Helen C., d.Thomas E., carpenter, b. Maine, and Hannah L., b. Ipswich, Nov.7,1849.


Sarah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Oct.25,1765.

Isaac, s.twin, Isaac and Sarah, June12,1771.

Rebecca, d.twin, Isaac and Sarah, June12,1771.

Isaac, s.Jonathan and Martha, July28,1792.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Martha, June9,1795.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Martha, June23,1798.

Solomon, s.Jonathan, bp. July10,1803.CR2

Samuel A. Collins, s.Lydia, Apr.30,1821.

MACKENTIRE (McIntire, Mackintire)

Edee, d.Phineas, bp.末蔓末,1752.CR1

Lucy, d.Phineas, bp.末蔓末,1752.CR1

Sarah, d.Phineas, bp.末蔓末, [1752.].CR1

MACKINTIRE (Mackentire)

Phineas, s.Phineas and Mary, June15,1752.


Eliza Ann, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.20,1830.

Henry, s.Samuel and Mary, Feb.27,1838.

James, s.Samuel and Mary, Jan.12,1840.

John L., s.John and Martha M., Aug.28,1848.

MAHAN (Mahen)

Catherine, d.twin, Patrick, spinner, and Sarah, Dec.23,1846

Ellen, d.twin, Patrick, spinner, and Sarah, Dec.23,1846.

MAHEN (Mahan)

Rose, d.twin, Patrick, spinner, and Sarah, Dec.23,1846.


Charles Otis, s.Alson, Laborer, b. Norton, and Jane A., b. England, Oct.28,1849.


John, s.Margaret, bp. Oct.16,1763.CR2

Margaret, d.Margaret, bp. Oct.16,1763.CR2


Charles, s.Patrick, laborer, b. Waltham, and Catherine, b. Scotland, at Waltham, Sept.13,1849.


Asa, s.Lilborn Andrews' wife, by Andrew Mann, Mar.25,1784.

Martha W., d.Z.H., engineer, and E.H., Feb.10,1846.


Mehetabel, d.Thomas and Mehetabel, Dec.30,1769.

Chloe, d.Thomas and Mehetable, Jan.19,1772.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mehetable, May29,1774.

Patty, d.Thomas, bp. Jan.19,1777.CR2

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mehitable, Apr.30,1780.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mehitable, Apr.25,1781.

Edward A[ugustus.PR75], s.Thomas, jr. and Sally, June12,1807.

Sarah, [Ann.PR75], d.Thomas, jr. and Sarah, Dec.2,1809.

[Mary K.PR75], d.Thomas, jr. and Sally, Mar.26,1817. [Mar.11.PR75]

Joseph M., s.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.11,1819.PR75

[Mary Antoinette.PR75], d.Thomas, jr. and Sally, Jan.23,1821.

John Hart, s.Thomas and Sarah, Feb.8,1824.PR75

Rebecca Jane, d.Thomas and Sarah, Mar.23,1827.PR75

George, s.Samuel and Betsy W., at Dover, NH, July28,1829.

Mark S., s.Samuel and Betsy W., at Brentwood, NH, May2,1831.

Benjamin S., s.Samuel B. and Mary, Jan.4,1832.

John W., s.Samuel and Betsy W., Oct.6,1832.

Eri C., s.Samuel and Betsy W., Aug.7,1834.

Elizabeth H., d.Samuel and Betsy, Dec.20,1837.

Sarah E., d.Samuel and Betsy W., May11,1839.

Francis H., s.Elbridge and Harriet, July21,1840.

Sarah F., d.Samuel and Betsy, Mar.1,1841.

Elbridge G., s.Elbridge G., machinist, and Hannah, Oct.23,1843.

Albert, s.Elbridge G., machinist, and Harriet, Feb.2,1846.

Harriet E., d.Elbridge G., machinist, b. Tewksbury, and Harriet, Aug.24,1848.

Bridget, d.James, wheelwright, and Hanora, both b. Ireland, May3,1849.


Olive M., d.David, laborer, and Mary, Jan.11,1847.


[John.CR2], s.John and Hannah, June21,1734.


Mary, d.Anthony, "a Frenchman who came from Louisburg," and Mary, bp.末蔓末,1749.CR1

MARBEL (Marble)

Isaac, s.Noah and Mary, June9,1740.

Mary, d.Job and Phebe, Oct.25,1750.

MARBLE (Marbel)

Dorathy, d.Joseph and Mary, June16,1672.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, July28,1673.

Elizabeth, d.Samuell and Rebekah, Apr.25,1677.

Mary, d.Samuell and Rebekah, Aug.31,1678.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Rebekah, Mar.17,1679-80.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.7,1682.

Freegrace, s.Samuell and Rebekah, June15,1682.

Edmund, s.Joseph and Mary, Jan.8,1684.

Hannah, d.Samuell and Rebekah, May5,1684.

Enoch, s.Samuell and Rebekah, Mar.27,1686.

Noah, s.Samuell and Rebekah, Mar.12,1688-9.

Sarah, d.Samuell and Rebekah, Apr.6,1688.

Mary, d.Joseph and Mary, June1,1691.

Daniell, s.Samuel and Rebekah, Feb.5,1692-3.

Allice, d.Joseph and Mary, Jan.1,1693-4.

Job, s.twin, Samuel and Rebeckah, Feb.10,1694-5.

Rebeckah, d.twin, Samuel and Rebeckah, Feb.10,1694-5.

Hanah, d.Joseph and Hanah, Dec.13,1697.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Hannah, Aug.15,1699.

末末, d.Joseph and Hannah末蔓末,1702.

末末, Jacob, s.末末,末蔓末, [1705-6].

Joseph, s.Noah and Mary, Jan.11,1721-2.

Elezebeth, d.Noah and Mary, Aug.10,1723.

Mary, d.Noah and Mary, Dec.20,1724.

Enoch, s.Noah and Mary, Jan.30,1725-6.

Phebe, d.Job and Phebe, Dec.24,1727.

[Rebecca.CR1], d.Job and Phebe, Feb.23,1728-9.

Jesse, s.Noah and Mary, Apr.25,1728.

Benjamin, s.Job and Phebe, May3,17[30.CR1]

末末, d.Noah and Mary, Aug.11,1730.

Susanna, d.Job and Phebe, Dec.22,1732.

[Jer.CR1]usha, d.Noah and Mary, Apr.11,1734.

Jonathan, s.Job and Phebe, July1,1735.

末末, s.Noah and Mary, Apr.7,1736.

Priscilla, d.Job. And Phebe, Dec.18,1736.

Cyrus, s.Noah and Mary, May5,1738.

Benjamin, s.Job and Phebe, July12,1739.

Samuel, s.Job and Phebe, Mar.12,1741-2.

[Daniel.CR1], s.Noah and Mary, Feb.5,1743-4.

Dorcas, d.Cyrus and Hannah, Feb.24,1762.

Sarah, d.Cyrus and Hannah, bp. Sept.18,1763.CR1

Mary, d.Cyrus and Hannah, bp. May19,1765.CR1

Naoma, d.Cirus, bp. Sept.6,1767.CR1

Enoch, s.Cyrus and Hannah, bp. Apr.26,1772.CR1

Perses, d.Cyrus, bp. Oct.9,1774.CR1

Nabby, d.Lt. Cyrus and Abigail, bp. Nov.3,1776.CR1

Fanny, d.Cyrus and Hannah, bp. Apr.11,1779.CR1

Isaac, s.Lt. Cyrus and Hannah, bp. Feb.24,1782.CR1

Caroline, d.Nathaniel and Lucy, bp. July22,1804.CR1


William Sykes, s.Abraham and Mary, May21,1808.

Ann B., d.Abraham and Mary, Dec.12,1810.

Hannah [Jane.PR76], d.Abraham and Mary, Mar.20,1815.

Sarah Fisher, d.Abraham and Mary Sykes, Mar.17,1817.PR76

Cynthia, d.John and Delia, July19,1819.

Elizabeth [Caroline.PR76], d.Abraham and Mary, July25,1819.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Mary Sykes, Oct.18,1821.PR76

Thomas, s.Abraham and Mary, Oct.18,1821.

Julia Maria, d.Abraham and Mary Sykes, July30,1823.PR76

Abba Northey, d.William S. and Sally, June8,1836.

Sarah Helen, d.William S. and Sarah, Feb.1,1838.

William, s.William S. and Sarah, Mar.11,1839.

Abraham, s.William S. and Sarah N., Jan.18,1841.

Charles Hitchcock, s.William S. and Sarah N., Apr.5,1843.

Martha Punchard, d.John [manufacturer. dup.], and Lucretia, Feb.21,1844.

Mary S[ykes.CR4], d.William S., gentleman, and Sarah, Aug.29,1844.

Andrew Stewart, s.John, manufacturer, and Lucretia, Dec.3,1846.

William, s.John, manufacturer, and Lucretia, Dec.19,1848.


Caroline, d.Daniel and Lucy, Mar.13,1804.

Lucy, d.Daniel and Lucy, July17,1805.

MARSHAL (Marshall)

Sarah, d.James and Sarah, Oct.23,1775.

MARSHALL (Marshal)

George Franklin, s.Moses and Irene, Nov.20,1737.

John, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.17,1774.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.27,1776.

Lucy, d.Jacob and Sarah, Oct.10,1779.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.13,1780.

William, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.21,1782.

James, s.Jacob and Sarah, Apr.29,1784.

David, s.Jacob and Sarah, July23,1786.

Abraham, s.James and Deborah, Mar.24,1787.

Moses Newell, s.Moses and Irene, Jan.20,1835.

Royall, s.Thomas and Phebe, Oct.6,1835.

George F., s.Alonzo and Elizabeth C., Mar.11,1837.

Mehitable E., d.Alonzo and Elizabeth, May27,1838.

James Gilbert, s.Horatio and Lucy, July27,1838.

Lucinda Hutchings, d.Alonzo and Elizabeth, Dec.21,1839.

末末, s.Moses and Irene, Jan.11,1840.

Horatio H., s.Horatio, blacksmith, and Lucy, Aug.11,1843.

Susan F., d.Alonzo, cordwainer, and Elizabeth C., Aug.11,1843.

末末, s.Thomas, car builder, and Phebe S., Jan.18,1844.

George M., s.Alonzo, shoemaker, and Elizabeth C., Apr.8,1845.

MARSTEN (Marston)

John, s.John and Mary, Jan.27,1748-9.

Samuel, s.John and Mary, Aug.17,1751.

Charles, s.Amos and Lydia, Dec.23,1813.

MARSTON (Marsten, Marstone, Mastin, Mastine, Maston)

末末, ch.[torn] and Elizabeth, June6,1704.

末末, s.Jacob and Mary, Sept.24,1724.

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary, Jan.28,1726-7.

MARSTONE (Marston)

Ephraim, s.John and Martha, Mar.14,1673-4.

Benjamin, s.John and Martha, Jan.11,1677.

Martha, d.John and Martha, Jan.28,1679.

Elizabeth, d.Jacob and Elizabeth, Feb.16,1686-7.

Mary, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Mar.7,1688-9.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, Mar.30,1688.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Mar.17,1689-90.

Mary, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Mar.22,1691-2.

Jacob, s.Joacob and Elisabeth, Jan.23,1692-3.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Apr.9,1692.

John, s.John and Mary, Sept.11,1693.

Martha, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Jan.23,1694-5.

John, s.John and Mary, Sept.22,1696.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Elisabeth, Oct.25,1696.

Daniel, s.Jacob and Elizabeth, Nov.27,1698.

MARTAIN (Martin)

Nathaniel, s.Solomon and Dorathy, Aug.29,1726.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Rachel, Oct.31,1729.

Jonathan, s.John and Hannah, Dec.15,1735.

Abraham, s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Sept.15,1736.

Elisabeth, d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Oct.7,1738.

Elizebith, d.Samuel and Elezebeth, July16,1753.

Solomon, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, Aug.14,1753.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Elezebith, Aug.31,1754.

Hannah, d.John, jr. and Hannah, May14,1755.

Phebe, d.Samuel and Elezebith, Feb.24,1756.

Daniel, s.Nathaniel and Hannah, May21,1756.

Phebe, d.Joseph, jr. and Phebe, Sept.3,1756.

Hephzebith, d.John, jr. and Hannah, Mar.22,1757.

Christefor, s.Samuel and Elezebith, May31,1757.

Abigal, d.Nathaniel and Hannah, Apr.5,1758.

Rachil, d.Joseph and Phebe, July3,1758.

Peter, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1759.

John, s.John and Hannah, Mar.24,1759.

Mary, d.Samuel and Elizebath, June22,1760.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Phebe, Jan.17,1761.

Amos, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.5,1761.

William, s.Jonathan and Phebe [Hannah.CR1], Mar.31,1763.

Nathan, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.3,1763.

Mary, d.Joseph and Phebe, May4,1763.

MARTIN (Martain)

Abigall, d.Samuell and Abigall, Mar.29,1676.

Mary, d.Samuell and Abigall, June9,1678.

Samuell, s.Samuell and Abigall, Feb.14,1680. [Feb.19.CTR]

John, s.Samuell and Abigall, July3,1685.

Nathaniell, s.Samuel and Abigall, Aug.19,1687.

Sarah, d.Samuell and Abigal, at Ipswich, Oct.16,1689.

[Dorothy.CR1] 末末y, d.Solomon and Dorathy, Feb.27,1728-9.

[John.CR1], s.John and Hannah, June4,1730.

Abigail, d.Solomon and Dorathy, Aug.14,1731.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, May19,1732.

Timothy, s.Joseph and Rachel, Oct.18,1732.

Daniel, s.Solomon and Dorathy, Jan.13,1733-4.

James, s.John and Hannah, Mar.23,1733-4.

Stephen, s.Joseph and Elezabeth, J末 2 [bp. July7,1734.CR1]

Mary, d.Solomon and Dorathy, Aug.27,17[37.CR1]

Lydia, d.John, bp.末蔓末,1738.CR1

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Apr.11,1738.

[Henry.CR1], s.John and Hannah, Jan.30,1739-40.

Susanna, d.John and Hannah, Mar.27,1742.

Susanna, d.John and Hannah, Apr.6,1743.

Sarah, d.John and Hannah, Apr.22,1747.

Phebe, d.Jonathan and Phebe, July14,1764.

Hannah, d.Samuell and Elizabeth, Sept.18,1764.

John, s.John and Hannah, Sept.21,1764.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Sept.3,1766.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Phebe, Dec.17,1766.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, Mar.30,1767.

Micajah, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept.6,1767.

Daniel, s.Jonathan and Phebe, Mar.30,1768.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Phebe, Mar.19,1769.

Timothy, s.John and Hannah, June26,1769.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Phebe, Apr.30,1771.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1773.

Isaac, s.John and Hannah, June26,1774.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Phoebe, Nov.16,1774.

Nathaniel, s.Solomon and Phebe, Oct.28,1783.

Phebe, d.Solomon and Phebe, Feb.28,1785.

Peter, s.Peter and Hannah, Mar.25,1787.

Susanna, d.Solomon and Phebe, Aug.7,1788.

Hannah, d.Peter and Hannah, Aug.17,1789.

Hannah, d.Solomon and Phebe, June11,1790.

Elizabeth Wyman, d.Peter and Hannah [June or July] 9, [1791?]. [bp. Apr.1,1792.CR2]

Sarah, d.Solomon and Phebe, Apr.3,1792.

Charles, s.Solomon and Phebe, Dec.19,1793.

Pamelia, d.twin, Solomon and Phebe, Feb.14,1796.

Susannah, d.twin, Solomon and Phebe, Feb.14,1796.

Dorcas, d.Peter, bp. May22,1796.CR2

Daniel, s.Solomon and Phoebe, Feb.12,1798.

Clarissa, d.Peter and Hannah, Feb.27,1798.

Sarah Abbot, d.Joseph, jr. and Sarah, Dec.29,1799.

Clarisa, d.Solomon and Phebe, July20,1801.

Clarissa, d.Phebe, bp. Sept.4,1814.CR1

Harriet E., d.John J., laborer, and Mariah B., June16,1848.

MASON (Mayson)

Abijah, s.Robert and Phebe, Oct.30,1808.

Alonzo Sewell, s.Daniel and Martha F., Jan.31,1810.

Alfred Lee, s.Daniel and Martha F., Feb.8,1812.

Eliza, d.Thomas S. and Phebe, Jan.22,1813.

Martha M., d.Daniel and Martha F., June10,1814.

John, s.Thomas S. and Phebe, July13,1814.

Daniel R., s.Daniel and Martha F., Apr.25,1816.

Willard, s.Thomas C. and Martha, Mar.11,1817.

Augustus E[ugene.CR3], s.Daniel and Martha F. [T.CR3], Aug.10,1818.

Ozro, s.Thomas C. and Phebe, July6,1820.

Adaline S[ewall.CR3], d.Daniel and Martha F., May10,1821.PR97

Josiah, s.Thomas C. and Phebe, May20,1822.

Sophia A., d.Daniel and Martha F. (Sewell), July3,1823.PR97

Emeline H[elen.CR3], d.Daniel and Martha F., Oct.3,1825.PR97

Amanda L[ouisa.CR3], d.Daniel and Martha F., Apr.28,1828.PR97

Abigail Sophia, d.Daniel and Martha T., bp. Oct.12,1828.CR3

Edwin A., s.Daniel and Martha F., Apr.22,1830.

Lucy Ann, d.Willard and Emeline, May3,1838.

Sarah C., d.Frederic and Mary, Aug.11,1838.

Ellen Augusta, d.Willard and Emeline, Jan.29,1840.

末末, d.Willard, cordwainer, and Sarah J., Feb.25,1847.

Georgianna M., d.Willard, cordwainer, and Sarah J., Feb.22,1848.

Rosabelle, d.John R., carpenter, and Eunice, Dec.20,1848.


Susana, d.Abraham and Susana, Oct.23,1752.

John, s.Abraham and Susanna, Aug.20,1754.

MASTIN (Marston)

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Jan.22,1746-7.

MASTINE (Marston)

MASTON (Marston)

Hanna, d.John and Martha, Feb.16,1667.

Bethia, d.John and Martha, July7,1671.

Samuell, s.Jacob and Elizabeth,末蔓末, [1705?].

John, s.Jacob and Mary, July8,1720.

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary, June24,1723.


David, s.James, bp.末蔓末,1738.CR1

MAYNARD (Mayward)

Charles W., s.George W., laborer, and Rhoda F., Jan.18,1846.


Sarah Ann, d.Aaron D. and Sally, Feb.15,1821.

Matilda Elizabeth, d.Aaron D. and Sally, June4,1822.

Thomas Henry, s.Aaron D. and Sarah, May28,1824.

Thomas Henry, s.Aaron D. and Sarah, June28,1826.

Sarah Day [Augusta.CR2], d.Aaron D. and Sarah, Jan.8,1828.

Helen L., d.Aaron D. and Sarah, Nov.1,1831. [Ellen Louise, d.A.A., bp. Mar.31,1832.CR2]

Susan H[untington.CR2], d.Aaron D. and Sarah, Jan.6,1834.

Henry Allen, s.Gideon, merchant, and Martha Ann, Aug.29,1846.

MAYSON (Mason)

Warren, s.Thomas C. and Phebe, May15,1824.

MAYWARD (Maynard)

Rhoda Elizabeth, d.George, farmer and Rhoda, Feb.25,1845.


James, s.James, May12,1824.


James, s.Michael, spinner, and Rosena, both b. Ireland, Oct.30,1848.

McCARREL (Mecarrel)

Elizabeth, d.John, bp.末蔓末,1737.CR1


John, s.Sarah, bp. Sept.16,1744.CR2


Bridgeat, d.Patrick, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, July22,1848.


McDONALD (McDoniel)

Robert, s.John and Hannah, Mar.20,1824.

末末, s.John and Hannah, Sept.1,1825.

James W., s.James P., harness-maker, and Harriet, June1,1845.

Harriet A., d.James P., harness-maker, b. Belfast, and Harriet, Oct.5,1848.

McDONIEL (McDonald)

末末, ch.John and Hannah, Apr.15,1822.


Jane, d.James, laborer, and Margaret, Sept.14,1848.


Hannah, d.Thomas, manufacturer, and Hannah, July5,1848.


末末, ch.末末, at the factory, June22,1822.

Ellen, d.Samuel and Mary, Dec.24,1826.


Mary, d.William, bp. Nov.12,1749.CR2


Francis, s.Michael, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, July22,1848.

McINTIRE (Mackentire)

Pearley, s.Phineas and Mary, Oct.12,1754.

Jacob, s.Phineas and Mary, July18,1757.


Martha E., d.George, laborer, and Mary, Aug.5,1848.

McLATHLIN (McLoughlin)

Rachel Allen, d.Laurance and Mary, Sept.14,1792.

Joseph, s.Laurance and Mary, May23,1794.

McLAUTHLEN (McLoughlin)

Richard, s.Laurance and Mary, Feb.24,1796.

McLAUTHLIN (McLoughlin)

Benjamin, s.Laurance and Mary, Dec.18,1797.

McLOUGHLIN (McLathlin, McLauthlen, McLauthlin)

Mary Jane, d.James, wool-scourer, and Bridget, both b. Ireland, Nov.12,1848.


Susanna, d.William and Abigail, June19,1839.

Elizabeth Ann, ward William and Abigail, bp. Apr.16,1843.CR4

William H[enry.CR4], s.William, manufacturer, and Abigail (Smith), June5,1845.

McNEAL (McNeill)

Elizabeth, d.John and Jane C., Jan.24,1823.

John Stuart, s.John and Jane C., Feb.17,1824.

Jane C., d.John and Jane C., May8,1826.

McNEILL (McNeal)

John, s.Edmond and Abigail, Oct.21,1830.


Charlotte, d.Hector, overseer, and Charlotte, July26,1847.

Hector, s.Hector, laborer, b. England, and Charlotte, b. Scotland, June26,1849.

McROBEA (McRobie)

Sarah, d.William and Mary, Sept.24,1799.

McROBIE (McRobea)

Isaac, s.William and Mary, July3,1804.

William, s.William and Mary, Aug.27,1806.

Daniel, s.William and Mary, Sept.21,1809.

Robert, s.William and Mary, Aug.15,1814.


William, s.William, farmer, b. Milton, and Mary, b. Ireland, July19,1849.

MEARIL (Merrill)

末末, s.Stephen and Kezia, Dec.31,1738.

Richard, s.Stephen and Keziah, Dec.4,1744.

MEARS (Miers)

末末, d.Zebadiah, jr. and Rhoda, Sept.20,1819.

末末, d.Zebadiah, and Sarah, Jan.11,1822.

末末, s.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.14,1826.

Louiza, d.Zebediah and Rhoda, Apr.28,1829.

Warren, s.Warren and Abigail, Aug.8,1829.

Rhoda, d.Daniel and Maria, Apr.6,1830.

William, s.Zebadiah and Rhoda, Sept.23,1831.

Martha J., d.Warren and Abigail, Jan.29,1834.

Clarissa B., d.Zebadiah and Sarah, Feb.11,1834.TC

末末, d.Daniel, farmer, and Mary, Apr.28,1844.

Walter, s.Walter, laborer and Amelia, Apr.10,1846.

Abby Jane, d.Warren, laborer, and Abigail, Feb.3,1848.

末末, s.Walter, laborer, and Amelia, Feb.29,1848.

Lucretia, d.Daniel and Mary, Oct.2,1848.

Thomas W., s.Warren, jr., laborer, and Frances, b. Scotland, Feb.16,1849.

Augusta, d.Moses, laborer, and Rebecca, Mar.6,1849.


Hannah, d.John and Margaret, Apr.21,1737.

John, s.John and Margerate, Mar.21,1738-9.

Sarah, d.John and Margerat, Dec.11,1740.


Pamelia Clark, d.James and Phebe, Oct.28,1819.

James, s.James and Phebe, Mar.6,1822.

Phebe E[meline.CR1], d.James and Phebe, Jan.11,1824.

James H[enry.CR1], s.James and Phebe, June7,1825.

末末, d.James and Phebe, Dec.14,1827.

Sarah E[lizabeth.CR1], d.James and Phebe, Dec.17,1830.

William Otis, s.James and Phebe, Sept.22,1832.

Mary L., d.James and Phebe, June6,1836.

Charles E., s.James and Phebe, July1,1838.

John W., s.James and Phebe, July21,1840.


末末, s.Crowel, housewright, Oct.24,1843.

MERRIL (Merrill)

Sarah, d.John, bp. May22,1774.CR2

Benjamin, s.John and Mary, May1,1775.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Sept.10,1777.

Edmond, s.Enoch and Patty, Feb.4,1779.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Aug.29,1779.

Thomas Abbot, s.Thomas and Lydia, Jan.18,1780.

Enoch, s.Enoch and Patty, Oct.22,1780.

Elizabeth, d.John and Mary, Aug.5,1781.

Patty, d.Enoch and Patty, Aug.7,1782.

Nathaniel, s.Thomas and Lydia, Nov.21,1782.

Daniel, s.Enoch and Patty, Apr.17,1784.

Abigail, d.Enoch and Patty, Nov.6,1789.

Rebecca, d.Enoch and Patty, Apr.9,1792.

MERRILL (Mearil, Merril)

John, s.John and Mary, July8,1771.

John, s.Enoch and Patty, July13,1795.

Elisabeth Moody, d.Enoch, bp. Sept.17,1797.CR2

Sarah, d.Enoch, bp. May15,1800.CR2

Daniel Trow, s.Daniel, jr. and Sarah, May9,1811.

Sarah, d.Daniel, jr. and Sarah, Dec.17,1815.

Harriott, d.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.末,1818.

末末, s.Timothy Bailey, jr. and Rebecca, Sept.5,1819.

Alfred, s.Isiah and Mary, Mar.25,1820.

Amos, s.Amos C. and Eliza, Nov.15,1820.

Elizabeth, d.Amos C. and Elizabeth, July16,1822.

Levina, d.Amos C. and Elizabeth, Mar.23,1824.

Abigail, d.John, bp. Sept.5,1824.CR2

Eliza, d.John, bp. Sept.5,1824.CR2

William, s.John, bp. Sept.5,1824.CR2

Augusta, d.Amos C. and Elizabeth, May18,1826.

Joseph C., s.Amos C. and Elizabeth, Mar.16,1828.

Polly Ann, d.John and Susan, July19,1829.

Caroline, d.Amos C. and Elizabeth, Apr.3,1830.

Hollis, s.Isiah and Mary, Jan.31,1832.

Augusta, d.Amos and Elizabeth, May11,1832.

Polly F., d.Jonathan and Eliza, June20,1832.

Phebe A., d.William and Phebe, Aug.30,1836.

Edward C., s.Edward S. and Sarah, Mar.18,1838.

Francis S., s.Sylvester and Nancy, Apr.25,1838.

George William, s.William and Phebe A., July30,1839.

Elizabeth Jane, d.James and Susan, Jan.19,1840.

Samuel F., s.Edward S. and Sarah, May15,1840.

James, s.Edward S. and Sarah, Dec.10,1842.

Charles Henry, s.William, farmer, and Phebe [A.], Sept.17,1843.

Priscilla, d.E.S., innholder, and Sarah, Sept.22,1844.

Abby Francettor Ardele, d.James, yeoman, and Susan G., Apr.2,1847.

Nancy Jane, d.Sylvester, trader, and Nancy, at Woburn, Dec.22,1847.

Abby, d.Edward S., innholder, and Sarah, Dec.19,1848.

William Cross, s.James, laborer, b. Newbury, and Susan G., b. Methuer, Mar.11,1849.

Joseph Shattuck, s.William, farmer and Phebe A., May9,1849.


Joanna, d.Stephen and Anna, Mar.14,1769.

Betty, d.Stephen and Anna, Mar.19,1771.

Anna, d.Stephen and Anna, Mar.17,1775.

Sarah, d.Stephen and Anna, Sept.7,1777.


Agnes F., d.David, bleacher of flax, and Margaret, Oct.22,1843.


James, s.James and Hannah, bp. Dec.1,1841.CR4

Mary Alice, d.James and Hannah, bp. Apr.16,1843.CR4

Joseph, s.James and Hannah, bp. Aug.17,1845.CR4

MIERS (Mears)

Eliza, d.Warren and Abigail, June8,1831.

Henry, s.Daniel and Mary, Oct.27,1832.

Charles, s.Daniel and Mary, Feb.2,1835.


Eliza Ann, d.William, Sept.26,1827.

Abel, s.Abel and Catherine, May16,1830.

Lavina, d.William, Jan.5,1831.

Lucy A., d.George, machinist, and Mary A., Jan.16,1847.

MILLET (Millett)

末末, s.Jeremiah, Feb.26,1840.

William Henry [Hardy.CR4], s.William P. and Martha [M.CR4], Apr.7,1841.

Eliza M[arland.CR4], d.William P., tailor, and Martha M. Mar.16,1845.

James Stephen, s.Jeremiah, laborer, and Mary, Feb.28,1847.

MILLETT (Millet)

Martha Punchard, d.William P. and Martha M., bp. Mar.12,1843.CR4

Frank E[aton.CR4], s.William P., merchant tailor, and Martha M., Apr.24,1847.

Samuel V., s.Joseph R., carpenter, and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1848.


George N., s.James and Sarah, Oct.21,1843.

Mary Annah, d.John, railroad contractor, and Mary R., at Boston, Aug.7,1847.

James H., s.James H., laborer, and Sarah, Oct.28,1848.

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

Henry, s.John and Mary, Feb.9,1814.

George, s.John and Mary, Mar.3,1816.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Maria C., d.John and Mary, Nov.10,1812.

George William, s.John, dresser in factory and Sarah, June20,1846.

MOAR (Moore)

Daniel, s.Abrahm and Priscilla, May9,1697.

[John.CR2], s.Timothy, jr. and Elisabeth, June末,1745. [bp. June16.CR2]

Loes, d.Benjamin and Abiah, Nov.10,1747.

Andrew J., s.Andrew and Biah, May26,1831.

Jacob B., s.Andrew and Abiah, May23,1833.

Charles J., s.Joshua and Mary, Apr.1,1842.

George Albert, s.Joshua, farmer, and Mary E., Nov.22,1847.

MOARE (Moore)

[Daniel.CR2], s.Daniel and Martha, Feb.18,1724-5.

[Abraham.CR2], s.Daniel and Martha, Jan.14,1727-8.

Isaac, s.twin, Daniel and Martha, May2,1730.

Isaac, s.Daniel and Martha, June25,1731.

MOARS (Moore)

Martha Josephine, d.Andrew, cordwainer, and Abiah, Oct.26,1843.

MONAGEN (Monaghaghn)

Elizabeth Ann, d.Owen and Catharine, Dec.16,1840.


Vicena Jane, d.Owen, manufacturer, and Catharine, Aug.10,1847.

MONHAGEN (Munigen)

John Stephen, s.Andrew, laborer, and Catherine, Nov.4,1846.

MONTGOMERY (Mountgomery)

Rebecca P[eabody.CR1], d.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1] Mar.21,1809. [bp. [after Apr.3] 1808.CR1]

Sarah Ann, d.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1], May10,1810. [bp. [May14?] 1809.CR1]

Mary, d.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1], Sept.11,1811. [bp. Sept.28,1810.CR1]

John Porter, s.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1], Dec.26,1812. [bp. Jan.5,1812.CR1]

Eliza Abbot, d.Alexander and Sarah, bp. Sept.5,1813.CR1

Catharine, d.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1], Feb.17,1814. [bp. Feb.28,1813.CR1]

George Knox, s.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1], June16,1815. [bp. June26,1814.CR1]

James Alexander, s.Alexander and Mary [Sarah.CR1], Mar.13,1817. [bp. Mar.17,1816.CR1]

Charlotte, d.Alexander and Mary, Aug.29,1818.

Charlotte M., d.John P. and Hannah, Dec.8,1836.

MOOAR (Moore)

末末, s.Daniel and Martha, June4,1733.

Rebecca, d.Daniel and Martha, Aug.13,1735.

Abiah, d.Benjamin and Abiah, Nov.9,1741.

Joshua, s.Timothy, jr. and Elezebith, June3,1751.

Anne, d.Benjamin and Abiah, Aug.11,1753.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Abiah, Oct.11,1755.

Isaac, s.Abraham and Lydia, Feb.16,1759.

Mary, d.Timothy and Elizabath, May26,1760.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Sarah, Mar.3,1765.

Lydia, d.Abraham and Sarah, Aug.30,1766.

Hannah, d.Benjamin, jr. and Hannah, Nov.6,1768.

Jacob, s.Abraham and Martha, Dec.22,1769.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hannah, Sept.3,1770.

Martha, d.Abraham and Martha, Aug.13,1771.

John, s.Abraham and Martha, Apr.17,1773.

Lowis, d.Benjamin and Hannah, May15,1773.

Samuel, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hannah, Mar.7,1775.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Martha, July29,1775.

Joseph, s.Benjamin, jr. and Hannah, Mar.7,1777.

Deborah, d.Joshua and Deborah, July20,1777.

Andrew, s.Abraham and Martha, July31,1777.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Deborah, Nov.2,1778.

Prissey, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Nov.16,1778.

John, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Aug.14,1780.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Nov.24,1782.

Hannah, d.John, lately deceased, bp. Oct.26,1783.CR2

Timothy, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Feb.5,1785.

Nathan, s.Benjamin and Hannah, June14,1787.

Lydia Abbot, d.Isaac and Lydia, Aug.15,1790.

Rozina, d.Jacob and Phebe, Mar.19,1804.

Andrew A., s.Jacob and Phebe, Jan.23,1806.

Phebe, d.Jacob and Phebe, June30,1808.

John, s.Benjamin and Phebe, Mar.6,1810.

Harriott, d.Jacob and Phebe, Feb.8,1811.

Nathan, s.Benjamin and Phebe, Sept.18,1812.

Phebe Dane, d.Jacob and Phebe, May16,1813.

Martha, d.Jacob and Phebe, Apr.15,1816.

Mary, d.Jacob and Phebe, at Pownal, VT, May24,1818.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Susan, July16,1827.

George French, s.Andrew A. and Abiah L., Sept.1,1835.

Harriet Abiah, d.Andrew A. and Abiah L. Mar.3,1838.

MOOARE (Moore)

Priscilla, d.Timothy and Anne, June12,1724.

Martha, d.Daniel and Martha, Mar.8,1725-6.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Abiah, Dec.16,1760.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Lydia, Jan.15,1761.

MOOARS (Moore)

Sarah Abbot, d.Isaac and Lydia, Jan.1,1793.

MOOR (Moore)

Timothy, s.Abraham and Prissilla, Sept.16,1688.

Anne, d.Timothy and Anne, Apr.16,1721.

Asa, s.Daniel and Martha, Jan.15,1737-8.

Timothy, s.Timothy, jr. and Elizabeth, Feb.14,1741-2.

Harriet Abiah, d.Andrew A. and Abiah, Mar.3,1837.

Adeline, d.Friend, carpenter, and Tryphena, Feb.28,1847.


Thomas, s.William, Oct.18,1827.

MOORE (Moar, Moare, Moars, Mooar, Mooare, Mooars, Moor, Moores, More)

Abraham, s.Abraham and Priscilla, Jan.11,1691-2.

Priscilla, d.Abraham and Priscilla, May15,1691.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Abiah, Feb.13,1745-6.

Elezebith, d.Timothy [jr.CR2] and Elezebith, Mar.8,1747-8.

Mehetebel, d.Benjamin and Abbiah, Nov.1,1749.

William Scrnton, s.Richard, bp. Sept.7,1834.CR2

George, s.Benjamin and Hannah, bp. Oct.19,1834.CR3

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Hannah, bp. Oct.19,1834.CR3

Joseph R., s.Richard, printer, and Eliza, Sept.2,1844.

Mary E., d.Joshua, farmer, and Mary E., Jan.29,1845.

George Milton, s.twin, Milton, mechanic, and Abigail, Jan.31,1845.

John Milton, s.twin, Milton, mechanic, and Abigail, Jan.31,1845.

Oscar L., s.Andrew A., shoemaker, and Abiah, Oct.12,1845.

Mary, d.Milton, carpenter, and Abigail, May5,1846.

Elizabeth, d.William, wool-comber, and Harriet, Apr.5,1847.

Elda, d.Milton and Abigail, June27,1848.

MOORES (Moore)

Albert S., s.Friend, mechanic, b. Hancock, NH, and Tryphena, b. Hudson, NH. July26,1849.

MORE (Moore)

Mary, d.Abraham and Priscilla, Apr.16,1695.

[Timothy, s.Timothy.CR2] 末末y and Anne, June10,1713.

[Benjamin.CR2] 末末amine, s.Timothy and Anne, Feb.18,1715-16.

Mary, d.Timothy and Anne, July10,1718.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Martha, Apr.20,1740.


末末, ch.Mrs.Moreland and Solomon Wood, Nov.6,1841.


William Le Baron, s.David, Mar.7,1843.

MORISON (Morrison)

Joseph, s.Joseph and Peggy, June10,1781.

Samuel, s.Joseph and Peggy, July30,1782.

John, s.Joseph and Peggy, Nov.3,1783.

Thomas, s.Joseph and Peggy, Nov.18,1785.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Peggy, June20,1787.

Mary Homes [Holmes.CR2], d.Joseph and Peggy, Feb.9,1799.


Samuel S[tilman.CR2], s.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.10,1832.

George Henry, s.Samuel, bp. Mar.31,1833.CR2

Edward T. [Herbert.CR2], s.Samuel, printer, and Hannah, Dec.末,1845.

MORRISON (Morison)

Peggy, d.Joseph and Peggy, Nov.22,1779.

Matilda Trask, d.Thomas and Sophia, Feb.6,1815.

Mary E[lizabeth.CR2], d.Charles [G.CR2] and Mary M., Dec.1,1832.

Ellen A[ugusta.CR2], d.Charles [G.CR2] and Mary M., Sept.15,1834.

Charles Herbert, s.Charles G. bp. June12,1836.CR2

MORSE (Moss)

Darius, s.Merril and Hannah, Sept.9,1802.

John Carrier, s.Merril and Hannah, Mar.30,1804.

Martha, d.Merril and Hannah, Dec.29,1805.

Susanna Currier, d.Merril and Hannah, Oct.21,1807.

末末, twin chn., John H., and Nancy, July5,1838.

Charlotte A., d.John C. and Catharine, Aug.19,1838.

William B., s.John C. and Catherine, Sept.14,1841.

Charles P., s.John C. and Catherine, Sept.23,1843.

Lucy A., d.Jacob W., and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1845.

Frank M., s.Jacob, watchman, Feb.25,184[7 or 8].


George, s.twin, Charles, spinner, and Nancy, Oct.10,1846.

Robert, s.twin, Charles, spinner, and Nancy, Oct.10,1846.

James F., s.Charles and Nancy (Holt), Feb.21,1849.PR89

MOSS (Morse)

Lydia, d.Moses, of Methuen, bp. Sept.11,1785.CR2


Daniel, s.Nathaniell, bp. Nov.22,1741.CR2

MOUNTGOMERY (Montgomery)

Anna, d.John, bp. Aug.末,1781.CR1


末末, s.Comodore, butcher, and Eliza A., Mar.29,1846.


Frances Ann, d.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.26,1837.

Charles Thomas, s.Thomas and Sarah, May17,1839.


Jonathan W., s.John, wool-sorter, and Mary, Dec.21,1843.

Charles M., s.John, manufacturer, and Mary M., Oct.10,1845.

MUNIGEN (Monhagen)

Edward Orne, s.Andrew, laborer, and Catherine, Sept.24,1844.


Moses Brown, s.James and Rebekka L., bp. Apr.16,1820.CR6


William, s.Benjamin, laborer, and Christiana, Dec.31,1848.

John, s.Thomas, laborer, and Margaret, both b. Ireland, Mar.13,1849.

MURRAY (Murry)

James Ramsey, s.Walter, bp. July4,1841.CR2

Beatrix Morrison, d.Walter, bp. Nov.6,1842.CR2

Robert, s.Walter, manufacturer, and Christiana, Feb.9,1844.

Arthur, s.Arthur, farmer, and Catherine, May11,1844.

Francis C., d.James, cordwainer, and Adeline, Jan.4,1846.

Mary [Scott.CR2], d.Walter, spinner, and Christianna, Mar.末,1846.

Ellen S., d.Arthur, laborer, and Catharine, Apr.9,1846.

Caroline, d.Charles, flaxcomber, and Margarett, Aug.7,1846.

MURRY (Murray)

Hannah, d.Margaret, May24,1849.

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