Abigail, d.George and Abigail, Jan.23,1822.

Mary G., d.George and Mary, July23,1826.

Clarissa, d.George and Mary C., July27,1827.

Clarence Goldsmith, s.George, bp. Nov.4,1827.CR2

George, s.George and Mary, Oct.7,1829.

William B[atchelder.CR2], s.George and Mary C., Jan.6,1831.

William [Batchelder.CR2], s.George and Mary B., Apr.13,1832.

John, s.George and Mary B., May15,1833.


Emma, d.Archelaus, bp. July28,1782.CR2

Lydia, d.Archelaus, bp. July25,1784.CR2

Eunice, d.Archelaus, bp. Dec.17,1786.CR2

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Serena P., bp. July5,1812.CR1

Serena Parker, d.Ebenezer and Serena P., bp. May22,1814.CR1

William Johnson, s.Ebenezer and Serena, bp. May12,1816.CR1

Martha, d.Ebenezer and Serena P., bp. Dec.7,1817.CR1

James Green, s.Ebenezer and Serena P., bp. Oct.17,1819.CR1

DALEY (Daly)

Charles, s.Patrick, laborer, Mar.11,1847.

DALY (Daley)

Charles, s.Patrick, laborer, and Margaret, both b. Ireland, Apr.29,1848.

Charles, s.Patrick, laborer, and Margaret, both b. Ireland, Mar.25,1849.

DANE (Dean)

Francis, s.Francis and Elizabeth, Dec.8,1656.

Mary, d.Nathaniell and Deliverance, Feb.7,1686-7.

Francis, s.Francis and Hannah, Aug.19,1690.

Deliverance, d.Nathaniel and Deliverance, Feb.20,1692-3.

Joseph, s.Francis and Hannah, Apr.5,1696.

Daniel, s.Francis and Hannah, Apr.24,1698.

Mary, d.Francis and Hanah, Apr.22,1699.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Nov.9,1714.

Francies, s.Francies and Hannah, Mar.31,1[715.CR2]

John, s.John and Sarah, Nov.26,1716.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Lydia, Nov.末,1718. [bp. Nov.16.CR2]

Nathaniel, s.Daniel and Elezebeth, Jan.31, [1721.CR1]

Phebe, d.John and Sarah, May21,1721.

Joseph, s.John and Sarah, Aug.16,1723.

Elezebeth, d.Daniel and Elezebeth [Aug.末,1724].

Daniel, s.Daniel and Elizebeth, Mar.7,1725-6.

Francis, s.John and Sarah, Dec.21,1725.

Wil[liam.CR2], s.John and Sarah, Mar.15,1727-8.

Mary, d.Daniel and Elizebath, Nov.24,1727.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Apr.27,1731.

Hannah, d.Daniel and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1733-4.

[Mary.TC], d.John and Sarah, Sept.27,1733.

Daniel, s.John and Sarah, Nov.10,1735.

David, s.John and Sarah, Nov.10,1735.

[John.CR2], s.John. Jr. and Elisabeth, May末,1740. [bp. May4.CR2]

Philemon, s.John, jr. and Elisabeth, Feb.2,1741-2.

Elisabeth, d.John, jr. and Elisabeth, Aug.6,1745.

Benjamin, s.John, jr. and Elezebith, July18,1748.

Fransis, s.John, jr. and Elezebith, Feb.18,1750-51.

Dorcis, d.Joseph and Dorcis, Jan.15,1752.

Wiliam, s.Wiliam and Mary, Oct.17,1753.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Dorcis, Jan.22,1754.

Elezebith, d.Dea.John and Elezebith, Dec.3,1756.

Mary, d.William and Mary, Aug.14,1761.

Phebe, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, May14,1762.

Sarah, d.William and Mary, Mar.12,1763.

Hannah, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.1,1764.

Dorcas, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Apr.14,1769.

Lydia, d.William and Phebe, July13,1769.

Dorcas, d.William and Phebe, Apr.22,1771.

Henry, s.Philemon and Priscilla, Aug.6,1772.

Eunice, d.Daniel and Prudence, Apr.27,1773.

Timothy, s.William and Phebe, May9,1773.

Priscilla, d.Philemon and Priscilla, July27,1774.

Benjamin, s.Philemon and Priscilla, July10,1776.

John, s.Lt. William and Phebe, Nov.16,1779.

Francis, s.Francis and Abiah, May1,1782.

Anna, d.Joseph and Allice, Nov.末,1782. [bp. Nov.24.CR2]

Susanna, d.William, jr. and Susanna, Dec.23,1782.

Jedediah, s.Francis, bp. Mar.7,1784.CR2

Deborah, d.John, jr. and Deborah, June27,1784.

Peter Osgood, s.Joseph, jr. and Allice, Nov.3,1784.

Joseph Burt, s.William, jr. and Susanna, Jan.25,1785.

John, s.Francis, bp. Apr.9,1786.CR2

John, s.John, jr. and Deborah, Nov.20,1786.

Osgood, s.William, jr. and Susanna, July15,1787.

James Moody, s.John, jr. and Deborah, Dec.13,1788.

Benjamin, s.William, jr., bp. Oct.31,1790.CR2

Abiah Mooar, d.William, jr. bp. Apr.1,1792.CR2

Polly Moody, d.Moses and Priscilla, Oct.31,1793.

Mary, d.William, bp. June29,1794.CR2

Priscilla, d.Moses and Priscilla, Sept.26,1795.

Henry, s.Henry and Elizabeth, Jan.16,1797.

George, s.William, bp. May14,1797.CR2

Moses, s.Moses and Priscilla, Sept.10,1797.

Rebekah, d.Henry and Elizabeth, Sept.23,1798.

Hannah, d.Moses and Priscilla, July6,1799.

Elizabeth, d.Moses and Priscilla, Oct.18,1801.

Sally, d.Henery and Elizabeth, Oct.30,1802.

James, s.Moses and Priscilla, Aug.6,1804.

James, s.Moses and Priscilla, May17,1806.

Abbot Kimball, s.Peter O. and Lucy, Mar.3,1807.

Lydia, d.Moses and Priscilla, Jan.26,1810.

Elizabeth, d.Henery and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1810.

Loisa, d.James and Rebecca, Aug.1,1810.

James, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.12,1811.

Amos, d.Henry and Elizabeth, Feb.24,1812.

John, s.Moses and Priscilla, June27,1812.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Sarah, July14,1813.

Eunice Pilsbery, d.James and Rebecca, Sept.28,1813.

Mary Moody, d.Moses and Priscilla, Oct.12,1813.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Jan.15,1815.

Moses, s.Moses and Priscilla, July10,1815.

Benjamin A., s.Benjamin, jr. and Lydia, Dec.21,1815.

Joseph N., s.Moses Nute and Priscilla, July25,1816.

Lydia, d.Benjamin, jr. and Lydia, Aug.15,1817.

Joseph, s.Benjamin, jr. and Lydia, May14,1819.

John O., s.Benjamin, jr. and Lydia, Nov.28,1820.

Harriot Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Sally, Sept.28,1822.

末末, s.Benjamin, jr. and Lydia, Dec.17,1822.

John, s.Benjamin and Sally, June4,1825.

Henry, s.illegitimate, Persis and Henry Melcoy, Aug.13,1826.

Sally P[illsbury.CR3], d.John and Sally, Nov.6,1829.

Mary E[lizabeth.CR3], d.John and Sally, Aug.29,1833.

Martha Louisa, d.Hermon, bp. July26,1835.CR2

George, s.Chandler and Susan (Wallace), Jan.19,1840.TC


John, s.Joshua and Cusiah, July23,1756.

Hannah, d.John and Elezebith, June26,1757.

Cusiah, d.Joshua and Cusiah, Aug.11,1757.

DARBE (Derby)

William, s.William and Hannah [of Boston.CR2], Aug.25,1745.

DARLIN (Darling)

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, May20,1745.

DARLING (Darlin)

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.25,1763.

Amos, s.Eliakim and Martha, Jan.16,1766.

Eliakim, s.Eliakim, bp. Aug.2,1767.CR2

William, s.Eliakim, bp. Aug.13,1769.CR2

DARRACOTT (Darricott)

Julia Marland, d.Franklin, engineer, and Julia [M. (Marland).CR4], Sept.29,1847.

DARRICOTT (Darracott)

Eliza M., d.Franklin, civil engineer, b. Boston, and Julia M., Nov.10,1849.


Fanny E. [Frances Elizabith.CR3], d.Jacob and Fanny, May30,1828.

Mary Rebecca, d.Jacob and Fanny, bp. July8,1832.CR3

Osgood Johnson, s.Jacob and Fanny, bp. July8,1832.CR3

Lucretia O[sgood.CR3], d.Jacob and Fanny, Jan.28,1839.

DAVICE (Davis)

末末, twin chn. Mark and Abigail, Jan.2,1726-7.

Moses, s.Mark and Abigail, Oct.13,1735.

Aaron, s.Mark and Abigaiel, June26,1738.

John, s.Mark and Abigail, Jan.15,1740-41.

Asa, s.Mark and Abigail, Oct.6,1742.


Mary J., d.Alexander, Jan.28,1841.

DAVIS (Davice)

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Mary, Mar.9,1688-9.

Mary, d.Ephraim and Mary, May27,1691.

Mark, s.Mark and Abigail, June2,1734.

William, s.Robert and Prudence, Sept.18,1760.

James, s.Robert, bp. May2,1762.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Robert and Prudence, Oct.13,1765.

Hannah, d.Robert and Prudence, Dec.5,1769.

Elizabeth F., Dec.19,1780.PR63

Nathan, s.Levi and Rebecca, Feb.9,1806.

Lucy Abbot, d.James and Mercy, Apr.16,1806.

Eliza, d.Levi and Rebecca, Mar.25,1808.

Hannah, d.Maria, at the almshouse, Dec.29,1819.

Mary, d.Levi, jr. and Mary, Apr.7,1821.

末末, s.Levi, jr. and Mary, Aug.22,1827.

Caroline, d.Levi, jr. and Mary, Dec.14,1829.

Lucy, d.Eben, Mar.8,1835.

James, s.Alexander and Jane, bp. Dec.27,1836.CR1

Mariah Higgins, d.Mariah, Mar.9,1838.

Ann E., d.Edmund, founderer, and Sarah, June12,1844.

George H., s.George L., machinist, and Harriet R., Aug.30,1844.

James H., s.George L., machinist, and Harriet F., Apr.18,1846.

Ellen Maria, d.George L., machinist, Nov.17,1847.

Ellen Lewzette, d.Joseph, manfacturer, and Eveline, Jan.25,1848.

Charles H., s.Edmond, iron founder, b. Greenland, NH, and Sarah, b. Gilmanton, NH. Aug.25,1848.

Henry, s.Edward, laborer, and Elizabeth, Aug.27,1848.

Hannah J., d.Daniel A., carpenter, b. VT, and Martha J., May6,1849.

Harriet Elizabeth, d.George L., machinist, b. Oxford, and Harriet, Sept.21,1849.


Betsy, d.James and Betsy, Mar.7,1830.

Mary A., d.James and Betsy, July15,1832.


Joseph, s.Robert, bp. June29,1777.CR2

Betty, d.Robert, bp. May14,1780.CR2

DEAN (Dane, Deane)

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniell and Deliverance, June18,1674.

Hannah [Dane.CTR], d.Nathaniell and Deliverance, Sept.29,1680.

Daniell, s.Nathaniell and Deliverance, Mar.26,1684.

Abiell, s.Francis and Hannah, Sept.17,1686.

Phebe [Dane.CR2], d.William and Phebe, Dec.18,1767.

Mary, d.James and Rebeckah, Oct.3,1800.

John, s.Henery and Elizabeth, Sept.24,1801.

Rebecca, d.James and Rebecca, Mar.9,1803.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sally, May5,1804.

Chandler, s.Henery and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1804.

Peter, s.Peter Osgood and Lucy, Dec.3,1805.

Herman, s.Henery and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1807.

Joshua, s.Moses and Priscilla, July9,1807.

Phebe, d.James and Rebecca, July14,1807.

Joseph Mooar, s.Peter O. and Lucy, Oct.4,1808.

DEANE (Dean)

Abigall, d.Francis and Elizabeth, Oct.13,1652.

Nathaniell, s.Nathaniel and Deliverance, Dec.1,1675.

Francis [Dane.CTR], s.Nathaniell and Deliverance, Oct.1,1678.

Frances [Dearborn.CTR], s.Francis and Hannah, Apr.22,1683.

Abigail, d.Nathaniel and Deliverance, Dec.27,1698.


John S., s.Nathaniel, laborer, and Eliza, Nov.7,1844.

Dorothy A., d.Nathaniel, laborer, and Eliza, Aug.12,1848.

Clara, Alvahretta, d.Alvah, laborer, and Elizabeth, Dec.13,1848.


Mary Ann Carter Warland, d.Henry F. and Elizabeth, bp. Sept.5,1841.CR4

Louisa M., d.Henry F., yeoman, and M.C. Sept.25,1846.

Maria Louisa, d.H.F. and Elizabeth, bp. Aug.28,1847.CR4

DELAP (Dunlap)

Mary [Dunlap.CR2], d.John and Anna, Mar.29,1739.

Robert [Dunlop.CR2], s.John and Anne, Aug.10,1743.

James, s.John and Elizabeth, Dec.7,1760.

Anna, d.John and Elizabeth, Nov.25,1772.

Betty, d.John and Elizabeth, Jan.12,1776.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Feb.25,1779.

Sarah, d.John and Elizabeth, Aug.10,1783.

Hannah, d.John, bp. Feb.20,1791.CR2

Jonathan [Boynton.CR1], s.Jonathan Boynton and Polly, May5,1797.

DENES (Dennis)

Elizabeth, d.Nathan and Demaros, Sept.29,1726.

DENIS (Dennis)

Elizebith, d.Luis [Lewis.CR1] and Annah, Aug.12,1755.


Hellen, d.John, laborer, and Mary, both b. Ireland, Sept.19,1849.

DENNET (Dennett)

Horatio W., s.Horatio, machinist, and Maria S., Mar.19,1845.

DENNETT (Dennet)

Horatio B., s.Horatio, carpenter, b. Amesbury, and Mary J., b. Newmarket, May15,1849.

DENNIS (Denes, Denis)

John, s.Lewis, bp. Apr.26,1761.CR1

Moses, s.Moses, bp. Apr.6,1783.CR2

Sally, d.Moses, bp. Nov.20,1785.CR2


John, s.Robert and Abigail, June15,1827.

George, s.Robert and Abigail, Dec.23,1828.

Mary Ann, d.Robert and Abigail, Oct.24,1829.

DERBY (Darbe)

Benjamin Punchard, s.John and Rebecca P., July4,1826.

Caroline, d.John and Rebecca P., Nov.7,1828. [Dec.1. dup.]

Martha Punchard, d.John and Rebecca P., Sept.3,1831.

Maria, d.John and Rebecca P., Jan.10,1834.

Mary Stone, d.John and Rebecca, Nov.24,1835.

DILAWAY (Dillaway)

John, s.Samuel and Dorathy, Jan.27,1756.

DILLAWAY (Dilaway)

Martha, d.Lydia, "Reputed", d.Matthew Hardey, Aug.11,1746.

Elezebith, d.Samuel and Dorathy, Dec.29,1749.

William, s.Samuel and Dorathy, July7,1751.

Abigal, d.Samuel and Dorathy, Mar.18,1753.

Benjamin, s.Samuel and Dorathy, Sept.1,1754.

Olive, d.John and Olive, Oct.10,1778.

DINSMORE (Dunsmore)

Mary, d.John, bp. Mar.28,1736.CR1


Edward, s.Henry, laborer, and Ann, Feb.14,1846.

DOBBIN (Dobbins)

Thomas, s.John, bp. Nov.8,1795.CR1

Mason, s.John, bp. Sept.8,1799.CR2

DOBBINS (Dobbin, Dobin)

Sarah Brown, d.John, bp. Oct.3,1790.CR2

DOBIN (Dobbins)

John, s.John and Sarah, June17,1788.

Sarah [Brown.CR2], d.John and Sarah, May18,1790.

Mary Osgood, d.John and Sarah, July24,1792.


James, s.Jonathan M. and Abigail, May17,1833.


Lydia, d.Enos and Lydia, Feb.2,1806.

Hepzabeth, d.Zadock and Lydia, Dec.11,1806.

Tammy Sawyer, d.Enos and Lydia, Nov.12,1807.

Sarah Haskel, d.Enos and Lydia, July12,1809.

Jonathan Beverly, s.Enos and Lydia, Feb.11,1811.

Elizabeth, d.Enos and Lydia, Mar.17,1813.

Enos, s.Enos and Lydia, July末,1820.

末末, ch.Tammy, Oct.18,1827.

Eveline, d.Amos, hostler, and Angeline, at Boston, Oct.24,1846.


Roxana, d.Bradstreet and Eliza, Dec.13,1827.

Almira, d.Bradstreet and Eliza, Dec.16,1830.


John Milton, s.John, painter, and Caroline [T.CR2], June16,1848.


末末, s.Philemon and Bethia, of Hampton, NH, Jan.31,1723-4.


Mary Jane, d.William, fireman, and Agnes, Oct.5,1844.

William Alexander, s.William C., engine tender, and Agnes, July30,1846.

Elijah W., s.William, laborer, and Agnes, July31,1848.


Bridget, d.Patrick, laborer, and Bridget, Sept.10,1848.

Dennis, s.Thomas, laborer, and Mary, Nov.1,1848.


Isabella Cragie, d.John and Ellen M., in Scotland, Dec.15,1831.

George William Webster, s.John and Ellen [Helen.CR2]. M., June4,1835.

Ellen Christina, d.John and Ellen [Helen.CR3] M., Aug.21,1838.

Marcy Alexander, d.John and Ellen, bp. Sept.13,1840.CR3

Laura Smith, d.John and Ellen, bp. Oct.23,1842.CR3

Claralyl [Clara Lyul.CR3], d.John, manufacturer, and Ellen C. [Hellen Mc.CR3], Aug.5,1844.


Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1761.

John, s.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1763.

Sarah, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Feb.19,1765.

Joseph, s.Ebenezer, bp. June19,1768.CR2

Edmund, s.Ebenezer, bp. June24,1770.CR2

Rhoda, d.Ebenezer and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1772.

Jacob, s.Ebenezer, bp. Apr.14,1776.CR2

Charles E., s.David, mason, and Susan, Feb.8,1847.

DOWNES (Downs)

末末, s.Robert and Abigail, Jan.27,1826.

Sarah F[rances.CR2], d.Benjamin R. and Fanny, Nov.16,1827.

Isaac H., s.Benjamin R. and Fanny, Sept.7,1829.

Paschal G., s.B.R. and Fanny, June2,1835.

Joel P., s.Benjamin R. and Fanny, May29,1838.


John, s.Richard and Anstis [Atta.CR2], June14,172[0.CR2]

Palfry, s.Richard and Anstis, -17. [bp. Oct.23,1726.CR2]

Hannah, d.Richard and Temperance, Dec.12,1746. [bp. Nov.30,1746.CR2]

Sarah, d.Richard and Tempranc, Mar.28,1749.

Lucreacha, d.Richard and Temperance, June9,1751.

Experance, d.Richard and Temperance, July20,1753.

Anne, d.Richard and Temperance, Oct.28,1755.

Richard, s.Richard and Temperance, Mar.31,1758.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Abigail, Jan.3,1765.

John, s.Samuel and Abigail, Feb.1,1766.

Abigail, d.Samuell and Abigail, Sept.29,1768.

Thomas, s.Samuel and Abigail, July24,1770.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Abigail, Oct.9,1772.

Molly, d.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.13,1774.

Allise [Alice.CR2], d.Samuel and Abigail, July8,1778.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Abigail, Aug.20,1780.

Amos, s.Samuel and Abigail, July13,1783.

Richard Derby, s.Samuel and Abigail, May13,1785.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel, jr., bp. Jan.24,1790.CR2

Lydia, d.Palfry, bp. Sept.12,1790.CR2

Temperance Derby, d.Palfry, bp. Sept.12,1790.CR2

Palfry Ward, s.Palfry and Lydia June5,1791. [bp. July3,1791.CR2]

Samuel, s.Palfry and Lydia, Sept.1,1794.

Deborah Shelden, d.Palfry and Lydia, Aug.10,1796.

Samuel, s.Lt. Palfry and Lydia, Dec.15,1798.

John, s.Paulfry [Palfry.CR2] and Lydia, Aug.25,1801.

Mary, d.Palfrey W. and Hannah, May13,1818.

Hannah F., d.Palfrey W. and Hannah, July9,1820.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ruby, Nov.3,1821.

末末, s.Palfry W. and Hannah, July18,1822.

Waldo P., s.Palfry, jr., bp. Oct.3,1824.CR2

Mary Jane, d.Palfrey W. and Hannah, Mar.10,1825.

John, s.John and Nancy, Feb.11,1826.

Frederick Fry, s.Samuel and Ruby, bp. Jan.6,1828.CR3

Oliver, s.Samuel and Ruby, bp. Jan.6,1828.CR3

Ruby Eliza, d.Samuel and Ruby, bp. July6,1828.CR3

Ann, d.John and Nancy, Apr.6,1829.

Augusta, d.Samuel and Ruby, bp. Nov.21,1830.CR3

Palfray, s.John and Nancy, Oct.2,1832.

Emily, d.Samuel and Ruby, bp. Aug.24,1834.CR3

George O., s.Samuel and Ruby, May22,1835.

John Newton, s.Samuel and Ruby, Nov.13,1837.

末末, d.Samuel and Ruby, Feb.14,1840.

Eliza R., d.Samuel, jr., shoemaker, and Rebecca, Apr.13,1846.

Eben Bailey, s.Samuel, jr. shoemaker, and Rebecca H., Aug.1,1847.

DOWNS (Downes)

Fanny, d.Benjamin and Fanny, Nov.25,1824.

末末, s.Benjamin R. and Fanny, Aug.1,1826.

Charles Carroll, s.B., bp. Aug.28,1831.CR2

Joel Parker, s.Benjamin R. and Anna, May16,1835.


Lucy L., d.George and Eunice, Dec.13,1820.

Orin, s.George and Lucy, July14,1826.

Eleanor, d.George and Lucy, Aug.13,1829.

Amos, s.George and Lucy, June4,1832.

DRESER (Dresser)

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.14,1757.

DRESSER (Dreser)

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.17,1750.

Elezebith, d.Jonathan and Sarah, July23,1752.

Stephan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.25,1754.

Simmeon, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Feb.21,1759.

Levi, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Feb.24,1761.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.1,1762.

Chloe, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Dec.15,1765.

Benjamin, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.6,1768.


Charles F., s.John, cabinetmaker, and Harriet G., Oct.21,1843.

DULAP (Dunlap)

Molly, d.John and Elizabeth, Apr.11,1770.


James, s.James, laborer, and Cristern, Aug.2,1848.

DUNCKLEE (Dunclee)

Andrew Willson, s.Andrew Wilson and Rebekah, Feb.28,1796.

Dolly [Ballard.CR2], d.Andrew Willson and Rebekah, Sept.18,1797.

DUNCLEE (Duncklee, Duntlin)

Sarah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Apr.9,1789.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb.2,1791.

Mary Ford, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Apr.11,1792.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.25,1793.

Nancy, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Apr.5,1795.

John, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Jan.18,1797.

Cadwallador F. [Ford.CR1], s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.16,1799.

Jacob, s.Andrew W. and Rebecca, July4,1802.

Elizabeth L., d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Oct.17,1802.

Martha, d.twin, Andrew W. and Rebecca, Sept.12,1805.

Mary, d.twin, Andrew W. and Rebecca, Sept.12,1805.

Martha, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec.30,1805.

Rebecca, d.Andrew W. and Rebecca, Sept.8,1807.

Mary Ford, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.22,1811.

Isaac, s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec.3,1814.


Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Feb.29,1761.

DUNLAP (Delap, Dulap)

Almira, d.Henery Ames and Sarah, Sept.10,1800.


George H., s.Aaron and Martha, July5,1840.

DUNSMORE (Dinsmore)

Elizabeth, d.John and Janet, bp. Aug.26,1733.CR1

DUNTLIN (Dunclee)

Sarah, d.Nathaniel, bp. Aug.22,1790.CR2

Mary Ford, d.Nathaniel, bp. Apr.24,1791.CR2

Nancy, d.Nathaniel, bp. Apr.5,1795.CR2

John [Dunckley.CR2], s.Andrew W. and Rebecca, Sept.4,1799.

Martha, d.Nathaniel, bp. Feb.17,1805.CR2


Mary B., May25,1786.PR64

Amos, s.Amos, bp. Nov.24,1793.

Hannah, d.Amos, bp. Nov.24,1793.CR2

Mary Butler, d.Amos, bp. Nov.24,1793.CR2

Sarah, d.Amos, bp. Nov.24,1793.CR2

Phebe, d.Amos, bp. Dec.13,1795.CR2

Benjamin, s.Amos, bp. Dec.2,1798.CR2

末末, d.William and Mary, Jan.末,1819.

John Willard, s.Willard, stonecutter, and Mary W., Dec.31,1847.

[Josephine S.PR67], d.Willard, stonecutter, b. Billerica, and Mary W., b. Denmark, ME, Nov.3,1849.


Jacob G., s.David and Sally, Sept.25,1811.