Sarah, of Scituate, and Thomas Shiverick, int.Nov.18,1780.


Benjamin and Lydia Clark Jr., June9,1825.PR4

Elizabeth S. and Abraham Nahar, of Nantucket, July11,1841.

Fred R., of Nantucket, and Hepsibah Sandford, June26,1825.

Joseph, of Westerly, RI, and Annice (Anness, int.Annie.CR1) Herington (Harington.CR1) (Blacks), Mar.30,1806.*

RAYMENT (Raymond)

Ebenezer (Radment, int.), of Sandwich, and Hannah Chadwick, May26,1782.*

RAYMOND (Rayment)

Alexander, of Nantucket, and Mary Butlar, Nov.9,1820.

Peter R., of Nantucket, and Mary Ann Hatch, May末,1828.


Canada, of Marshpee, and Celia Attequin (Blacks), Aug.7,1785.

Lydia, of Tillston, ME, and William S. Benson, Apr.19,1841.CR2


Herny, of Tisbury, and Sarah Sherman, int.Oct.13,1811.


Cornelius and Rody Fish, June17,1747.


Iram and Bathsheba Joel, July22,1773.


Joseph and Mary Ann Fisher, May9,1842.


Hannah and Joseph Robinson Jr., July9,1731.


Abigil, of Duksbury, and Giden Wing, int.Dec.20,1766.

ROBENS (Robins)

Tabatha (Roben, int.) and Herculos Mash (Horcules Marsh, int.) (Blacks), Sept.5,1791.*

ROBENSON (Robinson)

Joseph and Bethiah Dall, Oct.22,1700.

Mary and William Weekes, Mar.16,1669.

ROBINS (Robens)

Elizabeth, of Harwich, and Isaiah Bradford, int.Oct.17,1801.

ROBINSON (Robenson)

Abigal and James Parseval, Feb.27,1696.

Abigail, wid., and Daniel Bears, Sept.24,1846.

Anna and Ephraim (Ephrem, int.) Swift, of Sandwich, Feb.17,1736-7.*

Augusta W. and Ebenezer Ash, July12,1829.

Barnabas, of Chilmark, and Hannah Price, Sept.3,1789.*

Bartlet and Lydia Eldred, July14,1789.*

Bartlett and Abigail Phiney (Pheney, int.), Oct.30,1795.*

Bethiah and John Hinckley, Nov.3,1726.

Bethiah and Thomas Jones, May12,1745.*

Calvin and Eunice Gifford, Sept.7,1820.

Celia D. and Lewis W.C. Robinson, May6,1841.

Charles and Hannah Phinney (Phiney, int.), Feb.13,1772.*

Cloe (Chloe, int.) and Josiah Harding (Harden, int.), Oct.11,1792.*

Davis and Mary (Mercy, int.CR1) Davis, Oct.27,1814.*

Davis and Susan Davis, Sept.28,1817.*

Deliverance, of Chilmark, and Lemuel Weeks, Dec.29,1746.*

Elihew (Elihu Jr., int.), of Chilmark, and Huldah Gifford, Sept.6,1779.*

Elijah and Mariah (Maria, int.CR1) Jenkins, Feb.16,1815.*

Elisha and Temperance Davis, Dec.11,1783.*

Elezebath and Nathan Price, Feb.25,1712-13.

Elizabeth (Elisabeth, int.) and Abial Turner, of Scituate, May16,1737.*

Elizabeth and Weston Jenkins (Jinkens, int.), Oct.29,1795.*

Betsey and George W. Weeks, Aug.2,1827.

Ester and Nathan Dexter, Feb.15,1764.*

Expernce and Moss Landers, Apr.3,1719.

Ezekial and Hannah Gifford, int.Sept.22,1750.

Freeman and Temperance Hatch, May15,1827.

Hannah and Nathan Roule Jr., Nov.24,1726.

Hannah and Ebnezer Dimock (Ebenezer Dimmick, int.), Dec.6,1744.*

Hannah and Timothy P. Case, of Barnstable, June14,1837.

Harriet B. and Silas Jones, May19,1845.

Henry and Jane E. Chadwock, May14,1843.

Ervin M. and Eleanor S. Young, Apr.1,1827.

Isaac and Hannah Harper,末蔓末,1690.

Isaac Jr. and Ester Nye, Nov.13,1735.

Isaac and Alice (Allace int.) Dexter, Sept.9,1741.*

Isaac Jr. and Jane Hatch, Dec.23,1742.

Isaac Jr. and Thankful Fish, Sept.19,1811.*

Isaiah F., of Roxbury, and Mary C. Robinson, Mar.26,1832.

Jabez and Tabethy Green, int.Sept.29,1747.

Jabez (Jabis, int.), of Chilmark, and Martha Meigs (Maags, int.), Feb.25,1768.

James and Sabry Gifford, int.July14,1798.

Jane and Shubael Ewer, of Sandwich, May30,1751.

Jane and Joshua Jenkins, Nov.23,1809.*

John and Rebecah Robinson, Nov.2,1727.

John and Jean Gifford, Apr.23,1740.*

John Jr. and Anna Hoxie, Dec.3,1741.*

John and Hannah Davis, Feb.4,1779.*

Joseph and Bethiah Lumber, int.July8,1704.

Joseph Jr. and Hannah Rider, July9,1731.

Joseph, Capt., and Mary Price, int.Feb.22,1777.

Joseph and Olive Lawrence, Nov.30,1797.*

Joseph Jr. and Ruth Fish, Dec.5,1832.

Levi, of Chilmark, and Anne Wing, int.Sept.8,1764.

Lewis W.C. and Celia D. Robinson, May6,1841.

Lucy S. and Frederick Daviss, Apr.30,1826.

Lucy L. and Reuben Swift, May5,1841.

Marietta and Hiram Nye, Apr.16,1840.

Martha and Benjamin Gifford, June22,1727.

Martha and David Shiverick, int.May3,1752.

Martha, of Chilmark, and Joseph Lumber, int.Mar.19,1767.

Martha and David Eldred, Jan.11,1818.*

Mary and Jonathan Weeks, Oct.26,1704.

Mary and Beniamin (Benjamin, int.) Davis, Nov.22,1704.*

Mary and Thomas Robinson, Sept.23,1725.

Mary and Moses Swift Jr., Oct.29,1746.*

Polly, of Sandwich, and Solomon Lawrence Jr., int.Dec.27,1812.

Mary C. and Isaiah F. Robisnon, of Roxbury, Mar.26,1832.

Mehittable (Mehitable, int.) and John Swift, June28,1798.* (June21.CR1).

Mercy Davis and Owen Eldridge, Dec.3,1835.PR8

Meribah and Ebenezer Gifford, int.Mar.29,1783.

Mica Jr. (Micah, int.) and Love Mahew, June23,1780.*

Moses and Susan Chadwick, Oct.6,1825.

Nathaniel and Abigail Hatch, Dec.26,1811.*.CR1

Oliver P. and Achsah Dimick, Jan.末,1838.

Paul, of Chilmark, and Abigail Weeks, Dec.2,1804.*

Peter and Martha Green, July18,1727.

Peter and Keziah (Mrs.CR1) (Kezia, int.) Loring, (wid..CR1), Mar.7,1805.*

Prudence and Ebenezer Chadwick, Sept.7,1727.

Rebecah and John Robinson, Nov.2,1727.

Rebecca and Jonathan Pheney, Feb.17,1785.*

Rebecca and Lemuel Newcomb, of Sandwich, Sept.23,1804.*

Rode, of Chilmark, and Bradock Dilenham, int.Jan.15,1763.

Rhoda, of Chilmark, and Joseph Lawrence, int.Jan.28,1786.

Rhoda and Isaac Hatch, Nov.19,1795.*

Roland and Elizabeth Davis, Sept.末,1822.

Rowel (also Rowland) and Thankful Dimmick, Oct.10,1723.

Ruth and Manassah (Manasa, int.) Swift, of Sandwich, Dec.15,1743.*

Samuel and Rebecca Weeks, both of Chilmark, Aug.4,1780.

Sarah and Solomon Hoxie, Mar.7,1711-12.

Sarah (Sally.CR1) and Edmund Chadwick, Sept.28,1809.*

Seth and Esther Freeman, Oct.24,1793.*

Seth (Jr.CR1) and Anna Swift, Nov.14,1804.*.CR1

Susan D. and BraddockDimmick, Oct.27,1836.PR10

Susan and Hiram Nye, Jan.1,1843.

Susanna and Paul Green, Nov.23,1755.

Susannah (Susanna, int.) and Timothy Crocker, Mar.10,1757.*

Susanna and Ezekiel (Ezekel, int.) Snow, Dec.15,1796.*

Susanna and James Fish Jr., Aug.3,1804.*

Sylvester W. and Julia Conner, Nov.29,1849.

Tabitha and Ebenezer Dimouck (Dimock, int.) Jr., Jan.6,1757.*

Tabitha and Benjamin Green, Nov.19,1832.

Tamor, of Chilmark, and Lydia Gifford, int.July12,1788.

Thomas and Mary Robinson, Sept.23,1725.

Thomas, of Chilmark, and Jedida (Jedidah, int.) Davis, Sept.14,1786.*

Thomas and Mary M. Dimmick, May7,1832.

Timothy and Experance 末末, May3,1699.

Timothy and Metebel Weekes, May3,1699.

Walley (Walle, int.) and Susanne (Susanna, int.) Green, Mar.16,1794.*

Willard and Judith Macy, of Nantucket, int.July11,1819.

William and Adre (Adere, int.) Gifford (Giford,int.), Aug.19,1737.*

William G., of Chilmark, and Lucy Swift, Nov.26,1820.

Zenas and Mary Childs (Child, int.), Dec.15,1763.*

Zenas Jr. and Nancy B. Sanford, July7,1805.*

Zephaniah, of Chilmark, and Anna Hatch, Feb.27,1757.*

Zephaniah, of Nawshon, and Hannah Davis, July29,1787.*

Zerviah and Joseph Gifford, Oct.15,1761.*


Moses and Elizabeth F. Lewiss, Nov.20,1849.


Jeames and Remember Lewes, Oct.28,1727.

ROULE (Rowle, Rowley)

Aron (Jr., int) and Sarah Roule, Nov.21,1718.*

Hatch and Thankful Hatch, Dec.25,1727.

May (Rouly, int.) and John Weeks, of Attebuery, Nov.21,1716.*

Nathan Jr. and Hannah Robinson, Nov.24,1726.

Sarah and Aron Roule Jr., Nov.21,1718.*

ROWLE (Roule, Rowley)

Mehitable and Peter Hatch, Mar.6,1726-7.

ROWLEY (Roule, Rowle)

Aron and Marcy Weekes, Mar.7,1690.

Aaron (Rowle, int.) and Darcus Hinckley, Nov.29,1780.*

Anne (Ann Rowle, int.) and Josiah Fuller, of Barnstable, May8,1841.*

Benjamin and Ruhannah Luce, of New Town, M.V., int.Oct.11,1783.

Benjamin and Susanna (Susana, int.) Clark (Clerk, int.), of Rochester, Apr.11,1787.*

Bethiah and Silas Tobey, July30,1761.

Elizabeth and Shubel Weeks Jr., Jan.22,1756.*

Elizabeth and Capt. Nathaniel Hammond, Oct.30,1825.

Justus and Rebecca Hatch, June22,1749.

Lydia and John Chadwick, Jan.18,1759.*

Mary and John Weekes, Jan.7,1675.

Mary and Ebenezer Weekes, Mar.8,1710-11.

Mary and Prince Landers (Landors, int.), Mar.4,1756.*

Mary and Braddock Gifford, int.Dec.20,1818.

Mathew and Christian (Christon, int.) Weeks, Feb.27,1745.* (Feb.26.CR1)

Sarah and Nathaniel Allen, Nov.30,1783.*

Thankful (Rowly, int.) and Ruben Swift, Jan.3,1773.*


Content and Joseph Weeks, int.Nov.13,1784.

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