Susanna, d.Joseph and Anna, Jan.1,1746-7.

Dorcas, d.Joseph and Anna, Jan.3,1748-9.

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Ann, bp.末蔓末,1750.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Joseph and Anna, Jan.1,1751.

Richard, s.James and Rebeckah, Nov.28,1758.

Ebenezer Webster, s.Isaac and Mary, Dec.21,1770.

Betsey Kimball, d.Nathaniel and Betsey, Mar.7,1793.

Metilda, d.Nathaniel and Betsy, Nov.4,1794.

Maria, d.Nathaniel and Betsy, Aug.18,1796.

Louisa, d.Nathaniel and Betsey, Sept.8,1798.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Betsey, July15,1800.

Daniel Kimball, s.Nathaniel and Betsey, Jan.4,1803.

Sophia, d.Nathaniel and Betsey, Sept.30,1804.

Charlotte, d.Nathaniel and Betsey, June18,1806.

Jonathan Tyler, s.John and Betsey, Feb.6,1816.

John Carlton, s.John and Betsey, Dec.6,1817.

Martha Clark, d.John and Betsey, Mar.13,1820.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John and Betsey, Apr.1,1823.

Abby Gardner, d.Daniel K. and Mary, Aug.8,1827.

Daniel Tenney, s.Daniel K. and Mary, Mar.24,1831.

Herman Kimball, s.Daniel K. and Mary, Nov.26,1833.

John Gilman, s.Daniel K. and Mary, Nov.7,1835.


George N., s.James, farmer, and Sarah, Sept.26,1843.


Mary L[ittle.CR4], d.George K.W. and Elizabeth E., Oct.31,1832.

George L[ewis.CR4], s.G.K.W. and Elizabeth, May28,1836.

Moses Henry, s.G.K.W. and Elizabeth, July10,1837.

Elizabeth [Atkinson.CR4], d.George K.W. and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1839.

Charles A[tkinson.CR4], s.George K.W. and Elizabeth, May25,1840

Elizabeth A., d.G.K.W., Aug.14,1845.CR4

Frank Willis, s.G.K.W., trader, and Ruth A[nn.CR4], June2,1849.


Hannah, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Sept.30,1796.


Moses, s.Moses and Elizabeth, July8,1768.


Hannah, d.Thomas, bp. Dec.5,1761.CR1


末釦h, d.William and Martha, Sept.17,1754.


Isaac, May22,1795.PR66

Hannah, May17,1805.PR66

[James H.PR66], s.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.28,1839.

Isaac E., s.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.9,1840. [Feb.15.PR66]

Hannah Elizabeth, d.Isaac and Hannah B. (Goldsmith), May27,1843.


George Henry, s.George H. and Phebe J., Apr.24,1841.

GILCHRIST (Gilcreast)

Sarah J., Amos and Hannah, May3,1826.

John, s.Samuel and Betsy, July1,1833.

David B., s.Samuel and Betsy, Feb.1,1837.

Samuel Francis, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.19,1839.

GILCREAST (Gilchrist)

Hannah E., d.Amos and Hannah, Oct.8,1822.

Lydia, d.Amos and Hannah, Aug.1,1824.

Emily L., d.Amos and Hannah, Aug.3,1828.

Margaret J., d.Samuel and Betsy, July25,1829.

Olive, d.Amos And Hannah, Jan.21,1831.

Mary C., d.Samuel and Betsy, June17,1831.

Caroline, d.Amos and Hannah, Apr.30,1834.

Mary A., d.Amos and Hannah, Dec.5,1836.

Lydia Ann, d.Samuel, laborer, and Betsy, June30,1843.

Ellen E., d.Samuel, laborer, and Betsey, July5,1846.

GILE (Guile)

Phebe N[oyes.dup.], d.William, mason, and Eleanor C. [Ellena O. dup.], May10,1843.

Amanda G[eorget. dup.], d.Erastus [Arastus.dup.], manufacturer [laborer in mills.dup.], and Amanda G. [Sarah G. dup.], Sept.1,1843. [Sept.4. dup; Sept.15. dup.]

Caroline, d.John, clothier, and Mary Ann, Feb.20,1844.

Ellen, d.William, mason, and Ellen, Apr.9,1845.

William, s.John, finisher, b. Greenland, NH, and Mary A., b. Newbury, Mar.28,1849.

Clara D., d.Erastus, mason, b. Lee, NH, and Amanda G., b. Tewksbury, Apr.23,1849.


Mary, d.James, laborer, Nov.24,184[7 or 8].


Ruth Ann, d.John, weaver, b. Ireland, and Ann, b. England, at Woonsocket, RI, Sept.28,1848.

GILLION (Gilyon)

Easter, d.Peter and Mary, Oct.29,1759.


Harriet, d.James and Hannah, Apr.10,1836.

Hannah, d.William and Hannah, Apr.24,1838.

Hannah, d.James and Hannah, bp. Sept.13,1838.CR1

Sarah Frances, d.James and Hannah, bp. Sept.13,1838.CR1

William H.H., s.James and Hannah, July8,1840.

Emily, d.James and Hannah, May8,1842.

Charlotte, d.James, laborer, and Hannah, Oct.18,1844.

GILYON (Gillion)

Peter, s.Peter and Mary, bp. May4,1760.CR1

GINKINS (Jenkins)

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Rebeca, Aug.15,1752.


Levina, d.Jonathan and Lettice, Sept.23,1800.

Rhoda, d.Benjamin and Rhoda, Oct.31,1804.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Dec.8,1805.

Justus, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, July5,1806.

Allanda [Amanda.CR2], d.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.14,1807.

Rhoda, d.Benjamin and Rhoda, Mar.27,1808.

Gilman C., s.Joseph and Lucy, Nov.5,1809.

Horatio, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.10,1810.

Damaris, d.Benjamin and Rhoda, Sept.15,1810.

John William, s.Joseph and Lucy, Dec.10,1811.

Gamalial, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, Apr.26,1812.

Justin, s.Jonathan and Sarah, July29,1812.

Hobart, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, Mar.29,1814.

Joseph H[arrison.CR2], s.Capt. Joseph and Lucy, July5,1814.

Foster, s.Jonathan and Sally, Apr.28,1816.

Moses, s.Benjamin and Rhoda, July26,1816.

Albert [B.CR2], s.Capt. Joseph and Lucy, Sept.28,1816.

Wyman, s.John and Tameson, Dec.3,1816.

Gorden, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.6,1818.

末末, twins, d.John and Tameson, Feb.23,1819.

末末, d.John and Tameson, Mar.29,1821.

末末, s.Capt. Joseph, Nov.4,1821.

George, s.John and Tameson, Sept.19,1827.

Eliza Jane, d.John and Tameson, Nov.3,1830.

Ellen Augusta, d.Benjamin W. and Louiza, June18,1834.

Sarah E., d.Horatio and Sarah, July23,1837.

Rhoda Matilda, d.Gamaliel and Hannah M., Jan.1,1838.

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin W. and Louisa, Aug.26,1838.

Hannah Virginia, d.Gamliel and Hannah M., July14,1839.

Charles Whitney, s.Benjamin W. and Louisa, Apr.9,1841.

Stilman A., s.Benjamin W., machinist, and Louisa, Aug.2,1843.

Benjamin G., s.Gamaliel, mason, and Hannah, Feb.28,1844.

Joseph, s.Benjamin W., machinist, and Louisa, Feb.28,1846.


John N[ewill.CR4], s.William, manufacturer, and Catherine [H.CR4], at Norway, ME, Aug.11,1843.

Ann Amelia, d.William, laborer, and Catharine [H.CR4], June28,1845.

Rachel Emma, d.William and Catherine H., bp. Apr.10,1846.CR4

William Francis, s.Edward, cloth finisher, and Mary, Aug.20,1847.

GOFF (Goffe)

Henry, s.Henry and Lucy A., Jan.12,1827.

GOFFE (Goff)

Lucy Ann, d.Henry and Lucy, Apr.25,1829.

GOING (Gowin, Gowing)

Elizabeth, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Feb.1,1822.

GOLD (Gould)

James, s.Ambros and Elisabeth, Feb.27,1731-2.


Sarah E., d.Dennis, tailor, and Ellen, Oct.3,1844.


Isaac, s.Isaac, bp. Nov.8,1772.CR2

Hannah, d.William, bp. July21,1776.CR2

John, s.William, bp. July21,1776.CR2

Mary, d.William, bp. July21,1776.CR2

Sarah, d.William, bp. July21,1776.CR2

Unice, d.William, bp. July21,1776.CR2

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Hannah, Jan.3,1777.

Isaac, s.William, bp. Jan.11,1778.CR2

Samuel Abbot, s.Benjamin and Hannah, May24,1780.

Hannah [Burnham.CR2], d.Benjamin [jr.CR2] and Hannah, Aug.10,1783.

Polly, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Apr.15,1787.

Sarah, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Nov.1,1789.

Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Aug.29,1791.

William, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Mar.19,1793.

Phebe, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Oct.4,1793.PR70

Mary Convers, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Feb.17,1795.

John, s.John and Hannah, Mar.18,1797.

Clarissa, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Apr.11,1797.

Hannah, d.John and Hannah, July4,1798.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah, bp. Oct.28,1798.CR2

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Oct.24,1799.

Benjamin, s.John and Hannah, July23,1800.

Aphia, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Feb.24,1801.

Henery, s.John and Hannah, Nov.23,1802.

Henry Lowder, s.John, bp. Nov.28,1802.CR2

Isaac, s.Isaac and Martha, Feb.25,1803.

Joseph C[onvers.CR2], s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Apr.1,1803.

Solomon, s.John and Hannah, May10,1804.

William, s.Isaac and Martha, May24,1804.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, May17,1805.

Henry Lowder, s.John and Hannah, Feb.21,1806.

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Martha, Aug.9,1806.

Joshua, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Mar.27,1807.

Martha, d.Isaac and Martha, Apr.4,1808.

Thomas, s.Isaac and Martha, Aug.19,1809.

Elbridge, s.John and Hannah, Jan.25,1811.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Martha, May3,1812.

Elizabeth C., d.John and Hannah, Aug.2,1812.

Lozina, d.Jeremiah and Sarah, Jan.27,1813.

Mary, d.John and Hannah, June11,1814. [July11.PR68]

Lydia, d.Isaac and Martha, May6,1815.

Charlott, d.John and Hannah, May21,1816.

Nathan, s.Isaac and Martha, Apr.25,1818.

Asa, s.Isaac and Martha, Aug.24,1821.

David, s.Isaac and Martha, Feb.15,1825.

Caroline Louisa, d.John, jr. and Mary H., Nov.27,1826.

Julia Augusta, d.John, jr. and Mary H., Sept.15,1828.

Charles Sumner, s.John, jr. and Mary H., June2,1830.

William O., s.William and Mary A., Nov.2,1830.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Phebe, Apr.26,1831.

Mary J., d.William and Mary A., Nov.1,1832.

William G., s.Jeremiah and Elizabeth, Nov.28,1832.

Henry Cornelius, s.John, jr. and Mary H., Mar.2,1834.

Elizabeth, d.Jeremiah, jr. and Elizabeth, Dec.23,1834.

Charles F[rancis.CR3], s.William and Jane M., May22,1836.

Augusta Susanna Cordelia, d.John, jr. and Mary H., Aug.16,1836.

Eldesta C., ch.Daniel P. and Rebecca, Aug.9,1838.PR30

Melvin H., s.John, jr. and Mary H.S., Apr.28,1839.

Mary Jane, d.wid.Jane M., bp. July14,1839.CR3

William Otis, s.wid.Jane M., bp. July14,1839.CR3

Granville W., s.Daniel P. and Rebecca, May29,1841.PR30

Sanford K., s.Daniel P. and Rebecca, Jan.22,1842.PR30

Amanda E., d.Daniel P. and Rebecca, July17,1844.PR30

Joshua, s.Jeremiah, farmer, and Eliza, Apr.3,1845.

Lyman, s.John, laborer, and Mary, Dec.27,1845.

Caroline, d.Joseph C., cordwainer, and Phebe, Jan.13,1847.

Benjamin F., s.Daniel P. and Rebecca, Nov.14,1847.PR30


Rebecca, d.twin, Moses and Rebecca, Apr.7,1815.

Sarah, d.twin, Moses and Rebecca, Apr.7,1815.

Rebecca, d.Moses and Rebecca, Nov.3,1816.

Moses, s.Moses and Rebecca, Oct.23,1818.

Aseneth, d.Moses and Rebecca, Aug.14,1820.PR53

Sena, d.Moses and Rebecca, Aug.14,1820.

John, s.John and Rebecca, Aug.17,1820.

[William.PR53], s.Moses and Rebecca, Aug.16,1821.

Olive, d.Moses and Rebecca, July末,1822.PR53

末末, s.Benjamin, jr., Apr.8,1826.

Levi, s.Moses and Rebecca, Jan.13,1827.PR53

E. Rebecca, d.John and Rebecca, May26,1829.

Leonard, s.Moses and Rebecca, Aug.末,1829.PR53

George A., s.John and Rebecca, Oct.25,1833.

Charles H., s.John and Rebecca, Apr.末,1839.

Rosina, d.William, farmer, and Caroline D., Aug.1,1847.

Frank H., s.Moses, farmer, and Louisa, Nov.2,1848.

GOODRICH (Goodridge)

Serenel Chamberlain, change by authority to Mary Elisabeth French, d.Oliver and Dolly, Aug.24,1839.

Henry F., changed by authority to Henry Peter F French, s.Oliver and Olive, June6,1842.

Mary J., d.Theodore, machinist, and Mary J., Dec.19,1845.

GOODRIDGE (Goodrich)

Mary, d.Levi, bp. Apr.4,1779.CR2

Jesse, s.Levi, bp. June10,1781.CR2

Sarah, d.Levi, bp. Nov.2,1783.CR1

Sarah, d.Levi, bp. Feb.20,1785.CR1


William J., s.Sylvester, farmer, and Lucy Ann, Sept.19,1844.

Lucy Sarah, d.Sylvester, superintendent of the almshouse, and Lucy Ann, Feb.22,1848.

GORDEN (Gordon)

Hannah, d.Henry and Sarah, Aug.20,1771.

GORDIN (Gordon)

Hannah, d.Hugh and Mary, Mar.10,1748-9.

George, s.Henery and Sarah, June7,1748.

Jane, d.Henery and Sarah, Apr.27,1749.

Hugh, s.Henery and Sarah, July19,1751

William, s.Henery and Sarah, Jan.13,1754.

Sarah, d.Henery and Sarah, Aug.8,1756.

Peggy, d.Henry Sarah, Dec.11,1773.

GORDING (Gordon)

Mary, d.Henery and Sarah, Aug.5,1758.

GORDON (Gorden, Gordin, Gording)

Mary, d.Hugh and Mary, July17,1745.

Hannah, d.Hugh, bp. Nov.15,1747.CR2

John, s.Henry and Sarah, Sept.27,1760.

Bethiah, d.Henry and Sarah, Dec.25,1762.

Bette, d.Henry and Sarah, May2,1765.

Henry, s.Henry and Sarah, Feb.3,1768.

Bekky, d.Henry and Jane, bp. Dec.12,1773.CR1


George, s.Patrick, laborer, and Rosey, Dec.10,1848.

GOULD (Gold)

Henry Jones, s.Abraham J. and Zeruiah, Sept.28,1816.

末末, ch.Thomas and Hannah, June18,1818.

Ester M[aria.CR2], d.Abraham J. and Zeruiah, June28,1819.

Abraham J[ones.CR2], s.Abraham J. and Zeruiah, May7,1821.

末末, d.Abraham J. and Zeruiah, Dec.6,1822.

Barzilla, ch.Cornelius and Lydia, bp. Jan.30,1825.CR2

Emerson, s.Cornelius and Lydia, bp. Jan.30,1825.CR2

Henry A., s.Cornelius and Lydia, bp. Jan.30,1825.CR2

Timothy B., s.Abraham J. and Mary, Aug.2,1825.

Mary B[allard.CR2], d.Abraham J. and Mary B., Aug.24,1827.

George, s.Abraham J. and Mary B., June末,1830.

Julia Anne, d.Abraham J., bp. Apr.3,1831.CR2

Zeruiah Elizabeth, d.Abraham J., bp. Apr.3,1831.CR2

末末, ch.Abraham J. and Mary, Mar.24,1834.

Charles G., s.George and Olive, Dec.26,1838.

Edward Brown, s.Abraham, jr. and Mary R., July27,1839.

Emily, d.George B. and Olive, Dec.9,1840.

Ellen, d.George W., painter, and Olive, June17,1843.

Henry, s.George W., painter, and Olive, Oct.15,1845.

Theodore F., s.Henry A., farmer and Sarah B., Mar.20,1846.

Walter, s.Walter B., laborer, and Louisa, June1,1846.

George S. George W., painter, b. Hanover, NH, and Olive, b. Norwich, VT. Jan.6,1849.

Mark, s.Henry A., farmer, and Sarah, Apr.3,1849.

GOWEN (Going)

Cynthia, d.Joseph, bp. Oct.26,1834.CR2

GOWIN (Going)

Hannah, d.Hannah, bp. Dec.7,1777.CR1

GOWING (Going)

Elizabeth [Gowan.CR2], d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct.15,1820.

Sarah [Gowan.CR2], d.Joseph and Elizabeth, July19,1826.

Esther [Gowan.CR2], d.Joseph and Elizabeth, July2,1828.


William Morrison, s.James, flax dresser, and Grace M., Aug.12,1847.


Hannah, d.末末,末蔓末,1705-6.

GRAINGER (Grandger, Granger, Graunger)

Martha, d.Samuel and Martha, Nov.19,1730.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Martha, Dec.2,1731.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Martha, Mar.14,1732-3.

John, s.Samuel and Martha, May23,1734.

Jacob, s.Samuel and Martha, Aug.7,1735.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Martha, Sept.26,1737.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Sarah, May4,1760.

Joseph, s.Jacob and Sarah, Dec.7,1765.

Farnum, s.Jacob and Sarah, Aug.14,1770.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Sarah, May3,1772.

Hannah, d.Jacob and Sarah [Mary.CR1], Nov.30,1775.

GRANDGER (Granger)

Daniell, s.John and Martha, June16,1687.

GRANGER (Grainger)

Samuell, s.John, Apr.12,1701.

Samuell, s.illegitimate, Mary, Feb.21,1705-6.

Jacob, s.Jacob and Sarah, Feb.9,1759.

Daniel, s.Jacob and Sarah, Mar.2,1762.

Samuel, s.Jacob and Sarah, Feb.19,1768.


Charles, Aug.18,1783.PR31

Mary, d.Charles and Mary, Sept.25,1810.PR31

Eliza, d.Charles and Mary, June26,1812.PR31

Hannah B., d.Charles and Mary, Sept.19,1815.PR31

Margaret, d.Charles and Mary, July26,1818.PR31

William B., s.Charles and Mary, July12,1824.PR31

Phoebe Chandler, d.Charles and Mary, July30,1826.PR31

Josiah A., s.Charles and Mary, Feb.1,1829.PR31

末末, ch.Benjamin P. and Fanny, May13,1838.

Lucy Ann, d.Benjamin P. and Fanny, Apr.24,1839.

Louisa Caroline, d.Charles C., farmer, and Salome [V.CR3], Oct.1,1843.

Charles H[enry.CR3], s.Charles C., farmer, and Salome [V.CR3], July8,1845.

GRAUNGER (Grainger)

Mary, d.John and Martha, Sept.27,1680.

Martha, d.John and Martha, May17,1682.

John, s.John and Martha, Dec.1,1683.

Johannah, d.John and Martha, Feb.4,1691-2.

Elizabeth, d.John and Martha, Jan.30,1695-6.


Amy, d.Mark and Elizabeth, June20,1659.

Ruth, d.Mark and Amy, Jan.6,1661.

Mark, s.Mark and Amy.Aug.8,1664.

Marke, s.Marke and Elizabeth, Feb.16,1671.

Margarett, d.Marke and Elizabeth, Jan.15,1672.

Thomas, s.Mark and Elizabeth, May7,1675.

Samuell, s.Abraham and Anna, Dec.23,1682. [Jan.3,1683. dup.].

Thomas, s.Abraham and Anne, Dec.19,1685.

Elieazer, s.Abraham and Anne, Mar.10,1688-9.

John, s.Abraham and Anne, June11,1691.

[Abraham.CR2], s.Eliazer and Sarah, Aug.6,1713.

[Abraham.CR2] 紡ham, s.Eleazer and Sarah, Oct.25,1714.

Sarah, d.Elezear and Sarah [bp. July17,1720.CR2]

John, s.Eleazer, bp. Sept.30,1722.CR2

Mary, d.Thomas and Urssillah, July21,1723.

Esther, d.Abraham and Sarah, June11,1739.

Sarah, d.Abraham and Sarah, Sept.18,1740.

GRAY (Grey)

Edward, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.12,1679.

末末, ch.末末 and Mary, Aug.28,1701.

Mary, d.Henery and Mary,末蔓末,1703.

Edward, s.Edward and Sarah, Nov.末, [1705?].

Robert, s.R.,末蔓末, [1706-7?].

Mirriam, d.Robbert and Mirriam,末蔓末, [1708?].

Rebecka, d.Henery and Mary,末蔓末, [1708?].

末末, ch.Edward and Sarah, June22,1709.

末末, ch.末末 and Mirriam, Sept.16,1709.

末末, ch.末末 and Sarah, Mar.6,1711.

末末, ch.末末 and Dorathy, Apr.3,1711.

Samuel, s.Henery and Mary, July1,1711.

Priscilla, d.Edward and Sarah, Jan.10,1712-13.

[Dorithy.CR2], d.Braviter and Dorathy, June5,1712.

末末, ch.末末 and Miriam, July31,1712.

[Aaron, s.Henry.CR2] and Mary, Oct.15,1712.

[Miriam.TC], d.Robert and Mirriam, Sept.4,1713.

[Hannah, d.CR2], Henery and Mary, Jan.4,1714-15.

[Abiel, s.CR2], Robert and Mirriam, Jan.26,1714-15.

Joseph, s.Braviter and Dorathy, Mar.28,1714-15.

末末, d.Edward and Sarah, Aug.13,1714.

Jonathan, s.Robert and Miriam, Mar.21,1715-16.

Aaron, s.Henery and Mary, Mar.24,1715-16.

Lydia, d.Edward and Sarah, Aug.22,1716.

[William.CR2], s.Henery and Mary, Jan.16,1717 [-18.CR2]

Braviter, s.Braviter and Dorithy, July19,1717.

[David, s.CR2] 末ert [Robert.CR2] and Miriam, Oct.22,1717.

末末, s.Edward and Sarah, Apr.2,1718.

[Elizabeth.CR1], d.Edward and Hannah, Nov.末,1720.

Timothy, s.Braveter and Dorathy, July19,1721.

Sarah, d.Henry and Mary, Mar.5,1722-3.

Sarah, d.Edward and Hannah, Mar.18,1722-3.

John, s.Benjamin Webster's wife, bp.末蔓末,1728.CR1

[Robert.CR2], s.Robert and Lydea, July9,1729.

Elizabeth, d.Joseph, bp. Aug.9,1730.CR2

Lydia, d.Robert and Lydea, Nov.14,1732.

Rebecah, d.Isaac and Rebecah, Aug.31,1734.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.11,1736-7.

Henry, s.Henry, [jr.CR2] and Allice, Feb.1,1737-8.

Bridgett, d.Robert and Lydia, Apr.5,1737.

Mary, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Sept.18,1737.

Cornelious, s.Robert and Lydia, Dec.11,1738.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Elisabeth, Mar.13,1739-40.

William, s.Henry [jr.CR2] and Allice, June25,1741.

Meriam, d.Robert and Lydia, June23,1742-3.

Edward, s.Edward, jr. and Sarah, Oct.6,1742.

Ann, d.Isaac and Rebecca, Mar.30,1743.

Deborah, d.Robert and Lydiah, Oct.8,1744.

William, s.Henry and Allice, Nov.19,1744.

Aaron [Aaron.CR2], s.Aaron and Bethiah, June3,1745.

John, s.Edward, jr. and Sarah, Dec.26,1745.

Moses, s.Robert and Lydea, J[an. 末,1746-7]. [bp. Jan.11,1747.CR2]

Aaron, s.Aaron and Bethiah, Oct.16,1747.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Elenor, Feb.19,1748-9.

Lydia, d.Henery and Allis, May29,1748.

James Best, s.Timothy and Elenor, Jan.29,1750-51. [bp. Jan.27.CR2]

Mary, d.Aron and Bethiah, Sept.9,1751.

Sarah, d.Edward, jr. and Sarah, at Hatfield, Jan.17,1753.

Elenor, d.Timothy and Elenor, Mar.16,1753.

William, s.Aron and Bethiah, Dec.27,1753.

Jonathan, s.Timothy and Elenor, Mar.18,1755.

Joseph, s.Aron and Bethiah, Dec.10,1755.

Edward, s.Edward, jr. and Sarah, Nov.17,1756.

Mary, d.Timothy and Elenor, Feb.19,1757.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Lydea, Mar.23,1758.

Sarah, d.Timothy and Eliner, Mar.2,1759.

Sarah, d.David and Rebeckah, May9,1759.

Lydia, d.Thomas and Lydia, June3,1759.

Cornelius, s.Robert, bp. June10,1759.CR2

Daniel, s.Thomas and Lydia, Nov.29,1760.

Joseph, s.Timothy and Eleanor, Mar.9,1761.

Robert, s.Robert and Abigail, June2,1761.

David, s.David and Rebeckah, Dec.8,1762.

Dorathy, d.Timothy and Eleanor, Oct.26,1763.

Phebe, d.Thomas and Lydia, Jan.13,1765.

Cornelius, s.David and Rebecca, Oct.29,1765.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Lydia, June10,1767.

Deborah, d.Dea., bp. Jan.25,1778.CR1

Amos, s.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Nov.末,1781.

Phebe, d.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Mar.20,1783.

Hannah, d.Thomas, bp. May16,1784.CR1

Abiah, d.Thomas, jr. and Mary, Apr.20,1786.

Tabby, d.Daniel and Tabby [Tabitha.CR1], Dec.1,1787.

Sally, d.Thomas and Mary, July26,1788.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Tabby, Aug.15,1789.

Mary Eastman, d.David, bp. Apr.1,1791.CR2

Patty, d.Daniel and Tabitha, Apr.18,1791.

Jacob, s.Thomas [jr.CR2] and Mary, Nov.16,1792.

Israel, s.Daniel and Tabitha, Apr.4,1793.

Benjamin, s.Daniel and Tabitha, Apr.12,1795.

Noah, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.31,1797.

Henry, s.Daniel and Tabatha, Feb.3,1797.

David, s.David and Rebecca, Mar.15,1798.

Rebekah, d.David, bp. Mar.24,1799.CR2

Cornelus, s.Daniel and Tabitha Allen, Apr.29,1799.

Samuel, s.David and Rebecca, Jan.30,1803.

Henry [Jenkins.CR2], s.David and Rebecca, Dec.17,1806.

Lydia, d.Daniel and Tabitha, Oct.7,1807.

Lucy, d.Amos and Lucy, Oct.6,1812.

Mary, d.Amos and Lucy, Oct.16,1814.

Noah, s.Noah and Elizabeth, Mar.2,1818.

Mary Ann, d.Benjamin and Hannah, Aug.10,1819.

Amos, s.Amost and Lucy, Mar.1,1820.

Israel, s.Israel and Lydia, Sept.6,1820.

Ann Maria, d.Amos and Lucy, Sept.30,1822.

末末, ch.Cornelius and Mary, Feb.18,1823.

William, s.Jacob and Betsy, Apr.23,1823.

Hiram, s.Jacob and Betsy, Apr.25,1825.

Mary Jane, d.Cornelius and Maretta, June14,1825.

Emily, d.David, jr. and Emily, Feb.11,1826.

Catharine, d.Cornelius and Marietta, June14,1826.

末末, d.Jacob and Betsy, July3,1826.

Elizabeth McGerry, d.Abigail, at the Almshouse, July4,1827.

Rebecca, d.David, jr. and Emily, Feb.29,1828.

Esther, d.Jacob and Betsy, May30,1828.

Henry A.J., s.Cornelius and Marietta, Mar.22,1829.

Benjamin O., s.Benjamin and Hannah, June9,1829.

Daniel, s.Cornelius and Marietta, Feb.6,1831.

Hannah M., d.Benjamin and Hannah, Sept.26,1831. [Oct.26. dup.].

Harriet N., d.Cornelius and Martha, Dec.8,1832.

末末, d.David, jr. and Emily, Aug.26,1833.

Harriet Newell, d.Cornelius and Mary, Feb.7,1835.

Henry Peters, s.David, jr. and Sarah, Feb.7,1836.

Sarah, d.David, jr. and Maria, Nov.18,1838.

Jesse, s.David, jr. and Maria, May15,1840.

Elizabeth W. [Alice.CR6], d.Alonzo and Sarah H., Jan.11,1841.

末末, d.Alonzo and Sarah, Jan.11,1841.

Margaret Elizabeth, d.adopted Samuel and Martha L., bp. Sept.5,1841.CR4

George, s.Samuel A., tinplate worker, and Henriette, at Bangor, ME, July9,1847.

Eben T., s.Samuel A., tinman, b. Boston, and Henrietta, b. ME, Oct.5,1849.


Rosena, d.Olive, b. Maine, July12,1849.


Elizabeth S., d.John and Ann, June19,1830.

末末, ch.Thomas and Elizabeth, Nov.20,1837.

Laura A., d.Thomas, operative, Dec.17,184[7 or 8].


Charles, s.Daniel and Mary, June9,1792.


David A., s.Nathaniel B., root-beer manufacturer, and Cecelia, Oct.5,1843.

GREY (Gray)

Thomas, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.16,1681. [crossed out on original.].

Braviter, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.29,1685.

Aron, s.Robert and Hannah, Apr.14,1692.

Elizabeth, d.Henry and Mary, Mar.28,1700.

Sarah, d.末末,末蔓末,1703-4.

GRIFFEN (Griffin)

Phebe, d.James and Phebe, Oct.1,1751.

Hannah, d.James and Phebe, Mar.5,1754.

Elizabeth, d.James and Phebe, July7,1758.

Abigail, d.twin, James and Phebe, Oct.7,1764.

Sarah, d.twin, James and Phebe, Oct.7,1764.

Mary, d.James and Phoebe, Aug.7,1768.

Thomas, s.Shemuel and Abigail, Feb.2,1770.

Ebenezer, s.James and Phebe, June5,1771.

Martha, d.Shemuel and Abigail, Sept.23,1771.

Jonathan, s.Shemuel and Abigail, June23,1774.

GRIFFIN (Griffen)

Joseph, s.Nathaniell and Elizabeth, July4,1672.

Mary, d.Samuel and Mary, June2,1755.

Sarah, d.Shimuel and Abigail, Dec.16,1777.

Joshua, s.Shimuel and Abigail, Nov.1,1779.

Anna, d.Shemuel, bp. July28,1782.CR2

Oliver, s.Shimuel and Abigail, Mar.25,1785.

Fanny Poor, d.William, bp. Sept.16,1792.CR2

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Zerviah, Feb.16,1795.

Zeruiah, d.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Feb.6,1797.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Nov.8,1798.

Bulah, d.Daniel and Ama, Nov.19,1799.

Cyrus, s.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Nov.9,1800.

Mahaly, d.Daniel and Ammy, July12,1802.

Charles, s.Jonathan and Zeuiah, Aug.3,1802.

Roxanna, d.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Dec.27,1803.

Minerva, d.Daniel and Amia, Oct.10,1804.

Hermon [Herman.CR2], s.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Sept.30,1805.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Ama, Oct.31,1806.

George, s.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Mar.15,1807.

Berthshebah, d.Daniel and Ama, Aug.15,1808.

Henry, s.Jonathan and Zeruiah, Feb.3,1810.

Hannah, d.Joshua and Hannah, Sept.25,1811.

Maria, d.Joshua and Hannah, July4,1813.

Martha, d.Joshua and Hannah, Apr.13,1815.

Jonathan L., s.Jonathan and Mary, July31,1817.

末末, s.Jonathan and Mary, June8,1821.

Alpheus Boyd, s.Eldad and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1829.CR2

Charles Lee, s.Eldad and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1829.CR2

John Adams, s.Eldad and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1829.CR2

Josephine Kittredge, d.Eldad and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1829.CR2

Mary Wood, d.Eldad and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1829.CR2

Moses Porter, s.Eldad and Mary, bp. Sept.27,1829.CR2

Isabella, d.James M., laborer, and Mary, July17,1848.


Isabella, d.Alexander, laborer, and Jennett, Dec.12,1848.


Mary Hannah, d.James and Elizabeth, Apr.10,1841.

Elizabeth H. [Kendall.CR4], d.James, ticketmaster, and Elizabeth, Dec.18,1845.

Harriet Ely, d.James, ticket-office, R.R., b. England, and Elizabeth, b. Connecticut, Aug.14,1849.


末末, ch.Thomas and Rebecka, Apr.21,1712.

[Thomas.TC], s.Thomas and Rebecka, Nov.7,1714.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Rebecka, Oct.16, [1717.CR2]

Ruth, d.Thomas and Rebecka, Aug.2,1720.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Rebeccah, Nov.8,1723.

James, s.Thomas and Rebecah, Oct.25,1727.

John, s.Elizabeth Nichols "and servant to Nath Frie," bp.末蔓末,1728.CR1

GUILE (Gile)

Francis, s.John, finisher, and Mary A., July25,1846.


Levi S., s.Levi and Sarah F., Nov.17,1837.

GUNNERSON (Gunnison)

Mary Jane, d.Samuel and Sally, Mar.18,1833.

GUNNISON (Gunnerson)

Susanna, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.11,1823.

Abiah, d.Samuel and Sally, Jan.24,1825.

John, s.Samuel and Sarah, July7,1826.

GUTTERSON (Gutturson)

Abigall, d.John and Abigall, Oct.27,1689.

John, s.John and Abigall, Nov.17,1692.

Abigail, d.John and Abigail, Aug.11,1695.

William, s.John and Abigail, Oct.31,1697.

Samuel, s.John and Abigail, June10,1700.

末末, ch.Abigail, 末蔓13,1701.

Elizabeth, d.John and Abigail,末蔓末,1703.

Sarah, d.John and Abigail,末蔓末, [1705?].

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia, Feb.28,1765.

John, s.Samuel and Lydia, Aug.27,1766.

Abner, s.Samuel and Lydia, Mar.27,1768.

Simeon, s.Samuel and Lydia, Dec.8,1769.

Lydia, d.Samuel and Lydia, Oct.17,1772.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Lydia, Sept.3,1774.

GUTTURSON (Gutterson)

William, s.William, bp. Nov.21,1725.CR2