannah Abbot, Jan.9,1755.*

Jeremiah, and Mrs.Briget Pemberton of Boxford, Aug.14,1755.

Joshua, jr., and Lydea Peabody, May26,1756.*

Easter, and Tarant Putnam [jr. int.] of Sutton, Nov.11,1756.*

Elezebith, and John Flint [of Reading. int.], Jan.13,1757.*

Mary [wid.int.], and Joshua Wordwill, Mar.17,1757.*

Abigal, and Jonathan Mackentier of Reading, int.Oct.17,1757.

Jonathan, [of Tewksbury.int.], and Lydea Haggit, Feb.2,1758.*

Hannah, and Phineas Tyler of Boxford, at Boxford, Feb.14,1758.*

Andrew, and [wid.int.] Sarah Foster, Nov.29,1758.*

Sarah [wid.int.], and Andrew Foster, Nov.29,1758.*

Sarah, and Jesse Carlton [of Lunneburg. int.], Nov.29,1759.*

Hannah, and Jacob Barker [of Dracut. int.], Mar.11,1760.*

Job, and Hannah Ford of Wilmington, at Wilmington, Mar.27,1760.*

Judith, wid., and Nehemiah Carlton of Bradford, int.June14,1760.

Daniel [jr. int.], and [Mrs.CR1] Hannah Kitteredge, Dec.16,1760.*

Isaac, and Dorcas Jewet of Tewksbury, int.Dec.27,1760.

Richard, of Boxford, and Elisabeth Kimball, at Boxford, Nov.19,1761.*

William, of Boxford, and Jemima Foster, at Boxford, Dec.1,1761.*

Samuel, and Susanna Kitteridge, May10,1763.*

Asa, Capt., and Mrs.Lucy Rogers of Ipswich, int.Dec.10,1763.

Susanna, Mrs., and Samuel Barker [4th.int.], May4,1766.CR1*

Dudley, of Boxford, and Rachel Steel, int.Dec.11,1767.

David, and Mrs.Ruth Peabody [of Boxford.int.], at Boxford, Dec.31,1767.*

Gideon, and Elizabeth Russell, Mar.3,1768.*

Rebecca, and William Runnels, May3,1768.*

Obadiah, and Hannah Ballard, May30,1769.*

Joshua, and [Mrs.CR1] Mary Town of Boxford, Aug.17,1769.*

Ephraim, and Sarah Town, June28,1770.*

Jonathan, and Lucy Rogers of Ipswich, int.Oct.24,1770.

William, and Mehetabell Fuller of Middletown, int.Oct.4,1771.

Deborah, and Paul Averil, Mar.10,1772.*

Jacob, jr., and Phebe Phelps of Tewksbury, int.Aug.15,1772.

John, jr., and Hannah Ballard, Jan.14,1773.CR2*

Abigail, and Russell Jones, May5,1774.CR2*

Dorcas, and Mark Averil of Middleton, int.Feb.4,1775.

Dorcas, and Peter Wardwell, Feb.23,1775.CR2*

Stephen, and Rebecca Wood of Bradford, at Bradford, Aug.3,1776.*

Hannah, and Lt. Timothy Rogers, of Tewksbury, Feb.27,1777.*

Eunice, and Jeremiah Pearley of Boxford, int.May2,1778.

Hannah, and James Holt, 3d, June5,1778.*

Hannah, and Simeon Stevens, Sept.29,1778.*

John, 3d, and Dorcas Town, at Boxford, Mar.21,1782.

Abner, of Topsfield, and Elizabeth Town, Nov.28,1782.*

Mary, and Timothy Ballard, Oct.30,1783.*

Isaac, and Mary Holt, Aug.26,1784.*

Andrew, and, wid.Anna Gould of Boxford, int.Sept.23,1786.

Mary, wid., and Moody Bridges, May28,1787.*

Peter, and Lydia Farmer, Aug.30,1787.*

Rachel, wid., and James Frye, Nov.15,1787.*

John, and Sally Ingalls of Methuen, int.Sept.15,1788.

Hannah, wid., and Philemon Chandler, Feb.2,1789. [Feb.12.CR2]*

Abraham, and Sarah Fowler, Dec.29,1789.*

Nathan, and Susanna Barker, Mar.16,1790.*

Mehitable, and Nathaniel Holt [jr. int.], Mar.3,1791.*

Abigail, and William Shattuck of Hillsboro, Nov.17,1791.*

Lucy, of Canterbury, and Capt. John Wilson, int.May12,1792.

Hannah, wid., and Joshua Chandler, June7,1792.*

David, of Ashby, and Mary Foster, June14,1792.*

Mary, and David Foster of Ashby, June14,1792.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Clark, jr., June13,1793.*

Sarah, and Joseph Brown of Tewksbury, June8,1794.*

Jacob, jr., and [Mrs.CR2] Ruth Kimbal, Mar.13,1796.*

Charles, of Boxford, and Lucy Austin, at Boxford, Mar.20,1796.*

John, jr., and Betsey Stickney, July26,1796.*

John, of Reading, and Sarah Burt, Apr.25,1797.*

Daniel [jr.CR1], and Hannah Swan, Oct.30,1797.*

Dolly, of Reading, and Zacheus Burnham, at Reading, July8,1798.*

Allis, of Tewksbury, and Amos Blanchard, int.July10,1798.

Claressa, of Tewksbury, and Ward Noys, jr., int.July18,1798.

Samuel, of Amherst [NH. int.], and Dolly Parker, Aug.30,1798.*

Dorcas, and Joshua Chandler, jr., Oct.18,1798.*

Davis, and Amme Holt, Oct.23,1798.*

Sarah, wid., and Phillip Nichols, Mar.7,1799.*

Sarah, wid., of Tewksbury, and Philemon Dane, int.Dec.21,1800.

Hitty, and Thomas Stickney of Bradford, Mar.23,1802.*

Israel, of Manchester, and Hannah Lee, Oct.10,1802.*

Jacob, 3d, and Betsy Ingals, Dec.9,1802.*

Sarah, and Jonathan Gleason, May19,1803.

John, jr., and Lucy Hastings of Tewksbury [Reading. int.], June14,1803.*

William, of Londonderry, and Phebe Holt, Apr.25,1805.*

Phineas, and Sarah Johnson, June27,1805.*

Sally, and Stephen Johnson, jr., June27,1805.*

Mary, of Greenfield, NH, and James Abbot, int.May31,1806.

Charles, Dea., and Mehitable Chandler, int.Oct.9,1807.

Sally, and Ebenezer How, int.Dec.25,1809.

Moses, and Sarah Baldwin of Billerica, int.Oct.20,1810.

Mary, and Isaac Porter, resident in New York, int.May19,1811.

Thomas C[handler. int.], and Abigail Abbot, Sept.26,1813.*

John, 3d, and Mary Harris of Dracut, int.Jan.12,1814.

Sally, and Joseph Pearson [residents in Andover. int.], Oct.23,1814.*

Daniel, 3d, and Bethiah Hayward, July18,1815.*

Elizabeth B., and Francis Ingals, Oct.31,1815.*

Mary, and Jonathan Griffin, May23,1816.*

Timothy, and Lydia A. Mooar, July1,1816.*

Sally, and Silas Burnham of Norwich, CT, May11,1817.*

Lucy, and Capt. Ames Kimball of Boxford, int.Sept.13,1817.

Hannah, and Abijah Cross of Methuen, int.May23,1818.

Abraham [Capt.CR1], of Salem, and [Mrs.int.] Hannah Fuller, Sept.1,1819.*

Abigail, and Reuben Reed of Salem, Nov.14,1819.*

Hannah [B. int.], and James Howarth, Dec.2,1821.*

Benjamin, Capt., of Gloucester, and Ruby Frye, int.Feb.16,1822.

Abigail, and [Lt. int.] Jedediah H. Barker, Mar.12,1822.CR1*

Oliver, of Boxford, and Rebeccah Foster, int.Mar.15,1823.

Rebeccah, and Oliver Foster of Boxford, int.Mar.15,1823.

Lucy, and William Frost, jr., int.Oct.25,1823.

Elizabeth, and Isaac Poor, Dec.12,1823. [int.Feb.13,1824.]*

William, jr., and Sarah W. Kimball, of Plaistow, NH, int.Nov.18,1826.

Eliza, and Moses Fife of Chichester, NH, Dec.28,1826.*

Sarah, and Daniel Abbot, Jan.11,1827.*

Harriet, and Timothy Denny [of Methuen. int.], Nov.12,1827.*

Susan, and Amos Kimball of Boxford, May24,1828.*

Simeon, and Mary Harriman, int.Sept.13,1828.

Eliza, and Enoch Kimball, int.Nov.18,1828.

Hannah, of Greenfield, NH, and Paschal Abbot, int.May21,1829.

Phebe, and James Dunn, int.Aug.21,1830.

Mary B., and Enoch Frye, jr., Dec.30,1830.*

Nathan, jr., and Harriett Berry, Dec.25,1832.*

Ebenezer, jr., and Ellen H. Purves, May9,1833.*

Phineas, jr., and Huldah C. Sampson of Londonderry, int.Oct.4,1833.

Phebe E., and William Robinson of New York, Dec.22,1833.*

Daniel, 2d, and Mehitable Peters, Dec.25,1834.*

George, and Rebecca Abbott, Feb.8,1835.*

Thomas, jr., of Ipswich, and Mary Moore, Apr.28,1836.*

Anna, and Thomas Pratt, both of Medford, Jan.19,1837.CR2

Mehitable G., and Daniel P. Abbot, int.Jan.21,1837.

Catherine H., and Benjamin Cutter of Temple, NH, Sept.17,1837.CR2*

Israel, and Sarah Foster, Feb.5,1839.*

Sarah, and Israel Foster, Feb.5,1839.*

John Prescott, and Harriet F. Carlton, Apr.29,1839.*

Martha, and Aaron Dunn, Oct.13,1839.*

Lydia L. [Louisa L. int.], and Philo C. Pettibone, Apr.8,1840.*

Dean [Dane. int.], and Mary S. Carlton, May14,1840.*

Louisa E., and Joseph B. Wilde, int.May22,1840.

Augusta, and James C. Adams, Nov.12,1840.*

Caroline A., and Joseph Abbot, Nov.11,1841.*

Mary P., and Charles Barnes of Leicester, Nov.17,1841.*

Charles F., of Boxford, and Phebe L. [E. int.] Meeder, Apr.20,1843.*

Mary E., and Joseph H. Semons [Simmons.CR1], Nov.30,1843.*

Hannah A., d.Thomas C., and Samuel N. Brewer [of Boston. int.], apothecary, May6,1845.*

Mary Jane, a.18y., d.Eben and Sarah, and Theodore Goodrich, a.28y., machinist, s.John and Sarah, July10,1845.*

John P., and Sarah A. Peabody of Boxford, int.Nov.14,1845.

William H., a.23y., printer, s.Daniel and Bethia H., and Rhoda J. Luscomb, a.22y., d.Richard and Rhoda, Oct.27,1846.*

George N., of Boxford, a.29y., farmer, b. Boxford, s.Jonathan and Mary, of Boxford, and Martha J[ane.CR1] Symonds, a.22y., d.Jonas and Martha, Dec.17,1846.*

Phoebe, of Brentwood, NH, and Joseph Cummings, int.May13,1847.

Clarissa, a.24y., d.Moses and Sarah, and Hiram Berry, a.27y., teacher, s.Jacob and Susanna, July29,1847.*

Elizabeth D., a.24y., d.Timothy and Lydia, and Moses Santan [Sweetser. int.] of Newburyport, a.24y., merchant, s.Morrill and Mary R., Sept.22,1847.*

Thomas C., widr., a.57y., farmer, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, and Lucy D. Shattuck, wid., a.47y., d.Benjamin and Phebe Mooar, Nov.1,1847.*

Lydia A., Mrs., and Luther Hulburd of Stockholm, NY, int.Jan.13,1849.

Simeon, a.30y., shoemaker, s.Phineas and Sarah, and Almira Shed, a.18y., b. Tewksbury, Dec.11,1849.*


Jacob [of Lancaster. int.], and Priscilla Abbot, Mar.28,1771.CR2*


Phillip, resident in Andover, and Deborah Rus, int.Jan.27,1717-8.

Richard, of Tewksbury, and Easter Wood, int.Mar.5,1762.

John [jr.CR1], of Ipswich, and Dorothy Farnum, Mar.10,1774.*

Esther, and James Quigley [resident in Andover. int.], Oct.21,1784.*

Esther, and David Sibley, resident in Andover, int.July18,1785.

Abigail, and Jacob Annis of Thetford, VT, int.Jan.18,1787.

Sarah, and Abraham Foster, Dec.29,1789.*

Sarah, and Dr. Josiah Batchelder [jr., of Beverly.int.], May11,1799.*

Isaac M., and Almira Messer, int.Mar.21,1835.

Caroline S., of Somersworth, NH, and Elbridge G. Robinson, int.Oct.21,1841.

William W., widr., of Dover, NH, a.29y., merchant, s.Samuel, and Harriet Ingalls, a.28y., d.Jeduthan and Eliza, Aug.5,1847.*


Isaac, and [Mrs.CR1] Hannah Blanchard, Oct.1,1755.*

Aaron, of Norwalk, CT, and Mary Town, int.Oct.11,1783.

Daniel, and Phebe Lovejoy, July3,1803.*

Mehitable, of Dracut, and Michael Parker, jr., int.Sept.30,1815.

Martha, of Dracut, and Samuel Osgood, int.May17,1817.

Phebe, and Cyrus Frey [Frye. int.], Sept.8,1829.CR3*

Clarissa, and Sylvester Lovejoy, Apr.7,1836.*


Phebe, of Cambridge, and Samuel Phillips, jr., int.June12,1773.


Susan L., and Charles Howarth, int.July22,1845.


Nathan, and Elezebith White of Boston, int.Apr.24,1756.


Mary, Mrs., resident in Andover, and Capt. Samuel Parker of Barnstable, Sept.3,1801.CR2*

James Honestus, and Deborah Robinson, int.Dec.18,1813.

Zedock L., and Judith A. Page of Dunbarton, NH, int.Sept.22,1827.


Patience, and Aaron Town, jr., May24,1796.*


Elizabeth, and Thomas Abbott, Dec.25,1706.*

Nicholals [Nicholas, of Dunstable. int.], and Priscilla Moar, June5,1744.*

William [of Billerica.int.], and Mrs.Mehittabel Mooar, Nov.27,1770.CR2*

Ruth, of Tewksbury, and Joseph Phelps, int.Feb.2,1771.

Jonathan, Rev., and Abigail Richards of Milton, int.June18,1773.

Amey, of Tewksbury, and Daniel Griffin, at Tewksbury, Nov.29,1778. [1798?].

Asa, of Concord, and Mary Lovejoy, Nov.28,1782.*

Rhoda, of Tewksbury, and Joshua Osgood, jr., Nov.9,1793.

Abigal, and Rev. Samuel Sterns, of Bedford, May9,1797.*

Ammi, of Tewksbury, and Daniel Griffen, int.July10,1798.

Washington, and Dolly [Dorithy.int.] Amesden of Tewksbury, June25,1807.*

Leonard, and Mary Kidder of Tewksbury, int.Nov.10,1809.

Mary Holyoke, d.the late Rev. Jonathan, and Ebenezer Peck Sperry of Cornwall, VT, candidate for the ministry, Apr.17,1812.*

Jacob, and Cibel Adams, of Tewksbury, int.Oct.28,1815.

Sally, of Norway, and William Lovejoy, int.Nov.10,1815.

Elizabeth, and George W. Knights, Apr.1,1817.*

Peter, jr., and Hannah Mooar, Nov.11,1819.*

Harriot, and William Trow, of Tewksbury, Dec.2,1821.*

Peter, jr., and Persis Parker, Oct.16,1822.*

George, and Dorcas Chandler, Apr.29,1823.*

George, and Mary Richardson, Aug.1,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Capt. Zephaniah Clark, of Tewksbury, Dec.24,1829.*

Naomi, and Henry L. Goldsmith [of Roxbury.int.] Apr.末,1830.CR3*

George W., and Maria M. French, Sept.16,1830.*

Maria M., and George W. French, Sept.16,1830.*

Rhoda, and Timothy Saunders [of Middleton. int], June14,1831.CR3*

Sarah D., and Horatio Gleason, May15,1834.*

Caroline W., of Milford, NH, and Zebadiah Abbott, jr., int.Oct.15,1835.

Eliza, of Boston, and Jonas Underwood, M.D., int.Nov.13,1836.

Lucinda, of Boston, and Abel Sargent, int.Oct.26,1839.

Beular S., of Tewksbury, and Thomas B. Poor, int.June21,1843.

Charles, and Charlotte [E.CR1] Ingalls, Nov.7,1843.*

Mary Augusta, a.19y., d.George and Mary, and James A. Roberts, a.22y., trader, s.James and Harriet, Nov.4,1846.*

Susan W., d.Joseph, and Polycarpus [C. int.] Alexander of Amherst, s.George, Nov.26,1846.CR4*

John, and Louisa A. Frost, int.Apr.1,1848.

John W., a.26y., bookbinder, s.Jabez and Lucinda, and Frances A. Trefethen, a.18y., July9,1849.*


Henry, and Joanna Barus of Merrimac, NH, int.Mar.8,1816.

FREY (Frye)

Timothy [Frye, of Lowell. int.], and Elizabeth Frey, Jan.末,1829.CR3*

Persis, and Elijah Edson, June30,1829.CR3*

Cyrus [Frye. int.], and Phebe Fox, Sept.8,1829.CR3*

Stephen [Frye. int.], and Mary [E. int.] George, Oct.1,1829.CR3*

FRIE (Frye)

Benjamin, and Mary Parker, May23,1678.

James, and Lydia Osgood, Jan.20,1679.*

John, and Tabitha Farnum, Nov.1,1694.

Phoebe, and Samuel Peeters, Dec.15,1696.

Mary, and Joshua Steveens, widr., Dec.22,1696.

Esther, and Josiah Ingalls, July21,1715.CR1*

Debora, and Robert Andrews of Boxford, Mar.10,1719-20.*

Joshua, and Mary Dane, July14,1724.*

Isaac, and Naamah Haskell of Gloucester, int.July3,1725.

Elizabeth, and Ambros Gold, Jan.11,1731-2.*

Abiel, and Abigail Emery, Feb.10,1731-2.*

Joshua, and Sarah Frie, Nov.4,1731.*

Sarah, and Joshua Frie, Nov.4,1731.*

Joseph, and Mehetable Poor, Mar.20,1732-3.*

Mary, and Josiah Farnaum, Oct.30,1733.*

Phebe, and Thomas Gage of Bradford, Apr.30,1734.*

Hepizebah, and John Abbott, Oct.29,1734.*

James, and Elizabeth Osgood, Nov.28,1734.*

Sarah, and Benjamin Holt [resident in Andover. int.], Apr.7,1737.*

Hannah, and Jonathan Parker, May5,1737.*

Sarah, and John Farnum, Dec.26,1738.*

Hannah, and Moses Pearly [of Boxford.CR1], Feb.7,1739-40.*

Phebe, and Benjamin Kimball of Wenham, Mar.21,1739. [1738-9.CR1]*

Nathaniel [Lt. int.], and Abigail Foster, June28,1739.*

Ann, and Jonas Clark [of Chelmsford.int.], Dec.8,1741.*

Phebe, and Timothy Osgood [3d.CR2], Jan.6,1742-3.*

Hannah, and John Wilson, May25,1742.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Willson, Jan.24,1743. 4.*

Ebenezer, and Elisabeth Kemball, Nov.22,1744.*

Mary, and James Ingalls, jr., Dec.6,1744.*

Lydia, and Francis Swan of Methuen, Mar.20,1745-6.*

Mary, and Hugh Gordon, Apr.2,1745.*

Timothy, and Elisabeth Holton [resident in Andover. int.], May8,1746.*

Bethiah, and William Johnson, Mar.23,1747-8.*

Nama, and Moodey Briges, Nov.5,1747.*

Martha, and Ebenezer Abbot, 3d, Oct.6,1748.*

William, and Mary Carlton, Dec.1,1748.*

Nathaniel, Capt., and Mrs.Hannah Osgood, Jan.24,1750-51.*

Dorathy, Mrs., and Caleb Swan of Methuen, May19,1752.*

Elezebith, and Samuel Frie, jr., May24,1753.*

Samuel, jr., and Elezebith Frie, May24,1753.*

Jonathan, and Sarah Pebody, Nov.13,1753.*

James [jr. int.], and Sarah Chickring, Dec.13,1753.*

James, Col., and Mrs.Sarah Robey of Lynn, int.May7,1757.

Isaac, and Elizabeth Holt, June1,1769.*


Richard, and Martha Tiler, June5,1701.CR1

Martha, wid., and Isaack Mirick of Newbury, int.Nov.22,1714.


Experience, and Joseph Bigby, June12,1723.*

Rebecca, and David Blanchard, Aug.10,1725.*

Sarah [resident in Andover. int.], and Abraham Foster, Feb.2,1729-30.*

Joseph, jr. [of Billerica.int.], and Mary Baxby, Feb.21,1733-4.*

Sarah, of Needham, and Abraham Graves, at Needham, June1,1738.*

Abigail, of Tewksbury, and Jacob Foster, int.Aug.13,1743.

Mary, wid., of Tewksbury, and Joseph Blanchard, int.May17,1758.

Atta, and Thomas Upton of Danvers, June20,1782.*

Lucy, and Ashl Page [resident in Andover. int.], May10,1787.*

Atta, wid., and John Bragg, Nov.22,1792.*

Sarah, and Samuel Drake of Epping, NH, Nov.16,1802.*

Dolly [Dorithy.int.] Clifford, and Dudly Leavit of Northwood [NH. int.], Oct.7,1806.*

Zepheniah, of Norway, ME, and Polly Lovejoy, Jan.8,1811.*

Hannah H., and Rev. Robert Crowell of Ipswich, Aug.29,1814.*

Lydia, of Tewksbury, and Samuel Upton, int.Dec.9,1820.

Zeiba, of Paris, ME, and Phebe Lovejoy, Sept.17,1821.*

Edmand, of Norway, ME, and Ann P. Lovejoy, June2,1823.*

William, jr., and Lucy Foster, int.Oct.25,1823.

Jane, of Tewksbury, and Charles Ballard, int.Aug.20,1836.

Lavina, of Tewksbury, and Rodolphus Nichols, int.Aug.28,1839.

William, Dea., and Martha W. Mead of Northwood, NH, int.Feb.6,1840.

Owen, of Tewksbury, and Harriet J. Sperry, int.Oct.29,1842.

Jerusha, and George A. Dane, int.Jan.25,1845.

Mary Amanda [of Tewksbury.int.], and William Marshall, Apr.10,1845.*

Emma A., of Lawrence, and John H. Horn of Westford, a.20y., blacksmith, May15,1847. [1850. in pencil.]

Louisa A., and John French, int.Apr.1,1848.

Beulah, of Tewksbury, and Isaac Hunt, int.Sept.21,1848.

Abiah, and Parker Fletcher, Oct.10,1848.*


Nathaniel, jr., of Boston, and Hannah Peters, Nov.24,1803.*

Nathaniel [jr. int.], of Boston, and Sarah Noyes, Dec.13,1821.*

FRY (Frye)

Elizabeth, and Robert Stileman, Oct.4,1660.

John, and Eunis Potter, Oct.4,1660.

Samuell, and Mary Aslett, Nov.20,1671.

Dorathy, and James Stevens, Mar.8,1712-13. [Mar.18.CR1]*

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Barker, July15,1714.*

Joseph, and Deliverance Dane [Foster.CR2 and int.], Nov.4,1742.*

Abigail, and Samuel Ames of Haverhill, Aug.6,1761.*

Peter, of Danville, VT, and Chloe Abbot, int.Jan.19,1799.

Hannah, and Nathan Jones, Oct.20,1811.*

FRYE (Frey, Frie, Fry)

Hannah, and John Chandler, June4,1701.

Sarah, and William Lovjoy, Mar.25,1704-5. [Mar.22.CR1]*

James, and Joanna Sprague, May25,1708.*

Ebenezer, and Elizabeth Farnem, Dec.23,1708.*

Pheoby, and Asa Swan, Jan.29,1712-13.*

John, and Ruth Wheeler [of Salem Village. int.], May15,1712.*

Nathan, and Sarah Bridges, at Newbury, July6,1715.*

Samuel, and Sarah Osgood, Mar.26,1719.*

Susanna, and Thomas Edes, Nov.2,1758.*

Timothy, of Dracut, and Hannah Carlton, Nov.21,1758.*

Dorcas, and Enoch Haskoll of Gloucester [at Gloucester. dup.], Dec.9,1759.*

John, and Hannah Doliver, Jan.5,1762.*

Simon, and Hannah Johnson, Dec.9,1762.*

Hannah, and Daniel Poor, Mar.31,1763.*

Joseph, jr., and [Mrs.CR1] Mary Robinson, Feb.12,1765.*

Mehetabel, Mrs., and Dr. Josiah Chase of Canterbury, Aug.22,1765.CR1*

Huldah [Mrs.int.], and John Osgood, June9,1767.*

Benjamin, and Elizabeth Clark, June16,1767.*

Dorcas, and Ezekiel Carlton, jr., Nov.10,1768.*

William, and Deborah Colburn [Coburn.CR1], Nov.24,1768.*

David, and Tabbatha Perker, June6,1769.*

Sarah, and Philip Farrington, Sept.18,1770.*

Hannah, and William Sargeant, Aug.22,1771.*

Elizabeth, and Philip Abbot, Nov.20,1771.*

Sarah, and Asa Lovejoy, Aug.20,1772.*

Theophileus, and Lucy Lovejoy, Apr.11,1776.*

Polly [Molly.int.], and Ingalls Bragg, May9,1776.*

John, 3d, and Lydia Batchelder, Mar.11,1779.*

Joshua, and Bette Mercy, Sept.21,1780.*

John, jr., and Rhoda Baldwin of Billerica, at Billerica, Feb.20,1781.*

Hannah, and John Bowman of Bedford, Sept.19,1781.*

John, 3d [4th.int.], and Betty Noyes, Oct.2,1781.*

Hannah, and Daniel Poor, 3d, May23,1782.*

Sarah, and Moses Dennis, June11,1782.*

Elizabeth, and John Stevens of Sterling, Apr.30,1783.*

Lydia, and Benjamin Stevens, July21,1783.*

Mary, and John Farnum, jr., Jan.13,1785.*

Timothy, and Betsey Brooks of Lincoln, at Lincoln, Nov.9,1786.*

James, and, wid.Rachel Foster, Nov.15,1787.*

Samuel, jr., and Anna White, Dec.11,1788.*

Frederick, and Margaret Mackey of Salem, at Salem, June9,1789.*

Zachariah, of Bluehill, and Hannah Noyes, int.Sept.25,1789.

Samuel, 3d, and Hannah Poor, Sept.21,1790.*

Phebe, and Edward Stevens of Peterboro, Feb.23,1791. [Feb.22.CR2]*

Elizabeth, and Lt. Peter Poor, Mar.17,1791.*

Ezekiel, and Polly Hawley, Mar.8,1792.*

Hannah [of Dracut. int.], and Abial Abbott, at Dracut, Sept.29,1793.*

Pamela, and William Chadwick of Falmouth, Oct.3,1793.*

Persis, and Timothy Frye, Mar.2,1794.*

Timothy, and Persis Frye, Mar.2,1794.*

Lucy, and Solomon Abbot, July8,1794.*

Peter, and Hannah Noyes, June9,1796.*

Cloe, and Phillip Bowers of Billerica [of Andover. int.], June23,1796.*

James, and Unice Carlton, July7,1796.*

May, and Timothy Crosby, jr., of Billerica, Dec.15,1796.*

Phebe, and Joseph Stevens, 3d, Dec.22,1796.*

Jedediah, of Dracut, and Rebecca Farnum, Jan.25,1798.*

Enoch, and Mary Shattuck, Aug.2,1798.*

Martha, and Moses Abbot, jr., Feb.5,1799.*

Joseph, and Susanna Sargent Baker, Sept.18,1799.CR2*

Elizabeth, and Warren Parker of Dracut, int.Apr.4,1800.

Amos, and Hannah Durant, June30,1801.*

Phillip, and Sarah Smith Wilkins, Sept.8,1801.*

Theophilus, jr., and Fanny Chandler, Jan.19,1802.*

Susanna, and Daniel Peters, July8,1802.*

Lydia, and David Barnard, Dec.1,1803.*

Samuel, 3d, and Mary Bridges, Mar.5,1805.*

Sarah, and Abiel Gutterson, of Milford, Sept.12,1805.*

Dolly, and Jonathan Pirkins Chapman of Danvers, int.Oct.15,1805.

James, and Mary Lovejoy, Dec.26,1805.*

Mary, and Jacob Holt, Apr.2,1807.*

John, 4th, and Jerusha Baron Swan, June1,1809.CR2*

Dolly, and James Frye, Sept.24,1809.*

James, and Dolly Frye, Sept.24,1809.*

Nathaniel, and Priscilla Baker, both of Salem, June21,1810.

Hannah, and Reubin Frye, Sept.9,1813.*

Reubin, and Hannah Frye, Sept.9,1813.*

Betsey, and Abbot Jones, Feb.14,1814.*

Zachariah, and Sarah Houghton, Sept.27,1814.*

Martha, and Maj. Dean Carlton [jr. int.], May4,1815.*

Hannah, and Seth Burt, Nov.28,1816.*

Polly, and Jonathan Merrill of Malden, Mar.11,1817.*

Anna, and William Bailey, May26,1818.*

Fanny, and Isaac Shattuck, 3d, June9,1818.*

Elizabeth, and Samuel Dennis of Hancock, NH, Oct.13,1818.*

Samuel, 3d [4th.int.], and Mary Richardson, Dec.3,1818.*

Sarah, and Thomas Ireland of Gloucester, Dec.3,1818.*

Mary C., and Benjamin Fish, jr., Mar.15,1821.*

Ruby, and Samuel Downing, May31,1821.*

John, and Chloe Holt, July12,1821.*

Ruby, and Capt. Benjamin Foster of Gloucester, int.Feb.16,1822.

Mary B., and Joel Baldwin [jr. int.] of Billerica, Dec.5,1822.CR1*

Susan, and John Hencklieff, Aug.4,1824.*

Elizabeth, and Abel Blanchard, May31,1827.TC*

Susan, and John Merrill, jr., Nov.6,1828.*

Mary, and Charles Carlton, Apr.30,1829.*

John, 4th, and Deborah Holt, Sept.2,1830.*

Enoch, jr., and Mary B. Foster, Dec.30,1830.*

Eliza, and Jonathan Merrill, Sept.15,1831.*

Mary M., and Charles G. Morrison, Sept.26,1831.*

William, and Susan Holt, Sept.9,1832.*

Sarah W., and Thorndike A. Daniels of Danvers, Sept.27,1832.*

Nathan, and Amanda Gleason, Apr.4,1833.*

Sarah E., and David S. Roberts of Farmington, ME [NH. int.], Feb.5,1834.*

Hannah, and Job T. Cole, Apr.16,1835.*

Andrew [L. int.], and Mary S. Bailey, Aug.27,1835.*

Sarah L., and Bradford Borden [Barden, of Cohoes, NY int.], Dec.10,1835.*

Ann E., and David Purves, Jan.17,1836.*

Elizabeth, and John [O. int.] Page, Sept.22,1836.*

Enoch, 3d, and Lydia Barnard, Sept.29,1836.*

Mary K., and Daniel Hobart, Oct.30,1837.

Gates F., and Phebe M. Luscomb, Sept.27,1838.*

Pamela, and Nathan Bailey, jr., int.Apr.6,1839.

Stephen, and Emily [E. int.] George, Feb.13,1840.*

Herman, of Methuen, and Eliza Richardson, Sept.9,1840.*

Eliza A., and Henry W. Abbott, Feb.10,1842.*

John, and Levina Thompson of Tewksbury, int.Sept.21,1844.

Mary Ann, and Worcester Willey [of Campton, NH int.], manufacturer, Oct.18,1844.*

George, s.Zachariah, and Eliza Allen, d.Joseph N., Oct.5,1847.*


John, and Susan McMacon, int.Aug.26,1844.


William [of Middleton. int.], and Mary Foster, Apr.16,1746.*

Mehetabell, of Middletown, and William Foster, int.Oct.4,1771.

Abijah, and Hannah Page, Nov.14,1782.*

Jenne, of Middleton, and Primas Jacobs, resident in Andover, int.Aug.30,1795.

Nehemiah, and Martha Richardson Morse, May10,1804.*

Elizabeth, of Roxbury, and John Osgood, int.Sept.20,1810.

Hannah [Mrs.int.], and [Capt.CR1] Abraham Foster of Salem, Sept.1,1819.*

Ephraim, of Middleton, and Sally Kimball, Apr.27,1820.*

Sumner, of Boston, and Mary [H.CR2] Greenleaf, Apr.30,1822.*

Dean, of Middleton, and Lydia A. Berry, Dec.19,1822.CR1*

Daniel P. [S.CR1], and Rebecca Stevens, Mar.30,1826.*

Zenas, of Boston, and Mary K. Stevens, Feb.25,1828.*

John, of Cambridge, and Adeline Johnson, Apr.末,1828. [int.Apr.7.]*


Samuel S., of Concord, NH, and Susan Adams, Apr.1,1823.*

Charles, a.28y., mechanic, s.Joshua and Alcey, and Harriet B. Bradley, a.28y., d.Joseph and Charlotte, Dec.25,1845.*


Charles [resident in Andover. int.], and Margaret Lovejoy, Mar.9,1729-30.*

Charls, of Reading, and Elisabeth Holt, int.July27,1745.

Charles [jr. int.], and Sarah Corey [of Chelmsford.int.], at Chelmsford, Apr.1,1755.*

Lucy, and Dr. Moses Nichols of Amherst, NH, Oct.19,1784.*

Charles, jr., and Hannah Gilson of Pepperell, int.Nov.27,1784.

Simeon, and Rachel Harnden of Wilmington, at Wilmington, May11,1786.*

Dorcas, and Benjamin Burbank of Campton, NH, Nov.16,1789.*

Anna, and [Ens.CR2] Josiah Abbot, Mar.30,1790.*

Mary [Hannah.int.], wid., and Lemuel Winchester, resident in Andover, Feb.9,1791.*

Martha, and Simeon Flint, Apr.18,1805.*

Betsey, and Phineas Wood of Dracut, int.Apr.20,1805.

Rachel, and Rev. Horation Bardwell, July11,1815.*

FURGASON (Ferguson)

William, and Lucretia F. Carter of Wilmington, int.Mar.15,1823.

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