Elijah and Phebe Ann Baker, Sept.7,1842.

BACKHOSE (Backhouse, Backus)

Mary and Timothy Smith, of Edgartown, Oct.13,1784.*

BACKHOUSE (Backhose, Backus)

Hannah, of Barnstable, and Benjamin Nye, Feb.23,1698.*

Remember, of Barnstable, and Ichabod Nye, Mar.末,1757.* (Barn.TR)

Nathaniel, of Barnstable, and Kezia Price, Oct.28,1762.*


Basha, of Ponagansett, and Charles Wicks, int.Oct.30,1814.

BACKUS (Backhose, Backhouse)

Eunice and David Cotharan, Apr.27,1788.*


Rachel, Mrs., of Barnstable, and Thomas Smith, int.Aug.8,1789.


Ephram and Mary Hinckley, int.Mar.23,1771.

Josiah and Salvina Hatch, Nov.21,1771.*

Ephrom and Elizabeth Fuller, Nov.5,1772.*

Deliverance, of Sandwich, and Jacob Green, int, May27,1804.


Bitty and Jonathan Peters, int.Aug.15,1789.


Elisabeth, of Barnstable, and Benjamin Nye, int.May28,1738.

Nathaniel and Susanna Davis, Jan.8,1783.*

Temperance, of Yarmouth, and Jabez Lumbert, Aug.15,1792.

David, of Sandwich, and Anna Hatch, June16,1796.*

Sophia, of Chatham, and Edward Eldred, int.June18,1796.

Phebe and Job Davis, int.May13,1797.

Temperance and Benjamin Snow Jenkins, Apr.12,1798.*

Elizabeth (Eliza.CR1) and James Smalley (Small, int.CR1) Oct.21,1799.

Henry and Fear Hatch, Feb.27,1800.*

Sally and Thomas MacHenry, int.Sept.3,1801.

Nathaniel and Lucinda Green, Mar.31,1803.*

Patty and David Bourn, int.Apr.29,1804.

Eben, of Yarmouth, and Susanna Baker, int.Feb.24,1805.

Susanna and Eben Baker, of Yarmouth, int.Feb.24,1805.

Mercy and Benjamin Eldred, Oct.27,1805.*

Ebenezer and Lucy Cage, of Yarmouth, int.Oct.18,1807.

Mehitabel and William Head, of Dartmouth, Sept.22, (24.CR1) 1809.

Job Jr. and Betsey Haden, of Dartmouth, int.Sept.15,1811.

Polly and Cornelius Bradford, int.Oct.13,1811.

Mary and Charles Sherman, Oct.24,1811.CR1

Hannah and Joshua Jenkins, Feb.10,1814.*

Jabez and Cinthia (Cintha.TR) Fish, Aug.末,1814.*

Matthias and Sally Kempton, of Dartmouth, int.Oct.1,1815.

Isaac and Lucy Berry, of Yarmouth, int.Nov.30,1815.

Solomon, Capt., and Fannie (Tamar. Int.CR1) Smalley (Small.CR1), Oct.12,1817.*

Anna and William Holmes, of Yarmouth, int.Apr.2,1818.

Parnell and John Head, of Dartmouth, Sept.27,1819.*

Davis and Lydia Jenkins, Jan.27,1820.*

Braddock and Elmira Gifford, July20,1820.

Edmond and Elmira Baker, Mar.21,1822.

Elmira and Edmond Baker, Mar.21,1822.

Cloe and William B. Bunker, May11,1823.

Andrew and Emira Davis, May22,1823.

Obadiah and Tabitha Hatch, Nov.5,1823.

Ruth C. and Nathan Fish, Dec.18,1823.

Cynthia, Mrs., and Timothy Fish, Dec.20,1825.

Lydia and John Landers, of Sandwich, Apr.30,1829.

Francis and Lucy Baker, Apr.17,1831.

Lucy and Francis Baker, Apr.17,1831.

Caroline and Elijah Bearse, Nov.13,1834.

Nehemiah, Capt., of Yarmouth, and Susan H. Shearman, Jan.24,1839.

William and Chloe S. Crowell, Dec.19,1840.

Nathaniel Jr. and Tamer C. Shearman, Nov.11,1841.

Hallet and Ann Migrator, May3,1842.

Dryan, Dr., of Schuticok, NY, and Jeanette Callot, Aug.15,1843.

Ann N. and Owen B. Baker, Nov.19,1843.

Owen E. and Ann N. Baker, Nov.19,1843.

Gideon H. and Olive Crowell, Feb.13,1844.

Maria and William C. Swift, Feb.15,1845.

Gorham, of Yarmouth, and Hannah Turner, Mar.31,1846.

Alpheus R. and Harriet N. Hilliard, Apr.30,1846.

Mary N. and Nathan Baker, July23,1849.

Nathan and Mary N. Baker, July23,1849.


Phineas, of Chilmark, and Cloe Hammond, int.Mar.24,1786.


Sarah, of Harwich, and Samuel Cobb, Sept.16,1750.


Samuel Jr., of Nantucket, and Rebecca Parker, June30,1791.*


Deborah and Jabez Delano, of Dartmouth, Mar.26,1747.*

Levi (Benton. int.), of Sandwich, and Rachel Nye, Dec.29,1768.*

Jessse, of Sandwich, and Sarah Nye, Dec.7,1769.

Silvia, of Sandwich, and Cornelius Bennet, Sept.21,1788.


Edward S., of Nantucket, and Lucy N. Hatch, Sept.22,1841.CR2


Deborah and Nathan Fish, Dec.25,1686.

BARSE (Bears, Bearse, Berce, Berse, Birce)

Zipora, of Barnstable, and Stephen West, Sept.14,1789.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Bradford and Love Hatch, Feb.20 (26.CR1), 1801.*

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

John, of Plymouth, and Sarah Gray, Oct.1,1734.

BASSET (Bassett)

Barachiah and Mercy Bourne, June4,1761.

Abigail, of Sandwich, and David Butler, int.July3,1779.

Love and Jonathan Swift, of New Bedford, Oct.21,1792.*

Rebecca, of Sandwich, and Thatcher Lewis, Oct.15,1797.*

Joseph, of Sandwich, and Grace (Mrs.CR1) Webb, Feb.4,1802.*

BASSETT (Basset)

Marey (Mary, int.) and Prince Dimick, Nov.29,1789.*

Hannah, of Sandwich, and Joseph Dimmick Jr., int.May13,1804.

Lucretia (Mrs.CR1) and John Jones Jr., both of Marshpee, Jan.16,1805.

Moses F. and Lydia C. Bourne, Jan.25,1847.


Barnabas, Capt., of Wareham, and Sylvia Croel, June18,1787.*

Anselm (Beats, int.), of Barnstable, and Temperance Coleman, May8,1796.*

Simeon N., of Sandwich, and Sarah B. Swift, Mar.22,1838.

BAXTER (Backster)

Betsey and Benjamin Hamblin Jr., June1,1826.

Joseph and Fear Hamblin, Dec.13,1827.

Edward, of Yarmouth, and Eliza H. Tucker, Jan.17,1843.


Judith (Beals, of Hingham, int.) and Benjamin Bourne, Jan.19,1769.*

BEARS (Barse, Bearse, Berce, Berse, Birce)

Solomon, of Sandwich, and Hannah Green, int.May7,1802.

Daniel and Abigail (Hatch) Gifford, Sept.24,1826.

BEARSE (Barse, Bears, Berce, Berse, Birce)

Olive (Bars, int.) and Nathaniel Hatch Jr., Nov.20,1766.*

Garshom (Bars, int.), of Barnstable, and Prudence Hatch, Nov.1,1771.*

Edward, of Barnstable, and Reliance Colman, of Sandwich, Apr.21,1795.

John (Bears, int.), of Barnstable, and Susanna Swift, Dec.30,1802.*

Stephen (Berse, int.), of Sandwich, and Mary (Mercy, int.) Green, Dec.7,1809.*

Ephraim (Pierce, int.) and Patty (Martha, int.) Gifford, June13,1812.*

Anna D., of Barnstable, and Robinson Phinney, int.Dec.25,1814.

Daniel, of Barnstable, and Charity Green, Sept.27,1820.*

Alfred, of Barnstable, and Mary Ann Small, Apr.17,1831.

Elijah and Caroline Baker, Nov.13,1834.

Crocker and Susan B. Eldridge, Mar.10,1835.

Elmira, of Barnstable, and Thomas R. Lawrence, Jan.29,1839.

Elijah and Mary Pinney, Mar.25,1840.

Solomon and Ziporah West, Apr.2,1840.

Chloe H. and Josiah Foster, Apr.8,1847.


Jemima and Ebenezer Qoseehet, int.Dec.31,1746.


Caleb and Mrs.Evelina Green, Apr.19,1786.

BENNET (Bennett)

Cornelius and Silvia Barlow, of Sandwich, Sept.21,1768.

BENNETT (Bennet)

Joseph and Lucy Amory, of Sandwich, int.July22,1810.

Zephaniah, Esq., and Susan D. Hatch, Aug.15,1833.


William S. and Lydia Reed, of Tillston, ME, Apr.19,1841.

BERCE (Barse, Bears, Bearse, Berse, Birce)

Lydia (Burr, int.), of Barnstable, and Timothy Hatch, July30,1780.*


Phebe, of Dartmouth, and Isaiah Nickolson, int.Mar.1,1781.


Lucy, of Yarmouth, and Isaac Baker, int.Nov.30,1815.

BERSE (Barse, Bears, Bearse, Berce, Birce)

Lydia, of Sandwich, and Isaac Green, int.Oct.6,1805.


Judah (Betel, int.) and Isaac Green Jr., Aug.16,1716.*

BIRCE (Barse, Bears, Bearse, Berce, Berse)

Cynthey, of Chatham, and Ephraim Bradford, int.May7,1815.


David Jr. (Blackford.CR1) and Bethana Eldred, Mar.8,1808.*


Mary and Solomon Nye, Nov.27,1748.*


Walter T., of Rochester, and Ruth Weeks, Aug.31,1820.


Peter B., of Barnstable, and Emma H. Childs, Jan.21,1836.CR2


Silas (Blish, Barn.TR Bliss.CR1), of Barnstable, and Mary Tobey (Toby, int.), Apr.21,1748.*


Sarah, of Sandwich, and Ebenezer Hatch Jr., Mar.3,1742.*

William, of Sandwich, and Lois Nye, Apr.25,1764.*

Salvinah, of Sandwich, and Sylvanus Hatch, Apr.2,1767.*

William and Deborah T. Hatch, int.Jan.5,1812.

William and Mary Crocker, Dec.1,1816.*.CR1

Mary F. and Edward Landers, May5,1832.


Sarah, of Boston, and John Cox, May20,1762.


Abigail, Mrs., of Boston, and Seth Parker, int.Sept.4,1737.

BORMAMAN (Borman, Bourman, Bowerman, Bowman, Bowreman)

Silas (Bornand, int.) and Lydia Gifford, Dec.25,1759.*

BORMAN (Bormaman, Boorman, Bowerman, Bowman, Bowreman)

Exspreance and James Claghorn, June30,1712.

Wait and Benjamin Swift, int.Aug.8,1741.


Reuben, of Nantucket, and Zilphe Harrington (Blacks), Dec.10,1795.*

BOURMAN (Borman, Bormaman, Bowerman, Bowman, Bowreman)

Seth and Molly Burges, int.June7,1794.

BOURN (Bourne)

John (Jr.,int.) and Persis (Parsa, int.) Davis, Nov.10,1751.*

Joseph and Hannah Hathaway, Sept.6,1753.*

Elizabeth (Bourne, Mrs., int.) and Jonathan Swift, of Dartmouth, Oct.16,1753.

Sarah, Mrs., and Ephraim Swift, of Sandwich, May14,1761.*

David and Mary Hathaway, Feb.26,1764.*

Silas (Jr.CR1), of Sandwich, and Fear Parker, Oct.8,1767.*

Mary and Ezra Samson, of Plimpton, int.Feb.18,1776.

Elizabeth and Abraham Chase, of Tisbury, Nov.5,1778.*

Nathaniel and Mehitable Tobey, int.Nov.13,1779.

Samuel Jr. and Diadayma Leonard, of Middleborough, int.Apr.8,1780.

Hannah and Thomas Davis, Apr.23,1780.*

John and Thankful Hatch, May25,1780.*

Zuriel and Thankful Jones, Apr.2,1782.*

Joseph and Sarah Freeman, Sept.28,1783.*

Mary and Nicholas Eldred (Aldrige, int.), July30,1785.*

Martha and Kenelim Crocker, of Barnstable, Nov.24,1785.*

Thomas and Elizabeth Palmer, Aug.12,1787.*

Cristina and Benjamin Curtis, of Scituate, Sept.2,1787.*

Elijah and Anna Green, int.May3,1788.

Bethuel, of Sandwich, and Hannah Nye, Jan.21,1791.* (Jan.20.PR36)

Timothy and Elizabeth (Eliza.CR1) Leonard, Apr.27,1794.*

Persis and Philip Pheney (Phiney, int.), Oct.15,1796.*

Charles and Mrs.Hannah Swift, of Pokesesett, Jan.17,1799.CR1

Ezra and Nancy Swift, of Roxbury, Nov.28,1799.*

Marcy (Mercy.CR1) and Daniel Hall, of Dennis, Aug.末,1802.*

Prince and Lydia Hatch, Feb.7,1804.*

David and Patty Baker, int.Apr.29,1804.

Hannah and Samuel and Chadwick, Jan.9,1805.*

Cynthia and Asa Nourse, June15,1806.

Jarvis and Phebe Ewer, of Sandwich, int.May9,1813.

Eliza (Elizabeth.CR1) and Seth Ewer, of Barnstable, July14,1813.*

Prudence and Heman Hinckley, of Barnstable, int.Dec.19,1813.

Elijah and Mrs.Tabitha Shareman (Sherman.CR1), Jan.16,1814.*

Silas J. and Elizabeth Croswell, July3,1814.*

Hannah and Asa Gifford, Aug.31,1817.*

Lydia and David Crocker, of Barnstable, Jan.7,1818.*

Nathan Jr. and Hannah Swift, Sept.6,1821.

BOURNE (Bourn)

Silvenus and Mrs.Marcy Goreham, of Barnstable, int.Jan.4,1717-8.

Sarah and Lemuel Mandell, of Dartmouth, Apr.2,1747.*

Mercy and Barachiah Basset, June4,1761.

Benjamin (Bourn, int.) and Judith Beal, of Hingham, Jan.19,1769.*

Samuel Jr. and Meary Foster, of Rochester, int.Aug.22,1778.

Abigail and Jonathan Dillingham, Apr.5,1810.*

Barachiah B., Capt., and Eliza Young, of Barnstable, int.Aug.23,1818.

Melinda and John Chiles, Dec.31,1818.*

Martha and John Swift Jr., Feb.7,1821.

John and Martha Swift, Jan.30,1823.

Solomon and Frances Lawrence, Feb.27,1823.

Susan and Alvan Ewer, of Sandwich, July3,1823.

Charles and Louisa Shiverick, July20,1823.

Rebecca and Thomas Lewis, Nov.6,1823.

Ezra and Juli An (Julia Anne.PR5) Crocker, Sept.20,1824.

Henry G. and Betsey B.L. Stone, Dec.18,1825.

Lucinda and William, Laland (Layland.CR2), June14,1827.

Matilda J. and Dr. Isaiah D. Edgerly, of Barnstable, Mar.26,1828.

William H., of Sandwich, and Dorcas C. Nye, May10,1831.

Charles A. and Prudence W. Lewis, July26,1831.

Samuel P. and Celia D. Lawrence, July19,1832.

Diademia and Hallet Swift, of Wareham, May14,1833.

Sylvester, Col., and Mary J. Swift, Oct.21,1834.

Julia Ann and Warren W. Bourne, June10,1835.PR5

Warren W. and Julia Anne Bourne, June10,1835.PR5

Mehitable and Seth Swift, of Wareham, Apr.12,1837.

Aba E. and Micajah C. Fisher, June22,1837.

Solomon G., Capt., and Mrs.Rebecca (Phinney) Snow, Dec.21,1837.

Rebecca D. and James M. Swift, Apr.23,1840.

William and Elizabeth F. Stewart, Oct.5,1840.

Eliza F. and Joseph B. Dillingham, May1,1844.

Leonora and George Soule, of Abington, Oct.20,1844.

Lydia C. and Moses F. Bassett, Jan.25,1847.

Ann B.L. (Stone), wid., and George W. Donaldson, Apr.27,1847.

Ferdinand A. and Chloe D. Donaldson, Aug.5,1848.

Hannah L. and Alvin B. Cole, of Abington, Oct.19,1849.

BOWERMAN (Bowman, Bormaman, Bourman, Bowman, Bowreman)

Deborah and Gershom Gifford, Aug.11,1704.*

Thomas and Jene Claflen, Oct.11,1721.

Daniel and Johana Hathaway, Feb.16,1736-7.

Silas and Marty Chadwick, Sept.8,1756.*

Mary (Bowarman, int.) and Cornelius Hoxie (Hoxsey, int.), of Sandwich, Jan.30,1757.*

Jeremiah and Deborah 末末, of Sandwich, int.Nov.8,1777.

Mary and Samuel (Noah, int.) Gifford, of Sandwich, June26,1784.*

Stephen Jr. (3rd, int.) and Hannah Landers, Apr.14,1786.*

Paul and Phebe Austin, of Little Compton, int.July22,1786.

Icabod and Elizabeth Hatch, Oct.5,1786.*

Stephen Jr. and Abigail Gifford, Nov.23,1786.*

Meribah and Thomas Wing, of Livermoretown, int.Jan.31,1795.

Mary and Melatiah David Butler, int.Nov.26,1796.

Cortis and Rachel Gifford, int.June28,1799.

Abraham and Louis Tilley (Lowes Tilli, int.), Feb.16,1800.*

Waitstill and Benjamin Colman, of Long Island, Aug.7,1800.*

Bulah and Joshua Wing, Feb.14,1805.*

Amasa and Mehitable Hamilton, Oct.26,1809.*

Alden and Anne Landers, Dec.21,1809.*

Margaret and Warren Green, Apr.5,1811.*

Rebeckah and Edmond Landers (Edmund Landarse, int.), Mar.21,1814.*

Charles (Bowman, int.) and Mercy Braley, Nov.28,1816.*

David (Bowman, int.) and Lois Hatch, Jan.21,1819.*

Savory and Hannah Hoxie, May25,1825.

Luther, Capt., and Hannah Hamilton, Oct.17,1826.

Judah and Anna Butler (Fuller.CR2), Sept.11,1827.

Dorothea and Joseph Gifford, Jan.21,1830.

Mary and Silas Braley, Feb.2,1832.

BOWMAN (Borman, Bormaman, Bourman, Bowerman, Bowreman)

Sarah and Prince Phiney, of Marsapee, int.Aug.7,1814.

Eliza (Bowerman, birth record) and Alven Crowell, Feb.15,1849.

BOWREMAN (Borman, Bormaman, Bourman, Bowman, Bowerman)

Daniel and Sarah Hadawy, of Rochester, int.Jan.2,1737.

Joseph (Bowman, int.), of Lawrence, NY, and Lucy Hamblin, Feb.1,1816.*


Sarah, wid., and Elisha Weeks, Sept.6,1621.

Joseph, of Rochester, and Susanna Weeks, Apr.26,1772.*

Isaiah and Elizabeth Robins, of Harwich, int.Oct.17,1801.

David Jr. and Polly Kempton, int.Dec.25,1806.

Anna and Asach Phinney, Aug.25,1811.*.CR1

Cornelius and Polly Baker, int.Oct.13,1811.

Polly and Braddock Phiney (Phinney, int.), Jan.10,1813.*

Betsey, Mrs., and William Shareman (Sherman, int.), July31,1814.*

Ephraim and Cyntney Birce, of Chatham, int.May7,1815.

Mary and Reuben Davis, Mar.9,1823.

Mary and Francis Nye, Oct.15,1829.


Nathan, of Gilford, and Mary Hatch, Oct.2,1710.

William, of Sandwich, and Eliza Weeks, Jan.13,1811.*


Silas and Mary Swift, Oct.末,1816.*

Mercy and Charles Bowerman (Bowman, int.), Nov.28,1816.*

Silas and Mary Bowerman, Feb.2,1832.

Dorcas S. and Levi H. Sturtevant, Apr.23,1843.

Jane and Seth Gifford, May13,1849.


James, of New Bedford, and Susan Pitts, June20,1824.


Elezabeth and Samuel Dexter, Dec.13,1725.


Elizabeth and Robinson Crocker, May26,1815.PR5


Richard, of Marthas Vineyard ( and Ehtel (Athel. int.) Butler, Feb.9,1794.*

William P. (B.CR1) and Cloe Baker, May11,1823.

Henry C., Capt., and Mrs.Adaline Calot, Sept.22,1831.

Henry G. and Sophronia C. Wood, Mar.4,1846.

BURGE (Burges, Burgess, Burgis)

Josiah (Burgis, int.), of Sandwich, and Lois Swift, Dec.13,1764.*

BURGES (Burge, Burgess, Burgis)

Josiah, of Sandwich, and Dorcas Hinckley, Jan.25,1770.*

Elisha, of Sandwich, and Hannah Nye, Dec.6,1770.*

Molly and Seth Bourman, int.June7,1794.

Patiance, of Sandwich, and Prince Gifford Jr., int.July19,1795.

Barbury and William Phinney, Mar.28,1813.*

Asenath and Capt. Theophilus Burgess of Harwich, May16,1820.

BURGESS (Burge, Burges, Burgis)

Barbara and Thomas Hamblin, of Sandwich, Mar.26,1818.*

Theophilus, Capt., of Harwich, and Asenath Burges, May16,1820.

Stephen, of Sandwich, and Adaline T Chadwick, June19,1848.

BURGIS (Burge, Burges, Burgess)

Prins, of Wareham, and Martha Swift, int.Nov.25,1775.

Reuben (Ruben Burges, int.), of Harwich, and Barbara Smalley (Small, int.), Mar.29,1796.*

Rebecca and Benjamin Ewer, of Sandwich, July5,1814.*

Aaron and Olive Eldredge, June30,1816.*


George, of Newburyportク and Harriet Jones, Mar.21,1840.

BUTLAR (Butler)

Olive (Butler, int.) and William Shiverick, Nov.5,1812.*

John (Butler, int.) and Thankful Shiverick, Sept.12,1813.*

Mary and Alexander Raymond, of Nantucket, Nov.9,1820.

BUTLER (Butlar)

Daniel and Joannah, Meadal, of Rochester, July17,1707.

Joannah and William Green, May16,1726.

Jerusha and Benjamin David Jr., Jan.9,1735-6.

David (Culter.TR) and Ruth Davis, int.Mar.16,1739-40.CR1

Daniel and Elisabeth Weeks, May6,1742.*

Deberah and Prince Allen, of Dartmouth, June18,1742.

David, of Tisbury, and Lydia Eldred, Aug.28,1745.*

Daniel Jr., of Sandwich, and Mary Davis, Oct.16,1760.*

Mary and Lemuel Pope, of Sandwich, Oct.25,1764.*

Obed and Susana Jons (Joans, int.), Dec.14,1766.*

Thankful and John Gorham, Apr.28,1771.*

Hannah and Nathan Nye Jr., of Sandwich, Dec.10,1772.*

Elizabeth, of Chilmark, and Onathaniel Hammon, int.Dec.26,1772.

Elizabeth and Thomas Jones, int.June29,1776.

Fear, of Chilmark, and Benjamin Weeks, int.Feb.28,1778.

David and Abigail Basset, of Sandwich, int.July3,1779.

Nathan and Mary Lawrence, Feb.20,1780.*

John and Parnel Hatch, Aug.7,1780.*

Lucy and Solomon Crowel (Croel, int.), of Yarmouth, Aug.27,1783.*

Daniel and Sarah Church, of Rochester, Sept.22,1785.*

Ruth and Phillip Swift, May16,1787.

Joanna and James Freeman, of Sandwich, Nov.22,1787.*

Benjamin and Phebe Gauge, of Harwich, int.Sept.18,1789.

Easton (Eason, int.) and Phebe Hatch, May6,1791.*

Mary and Jabez (Jabech, int.) Davis, Nov.28,1792.*

Ethel (Athel, int) and Richard Bunker, of Marthas Vineyard (Philadelphia, int.) Feb.8,1794.*

Melatiah Davis and Mary Bowerman, int.Nov.26,1796.

Lydia and Jabez Davis, Aug.10,1800.*

Hannah and Allen Hatch, Sept.17,1801.*

Rufus and Jane Hatch, Dec.6,1801.*

Hannah and Thomas Gifford, Sept.20,1804.*

Sarah and Thomas Lewis, Mar.3,1805.*

David Jr. and Harriet Holbrook, of Barnstable, int.July6,1806.

Abigail and Thacher Lewis, Nov.1,1807.*

Ruth and Joseph Palmer Jr., June27,1808.

Pamelia (Permelia, int.) and Arnold Chace (Chase, int.), of Nantucket, Apr.20,1816.*

Knowles and Elizabeth B. Fish, July8,1818.*

Easton Jr. and Sarah P. Hatch, July16,1823.

Anna (Fuller.CR2) and Judah Bowerman, Sept.11,1827.

Mary H. and Jabez Swift, May10,1832.

Otis A., Capt., and Mary L. Sanford, June4,1839.

Henrietta and John L. Webster, Nov.28,1839.

Rufus and Henrietta Jones, Sept.5,1840.

Olive and Henry Fish, July23,1843.

Harriet H. and Henry F. Gifford, Aug.16,1849.

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