ABBOTT (Abbet, Abbett, Abbot)

Sarah, wid.Samuell, Esq., Feb.12, 末末, a.89y.

Joseph, s.Georgand Hannah (Chandler), June24,1650.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Sara, Mar.16,1666.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Sara, Mar.7,1667.

Joseph, s.George and Hannah(Chandler), "killed by ye Indians," Apr.8,1676.

Dorothy, d.Thomas and Sarah, Oct.27,1678.

Sarah, d.George and Dorcas(Graves), Nov.17,1679.

George [b. in England, was one of the first settlers of Andover, 1643.GR2], Dec.24,1681. [a.66y.GR2]

Martha, d.George and Dorcas(Graves), Dec.4,1683.

George, Mar.22,1688-9.

Mary, d.John and Sarah(Barker), Dec.11,1688.

George, s.William and Elizabeth(Gary), Nov.16,1690.

George, s.William and Elisabeth(Gary), Dec.30,1691.

Benjamine, Corp., h.Sarah (Farnum), s.George and Hannah (Chandler), Mar.30,1702-3.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Sept.10,1703.

Elizabeth, w.George, jr., May6,1706.

Asa, Dec.23,1707, a.75y.GR2

Hannah (Chandler), w.George, June末,1711, a.82y.GR2

Nathan, s.William and Elizabeth, Jan.9,1712-13.

Ezara, s.William and Elizabeth(Gary), Nov.19,1712.

Elizabeth, w.William, Nov.26,1712.

William, sr., h.Elizabeth (Gary), s.George and Hannah (Chandler), Oct.21,1713.

William, jr., s.Williamand Elizabeth (Gary), Oct.28,1713.

Sarah, wid.Thomas, Feb.16,1715-16, a.abt. 69y.

Elizabeth(Abbot), w.Benjamine, Sept.3,1718.

Mary, d.Timothy and Mary, Oct.28,1718.

John, Dea., h.Sarah (Barker), s.George and Hannah (Chandler), Mar.19,1720-21.

Hannah, d.David and Hannah, Feb.14,1721-2.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, July18,1721.

George, Nov.23,1724.

Mary(Carlton), w.Benjamin, Jan.19,1725-6.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Apr.28,1725.

Samuel, s.Thomas and Elezebeth, Dec.8,1725.

Elizbeth, d.George and Mary, Jan.7,1726-7.

Joseph, s.Nehemiah and Abigaiel, Nov.1,1726.

Hannah(Graves), w.Timothy, Nov.5,1726.

Nehemiah, s.Ebenezer and Hannah, Mar.25,1727.

Sarah(Barker), wid.Dea.John, Feb.10,1728-9, in her 83d y.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Mar.19,1728-9.

Mehetebel, d.Stephen and Sarah, Apr.16,1728.

Thomas, sr., h.Hannah (Gray), s.George and Hannah (Chandler), Apr.28,1728, in his 62d y.

Uriah, s.Uriah and Sarah, Sept.14,1729.

Aaron, s.Thomas and Hannah(Gray), Apr.9,1730.

Timothy, h.Hannah (Graves), s.George and Hannah (Chandler), Sept.9,1730, in his 67th y.

William, s.Joseph and Hannah(Allen), Dec.17,1730.

Martha, d.Ephraim and Sarah, Apr.24,1733.

Hannah, w.John, May23,1733.

Abigail, d.Benjamin and Abigail, Oct.10,1733.

Mary, d.Henry and Mary, Jan.27,1734-5.

George, Capt., Feb.26,1735-6, in his 81st y.

Deborah, d.Joseph and Deborah, July9,1736.

Mary, d.Uriah and Sarah, Oct.7,1736, a.2y.11m.2d.

Joshua, s.Joseph and Deborah, Dec.31,1736.

Anne, d.Zebadiah and Anne, Apr.3,1738.

Barachias, s.Barachias and Hannah, June24,1738.

Caleb, s.Timothy and Mary, Sept.7,1738.

Darcas, wid.Capt. George, Feb.18,1739-40.

Abiel, Mr., s.Dea.John and Elisabeth, May18,1739, a.23y.4m.11d.

Joshua, s.Joseph and Deborah, Oct.15,1739.

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Hannah, Nov.19,1739.

Nathaniel, s.Joseph and Deborah, Apr.5,1740.

Isaac, s.Thomas and Elizabeth, Sept.16,1740.

末末, s.stillborn, Mr. Isaac and Phebe, July21,1741.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Deborah, Sept.14,1741.

Dorcas(Hibbert), w.Lt. Nathaniel, Feb.16,1742-3.

Joel, s.Benjamin and Abigail, Mar.23,1742-3.

Mary, w.Ephraim, 3d, Mar.9,1744-5.

Elisabeth, w.Ebenezer, Apr.14,1744, in her 51st y.

Catherine, d.Thomas and Hannah(Gray), Sept.14,1744.

Philip, s.Ebenezer and Elisabeth, "sickness in ye Kings Service at Lewisburg," Jan.31,1745-6.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Mary, Mar.26,1745, a.25y.5m.

Ephraim, jr., Apr.14,1745, in his 36th y.

Zebadiah, s.Thomas, dec.,and Hannah (Gray) May17,1745, in his 37th y.[At the Siege of Louisburg.]

Isaac, s.Thomas and Hannah(Gray), "sickness in ye Kings Service at Lewisburg," Nov.3,1745, a.28y.8m.21d.

Deborah, d.Dea.Joseph and Deborah, Nov.22,1745.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah(Gray), at Rumford, July22,1746, a.45y.10m.12d.

Abigil, w.Dea.Nehemiah, May21,1747.

末末, s.Mr. Isaac and Phebe, Nov.14,1747.

Epharaham, h.Sarah (Crosby), s.John and Sarah (Barker), June8,1748, a.abt. 64y.

Benjamin, 4th, s.Benjamin, 3d and Elezebith, June11,1748.

Benjamin, Nov.26,1748, in his 63d y.

Elezebith, d.Uriah and Sarah, Jan.29,1749-50, in her 22d y.

Obadiah, s.Dea.Joseph and Deborah, Feb.8,1749-50.

Lydea, d.Thomas, jr. and Elezebith, June2,1749, a.5y.7m.

Hannah, w.John, 5th, Aug.27,1749, in her 22d y.

Dorcis, d.Joseph, jr. and Deborah, Oct.17,1749, a.1y.9m.

Nathaniel, Mr., h.Dorcas (Hibbert), s.George and Hannah (Chandler), Dec.1,1749, in his 79th y.

Sarah, w.Uriah, May9,1750, in her 48th y.

Nemiah, Dea.Sept.16,1750, in his 84th y.

Sarah(Stevens), w.Mr. Stephen, Dec.28,1750, in her 70th y.

Phebe(Lovejoy), w.[Dea.GR2] Isaac, Dec.17,1751, a.35y.10m.27d.

Hepzebeth, w.John, 5th, July2,1752, in her 25th y.

Mary, d.George, jr. and Hannah, Sept.15,1752.

Thomas, 末蔓25,1753.GR1

Elezebith, d.David and Hannah, Oct.21,1753.

Benjamin, s.David and Hannah, Nov.9,1753.

David, h.Hannah (Danforth), s.Benjamin & Sarah (Farnum), Nov.14,1753.

Josiah, s.Hannah, wid.Nov.15,1753.

John, Dea., h.Elizabeth (Harnden), s.John and Sarah (Barker), Jan.1,1754, in his 80th y.

Mary(Preston), w.Samuel, Apr.15,1754, in her 55th y.

Elizabeth, wid.Thomas, Sept.30,1754, in her 73d y.GR1

Hannah, w.Joseph, Mar.4,1755.

末末, s.David and Prudence, Mar.2,1756.

Joseph, h.Hannah (Allen), s.John and Sarah (Barker), Jan.9,1757, in his 81st y.

Abner, s.Stephen, jr. and Mary, Mar.11,1758, in his 7th y.

Ezra, s.Capt. John and Phebe, Sept.15,1760, a.23y.

Ebenezer [Ens.CR2], h.Hannah (Dane) s.John and Sarah (Barker), Jan.14,1761, a.72y.

Daniel, Aug.11,1761, a.37y.

Samuel, Oct.29,1762, in his 66th y.[Oct.9.GR2]

Bezaleel, s.John, 4th and Sarah, Jan.3,1763.

Mary, d.John, 4th and Sarah, Jan.6,1763.

Hannah(Gray), wid.Thomas, Jan.25,1763, a.89y.

Joseph, s.John, 4th and Sarah, Mar.22,1763.

Asa, s.Asa and Elizabeth, June5,1763.

Jethro, s.Ebenezer and Lydia, May2,1764.

Theodore, s.Ebenezer and Lydia, May14,1764.

Anna, d.Zebediah and Anna, Oct.8,1764.

Hannah, d.Nehemiah and Hannah, Oct.29,1764.

Anna(Peabody), w.Joseph, jr., Mar.20,1766.

Timothy, h.Mary (Foster), s.Timothy and Hannah (Graves), July10,1766, in his 74th y.

Micah, s.Isaac and Suannah, b. July15,1766d.Aug.17,1767.GR2

Joseph, Dec.10,1766, in his 43d y.

Micah, s.Isaac, jr. and Susanna, Aug.16,1767. [Aug.17.GR2]

Zebediah, h.Anna (Lovejoy), s.Nehemiah and Abigail (Lovejoy), Sept.9,1767, in his 73d y.

Ruben, s.John and Sarah, Jan.17,1768.

George, Capt., h.Mary (Phillips), s.George and Dorcas (Graves), Mar.19,1768, a.76y.GR2

Samuel, s.Stephen and Mary [killed by a cart.GR2], Aug.10,1768. [1769, a.6y.GR2]

William, s.Dea.Isaac and Phebe, Sept.29,1768.

Stephen, Nov.8,1768, in his 50th y.[in 51st y.GR2]

Uriah, Apr.7,1770, in his 79th y.

Anna(Lovejoy), wid.Zebediah, Sept.5,1770, in her 59th y.

Henry, s.[Capt.GR2] Henry, jr. and Phebe, Sept.10,1770. [a.2m.GR2]

Ebenezer, Dec.19,1771.

Hannah, d.Moses and Elizabeth, Mar.15,1772.

Timothy, s.Barachias and Hannah, Mar.30,1772.

Phebe, d.Isaac and Phebe, Nov.8,1772. [in her 6th y.GR2]

末末, young ch, Jonathan, 3d, bur. Nov.21,1772.CR2

Joshua, s.Zebediah, bur. May21,1773.CR2

Deborah, w.Dea.Joseph, July21,1773.

Luther, ch.Darias, bur. Sept.14,1773.CR2

Joshua, s.Dea.Zebediah and Rebecca, Nov.20,1773, a.19d.GR2

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, July11,1774. [a.8w.CR2]

Thomas, h.Elizabeth (Ballard), s.Thomas and Hannah (Gray), July11,1774, a.76y.

Joshua, s.Jonathan, jr. and Mary, Mar.26,1775. [as.4m.12d.CR2]

Thomas, Mar.29,1775, in his 46th y.

Joel, s.Barakias, jr. and Sarah, May7,1775. [a.8d.CR2]

Hannah(Holt), w.Barakias, July31,1775, in her 66th y.

Rhoda [d.Barachias and Hannah.CR2], Aug.11,1775, in her 29th y.[a.27y.CR2]

Hannah, d.Steven, bur. Sept.5,1775, a.5m.CR2

Hannah, d.Darius, bur. Sept.11,1775, a.10y.CR2

Asa, s.Darius, bur. Sept.12,1775, a.1y.8d.CR2

Anna, d.Darius, bur. Oct.14,1775, a.17y.2m.CR2

Daniel, s.Asa, in the Army,末蔓末,1776.CR2

Sarah, d.Stephen, canker, bur. Jan.24,1776.CR2

Henry, Lt., bur. Feb.3,1776, a.79y.8m.CR2

Sarah, w.John 3d, May17,1776, in her 48th y.

Henry, s.Capt. Henry and Phebe, May19,1776, in his 5th y.GR2

Mehitable [Hephzibah.CR2], w.Jonathan, 3d, Jan.1,1777.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Sarah [fell into the well and drowned.PR8], Aug.17,1777. [a.2y.10m.CR2]

Joseph, "killed by ye blowing up of the drying House & Magzn of ye Powder Mill", June1,1778.CR2

Sarah, d.Stephen, bur. June18,1778, a.2y.CR2

Betsey, d.Steven, bur. Aug.5,1778, a.4y.8m.CR2

Joseph, s.Bixby, bur. Aug.19,1778, a.2m.CR2

Hannah, w.Nehemiah, Sept.27,1778. [a.42y.CR2]

John, 3d, small pox, Jan.3,1779. a.53y.

Joseph, small pox, Jan.5,1779, a.14y.

末末, ch.[s.PR102] Nathan, jr. [and Sarah.PR102], bur. June17,1780, a.5d.CR2

Elizabeth(Ballard), wid.Thomas, July31,1782, a.82y.

Elisabeth, d.Nehemiah, bur. Dec.7,1782, a.1y.2m.CR2

Parker Clark, s.Nehemiah, bur. Dec.1,1783, a.2m.CR2

Nehemiah, Jan.1,1784, in his 28th y.GR1

Joshua, s.Capt. Jonathan and Mary, July9,1784. [a.1m.CR2]

Isaac, Dea., h.Phoebe (Lovejoy) and Lydia (Coley), s.George and Dorcas (Graves), Aug.9,1784, a.86y.[a.85y.CR2]

Dorcas Hibbert, d.Jacob, bur. Aug.14,1784, a.8m.CR2

Mary, wid.bur. Aug.31,1784, a.84y.CR2

Barachias [cancer.CR2], Oct.2,1784, a.77y.4m.

Mary(Phillips), wid.Capt. George [Oct.4,1785.GR2], a.91y.CR2

Joshua, s.Nathan and Sarah, Jan.29,1786, in his 12th y.GR2

Hannah [old age.CR2], Jan.8,1788, a.90y.

末末, w.Josiah, child bed fever, bur. Feb.16,1788, a.26y.CR2

Lydia, w.Ephraim [dropsy.CR2], July3,1788, a.37y.

Priscilla, d.John and Sarah (Barker), unm.[old age.CR2] May24,1791, a.100y."wanting 35 days."

Hannah, d.William and Experience [consumption.CR2], July7,1792, a.40y.GR2 [a.39y.CR2]

Mary, w.Jonathan, Aug.8,1792, in her 70th y.GR2

Samuel, s.Abner and Ruth [quinsy.CR2], Oct.1,1793, a.18m.6d.GR2

John, Capt., old age, [Nov.10.GR2], bur. Nov.12,1793, a.89y.3m.CR2

Zebadiah, Dea., h.Rebecca (Ballard), s.Zebediah and Anna (Lovejoy), bilious fever [Nov.24,1793.GR2], a.54y.2m.CR2

Ezra, Dec.4,1793.PR4

Jonathan, fever [May31,1794.GR2], a.79y.5m.CR2

Joshua, s.Dea.Nathan, canker, bur. Jan.30,1796, a.11y.7m.CR2

Mary, d.Jonathan and Dorcas, Jan.31,1796, in her 6th y.GR2

Polly, d.Jonathan, jr., canker, bur. Feb.1,1796, a.5y.8m.CR2

Lydia Clark, d.Capt. John L. and Phebe [canker.CR2], Mar.16,1796, a.4y.8m.

William Lovejoy, s.Capt. John L. and Phebe [fits.CR2], Mar.27,1796, a.1y.2m.

Daniel, s.Caleb and Lucy [canker.CR2], Apr.13,1796, a.7y.[a.6y.10m.CR2]

Samuel, s.Caleb and Lucy [canker.CR2], Apr.14,1796, a.1y.2m.

Hepsibah, w.Bigsby, May20,1796. [a.40y.7m.CR2]

Mary, d.[Capt.GR2] Henry, jr. and Phebe, Aug.17,1796. [a.17m.GR2]

Asa, "languishment brought on by a blow from an Ox's horn which put out his eye &c., 1791," bur. Dec.24,1796, a.75y.3m.CR2

William [consumption.CR2], Jan.2,1798, a.73y.

Nathan [internal abscess.CR2], June23,1798, a.80y.[a.79y.2m.CR2]

Lucy, d.Capt. Jeduthon and Hannah [nervous fever.CR2], Aug.16,1798. [a.22y.10m.CR2]

Pamelia, d.Capt. Jeduthon and Hannah [cholera morbus.CR2], Aug.31,1798. [a.5y.10m.CR2]

Lydia, wid.Thomas [lung fever.CR2], Nov.16,1798 [a.67y.7m.CR2]

Hannah, sister of Ephraim [mortification.CR2], Nov.17,1798, a.64y.

Hepzibah, w.Isaac, jr. [childbed.CR2], Mar.22,1800, a.27y.

Hepzibah, w.Isaac, jr., Mar.22,1800, in her 27th y.GR2

Phebe, w.[Dea.CR2] Isaac [jaundice and dropsy.CR2], July6,1800, a.58y.1m.

Ezra, s.Ezra and Hannah, Jan.12,1801, a.5y.GR2

Nathan, Dea., hepatic, bur. Mar.9,1801, a.48y.6m.CR2

Phebe(Fiske), wid.Capt. John [fever.CR2], Dec.末,1802, a.90y.[bur. Dec.7.CR2]

John, s.Ezra and Hannah [canker rash.CR2], Aug.6,1803. [a.2y.5m.CR2]

Ezra, s.Ezra and Hannah [fever.CR2], Jan.12,1804. [a.4y.9m.CR2]

James, s.Timothy and Mary, Sept.10,1804.PR117

末末, s.Moses and Martha, bur. Oct.1,1804, a.20d.CR2

末末, s.Nathan, jr., fits, bur. Nov.26,1804, a.3d.CR2

Henry, Capt. [diabetes.CR2], Feb.21,1805, a.80y.1m.

Mary, w.Bixby, Mar.27,1805, a.48y.GR3

Serena, d.David and Priscilla, Sept.20,1805, a.2m.12d.[a.10m.CR2]

Hermon, s.Hermon and Lydia, [quinsy.CR2], Sept.23,1805. [a.2y.6m.CR2]

末末, ch.Nathan, jr., chin cough, bur. Jan.25,1806, a.5w.CR2

Isaac, jr., ["Oct.16, after a muster fell from his house & was never well afterwards."CR2], Dec.27,1806, a.38y.18d.

Abigail, w.Capt. John [fever.CR2], Feb.1,1807, a.73y.[a.74y.5m.CR2]

末末, ch.Timothy and Mary, Mar.27,1807.PR117

James [s.Job and Anna.GR2], "killed by the Splitting of his own Gun, on the Training field, immediately after the Company was dismissed" [May5.GR2], bur. May7,1807, a.20y.CR2

Sarah, w.Barachias, Feb.11,1808.PR117

Zebediah, s.Zebediah and Sarah [fever.CR2], Oct.7,1808, a.3y.4m.18d.

Zebadiah, s.Zebediah and Sarah, Oct.7,1808, a.3y.4m.GR3

Nehemiah ["one of the Trustees of Phillips Academy," stranguary.CR2], Oct.13,1808, a.77y.1m.19d.

Ephraim, hernia, Apr.23,1809, a.66y.GR2

末末, ch.Moses, bur. Mar.26,1810, a.11m.CR2

Elizabeth, w.Thomas, May18,1810.

Jeduthun, Capt., July5,1810, a.61y.[a.62y.GR3]

Priscilla, w.Moses, jr., Apr.5,1811, a.27y.

末末, s.Nathan, bur. May17,1811, a.2d.CR2

Lucy, d.Timothy, jr. and Jerusha [spotted fever.CR1], July13,1811, a.5y.

Phebe, d.John L., Esq. and Phebe, Nov.11,1811. [a.22y.CR2]

Barachias, Jan.29,1812.PR117

Samuel, Esq., Apr.30,1812, a.80y.2m.5d.

Abigail, wid.Nathan, commonly called Sergent Nathan, Aug.27,1812, in her 90th y.

Sarah, wid.Ephraim, Oct.29,1812, a.65y.

Hannah [unm.GR2], Mar.12,1813, a.89y.[a.90y.CR2]

Margaret W., d.George and Ruth, Aug.25,1813, a.2y.6m.16d.

Hannah, wid.Col. George, Sept.末 [8.CR2], 1813, a.89y.

Lydia, wid.Nehemiah, Feb.13,1814, a.69y.

John L., Rev., suddenly [of Boston.CR2], Oct.17,1814, a.30y.10m.18d.

[Experience.CR2], wid.William, Sept.4,1815, a.92y.[Sept.3.CR2;a.98y.GR2]

Timothy, s.Timmothy and Mary, May10,1816.PR117

Mary, w.Capt. Benjamin, May26,1816, a.37y.

末末, ch.Jacob and Betsy, Aug.21,1816, a.16h.

Job, s.Capt. Job and Lucy, Feb.9,1817, a.3y.

Jonathan, Capt., Apr.10,1817, in his 78th y.

Thomas, suddenly [fell over the fence and broke his neck.CR1], Apr.30,1817.

John, Capt., Apr.24,1818, a.83y.[Apr.4.GR2]

Job [jr., s.Job of Wilton, NH.GR2], Oct.15,1819. [a.23y.GR2]

Deborah(Baker), w.Caleb, Dec.7,1819, a.52y.

Elizabeth, wid.Asa, Dec.18,1819, a.93y.

Samuel K., s.Maj. Benjamin, Apr.17,1820.

Mary, "commonly called Aunt Molly" [d.Stephen and Mary.GR2], Sept.15,1820, a.76y.

Timothy B., Nov.22,1820.

Timothy B., Nov.27,1820, a.22y.GR2

John [William written over to John.], s.Capt. George and Ruth, Jan.14,1821, a.8m.

Sarah P., Feb.17,1821.

Phebe, d.the late Isaac, jr. and Mary, Feb.20,1821, a.18y.[a.17y.8m.GR2]

Hepzibeth, d.Maj. Benjamin and Mary, May20,1821, a.9y.

Sarah, w.Abel, Dec.1,1821, a.32y.

末末, s.Amos and Esther M., Dec.10,1821.

Stephen, s.Capt. Stephen and Hannah, Apr.10,1822, a.19y.

Abigail [d.Job.CR2], July15,1822. [a.23y.GR2]

George, Capt., Oct.21,1822, a.37y.

Dorcas Jane, d.Stephen and Hannah, Nov.26,1822, a.2y.GR2

Jane, d.Capt. Stephen and Hannah, Nov.26,1822, a.2y.

Nehemiah, Dec.13,1822, a.66y.

David, June21,1823, a.59y.

Hannah, w.Jeduthun, Sept.3,1823.



Sarah, wid.Nathan, Aug.20,1825. [a.70y.PR115]

Hannah, w.Capt. Jeduthun, Sept.3,1825, a.70y.GR3

末末, ch.William, Sept.22,1825.

末末, wid.John L., Esq., Oct.1,1825.

Moses, Capt., Feb.23,1826.

Timothy, Mar.22,1826, a.81y.[Mar.31. a.82y.PR8]

Job, s.Capt. Job and Lucy, Oct.18,1826.

Hannah, d.Barachias and Anna, Oct.19,1826.PR117

Joel, at the almshouse, Nov.11,1826.

Martin [B.GR2], s.Charles and Dorcas, Mar.6,1827, a.6y.

Phebe, Sept.16,1827.

末末, d.Jacob and Betsy, Dec.13,1827, a.2w.

Ann [consumption.CR2], May9,1828, a.43y.

Abiel ["occasioned by a fall," Aug.16.CR2], Aug.18,1828, a.68y.

末末, w.Caleb, "instantaneous death." Sept.4,1828.CR2

Hannah, w.Caleb, Sept.4,1828, a.52y.[Sept.24, a.54y.GR2]

Mary, w.Dea.Paschal [consumption.CR2], Oct.27,1828, a.37y.

Asa, Mar.24,1829.

Caroline, d.Holton and Mary of Andover, ME, Mar.25,1829, a.21y.GR6

末末, boarder at, wid.Spofferd's, Dec.末,1829.CR1

George, Dec.7,1829.

Prisey, Feb.末,1830.CR2

Jonathan, Lt., May21,1830, a.70y.

James, s.Timothy and Mary, Jan.12,1831.PR117

[Priscilla.GR3], wid.David, Feb.19,1831. [a.62y.GR3]

Martha D., d.William B. and Lucinda F., Mar.18,1832, a.22m.GR2

Hannah, w.Nathan, jr., Nov.16,1832. [a.52y.7m.PR1]

Hannah J., d.Moody and Hannah W., Jan.20,1833, a.10m.

Isaac N., s.Isaac and Dolly(Farnum), Apr.18,1833, a.3y.3m. CR2

Joseph, F., s.Isaac and Dolly, Apr.21,1833, a.9m.17d. CR2

末末, s.Jonathan and Lydia, June1,1833, a.1d.

Phebe(Abbott), wid.Capt Henry, June29 [27.CR2], 1833, a.85y.[87y.CR2]

末末, d.Hervey and Caroline, Nov.17,1833.PR117

Abigail [B.CR2], d.Henry [and Dorcas.GR2; fever.CR2], Mar.6,1834. [a.14y.CR2]

末末, s.Joel and Mary, Mar.22,1834.

Anna, d.Moses [dropsy.CR2], July27,1834. [a.58y.CR2]

Sally B., w.Albert, Aug.10,1834, a.20y.

Sarah Barnard, Mrs.apoplexy, Aug.10,1834, a.20y.CR2

John K., s.Joseph T. and Betsy, Aug.28,1834, a.1y.15d.

Paschal G., s.Dea.P., cholera infantum, Aug.31,1834, a.19m.CR2

George P., s.Paschal and Hannah, Sept.7,1834, a.19m.

Samuel, s.[Capt.GR2] Stephen and Hannah, Sept.17,1834. [a.23y.7m.GR2]

Orlando, Oct.4,1834, a.47y.[a.52y.GR2].

Gilbert, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, Jan.1,1835, a.22y.GR3

Mehetible, d.Barachias and Anna, Mar.25,1835.PR117

Anstice [Anstress, Miss.GR2], Mar.29,1835, a.23y.CR2

Elizabeth, Mar.29,1835, a.17y.CR2

Sarah, wid.Timothy, Apr.2,1835, a.85y.GR2 [Apr.12.PR8]

Josiah, Sept.末,1835.PR117

Stephen, Capt., Oct.1,1835, a.56y.

Benjamin, Oct.20,1835, a.65y.

William, s.Col. Benjamin and Mary, Nov.3,1835, a.27y.

Phebe, d.Josiah F. and Hannah, Nov.28,1835, a.17m.GR2

Zebadiah, Dea.May3,1836, a.66y.[a.67y.GR3]

Jacob, s.Moses, May12,1836, a.55y.

Isaac, Dea.May21,1836, a.91y.

Henry, s.William B. and Lucinda, June21,1836, a.16y.4m.

William Henry, s.William B. and Lucinda F., June21,1836, a.16ス y.GR2

William T., s.Joseph T. and Betsy, Sept.23,1836, a.6m.8d.

末末, s.Hervey and Caroline, Nov.3,1836.PR117

Paschal G., s.Paschal and Hannah, Nov.20,1836, a.7m.

Timothy, s.Barachias and Sarah, Jan.1,1837, in his 64th y.PR117

Nathan, jr., Feb.13,1837, a.58y.5m.19d.

Caleb [old age.CR2], Apr.12,1837, a.86y.GR2

Leutitia [LititiaCR1; Leretetia.GR6], w.Orlando [consumption.CR1], Sept.12,1837, a.24y.

Jonathan, s.Stephen and Hannah, Oct.1,1837, a.29y.

John Lovejoy [old age.CR2], Nov.1,1837, a.80y.

Jonathan, Mar.8,1838, a.36y.GR3

Lydia [F.GR2], w.Hermon, Apr.27,1838, a.62y.

Elizabeth, wid.Moses, Sept.23,1838, a.96y.

Castello C., s.Nathan, 4th and Mary E., Jan.8,1839, a.1y.2m.

George, s.Joel and Judith, Feb.3,1839, a.21y.PR117

Charles Otis, s.Jonathan and Lydia, May2,1839, a.3w.

Newton, s.Isaac and Dolly, June14,1839, a.4y.3m.

Lydia, w.Capt. Jonathan, July16,1839, a.34y.

Belinda Ann, d.Joel F. and Mary [cholera infantum.CR2], Aug.15,1839, a.9m.GR2

末末, s.Isaac, erysipelas, Sept.15,1839, a.2w.CR2

Edwin, s.Isaac and Dolly, Sept.15,1839, a.12d.

Charles, s.Gardner and Rachael [G.GR2; at Methuen while attending school.CR1], Sept.27,1839, a.22y.

Hannah, wid.Capt. Stephen [affection of the liver and palsy.CR2], Jan.3,1840, a.61y.[and 4m.GR2]

末末, ch.Abel, jr., Jan.17,1840.CR2

Sarah Frances, d.Abel, jr. and Apphia L., Jan.17,1840, a.9m.7d.

Frances Ann, w.Charles F., Jan.25,1840, a.29y.[24y.GR2]

Hannah [Miss.CR2], d.Moses and Elizabeth [liver complaint.CR2], Apr.13,1840, a.68y.

William B., Capt. May19,1840, a.48y.

末末, d.Joel and Mary, Sept.7,1840, a.8w.

末末, ch.Henry, 3d, dysentery, Sept.16,1840, a.2y.CR2

Solomon, Sept.24,1840. [a.68y.GR3]

Ellen M[atilda.GR2], d.Henry, 3d [and Lucy F.GR2], Sept.26,1840. [a.2y.2m.GR2]

[Frances A.GR2], d.Charles F. and Frances A., Oct.13,1840, a.9m.

Dolly, w.Isaac, Dec.21,1840, a.32y.[Dec.20, a.23ス y.GR2]

末末, s.Abel [jr.CR2], Mar.9,1841, a.2m.

George H., July7,1841, a.3ス y.GR2

末末, s.Chandler, Aug.5,1841, a.19m.

Charles Jonathan, s.Nathan C. and Hannah B., Aug.5,1841, a.19m.7d.GR3

Lucy Ann, d.Herman M.N., Sept.1,1841, a.11m.7d.GR3

Dorcas, w.Henry, jr., cancer, Mar.25,1842, a.60y.

Martha, d.Joseph T. and Betsy, scarlet fever, Apr.26,1842, a.4y.10m.

末末, ch.Samuel, scarlet fever, June30,1842, a.1ス y.CR2

Charles H., s.Samuel and Susan [B.GR2], scarlet fever, June30,1842, a.20m.

Eliza, d.Isaac and Dolly, scarlet fever, July10,1842, a.5y.3m.

Moody, s.Henry and Judith, decline, Sept.12,1842, a.19y.

Enoch, s.Moses, dysentery, Sept.26,1842, a.68y.

Temperance R[ussell (Jordan).CR5], w.Stephen, cancer, Oct.9,1842, a.48y.

Caleb O., s.Gardner and Rachel, typhus fever, Oct.30,1842, a.16y.[a.17y.CR1]

Samuel Flint, s.Enoch and Nancy, at Grossetete, LA, Jan.2,1843, a.28y.GR2

John [Prof. in Bowdoin Col.GR2], dropsy, July2,1843, a.84y.

Judith J., w.Asa, July15,1843, a.67y.

末末, brother Ezra, July29,1843, a.84y.CR2

Eliza, d.John and Sarah, Aug.16,1843, a.12y.PR117

Sarah E.M., d.Daniel and Sally, cholera morbus, Aug.16,1843, a.9y.

末末, Ann, Aug.21,1843.

John Taylor, s.Daniel and Sally, cholera infantum, Aug.23,1843, a.15m.

Ezra, "instantaneous death," Jan.21,1844, a.83y.

Dorcas, wid.[Jonathan.GR2; old age.CR2], Mar.3,1844. [a.85y.6m.CR2; a 87y.6m.GR2]

Charles A., s.David and Mary G., cholera infantum, Sept.21,1844, a.4m.19d.

James H[oratio.CR1], unm., yeoman, s.Gardiner [and Rachel.CR2], suicide, Sept.29,1844, a.24y.[a.23y.CR1; a.24ス y.GR2]

Jerusha [Thurston (York).CR5], w.Timothy, consumption and decay, Jan.31,1845, a.72y.

Ann Eliza, d.Samuel and Susan [B.GR2], cholera infantum, Sept.9,1845, a.2y.8m.15d.

Mary Ann [Mary N., w.Herman.GR3], m., b. Tewksbury, d.末末 Gray, consumption, at Reading, Nov.19,1845, a.30y.[Nov.20.GR3]

Laura L. [E.GR2], d.Samuel [and Susan B.GR2] consumption, Jan.3,1846, a.8m.CR2 [a.7m.23d.GR2]

Benjamin, m., farmer, "fall from load of hay," July9,1846. [a.65y.CR2]

Abbie A., w.George Murphy, Aug.24,1846, a.23y.1m.GR2

Susan B. [w.Samuel.CR2], consumption, Feb.22,1847, a.34y.2m.

Sarah, wid., [w.Zebediah.CR3], consumption, Mar.4,1847, a.74y.

Dorcas, Mrs., Mar.31,1847, a.59y.

Hannah, unm., consumption, July27,1847, a.75y.

Hannah B[elcher.GR2], d.Henry, 3d [and Lucy F.GR2], fever, Aug.15,1847, a.3y.3m.16d.

末末, ch.[s.GR2], Abiather and Harriet [N.GR1], Oct.2,1847, a.2d.

Sarah, wid.Nehemiah ["Founder of Abbot Female Academy,"GR2], influenza, Mar.2,1848, a.86y.[85y.GR2]

John, s.Joel and Judith, May10,1848, in his 43d y.PR117

Abigail, m., fit, July14,1848, a.56y.

Moses B., unm., laborer, s.Jacob and Betsey, tumor, Feb.11,1849, a.34y.

Noah, m., farmer, s.Moses and Elizabeth, old age, July13,1849, a.79y.

[Horace S.CR2], s.Sylvester and Rhoda B., dysentery, Aug.14,1849, a.10m.[Aug.13.CR2]


Martha, wid.William, Sept.17,1783, a.85y.GR1


末末, stillborn, Isreal and Tabitha, July26,1744.

Sarah, d.Isreal and Tabitha, Aug.30,1746, a.2y.1m.4d.

Joshua, s.Isreal and Tabitha, Dec.7,1757, in his 19th y.

Hannah, d.Dea.John and Hannah, Aug.30,1763, a.2y.1m.GR1

Sarah, d.Dea.John and Hannah, Sept.2,1763, a.1y.1m.GR1

Hannah, w.John, Oct.22,1771. [in her 57th y.GR1]

Hannah, 2d, w.Dea.John, Jan.22,1774, a.33y.GR1

Isaac, s.Lt. John, jr. and Dorcas, Oct.27,1801, a.3y.

Amos, s.John, 3d and Susanna, Apr.25,1808, a.7y.

Emaline Osgood, d.Maj. John and Dorcas, Mar.21,1810, a.2y.[2y.1m.21d.GR1]

John, Dea.[farmer, black jaundice.CR1], June27,1813, a.78y.

Henry, s.John, jr., Apr.4,1816, a.1y.

末末, quinsy, Feb.19,1820, a.8y.CR1

Elizabeth, w.John [principal of Philips Academy, b. Mar.19,1776.GR5], Feb.23,1829, a.52y.

Mary [H.CR1], wid.Dea.John, Nov.9,1829, a.89y.

John O[sgood.CR1], s.Maj. John and Dorcas [he was residing in NY, pursuing the study of medicine, died of inflammation of the bowels.CR1], Jan.1,1832, a.20y.

Susan, w.John, jr., June30,1834, a.59y.GR6

Susannah, w.John [jr.CR1], June30,1834.

John, jr. [a native of West Cambridge, angina pectoris.CR1], Nov.20,1834, a.60y.

Dorcas [(Faulkner).CR5], w.Maj. John [erysipelas.CR1], Sept.23,1837, a.71y.

Susan C., d.John, jr. and Eliza, May29,1838, a.14m.14d.

末末, ch.John, jr., June末,1838, a.3y.CR1

John, Maj. [apoplexy.CR1], Sept.28,1839, a.73y.

Charles, s.John and Eliza, Sept.17,1842, a.5m.


James, of Boston, sometime resident in Andover, at B. Ames' jr., bur. Feb.16,1804, a.65y.CR2

ALLEN (Allin)

John, s.John and Mercy, May10,1687.

Andrew [jr., smallpox. dup.], Oct.24,1690. [9br. 26,1690. dup.]

John, smallpox, Nov.26,1690.

Thomas, s.Andrew and Elisabeth, small pox, Dec.18,1690.

Mercy, w.John, small pox, Dec.25,1690.

James, Aug.13,1758, in his 45th y.

Deborah, d.James and Deborah, Oct.11,1769.

Mary, wid.Andrew, Feb.19,1772, a.85y.

James, Dec.7,1774, in his 34th y.

Andrew, Jan.12,1777, in his 23d y.

Asa, s.Asa, measles and fever, bur. Feb.9,1790, a.8m.2w.CR2

Nancy, of Salem, at Capt. William Johnson's, Apr.17,1806.

Deborah, wid.James, Aug.7,1806, a.92y.

Mehitable [maiden lady, complication of diseases.CR1], Sept.8,1813, a.64y.[a.63y.CR1]

Abigail, wid.Asa, Aug.2,1825.

Elizabeth [old age.CR1], July2,1827, a.83y.

Samuel [J.GR6], s.Joseph and Lucy, ["Samuel Allen, John Stevens, and George Taply were ploughing. They ploughed up Hemlock, called also snake weed and eat it, thinking it indian root. Allen died in one hour. The others recovered."CR1], May10,1832, a.17y.[a.16y.CR1]

John C[lark, s.Rev. William.CR1], June26,1834, a.22y.

Mary Jane, w.Edward H[enry.CR4], Mar.3,1840, a.22y.

Hannah E[liza.GR2], only, d.John C. [and Hannah J.CR2], scarlet fever, Jan.31,1844, a.9y.

末末, Miss, d.John C., scarlet fever, Feb.1,1844.

Wilkes, Rev., b. Shrewsbury, clergyman and gentleman, tumor on the bladder, bur. at Chelmsford, Dec.2,1845, a.69y.4m.22d.

Arthur W., b. Salem, NH, s.John [A.GR6] and Eunice B., canker, Aug.30,1848, a.7m.8d.

末末, ch.末末, bowel complaint, Aug.31,1848, a.7m.CR1

ALLIN (Allen)

James, Apr.18,1707.

John, Apr.20,1712, in his 24th y.GR1

Elisabeth, wid, Andrew, May2,1745, in her 79th y.

Andrew, "sickness in the Kings Service at Lewisburg. ", Dec.15,1745.

Andrew, s.James and Deborah, Apr.3,1748, a.9m.20d.

Andrew, Sept.22,1749, in his 64th y.

Elezebith, May31,1750.

AMES (Eames)

Richard, s.Benjamin and Hepsebath, Oct.6,1754.

Richard, s.Benjamin and Hephsibah, Sept.8,1758.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Hepsebah, Nov.1,1760, a.3m.

Chandler, s.Capt. Benjamin and Hepsibah, Sept.24,1766.

Hepsibah, w.Capt. Benjamin, Jan.19,1768, a.42y.

Dorcas, d.[Capt.CR2] Benjamin and Dorcas, Sept.28,1775. [a.2y.2m.CR2]

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr., and Phoebe, Oct.10,1775, a.2y.7m.

Rhoda, d.Benjamin, jr. and Phoebe [sore mouth.CR2], Jan.31,1792, a.3 . [a.19d.CR2]

Phebe, w.Benjamin, jr., June19,1798, a.43y.8m.[a.44y.2m.CR2; 44y.8m.GR2]

Prince, Apr.21,1816.

Sampson, s.Prince and Eunice [consumption.CR2], Mar.18,1830, a.24y.

Simeon, jr., s.Simeon, June22,1831. [a.31y.GR3]

Dorcas, wid.[Capt. Benjamin.GR2] fall, June25,1843, a.94y.

Simeon, m., farmer, dropsy, Sept.29,1849, a.77y.6m.


Allen, s.John and Abigail, Aug.21,1826.

John, "a Pauper at the Hardy house," Nov.22,1826.

Edward [consumption.CR2], Oct.23,1831, a.16y.[15y.CR2]

Jane, d.Samuel and Isabella, July2,1847, a.6d.GR4

Abigail, wid., dropsy, Oct.29,1847, a.58y.

Mary Jane, unm., consumption, Nov.4,1847, a.22y.


Hulda, w.Lilborn, May31,1786, a.28y.

Mary, wid., deranged and consumption, at Capt. Abiel Chandler's, bur. at Boston, Mar.7,1809, a.76y.CR2

Robert, s.Richard and Mary, lung fever, Nov.1,1848.

Charlotte M., b. Lawrence, d.Meuzies C. and Martha, scarlet fever, Dec.7,1849, a.1y.6m.20d.

ANGIER (Anger)

末末, d.Asa and Abigail, Dec.17,1835, a.41y.

Lucy T., w.Asa A., lung fever, Jan.16,1846, a.29y.


末末, stillborn, Mr. Samuel and Mary, of Haverhill, abt. Nov.18,1737.

Mary, w.Mr. Samuel, of Haverhill, d.Rev. Samuel and Hannah Phillips, Nov.24,1737, a.25y.wanting 6d.


Isaac [Ordway.CR2], s.Daniel and Deborah, Sept.7,1778, a.3ス y.


Mary Ann, d.Moses [drowned, by falling from a plank crossing the brook on the way to school.CR1], Sept.27,1831, a.5y.


George H., Oct.23,1839, a.20y.


John, Lt., June19,1728, in his 72d y.

Mary, wid.Lt. John, Feb.13,1739-40 [1739.GR1], in her 84th y.

ASLET (Aslett)

Samuell, s.John and Rebecka, Dec.20,1669.

ASLETT (Aslet)

Elizabeth, d.John and Rebecka, Mar.15,1667.

John, June6,1671.

ASTEN (Austin)

Lucy, wid., Mr. Samuel, June25,1759, a.88y.

Lucy, d.Daniel and Eunice, May17,1764.

ASTIN (Austin)

Ruth, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.4,1739.

Phenihas, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.10,1739.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.16,1739.

Mary, Dec.27,1774, in her 74th y.

Daniel, Sept.14,1776, a.65y.

Sarah, d.Thomas, bur. Dec.23,1777, a.20y.CR2

AUSTEN (Austin)

末末, d.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.9,1729.

Samuel, Sept.28,1753, a.abt. 84y.

John, Mar.13,1764, a.68y.

Samuel, Dec.31,1764, a.70y.

AUSTIN (Asten, Astin, Austen)

Thomas, "drowned in Merrimake River going home from Meeting on the Sabbath Day." Mar.23,1711-12.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Mary, May16,1732.

Samuel, Dec.3,1765, in his 71st y.GR1

Mehitable, wid., Aug.26,1778.

Sarah, s.Thomas, cancer, bur. Feb.14,1785, a.61y.CR2

Elizabeth, Miss, at John Kneeland's, Esq., Apr.21,1818, a.60y.

Harriot, d.John and Dorcas, Mar.24,1819, a.25y.

Eunice, wid.Daniel, Dec.27,1819.

Samuel [laborer, fit.CR1], June9,1826.

Dorcas, w.John, at Salem, Feb.26,1839, a.69y.

Eliza T., d.David M. and Mary C., croup, Apr.26,1846, a.7m.18d.

John, widr., cordwainer, s.Daniel, old age, June3,1847, a.83y.

AVERHILL (Averill)

Bridges, "boy in Maj. Adam's family, killed by cart turning on him," May末,1828, a.15y.CR1

AVERILL (Averhill)

Paul, 2d,末蔓末,1804.PR14

John [nervous fever.CR1], Dec.7,1818, a.40y.[a.42y.21d.PR13]

Betsy [(Austin).CR1], wid.John [disease of the heart.CR1], Nov.13,1826, a.54y.

末末, wid., Dec.27,1826.CR1

Jonathan B., May17,1828, a.15y.

John, June末,1838, a.60y.CR1


John, June16,1838, a.62y.GR7

AYER (Ayres, Eires)

Francis S. [b. Haverhill.CR1], s.Samuel and Mary, Aug.9,1816. [a.6y.CR1]

AYRES (Ayer)

Samuell, s.John and Mary, Sept.5,1670.